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We've all seen some of those other sites; their 'blog' started about six weeks ago and has maybe 12 posts. 

Well, they've to start somewhere...


Here at the CoinMine, we've been analyzing things in quite a bit of detail for the past nineteen years; and we've been

spot-on more than a random roll of the dice would indicate. Since 2000!  Browse below through a few hundred pages of observations, picks, calls, diatribes, rants, and raves and mine your own nuggets.


SPOTLIGHT ON:  The mercury Mewl - The Internet's Favorite Demi-god



1.15.22     Great Start of the Year for Coin Values

Many dealers reporting very strong collector interest at FUN show in Florida.


PCGS Reports record demand for dealers and collectors certifying coins:




12.28.21     Amazing How Many Long US Financial Trends are Still Intact


Coins, Metals, Crypto, quality land and real estate, US Dollar.


How about US Bonds? Now *that* is the interesting question!


Look at the long term (5yr) charts. US 20 year treasuries (Proxy: TLT) have held long term support whereas US Corporate high-yield bonds (Proxy: JNK) have been below both their

100 and 200 Day EMA since 2014.


JNK and TLT last traded at par in 2008.


Interestingly JNK broke below the 200 Day EMA last month.


My take: US Bond bear and US equity bull continue until TLT breaks support and/or JNK holds 50 day EMA AND the Dow, SPY, IWM all fall below their 50 day EMA

and stay below for 3 consecutive days. Confirmation of one of those two signals will cause me to go from long to neutral (hedges and cash). Confirmation of both will cause

me to add hedges and short more heavily.


12.8.21     Surprisingly in Depth and Neutral Article by Politico on Fed Role in Creating Inflation and The Coming Troubles


The Fed’s Doomsday Prophet Has a Dire Warning About Where We’re Headed - POLITICO


12.27.21     Coin Prices Continue to Appreciate




12.27.21     CDC says Covid Vaccines are Safe - but some are no longer allowed due to serious health effects


But then states J&J vaccine linked to fatal blood clots:



Of course, Denmark already suspended J&J use and five countries have also limited or halted Moderna use:



11.18.21     Etrade merged into Morgan Stanley


And *poof* just like that the FDIC insurance drops from $1,250,000 to $500,000 per account.


That's hardly a ringing endorsement of, well, anything!


9.24.21     Interesting to Watch China Implode their Economy

Another disastrous week of blunders and missteps. Free market forces will always school inept autocrats - they get what they deserve.


9.19.21     The Fed is neutral? Yar!


Fact is, as this story just scratches the surface (more like makes excuses) the fed is comprised of crooked banksters inside dealing and making money for themselves off inside information, all while destroying our currency and economy/


Same as it ever was...

Federal Reserve: Criminal Cabal = Insider Trading, Self Dealing

Fed Chief Powell owned same type of assets bank bought during Covid (cnbc.com)

9.14.21     Many Equity Stocks and Indices are at 50 Day Moving Average Support

Tomorrow could get interesting


9.8.21     Yes, Of course NIH funded Whuhan Gain of Function Virus Research

Wuhan lab documents show Fauci 'untruthful' about research: critics (nypost.com)


9.8.21     Why Did we Leave Afghanistan?


Our mission was complete - build and infrastructure so that the Chinese could mine it (payment as a vassal for our debt to the ChiCom):


Chinese muscle in on Afghanistan's rare earth mineral deposits, create headaches for Biden - Washington Times


9.8.21     The Unholy Marriage of Digital Currency and Negative Interest Rates


Your masters are arranging for your servitude in this arrangement, planning is well underway:


Digital Currencies Pave Way for Deeply Negative Interest Rates - WSJ


Every single carbon digit they allocate to you (according to your social score).


9.8.21     Back From Vacation (I love vacation)


6.15.21     US Government 'Explores' Digital Only Currency



And the very same day Warren calls the private, inaugural, exclusive version a 'scam'

Senator Warren calls Bitcoin a 'scam', threatens more regulation; Alex Mashinsky says she's wrong | Kitco News


Pretty obvious where this is going - only the government can have the digital currency - everything else is 'illegal'.


6.4.21     Biden Shuts Down State Department Inquiry into Origins of Wuhan Flu

Biden team shut down inquiry to prove lab link to COVID: report (nypost.com)


No doubt they easily pieced together the pieces. Fauci emails obtained by Freedom of Information Act showed that US NIH funded covid research in Wuhan.


So, then must arrive:


Biden Orders New Inquiry into Origins of Wuhan Flu

Biden Orders Intelligence Inquiry Into Origins of the Coronavirus - The New York Times (nytimes.com)


This will be the cover up ‘inquiry’.


Same as it ever was…



6.1.21     Amazon Wants You To Pay with the Mark On Your Hand


Coming soon to your neighborhood store. Can’t use cash, can’t write a check, you know what is coming - some day will be mandatory…


6.1.21     When Cash is Illegal – Mandatory Digital Currency


You Digital Master:

·        -  Health Passport

·         - Social Credit Score

·         - Financial Value

·         - Proof of Vaccines

·         - Carbon Credits


Without these you will not travel. Eventually, without these, you will not eat.


Danes present digital coronavirus passport for travel abroad (yahoo.com)


Even – and especially – your money will be created online. The same masters that create the digits will watch (at first) how you spend each precious one. Tracked. Every Time.

Currently US firms import oil and pay with dollars, one reason the greenback carries the nickname petro dollar. The Mideast and OPEC must use those dollars to buy US Treasury securities, helping to keep the Fed interest rates low. Same with goods and stuffs –we import from China and pay for them with dollars – and they hate this. ChiComs would rather not finance the US debt, but currently they have no choice.


China envies the digital crypt coins and currency games and are diligently influencing into their sphere of control. The Peoples Republic desires that their central bank digital currency (CBDC) enters the market first and dominates, benefitting from some enforced notion of legitimacy. Well, they certainly hope it performs better than their vaccination.

Oh sure, there is competition. The mega digital monitoring companies want the same absolute control. Remember when facebook delivered their vision of a crypto currency backed by a basket of other international digital entries (via Bank of International Settlements). They have struggled getting ahead of the game – even with their large consortium of partners and have already renamed the currency once, now known as Diem.

The Digital Dragon (still just a worthless remminbi or yuan) might be an official state bank electronic credit, but still the same old yuan on the books. Only the color/format/symbols change. The major element which remains is the overriding desire of the communist party to monitor your every day purchase, financial and travel history and every other sordid and mundane of your life as the lowly consumer of last resort.


6.1.21     Collector Commodities are Hot Hot Hot



This matches our recent experience, never waited so long for NGC to turn around a grading submittal...


6.1.21     WHO report Shown as Another Pack of Lies

Fact: Wuhan laboratory workers became sick and required hospitalization before China divulged Covid problem (e.g. yep, it came from the lab where they had been working on the virus, as previously well-documented).


Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin - WSJ


Even the propaganda machine can’t hide bury the facts any longer:

Timeline: How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible (msn.com)


CDC that first stated citizens should NOT wear masks to prevent coronavirus (which was completely inline with previous studies on the subject)?

Why trust them again, or now?


U.S. health officials say Americans shouldn’t wear face masks to prevent coronavirus — here are 3 other reasons not to wear them - MarketWatch


5.7.12    Interesting Economic News Today


The 'recovery' story faded with new unemployment numbers coming in higher while jobs created came in lower.

That isn't supposed to occur in April, much less at the start of a vaunted economic recovery.


Though, what I found most fascinating - for the first time records have been kept California actually lost population...


4.14.21     On Ford - Nailed the (short term?) High to the DAY!

May be another trading opportunity shaping up...


4.14.21     Myriad problems with ‘forgiving’ student loans 


Transfer of Wealth

Nothing is forgiven. The moneyed class simply transfer debt, in exchange for votes, from those that will not pay their debts to the producing citizenry in the form of higher taxes and inflation.


Moral Hazard

Doesn’t fix the problem. Colleges and banks know they’ll get bailed out again = charge same (or more), starting the problem all over again.


Money will go to those upper middle/rich parents that are actually paying off the student loans on behalf of their failing children instead of those most deserving: the poor, aged or infirmed that should get targeted relief, if it should happen at all.


Government is picking the winners and loser. A better solution – the one which built our country is to cut taxes, let the people decide their own fate if they want to win or lose in life


Bottom line, your overlords plan on conducting a colonoscopy through your wallet without sedatives – they will allow you the courtesy of watching the procedure unfold in slow motion.


3.12.21     Sold Ford

Up 50% in 18 months - I will take that!


11.21.19     Bought Ford (F)


2.22.21     Treasury Secretary Pushes Digital Dollar


This is the pre-runner of the Carbon Dollar. The regime will force use of electronic currency.

Yellen Signals Interest in Backing Digital-Dollar Research (yahoo.com)


Already the government used the pandemic as an artificial excuse to introduce coinage shortages.

Fact check: Yes, there's a national coin shortage. Here's why (msn.com)


The next virus will be an excuse to remove 'contaminated' paper currency from circulation.


No, at first you wont be a criminal for using cash - it just won't be available (nor will merchants accept your cash).


Then the optional is made mandatory. Same as always...


2.4.21     The Long Term Plan - Negative Rates for All

Bank of England Tells Banks to Negative Interest Rates - The New York Times (nytimes.com)


Negative Rates punish the savers = forced spending and forced reliance on welfare programs (further government control)

Negative Rages punish capital = preference for handouts and social programs


and of course, Negative Rates force cash out of the system = force the carbon credit system on everyone


1.21.21     Numbers

Unemployment - 6.7% (despite/because of COVID.

Interest rates are 2.75% for a 30 year mortgage.

New wars or conflicts in past 4 years 0

Price of gold: $1850

Local Price housing per sq. ft: @325


1.20.21     Inauguration Day

Price of Gas (local, California 2.99)

Dow 30: 31,180


1.5.21     Letter from NGC's Mark Salzberg on Coin and Collectible Markets

Yes, 'tis been good to have been long collectibles and coins...




12.7.20     Chinese Upgrade their Weather Modification Program

And if this is what hits a news site, imagine the actual program capabilities!


China Is Rolling Out an Enormous “Weather Modification” System (futurism.com)


Funny, people fell compelled to fault 'climate change' for weather, but you never hear them mention military weather modification programs do you!?!

(Which are now over 100-years old)


11.29.20 Bought AT&T (T) and AGNC Investment Corp (AGNC)


11.29.20     Collecting the 1921 Peace Dollar



11.21.20     Found a Great Nevada Ghost Town and Mining Camp Site



11.21.20     Put up a couple new gold coins

A wide variety of collectible coins (thecoinminer.com)


11.19.20     Day 191 of Lockdown

The government experts told us, for the first couple months of lockdown, that masks were ineffective against covid so there was no need to purchase any. Of course, that gave them time to stock

up their own stash, and then mandated the major online retailers (e.g. EBAY, AMZN remove the supply for purchase).


At that point the government experts told us - oh, masks do work but there are no high quality N-95 masks for you - instead make a 'face covering' out of a sock or something.


What the actual scientific data shows, in line with previous studies on influenza, is that masks are essentially ineffective:


Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers: A Randomized Controlled Trial: Annals of Internal Medicine: Vol 0, No 0 (acpjournals.org)


(updated link 1/5/21))


Believe the government experts at your own peril...




11.9.20  One week after the election Pfizer announces a Covid vaccine

What a timescam!



9.24.20     Collectibles as an Asset Class


9.12.20     Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug

Incredibly well cited, researched and referenced. Compare this journalism to the dreck at NPR, Fox or CNN




9.12.20     Feds Funded Human coronavirus Experiments in 2019 in China




Yet another example of your tax dollars being used against you!


9.11.20     Nineteen years into an endless war designed to bankrupt our country


8.31.20     Lack of Gun Violence

Those actively attempting to dismantle the US Constitution 2nd amendment like to throw out a red herring about gun violence.


Fact is, homicide by gun has been declining for decades:



Homicide by gun is not even in the top thirty of most likely causes of death in the US anymore:



The good news is there has been a dearth of multiple death shootings this year. The last big mass gun homicide shooting in Vegas was almost three years ago now. Once attempts at

curbing 2nd amendment rights fail in the congress these incidents decrease, as the realization gun legislation is not supported by the citizen majority.


The bad news is that after elections, when a legislative body increases or decreases in numbers, the shooting again start back up in an effort to emotionalize the issue in yet another legislation attempt.

In other words, mass shootings should begin to increase after November...


8.4.20  Couple Find out Their Coin is Worth 250K!




8.4.20     The Pandemic is Dress Rehearsal



The WSJ - public policy apparatus for the moneyed class knows there is another, worse, pandemic in store. The next pandemic must take cash out of society,

forcing us all on the carbon credit system.


8.4.2020     Back from Vacation

This gold and silver break out - possibly - portends the end of a 30 year bond run!

Also believe the metals market explosion, and imploding US Dollar, are pricing in the reality of Kamela as the next installed power behind the throne. She will undoubtedly

attempt significant damage to this economy and country.


7.15.20     Gemfield Development at Goldfied Proceeds

Now re-routing 95 to accommodate the new development:


Enough of the deposit is under US95 such that NDOT is developing a new 2-mile stretch of bypass highway so that the mine can start operating. You can read about it at:




EIS for the new mine: https://eplanning.blm.gov/public_projects/nepa/113574/167731/204164/20181221_Gemfield_DEIS_508.pdf


7.13.20     The Greatest Gold Finds



7.13.20     Nice being back from Vacation

The benefits from experiencing how others live always provides ripe fruits.


6.24.20     Pictures Revealed of the Found Treasured Chest




6.12.20     Cached Treasure Chest Found



Hadn't thought about this in years...


6.12.20     Day 92 of Lockdown

Many businesses and services have partially re-opened. Some are never coming back, at least like they were before.


Of the three scenarios I presented on lockdown Day 8 - here is where we've entered:


Scenario C (35% chance): Extreme flu over 120-300 days, major breakdown in systems. Shallow depression. Mostly moderate social disturbances but significant in some locales.


Unfortunately, since we entered Scenario C fully (and too a T, nice predictive scenarios TheCoinMiner!) the odds of scenario D continue to rise. Get prepared...


5.21.20     Counterfeit Detection - Iraq Note



5.20.20     Wuhan Flu Virus does not Stick to Surfaces as well as Previously Estimated



This serves as primary indicator that the current virus is the practice mode and another virus wave

is still to come - the one that is supposedly spread by paper (designed to remove

currency from circulation).


5.12.20     What is the World's Least Valuable Coin?




5.4.20     Your Social Score Will Be Read by the All-Knowing and All-Seeing Drone Above You

Hosted on the nearest 5G network built on your income tax:




5.1.20     The Biometric Wall - A Social Score Built on Your DNA

Without a full screen: temperature, antibody signature, vaccination, retina scan and blood test to ‘prove yourself’ you will not be allowed to travel or assemble. It is coming…




4.14.20     Bloomberg Whores Out for the Communist Chinese



4.13.20     China Clamps down on Efforts to Research Wuhan Flu Origin



4.12.20     Federal Government Funded Chinese Wuhan Virus BioModification Program

Take our taxes and use them as weapons against us, please!




4.7.20     More Confirmation on Chinese biomodification of Carona Virus



At least the Indians are allowing full coverage of the virus origins:




Image may contain: 1 person, meme, possible text that says 'IS NO ONE ELSE SEEING THIS? JOR FRESH MEAT WINE SLIQuon PRODUCE CREATE VIRUS LOCKDOWN " serveyeubettew we'ngene CASHLESS GO CASHLESS INSTALL 5G CREATE RFID INJECT AS VAX They create a virus. They lockdown the world. They go cashless. They install They make ID2020 RFID universal vaccine implants to work with 5g networks. They mandate the convid vaccine.'


3.31.20     Chinese Have Been Bio-Modifying Carona virus since at least 2015




3.30.20     Lockdown Day 18

Washington Post finally reports that the Chinese Communists were manipulating Wuhan Virus in a laboratory in Wuhan.


Sure, the WP story is a month late and the reporting is typically poor, but even Bezos must occasionally report what is actually going on in the world.




3.29.20     Why Does the US Have a Shortage of Ventilators?

Duh, government incompetence, same old story.




3.27.20     Two TRILLION in New US Debt

For graft, illegals and payments to the lobbies; our children and grandchildren will hate us


3.23.20     Class Action Lawsuit Against Bloomberg for Continued Falsities, Lies and Fabrications

Group action lawsuit against for written lies in his hiring materials that promised employment into November despite his flash in the pan self-immolation.




Frankly, after Bloomberg running content-and ethically-challenged propagnda operation for decades now, anyone that believes the gasbag deserves what they get.


3.20.20     Day Eight of Lockdown

Many folks have been asking my thoughts on how this plays out.


Scenario A (15% chance): Preventative measures work and Wuhan flu burns out in 30-60 days. Mild recession.


Scenario B (35% chance): Preventative measures help, but flu continues for 60-120 days. Minor pockets of social disturbance. Deep recession.


Scenario C (35% chance): Extreme flu over 120-300 days, major breakdown in systems. Shallow depression. Mostly moderate social disturbances but significant in some locales.


Scenario D (15% chance): The cold war that had been heating up into cyber and economic warfare brings pandemics as just another engineered attack, first of possibly several waves.

Deep depression with significant regional warfare. 10-12 years before long waves bottom out.


Interesting observation on timeline. Though Schumpeter waves have displayed known compressing action; it appears that the long term Krondatieff waves

– in relative history – may now be exhibiting the same recent compression. This current Primary I down cycle possibly exhausting before a likely Primary 5 wave in 10-12 years.


3.16.20     The Carona Virus = Chinese Bio Engineered Weapon



3.14.20     Day two of lockdown. Woke this morning and had hoped market crash and pandemic were just a dream – not so lucky.


3.13.20     Day one of Wuhan Flu lockdown (looking at 30).

Kept the kids from going out yesterday evening or to school day and we canceled a ski trip (the resort ended up closing anyway!).

Later in the day the school district announced a two week closure (and two more for spring break).


2.28.20     Wuhan Virus Plans

A Solano County resident may indicate as the first person to evidence wuhan flu from community contact.




"Its possible the It's "possible" that the individual "may have been exposed to a returned traveler who was infected,"


he he he...

The government purposely imported wuhan-infected people from China, flew them to Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, and then failed to properly protect

the community from the virus, these are basic facts: 




We've outsourced most other production to China, may as wel outsource our biologic warfare development.


Pandemics are planned to take money out of circulation and put the world on a credit only system.




"Money is the dirtiest thing"


2.25.20     Socialist Gains US Primary Election Delegate Count

Market plunge begins...


2.22.20     Gee, How Come US Mainstream Media isn't Reporting

That the only ChiCom virology lab working on corona virus (leaked into the population) - is conveniently located in Wuhan?!?


Yep, China has been working on weaponizing viruses, just as with all the other large countries.




2.11.2020     Climate Change again rates second to last (17 out of 18) on US Citizens Priority List




The issue has not had traction in years...


1.24.20    ChiComs operate SARS laboratory in Wuhan

No surprise the Corona virus escaped. Likely weaponized - dark energy emanates from that part of the world.




1.14.20    Sold SBUX @ 91 and MCD @ 207

SOLD GT @ 15 1.14.20

SOLD MO @ 50 1.14.20


Market possibly overbought here, though don't necessarily want to sell core position when market is making new highs.


Great exit for these nice little low risk trades...



12.17.19  Went Long Today

SBUX - just below 88

MCD - around 197


8.23.19 Today's Dip in Equities May Provide an Opportunity

Dipped in my toe to three equities that had been on my watch list: GT @11.8, MO @47 and WDAY @197


1.14.19     Only sell in 2019:


1.2.19 Sold DIA (about 3% gain)


1.14.20    Now Writing this Blog in Fourth Decade!



12.18.19   Ancient Greek Tombs Lined with Gold!


And they call it the Bronze Age...




12.17.19     Went Long Today

SBUX - just below 88

MCD - around 197


Hope for a relatively quick trade on these...


12.17.19     Visa Notes Yet Another Way You Will Be Scammed Using Their Card


Pumping Gas




Love this line - "Worst of all, customers are powerless to stop the hack".


Um, pretty easy to stop the hack - use cash - don't finance an international bank intent on screwing you over!


11.22.19     Marvel Comics #1 Auctions well over One Million US Dollars



Collectible antique paper - 'tis a good bet!


11.21.19     Bought Ford (F)


11.15.19     Bought CCR and WELL

Nicely beaten up stocks with solid fundamentals.


11.15.19     Taking a Chance on Ephemera Can Pay off

So, sometimes, does starting your own currency system!




11.14.19     Turns out When Someone Excels at One Thing

They can often excel at something else.


Rod Stewarts train display:



11.13.19     Back from Another Break

Some upcoming NorCal Coin Shows:


November 16, 2019: Vacaville Coin Show, Vacaville Moose Lodge, VV, CA

December 15, 2019: Sacramento Coin Show, Lion’s Gate Hotel, McClellan, CA

*January 17-18, 2020: Concord Coin Show, Clarion Hotel, Concord, CA

*February 14-15, 2020: Redwood Empire Coin Club Show, Sonoma County Fairgrounds


9.16.19     Education System forced students to 'protect' climate change today

Provided cover for increased capital control.


Germany passed 'climate protection' today.



Climate protection = carbon credits

Carbon credits = ability to purchase


Eventually the carbon credits will be yoked onto daily transactions by the masses.

Your carbon credits will be rationed. Once their gone for the month, too bad.

Those with a poor social score (assigned by GoogleFacebookUSgov) will receive a lesser portion, or none at all.


9.18.19     Swiss Start to Revolt over 5G Health Concerns



9.15.19     Beyond Chartalism - the Failure of Keynesian Economics

Modern Monetary Theory is neither new, nor modern, nor even a theory.


Over a hundred years ago scam artists attempted to replace sound money with government corruption.

It failed then, and will fail again.


Though, unfortunately the damage will be worse this time around.


The attempt will last longer and screw deeper, proposed by the charlatans and supported by the increasing financial illiterate who have been

intentional dumbed-down by public education as enhanced by increased demand for pain - of both others and themselves.


9.3.19     PCGS Certifies a Newly Discovered Gold Coin

Neat story:




8.23.19     Today's Dip in Equities May Provide an Opportunity

Dipped in my toe to three equities that had been on my watch list: GT, MO and WDAY


8.20.19     One Thin Dime Sells for $1.32 Million



Tangible Assets!


8.19.19     Sotheby's Screwed Up Auction of Rare Porsche Car

You had one job...




8.16.19     Anniversary of the Klondike Gold Rush



The parks that commemorate this gold rush, both in Seattle and in Alaska, are both worth the trip!




8.13.19     Analysis of S&P Performance Under US Presidents

This provides a rather interesting analysis.




The performance peaks and troughs correlate pretty well for three of the four presidents for which data is provided.

Note how at this point in three of the four presidential periods stocks, after an initial nice run-up, provided a choppy running period of time (which served as a bottom in each case).


Too bad the analysis doesn't provide more than just four presidents.


7.21.19     Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT Safe

Is there no limit to the ways banks screw over the citizenry?




7.14.19     Oversized Graft and Corruption in Newsome Administration

Head of the Resources Agency - Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources - fired for doing his job: issuing permits.




No firings for multiple regulators holding stock in the companies they regulate - a clear violation of interests. That is par for the course in the Brown

and Newsome administrations!


Of course, the article didn't mention that Newsome has made multiple political appointments in other agencies down to the staff level but had left

the Resources Agency completely intact. Absolute shoddy reporting by the LA times, as usual.


And not a single remark in the comment section, folks just expect (and desire) fraud, waste and abuse by their government!


7.12.19    Yet One More Peer-Reviewed Study Demonstrates Nature, not Man, Drives Climate Change




7.11.19     What is 'Siege Coinage'?


Great PCGS article:




7.5.19     Happy Independence Day - Land of the Free?

In Sacramento County you are not allowed to work on your own car in your own garage.




5.9 19     Great Story about Found Spanish Coins in Utah

Always love the stories and back storied of ground finds, history is always evolving!




5.9.19     Illegal Immigrants Bringing Measles, Chickenpox and other Communicable Diseases into US

= big reason why communicable disease rated continue to climb.




5.7.19     Anti-Capitalists Attempting to Shut Down Green Energy Production in California

Economical Lithium deposits may reside in the Panamint Range. Those trying to prevent energy independence are balking at the first exploratory drill holes!@

(while driving around in their lithium-charged prius)


Yep, let only the poor brown people mine their resources!




4.16.19     Collapse of Notre Dame's Roof - Collapse of France

The collapsing roof perfectly symbolizes the collapse of France under Macron and the EU; a bungle of incompetence as much as design.


Notre Dame is a pinnacle of French culture - the white Christian Male - that built and maintained western civilization for centuries.


The goal of the international communist - to dismantle western civilization and Christianity - mostly evolves through incompetence thought they occasionally luck out

aided by an exceptionally low informed generation of voters and leaders.


The positive sign is the mass riots in the streets by working and lower classes, joined by students, massing against the emasculation of multiculturalism forced by the European Union and inane regulations

such as the carbon tax. Mayhaps the French have finally woken and will preserve their culture and nation. Then again, may have been intentionally set to diffuse the yellow jacket anti-carbon tax protests; another false flag designed to unite the plebes for all the wrong reasons...



4.12.19     Jack Ma on Work Culture and Alibaba Group

To survive at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA.N) you need to work 12 hours a day, six days a week.

That’s what billionaire Jack Ma demands of his staff at China’s biggest e-commerce platform.


Yep, that's why I own that stock; let them work their lives away...


4.12.19     US Housing Data look Pretty Good Compared to last year, same month (March).

Only number that went down, as tracked by Mason-McDuffie is the amount realized per house over asking bid.

That is possibly the one metric you'd like to see ease off (as bidding wars sometimes signal bottoms - or in this case -tops)


4.12.19     Went Long DWDP, TLT and PLT


4.9.19     Back From Vacation

Interesting to see the funds continue to flow from US equities into US bonds and REITS, approaching the outflow rates not seen since 2008/9.


3.28.19     WOW Air Ceases Operations

Too bad, thought the provided great service. Glad we used them to travel out of Iceland last March instead of this March!




3.27.19     New Green Deal Vote

Not one senator voted for it, can't remember last time a bill came to vote in the senate and didn't receive a single vote...




3.27.19     Fire in Saint Louis Karpeles Museum

Fantastic collection of rare paper, visit if you can. Great coverage of the museum and fire by the Post-Dispatch:




3.26.19     3 month 10 year spread inversion

Last time this happened, 2007, the recession was about 1.5 years out. My estimate is 'they' are planning for major stock reversal and recession starting in Oct 2020.




3.22.19     Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a “highly profitable scam” that “never lived up to the values it espoused,” according to former SPLC staffer Bob Moser.




3.22.19     How, When, Where and Why the Anthropogenic Global Warming Charade Started



3.15.19     California Drought is Over



Yet another global warming conspiracy goes down the drain...


3.13.18     Rare US Colonial Pottery Discovery



Beautiful pieces of history!


2.22.19     More Global Warming Fraud



2.16.19     On This Date in 1878

Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act requiring minting of silver dollar at Carson City mint.


2.15.19     Changed Base Allocation a Bit

Into more bonds, international equities and large cap US equities from small cap US equities.


2.15.19     Coin Dealer Report from Long Beach Coin Show

The public attendance was very strong, and customers were purchasing lots of material from the dealers set up at the show. We were very impressed with how active the show was on a wholesale level. The consensus amongst dealers is that the coin market has been strong..." according to westcoastcoinsoregon.


2.7.19     Green New Deal

US democrats roll out their dream for socialism...stock market (DOW) immediately crashes 300 points.


Simultaneously, Societe Generale notes economic outlook indicator hits bottom


“Currently, our U.S. economic newsflow indicator is at levels that count among the 7 percent lowest readings since 1998,”




1.26.19     TheCoinMine 2018 Public Trades:

Six for Six on closed trades!


Profits of @30%, 4%, 14%, 3.5%, 4% and 4%


4 of 6 trades realized those profits in @four weeks or less.


May 2019 go so well…

7.11.18 Gold Made my Price Target

Could still go lower, but I like some of the technical's so bought back some of the GLD I sold in May. [Note: GLD @118.4 on 7.11.18; @4.2%]

5.30.18     Looks like Gold is trying to make a 4th wave top here

before selling off again. Buying @1245 later in the summer could pose a nice entry.... [Note: GLD @123 on 5.30.18]


3.16.18     Sold SBUX, up @4% right at the price target:


2.16.18 Bought SBUX for short term trade (sell just under 60?)


3.6.18     Sold RIG

Up about 3.5% in two weeks is a worthwhile exit.

2.8.18     Sold Edwards Life Sciences EW

This position up over 14% in 10 months, didn't want to give back any more profit...


4.28.17     Bought Edwards Life Sciences (EW)

Paid high, hopefully sell higher (should be a longer term trade/hold). Good relative strength on a California firm. Sure, it's expensive (real expensive). But you have to put the money somewhere (and many sectors look expensive right now). Just bought a bunch of coins, maybe buy more?


2.8.18     Sold SH (short SPY ETF)

Made over 4% in just a few days on a large position. Expecting the plunge protection team will try to rally equities on this declining volume.


1.5.18     Sold MNTR (bought yesterday)

Up almost 30% in one day, hope to buy back cheaper [Note: micro position]


1.25.19     Amazing Coincidence - in the Same Week - Both Soros and the Pope Speak out Against Communist Chinese

Obviously a great threat to their new world order AND the people of the world. Glad to see both men flash their teeth and cajoles after espousing years of global socialist drivel.


1.24.19     Great Expose Article on the Instagram Culture from Another Brand Desperate to Maintain Complete Control

Burnin Man roasts Fyre:




1.22.19     Your Dear Leaders Installed - Not Elected

Was fascinating to hear Andrea Mitchell (husband of Greenspan - the ultimate insider politik), on live television (MSNBC, Jan 23, 2019) state that they need to pick a good presidential candidate. Not

that anyone is surprised that Big Spin functions as a democrat political arm, but the fact that NBC is willing to donate live time to Kamala Harris at the expense of several other announced candidates

shows hubris of the worst stripe. Ah well, at least they are relatively ineffective...


1.18.19     The Real Cost of Inflation in 10 US Cities



1.18.19     Why it Will Take a Disaster to end the 'Government Shutdown'



Of course it will take a disaster to re-open the government. Most folks remain aghast at how ineffective the government remains. Moreover, more than 800,000 employees are out of work

yet this many people doing nothing does not impact the vast majority of americans. Indeed, nothing seems to have changed, hardly anyone notices what those 800,000 actually do on the job.

Hence, what good are they?


A disaster, of the government's making (e.g. terrorism or illness outbreak) will require daddy government to solve the problem = voila! See how important the government is after all...


1.17.19     Reversing a 20 Year Decline, the Public Domain is Again Increasing



1.16.19     This Month makes 40 Years Since the US Established Diplomatic Ties with China

Pretty remarkable, really, how fare relations have come...


1.10.19     Rare 1943 Copper Cent, Once Found in Lunchbox

Up for auction is the 'discovery piece' (the first one of the type found)




1.5.19     PCGS Names New President



1.2.19     Sold DIA


12.28.18     Good Article About Using a Calendar for Time Management




The next logical step is combining a calendar with a to-do list. For example, here is a running calendar kept in Word:


Sun 12.30.18

Go to church

Develop weekly calendar log

Purchase steak and lobster for NYE

4pm Exercise

Write daily accomplishments

7pm Call Parents


Sat 12.29.18

Replace stairway tread

Trip to local lumber yard

Purchase angle finder

11am: Take family to movies

Work on website inventory; ship purchases

5pm: Cook for dinner guests

Play cards w family and guests

Write daily accomplishments


Fri 12.28.18

6 am Exercise

Develop new code for website

Play Risk with Fam

Date night with wife

Write daily accomplishments


After each item is accomplished, I highlight in italic to show completed (rather than erase completely).

This calendar list now becomes a running calendar log of everything completed in a day or week.


This written record provides value in a few ways:

  • - firstly it shows where you've been so you know where you are going;

  • - helps keep on track with long term goals; helps time estimating and time management; and

  • - should it ever become unfortunately necessary - proves invaluable documentation in a contractual or legal dispute.

12.17.18     Growing Evidence that Organic Climate Evolution is Good for Major Earth Food Production Regions

2018 First Recorded Year with No EF 4 or EF 5 tornadoes in the US




12.23.18     The Queen James Laments his Poor Lot in Life




“We been getting that Jewish Money, Everything is kosher,” James wrote on an IG story Saturday afternoon...




Can you imagine the faux outrage if a non-pc here came out with that jewish 'hate speech?


12.24.18     Went Long DIA


12.21.18     The Callan Periodic Chart of Investments Showing Asset Class Returns over the Last 20 Years



12.18.8     How Do Chinese Manufacture so Cheaply?

They use slave labor in their concentration camps, housing those with a low social score (dared to speak out against the government).


"Chinese internment camp factory sends sportswear to US"




Enjoy your iPhone, Nikes, etc.....


12.14.18     What Happens When a Group of Educated and Independent  Professionals Examine the Evidence from Tower 7 during 911?


They are convinced substantial evidence exists indicating a premeditated demolition:




12.11.18     Loaded Some New Morgan Dollars on our Dollar Page


12.8.18     World Carbon Tax - The United Nations Wants to Tax You $49 per Gallon of Fuel

You read that right!




12.4.18     French Riot Against the Carbon Tax

Good for them!



12.4.18     A Brief History of the Great California Gold Rush




12.3.18     The Majority of non-citizens in US on Handouts





11.30.18     TIPS Launch Live from Rome



ECB launches real-time payments system

The European Central Bank has unveiled its response to the rise of digital wallets with the launch of Target Instant Payments Settlement (TIPS), a pan-eurozone instant payments system.


11.19.18     Silver Mining Resurgence Ended Early European Dark Ages

"The repeated blows, followed by plague, plunged Europe into economic stagnation that lasted until 640, when another signal in the ice—a spike in airborne lead—marks a resurgence of silver mining, as the team reports in Antiquity this week."




11.15.18     Iran Reportedly Executes Men for Hoarding Gold Coins



11.14.18     Employment Number

May be starting to roll over:



11.14.18     Sprott and APMEX Launch Digital Gold



11.14.18     More Climate Fraud

Ocean Warming Study is just one more bad piece of information strewn about...




11.10.18     Recent Citibank Fraud Settlements:


Paid $6.9 Million for ripping its own employees



Paid $100 Million for ripping off customers via LIBOR rigging



Paid $97.4 million for money laundering charges



Paid $5 Million for Robo-call slamming practices



Paid $700 million for credit card fraud



Just the cost of doing business for this criminal cartel.


Think of all the times Citibank was not prosecuted because they paid off or threatened Attorneys General, regulators and politicians...


11.7.2018     The Purposeful de-industrialization of America

A nation decays and falls from the inside. Once we allowed the domestic enemies to dismantle our industry we lost the ability to provide for our common defense, as well deliberated in this article:




Moreover, once the factories are shipped abroad we lost the ability to provide technical training to generations of new workers - those skills are gone and not coming back - leaving an empty shell. 


10.15.18     Wired at 25

Wired Magazine celebrates 25 year with conference in San Francisco.




Think of all the developments in technology since I picked up Wired for the first time in 1994....


10.12.18     Water Infrastructure and Innovation Act passes US Senate

We hold a very large infrastructure deficit which will take years to overcome:




10.10.18     Baltimore Coin Show in Two Weeks

One of the big shows:




10.9.18     Blockchain Week in San Francisco



10.5.18     China Makes Spy Chip that Infiltrates American Technology and Products



Hey look, China actually invented something of their own rather than stealing intellectual property! (even here, doubtful)


What a national inferiority complex...


10.3.18     California Water Year

Department of Water Resources puts out a 12meg brochure that mostly talks about weather, not once indicating the statewide precipitation as an annual percentage.

They've fallen so far, the department may not even be able to conduct the math anymore - instead only parroting political talking points. Sad/Dangerous:




9.19.18     Short, yet illuminating, article on counterfeit currency detection:


9.16.18     100 years ago a Twenty Dollar Federal Reserve Note and a Twenty Dollar gold piece

were interchangeable at the bank. You could use either one to buy a new suit, new shoes and a fine meal and cigar.


Today you could buy the same with that Twenty Dollar gold piece. The Federal Reserve Note was, and remains, a lie...


9.1.18     Live Feed of Burning Man

I used to like watching in person as the sun went down and the lights came on and the animal spirits rose up on Saturday Night. The Bliss of 90s BMs are gone, but still a show worth watching….




Nice to listen to BM Radio as a companion:



8.24.18     Abuses at Burning Man

Workers tell all...




Too bad, used to be a great party before the silicon valley crowd ruined it!


8.21.18     Isn't it Great that Facebook is tracking a Social Score for All of Us?


Just like communist china - low government score (as established by 24/7 surveillance cameras) equals low ability for you to travel, shop or get into a good school!




Fantastic, fb again bringing out the best of us~!




8.18.18     The Large Problems at Barrick Gold




It takes articles like these, though several - not just one, to help make a bottom in the market.


8.17.18     Bought Novagold



8.17.2018     Free CGC Comic Book Evaluations, Chicago, Next Weekend

CGC Evaluations at Wizard World Chicago, Two Days Aug 24 and 25


8.17.18     NGC Certifies the King of Mint Errors

1943 Copper Cent!




8.17.18     Gun Money

Why you should never accept base promises (or paper) in lieu of silver or gold


Great Story: The Failed Gambit of James II




8.16.18     Study Links Pesticides with Autism



8.11.18     San Juan Puerto Rico Complains not enough Money for Hurricane Maria

Donations pile up and rot due to incompetence, greed and theft by government:




7.23.18     Cool, Crazy and Unusual things made of Gold:



Gold fever strikes in myriad ways!


7.23.18     Alaska Gold Rush - Season Eight

Todd calls it quits -decides to give away gold nuggets as a promotional stunt!




7.21.18     Gallup Poll of Americans: What is your Satisfaction and What are your Top Concerns


Pretty interesting data set. Americans have the highest satisfaction since the depths of the last recession. Also, nobody cares about 'gay rights' or 'climate change':




7.21.18     San Francisco a ‘green city’? Har!

SF produces essentially none of its own power or water in the city. Instead it destroyed a native village and damned one of the most beautiful valleys in north america and installed a massive unsustainable infrastructure that requires constant energy, material and water inputs. On the export side: their hazardous waste goes to landfills in the counties where poor dark skinned people live.


Summary: Well, summing up the northern California water and energy picture in just a few sites isn’t quite low hanging fruit. For a great historical context on power and water in the western US you might read Cadillac Desert, still the bible on the subject. Well documented and footnoted, one of the major themes is how little water and power are available to major cities in the US, especially LA and SF. That is, water and power are imported from vast distances requiring major investments of time, energy, materials (and lives).




"The scale of this book is as staggering as that of Hoover Dam. Beautifully written and meticulously researched, it spans our century-long effort to moisten the arid West. . . . Anyone thinking of moving west of the hundredth meridian should read this book before they call their real estate agent."
--St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Miwok Village

Yes, despite what the great state and wiki garbage would have you believe, there was a permanent Miwok village flooded by Hetch Hetchy reservoir:




This page produces much information with numerous cites regarding Miwok use of the valley (the name of the valley is based on the original Miwok village) including documentation of inhabitation by Krober as far back as 1925. (The majority of data on the subject is non-published NPS data protected by ARPA and NAGPRA).


San Francisco Energy Production

If you want to believe the official state information, there are no operating power plants in San Francisco:


Source: Ca Energy Commission

Status: No operating power plants



Of course, the state information is inherently poor.


There are, indeed, at lest three power plants in San Francisco of public information:


-         - University Of San Francisco Power Plant

-         - Sf State University, Corp Yard Power Plant in San Francisco California

-         - Sunset Reservoir North Basin Power Plant



Production: 5MW “The 5-megawatt plant more than tripled the city's 2-megawatt solar generation capacity”. LOL


Yep, combined SF solar production is still orders of magnitude less [1] than Hetch Hetchy, which provides 17% of SF power [2].

http://www.sfog.us/solar/sfsites.htm [1]


San Francisco Solar production total: 8.1 MW

http://sfwater.org/index.aspx?page=403 [2]


8.1MW, funny! Hetchy provides over 1.5 BILLION MW a year!


John Muir’s last great fight was to stop O’Shaughnessy Dam. He lost when the Raker Act was passed and died of a broken heart just one year later:




The water situation is even more dire; the city still has no viable alternatives, and the ones cited to allow ever increasing growth aren’t yet built (and likely won't)!:




7.16.18     The Coming Plague/Meme - Sex Robot Addiction

Any interest going into business with me and start selling a 12 step process?

Maybe sell reservations before we get it fully ‘up’ and running?


Plenty of virgin ground here to hoe, and a marginally better than average way to harvest new material...


7.13.18     Another Masterpiece Discovered in a Basement






Moral of the story: Know what you have before you throw it away!


7.11.18     Gold Made my Price Target

Could still go lower, but I like some of the technical's so bought back some of the GLD I sold in May.

5.30.18     Looks like Gold is trying to make a 4th wave top here

before selling off again. Buying @1245 later in the summer could pose a nice entry....

7.5.18     Facebook Determines that Declaration of Independence is Hate Speech

That, in a nutshell, summarized what facebook is all about (and the true desire of those who want to use 'hate speech' as a means to deny YOUR rights won by birth and blood).




7.4.18     Back from Vacation

Happy Independence Day to All


6.11.18     Sweden tries walking back ‘cashless society’


Experiment backfiring…


6.6.18     Current Commitment of Traders Report for Commodities



6.5.18     Selling Something You Don't Own

Warren Buffet and the naked put option:




6.4.18     Demand for Currency on the Increase in Europe with Iceland Leading the Way




Increase in notes trading in Iceland makes a lot of sense. When you visit the Icelandic independence strikes you immediately. Naturally it takes and independent people to jail banking cabal members, as they did after the 2008 debacle.


Conversely, eliminating  provides a tool of tyrants bent on tracking, and then controlling, every one of your financial (and then social) decisions.


6.3.18     Someone Sent Along this Banker Apologist Pablum


https://www.community-exchange.org/docs/what is money.htm


Interesting piece of propaganda. Note the year – 1913. The author served his masters in ‘banking law’ who would soon create the federal reserve and rob the American citizenry of their specie and replace with scrip debt. Mitchell the hack sought to prove his desired point, and still missed the mark.


He failed  to cite the bible, the most widely circulating book of the time, with ample applicable monetary references (might one suspect the monetary references in the old testament as apocrypha there is a wide body of substantiating secular corroboration and archeology evidence should one choose to look).


As far back as Genesis (23:16) the shekel is defined as a unit of standard silver weight passing as currency amongst honest merchants. By Samuel II (14:26) the royal treasury is already stamping the shekel as the government unit of trade whilst substituting a weight other than what previously traded.


Government manipulation of specie goes back thousands of years. Mitchell showed us, if anything, that the governments previous to 1913 were relatively honest compared to the frequent debasement of currency over the past 100 years.


Your dime, nickel, quarter, half and dollar all held silver in or after 1913; look at them now…


5.30.18     Looks like Gold is trying to make a 4th wave top here

before selling off again. Buying @1245 later in the summer could pose a nice entry....


5.29.18     Do the Millennials Really Vote their Dollar on Social Justice?

Lyft has recently garnered 35% of rideshare market. In part, Lyft has captured market share based on a significant series of missteps by Uber, with Uber holding a higher rank for social justice awareness. Pollfish surveyed millennials regarding Lyft vs Uber. 56% of riders with both Lyft and Uber state that they place a higher value on cost vs quality of driver and social justice issues.


Starbucks doesn't get it. People want value for their dollar, not a diversity goat show.


Even lowly CBS realizes SBUX jumped the shark years ago:



SBUX performance, meanwhile: Down for the month, down for the year, has gone nowhere for the past 3 years - this during one of the greatest bull run in US equities. Schultz, the executive chairmain, would rather pose as social justice warrior than deliver shareholder Or customer value.


SBUX has topped.


5.25.18     The Coming Financial Swindle


There is no mathematical equation that will allow America, or many other nations, to pay back the debt we've accrued - 'tis a physical impossibility.


The plan, as has been the playbook since the roman times, is to devalue the dollar so it becomes near worthless (hence the debt is 'paid' in worthless scrip) and then substitute with something else. Of course, if you are lucky they'll give you 5 for what you paid ten; though it may be much less favorable.


Some folks have written basic articles on the topic.


This article talks about the Debt Jubilee, but is mostly a sales  job:




This next one contains more reasoning (w/ better figures, graphs, charts, etc) and and a bit less doom, albeit another salesjob:




Of course, since both authors are government/money class shills they are simply front running this story as conditioning propaganda. 


Neither state the coming mechanisms:

  1. > The government and their lackeys in the press will continue to demonize cash (‘only used by terrorist and tax-dodgers’, etc) and then spread ebola-type viruses, claiming that the virus is spread via cash

  2. > Public clamors for government solution to government caused-problem = rollout of cashless society, first as an ‘option’ so you don’t get the disease

  3. > (There may be an interim step where the greenback is relegated for internal debt and the redback is rolled out for international payments, backed by US mining reserves [as is the current debt])

  4. > When ready (perhaps already is, the real reason DARPA/NSA invented the technology) the electronic debit system will be tied to the blockchain so that from birth every single financial (and socio/political) transaction will be tracked in perpetuity and via central control.


5.25.18     Electronic Frontier Foundation wins Supreme Court Case

Protects bloggers and others interested in maintaining online freedom:




5.24.18     Judge Allows Monsanto Lawsuit over Roundup to Continue



MON up for the day.


5.24.18     Serious Environmental Consequences from Owning Photovoltaic Plates



Save some money on electric bill, pay it back when you need to dispose of hazardous waste.


And if the cadmium leaks into your soil causing a hazardous substance release?


5.24.18     Alexa Records Private Conversation and Forwards 



The woman in surprised? The Amazon engineer knows full well this wasn't an error. Amazon Alexa records all conversations in the house and provides to Amazon and NSA directly. The only mistake was that the recorded conversation was also sent to one of their contacts (spilling the secret) and that the press had the temerity to publish information damning their electronic overlords.


5.22.18     Selling some US Equities here

Raising cash. Sell May and Go Away...


5.18.18     Selfish Ledger = Complete Control

"Google’s Selfish Ledger is an unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social engineering"


Unsettling vision, ya right. This was the goal all along = Complete Control.


DARPA developed the blockchain technology for digital control. One day, in the not too distant future every child born will be assigned their own particular, traceable, unending blockchain. It will track their every financial move until they perish. Technology is already there. Now the social manipulation begins such that the masses eventually yield.


5.15.18     Hmm, 10 Year UST over 3% and gold closes on its low for the year.

Another month of May turning point?


5.15.18     Lithium Sector breaks out of range...


5.10.18     NYSE plans for bitcoin physical delivery!



5.8.18     Yet another scientific paper declares: Carbon Dioxide does not cause global warming


there is no propensity for CO2 to store heat in a systematic way over time to produce a climate change effect”.




Of course, with only 1/3 of us students proficient in math, what chance do they have of understanding as they age, and vote...


5.2.18     2/3 of US Public School 8th Graders are not proficient and reading OR Math



Only 5% of Detroit eighth graders were proficient in math!


And it certainly isn't a matter of funding, US education is regularly at or near the top in global comparisons:




Time to dismantle this cesspool...


4.26.18     Coin Shows this weekend, maybe one near you?



4.26.18     Oldest Message in a Bottle Found



4.26.18     1854-S Five Dollar Coin thought to be fake, actually an originally worth a Million USD:



Only three previously known to exist!


Time to check my change again....


4.26.18     Back from Vacation


3.21.18     Multiple Sclerosis Development in Two Teens After HPV Vaccination


Will be interesting to see about MS. Courts have already paid out settlements for Gardasil (HPV vaccine) victims who suffered central nervous disorders such as seizures, paralysis and Guillain-Barré Syndrome in addition to blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short term memory loss and Neuromyelitis Optica.

This is all supposed to be publically available information (though it often takes multiple Freedom of Information Act requests). The damages are reported by the US Food and Drug Administration Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Sometimes individual law firms will also release verdicts from National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and Vaccine Court rulings. There are hundreds of backlogged cases -in addition to MS other plaintiffs make a strong case for uterine cancer.

Yah, so long as the kickbacks keep flowing force it on 9 year old girls…


3.19.18     Why the US Post Office has so many Nefarious Enemies:


3.19.18     Facebook caught misusing data, shares slide over 6%. FB executives use twitter to explain their ignorance.

And in In today’s feed – FB asks to use my face recognition id data – but only for good things dontchyaknow! Love it…




3.19.18     Bitcoin Soars $1000 Off The Lows After G-20 Rejects Crypto Crackdown


3.16.18     Picture of a 2000 Year Old Italian Tile Floor


Fantastico! Ah, time's rich texture...


3.16.18     Sold SBUX, up @4% right at the price target:



2.16.18 Bought SBUX for short term trade (sell just under 60?)

3.15.18     'Tis Raining Gold!

(Gold bars fall off plane)




3.9.18     Pentagon, *Again*, Cannot Account for 1Billion USD

Yep, $345 Million can just disappear, and be used against you!




Even worse, look at the date - Feb 5th. Not that any main stream news were reporting the constant stream of criminal fraud emanating from the Pentagon, but a few independent newsies were picking up the story. So, to squash that news cycle the school shooting was implemented a few days later.


Remember the date of the largest fraud exposure at the Pentagon? Sept 10, 2011 Rumsfeld states that 2.3 Trillion was unaccounted for. Well, you remember what happened the next day to bury that story (and yet magically increase defense spending and fraud/waste/abut boated and uninterrupted!)


3.6.18     Sold RIG

Up about 3.5% in two weeks is a worthwhile exit.


2.19.17     Why School Shootings are Useful:


2.16.18   Bought:

SBUX for short term trade (sell just under 60?)

GE @15.12 swing trade

Bought (RIG) swing trade

Bought SNH for dividend, will be interesting to see how this one plays out...


2.16.18     On this Day in Financial History

In 1878 Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act which authorized new minting of silver coins to again circulate as specie (precious metal currency).


Now you know why the first Morgan Dollars are dated 1878


Here is a fantastic background piece on the economic conditions in teh 1870s-1890s:




2.13.18     More Realities of Starting Process, baby steps, Long Before a Mine Ever Processes Earth


Even if you file patent, even if you pay large sums for exploration, even if you pay even larger sums to determine if the project is feasible, and then walk the cultural/political gauntlet of ‘environmental compliance and social justice’ leading to a bankable feasible study (which shows the project could, maybe, produce a profit), the chances of building a mine are quite low.

In fact, the world gold council states that:


"The likelihood of a gold discovery leading to a mine being developed is very low, with less than 0.1% of prospected sites leading to a productive mine." Read more on the life cycle of a gold mine here: http://spr.ly/6010D3zhg




The world gold council actually produces facts regarding the gold mining industry, not the political tripe manufactured by the Wilderness Society.


The saddest element of the story is that so few folks even have a basic understanding of production, business or economics that wilderness society and other propaganda arms can spew such drivel, which is copied verbatim on other links/pages/outlets, with nary a fact check, much less insertion of process, business or mining reality.


2.11.18     Wilderness Society and Their Minions spread lies about the Mining Act of 1872

In fact, in their shameless fundraising blather they didn't even make the effort to name the actual law, much less the restrictions on filing any type of claim. Specious claims that mining magnates would destroy the land for a few dollars an acre. Guess they never looked into the environmental costs of mining in the US, yar!


Actual fact, nobody has applied for mining claim on this uneconomic land since the feds were forced to return:




2.9.18     Retail and the 5oz cup of coffee

I get my 12 oz cup of coffee at starbucks for 50cents, I’d say, about 80% of the time.

(Though most my coffee is home grown).


Present a dollar and they get 50cents too. ‘Save a cup’ discount and they net tip 60 cents.


Sometimes I must pay the full rate $2.05 – but not usually.


You get what you bargain for. If you’re friendly the retail prices is but one seldom option.

Biz is personal.


2.9.18     SF Bay Coin show tomorrow and Sun - entry coupon:



2.9.18     Old train story

When I was a kid there were a couple older blokes that ran a 1:20 train and trestle. Could fit the kids, no adults. The train would loop a couple ovals and we tykes loved it.

Was actually the original train and trestle, as I learned later on, that served the local (defunct) gravel mine on the big river connecting to the old state highway. Great place to grow up.

Maybe that was the genesis of a soft spot for those who keep the old ways and stories alive…


2.8.18     Sold Edwards Life Sciences EW

This position up over 14% in 10 months, didn't want to give back any more profit...


4.28.17     Bought Edwards Life Sciences (EW)

Paid high, hopefully sell higher (should be a longer term trade/hold). Good relative strength on a California firm. Sure, it's expensive (real expensive). But you have to put the money somewhere (and many sectors look expensive right now). Just bought a bunch of coins, maybe buy more?

2.8.18     Sold SH (short SPY ETF)

Made over 4% in just a few days on a large position. Expecting the plunge protection team will try to rally equities on this declining volume. Stay vigilant, may need to get back in quickly...


2.8.18     Rest in Peace John Barlow

Great lyricist and a founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), one of the few organizations protecting online freedom and security. Maybe consider a small donation?


Your work lives on.


"Fare thee well now, let your life proceed by it's own design.
Nothing to tell now, let the words be yours, I'm done with mine"


2.4.18     Hope the Superbowl Indicator is wrong

(which states a NFC win is bad for the US Dow Jones performance)


Or it could be a steep decline for US equity markets...


2.2.18     Ugly Day in the Market

Almost all sectors and asset classes.


Forced too buy a positioning SH (Short the S and P 500) - first time I've shorted the general equities in almost 3 years!


Hope it turns a long term loss.


Maybe the superbowl indicator will let us know!


(The January indicator- as the market goes in January it shall go the rest of the year - was positive).



1.26.18     California’s wealthiest 1 percent pay 48 percent of the state’s income tax




1.21.2018     The Poor and Uneducated suffer Mental Health Disorders over global warming propaganda




Old playbook - distract the lower classes so they don't rebel against the real enemies keeping them down...


1.20.18     PR Nightmare - Catholic Bishop Distances himself from Pope who defends pedophiles

That's right children - sayeth the pope - if you don't have proof you were molested by the nice priest than STFU.

(Only the priests have the proof, still on their computer and shared amongst the bishops).




And the good clergy struggle to keep open empty churches as reasonable folk fail to support the pedophile-supporting vatican!


The Pope has better things to do than make right for institutionalized child abuse - he's busy fighting 'climate change' by forcing the carbon tax (modern day plenary indulgences) down our throat.


1.16.18     Goldfield, Nevada - International Car Forest of the Last Church



Along the lines of Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska and the Department of Mutant Vehicles in Black Rock City, Nv


1.9.17    DOI and FBI Railroaded Bundy Family Twice

and twice they were set free. The Judge excoriates the prosecution for criminal behavior:




1.5.18     Sold MNTR (bought yesterday)

Up almost 30% in one day, hope to buy back cheaper


1.4.18     Watching the Marijuana Market Crater and Crytp0 Stock Gyration Today

Buying opportunity if you have the stomach for the very high risk. Putting some of last years earnings into some speculations; went long TRTC, MNTR, GBLX and MCOA in the MJ sector; BLKCF, CINGF and BTCS in the crypto sector.


1.4.18     Top Weird Things that Sold in 2017



Well, not sure those were the tops as the weirdest probably didn't appear in the press. But, as the article displays yet again, there's a market for practically anything - find your niche!


12.31.17     CoinMine 2017 Public Trades:

Seven for Seven!


Profits of @2.7%, 6.5%, 14%, 2.6%, 3.5%, 6% and 1%


5 of 7 trades realized those profits in @two weeks or less.


May 2018 go so well…


12.31.17     Gold up 13.7% for the Year


12.29.17     Sold Euro

     10.10.17     Went Long Euro

Always thought trading currency was more difficult than stocks. Glad to exit this position with a win.


12.29.17     Sold GLD

Short term trade went according to plan, up @2.7% in 5 working days


12.21.17     Bought GLD for a short term trade


12.16.17     Yesterday the VIX (Volatility Index) Closed Down 10%

Pretty amazing...


12.13.17     Rest in Peace Pat DiNizio

(the Smithereens)




12.7.17     Judge does what he is Paid to Do:

Support the leviathan tax authority above all!

Demands CoinBase provide data to IRS




Simple really, distort the law (never meant to protect YOU) to define anyone making a profit in crytpocurrencies as a tax dodge = Tax State wins again!


12.7.17     Because Sea Levels are not Rising

Climategate fraudsters fake the date to convince themselves sea level is actually happening:




Yet another damning illustration of climate fraud...


11.28.17     Sold  (GT)

Another nice pop today makes @6.5% gain in 10 days - yes sir may I have another!

That outfit Guggenheim lowered their rating at 52 week lows - either they are 1) criminally inept, or 2) just criminal (buying while telling you to sell)


11.28.17     With the rise in Cyrptocurrencies

We've been getting a lot of interest in buying our domain. Fascinating to interact with those who want an even bigger slice of the pie.


11.17.17     Really enjoy watching the parasite class in Hollywood and Washington DC turn on each other

Once we citizens on Main Street stopped willingly serving as their hosts, the viruses had no choice but to cannibalize their own!


11.17.17    Sold MNK

Up over 14% in less than that many days, take it when you make it!


11.8.17     Bought Goodyear (GT)

Looks like sales volume is petering out...


11.8.17     Bought MNK

Speculative buy (funny to say on a mid cap biopharm). No previous position, may be time to start scaling back into this sector...


11.4.17    More Fraud by Red Cross

Seems like every time there is a disaster, a few months later one can read about the Red Cross mis-managing funds meant for victims.




Try the Salvation Army, much better track record.


10.29.17     Secured Automated Lending Technology



Somebody will eventually figure out how to build derivatives off the crytpo currencies. Salt may have just done that...


10.28.17     Lake Resources Seeks to Unlock S. America Lithium Triangle



Will be interesting to see just how much Lithium is actually down there....


10.28.17     Gold Bullion Coin Specifications



10.28.17     Develop up to a 40 Year Price of Gold Chart in Various Currencies:



10.28.17     Oceans Continue to Cool



10.27.17     Haynesville Shale Production Continues Upward Trend

Now at a three year high:




10.20.17     Holabird Americana Auction Underway


Thursday, October 19, 2017 - Monday, October 23



10.20.17     LiteCoin Continues its Run



10.20.17     Infographic: Why the War on Drugs has Failed



10.20.17     How to Make a Folding Coin Knife

Hope Santa's brings me one (wonder what TSA thinks of it!)


How to Make a Coin Knife


10.13.17     Last Year Greenland Experiences Record Increase in Sea Ice



10.13.17     Penguins Die on Antarctica - Too Much Growing Ice

Anthropogenic warming models fail again - Antarctica has yet another year of increasing ice



10.13.17     NASA Models Predicting Rising Sea Levels Fails

Sea levels drop for second year in a row



10.10.17     Went Long Euro


10.9.17     Added some New Pendants and Flat Pins on our Token Inventory Page


10.6.17     Upcoming (western US) Coin Shows next two quarters:


















10.6.17     Upcoming Coin Shows this Weekend

show listings provided by CoinZip.com


10.5.17     IRS Impressed by Criminal Activity at Equifax


Awards a sole-source contract for good work (fraud)!




10.5.17     Clark Howard, the financial friend to many, provides good credit freeze directions:




Don't forget filing credit freeze and Innovis and ChexSystems - there aren't just three credit bureaus...


If you want to get more proactive on managing your credit file, here are three sources that might provide you some assistance (though buyer beware) -






9.29.17     In addition to that Mona Lisa sketch an original Reubens painting was recently ‘discovered’:



9.28.17 This one should have received more play

The end of farm labor



Think of the mass exodus of migrant farm workers from the labor pool, and the resultant social impacts...


The monsanto roundup bots will come after (possibly using lasers) the J. Deere lettuce bots

and you thought blade runner deserved a sequel!


9.8.17     FCC Chairman Visiting Silicon Valley

Discussing ways to impose new regulations on electronic freedom of speech


Might you consider support of the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their efforts protecting your digital rights?




9.8.17     China to ban Local Crypto Currency Exchanges?

That's what the degenerate propaganda network Reuters wants the plebes to believe!




Thing is, the majority of Bitcoin has been flowing through Chinese pools for quite some time:




You think China wants that control to go to the US?

Or, you think this is a play to generate even greater control of the cyrpto currency flow?


You decide, I've already formed a thesis....


9.8.17     Equifax sells credit portfolio on 143 Million Americans

Insiders than promptly sell their stock (public information).


Bet they shorted it too!


Too big to jail = third world legal system


9.8.17     More deflation - look at the 10 year T-Bill yield fall

Even the Fed is giving up on their primary predictive tool - the Phillips Curve:



That's ok, Blue Oyster Cult said 'don't fear the reaper'

 mercury says don't fear deflation - gain from it!


In fact, Mauldin host Charles Gave provides some thought-provoking analysis on Japan's recent apparent awakening from a multi-decade deflation slump, coming through even stronger on the other side:



Japan has, indeed, been able to grow corporate equity - firms are flush with cash.


On the other hand US Corporations are saddled with an inordinate debt load. Here is the fed's estimate of such:



And that data is two years old, the problem was grown. Difficult to even get this information without paying for it; how many times have you seen the issue discussed by your 'leaders'?


Forget growing (debt) to prosperity - Japan showed austerity works.


Believe it or live it...


9.6.17     Younger Generation does not want their Parent's 'stuff'


This is deflationary:




9.1.17     ‘The News’ suggests you might get brain cancer from your drinking water.


Rather than develop a story based on investigation, research and fact-checking, ‘the news’ (Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner) will viral up any half-baked fantasy concocted by the least-informed elements of society wafting on social networks like five-day old fish.


“It used to be that reporters would research the facts,” Duffie said. “Now all they have to do is flip on social media and if it looks like something is getting traction, they take that chat and run with it." 




8.31.17     SEC changes broker dealer settlement requirements:



8.31.17     A very short history of semi-recent US currency:



8.25.17     Not surprising the USS McCain brings pain and death, just as the name sake.

Even more interesting, now that the story has been officially denied guess we know that Russia has shared the focused EMP scalar technology with china. That what, 4 ships in the past 5 months? 


The US Navy has killed more of its own sailors this year than died in combat throughout the world.


8.24.17     US Incomes Rise for First Time since 2007

Amazingly pathetic.




And explains why 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (and those are the 80 million who haven't permanently stopped looking for a job):




8.22.17     How do markets perform following a solar eclipse? Pretty well, typically…



8.8.17     Someone sent along a Jim Rickards article, and asked for my opinion:

Here was my reply:

Conclusions? I only see a handful of vague prophesies – nothing specific enough to merit attention much less action. Without a timeline his predictions are worthless. Sure, it will all collapse. Rome and every superpower since also collapsed, but it took centuries. Rickards has been a US equities bear and gold bull for four solid years – wrong the entire time, an amazing opportunity cost. Just another fear mongerer cashing in on hype.

1. Cash? Ok, which currency? Rickards has also stated that the US Government (and others) want to outlaw cash (which is true). So, what is the purpose of cash? In other words, cash in only a means to an end, not the means itself.

2. Gold/Silver? He has been wrong on this trade for 4 years. Wrong time of the business/economic/credit cycle.

3. Museum quality collectibles? Sure, always nice to have something like that. And who exactly will pick it out for you to ensure it isn’t fake?

4. Land? Land w/o water rights or contaminated land is worse than worthless, it is a liability. Cash flow single family homes? Multifamily units? REITs? TICs? Any the other  42,000 ways to invest? Sure, all good – but what, where, when and with who?

He gets terrible reviews from folks that fell for his hype letters:


Bottom line, all terribly vague writing that is, at best, a crap shoot.

Better to buy/sell on a tactical basis in line with your longer term goals imho.

8.6.17     Not Only US and Euro fake Climate Data

Australia has also been 'cooking the books'...



7.29.17     Interesting Website



Wonder how much time she spent on that!


7.27.17     Sold Low @near 77

Take the quick (3-day) wins, not every win comes easy, if they come at all...


7.25.17     Bought LOW yesterday @74

 Money coming back in, but you never know…


7.25.17     Sold EW @117

 Looks like insiders know numbers won’t be pretty.

Worked out anyway, up a bit over 6% on this one…


[4.28.17 - Bought (EW)]


7.12.17 Sold SPY Trade Position
Not much meet on the bone (~1%) but the bird in the hand is better than the two in the bush (and they've been acting kinda funny)

6.29.17     Flattening Yield Curve/Decline in Price of Crude

Will be interesting to see where the Fed will attempt to create inflation to justify their desire to raise the funds rate.


6.29.17     Went Long SPY

Hoping for a short term scalp trade...


6.29.17     Make Sure Your Prove Who You Are to the Almighty State

Henry Ross Photographing For Identification Cards, Jewish Administration, Department Of Statistics. 1940.


6.27.17     Google Guilty - Record Anti-Trust Penalty


When you lose an anti-trust case, and you are in the business of public trust, what - exactly- do you have left?


Influence peddling!


Sure, Google cheats and serves propaganda instead of unbiased information; but at least now you know!



5.19.17     Autonomous Cars

Why is the corporate industrial conglomerate and government pushing so hard for this one? By some estimates there will be 300,000 jobs lost when cars and trucks drive themselves!

You can always answer a question by this answer: will the ‘solution’ empower you, or someone else?

5.15.17     We Added a New Militaria Page with Some Great Inventory

Check it out:



5.5.17     May the 4th Be With You

and always will as pocket change...


Pretty Kiwi Coins in the Star Wars motif-






5.5.17     Puerto Rico Goes Bankrupt


Who’s next? My bet is Illinois. Here’s a picture of Cairo Illinois, one of the more scenic areas of the state and better run municipalities (note: abandoned, empty and as of yesterday - partially flooded with warnings of potential levee collapse):



5.4.17     S&P 500 Earnings up 15% First Quarter 2017

This on top of year over year growth of 20% last year.

Something to consider when evaluation SnP valuations…




5.1.17     Predatory Facebook Targets Emotionally Weak Children

All in a bid for further control.




And live stream broadcasts of rapes and murders replaces bread and circuses...


4.28.17     Check your pocket change, that penny could be worth 85k!

Yeah right. Interesting how mainstream media always portrays rare coins, and coin collecting in general, akin to playing the lottery. It isn't. Lottery is blind luck. Coin collecting is a hobby or investment, as depending how much time and effort you put into it, the financial results vary accordingly. Not like main stream media accepts the fact life it what you put into it...




4.28.17     Bought Edwards Life Sciences (EW)

Paid high, hopefully sell higher (should be a longer term trade/hold). Good relative strength on a California firm. Sure, it's expensive (real expensive). But you have to put the money somewhere (and many sectors look expensive right now). Just bought a bunch of coins, maybe buy more?


4.22.17     Climate Change

Has been going on for at least 600 years as established by the geologic record (and has been relatively mild by comparison for throughout the last several thousand years):


4.19.17     Schwab Liquidates two Bond Funds



Wonder what they know?


4.17.17 Woman's Saves Her Church by Donating Rare Coin



Guess it's still true, Gold is God's money...


4.16.17     Great Ca/Nv American Water Works Association Conference


We’ve had great, abundant, clean, safe and cheap water in this country for decades; time to start paying some bills to keep it that way…


4.7.17     How the Big Three Credit Score Firms Calculate your Credit Score

(more or less)

35% Credit History

30% Utilization

15% Length of Time/Age of Account

10% Type of Credit Cards you have

10% Recent Increases in credit/limits

4.5.17     MSN wants you to spot ‘fake money’, and then spends eight pages of clickbait defending FRNs.


I would offer you this, instead:

“Money is Gold and Nothing Else” – JP Morgan, Testimony to Congress December 1912


4.4.17     Richmond Fed Chief Lacker admits leaks, resigns

(whose lackey was lacker?):




4.2.17     Pogue Collection Auction - Record Breaking



3.10.17     Coin Shows This Weekend



Though around here, given the nice weather, estate sale season starts to bloom. Just bought a large box of stuff, now going to find out what's in it...


3.10.17     Record Prices Realized for Comics at Auction    




Tangible Goods and Vintage Paper - get yours now!


3.10.17     Neat Article on Some Beautiful US Currency Designs




3.9.10     Friend Deposited Check, US Bankcorps

Couple months later they discovered bank never credited account for the check deposit.  Writer of the check had to go to their bank and order a copy. Copy showed, indeed, that the check was cashed - but the endorsement stamp was so faint as to read illegible.


Had the friend not lucked out and find the original deposit slop in the to-be-shredded pile the bank would have kept the money.


Wonder how many times a hear the banksters pull that scam for small amounts and the plebes never even know!?!


tl;dr - keep your checking deposit slips!


3.8.17     Sure, CIA is Spying on You through your Devices

Most folks with iphones realize that facebook is listening all the time and turning your speech into search results; there are many threads about this topic on the web.


What really interested us this morning was that Amazon picked up part of our conversation via laptop microphone and turned it into a search result - we are sure of this (and no, we don't have alexa et. al). Have seen no other mention of this anywhere...         


3.2.2017     Price of Bitcoin Reached Parity with Price of Gold Today

And a lot more people own gold than bitcoin...


3.2.17     Marissa Mayer Stripped of Bonus

Dang, she ran Yahoo into the ground. Nothing but fraud and deceit, and she still get's paid!




Gotta admit, providing government doublespeak propaganda sure pays the bills....


2.24.17     2017 first time since 1987 Dow logged 12 higher high closings in a row...

Streak ended today!




2.24.17     Upcoming Heritage Fine Silver Art Auction




2.24.17     Mayhaps a Reason for Record Collectible Prices including premier Coins, Sports Cards and Comics


Here's a musing:




source - https://blog.collectors.com/2017/02/the-feds-role-in-skyrocketing-collectible-values/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=marketingemail&utm_campaign=email-collectors-com-newsletter-2017feb24-values


tldr: blame the fed


2.24.17     Upcoming Coin Shows this Weekend

The market has showed more strength this year to date...




2.23.17     Lightening up some US Equity Positions Here

First time raising cash since December/Jan 2015 (lucky timing then!

Last couple weeks of February typically show an equity pullback (though often a good buying point for nice March/April time fame)

This run up in equities may be losing a bit of steam

Always a good time to harvest a rich equity profit   

2.23.17     Interesting – Stratfor looking for forum manager




2.18.17     Occasionally Worth Looking at the Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns

to track the return of the various asset classes over a period of time.


Below is a Callan chart for nine asset classes ranked between the years 1993 and 2012.


This chart I provide here tracks just five asset classes (stocks are grouped rather than split), and the period of performance is longer - 1972-2015, showing how many times each asset class came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th:



  REIT Gold Stocks Bonds Cash (USD$)
Rank 1 17 12 7 6 1
Rank 2 7 7 13 11 6
Rank 3 7 6 9 11 10
Rank 4 5 3 7 12 16
Rank 5 8 15 8 4 9

We can see that over that 33 year performance period a few trends:

* Cash generally performs poorer than the other four asset classes

* Stocks and Bonds tend to perform neither the best nor the worst over the years, but tend to perform in the middle of the pack.

* Gold and REITs tend to either perform very well, or very poorly

* REITS in particular tend to outperform the other market classes

Hence, making investment sector choices - heavily weighting one over another - will provide for a better than average return (so long as you generally pick right!)

Image result for Callan Periodic Table Asset Class Returns 2016



2.14.17     FEDS Refuse to Support a Safe Oroville Dam Overflow



Just as the FED EPA failed to act on Flint Drinking water despite their requirement to do so, just as FED EPA poisoned  a pristine river in Colorado etc., on and on, ad nauseum….


2.12.17     Forced evacuation of 160k downstream of tallest dam in the US


Any shocks to California’s water system – the bedrock infrastructure in this 6th largest world economy that supports all other state industries – is something to watch…

2.3.17     Editor-in-chief of the Silicon Valley Business Journal sues Yahoo for discrimination

Not only does Missy Mayer have a documented track record of illegal hiring discrimination, she has a track record of destroying what was once a prominent brand and business.



2.2.17     Man finds incredible sketches by a master (really!) in his inherited collection, what dreams are made of: http://tinyurl.com/jpxo8gr


2.2.17     Study – children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have higher levels of mercury



1.18.17     China to Ban Ivory Trade by end 2017



Going to become increasingly difficult to make a market for this type of material...


1.15.17     Moody's Criminal Action in Credit Rating Fraud Helped Blow the Housing Bubble

They agree to a pittance fine less than a billion dollars for their part destroying hundreds of thousands of american family lives, intentionally separating them from their homes.




Warren Buffet the greatest inside trading scammer of all time, holds more Moody's shares than anyone.

He has the gall to say 'Golly, I had no idea they were shady" nyuk nyuk!




1.14.17     EPA Poisons Pristine River and then Claims they don't need to make things right



Of course they can't make it right.  But, if you dig an illegal ditch on your property they'll send agents with guns to ruin your life:



1.13.17     Famous Inverted Jenny comes to Auction Block

Sold for a cool six figures.






Really enjoyed the image that tied together all the various stamps to recreated the original sheet...


1.13.17     Lady Liberty is a Beautiful Black Woman in 2017 US Liberty Coin




Would be interesting to find the original female model for the design.


Also curious how many of these are going to sell...


1.8.17     The Glass Penny



1.5.17     Treasure hunting villagers ignored police to dig up over 500kg of Qing dynasty coins




Bit of a strange tale. Around here if you ignore the police they arrest you. Or sometimes they mace and body slam you then arrest you.


Also - the pensioners and children were looting an archeology site. Where were the young men. Oh yea - THEY were the police officers letting their family loot the site because a) The families are desperately poor after 60 years of communist rule and, therefore b) no respect for the government 'law'.


Poor story for the chicom authorities...


1.4.17     Researchers found master hub and dies for 1964 Morgan Dollar





There was no way they were going to let Kennedy keep the US on honest money...


1.4.17     Lithium Roundup

Tesla begins battery production at Reno plant:



International Lithium drilling in Ireland



Australian Producer Neo Metals:



Critical Elements Exploring in Quebec



Nevada Energy Metals is Exploring in Nevada:



Production in the US is primarily in Texas or Nevada.

I've posted much on the Nevada sources/companies/pictures/secnarios especially Western Lithium, now:



You can read more by ctrl-F through my 2012-2014 blog where I posted a bunch on the Nv lithium situation...




1.4.17     PCGS Coin Forum Rolls Out New Format



1.4.17     Krause announces their Coin of the Year Winners

Some real beauties...




1.3.17     Purchase Price Index up 9 of last 10 months

...against a background of a stronger dollar. Rather impressive. Trade has led the way, which provides some slack for tariff threats both real and imagined.


1.2.17     Great Bechtel Album of Confederate Notes offered by Heritage:



1.2.17     Anybody think we're due for a boring year?


Too bad they never prosecute for the real crimes…



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