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We've all seen some of those other sites; their 'blog' started about six weeks ago and has maybe 12 posts. 

Well, they've to start somewhere...


Here at the CoinMine, we've been analyzing things in quite a bit of detail for the past nine years; and we've been

spot-on more than a random roll of the dice would indicate, since 2000!.  Browse below through a few hundred pages of

observations, picks, calls, diatribes, rants, and raves and mine your own nuggets.


SPOTLIGHT ON:  The mercury Mewl - The Internet's Favorite Demi-god


12.2.14     US Labor Secretary Tom Perez -

"Today I visited Cumberland Mine where I saw the health and safety systems and equipment that keep miners safe. "


Translation (mercury): "No, the regime isn't against coal miners - we would never shut them down. In fact, we love them so much that we want to keep them as safe as possible - at home, collecting welfare."


"Lotta poor man got the Cumberland Blues He can't win for losing...."

- Grateful Dead


12.2.14     Is the Gold Running out?

1 gram/ton used to be the rule of thumb for cutoff grades, now some drilling projects continue with results under 1g/t.


Very recent examples in Nevada include the Hasbrouck and Taylor projects.


Or, has the technology progressed to the point that the old 1 g/t marker is now as dated as the arrastre?




There are feasibility projects now underway in Nevada using new geochemical processes that may make strategic metal deposits down to 0.1 g/t economically viable....


11.24.15     Texas, and most other states, are also far behind Nevada regarding the Marijuana Industry


Upcoming conference:



When I was working for decriminalization in the 80's any measurable amount of THC was a Class I felony.


Some days only I showed up...


11.24.15     Texas Rare Earth (Ticker: TRER)

Sell volume drying up? Trying to make a bottom here? The news is long out (Tesla picked Nevada over Texas)


11.25.14     PAAS Downgraded

"DJ Pan American Silver Cut to Mkt Perform From Outperform by Raymond James "


Somebody is starting to accumulate....


11.25.14     Hecla to Present at GBM Mining Conference Tomorrow

"Hecla Mining Company's (NYSE:HL) President and CEO, Phillips S. Baker, Jr., will participate in a panel discussion at the Scotiabank GBM Mining Conference in Toronto on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, at 8:30 a.m. (ET)."

BUSINESS WIRE; November 20, 2014


11.25.14     Water Powered Industrial Equipment - an invention old as the centuries


CAT rolls out steam powered tractor on this day 110 years ago...




11.25.14     Switzerland Hard Money Vote?

No on gold, but maybe they'll love the fancy crpto coin?




11.23.14     African Primate Study

What could possibly go wrong when you give an ape a loaded weapon?




11.23.14     The Time to Buy a Gold Stock

Is when you don't need a gold stock


11.20.14     The S and P 500 closed above its five day moving average for 20 consecutive days

This has happened just three days in the last twenty years...


11.20.14     Nice Article about an outstanding Chinese Polymer Note (currency) from 2000



Chinese invented paper money, but will they prefer plastic?


11.20.14     Put up a number of reference books and guides to sell in our reference section, some scarce including:

Standard Plumbing Details for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Plumbers and Students. Lois Day. 1938. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. 12x 9.5 inches, hardbound (no cover). 119 Pages. Some age boxing, foxing, and very minor soil or dogears. Nice book, great reference. Good+  $45

Underground Buildings – More Than Meets the Eye. Loretta Hall. Quill Driver Books. Sanger, Ca. 2004. First Printing. 215 Pages. Hardcover with dust jacket.  Great condition, just a few very minor pencil inscriptions. Neat! Very Good+ $13

W.F Norman Sheet metal Mfg. Co., Nevada, Mo., Steel Ceiling Catalogue No. 350, January 1980. 72 pages. Comes with separate price list. Thinstock cover. Light cover fading, near Very Good.  11x 8 inches. $16

11.15.14     Roll Your Own

1) Get a  3-D Davinci 1.0 Printer


2) Get a Circuit Scribe - a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink. You can get it here:



With these two items you could build a prototype for most anything!


11.12.14     Mark Salzberg (Chairman of NGC) to provide free coin grading

On November 22 in Menlo Park, Ca




11.13.14     Counterfeit Detection - 1893 O Morgan Dollar



11.9.14     Grant Williams ruminates around the Swiss Gold Initiative



The Swiss actually get to vote on something of substance, sigh...


11.4.14     The Good News

Looking at this map, America is not nearly as divided as just a few months ago



Nor near as divided as the dividers would like you to believe...


10.28.14     Krause Publications announces 2015 Coin of the Year nominees


"Each year, the awards honor the best in coin design from around the world. The awards will be presented during a ceremony Jan. 31, 2015, at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany."


You can vote here:



Some great coins this year!


10.24.14     BLM Leading a Hard Charge to Shut Down Mining, Green Power and Most Sustainable Development in Western US



10.24.14     When Counterfeiting Stories Start Getting Prominent Press



That means the stories of viruses transmitted by currency are still being written, the political narrative still developing, and time is bought on the short end.


The plans are afoot for removal and replacement of a nation's currency, replaced by 'something else'.


10.18.15     NY State Wants Bitlicense - Desires to Track Every Crypto Currency Purchase



Amazing how steep the Empire State's descent into the abyss of totalitarianism!


10.14.14     Glen Campbell's Swan Song?

One heck of a video:



Reminds me about Johnny Cash making the masterpiece video of Reznor's Hurt on his way out...

10.16.14     French Bank BPCE teaming with Twitter for Electronic Payment System

Say, why not? Fake money allows fake payments on a network full of fake accounts:


Aaaah, the beauty of fiat!

10.16.14     US Economic Freedom Falls again, no longer in Top 10

Ever wonder why the kids can’t get a job? Finances are tight?

Read it and weep, answers herein:


10.16.14     Counterfeit Detection: 1879 Double Eagle


10.16.14     How Will Pensions Be Saved?

From public donations of course (e.g. Wedgwood)!


And what if your pension is with a firm without a huge fanbase?

10.14.15     For your Sovereign File
some usable info here:



10.13.14     Bitcoin on the Bitstamp

Bid     400.4

Ask     400.3


Now THAT is an orderly market!


10.13.14     Gannet Org Cleanses The Democratic Party Pattern of Lies and Deceit

Another brick in the wall...




10.12.14     Heritage Offers Another Tranche of the Newman Collection

Big Time Coins!



10.12.14     Long Term Planning - For Plan B

Alternate Economic Citizenship




10.12.14     Another Day - Another Fiat Dollar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


10.10.10     What a Long Term California Drought may Mean


A surprisingly non-alarmist piece by McClatchy, one that actually looks at some realities of a potential long term California drought:



10.4.14     There are two Inverted Jenny stamps unaccounted for!

The reward alone for each one is $50k!




10.4.15     Can't believe I missed this one:

Blackrock, world's largest money manager, wants to charge 'investors' for asking for their money back:




10.3.14     Added a bunch more NGC-graded mercury dimes to the collection


9.16.14     Counterfeit Detection - 1802 Draped Bust Dollar



9.16.2014     This Weekend - Santa Clara Coin, Stamp and Collectible Show

Put on by one of the most honorable men in the business!


At the Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA

Exhibit Hall D


Friday September 19th, 2014 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Saturday September 20th, 2014 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday September 21st, 2014 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

General Admission is Six Dollars ($6.00)

Get a coupon here ya cheapskate:




9.16.14     Entree Gold - Interesting Price Action Lately


Price precedes volume?


Has been a dog all year, especially since the Seeking Alpha plug:




Copper doesn't outperform during a depression.


But this mine, like Yerington in general, will benefit from Tesla investment in infrastructure and demand...


9.16.14     Sold SPLS and YUM

Up about 17% on SPLS and down 3% on YUM for a 14% positive trade.


Sold SPLS b.c. msn picked it up, likely generating cover for the new wave of institutional shorters:




Sold YUM b.c. their last three press releases  were garbage pabulum, indicating management issues.


9.16.14     More Fake Global Warming Science


Temperature numbers *always* adjusted upward:


9.16.14     Another bad vaccine


Imagine the poison they will call the new Ebola vaccine...

9.7.14     Added New Type of Inventory - Flat Pins

Also known as, 'Flats', Interesting little enamels from 1950s


9.6.14     Coca Cola Advertising Calendar fetches Record Price



9.3.14     You Know What I Find Interesting?

Induction Lighting

And what I find even more interesting than that?

Direct optic chip solid state lighting.

Anyone looking at the bottom line will replace all their light bulbs in the next 8 years.

Look into it….


9.3.14     On the Tesla News Western Lithium up 39%!


9.3.14     Reno will Host New Tesla GigaFactory

As stated here more than once...




8.30.14     Added New Information to our US Coins Page


8.27.14     Goddess of the Hunt meets Mars the Destroyer


The Government typically doesn't allow counterfeiters to hone in on their own illicit funny munny production, but occasionally there are exceptions:




(Largest Contemporaneous Confederate Money Counterfeit Ring)


8.27.14     Action Comics Number 1 Sells for Record Price


The interesting angle is that this isn't even the finest known specimen of that first comic....




8.19.14     Heritage Auction at Long Beach Expo, Sept 3-5

Wouldn't mind having this sweet Nevada (Tonopah) National Bank Note in the billfold, tough note to find!




Then again, also wouldn't mind having Action Comics Number One delivered to the doorstop:




Any way you slice it, tangible assets are doing well...


8.17.14     Added some new Mercury Dimes to the site inventory for Sale


8.16.14     The Retail Numbers Paint a Picture

Wal-Mart has now lowered guidance eight quarters in a row.  Wouldn't it be great if the reason was because folks are prospering so well that they can now all afford to shop at Macy's?

Macy's warns on yearly outlook - the consumer is tapped out:


8.15.14     Japanese Government Raises Consumption Tax by 3%.

The Japanese GDP for the second quarter proceeds to tank -6.8 percent.

That is NOT a good trade...

8.15.14     New Orleans Investment Conference in October

Features an even better lineup including Alan Greenspan, Porter Stansberry, Krauthammer, Faber, Schiff, Casey etc.

Conference is October 22-25

8.15.14     San Francisco Money Show coming up Soon:



August 21-23


8.5.14     Added some great Early Half Dollar Type coins


8.4.14     Israeli's Make a Grave Mistake

Decide to require permission to arm oneself for self defense.

This will end poorly, as history has shownrepeatedly:


1941. Minsk, Belarus. 'Untermenschen' surrender their firearms to the legal authorities.



7.29.14     Aden Sisters Update Gold Outlook


After all these years they continue to do good work:



7.29.14     Interesting Article about Lead Pollution in Antarctica



7.29.14     Elon Musk, ever shrewd, uses California as Shill Bidder to up the ante from other states

for the new Tesla factory:



7.25.14     Lissner World Coin Collection coming to the Block



Some great NGC-graded little beauties!


7.25.14     Heritage has a nice little Currency Auction upcoming    



7.25.14     Bought SPLS



feckers won't fill me w/ YUM


7.25.14     Someone asked about my blockchain post,

did I think it would be easy to track these 800k losses in the blockchain?


and here are my thoughts:

1. Never said it was easy. But possible not doubt about it; just an input of time.

2. No, not I as I don't have that particular skill

3. No, I did not lose money on that swindle. (Motive)


How come *they* haven't pressed the issues?

In the wild west the settlers didn't complain to the FDIC or any of the other pussies in DC or the state capital.

They policed themselves and formed a POSSE for major transgressors.

(federal attempts to 'govern' majically coincided with the concerted effort to drive out specie and replace with FRN)

Wild west justice worked well. Damn well.

Why not now?

Does the FCC have the technical ability to even investigate?

Do any of the bureaucrats at any of the 'regulatory agencies' with B.A in Political Science from State in 1973 and minor/extra curricular in pedo have the Technical Ability to investigate the issue?

Much less do anything.

Look at all the 'stern letters' Darrell Issa writes about massive fraud and political criminality at the IRS.

And each letter gets sterner yet with MORE people added to the cc line! A very SEROUS man.

and the criminals tremble, eh? (Hiding behind the hiked skirt of USDOA/Holder)


The ability and motive lie elsewhere.

Why haven't *they* acted (yet)?

7.25.14     Charles Nenner has had a call was for a major gold bottom right about now.

He again iterated this call in detail last month on the Moe Ansari show.


7.25.14     Decent Entry time to purchase gold and silver?

Purchasing gold and silver at these levels is a pretty decent probability wager right now IMVHO considering:

- How the 50,100 and 200 DEMA, seasonal  and other issues are shaping up 

- Gold has been making higher lows since 2013

- Selling volume has been steadily declining

- The FOMC should try to drive gold down, which may provide a nice entry point



7.23.14     Different Types of Paper Currency Errors

Nice and short Primer:


There are still a few out there!


Bureau of Engraving and Printing Proposes New Mutilated Bill Redemption Procedures




What does this bill presage?

Darn Good Question.

We do know that when they crash the dollar a new one will be issued, ostensibly the redback (UST Note, etc.). The plan had been for the greenback (now near worthless) to still settle foreign trade debts. The redback would be introduced for interior use.  A bifurcated paper system. 

Another option play is to withdraw all greenbacks in exchange for the 'New and Improved Dollar' = The Goldback. This would have the chip with the expiration date; the goldback would lose value for every year/month (and eventually day) that you did not 'redeem' the note.

Suppose they are now conducing advance work on the mechanics for withdrawls and replacement at Bureau Engraving and Printing...

7.23.14     How does 800k bitcoin 'disappear' without a ledgered trail on the Mt Gox blockchain?

Moreover, how come nobody else is asking this Q?


7.21.14     International Mine Water Association Conference

Santiago, Chile from April 21 - 24, 2015


Now accepting papers for this theme:

Agreeing on solutions for more sustainable mine water management




7.21.14     Tried to Buy Physical Silver Friday

From one of our primary upline brick and mortar stores. Had been buying from him since 1999. He was out, just one roll of silver dimes and a few silver rounds.

In the past 4 months he has had several physical buyers of silver for over $100,000 at a time, one buyer put down over $250k.  This level of physical silver buying from the public is new for him (he has had a coin store since the 1970s).

7.21.14     Janet Yellen and the Lies She Loves

Janet calls the artificial increase of stocks the ‘wealth effect’.

She is under a gag order to not tell the truth (indeed, the reason she has her job is because she is willing to lie on camera). The reality – this is a bubble. And we know how those end...

(Dow has not had a standard 10% correction in three years.)


7.13.14     How kids get the collecting bug

there are new young collectors born every day.

Just yesterday a pastor in Libby Mt sponsored a metal detecting hunt with a 'planted garden' in an open field:


7.13.14     B2Gold - Had nice up move with third largest volume on the TSX

A good sign




7.13.14     214 Oz Gold Nugget found in Siberia




7.13.14     Arizona Mining Association wraps up Annual Meeting

Recap can be found here:




7.13.14     Blue Ribbon Coalition - Where to find the latest on US Public Lands management updates



7.12.14     John Mauldin, Raoul Pal and Damian Horner Launch Real Vision Television

Interesting concept: On demand Financial Television


Will it catch hold?




I hope so...


7.12.14     Nevada Mining Association releases 2014 Safety Awards

Your due diligence should consider safety record. A company that cannot keep employees safe has inherenet and structural management problems.




7.11.14     Farmers fighting EPA and Regime Overreach and Tyranny

The EPA would love to further expand their leviathan meddling into US Commerce.


Thankfully, the real producers - farmers - are fighting back hard against continue EPA malfeasance and ill-intent.




7.6.14     Dirty Harry Reid sells his Daddy's Searchlight Property and Wife's House

The political career is coming to an end. No longer any need to play the 'aw shucks' miner populist fairly tale any longer.  His entire family made a living selling influence.




7.4.14     Long Live the united states of america

The sovereign federation depends upon an educated citizenry, do your part.

Education includes knowledge of legal specie - gold and silver - as established by the US Constitution and first codified by the  Currency Act of 1792, which reaffirmed lawful money as silver and gold, and established the first US Mint to create money from silver and gold.


Ye Olde Mint


7.3.14     Immigration Exodus Staged by the Regime

DHS knew this immigration exodus was planned months ago. They actually had an RFI on the street back in January for “accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States.”

It takes months to even GET an RFI listed. IDIQs require LEGAL review. This has been planned, in detail, for a while….


"U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has a continuing and mission critical responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States. ICE is seeking the services of a responsible vendor that shares the philosophy of treating all UAC with dignity and respect, while adhering to standard operating procedures and policies that allow for an effective, efficient, and incident free transport. The Contractor shall provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment, and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven (7) days a week, 365 days a year. Transport will be required for either category of UAC or individual juveniles, to include both male and female juveniles. There will be approximately 65,000 UAC in total: 25% local ground transport, 25% via ICE charter and 50% via commercial air."

January 29th, 2014.


7.2.14     Worst President in last Six Decades?

Pretty obvious unfortunately...


6.30.14     The States with the Worst Income Inequality are Democrats Trying to Make it Worse for Everyone Else

The Slavery Party won't stop until there is no middle class left.




And of course, the Blue states have 7 of the top 10 worst unemployment rates in the country:




And folks that rate their state the worst? Again, 7 of 10 are Blue States.




And the Reds aren't any better. The Red party won't stop until the Security State rules all, which is exactly what reds do! But they can run their states better, no doubt there.



6.30.14     California Mining Heritage - Plumas Eureka State Park

Went camping for four nights at Plumas Eureka State Park.

Was nice to get there on wed instead of Th. Can't believe we used to go for just F/sat nites. Great campground,

Everyone in our group had nice things to say about the park and campground (Upper Jamison Creek Campground).

Here are other reviews:


Saga of a Forlorn Campground and her Bungling Keepers

The state did a very nice job with their rehab project. Probably spent way more than they would like the public to know. 

The campground was closed for a couple years (and State Park for part of that time) for a variety of reasons -mostly common government fraud and graft. At first the state parks claimed poverty. Then they were caught hiding (and lying about) millions of dollars they were shoveling into a slush fund.


Finally the state gave up on hiding the money in hopes a new bond measure would pass (once they were caught, the bond had no chance). So they got back to business. They closed the campground b.c. of 'high arsenic'; then b.c. of the archeology site (the park has semi-permanently closed several campsites b.c. of supposed Northern Maidu (indian) archeology sites. However, local rangers could never actually get any interest from state archeologists or field managers and are trying to open the campsites again.

To 'fix' the arsenic problem (Many Ca soils are naturally high in As) they carted off many tons of native soil for remediation and then backfilled with twice as much non-native gravel fill. In part, this will reduce the fire danger from reckless campers (no shortage of idiots from the city). But overall the park campground looks and functions quite well - which it should considering the amount of money dumped into the ground).

The creek (Jamison) had just been stocked with trout so the fishing was like shooting them in a barrel. There were literally fish swimming over themselves to hit the bait in the little pools. Had a fantastic time at the series of pools on Jamison Creek, reminded me of Johnson Shut-ins in Mo. To get there, park at the Johnsville Cemetery on the SE corner. Hike about 1/4 mile due east down to the creek.

Living Mining History

Johnsville has been wonderfully maintained by a very active historical society. Here is a picture of just one mining era house (circa 1880s) common for the area:


Many of Johnsville structures and cemetery are impeccably maintained.

Rebuilt Johnsville Stamp


Many of the Eureka Mine buildings have also been rebuilt by the state:


Recreational History - First Dedicated Sport Ski in North America


Assay Office and Blacksmith are staffed by knowledgeable association (private group) staff that present living history lessons; top notch.

This State Park Ranger in the picture came by our campspot and gave a private concert for our kids:


Natural Scenery - Outstanding Sierra Nevada

Hiking in the area proves fantastic - your basic high sierra dream:


Lakes Basin


Gold Lake


Worth a visit....

6.30.14     Substantial Proof – US Government is Faking Global Warming Data


Naturally, the earth has been warming since the last ice age ended.

The data, however, does not support the political premise that humans are responsible for the warming.

So, the political apparatus demanded the data be faked and manipulated.

Though, you already knew that part…

6.30.14     Hundreds of Organizations Track your Every Move.

Most young people have no idea about this situation, much less the actual bad actors involved.


ChexSystems known about you! They track your every movement. Do you know about them?


6.30.14     Don't know much about Focus Graphite

But do know they are paying for radio commercials, not a common miner tact.


6.30.14     NOAA Caught Faking 'Global Warming' Data, again



6.22.14    USA - Cooling Temperatures Since the 1930s

(Though it has been getting drier)


As with every other endeavor, the government has been fabricating data...



6.20.14    Big Leap Forward in Mining Water Contaminant Removal




Potentially very promising.


Practically all environmental engineering technologies have arisen from the mining sector...


6.20.14     USA No Longer in Tip 10 for Economic Freedom

According to Heritage.  Number 11 (and sinking fast, unfortunately)




6.20.14     Old Drilling Company - New Name

Spotlight on First Drilling




Drilling technology and technique has come a long way.


6.20.14     Wanted - Actors to Portray Mass Tragedy


Exactly what played out at Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook and other false flags...




6.21.14     This is what the new concentration camp looks like
This is what a pre-fab, mobile, immediately-ready internment/concentration camp looks like.


The regime has purchased and stored hundreds of these for deployment.

The pictures you see are a trial run to work out the ‘bugs’ (you know, Hepatitis Cholera, TB, Measles, Aids., etc)

If you aren’t preparing to be elsewhere, then you ARE preparing to end up in one of these…


6.17.14     International Bank Note Society announces National Bank of Kazakhstanfor “Bank Note of the Year” - 2013.




Sure is an attractive note!


6.17.14     Mining Industry Daily



A good feed...


6.17.14     Miner Death at Avino Mine



6.17.14     Never Give Up Your Guns


This is the end result, every time!


6.15.14     Paul Preston Explains Sandy Hook - A Drill for Public Consumption



Dozens of Citizens Question Sandy Hook School Board about Numerous Inconsistencies and Fabrications

No data is released.

No answers are given.

Nothing but silence...




Of course, those same school board members had their mortgages paid in full, as previously documented.

6.15.14     Gun Grabbers throw a party, nobody came

Since neither the Congress nor the people want gun control, the Regime marches unilaterally trammeling over rights of those dead soldiers left on Normandy Beach.

Of course, the people do NOT want gun control. When the paid communists stage an anti-rights rally only 12 people show up (and you know two thirds of them are on the payroll)


Of course, Obama and his Minions in the Regime want to REMOVE the Right for a Man to Protect His family

What you say WILL be used against you (especially what you post online);

That is why we have a 5th Amendment, to protect against malicious government meddling (as if there is any other kind of government meddling).


6.14.14     165 Studies show mercury in vaccines cause significant health problems



6.13.13     Arch Coal (ACI)

Starting to look interesting


6.13.13     Iron Age Roman Coin Hoard and Artifact Discovered



6.13.13     B2 Gold Announcement on Otjikoto

B2Gold Announces Otjikoto Project Update

Mine Construction on Budget and on Schedule Additional High Grade Drill Results from the Wolfshag Zone

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2014) - B2Gold Corp. (TSX:BTO)(NYSE MKT:BTG), is pleased to announce construction at the Otjikoto Mine in Namibia remains on budget and on schedule for completion in the fourth quarter of 2014. In addition the Company announces further high grade drilling results from the Wolfshag zone at Otjikoto.

6.13.13     Solution to Cleanup Plastic Patch in the Ocean


I've never heard of an environmental problem where there is no solution...


6.11.14     Man and Woman of Honor - Defend their Daughter Using their Weapons


National Press Push Story of Lone Nutjob Pushed to Edge via Psychotropic Drugs Pushed by Cartel,

but seem to run out of ink when yet another story arises where a family protects themselves - becausee the police and government refuse to do such:




6.11.14     Counterfeit Diagnostics: 1914-S Lincoln Cent




6.11.14     Counterfeit Diagnostics: Three Legged Buffalo


6.11.14     Veris Files Bankruptcy

After all that work, Veris actually starts to make money on Jeritt Canyon last year




Then shuts down the mine in January, and never recovered....


6.8.14     Elizabeth Warren Keeps Trying to Expand Reach of the Federal Reserve

EW has clearly stated she wants to give FedRes a piece of the student loan racket.  She has authored legislation that would make the FED take over authority of student loans FROM the DOEducation = CLEARLY an expanded role for the Fed. She indeed attempted to remove the loan making function from delegated powers of the executive branch and put such in the hands of the fed banking cartel.  This was her unabashed attempt to expand FedRes scope and power.

Her own page shows at least three, and arguably four, increases to FedRes power and oversight over student loans:


And this is before conference markup where the real sausages appear...

The majority of elected Constitution and Libertarian party elected and appointed officials (btw 200-400 depending how you count) hold forth the tenant that the FedRes is unconstitutional and should be abolished, as has been done previously in our nation's history. A number of peace and freedom, republican, socialist, green and AIP officials also have held the tenant though those numbers are more difficult to quantify. There has certainly been more than one man amongst the currently elected to make the stand....


6.7.14     BLM to Offer Workshop on How to File and Maintain Mining Claims




You think they will explain why you can no longer own the land, but just rent if from the BLM?

I don't think so either....






6.4.14     Folks Complain About the Minimum Wage Not Increasing

Some use 1960 as a baseline and don't understand why their minimum wage is still $7.75

In 1960 those workers were paid in Silver. A 1960 silver dime is now worth $1.37

Your dime was devalued almost 1400% since 1960.

That $14 was purposefully inflated away - the mandate of the federal reserve (weaken your purchasing power = transfer of wealth to the money producers).

Warren supports FedRes as much as all the other crooks...

6.4.14     EPA Attempting to Expand its Reach

Changing the meaning of words is the most minor abortion contained in the newest rulemaking:




6.4.14     Cashless Society Imminent?



Not according to we the people.


Cash deals are on the upswing.


If you don't trust your government, you don't trust their money.


I sometimes like to watch the millennial in front of the line at star bucks fumble around trying to pay with their iphone, often giving up and handing over cash.  Twice the delay and three times the idiocy.


6.4.14     Elko Mining Expo Starts Tomorrow



Planning today includes closing local roadways to bring in part of the former World Trade Center on Exhibit



6.4.14     Paper Money Guaranty

Hiring Full-time World Paper Money Graders




6.4.14     Some Record Prices Realized for Comic Books and Art




6.3.14     Feds Scrub Wikipedia


Of course, they have for year - just now being open about it:



6.2.14     Pentagon Finds Global Warming Predictions Wrong, Incredibly So

Takes Ten years to realize the scam, keeps throwing money away since they are directed to do just that.


You couldn’t be more wrong unless you just made up the data. Er….

6.2.14     Global Warming Scam: Polar Bear Data Faked


6.2.14     ISM accidentally released real Manufacturing Data Results

The data showed manufacturing activity, of course, is in a slow down.


The ISM then received a phone call from the White House which said “This data does not comport with our story of a great economy, please change the data to match our story”.

The storyboard was so over the top that ISM had to revise the data TWICE in one day.

Some folks will believe anything…


5.30.14     Switch and Bait

Government promises to protect the consumer.

Instead builds multiple new insecure databases that will aggregate your financial and personal data and undoubtedly be breached by hackers.




5.29.14     Why Does Google (and the rest of Silicon Valley) Prefer to only hire White Male People?



5.28.14     Fish and Wildlife Service takes a small step reigning in ridiculous ivory guidelines

Moving the goalposts 34 years is a step in the right direction, but the guidelines and restriction remain irrational and unworkable. Per Kovels:


5.28.14     Sweet Mining Equipment Auction Coming up in Reno


5.28.14     Interesting Video Regarding Sandy Hook Tax Assessor Anomaly


Smokescreen comments aside, would love to see a financial forensic expert explain the database.

5.27.14     New Plans for the SF Mint Restoration



5.25.14     Tesla Gigafactory

Will need production from equivalent of six new graphite mines.


Mining.com speculates Reno will get the factory, as postulated here several weeks ago...

(note the timing of the Western Lithium permit)


5.25.13     People Crave the Biometric Database

Needed a haircut, both my usual lady and the backup were out of town or too busy.

Called up the national chain, first time in maybe two years.

Lady tried to bring me up in the database (they didn't have one last time I was there) and then became frustrated when she couldn't find my profile.

I asked - can I still get my haircut? Luckily, she was able to figure out that part.


Uneventful haircut.


But while I was waiting to pay some lady eagerly 'filled out the form' so her fatass and three ugly fat kids would be in the database. Ostensibly for some phantom discount.


No surprise there.


But the next lady was telling the cashier that to pick up her medicine she needed to swipe her fingerprints.

First I've heard of that, but thankfully I don't make visits to various pharmacies very often.


Though no doubt this will become very commonplace very soon.


No biometric entry = no healthcare.


No doubt a major reason they rammed such a crap legislation down our throats.


And the public will wait in line to 'enter their information'.


Be very careful what you admit to, it will be held against you.


The Great Database forgives nothing:



And it is all for purchase, much of it already free:



5.23.14     Went Short S&P 500 (via long SH)

First time in months went short this index.

Maybe too early, but worth a nibble.


I went short the S&P 500 (via SH)


High risk trade?


Reasons for Strength in the SP500

- Never short a dull market

- Never short equities making new highs

- Decent short term technical's


Reasons for Weakness in the SP500

- Narrow band of equities making new highs

- Generally Poor earnings

- VIX at or near short term lows

- New highs on lower volume

- Seasonals



5.23.14     Forward Looking Indicator - No Way to Spin this One

IF there is a recovery, IF the 'jobs are coming back', THEN why is income tax DECLINING in almost EVERY state?

"In the 32 states for which Reuters has data, income tax revenues decline an average of 12.4% from the previous April. Today’s graphic shows the year-on-year change in income tax collected in those 32 states."



State income tax – graphic of the day


5.23.14     There is NO Consumer Demand for Green Cars - Demand is from Regime Mandate

Tens of thousands of cars go unsold:


BMW can't find a home for hundreds of electric cars, crushes them instead:



Dodge/Fiat lose money on every electric car (like most other 'green' products)

Urge people not to buy product. Only offered because central planning government required such:




5.21.14     Representative Let's Out Dirty Secret - He and ilk are implementing Communism

Democratic Florida Rep. Joe Garcia — fresh off being caught eating his own earwax on camera — was caught red-handed (or is it yellow-fingered?) in another gaffe this week, claiming that low crime rates in border cities with lots of federal immigration workers is proof that “Communism works.”


This guy won't live long. He is not allowed to pull back the curtain and discuss his marching orders.


5.21.14     Very Good, Well Researched, Accurate and Sober Report on Monetary Inflation




5.17.14     Fed Buying US Treasuries, laundering purchases through Netherlands...

...because Rest of World now beginning to dump US Debt!


This article makes a lot more sense than most the other pabulum you might read in today's 'news'.




5.17.14     If Equities are overpriced, and Bonds are overpriced, isn't the alternative self evident?


5.18.14     David Manning

A rare blip of candor on an otherwise stark canvass\




5.14.14     Great Article on a Scarce California Fractional Gold Variety





5.8.14    When You Remove Black on Black Violence

The Gun Death Rates go Down by 75%!




Is anyone focusing on the real problem?


5.8.14     Pilot Gold Exploration Provides Good Results


5.7.14     A Republic No More

Just Opened the California Primary Ballot

In my county there are nine elected offices up for vote.

Six of the Nine (two thirds) have incumbents running unopposed!

One party rule. Funded by the Criminal Cartel. Enforced by the Regime.

No one else dare compete.

You wanted it, you got it!

5.7.14     A Nation of Dependents - US Business Creation at Lowest Point in Three Decades

US Businesses are failing faster than new ones are being created!




5.7.14     Freeport Mc-Mo-Ran selling Eagle Ford Shale Deposit



5.6.14     Merle Haggard and the Strangers

Folks forget how many incredible musicians have played with the Strangers.

Gordon Terry, Tiny Moore, Bonny Owens, Iris DeMent,

Heck, look at just the list of Guitarists that were in that band:

  • James Burton

  • Merle Haggard

  • Glen Campbell

  • Roy Nichols

  • Redd Volkaert

Redd and especially Roy Nichols wrote and played and some of the most beautifully sublime country guitar leads ever recorded imvho...

Go ahead, try to reproduce those sounds. Just a telecaster through a marshall, shouldn't be that hard, eh?

5.6.14    BMW Delivers another Formidable Earnings Result in a Quarter Full of Disappointments by other Firms

How do they continue to over-deliver?



An even more important question:

How much market share will they take from Tesla once their electric vehicle line hits the marketplace?




and where will they source their lithium....?


5.6.2014     Mining Safety Health Administration

Carries out Regime Directive to Shut Down US Coal Industry




Meanwhile, massive spike in US Miner Deaths deserve a 'meeting'!




In other words, forget the miners and their families. We are directed to shut down US industry...


5.2.14     NGC Doing Well, Gaining Market Share

So naturally they raise their grading and certification fees...




5.2.14     EPA Illegally Focused on Eliminating Pebble Mine in Alaska


EPA backroom politics for the better part of a decade sought to keep mine from receiving fair environmental review




Thankfully, the release of internal criminal emails by the EPA showing concerted illegal efforts are likely to overturn sham ruling by the regime.


The regime focuses on killing the US economy, example after example after example...


5.2.14     US Taxpayers Lost Over 11 Billion on Government Motors  



With one hand the Government makes another bet in the wrong direction, investing in GM.


With the other hand different govt agencies investigation Government Motors for fraud and breach by covering up via criminal whitewashes known safety deficiencies.


5.2.14     You Haven't Read this Anywhere Else

But Wells Fargo internal intelligence is looking for a relatively large downturn in US Housing market performance.  They just started layoffs in US west coast mortgage units.


5.2.14     Heritage Has Some Great Mineral Specimens Coming Up to Auction


5.2.14     Abortion Law = African American Genocide

Per Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece).


Alveda has also done her research more rigorously than Martin.

And indeed, abortion had done exactly as designed –  minority eugenics program.

And they keep voting for their masters!


4.29.14     Chuck Jones Auction Coming Up

Would be great to have some of his artwork on the living wall mantle behind grandma's urn!






4.29.14     Among Young People - Historic Mistrust of Government

This is a good thing!




4.27.14     Utah Mining Specialist


Some good information here:




4.25.14     Why Harry Reid is forcing the last Rancher off the Land

Shady business deal = corruption.





4.21.14    Reported strong business at the Chicago International Coin Fair

“Any rare types in high grades are bringing just crazy, crazy prices, and at auction mostly,” said Tom Michael, world coin market analyst at Krause Publications.

Per Krause, 4.21.14

4.17.14     Gundlach - Doesn't matter if you agree or disagree

The man is influential in the bond markets and one must know how he is using his bully pulpit to influence the bond markets (10x the equity markets).  Folks quote half ass stock prognosticators all the time, but besides Gross at Pimco (who also has been dead wrong last few years) what other bond movers and shakers are ever referenced here?

Inflation if you please, but not everyone leans that way.

Today Moe Ansari (head of one of the top 100 performing money management firms in the US) and his guest today both were stating how they see disinflation creeping in with the potential for the deflation spectre.

4.14.14     Guru Review - Moe Ansari

Ansari has been right as much as anyone. Moe spent a fair amount of time talking gold over the years; he has had the Aden sisters more than once, etc.

One guy whose audited track record I would like to see is Bill Gunderson.

Would be interesting to see a back-test of his financial application...

4.15.14     Someone Asked About Fire Damaged Coins

NCS is the conservation arm of NCG - one of the top two independent coin grading services in the world.

NCS can conserve fire-damaged coins. In fact, their homepage currently has an article about this exact topic:


Some of those rare coins and gold may be worth sending to NCS.

There will likely be lower grade/value coins in the collection also. If you can determine what they are, and determine they are lower value and not worth sending in to NCS for conservation, you can do some basic restoration yourself. The coins will still be damaged, but you can begin to remove soot/fire damage with alternate soaks in olive oil and acetone.

Be careful, acetone is very flammable. Only use in very well vented areas. Do not use if you are not familiar with chemicals. Follow all manufacturers recommendations, etc.

p.s. Caution, walking around fire damaged home is fraught with pitfalls. Try to find and remove any loaded weapons.

4.16.14     A Must Read. Period.

Don't fade Gundlach, a pre-eminent bondsman.




4.16.14     Tax Day Independence Comes Later This Year, by Three Days, Once Again...

In California the increase is six days.


Generally, you must work until April 21 to support government waste such as the $6 Billion missing this year alone at the State Department, illegal and unending war in Afghanistan, Solyndra and any number of the tens of thousands waste and fraud adventures of the federal regime.



4.15.14     The Conspiracy Theorists are Just a Few Years Ahead of You

Washington Post and The Guardian US Awarded Pulitzer Prize for exposing the smallest tip of a very large iceberg – the shadow government tracking and impeding your every move 

The Pulitzer was awarded for “revelation of widespread secret surveillance by the National Security Agency, marked by authoritative and insightful reports that helped the public understand how the disclosures fit into the larger framework of national security.”


So what are you going to do, go back to reading USA Today, Yahoo and watching channel five?


4.14.14     Harry Reid States that Taxed are Voluntary

And, in a rare state of honesty that slipped out, he is right!




4.13.14     Not Only Were the BLM Rental Security Guards Outnumbered 5:1

The defense had superior motives, support, skill, tactics, position, leadership, strategy and ethical and moral underpinning.  The government rental cops are used to outnumbering women and children cowering in the corner of their home, not facing a true defense (including sniper positions):

4.12.14     Just Hours After the News Spreads That Harry Reid is Stealing Ranch to Build Personal Solar Array for Chinese

The regime calls off their security attaché.

Didn't help much that the public showed up 5 to 1 ratio against the hires GS-5 90 day seasonal employee rent-a-cops.

4.12.14     The Reason the Regime Temporarily Backed Down

The reason that the Bundy Ranch didn't immediately go down the same path as Ruby Ridge or Waco = The Internet

The public was able to gather high quality information instantly, and mobilize defensive positions quickly, and show beyond a shadow of a doubt the illegal actions by State Actors.

Also, this was a great opportunity for the public to learn that the Department of Interior believe free speech can be contained in 'zones' miles and days away from where necessary. (Something DOI has been doing for years).

Bottom line, the internet is dangerous because it shows the true intent and actions fo the regime.

Therefore, Obama ceded US control of the internet last month with the express intention that Russia and China be given authority over internate protocol and the resulting ability able to control censor all stories to their liking.

4.10.14     Criminal Regime Forcing Land Users off Federal Land to Build Personal Corporate Infrastructure




Remember how the Reid's pushed Solyndra et. al. That is their standard plan: Force a family off their land, steal subsidies from the taxpayers, build a shell corporation, steal all corporate value, bankrupt the company.  Naturally, the head of the BLM is a Reid protégé that coordinated the funneling of illicit money through the election scams.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat

4.6.14     Barrick No Longer an Owner of Marigold Mine


4.6.14     But, maybe time to invest in C&H Sugar

Sugar-powered biobattery has 10 times the energy storage of lithium: Your smartphone might soon run on enzymes


4.6.14     Western Lithium – Nevada Lithium Production

Read it here first, read it in mainstream press weeks, months, or years later:


12.15.13     Nevada Rare Earth Sector

I’ve been reporting on the lithium miners for a while, initially on the Silverpeak and most recently on Western Lithium…

8.10.12    Western lithium USA Corp (WLCDF)

4.4.14   IRS Refuses to Honor Rules in Their Own Publications

Tax Court declares IRS guidance invalid.

Never trust a government answer.  There is no penalty for being wrong, only benefits.



4.4.14     NSA Performs Warrantless Searches on US Email


James Clapper committed perjury in front of congress, admits he is a traitor.

No major US media carried the story.

4.2.14     US Regime (EPA) Wages War on US Population

In order to support funding for pet programs (despite plentiful evidence both the problem and solutions were entirely fabricated) the EPA purposely poisoned US citizens.


and of course this has been ongoing for years...




Not only does this violated ethical and moral standards for human testing, this pattern is absolute criminal an treasonous activity.

ho hum.

4.2.14     US Regime Wages War on the Environment

Significant amounts of single wall underground storage tanks holding fuel failed in the 1980s and 1990s, up to 45% failure rates in some locations.  California and the feds spent hundreds of millions of dollars (and still do) remediating fuel form groundwater and drinking water supplies.

The feds are relying on this proven defective method of hazmat containment for some of the worst nuclear waste produced in the US. In other words, the express plan and purpose is a slow poisoning of large swathes of North America.


And the backup plan? Well , it was Yucca Mountain. That is, until leaked emails shoed government (USGS) scientists bragging they would make the data say whatever the administration wanted it to say. Then the funding went away (as Harry Reid diverted funds toward stunning success in Afghanistan and Obamacare).

And Plan C? Well, the US pulled the plug on that one (Savannah River Depository) week before last...

ho hum.

4.1.14     Western Lithium News Release (commercial) Today


Prices soft today, coming off the two year high from yesterday.

4.1.14     Campaign Finance Reform

[snicker] – now THAT is a joke!

The corrupt pols put in prohibition (guns, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) so that THEY can reap a larger profit when they traffic in those illicit goods.

And the people WANT corruption that comes along with one-party totalitarian rule. They WANT complete monitoring and regulation of their activities (‘for the children’, ‘public safety’) and  they crave dependence on the leviathan (‘programs’, ‘services’).

Just look at who they vote for!

4.1.14     Marijuana vs. Tobacco

The Government always substitutes one demon for another,

 so that they security apparatus never goes lacking for victims. 

As maintained here for many years, the government will de-criminalize marijuana – but only while simultaneously criminalizing tobacco.

Supporting documentation:

-Army Bases to become ‘tobacco-free’


-          Universities to become ‘tobacco-free’


While medical marijuana is made legal.


This will provide several benefits to the government and corporate sponsors:

  1. Allow the Tobacco companies to go bankrupt, forcing previous cancer ‘settlements’ onto the taxpayer
  2. Allow the for-profit police, jails, and justice system to substitute drug users for tobacco users.
  3. Allow the above criminal enterprises to keep their pensions
  4. Re-write all new laws and regulations (and of course rollout new ‘programs’ and ‘services’, all of which need new bureaucracies to enforce and ‘support’).

Exact same thing done during the 1920 and 1930s US prohibition.

ad finitum same as it ever was…

 4.1.14     USGS Earthquake Warning Hoax

Great Idea, as always, to be prepared; but that letter is a hoax.


The USGS won’t ever give any useful warning (like any government. agency); they will send out a notice within a couple minutes of the quake (after it has already started).

3.31.14     Chicago International Coin Fair starts April 8th


3.30.14     Fun to see the LA press in a tizzy over a lousy 5.1 quake 
I also remember the 71 (barely) and 73 as I was I was very young. The 73 made quite an impression.

This last one just lasted a little while, making it a topic for conversation.

I was at Disneyland at the time and always enjoy the rides; glad for a bonus...

Suppose a decent earthquake wakes up a few folks regarding preparedness

Yet, if you've lived in California for any period of time and haven't stocked up yet don't really see this jolting you to your senses either.

After all March is emergency preparedness month but have you seen any public service announcements or other info in your local or mainstream press? I know I haven't. Generally, being prepared is in direct contrast and competition to the government business this model.

3.26.14     Another Corrupt Cornerstone California Democrat Arrested


Yah, now you know why Waxman, Miller and so many other high ranking democrats are leaving – before their fraud and criminal enterprises makes the papers.

Now you know why DI-FI blew a gasket when she realized her email is being read.

Yee was trying to shut down the parlors alright – the ones in competition with his cronies that were funding his campaign.

The noose tightens on the criminal parasite class.

3.26.14     Texas Rare Earth to Present at the John Tumazos Very Independent Research Conference on March 31st

Would be very interesting to hear what they have to say about Tesla and the direction of the sector...

3.26.14     Big Loss for Freedom for All US Farmers, Ranchers. Miners, Foresters and anyone trying to make a living off the land

The regime will cram the NPDES regulations so far up their ass that rainbows and unicorns will sprout on the other side.

US EPA to declare sovereignty over any water basin within the USA.



Not a peep. anywhere...

3.26.14     Paper is the new Bitcoin

You think paper will lose it's value?

Then keep track of the prices that will be realized at this paper auction:



3.26.14   The Eric P. Newman Coin Collection Gallery

Worth a look!


3.26.14   Zero Rupee Note Catching on In India

Great idea! Will it catch on here? Why not, worth the same intrinsic value as the 1, 5 10, 20 50 and 100$ FRN.


 3.16.14     Hope you Sold the Ballard Power on March 10th

Called the high to the day (within hours). Now down @ 42% since then, 22% of it today alone.

(and some people charge for their 'calls'. LOL)

3.26.14     Nevada Copper

Did you buy it when I provided you a little hint on March 10 @ $1.30

Up over 6% today, on a terrible day for the miners and physical.


They are teasing the story on word at a time.

Read it here one day.

Read it in the traders forums two weeks later.


Read it in the main stream press (if ever) and weep...

3.25.14     Spinning the Unemployment Numbers vis a vis Student Slaves

Most people don’t realize that, beyond the crappy job market, the administration is pushing massive increases in student debt to make the fictional unemployment numbers look rosier.

The headline (a work of equal parts fiction and fraud) unemployment rate (U-3) and even the U4 and U5 don’t count ‘frictional unemployed’ such as students who graduated by can’t find a job.

As long as they are making their student loan payments, the Labor Department considers them students, irrespective of job status. Hence, they aren’t counted as unemployed.

Of course, if you are young and dumb enough to go into this amount of debt for a garbage degree and vote incumbents, you are dumb enough to believe the government data.


3.25.14     Western Lithium

If you went long on my last mention, wouldn’t kill you to lighten up here. Up 25% since then, 12% today alone on high volume and now looking at resistance with the last high.


And since Texas Rare Earths is also up, doesn’t seem like the market has made a decision yet if Tesla will pick Nv or Tx for the new plant.

3.23.14     Dillon Gage to Open Closed Loop Silver IRA

Interesting concept and marketing angle:


3.23.14     Fraud in the Charitable Giving Arena

There are several tools to aid in your charitable giving. Here is just one:


Am amazed folks still support the Red Cross – especially after Katrina in 2006.  

Many FBI investigations into their repeated waste and abuses are matter of public record. UNICEF has been synonymous for graft for years now.

Many good charities listed on this page. St Judes, Salvation Army and Lions Club has incredibly low administrative loads and have decades-long records of incredibly valuable work.

And, there are many great charities doing wonderful work locally could always use support – though it is harder to check on these individually for level of administrative bloat, complaints, etc.

3.22.14     Will the New Tesla Factory be built in Texas instead of Nevada?


Do you believe the Texas Rare Earth PEA was a plus, or a minus?


So far the market has not put in a big bet for TRER, as was the case with Western Lithium

There is no current lithium production in Texas.

Fort that matter, will Tesla really ever be able to build the plant?


3.22.14     Yellow Jacket Mine Hoist Re-Built

Protecting the heritage of Nevada's great Comstock Lode.


3.22.14     High USA Quality

Good Ad, Fine Product, Outstanding Scenery (So. Utah)


Not sure why they used an Irish Band...

3.22.14     Counterfeit Diagnostics - 1937 D Three Legged Buffalo Nickel


3.21.14     Virtual Soviet Pistol Game

Quick, simple and fun.


The virtual pistol is a Soviet Tokarev Model 40, in caliber 7.62mm.

It is quite accurate.

Being virtual, it will lack the actual 'feel' and the recoil. In real life, at each shot, the recoil

will throw your aim off the target.

When the pistol appears, click on the trigger, take aim, and fire. It’s very much like the real thing.

The longer you hold the pistol, the more your aim will wander.

You have 3 shots in 30 seconds to hit the target and get your score.

3.16.14     The Great Retelling: History of the Jumbo Mine and Mining Camp Called Jungo


3.16.14     The Chip Cometh

Continuing my theme of the last 15 years...

The chip won't be mandatory, but will be necessary. Folks will clamor for the chip at first, eventually it will become essential to maintain your job and status - a needed crutch to perform. Why would they hire YOUR regular brain, when the other guy ha 10 Terrabyte extra memory?


Think of all the benefits (the promotion): better memory, vision, hearing, focus, etc.

Of core, like all other 'smart' technology - once its in it ain't coming out.

And just a matter of time before the chip is 'hijacked', and you are no longer doing your bidding.

Now - Just another drone...

3.15.14     Does the Market Want Bankruptcy for Molycorp and Lynas?



Maybe Not...

3.15.14     Some Believe Mt. Gox Bankruptcy is a 'bump in the road' for Bitcoin

More like a sinkhole, swallowing up rare corvettes and anything else of value

Sure is fun to watch!

3.10.14     Nevada Copper - Apparently received their funding.

Might be worth taking a lookie- loo if I were ookie-you.

(I am long south of here)

You heard it here first.

You ONLY heard it here…

3.10.14     NOW is the day to SELL Ballard Power.


Ballard, parabolic spike ,up 30% today.



The Five Year Period is over – just as imagined/planned.


2.20.09    Started Scaling into Ballard Systems

I've been following this company since 1999. First time I've ever put any money there (a partial smigdgen, $1.09).


Ballard: BLDP




Their balance sheet is a mess.  Frankly, there's a 50/50 chance they won't be around in five years.  However, they are managing what they DO have better than their peers. And their EPS growth is pretty impressive. Since money will likely be flowing into this sector more so than others, and since their short term future projected performance is better than their sector peers, they have a slight chance on fundamentals.  Another factor is the control meme theme.  In the next 5 years the powers that be will assert more control over your life than in the last 50 years combined.  Those firms that produce control technology - especially for water and power systems- should outperform.  The performance will be akin to a shot of speedball or anabolic steroids; great fro several months but will kill you - or worse - long term.


3.8.14     Advertising by Prostitutes in the 19th Century American West Mining Camp

The prostitutes in the US didn’t use personal calling cards (as far as I have been able to determine)  for three main reasons:

- The business establishment provided the advertising.

- The women didn’t have the means to advertise (and didn’t want to threaten the business)

- Advertising would have taken the form of what was available in the day (wooden signs and brass or aluminum tokens), not other materials or venues

Individual prostitutes on the lowest rung (street) didn’t have the means to advertise personally; most of them probably wanted out of the life anyway.

The lower-middle rung prostitutes worked in cribs. The businessman who owned the crib would sometimes advertise with either a wood sign above the cribs or brass and aluminum tokens

Fantasy Pieces

The majority on this page are indeed fantasy pieces, modern productions used to ply the tourist trade:


 Some were produced or promoted by Fred Mazzulla, others are of differing origin.

That said, the Agnella tokens (Studio, 59, Rue Du Chateau; The Studio Au Premier at 2, Rue De Londres) I believe are legitimate.

The token from Wyoming may very well have served as a service marker.  Not sure, would be good to know more about this one.

The Studio in Reno is an obvious more recent token. I have never heard of the Studio.  Prostitution in Reno was never widespread since Washoe County never legalized such. Although I do have picture of cribs (The Stockade) from the 1930s in Reno, I don’t imagine a strong likelihood someone would publicize their den via token and face likely prosecution (Army clamped down on the brothel in 1942, Washoe County clamped down (The Cottage, 1948) made illegal in 1951) when one could legally serve sex just 13 miles away across the county line.

There are two tokens I listed here on my site that were known to be used by Bars that also provided sexual services.

This page:


Under Header Bawdy House/Brothel.

The Den, in Goldfield Nv., had a well documented crib (It would be more accurate to list my token under ‘crib’, but the term bawdy house (associated with a bar or dancehall) or brothel is more well known). The Den crib actually had wooden signs that could be moved around, which advertised which lady was in each crib.  Photos exist of that historic situation; the structure still stands, albeit modified. The crib is across the street from a nice hotel.  No doubt the woman hoped some fine patron would sponsor a bath and room for the night after he finished his business.  There are three other known Goldfield Tokens that were redeemable, or rebatable, for sexual services.

 So, even if the john didn't provide the token to the prostitute as direct payment, there is certainly a chain of payment present when the customer uses the proprietor advertising token for a rebate on his bill.  Remember, all folks involved in the transaction still needed to conduct their business in relative obscurity lest they feel the heat of either the police, competition or the more 'upstanding' members of the community (who would often 'allow' the red-light district so long as it was out of sight and out of mind - therefore, on the fringe of town with little advertising of such).

I am not near as familiar with the arrangement in McGill/Smelterville, Nv.  Previously published work (self published, likely) indicates Smelterville was the red light district (‘fringe town’) for the more upstanding nearby community of McGill (company town, rail hub). I have never seen any notice of a crib or other free standing structure and imagine that sexual services were simply rendered in a backroom of the bar. The town has not existed for many decades. The token is scarce.

The other pictures I have seen of cribs in Nv showed the structures as simple and rustic. Basically, just a series of stalls big enough for a bed. You would not know what the picture represents unless you understand the structures and context.

The next level up for a prostitute was working in a brothel.  This was a big step up, as the brothel afforded the woman with more comfort, provided for her daily needs (while employed), protection, and some level of society status.

The very highest level of prostitute was a self employed woman who kept her own apartment or house. More of a courtesan, she chose her company and set prices accordingly. These women were very rare and needed to possess some decent combination of existing money, business savvy, personality, intelligence, good looks and feminine charm.

Very few women held that status.

The most famous of the Comstock prostitutes was Julia C. Bulette.

Read more here:


Much of what has been written about her was simply hype and tripe designed to sell copy. Though she was favored and somewhat successful during her best years, she was not a top-level courtesan and indeed started out in a crib which she turned into a modest house.

I believe she may have actually had some level of business advertising (but do not have a reference or example). I would suggest you actually call the Red Light Museum in Virgina City and ask if they have any examples of her advertisements. She may have also had a dance card. These dance cards actually had the woman’s name written on the top of the card and a list of men (who often paid) to dance with her.

Beyond any specific examples of a calling card (or dance card), you also might scan the Territorial Enterprise for reference.  Imagine that both Dan DeQuille and Mark Twain, both staff reporters who later gained fame, would’ve remarked fairly extensively regarding the ‘social scene’ at Virginia City during Comstock Bonanza.

In fact, a presentation regarding the representations of prostitution by DeQuille and Twain in Virginia City would prove a fascinating topic for research and no doubt a very interesting read.

Use of Existing Materials

Although use of business cards in Victorian-era Europe was common, as in the eastern seaboard of the US, use in the western US not nearly as common. There were not a great deal of lithograph, etching or printing presses in the western US at the time. The existing presses had a great demand from the newspaper business. Running a small set of 200 business cards would have been an expensive outlay for marketing.

The coin stamp press was actually almost as common as a printing press, with less industrial demand.

Whereas the screw press required four or five men, the recently invented stamp press was much less labor intensive.

History of Coin Presses


After the invention of the stamp press private money (‘Good For’ tokenage) exploded in proliferation. Civil War tokens and sutler tokens in the 1860s and 1870s found large demand.  Also, the significant lack of coinage in the 1860s, especially in the west (lack of coinage well into the 1880s) created the demand for Store Card advertising as an expansion of ‘Good For’ tokenage.

So, we already have a series of stamp presses producing aluminum and brass tokens, ‘cards’, mining scrip, pit checks, and sutler tokens.

Therefore, a logical extension that a proprietor of a bar, also providing female service, would have made a token for such exchange. Perhaps even one specific to the sex trade such that he could keep straight the demand for drinks vs. the demand for sexual services. 

Here is an interesting article from just a few days ago:


3.8.14     Natural Solutions – Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant?

Do you need a deodorant or anti-perspirant? That is the first question. I tend to avoid applying any metallic salts, such as aluminum, a very common compound in commercially available products. Baking soda will work, especially when applied as a mixture with rubbing alcohol (an astringent that shrinks rather than blocks as with metal salts) and essential oils such as lavender.  Think of it this way, all those commercial cleaners you buy at the store (e.g. windex)? You can buy the same active chemical at literally pennies on the dollar (plain ammonia), and skip the perfume and color additives. Same with deodorants.

3.8.14     Decline in US Education

Look at the steep decline in general education since the democrats started the massive corrupt bureaucracy called the US Department of Education in 1979. Get rid of that destructive force and the schools will right themselves by the sheer effort and good will at the local level – where the real talent resides.

3.7.14     Video Showing Change in European Boundaries over the Centuries


Things change

The D/R are both enemies of the American people, and there are many useful – if dull - tools in that war.

3.6.14     US Stops Work at Savannah River Nuclear Waste Repository


After they paid all the permits, fees, environmental studies, graft and kickbacks - there wasn't any money left to build the plant.

This is a BIG deal.

Since the US won't build nuclear energy plants that recycle a substantial their waste, the spent rods go into hardened casks.

But the government never made plans to bury the casks.

For many many years the official story was that the USG would bury such deep into Yucca Mountain, how safe and effective a solution that would provide.

They even drilled 1,000 foot deep monitoring wells down-gradient of Yucca Mountain to measure the amount on nuclear-contaminated groundwater that would eventually egress and migrate in 10,000 years.

Alas, Department of Interior employees were caught admitting that they were making up data regarding site safety and modeling, the emails 'leaked' and congress pulled the plug.

Government Planning!

3.6.14     Barrick Buys a Break

Chilean court revokes Barrick’s Pascua-Lama $16-million fine, but orders new ones

Perhaps some of their well-connected Board of Directors are finally earning their keep…


3.4.14     LEED Energy Savings Scam

Study determines LEED certified buildings use more energy than non-LEED buildings.


Of course, these LEED buildings do not allow for proper air ventilation and actually increase Indoor Air Quality problems and mold growth. Funny, no government agency wanted to fund those studies either...

2.3.14     Ukraine Has Hit a Rough Patch Last 200 years

What do you expect. look at their neighbors: Poland and Prussia - how have things gone for THEM?

Rough neighborhood.

What do people really know about Ukraine, anyway? Not a damn thing.

Sure, by now perhaps a few folks have seen the info graphic that shows between 7-8 million Ukrainians died between 1931 and 1932 because Stalin starved them out.  But how many realized that the only reason this information is even accepted as fact was due to the tireless and thankless work of the Scotman Gareth Jones.

Walter Durante was the American in Moscow who spent inordinate energy denying the facts that Jones put together, and was reporting.

And for his great propaganda efforts, guess what the west gave Durante as a reward?

...The Pulitzer Prize!

(A little like obama winning the Nobel Prize, and for much the same reason).

2.3.14     Crimea Dustup

Hey, with such venerable strategists as Rice, Clinton, Kerry and Biden handling things – what could possibly go wrong?

Now, where did that friendly reset button go?

You mean we needed to develop a game plan beyond that???

Oh, well. Sign up another couple hundred thousand poor colored kids to ‘sarrifice’ in Syria, errr, um, Crimea?

 Well, at least a few folks pretend to care about the people in that part of the world.

Can you imagine if you were in charge of the Syrian Morale Ministry? And knowing, being shown demonstrably, that nobody else on the planet truly gives a damn about your country and people and would prefer to watch the entire population starve rather than lift a finger?

Guess the ukranian women are hotter...

3.2.14     Buried Nevada Treasure

Over the years have collected quite a few tidbits archived here and there regarding the buried treasures, pilfered paydays and warehouse 'o stolen goods pertaining to eastern sierra/Nevada.

Do believe the guy in Carson who died with all the gold two years ago may have hit one of them. Or else beat the casino, and never bragged.

Also, lots of highgraders (hardrock miners that took high quality ore home instead of where it was supposed to go) had to hide their loot and spend a bit at a time.

Not everyone trusted Nixon/Flood/Fair/Wells/Fargo banking system back in the day.

Then there's hoarders as the Binions and Redfields and ilk. (They hoarded extremely large amounts of physical silver coin).

Heck, even the CC mint buried goodies (1877 Trade Dollar dies)

Plenty still out there. Plenty.

There's buried Nevada treasure that has been lost a few times already, and never yet even left the ground:



Much already written about Buried Nevada Treasure

Volumes. Books.

The obvious such as the reported treasure trove lore, the lost claims, etc.

Then the not so obvious.  Even the more obscure have been written to some degree.

We Dug Those Dumps


Much of Nevada’s Good-For-Tokenage came from dumps dug in the 1960s-1980s.  Finding the dumps was pretty easy.

Many of the bottles (and tokens, and coins) came from privvys (outhouses).

These too are not that hard to find (basic Sanborn layer).  Though, less have been re-dug.

Hell, entire towns have washed away such as the Seven Troughs District with everything in the towns including the kitchen sink and all that WAS nailed down.

Goldfield itself, the granddaddy of all gold boom towns flooded near completely, real gully washer.

Well-documented stories of four entire safes full o’ goodies washed away. Only two supposedly recovered.

Actually it isn’t as easy to dig these sites as one might think (or used to be).

Having dug a few holes in the desert myself (believe it or not!) there are a few hazards:

1.         Rock.  Rock is hard to dig. So, you need

2.         Mechanized equipment or blasting agents.

3.         Blasting is incredibly regulated. ATF tracks every damned piece in the state (at least tries to) and puts you on the potential terrorist list.

4.         Digging rock with equipment now very regulated. “Wilderness Study Areas”, endangered species corridors, and all kinds of man-made barriers now overlay the real geologic barriers. So, one looks to:

5.         Sand. Plenty of sand to dig through in Nv.  However, most don’t realize that all the alluvial deposits are essentially moving ('heaving sands') and have underground rivers below them. What was deposited in a wash 135 years ago has now moved, downgradient, along several discernable (or not) hydraulically preferential pathways (and sank).  And

6.         Once you get down about 3 feet it will cave in. So, you need equipment (see problem number 4).  Or, you could use hydraulic trench plates to keep the excavation open (in the old days it was box shored timber harvested at Tahoe, but now logging at Tahoe is verboten). 

7.         When you bring in hydraulic trench plates – people start to look REAL careful at what you are doing, and may

8.         Claim Claim. So you need to have researched all ownership, patent and regs in advance. Or,

9.         Shoot you.  Can’t pretend all the out of work meth heads are only interested in world peace, especially when you obviously have a truck, hydraulic plates, tools, equipment, gear, telecom, cash, (all very desirable, liquid and fencable) etc. in the middle of the desert, with nobody watching.

10.        And when you get a safe, legal, nice, profitable, shady, easy place to dig?

11.        You don’t tell a fucking soul. (or see number 9).

3.2.14     Compilation: Government Construction Contract Cost Overruns


3.1.14     27 33 Killed By Knife Wielding Men at Chinese Train Station

Not even the US BLaCk Ops-supported drugged out Manchurian shooters get that kind of kill rate!

3.1.14     Yerington Gains More Gravitas as a Nevada Mining Center

Nevada Copper President, Tim Arnold, named president-elect for Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration.


3.1.14     General Moly Announces New Operations Plan for Mt Hope Molybdenum Project


2.28.13     Great Ancient and World Coin Collection Auction Coming up at Heritage


2.27.13     Ten Million in Gold Coin Found


If they weren’t doing such a poor job of shielding their windfall from IRS I would’ve thought they were trying to launder money.

And possibly the biggest Gold Stash Ever Still Awaits to be Found


2.28.14     Army Art Collection



2.28.14     Mt Gox Saga and Possibilities


The official Mt. Gox story is that ‘hackers’ accessed the site. Of course, this story is the least likely.

Here are some likely alternatives with a basis in reality:

The Most Likely Scenario

US Government doesn’t like competition over their monopoly of a fake reserve currency.  Hence, they stole the Cold Storage Key (basically, a thumb drive with the code).  Remember the government hates competition for their markets on fraud and criminal activity.  Bitcoin was the choice of currency on Silk Road, a large black market for trading drugs, files and other highly desired materials. 

Purchase of these black market items from a private purveyor went around the existing government fraud channels of taxations and kickbacks. Silk road was also putting a dent in the drugs-for-trade that US Army fought so hard to re-establish in Afghanistan. The Taliban had all but eliminated poppy

production. US troops were sent to re-establish the poppy fields so that the CIA could again bring in massive amounts of heroin for trade and further fund their trade markets (guns for access, children for votes, etc)

Potential Alternative Two:

Gox literally lost their password. Through incredible inept management, they somehow did not back up their cold storage and it was corrupted, lost, dropped in the toilet, or otherwise rendered inaccessible.  

Potential Alternative Three:

The entire thing was a scam ponzi scheme from the very beginning. Maybe they were selling coins they never had. When bitcoin rose in value and more people were pulling their money out at a rate greater than new folks were buying - the whole thing collapsed. In attempt to “fix” the problem they started inserting a lot of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) into the market to tank the price (allowing them to purchase cheaper coin to put a dent in their debt). Through a series of actions (halting withdraws, avoiding questions from concerned customers, taking down their website with no explanation whatsoever) they did manage to lower the price of bitcoin but, the drop hit Mt. Gox the hardest making it more difficult for them to purchase enough coin to cover the “missing coins”.

Potential Alternative Four:

Entirely plausible that Mark Karpeles set this up as a scam from the start to his own benefit, or his sponsors. Other folks deposits were taken and turned into physical gold. 

Same as it ever was…  

2.23.13     Priers Morgan Propaganda Abortion Forced off the Air

Fact is, you can plot the decline of MSN, CNN and ilk against their increasingly strident efforts to support one party totalitarian control in the US.

2.23.13     Feds Cut Off Water Supply to California Food Growers

Just wait until the one-state party also implements mandatory ‘living wage’. The price of food will increase to over 35% of base income – a sure formula to keep the uneducated masses in perpetual poverty whilst voting for their masters their entire lifetime.

Some tools don’t’ understand why a country like Australia can increase minimum wage while not experiencing major demand push price rises in food.

Not sure why they think Aus experience, literally a world away, compares to local conditions - but humoring them

Australian $ is in a MAJOR uptrend. ALL of her food imports, and energy imports going into food production are DECREASING relatively due to their purchase power.

On the other hand, US dollar has been in a major decline (due to rubes such as you pushing economic destruction here) and therefore our costs are RISING.

Furthermore, our food exports are now CHEAPER to purchase by countries with rising economies and our IMPORTED FOOD has increased as we are unable to meet our own food demand - a recent and historically rare condition

Even more devolved tools think the price equilibrium will re-establish relatively soon.

Like the price of gasoline, up 1000% since the US pulled the gold backing from the dollar?

They must have stopped paying for this luxury at what, 48cents?

Sure, you could stop eating food anytime you like…

2.20.14     IF today's meme is correct

And BitCoin is the new paypal....and paypal was adopted/bought/mandated by Ebay...

THEN who will mandate BitCoin?


2.20.14     Today Pimco's Deputy CIO acknowledges Gold has outperformed other Real Assets

Tries to deflect attention away form gold, pushes government paper (TIPS)

2.20.14     Counterfeit Diagnostics: 1928 Peace Dollar


2.19.14     In Addition to Khan Academy and MIT Open Courseware



There is another outstanding free education resource:


Public Resource Org, via youtube, has archived and uploaded some incredibly useful military training videos.

Everything from weaponry to electricity.

2.19.14     Which will Dominate?

Will increasing inflation in world economies export to the US?

Or will the deflation in the US ultimately be exported worldwide?

2.19.14     Want to Visit Another Factory in the USA?


Better hurry!

2.19.14     Want to Tour California's Largest Open Pit Mine?

US Borax Inc.
Borax Road, Boron, CA   93516
Map Location           Latitude: 35.00411   Longitude: -117.703244
Email Address: visitorcenter@borax.com


Rio Tinto Borax operates California's largest open pit mine in Boron, California - one of the richest borate deposits on the planet. The company supplies nearly half the world's demand for refined borates, minerals essential to life and modern living.

Borax traces its roots to California's Death Valley, where borate deposits were discovered in 1872. The twenty mule teams Borax used to haul ore out of the remote desert live on as a symbol of the company's commitment to innovation.

Today, Borax is acknowledged as the world leader in borate technology, research and development. Technical support for customers, product quality, and supply reliability are the pillars of our commercial commitment. We are also committed to ensuring that our practices and products are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

2.16.14     The Western US Coast was Built on Silver and Gold, mined from the Comstock

Today - there is only one miner trying to make a living on the Comstock.  And the local dumbed-down population are now trying to stop their efforts.

What had been a revival in Lyon and Storey County mining industry (Pumpkin Hollow, Silverpeak, good results by Entree, etc.) have hit the buzzsaw of public lunacy.


The Comstock IS the reason Nevada became a state, and now the transplants want to destroy not only their own economic lifeblood, but the legacy of their once great (adopted) state!

2.16.14     The New Trend in Shutting Down Industry

Concoct the notion that the business does not have a 'Social License to Operate'

2.16.14     Going into Business with Government as a 'Partner'?

Be careful...

Papua New Guinea weasels out of their obligations:


2.16.14     Doctors Using Gold to Fight Cancer


2.16.14     Poor US Olympic Showing

America loses dominance in Olympics, as with most everything else that requires a higher pursuit.

But hey, at least this time we have a fag dressed in pink chiffon providing opinions for our consumption.

And we have multi-diseased broadcaster leaking pus for our visual entertainment as he struggles to get in another barb or two on america’s tattered bill of rights.

Pretty poor showing for my Reno/Tahoe peeps. Let’s face it – they’re soft; were soft. Meanwhile the world is getting leaner and hungrier.

The ski resorts are getting squeezed in a vise:


UN Agenda 21 restricting their economic developments on one side and bizarre stormwater regulations simultaneously strangling their operations:


Mammoth has actually had a good run last few years with a new(ish) biathlon.

The eastern Sierra had been a major US training grounds for ski/shoot troop training.  The Marine Mountain Warfare Training area east of Sonora off Highway 108 hosted significant ski and shoot training during WWII.  The disastrous Soviet invasion of Finland and equal debacle faced by the Italians as they tried to invade Greece showed the incredible viability and flexibility of ski-mounted troops against superior armed and numbered forces. Corps, 10th Mountain and other units trained in the area. Alas, today they maintain none of those skills and are instead used to bugger civilian teenagers in Afghanistan.

Biathalon - One of my fave Olympic events.


The sad fact of the matter is –every year there is less and less area in the west where you are allowed to train….or practice…or fire a weapon…or simply visit.

In 1968 the US Hosted the Olympics at Squaw Valley.

No way could that happen today.  Would be ‘against the regulations’.

Local ski areas can’t even add a couple new ski runs without running afoul of the ‘master plan’, NPDES permit, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency graft, Cal EPA fraud, and 637 other barriers even more obscure yet just as ominous…

That said – Squaw/Alpine is well worth the trip. Nice terrain, often great snow, better location than Or/Ut/Id and not near the douche bag concentration as with Vail.

(though hardcore snow enthusiasts go to Kirkwood)

2.16.14     Major Train Wreck in Alabama on Friday

90 cars, 11 exploded. Not much coverage in the press...


2.15.14     Priest Forced to Pay to Retrieve Stolen Coins, Shop Owner Later Arrested

Let us not trouble ourselves with worldly things.


2.15.14     What a Drone Can See from 17,500 Feet


2.15.14     On June 16, 1941 Ford Christened Willow Run Airplane Plant

The plant was producing one B-24 Bomber per hour!

This was SIX MONTHS before Pearl Harbor

Almost like needing these airplanes for a war was a forgone conclusion.

If only the people wanted the war (which they didn't)

Whatever could change their mind?


2.9.14     Tuesday February 11th - United Strike Back Against Massy Spying


2.9.14   45% of all private debt in China must be refinanced in the next 12 months.

2.8.14     Thoughts on Crypto Currency


We think the crypto currencies are going mainstream and will control a larger percentage of transactions. However, they are simply a new currency within an increasing money base. It is not a zero sum game. That is, the new crpto digits don’t necessarily come at the cost of the USD, Yen, Gold or any other unit.

The dollar has been decreasing in value for 100 years. The international bankers and powers DO have a vested interest in seeing the dollar decrease  2% every year (and call it good ‘inflation’). They do NOT have a vested interest in completely crashing the dollar since that will create social unrest and jeopardize their comfort.

I do not believe crypto will put the banks out of business. These banks control the world. They will let gold or crypto or real estate or tech stocks or ANY asset class run to a certain point, at which point they can crush the price increase.  EVENTUALLY, the banks will completely fail. Revolution is a simple historical fact. But, that could be many decades from now, even if it seems closer than it has previously.

So IMHO, if you want to diversify into a currency/asset class, whether it be gold/crypto/biotech whatever, the tactics are the same.  Maybe move 1 or 2% as a speculative hedge, into that asset. But no more than that. To get MORE, use a series of profitable trades to build up that particular pot of money.

Therefore, you might want to purchase a little crypto using real income, but only a small amount. This time is a good technical window in the sense that Bitcoin declined almost 50% from the high. The natural entry points are at 32%, 50% and 62% retracements of the price high since these are major Fibonacci supports. Other natural pivot points are the 50, 100 and 200 Daily Exponential Moving (price) Averages.

That said, trading on the long position side only makes sense if the Bitcoin is just in a pullback, ultimately headed higher. If you are right, the 1 or 2% core position will bail you out of most trading mistakes.

However, realize that the Bitcoin went from $10 to $1200 in 50 weeks. If the primary level has changed, and is now in a primary bear, then the price should go all the way back to 10$ before again changing primary direction and going back up for an extended period of time to new highs.

For any large sale we have, we put 10% into Bitcoin (and basically the same into physical metals). And we have been moving from BTC into Litecoin. Eventually bitcoin should be replaced by something new, but at this point have no idea what that may be; might not even exist yet.

Anyway, that is how we look at it all. Hope that helps give you some food for thought.

2.9.14     Silver Pockets Full

August 2014 will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays.  This happens only once every 823 years.  The Chinese call it 'Silver pockets full'

Silver fireworks in the fall?

2.8.14     Attack on Pensions

The Government WANTS to eliminate pensions and substitute government savings programs. This way they can skim more off the top and create an even larger underclass dependent upon corrupt government systems. Like SS but an even worse rate of return.

Obama actually gave the name of this system in his State Of the Union address last week, the MyRA.  Did you see your local info rag give a factual and reasoned discussion of the topic? Of course not!

A complete scam, it will guarantee REAL negative rates of return and still sucker in the large swathes of dependent and financially illiterate masses, the same ones that craved the last government fiasco, and demand the next one.

2.8.14     Ever Notice How We Always Hear How We are Running Out of Money for Social Security?

But we never hear about welfare running out of money? 

And worse, the welfare folks never worked for it, whereas Social Security actually belongs to the people who made the money in the first place?

2.2.14     Tell a lie big enough for folks to believe it!

“…football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.”

- George Orwell, 1984

2.2.14     SuperBore Security


… all done on cutting edge AOL platforms too!

2.2.14     The SuperBore 48

So last week a certain famous Superback gets a letter...

It simply states:

"Throw the game…"

If you do, 55 million goes directly to your offshore accounts and your closest 200 friends and family will receive 300K in unexpected windfall over the next 24 months.

If you don’t 3 of your closest friends and family won’t be so lucky. In fact, they will be kidnapped, tortured live for 72 hours per session while being told the entire time the only reason why was your greed and ego.

p.s. We have done this professionally in Michoacán for the past 20 years.  See enclosed pictures for random samples of our work, some of it just last week. 

Your choice Mr. famous quarterback.

*end letter*

$55 million is chump change.  Follow the money changing hands this weekend.

You think this is a far out plot?

And that ‘tough’ Seahawk Defense?

Barely preserved a win last game they played.

literally a matter of inches…

2.2.14     Fixing Sports Games

Teams/guys got caught throwing big games for a long time now.

Chicago BlackSox incident was almost 100 years ago now (more than one cheat on that team alone, working together).

And that was just the first time they were alleged/caught, at that high level, with semi-conclusive evidence.

Petey rose did it for YEARS. Nobody wanted to drop a dime on him. Folks today still apologetic and want him back.

And think how much higher the $$, influence, scope and stakes are today!

But, takes the plebes mind off the real ongoing gubmint planetary games…breads and circuses and all that...

2.2.14     There is an Entire Industry built around Predicting Superbowl Scores

Thousands upon thousands of computers built and ran the algorithms…

For weeks. 24/7 on entire server farms…

Using literally q-bytes of input…

Minutiae down to the level of the average systolic pressure of each player and makeup of their caloric intake...

Over and over times infinity

Aided and overseen with input of professional firms.

And the final output?

- a two point spread!!

Now, what are the odds of a 43-8 event?

2.2.14     Philip Seymour Hoffman heroin overdose

These last two years have been bad across the country.  The struggle my peeps have fought against H these past 48 months is worse than the cocaine problems in the 80s, back when Iran-Contra was established so the CIA could run in coke from south America.

Way to easy to overdose on this stuff.

This time the supply (opiates) from Afghanistan is unstoppable. The people fighting the flood of drugs are literally getting mowed down from the sky via drone or helicopter.

1.29.14     Nomination of Fisher as Assistant Secretary of the Federal Reserve

Clearly against the Constitution, Article One, Section 10

Even more interesting is the fact that the reason the Administration defends against this charge is their insistence the appointment is legal - because the Federal Reserve is not a Government Agency.

1.29.14     If Obama Had a Son

He would act a lot like Darion the murderer


1.25.14     George Carlin Tells it Like it Is




Everything you were told as a child, was a convenient lie:

Where do babies come from?

Who is Santa Claus?

What does the Tooth Fairly Do?

What do mommy and daddy ‘talk about’ when they lock their bedroom door?

Federal Agents are the good guys and everyone who doesn’t comply with obsequious orders are the bad guys.


And then you get to college, and a profit motive is introduced…

1.24.14     Marijuana Jokes

When you really begin looking at the subject…

You will find an incredible amount of research that shows what an incredibly healthy and nutritious essential oil is found in sativa (for starters, compare sativa to soy).

You will find that eventually we will scale back on meat farms and need to heal the land with C3 carbon fixing plants.

Just for starters…

Marijuana Economy

- Marijuana as life saving medicine

- Marijuana as food source

- Hemp as incredible industrial product

- Hemp as essential crop

Marijuana as life saving medicine

Families from across the country are moving to Colorado to acquire certain strain of marijuana which is only medicine known to control certain medical conditions.


Headline today in drudge,

Headline last week on NPR,

Headline THIRTY FUCKING YEARS AGO for those fighting the cabal and working on solutions…

Marijuana as food source

Sativa is incredibly healthy and nutritious essential oil (for starters, compare sativa to soy).

Hemp as Essential Crop

Hemp proves a great fallow crop, a wonderful phytoremediation strategy and a fantastic symbiotic crop. 

Symbiotic Crop

Hemp plant offer protection to other plants growing nearby due to certain excretions that inhibit growth of various deleterious pathogens.

Phytoremediation – General Overview



Marijuana for Phytoremediation – General Overview


Cadmium and Copper are two of the six most common metal contaminants at US Superfund Sites.  Marijuana is possibly the best phyto remediating plant of these two elements.

Marijuana for Copper Phytoremediation


Marijuana for Cadmium Phytoremediation


Marijuana Phytoremediation Applications

  1. Possibly the best hyper accumulator/remediator of radionuclide pollution in soil
  2. Use as soil stabilizer (prevent erosion) afer grubbing/clearing and remediation involving removal of topsoils
  3. Use as direct Phytoremediation agent of Copper and Cadmium.
  4. Use as secondary Phytoremediation agent when Lead is phytoremediated or stabilized using phosphorous. Phosphorous addition will drive up bioavailabilty of arsenic. Arsenic will not hamper marijuana growth, allowing marijuana to uptake superfluous phosphourous and preventing eutrophication of downstream water receptors .

I’ve been fighting criminalization of marijuana since 1986.  There were times I was the only person in my town publicly doing such. At the time, in my state, ANY measurable amount of the  cannabis plant was a CLASS I FELONY.

I realized the reasons why (‘law enforcement’ is set up to protect funny-moneyed interests).

Amazing how the marijuana culture has changed in just 30 years!

Eventually we will win the war against fiat too, but will be a much bloodier fight….

1.24.14     RE: Chinese Bond Sell Hoax

One day…

There will be a hoax, such as “China Dumps Dollar”

Will be picked up by ABCCNNCBSMSNBCFOX just like all the other propaganda they spew all day.

The market will ‘crash’.

There will be an ‘investigation’.

It will be found that the ‘problem’ is too much ‘freedom’ on the internet’.

A whole slew of regulations and controls will follow – mostly designed to control, harrass and scare you into submission.

Every post must match your ‘licensed’ and ‘authenticated’ ID.

Attempts at a work around will label you a ‘criminal’.

Criticism of the new controls will be considered as ‘hate crime’, subject to ‘penalties’.

How far off you think all this remains?  

 1.24.14     NGC Graded Coins Realize Record Auction Price at FUN Auction


 1.20.14     Oxfam Reports that 85 People Control Same Amount of Worlds Wealth as the Bottom 50%

And then offers recommendations on what to do about this fact.


Of course, their recommendations are EXACTLY the process how these 85 families came to control the world.

Which makes sense, since Oxfam is a mouthpiece for these 85 families...

1.19.14     Woodwork Masterpiece

When the Imitation Looks better than the Real Thing


1.19.14     Don't Want the Flu?

Then don't get the shot!

New study finds that those who received the 'vaccine' more likely to acquire the virus


\1.18.14     FBI Changes its Mind on their Corps Mission in 48 Hours

First they published a 'fact sheet' that stated their mission is 'national security'.  That is, making sure everyone in the nation is properly regulated, in the database, and not making waves.

Then two days later the FBI agrees that the fact sheet was a lie, like everything else they publish, and that they also fight crime (oops, sorry, we forgot).

Likely they realized some funding was at risk and they may not get to do as many strip club stakeouts.


Too bad they never took their oath or mission seriously enough to investigate this fraud, scam and criminal mastermind:


How do you control a puppet completely?

Make sure his mother has a long list of perversions and embarrassments to hide!

1.17.14     Ca Department of Water Resources Declared only 4% of Requested Water

Is expected deliverable to State Water Project users

(as of last week)

For comparison, last year DWR declared 19% deliverable this time last year and delivered almost 50% by end of the cycle.

1.17.14     Further Debasement to US Currency Imminent


1.17.14     Obama's Speech Today:

"If you like your privacy, you can keep your privacy".

1.17.14     Sen. Inhofe Presents Specific Examples where EPA and Obama clearly lie to US Public about 'Global Warming'


1.16.14     Ellen Brown for California Treasurer

Or, how come only North Dakota has a State Bank?


1.16.14     Several Large Mining Projects Shut Down, some before they could even start, in 2013

Several mining operations saw either ceased or reduced activity in Nevada.  Romania prevented Gabriel Resources from opening their mine. Barrick was forced to shelve Pascua Lama. In Alaska, the EPA sent armed federalized troops to 'collect water samples' at small scale private mining operations. Thought the mainstream press will never bring that issue to the light of day, the open fraud committed by EPA regarding their 'evaluation' of the Pebble Mine is hard to hide:


1.13.14     Reports from Florida Numismatic (FUN) Coin Show coming in fairly strong

San Francisco Mint Coin Show February is 22-23, 2014


Chicago Paper Money Show in March:


and then the Chicago International Coin Fair on April 10-13

1.13.14     Depository of Numismatic Forgery Photos


1.13.14     Creative Home Storage Solutions


1.12.13     How it Works

  1. Congress creates a budget which spends more than the Government takes in via taxes (i.e. Congress orders debt creation)
  2. President Signs and the Executive Branch implements budget
  3. The Treasury Department ‘sells’ bonds
  4. The Federal Reserve buys these bonds for federal reserve notes (debt obligations)
  5. Federal Reserve Notes function as currency when public agrees to shoulder the debt in exchange for goods and services.
  6. The Treasury must pay the face value of the bonds PLUS interest
  7. Since the each budget is in deficit, the debt is never paid. Interest accrues on both principal AND interest.

1.11.14     Great Financial Reference Site


1.11.14     Wealthy Chinese Stop Buying High End Art

Instead, turn their attention and fortune to Viagra-type roots.


What's the matter guys, been working to hard?

Return on investment not panning out the way you were hyped?

1.10.14     Dismal Jobs Number

Only 74K when 200k were 'expected' (you need 250-300 EVERY month for a healthy economy)

Two thirds of the new 'jobs' were temp retail for Christmas.

No way to explain this one away - the economy simply isn't producing.

The drag produced by increased taxes and regulation are catching up.

For the first time in 10 years the health care industry shed jobs (as the reality of obamacare sinks in, according to Fed Chairman Laffer).

Labor participation rate plunges to levels not seen since the nadir of the 1978 recession.

Baltic Dry Index Collapses by 35% - worst December in three decades.

Here it looks in picture format:

1.8.14     Long Term Bond Chart

This one is a keeper:


1.8.14     Warning – New Government Controls on Mining Industry

Regime Rolls Out New ‘Advisory Committee’ to promote revenue transparency and accountability in the private mining sector.  

Now that the administration has perfected ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ (no bid contracts, kickbacks, failed programs, directed fraud, incompetency and nepotism as ‘core values’) in their own dealings, they want to ‘roll it out’ to all other US businesses.

‘Civil Leaders’ and government lackeys will lead the way toward a new age of virtue and temperance in the mining sector.


Basically - implementation of yet another wing of UN Agenda 21.

And, as part of the ‘income equality’ bandwagon – the DOI wants the private mining sector to waste just as much money as the government (as if).

(In other words, they are *really sorry the government got caught trading permits for hookers and blow and bummed the DOI nomination of BP for their Pollution Prevention Award got delayed by that whole oil spill thingy and are hoping you are easily distracted and prone to swallowing propaganda).

1.7.14     Time Magazine Told to Blame Polar Vortex Record Cold on Global Warming

In 1974 Time was told to blame Polar Vortex on Global Cooling


Both times they claimed scientific certainty.

1.5.14     Nevada at 150

A glorious past and an uncertain future:


1.5.14     Veris Restarts Full Production at Jerritt Canyon Facility after Shutdown


1.5.14     Record Cold Temperatures

Meanwhile, the 'scientists' studying global warming who got stuck in the ice must wait a few more days.

The icrebreaker that was supposed to free them also got stuck in massive amounts of Antarctic ice.

Glorious Farce!

1.5.14     Evolve or Die: Credit Cards Companies face a losing market share to crypto currency.

"Credit card companies must learn to adapt to a newer fee model, or be overtaken by digital currencies like bitcoin


How else can CITI compete except through massive fraud, taxpayer bailout and politician-sanctioned rape of the consumer?

1.5.14     Never Forget: Criminals Who Must Be Prosecuted

Robert Rubin – Financial Terrorist Must Be Tried for Financial Espionage

Pushed President Clinton to repeal Glass Stegal Act, which benefitted big mega banks

As a member of Citibank Board of Directors he began pushing Citibank to enter Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) and Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDOs) in the US subprime mortgage market

* Offered, and signed, a 1$MM bonus to ‘lead’ one of those big mega banks – Citibank

(This was on top of the almost 100MM already paid Rubin by Citibank)


* Immediately instructed Citibank to take extra credit risks

* Citibank Officer Richard Bowen warned Rubin of excessive risk and violations of Sarbane Oxley Act.

* Rubin ignored, and then fired Bowen – choosing fraud and abuse as his preferred management style.

* Drove Citibank into bankruptcy.

Citibank bankruptcy put the corporation on the public dole; the US taxpayer floated 20B to Citibank so it could continue to launder money on behalf of the politicians


And who oversaw the Citibank mortgage unit at the time? None other than Jack Lew, the current Treasury Secretary (Obama’s handpicked Czar of Financial Terrorism).


1.5.14     Foreclosure Laws By State


1.5.14     Never Saw Much Need to Spend Time on the 'Birther' Issue

Though I did find it odd that the regime would release an obviously fake/forged Birth Certificate for public consumption.

Someone sent me this recently. As a point in fact, I've never seen any purported BHO School Identification.

There are obvious reasons this president was one of the very few candidates in the recent era to not release school records as documented here:


Of course, there are good reasons for BHO to hide as much as possible, given his status as puppet.

However, I am a bit surprised that his handlers did not also release a forged copy of his school ID to show what they wanted the public to believe.

Have never seen an alternate version, and have never seen this one before, and just find that odd...

 photo obamaschoolID.png

1.5.14     DOI PR Stunt

After facing incredibly bad press and pubic opposition for shutting down public parks and monuments, many which had never been shut down before, the DOI launches a 'friendly government' offensive.


Of course, missing from the presser is the fact hat the majority of these public land usage fees were just introduced in the 1980s and 1990s, mostly to finance massive amounts of fraud and abuse elsewhere in the DOI.

1.4.14     Heritage to Auction Two Different Notes, each expected to Net over 2$MM Bid


1.4.14     Another 53 Tons of Physical Gold Head to China


1.3.14     A new Currency Crisis in the works?

Turkish Lira falls to new low:


Meanwhile, Turkish Silver Imports scream upwards:


1.2.14     The Many Applications of Silver


1.2.14     Sell Out at US Mint


Skyrocketing Demand at Perth Mint


1.2.14     US Economic Reality: 2007 vs 2013

Consumer Confidence 2007: 99.5

Consumer Confidence 2013: 69.6

Cost of Gallon of Gas 2007: $2.75

Cost of Gallon of Gas 2013: $3.73

Growth Rate of US Economy 2007: 2.5%

Growth Rate of US Economy 2013: 1.6%

Unemployed Americans 2007: 6.7 Million

Unemployed Americans 2013: 13.2 Million

Americans on Food Stamps 2007: 26.9 Million

Americans on Food Stamps 2013: 47.7 Million

Household Debt 2007: 13.5$

Household Debt 2013: 12.8$

Price of Gold 2007: $748/oz

Price of Gold 2013: $1583/oz

US Debt 2007: $9 Trillion

US Debt 2013:$16.4 Trillion



1.2.14     The Aden Sisters Tell Their Tale of Gold


1.2.14     Reality forces Al Gore to all but Shut Down his Global Warming Carbon Tax Ponzi Scheme


Meanwhile, record low temperatures across the globe...

1.1.2014     Predictions are for Fools

So here goes...

2014 Predictions

Trading: No way I’ll match my 2013 publically posted trading success (7 of 8)

Gold: Should be a better year than 2013. Don’t imagine a continued descent down through another complete year. Would expect Au to trade within a range in 2014, wouldn’t expect much lower or higher, essentially making a base – with more feints to the upside than down.  Mining stocks should continue to have a tough time; would expect more consolidation and shutting of operations. This action is necessary to put in a bottom for the sector.

Dow: Plenty of warning signs currently out there, but expect the Fed and PTB to keep blowing the bubble, they have no other choice.  Give it a 25% chance of making a new high by the end of the year; 45% chance to pull back 5-7% lower for the year, and 30% chance to enter a major correction.

US Housing: Similar to Dow, for the same reasons

They current regime hold reason to keep the market pumped up until the election.  Would expect any pullback more than 5-7% to begin in the fall, as with what happened in election years of 2000 and 2008.   

My thoughts going forward are predicated on the underlying premise that the duo-bubble (US housing and equities) must keep going for as long as possible, at all costs.

IMVHO the major tells occurred in a series of financial news, not widely disseminated, as occurred on the high holiday of MayDay. As I posted then: