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12.31.05    Gold ends up %18.19 for the year.


12.30.05    Somebody asked about a 911 Ground-zero slabbed silver American Eagle, and what the premium should be.

Here was my reply:


Firstly, PCGS will put an american flag on more slabs than the one to which you refer.

(see their latest line in inanity, the -first strike- coaster)


Secondly, I suppose you would have to ask that somewhat disconcerting question: can I find a bigger fool tomorrow on whom I can unload this bombastic bauble?


As a point in fact, these types of issues I have seen on ebay seem to command a high price from the seller, but no prospective bids.


Is it the plastic or the flag that you consider rewards a %2,000 increase?


If neither, then the commemorative event?


If so, say: I'll sell you an obsolete asian coin, wrap it in tinfoil, and scribble -Rape of Nanking- on it in grease pen and only charge %1,500. wot a deal!

Or, how about some 10-year african scrip celebrating 10years of Hutsi/Tutsi genocide and intercine incest unrest?


PCGS wallows in their medium -draping plastic dreck over what once represented beauty, purity and value.  Did they shine it up real purty like for a  little extra value added?


Then again, consider the source...


12.30.05    Nevada mining depends on water

This years water year has been a mess so far.  Currently the spigot is open wide, incoming from Kamchatka. Has been raining on Northern Ca/Nv a good part of the last several days.  Rain during the winter season is not desirable, snow drives the society. Currently raining between the California coast all the way to Lovelock, Nv.  The snow level was predicted for 7,000 feet today, but currently well over 8,000. Rain is pouring on the ski resorts, and colder weather will move in later tonight. This creates a deadly situation, literally.  Movement of colder air behind rain that had been falling on the minimal snowpack creates an unstable snowpack. The current rain on snow will freeze as a layer. New colder and lighter snow will pile on top and build a heavy pack.  This heavier snow will slide along the ice bench - i.e. avalanche.  This type of weather situation reminds me of the deadly 1986 season. The major difference is that the minimal snowpack will not melt and cause the major floods that plagued the Truckee, Carson, Yuba, and American Rivers that year. [i well remember sandbagging the Truckee in feb or march 86 only to watch her run completely dry two miles downstream and 18 months later (where the new truckee meadows treatment plant was installed)]. 


The lack of snowpack dries up the snow/tourism income and further pressures irrigation, farming, development, industry and mining down the road.


Water rights in the Truckee Meadows are up roughly 800% in the last 4 years, going parabolic. The market is amazingly thin and illiquid. Buying rights in volume is practically non-existent; they are bundled into auctions and the Truckee Meadows Water Authority and the LEN/CTX/RYLs of the world compete head to head (for some Head, get it?).


This further depletes allotment for recreation set aside guaranteed via various compacts, regulations, and agreements. Hence the State Water Engineer needs to capture mine-dewatering to meet their obligations or face the wrath via the wraiths in the antimining/environmental21agenda alliance (who seem to forget to staff their office with waterologist yet see no shortage staffing with english/pre-lasw majors seeking a beginning gig.)


Starting to pick up on it, Kirk - our burgeoning hydrogeologist?


How about a hyetograph based on the 06 water year to date for the Humboldt basin?


Or better yet, why not model out the mercury fate and transport from the vadose to and through the hypophreatic zone via Modflow/netpath et. al. and submit to the Battle Mountain BLM per the open Environmental Assessment period for the current plans on the Cortez trend, the future of water battles in the state and industry, and see what the DOI hydrologist have to say in reply to your articulated concerns?

Having trouble? Modify a leadspread model (no charge sweetie!)

You know, some news we can use, or at least begin the disabuse...


12.30.05    Reg Ogden's book on gold mining

Funny, his chapter on mining in English speaking countries forgot Nevada.

err, Go figure.


12.30.05    For those who pundits predict a regime change in Saudi Arabia for 2006

Just like every year, picture this: Their stock market is up about 200% in the last couple years.

Does that look like a country - or at least the smart money -betting against continuity, or otherwise expressing despair and intuiting imminent change?

Odds are just about as good as a regime change in the US, Canada, or Oz.

How about China; their market has been ravaged...


12.27.05    The Greenspan Legacy

His gift to the country: An inverted Yield Curve.

Almost a %100 sure sign of a recession that will occur in the next 6-12 months.


12.26.05    One way to gauge the emotional mettle of an individual

Is to ask if they enjoy the 1946 Capra movie "Its a Wonderful Life"


or, play word association with the picture below:



12.22.05  Another gnarly night in the mountains.

Friend of mine regaled an attempt to climb a mountain that instead resulted in the rescue of a couple fools a few hours ahead that tried a 'shortcut'. I've seen a couple of those myself.  Interesting thing, it isn't too easy to spot a denizen of the mountains who may make a mistake while in the big city, but sure is obvious when a city fool tries to shortcut the mountain and outsmart mother nature.

Body recoveries suck, period. Usually occurs in bad weather and a chance to hurt yourself trying to rescue a worthless bag of bones. And that is under better conditions. Body part recovery, at least those parts not smeared over the bedrock apron, is a whole nother exercise in despair.  One of my friends filmed an accidental death; worse than having to scoop up the body I imagine. She was rather shaken by the event, accidental snuff filming wasn't her goal.


12.22.05    ABX purchase PDG, becoming the worlds largest gold miner.

So then, in the stakes of the one-upmanship contest; who is NEM sidewardley glancing at; reclining deliciously under the mistletoe?


12.22.05    NCEM - Missing filings is a systemic problem

Nevada Cement, a Utah Corporation. missed a filing date and was temporarily suspended from trading on the Nasdaq.  Under this circumstance an 'E' is added to the ticker symbol . i.e. NCEM becomes NCEME.  The delisting was temporary because the paperwork came through just a couple days later, so the E was dropped very quickly.


literally, a system broke down.

management creates and oversees systems.

short term listing/delisting and price action are mere symptoms.

keeping the e on the end is a swipe.

a swipe test is an analytical diagnostic.

not sure cosmology has a temporal input...


( fyi, there is another Nevada Cement corporation; based in Nevada )

This Nevada Cement is owned by Eagle Materials, a publicly traded company from Dallas Texas.  Some of the locals (Fernley, Nv.) believe that the plant is (or at least was) owned by the Lyndon B. Johnson family.  Have not been able to determine whether this family has, or had, substantial ownership proportion of Eagle Materials (Ticker: EXP).  Also unclear to me if Eagle Materials was a spun-off subsidiary of the large company Eagle-Picher (privately held), also based in Texas.  Based on EaglePicher history, location, geographic nexus, and sector activity - there could be a bit of truth kernel in the mix.  Curiously, they also happen to have an aggregate plant (diatomaceous earth) fairly near the EXP plant;  (Lovelock).  EP also has a DE plant in Clark County. Hence, they have aggregate plants in two of the largest booming areas of the country.  EXP performs quite well on their own; maybe some merit to the strategy of holding any publicly traded 'Nevada Cement' company. 


Rising sector. Nevada aggregates not a bad place to hold a position. The bug in the ointment, of course, is the historic metals issue. EP was one of the earliest and major manufacturers of white lead.  Nearby barium production. And of course, the soap operas series presented on an installment basis by yours truly over the Northeast Nevada clusters and the focus by NDEP/FEDEPA on metal byproduct emission, specifically tungsten, from the aggregate production plants.


Though fund managers should parse the details, any mainstream press/bubblevision mention will likely bollox up the relations.


Should also go without saying,

So i'll type it: Ownership of 'construction companies' by 'Nevada interests' - if you get my aeolian high competency drift -has long proven a curious topic; holding interests in the wandering minds of many who preceded this metalline one.




12.21.05    Aaahhh, Happy Solstice


12.21.05    Market Action

Money managers see the hot sectors

they want goodies in the Christmas stocking.
All of them looking to score gold at 478.
Not everybody can get everything they want for Christmas.

Some will have to be sated with coal miners.


Boring market action today.


Traders couldn't get to wall street today or yesterday so they spent the day at home - 'telecommuting'.  Which means they were supposed to be working but just surfed the Peer to Peer sites all day...

12.21.05    Things

art is -overextended-

classic cars are -pretty hot-
real estate is -in a bubble-
commodities are -overdone-
coins have been -on fire-

why is gold gonna go down?


Things are just things.

Hearing a couple stories about leaving life behind the Iron Curtain served a chilled reminder.


12.18.05    Scary thought for the day

Not all government propaganda, just those relating to purported economic issues, must go through the censor board at Homeland Security.  The other worthless piffle can be simply made up and release immediately as had previously been the case.


Federal Prisons Industry, Incorporated

Received another 20Million loan...


The Helium Fund, which I had never heard of, is apparently larger than probably 90% of all companies in my county COMBINED.


 Personal income taxes year over year UP

Corporate income taxes down.


The 50 year trend continues...


This year, the INTEREST paid on the US Treasury debt will exceed

The entire COMBINED budget of these other Departments:


Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Education, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Veterans Affairs, and State.


If you have ever voted for a Republican or Democrat more than once (allowing a youthful indiscretion), I hold you personally liable for the destruction of my republic.


The reason our founding fathers never authorized a personal income tax

And why the Supreme Court originally struck down the income tax as unconstitutional: b.c. the government would grow into the current leviathan: reporting to none and detrimental to all.


From UST, Financial Management Service (2005)


12.18.05    Yucca Mountain end-run bill introduced

Probably die in committee. 


Interestingly enough, Reid failed to support Gibbons proposed bill to overhaul the 1872 Mining Act; hence it was pulled. Nobody seems to notice or care.  The main issue here is not so much that many want the bill updated, but that more individuals want to uphold the DOI moratorium on processing new applications.


12.18.05    Gold in the Salvation Army Buckets


This part of the story get the Hg up a millibar or so:


"The Salvation Army officials are unsure of the exact value of the coins, which
they showcased at a press conference today."  The Press spokesperson further states that they are far behind their fundraising goals for the year. Well, perhaps if they new the value of the dollar, they might do better attracting a few more.  That said, Salvation Army is one of my preferred choices. I have given up on the majority of charity orgs that I previously supported.


12.18.05    IAG to list on the NYSE

This supports stock performance b.c. now ETF-linked funds must purchase the security.


12.18.05    Someone discovered a new model


For predicting the price movement of certain models and was wondering whether, when, or how to publish the work,. this was my partially solicited opinion:


How about perish then publish


What are your goals with your work?


IF to make a name for yourself, THEN why not make the money with your work and leave a legacy via multimillion dollar foundation for troubled youth or other worthy cause that will last for years after your mortal demise?


IF to show the formula works, THEN why not trade enough trial runs to prove to your self, and then see option one (get rich).


If to make a name for yourself now, is that much of a goal in of itself?


If I were in your shoes…


  1. Publish a partially true model for submission to your employer when asked.

  2. Publics a more-partially true model for a newsletter. Not to generate income in the present, but to generate and cultivate a grateful subscriber base that will match your foundation contributions and otherwise support your other goals down the road at a moment of your choosing.

  3. Publish the actual model upon your death within a trust. Show what built your foundation and let the critics argue with that success.


And remember, you can't model god...


12.18.05    The Kiev/Moscow NatGas spat

Just look at Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko’s face (remember the poison attack against him that resulted in permanent physical impairment) and know he will make it personal…


12.18.05    Gold down a dime: An Existential Treatise

Gold was down one tenth of one USD.

This represents a percentage change of %.00019


A significant digit yes, but was it a significant change in position?

How many future courses of events have changed based upon this change in position?


An inert metal that has held its chemical form for thousands of years has been judged by a mechanized program as losing %.00019 of its value within a span of a few hours.


Is that credible?


12.12.05    Vietnamese Dong

Might not be a bad time to go long...


Any of you tried to purchase any in bulk? What was the vig?


(forget the entrendre. too obvious, this is a currency speculation post)


12.12.05    On the next Nevada gold rush


Recent developments on Mining Act of 1872 revision.

RGJ Journal and comes out against Jim Gibbons proposal for Mining Act of 1872 revision.


Jimby got it riding on some other terrible legislation in the house, but could not muster any support where it counts - with Harry Reid in the Senate. So, not sure this version is going any where.


mr Gibbons tried to get the lead dog alpha sled view, but pulled up short.  He would've loved to had a shot, Nv politics getting some serious play. One of the swing states last election, a canary in the wings, and possibly moving up the primaries next time around.


12.12.05    Golden Phoenix Minerals

Hit the divot pivot straight up noon.

An unnatural event.

They got picked up in two different trade newsletter today accounting for the rise, amongst other things...


Volatility is fun. i like humble people.

don't meet enough of them.


12.12.05    IAM Gold

Making all the right moves


12.12.05    More currency speculation


First week of March the new 10 dollar bills go out.  Go to the bank and get a couple crisp sheets with consecutive serial numbers.


12.12.05    EPA postpones requirements for Gas and Oil exploration fields

to comply with Clean Water Act Phase II provisions.


12.9.05    Fighting the good fight


John Gilmore wins a coin mine cookie.  Challenged the 'requirement' that you must present and ID to board a commercial airline. To date the government has been completely unwilling, and more likely unable, to produce the requirement that one must present ID to travel.  One of those cases that the government maintains you must do something in their honor yet refuse to produce the authority for such. Basically, the type of 'Democracy' they are attempting to spread throughout the globe. Using you tax dollars at your expense. 


NOTE: For those that maintain this is necessary b.c. of the 911 hoax, and further cite the Patriot Act as Authority, please note that the 'requirement' is actually an internal Federal Vitiation Administration policy.  Also note the policy directive has never been released to the public or the courts.  Further note the date of such policy is 1996. Indeed, all the provisions in the Patriot Act were developed Loooong before 911.


Interesting information about ISP blacklists...


12.6.05    One of the best day's  in my life (so far)

Birth of firstborn, beautiful baby girl. Everything else I ever discussed here doesn't matter when compared. An yet this entry will end at 25 words.


(And yes, actually wrote this a couple days AFTER the 6th.)


12.4.05    Big Night

Gonna Come Soon


12.2.05    When looking at alternative energies, don't forget to look down the supply chain.

Pioneer Drilling Company

PDC on Amex

Buy on the dip? When the price backs to the 13DMA as it in turn kisses the 50DMA?


Or, just b.c. you sold your silver/MRB/house/first son and need to put the money somewhere?


12.2.05 Mighty metal prices or low paper prices?

The 25 year high price for platinum

Is nothing to sneeze about, but copper hit all time highs.


Not as much as metals are high, but that the VALUE of the WRONG TYPES of PAPER are getting rather low.

A precursor in of themselves...


12.2.05 Yucca Mountain

Bechtel finds it hard to live on $285 million. Will slash jobs.


Project inertia is lowest in decades, sayeth mercury.


Interestingly enough, I am beginning to see correlation between price of gold and Yucca depository project inertia...


12.2.05    Is Avian Flu really a trade issue?

Sure wasn't a matter of much discussion at the agricultural trade expo in Beijing two weeks ago. Most US Western ag states sent reps.  No mask wearing, no obvious flu discussions. Business as usual...


12.2.05 A hundred dollar rise in price of gold...

equals a drop in one percentage point in the Elko County, Nv. unemployment rate.


Wonder if that relationship is scalable?


One thing I do know is the extra one percent in the workforce is not the miners themselves.  You see, 100 dollars ago (price of gold) the mines and properties had already upped production schedules and were scrambling for qualified personnel.  The extra one percent employed are those in the service and commercial industries that are supported by the miners paycheck (the highest aggregate wage in the state of NV) as the paycheck flows through the local economy.


Infometrica reports that Nv exports were down substantially for the last reporting period, August.

"Precious metals -- mainly gold -- was the state's largest export earner, generating $60 million in foreign sales in August, adjusted for seasonal variation. Precious metals accounted for 28 percent of all foreign sales, plummeting by 32 percent from a year ago."


Interesting how the production of metals remains so high, yet the manufacturing output faltered.  Can the cost of energy be blamed? No, not really. The mining sector is the largest user of power in Nv. (yes, even ahead of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip).


12.2.05    Went to Jack Beymer's store yesterday.

He is a major west coast coin dealer; known as a fair man with good inventory and high prices.


But first, had to get myself a coffee at the local non-chain barista training venue. (Not that I mind chains though, since we hold both PEET and SBUX).  Always good to check out the market competition (or, any excuse for a buzz).  Ordered a coffee for $1.50. Gave the cashier 2$. She put the two FRNs in the till and looked at me blank, expecting why I didn't walk away.  At that point I realized the extent of her ability and reminded her that I indeed the change back. See, I am the old fashioned type that believes the tip is based on service after the fact, not assumed. Further, I like to look see what they give me back in change. (I try to remember to ask if they have seen anything unusual in change.) Of course, with the quality of the baristas they hire now - and the underlying quality of education - they will often hand me a half-dollar as representing something completely unique and mystifying.


So, then I went to the coin store. (But first had to by some chocolate).


Then I really went to the coin store.


There were a few handmaidens behind the counter and they let me browse a few moments before asking if I needed any help.  So, I immediately queried them a question which I believe they would have no idea on how to answer.  You see, at any negotiating table you want to talk with everybody to engender good will and build relationships, but at those points where you offer substantial matters (such as price and terms) you need to speak directly to the one who holds the decision-making power.  Usually this individual is not the one who speaks most or first. Of course you are always better off f you can identify this person well before sitting down at the table.  In this case I had done so through due diligence and already knew what I wanted to find out - was a trip to his store worth the extra time and gas over a venture to my tried and true coin locations.  (Certainly I had no intention on quibbling over price or any matter of substance on any expeditionary purchase trip).


I found his operation fair, with a good inventory and high prices.


The inventory may make me a return shopper...


(Still, he didn't have the one thing, and one thing only, that I inquired about.  For that matter, had no idea what I was asking. Indeed, the exchange 'twas a minor comedy sketch).


12.2.05    Housing


The housing stock is fairly robust in my neck of the woods. Days on Market and Inventory going up whereas the listing and closing prices are receding.  Seasonal fluctuations may subtend some of the trend (home sales week during late fall/early winter).  BIL reports inventory is low in Seattle.


Why do home prices rise?

1. So the government can increase the rate it taxes you.

2. So they can loan more money.

3. Home prices don't rise as much as your dollar purchases less house.


Let's expand.


1. How can the government get more money out of your pocket? It can install new fees, license, and taxes. This happens as often as they can get away with it, which isn't every time.  Occasionally the people do vote down new taxes and fees.  So, the government looks for alternate revenue streams that will lie below the radar. One of these is taxes on land and houses and permits for such.


2. As the average price of the home raises, they can now loan out more of the junk paper fiat.


From a local banker (nice guy):
Fannie Mae Announces 2006 Conforming Loan Limit of $417,000

Fannie Mae announced today that it will apply new conforming loan limits, as determined by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO) based on federal data on mean (average) home prices, to increase its single-family mortgage loan limit to $417,000 for 2006.

As a result of the new loan limit, Fannie Mae estimates that in 2006, as many as an additional 466,326 homeowners would be eligible for a conforming loan.

Conforming loan limits may adjust annually .



Say, when do you think was the last year that the conforming loan limits actually went down?



11.27.05    Yucca Mountain

Has the energy picture actually put Yucca Mountain on the skids for good?  Will Harry Reid introduce new legislation to this effect given his increased stature in the senate, or will they silence him first?


Here is the Yucca Mountain Information Station in Goldfield, Nv., on a slow day. Gonna get slower...



11.27.05    A relatively rare earthquake yesterday centered in Vallejo/American Canyon

on the Hayward fault. Usually centered more south. Made me think less askew about the dude who predicted a larger one centered in Vallejo/Napa for next year...


11.27.05    Why does the Secret Service do nothing to prevent counterfeit coinage

coming in from mainland china? bogus trade dollars by the gaggle on ebay. now seeing bogus seated coinage also.


b.c. they dont lose a cut off the seignorage?

too much repatriated paper to burn already?

hoping another save haven will burn itself out?


Another application of Greshams law...


Funny that, the secret service wasn't commissioned to go after counterfeit (1865) until after the USGovt began printing paper money en masse as currency....


11.27.05    The Asians want a piece of Nevada metal production.

Jipangu wraps up purchase of Apollo's Nevada properties as it executes its strategy to become a miner itself.


hey, why not buy up the rest of the state and give sumitomo a run for the yen. Or is the dragon the boxer?


11.27.05    For those who don't believe in inflation

Then you have nothing to lose by investing in this:   

MarketSafe Gold Bullion CD by Everbank.


Except for inflation.


(Since the principal is guaranteed)


11.22.05    Sold some MRB @1.85

for a fryer flyer

25% in two months ain't too shabby. sell the news and put the original grubsteak in the deep storage freezer just like the big boyz learned me. nothing like going into thanksgiving fat and happy.

11.20.05    The Las Vegas personal finance mentality


Read a (poor) piece about increasing bankruptcy filings in the Las Vegas Review Journal (terrible rag).  Though one of the worse financial articles I've read this year, one of the the better comedy skits of the week.  Let me sum up the treatise for you:


 - Aging and clueless boomer couple catch a whiff of incoming krondretieff winter.-


This quote from the article, about a hapless couple's efforts to enact some cursory semblance of fiducial responsibility is priceless:  "To reduce expenses, they cut some of the features from their telephone service package and stopped taking their dogs to a groomer."


There is a WHOLE LOT of FAT needing to be trimmed off the steroid and saltwater-injected sides of beef...


Just wait 'til the k-wave cuts into the bone...


11.20.05    Attempted Legislative Reform of 1872 Mining Law currently underway


This one bears close watching. Thankfully, Gibbons and Reid are not on the same page.  Everything I always wanted from our politicians: gridlock


11.14.05   W and Arnie in china; together?

Arnie is there to convince the Chinese to buy more California debt.  Since the peeples voted down his attempts to reign in spending, the mother of all bonds must float.

 Can W’s mission really be any different?

 Or, Instead of assistance on their nu-ku-lar weapons programs as with the previous administration, perhaps more tangible offerings in the war materiel mode - as in copper. 


The Chinese copper shorts make further sense of their very recent discussions into purchasing Nevada copper mining concerns.


After paper debt, was else do we have to offer save the ground under out feet...


11.14.05    Someone presented me their dire economic predictions the other day,

essentially an imminent mega depression.


While I don’t disagree with either the severity, probability scope or scale – the timing is always an issue. Still a ways off based upon the level that the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip is currently integrated into the financial network. This technology must still be more fully integrated into the human psyche and infrastructure before the chip can be implanted.

Afterall, the scenes of misery you paint will only be for those who refuse to accept the chip.

Everyone else will have free state-sanctioned bread provided, for a price.

Of course, there is another scenario: the chip will remain voluntary.  This scenario is also quite plausible because the –benefits- of the implant will be of such magnitude that not having it will prevent you from trading in the marketplace or otherwise competing for the legal tender. 



11.12.05    Collectibles and the metal markets

US coins actually started the runup just before gold

the vintage cars have done very well, but seem much more unrelated to currency and metals. their runup has been much more sustained from what i can tell, with a nice bump in the last few years.

not sure really what sets the price of art though i suspect it follows coins somewhat as not new money seeks shelter.


pretty much ignorant on the type of art that will buy and sell, i prefer guerilla installation pieces...


no doubt there is the potential for some type of metal/paper/collectible algorithm.  maybe that's my lot in life.


11.12.05    White Phosphorous

Its a bugger.

Read some protest against the use of white phosphorous shells as war materiel in Iraq.  In the states, the USNavy and Coast Guard use white phosphorous flare markers to track the location of something that goes overboard. WP desiccates in the presence of oxygen, and they follow the trail.  At the Golden Gate Bridge, the Coast Guard drops the WP flares after some fool jumps; this aids in the body recovery.  WP will adhere to dermal tissue and won't stop causing pain until it either completely desiccates, is picked out of the skin with knife, or is immersed in water.


11.11.05    Why they really got rid of the M3

From Wiki gold;


"By August 2005, the US M3 money supply had risen to $9'873.9 billion, whilst at the same time the Official Gold Holdings of the United States had fallen to just 8'133.5 Tonnes, or about 261 million Troy Ounces. This means that today, in 2005, there are $37'831 in circulation for every ounce of gold held by the United States."


So, if they stop reporting the M3, does that mean that gold is now only worth what they say its worth.

Or, is it worth a dollar.

or, worth whatever you are willing to do to keep it from them?


11.12.05    Miners Day.  Now that Veterans Day is over,

and I have a short attention span, let me point out what I consider a major unjust grievance.

Namely, there is no Miners Day. Sure, there is an Anthracite Coal miner day, and the MSHA even designated a coal miner safety day a couple years ago, but no overall Miners Day.  Say, why is it that the coal miners get such better holidays anyway.  How in tarnation did they get so organized anyway?


11.11.05    The Postal Service is going to raise rates again.

and nobody has even heard about it.
shows that nobody sends a letter anymore.
hey, how come they never made a stamp: End of the Postal Era?
why do I have to come up with all the good ideas...

Why has stamp piracy and profiteering never gotten out of control?  Did the founders purposefully set up mail delivery as a constitutional element requiring federal mail operations to ensure that letters and marques could never gain undue influence by the profiteer?  Could you imagine a stamp nowadays trading as currency? Not a chance, the unit cost to deliver mail has always been kept artificially low via the socialized monopoly. Only once in our nations history, with the first large scale introduction of fiat to fund the civil war, did the price of mail delivery and hence the corresponding stamp face value climb to such a height that it made sense to use as a currency.  For a few years in the mid and late 1860s stamps regularly traded for goods and services. Although there had always been small-scale cases of periodic or regional trade previously, the civil war was the first - and last - time when stamp trade became a widespread occurrence.  How come?


The wise man once told me, the only crime that will not spiral out of control are those controlled by the government for the government. They will viciously put down any attempts at competition.  Does not emitting of postal marks and the lack of postal piracy fit this maxim to the maximum? 


11.11.05    Might not be a bad time to get into stamp collecting

You think Bill Gross is wrong about his paper?  He bought the recent inverted Jenny Block for about 3-million and swapped it for another single stamp.  He authored a really great essay around the time, just a couple weeks ago, that explained why stamps, and likewise coins, were a good investment.  As I look around at undervalued commodities, collectibles and hard assets, I see stamps as one of the few that can claim this *potentially* undervalued status. The average age of a stamp aficionado is even older than the median goldbug.  Perhaps only 20% as many people collect stamps as do coins.


Personally, i lean toward scripophily, but gotta be an angle there somewhere amongst the perforated corners...


11.11.05    Ormat on a major tear

last few days they:
- announced a dividend,
- were named nevada company of the year,
- announced profit up over 80%

and the lowly mercurial element whispered it in your year about 50% lower than it is now...

do you want fries with that?


11.11.05    Rest in Peace Peter Drucker

may i learn half of what you forgot


11.11.05  Veterans Day

Much obliged to those that came before us who fought the good fight.


Too bad it also has to be the day the government attempts to rewrite finance.  The smokescreen is the whitehouse attempt to subtend the news by going on their own offensive, accusing others of rewriting history. Long time military stratagems dictate that you accuse the enemy of doing what you have been doing all along, just a little moreso.  The federal reserve's new golden child - Ben 'Helicopter Money' Bernanke decides to discontinue the M3 reporting metric.


Essentially, this M3 reporting standard shows the amount of cash sitting in banks, savings and loans and certificates of deposit and serves as an indicator of financial health of the economy and fiscal policy effectiveness. Obviously, the new hed fed doesn't want transparency of the scorched earth policy he will need to implement once his hand is on the tiller, and the other in the till.  Guess they learned a trick from the corporate scientists - when you don't get the data you want, start reporting the data differently.


At the other end of possibility, how about this upcoming shindig: Ron Paul, Justin Raimondo and fellow citizens will gather round for Lew Rockwell next week not too far from my keyboard, in San Mateo.  The conference title: Gold, Freedom and War.


In the old days, they fought to obtain the gold. Nowadays, those who can least afford the influence of gold must start the fight.

Always a new battlefield, always something new on the old battleground.


Long live the king, the king must die.


10.28.05    Sold the rest of CSTR into this big runup

Should get a chance to buy cheaper. Unless it stays in this rarified air and does something exceedingly cool technically, this area is rife with ghoul demons of past resistance.

This stock has been like my own personal coinstar machine. Money 4nuthin!


10.27.05    Sorry to see Quadra give up on the Magistral project

(have been following them recently)


They may have gotten a better deal for the Carlota property from Cambior had they waited a while longer, but management has made some smart moves locking in copper deposits now rather than later. This, and their ability to make money (still!) at the Robinson property makes them a takeover target.  The only growing industry in white pine county.  Though, instability at the Veteran Tripp pit is somewhat troublesome. 


(Do believe the troubles with Apollo gold started with an unstable headwall; they pushed employees - somebody got hurt and eventually the mine went quiet. Then they sold both production mines.)


The fat mountain project way down south is gravy should it come to fruition.

When times get rough, go back to the basics: copper

A producer making money in its second year of operation, focusing on copper and moly b. denum - with gold as a bonus: not a bad place to be on this planet.


'Twas talking with someone who was bummed that the chinese bought out his local producer.

mercury sayeth: watch the chicoms go after quadra or their kin.

They currently they ship most the metal by truck, rail, and boat to china.  May as well ship the means of production and property title and simplify the operation.



10.27.05    Drugs will get you through those times

when you have no money better than money will get you through those times you have no drugs.

Remember all the golden triangles of the world.

Don't underestimate illicit labor weapons and the legal side of the ledger: ammo and spices ( especially sugar and salt )


10.24.05 The new Head Fed

Paging ben ‘helicopter money’ bernanke on line one.

Only two gents mentioned in my 2+ year blog on the bonds. The current headfed, and the next one.

Lucky guess?

What will benny baby do for you?
Any ideas?
The bonds won’t like it much.
But, you still have three days to lock in the I-bonds at this level of tastiness…


10.22.05    yahoo adds rich dad as a columnist

and he immediately pans fiat and pushes gold.

the mercury mewl commentary: see it in the yellows a few years later...


10.7.05    Nevada mining trends.


You may have heard about the Carlin, Battle Mountain, Cortez, and Bullfrog districts.  How about a few others that helped build our nation...


The Antimony King Mine in Bernice Canyon, Nevada, was discovered in 1907 in quartz host in association with gold, silver, and tungsten. The ore was fine but shallow, production was not fully ramped until 1957, when it produced over 1100 tons.  However, the ore played out the next year and the mine was abandoned. 


Tonopah Mining District



and the Tonopah Historic Mining Park Brochure:


Silver! Gold ! It's burned like a fever in the hearts of men and women everywhere.

The Tonopah Historic Mining Park is on the site of Belle and Jim Butler's original mining claim which started the rush to Tonopah making it the "Queen of the Silver Camps". This strike in 1900 brought the United States into the 20th century. Many mining and processing techniques developed here are still used in mining today.

In the spring of 1900, Jim Butler was camping around Tonopah springs. As the story goes, his burro wandered off, and while searching for it, Jim picked up some promising looking ore.  He continued his journey, showing samples to others, but they showed little interest in them.  He returned to his home in Belmont, Nevada and told a young attorney named Tasker Oddie about his discovery.  Tasker had a friend who taught chemistry in Austin, who had the samples assayed and the ore proved to be valued at over $200 a ton (1900 dollars).  At the behest of Jim's wife, Belle, they traveled again to the site of the original find and filed eight claims, removing several tons of ore.  For a on quarter share, Wilse Brougher hauled the ore by horse and wagon to Austin then by rails to Salt Lake City for smelting.  That first shipment netted the partners $500.00 which was used to buy equipment needed for further development. As venture capital was difficult to obtain, Jim Belle, and their partners implemented the unusual concept of mine claim leasing ;by the :foot:.  These lease, which were sealed by a handshake, gave the lessor %75 of all profits from his claim and greatly speeded the development of the district.  Many of the miners got rich under this arrangement.  The practice quickly spread to other mining districts.  The butlers eventually sold their interest in the properties to a Philadelphia financier, who formed the Tonopah Mining Co., with assets of over one million dollars.  Tasker Oddie formed the Tonopah Belmont Development Co. and between these two companies produced over half of the previous metals from this mining district. History tells us that production form the mines form this district produced in excess of five million tons of ore. At today's market, the value of previous metals produced would be in excess of $1,200,000,000 and a few cents (and there were NO TAXES!)

10.7.05    Should we be honest with ourselves

washers, buttons and wooden beads would trade instead of coins and FRNs

they have more intrinsic value


10.7.05    when the going gets weird,

 the weird franchise...


10.7.05  bushie babee saves us from at least 10 terrorist events

lets see


1. NYC baby carriage attack prevented because black ops team alpha-one lost their government laptop which held the subway directions

2. Plague-scale grasshopper attack on Miami canceled in favor of multiprong Hurricane Attack on Gulf Coast. (apparently the HAARP weather modification union has more and better connected members)

3. Anthrax attack, the sequel, on DC canceled due to the sheer numbers of congresspersonage who either failed to show up to work this term, or are under federal indictment and hence holed up elsewhere.

4.  BioTerrorism event in Seattle postponed b.c. the interior hit squad mistakenly killed off most of the worlds bioterrorism researchers (who in turn headed up the black ops attack teams)

5. Light drizzle in Salt Lake City canceled due to lack of interest

6. Due to staffing shortage, MI5 taking up the slack in iraq.

7. Iran postponed due to scheduling conflict

8. sequel attack, that whole flying-of-imaginary-airplanes-into-building-thingie - part duex - postponed due to bankruptcy of entire north American airline industry.

9. watered down alcohol drink with umbrella/sarin attack on major us cruise ship postponed since FEMA commandeered all cruise ships to house their offices at 800% market rates (non-competitively bid, of course) off the NOLA coast. (note, this plan has subsequently been scaled back partially b.c. the lack of/high cost of fuel necessary to power up the jaccuzzis and air conditioning on most window-cabin berths.

10.  apparently this one has also been postponed, but is still scheduled for the future. Reportedly involves suspension of Posse Comitatus and whatever few scraps remain of our former republic to fight another invisible boogie man, perhaps some type of invisible flu, nasty cold, chapped lips, or spore, or maybe one of those really bad hangnails that just seem to last forever.


great performance, i say we scrap the constitution to elect him king a third term.


err, looks like somebody already beat me to the punch on that count.....


10.7.05    in New Orleans, the first federal response at the superdome

was actually US Forest Service employees, type II fire teams.  They set up supply posts.  Since there were actually no supplies to give away, they gave away the food and water they arrived with.


The handlers with the press corps would never film them.  Instead the press only began disseminating images of the Army National Guard once they took over the Delivery Posts established by forest service teams.


true story.


either the press thought that the forest service yellow and green nomex suits were not pretty enough images of NOLA to beam across the wire, or somebody orchestrated the shot of camouflaged federal troops as being the 'calvary that was sent in' to save the hapless villagers.


and those USFS firefighters weren't much too pleased over the whole affair.  Perhaps they won't be so eager to save some godforsaken ranchette subdivision outside phoenix or los angeles next time.  who would blame them.


years ago i gave up my red card (wildland firefighting certificate) no more than a couple weeks after finishing the initial training over something much less significant than what I relay here...


10.7.05    sumitomo metals

mining copper since 1691


how does one buy Sumitomo depository receipts

on either the JSE or ASX


how would one by Sumitomo Group American Deposit Receipt?


10.7.05    anybody else see this point

as a nikkei buy?


10.7.05    compare the number of new issues on the ASX

in the resources vs. the biotech sectors


more interesting...



10.7.05    the thing about iamgold


apparently they didn't like what i said about the change down in reserve estimates last year



so they decided to make up something completely new and different this year regarding reserve estimates


at least they took my advice this year...


10.7.05    international rig count



look how BHI got hammered this week. some thanks, eh?


10.7.05    PDG explains their future

and its on the Cortez.

(not with BGO)


naturally, a new powerplant is required...


10.7.05    GSS suspends operations

surprised none of you picked up on this one


maybe nobody else notice, or cares.

err. who was that guy who just started a rant about the co after years of lovey dovey?


10.4.05    Watched the telly

The Interior Department head, Gale Norton, explained the platform/rig situation in the gulf.  She looked nervous. You might not realize she was once a bigmuck in the libertarian party.  Next up, the Montana governor, explaining how coal is the new sustainable energy. Guess his handlers forgot to explain (couldn't figure out themselves) it ain't coming from Mt. (CAU ring a bell?).


Thing is, coal actually can be one of the cleanest fuels out there. Problem is the state of operations at most power plants cannot support the intensive level of operations and maintenance needed to support the scrubber technology.


10.4.05    Does California collect DNA samples of all newborns?

Somebody told me this, and as an expectant father I have a vested interest in determining the veracity of the statement. 


Did find that the refusal by person convicted of a felony to give samples for DNA and forensic data bank requires is a punishable offense and requires a $3,000 bail per section 298.1.  Louisiana also requires DNA submittal for persons convicted of a felony sexual offense.


Far as I can tell, only instance where the state can 'release' DNA is via authorization in California Penal Code, Section 299, to law enforcement agencies.  Apparently there is no restriction on the use of this DNA by the authorities.


10.2.05    Reno Real Estate has topped for higher end properties

Mortgage applications have been steady throughout the summer, but not as strong as last year and this spring. Days on market for the pricier properties have increased. Prices have peaked. New subdivisions now have homes that have flipped twice in a month sitting vacant whereas last year the buyer waiting list had over 100 names.


Had been one of the strongest markets in the western US, peaking later than san diego, san francisco, sacramento and las vegas. thought the mania would continue longer; perhaps it still will...


10.2.05    More on Mercury emissions

Under US regulations provisions to reduce mercury emissions by a 'cap and trade' policy will require mercury pollution credits to trade by 2010.  The clean air mercury rule was supposed to reduce hg air emissions by 90% in 2008. Instead the new rules will reportedly reduce emissions by 70% when fully implemented in 2018. The system to trade Hg credits is already in large scale development whereas systems to trade NOx, Sox and Pm are not.

(Even though SOx has trades since the 1990's there are no major efforts to rebalance emission trading balances/allowances or those regulatory systems which govern the trade mechanisms).


The dates could change because the issue is in play at the state level, especially Nevada and Montana. For example, here is a decent take on the issue in Montana as published this weekend:


mercury cleanup is not cheap, regardless of the media. look at some of the numbers bandied about here:


10.2.05    Mining and The Politics in the Press Pictures

This one is a beauty.

Miner is bad because he is unlicensed.

Mining is bad because miner gets polluted.

Mercury is an environmental ethics issue because the poor get polluted.

Because the poor miner is poisoned near the Las Cristinas concession (read the word),

KRY deserves to lose their mine.


9.28.05    The airshed regulatory structure

Currently anticipates the future futures market for Hg credits, not pm2.5 NOx and SOx.

Watch for the tech cominco case to pave precedent for international pollution flow...


9.28.05    Bought MRB @ 1.46

for a flyer


9.28.05    The wide difference between new-home sales and existing home sales

Shows what it is: a speculators market.  The market still has a ways to run imo (though California prices have already topped in several markets).  Still waiting for the ubiquitous 40-yr, 50yr, and intergenerational mortgages for 'investment in your children's future". 


9.22.05    The good neighbor miner

Must have a reasonable strategy to conserve resources, reclaim, protect worker safety, be a good neighbor, and conserve capital.

9.22.05    In any of the dozens of mine reclamation articles I read

has the press EVER mentioned that the majority of common remediation techniques were developed and perfected by the mining industry? Nope, not once.


9.21.05    Coal Burning. It isn't the particulate matter

that proves problematic for coal, it the mercury

it basically comes down to the operation and maintenance schedule for the best available technology scrubbers. course, most people can no longer get a comprehension loan, much less pay attention more than a 30sec tee vee spot, so the press is quite happy presenting stories in the dick and jane style. 



9.21.05    Biodiesel, what will it take to believe?

gasoline at 3$/gallon? 4, 5, 6?...


2005 Jeep Liberty Biodiesel
yep, finally a car made in that us consumers want. The model is selling well.

anybody drive one yet?


Of course, pretty much all diesels can run on vegetable oil.  Gut i find it interesting how long it has taken for one of the majors to finally figure out there is a marketing angle here. the first tank is supposedly on a 5% bio ( B5 ) mix. but, at least it is made from OHIO soybeans.

Though not all diesels run well on bio. older engines aren't that efficient on higher blends. some warranties are voided.



9.20.05    On eminent domain

Somebody was facing a county highway project that would go through their font yard and asked about options to avoid eminent domain or at least strengthen their negotiation position.  Here were my thoughts:


If I were in your shoes, Id consider building the following files:

Your File
( If you sell )
What are your mineral rights
What are your water rights
Plot value of land and built residential square foot over 50 years at 5 yr intervals
Determine value of natural and cultural resources on your land ( midden layers, BRMs, pestils and mortars etc. )
Find soil survey, ag and timber designations

Find endangered species, wetlands, historic designations
Find animal unit month support for your property via equivalency
Fight for property, rights, and access retention clauses ( i.e. if there is an arrowhead on your land, they better pay you for all possible arrowhead you could find and sell in the future x number and types of other resources. i.e. don't quitclaim anything )
Document real property including all alterations and improvements ( gather previous permits )
Show plans for future improvement ( business plans, architect drawings, blues etc. )
Know your other liabilities ( HOA? Hazmat? )
Ensure no encumbrances or liens etc. on your property or title
Survey Coordinates; ensure NAD and Plane are correct and consistent
Determine centerline
Take pictures of and document condition of EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, before they begin sabotage
Get CLUE file
Document all costs, time and material developing files
Establish all reasonably expected costs to fully document conditions and values
Establish reasonably expected costs incurred by re-locating ( increased taxes, insurance, etc. ) and emotional distress on family ( new school etc. )
Look into sheltering
Look into equity stripping
Negotiate strong indemnify, reimburse, defend, save and hold harmless clauses
Define maintenance and transfer agreements
Retain all rights and claims
Decline all limitation ( affects of approval, etc. )

Their File
( If you fight, or simply want a better price )
What is the county sewer and water offset requirements
What does zoning speak to subdivision and use requirements
Get a copy of the MT Public Utility Commission regs and caselaw ( anything that undermines their standing )
What authorization for right of way/domain do they cite ( i.e. 16 USC? )
Get a copy of all current rights of way agreements for your property and all rights of way and eminent domains previous for your county, city and state
Find previously used rights of refusal and termination in previous ROWs and domain transfers
Shadow their compliance process and documentation
Fight them on suitability analysis ( land classification, soil suitability from Order II soil survey, drainage, etc. )
Find Mt. EIS/R w/ socioeconomic impact analysis of viewshed
Stipulate time and costs for vacate and surrender clauses
Fight them on:

- Congressional conflict of interest
- Third party benefit
- Compliance with equal opportunity, environmental justice and civil rights clauses
- Governing terms
- Survivability provisions and covenants ( termination, revocation, expiration )

- Bond provided to County
- Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity
Fight all Joint Powers/Authorities/Contracts/MOAs/MOUs/Swaps/Possessory-exclusive-permanent interest transfers etc ) :
( ie. Non-Continuous waivers. Anti-deficiency, breach, governing wages, severalabiltiy, joint performance, timelines, conditions and waivers, material assumptions and projections, ad nauseum )

Document breaches and establish claims of continuous waiver
Challenge all notaries, stamps, attestments, testaments and witnesses
Challenge all mitigation measures and certifications

( more than one way of getting paid )

Hope that helps get you started. Have fun with it?

9.16.05    On REITS

we own NLY

bombed today b.c. the cost of money is going up.

lottsa people been real happy with these reits over the last three years.

whole lot easier than powerwashing, painting, and landlording.


so now, the money parkers have to look around for a new parking lot.

and what sector has all the big green numbers right now?


9.16.05    mining's threee dirty little words





9.16.05    another new skool year,

another evacuation of a nevada shcool b.c. of a mercury spill

yep, somebody dropped a thermometer


(you can tell a mercury thermometer b.c. it has a silver thread in it.

red or black ones are colored alcohol.)


9.16.05    mercury wars

Nevada Mining association presents parry to Utah and Idaho

claims of mercury poisoning in the air shed resulting from N. Nv mining ops.


(get in line sweeties)



9.17.05    get it?







9.16.05    never take your eyes off the Virgin



only one, no rule of 72 on this baby...




9.16.05    The most important graphic in the mining industry

forget your drill programme,

and charts,

and COT graphs,

and production projections...



9.16.05    Las Vegas Valley enters drought restriction period

They were actually very wet/lucky this last water year.


9.16.05    The US Forest Service road study started in 2002 for Elko county

Has some draft recommendations coming out.


- Establish permits for all-terrain vehicles

- close roads to locals

- on the roads they don't close, charge an access fee


and otherwise limit access to our land.


funny, thats exactly what happened the last time they did this type of study 20 years ago...


except this time they use Clean Water Act section 303(d), turbidity as the trigger


9.16.05    This will increase mining design and construction costs

on the Cortez and Carlin deposits for years to come


(NEM determines soil physics and inadequate waste pile design to blame for failure earlier this year)


NEM is the big dog, lead of the sled

all the enviro NGOs have their sights on the leader

their web page homes spout NEMs misadventures from Carlin to Indonesia


(materials management and dewatering have never proven that cheap to begin with,

add a hard stare from the watchdogs and blend accordingly)


look at AGTs miscues.

engineering failure; safety

(hey, what are they up to on their advertising board on days without lost-time injuries along the highway.

they make it to triple digits yet?)


other than me, nobody is gonna give agt a hard time b.c. they are out of the spotlight.


perception management costs dwarf a decent engineers wage.



9.16.05    Everybody ready for the NEW YEAR

the new water year, that is.

the ONLY ONE that counts.



9.7.05    Sure has been fun wrangling over definitions of


now how about we argue over the definition of 'energy shock'...


9.7.05    Apparently the New Orleans Mint was damaged by Katrina.

Had anybody visited this museum?

I never took the time...


9.7.05    Great Basin Gold

The Pretty Names:








The ugly names:




Which is the long term play: the balance sheet, the stock chart, or the reserves?


As long as one of the projects (burnstone or ivanhoe) work out, they will make bank.

Problem is, one has the uncertainty of BEE,

the other has the uncertainty of an increasingly dim water and power situation in nevada...


Kimberly Feasibility Study was nice (but action immediately following marked the beginning (Feb 05) of a double top in the chart).

[actually the Burnstone ( property ) pre-feasibility study. Of course, it was the drill programme for the Kimberley (geologic formation ) that was published this February; specifically: lookup section 8.1. and see the resource estimates in section 9.]


Their capital spending trails the sector, yet their development projects are much larger than sector average.

IF you are going to own gold still in the ground, may as be a whole bunch of gold in the ground.

I like their molybdenum exposure in the Yukon, though as a general rule am not fond of mining activities north of the 59th. (property written off anyway)

The company has not made a dime, and maybe never will. But somebody will develop those deposits. The Carlin is still a better bet than the Cortez at this junction, mainly due to existing infrastructure. (Though long term, better keep accumulating the players at Cortez - Victoria Resources, etc.)

Ivanhoe property (predicted cash cost of $134/oz) is equidistant between some wonderful names, perhaps these ring a bell:

Ken Snyder mine; Goldstrike, Post-Betze.

Elko county is the most friendly mining territory in the world. Period.

Their neighbors are Barrick, Meridian, Newmont (note their choice AND timely acquisition of the Franco-Nv properties) and Glamis.

Preliminary study used two of the best mining labs in north america.


Problems to watch:

- power

- Nem problems with dewatering and reclamation uses of Humboldt River basin water  (and state/fed beneficial waters) has been challenged in the courts. Rulings not unequivocal imho.

- no key employee insurance. (but really - look at the bench they have and the other properties managed by these guys (Dickinson, Cousens, Mason, segsworth et. al.)

 - environmental (mercury ball) potential exposure and liability

- nastiness with that harlot Hecla, a name more cursed than Katrina.


caveat: i own it, at a loss, still like it...


9.7.05    FEMA

by the time the govt. investigation

into NOLA is through

FEMA will be a full cabinet position



9.7.05    Productivity and Wage pressures

For years everybody pins the inflation argument on the wage pressure

on that day when the news (such that it is)


shows that  wages pressures finally exhibit the strongest sustained trend and largest increase in the trajectory of that trend,

all anybody wants to talk about is some two-bit politician and a inconsequential new government giveaway - just like the last thousand giveaways



9.5.05    Suggestion to the denizens of NOLA

Bring back the AFRO:
Afro-American Face Reserve Organization. These AFRO dollars were used as trade scrip in the 1970's.

The fed has shown their interest in you. Perhaps it is now time to return the favor and regain control over your community.


9.5.05    Suggestion to the Louisiana State Treasurer

Re-print Louisianan Baby Bonds; this time backed 10% by precious metal.


Private currency has always been a supplement to the state scrip.  By the time the civil war was over, the US Treasury was so depleted that it embarked on a campaign to tax everybody and everything possible, including the freely traded private currencies of the day.  The state of Louisiana brilliantly upended this tax by instead circulating bonds as currency. Since bonds are not federally taxable, either now nor then the US collected no revenue on the 'Louisianan Baby Bonds'.  The bonds traded as currency by face value. Eventually the Congress found out and made the practice illegal.


I made a similar suggestion to the California State Treasurer two years ago


Namely, issue a state general obligation backed partially by gold.
He thought it would be nice.

Next year he will run against arnie for the Governors Mansion.

I will check back in with him then...



9.4.05    New credit rule timing

The timing of the new bankruptcy laws and calculations for how much minimum payment credit card revolving debt holders must submit every month is nearly divine vis a vis the energy shock and coming budget re-evaluation in most american households.


9.4.05    mewls

Some feign true shock about how the situation went down in New Orleans.  The abandonment of the state by the feds - both in preparation, defense, and response. The performance of the thief-in-chief as he rubbernecked from his plane burning hundreds of gallons of jet fuel whilst the minions below waited in lines up to a mile long for  few gallons of gas. The performance by the worst of the NOLA citizens as they resorted to the most depraved behavior possible when it appeared that nobody was watching, or could raise much of an objection much less a response, and perhaps that indeed nobody cared, frankly. 


Some feign true shock that these things could have happen in the works richest country.

Stand the thesis on its head.

Should it still shock you that these things happened in the worlds most indebted country?


9.4.05    Palladium, A quest

Went to a city, the biggest I could find.

The big Apple. Surely, they could tell me where to find some palladium.

Went down on 5th avenue, right outside the big park.

Walked myself straight into Cartier (52nd and 5th). Asked to see a palladium watch. They had all kinds of overpriced stuff, most of it ridiculous. Alas, they had nothing in palladium.


Went to Saks, Macy's, Hammacher Schelmmer looking for something - anything - made in palladium. No such luck.

Went a few more blocks until I thought I found the metals and precious Oasis amongst the retail wasteland on the corniest street in the city, the dive known as Tiffanys.


Skipped the overdressed and underwhelming sales ladies and floor reps and guards and middlemen and marched straight into the suspicious eyes of the floor manager and asked to see something in palladium.


PALLADIUM, Its a type of metal, kinda shiny.

No, don't think we have anything like that.


She had never heard of the metal.  Floor manager for one of the worlds largest retail jewelers was absolutely clueless.


Gave up on the gauche gucci crowd and moved on....


...moving on to the jewish jewel, jewelry and gemstone capital of NYC!  Without doubt my quest must be nearing an end as I ambled along W. 47th just south of Rockefeller Plaza...


9.2.05    Heads up

Over half of US grain exports leave NOLA


Western US tourists destinations will see increased visitation compared FL and the gulf coast, though all tourism is deflated as increased transpiration costs eat into disposable income.


Western US also will see increased visitation by scouts looking to disrupt US energy production. transport and transmission.


Wonder which commercial REIT has the biggest NOLA exposure?


9.2.05    Watching the flow of casino money

is quite enlightening. assuredly, it doesn't quite flow the way they promised during the ballot initiatives.

ive visited several of the casinos around NO, biloxi, and gulfport. They were running a solid business. The business model and management there was much more solid than some of the indian casino operations in Washington, New Mexico or the other Harrahs/trump/et. al operations in upper state Miss. or other midwest venues imo.

Sorry to see it go, like so much else on the gulf coast...


Some casino money goes into the black market illicit drug manufacture and transport business such as equipment, plants, plots, mules, soldiers, bribes, payola etc. The casino money is more launderable than most other industries. Since many purchased with hot cash are not reported, they in turn feed the black market. This undercuts the state and local government ever-increasing desire to buff out revenue streams.  Hence, the state increasingly turns to the casino revenue themselves to support social programs, even as the hot money chases out the good economies.


The cash supports the illicit drug trade so that those who get addicted (those same individuals with a propensity to gamble often have a propensity to drink and drug) will keep turning to the casino as an opportunity to get more money, to buy more drugs.


One of the reasons that methamphetamine has hit your town hard in the last few years is because of the casino proliferation across our country.  Takes decades to see the full effects...


mining money does the opposite

9.2.05    This week in Black Rock City, Nevada

The people built a city of 35,000 on a patch of dry lakebed where there had previously only been clay;

Over 300 porta-potties have been staged;

People have arrived with thousands of supply trucks full of enough equipment and supplies to last for 5-14 days in some of the most extreme weather conditions on the continent;

The people have brought their own shelters and generators and other temporary means of production;

These people bring enough not only for themselves, but enough to give away to others who arrive under prepared.

Groups of artisans and extra-commercialists built this city.


None of this was done by the government, in fact - most done despite multiple hindrances and road blocks BY the government.

In a week the city will be entirely abandoned, except for  a skeleton crew who will remain for several more weeks to completely restore the city site to what it was - a dry clay lakebed.


Look to the story of another city, New Orleans Louisiana, too se the inverse story -what happens when the government makes and implements the plans.  This week proved a watershed in so many ways.  Perhaps there is still time for you to understand the true intentions of our government - embodied as DHS/FEMA - and its administration of protection and justice...


9.2.05   Gold production continues to fall in South Africa,

Australia, and Nevada.  However, the rate of production in Nv is falling less than elsewhere, and therefore it will become the worlds largest producer.


If the prospective nevada miner has political connection and the ability to procure water, petro, and labor through non-retail markets - the company might even be able to make a little money.


9.2.05    Rhenium

You might hear about this element someday, in a big way.


re: Molybdenum-Rhenium alloy and catalysts.

Anybody aware of a commercial concern still producing rhenium alloys?


9.1.05    Namely, my concern is that as our response to 911 was Iraqistan

NOLA will result in something similarly hideous, and along the same proportional scale...

?only to compound our ability to respond to the next incident.

Or, hey, maybe that was the intent...

9.1.01    The list of cities to be destroyed:


Someday, all of these cities ( just a function of time ) will also be destroyed ( or re-destroyed ) by earthquake ( or other tectonic shift impacts such as volcano/tsunami/seiche etc. ) and built again:

San Diego
New York, Ny
San Francisco
Saint Louis, Mo
Sacramento, Ca
Los Angeles, Ca
Memphis, Tn
San Jose
Mexico City

And hundreds more...


Maybe we should just abandon all those cities right now that will every have an earthquake/seich/fire/tsunami/tornado/fire/flood/cyclone/hurricane/moth infestation/mold and save the inevitable deaths and insurance papers down the road???

And mostly, to save ourselves form the cacaphoneus refrain from the minions shouting in unison:
-why didn't the government save us?

- I never knew an earthquake could cause me so much inconvenience, - I demand immediate social services and/or a job/new car/mental health screening/free food, big screen tv, diapers, and shoes!

- Why didn't the city build a larger shock absorber/bungee cord apparatus/bouncy house beneath my apartment building?

For all of us who ever complained against the house odds and rigged markets.

Perhaps chance to play a game, not like the slot machines where you are betting against the house and therefore the odds are against you, but instead like poker ? where you just have to be a little less of a mark than the person seated to your right.


8.31.05    The United States Army Corps of Engineers


Has had extremely few failures since Washington appointed the first Engineer of the Army to help out at Breeds Hill.


This was not one of them. 


None of the forts built by the USACE have fallen.

None of the major bridges or bulkheads have failed.


The New Orleans canals and levees were built with a 250-year life. The system lasted that long. Warranty ran out. Is it really news to anyone?

The rest of the US canal and levee system, with some exceptions such as those waterhighways in the US northeast (B and O, C and O, etc.) have been designed for 100 year standards.


The second highest competent series of levees in the US is in the Central Valley of California. Built to a 100 year spec. Sacramento has been rebuilt twice. (And in a case of major foreshadowing which actually nobody anywhere has picked up on, the Ca. levees failed in two places this year. There was a large, if brief, brouha about the time. The asparagus crop was lost and we all moved on. These levees were built by private consortiums, not the Corps.) 


Only the Dutch have invested in a longer event-horizon, 500 years.


New Orleans and her support infrastructure was built to last 250 years, and that's the length of time we enjoyed her comforts.  None of us resting on the benches eating a Po'Boy at the foot of Canal Street outside the Aquarium looking up 25 feet to see the barges flow past really - deep down - knew it going to last forever.


What's everybody gonna' do, move away from the riparian zone/volcano/beach/earthquake area? Those are the pretty places!

Non-quantified risk carries a certain appeal with our species. Look at the very sparse numbers living in the safe areas of the world such as the Gobi or the Four Corners area.


Practically all major cities in our civilization have gone through the destruction and rebuild cycle; most more than once.


Sometimes you have to pull the plug and rebuild.

That was the orders, right or wrong.

The USACE will execute flawlessly...


in other words,

the engineers have been bailing out the politicians for centuries.


8.29.05    Given the state of affairs facing New Orleans in the next couple months

Chlorox (Clx) is a buy. One of the first things you learn in disaster response is the value of a germicide and water treatment agent (chorine or high test hypochlorite).


8.28.05    Black Rock Playa: Microcosm for the current land issues in the Western US

The recreation groups vs. the Energy firms vs. the environmentalists.


The users want continued use permits.

The dueling energy firm proposals (Sempra vs. a green consortium) will need up to 16,000 (for starters, really) acre feet a year of water.

The environmentalists want to ban all mechanized use on the playa.


All eyes turn to Gerlach as another Burning Man season gears up...


8.28.05    Washington water picture

Spoke with a fisheries biologist last week on the Olympic peninsula. Stated that the expected salmon run of 400k was about 4000 instead. Fwiw.


8.28.05    Nevada water picture

The NV State water engineer will hold an open meeting next week regarding shortages in the western-central boom area.


The situation down south is getting bad. The dire straits of the Colorado Plateau and River will now force draws against the Virgin River. The environmentalists will likely challenge this one.  Could upset the entire region framework agreement. With Senator Henry Reid (Senate Minority leader, D.-NV, son of a Nv. miner and longtime champion of Nv mining issues and leader of the framework - sitting in his easy chair recovering from failing health, the discussions could wind as crooked as the Virgin Valley badlands...


8.28.05 New memo, ATTN: specs and vulture capitalists

The hot money/foreclosure conference will not be in either vegas/boston/phoenix/SF/ as previously planned, but instead has been rescheduled in New Orleans next week...


8.28.05    The battle of Hg emissions in Nv heats up

The battle ground is the cleanest airshed in the lower 48.

This posturing must occur, there is no way the pollution credits want this market to open without some initial skirmishes to define the topography and positions.


8.28.05    Next week, Mr. Greenjeans talks about the speculative bubble

in numismatic coins.


8.28.05    If the bushleagured releases

the strategic petroleum reserve at $3.00/gallon, does that speed up or slow down military action against Venezuela/Iran?


Amazing really, the public buys the oil at a few dollars on the barrel. When they are forced to buy it back (from whom) for $60 a gallon they feel like they got a great deal!


8.21.05    Rather surprised to hear national public radio

push 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman' over the airwaves last week...


8.21.05    Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe Festival

The people wanted economic independence, so they came to California for the gold and to Nevada for the silver

Miners needed wood, so they came to Lake Tahoe for the sugar, ponderosa, and jeffrey pines.

The miners needed water. So Von Zephyr built a dam at Lake Tahoe.

The miners then had too much water, so Sutro built the tunnel to dewater the Comstock.

More miners came. They, and the lumberjacks needed food. 

So the water from the Tahoe was diverted from the Truckee River, which flows out of Tahoe, into the valleys to allow agriculture.

Of course, the government needed a piece of the action so they pushed the Newlands project to systemize the agriculture and institute and institution.  

Then the fights and skirmishes allowed the government to push the Bureau of Reclamation onto the rolls in 1902. 


After long series of negotiations, the water was appropriated and adjudicated and distrusted. And the fights calmed down.


Bye and large, the miners are gone.

The loggers are gone.

Can agriculture hang on against the backdrop of new housing springing up like sagebrush after the march rains?

Or is the Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe Festival the only remnant of the region's gold mining past that will remain?


Yet, the people still come. This time chasing gloried economic independence via house flipping.

And the wells start to run dry.


The senior water statesmen, Sen. Harry Reid (D) - Nev., suffered a stroke last week.

There is no heir apparent.

Will the framework hold, as Vegas scurries to de-water the rest of the state to prop up her dreamy facade?


8.20.05    Went to the pre-birth class today

to learn my role as a coach. Quite an eye opener for this ignorant fool.  Methinks the menfolk had it easier back in the day when they were confined to the waiting room.


That's right, the women are smarter...


8.18.05    Went into the Bank of America branch to make a withdrawl

While waiting for the teller to do her majic, the person next to me got a little flustered because she needed a temporary check, and the teller told her "We don't do that anymore'.  Then another woman told her tale of woe about losing her ATM card.  I suggested she just get an emergency one made up here in the branch. The teller piped up: "Oh, we don't do that anymore".  Upon further query she admitted it would be between 10-12 business days before a new card was issued.  So, I amended my request from payment in large bills to include 40$ in half dollars.  This always gets them flustered, as the teller invariably chirps she doesn't have enough in her drawer and I them explain how she will have to check with the merchant drawer and then make change at every other teller station until she gets me the denomination I request, as I asked "Do you still make change?".  And yes, I managed to pull another 40% silver half-dollar out of circulation. Who said there's no free lunch, er, snack?


8.16.05    The propensity for a company to increase its dividend

is a WHOLE lot higher than the odds a company will start paying one...

8.16.05   The price of natgas and the piece on National Public Radio today

re: viability of pyrolosis destruction vs  "the all new and improved incinerator" argument in the city of the angels, ca?

get your pb, hg and benzo furan allotments now chillums.

8.16.05    gold stox volume

volume on ITRO

could have bought a 1916-d mercury dime in VF...


volume on GRZ last couple days = barely a down payment on a house in california

8.14.05    Re: The future of Interest Rates and Bonds-Bulls vs.. Bears


Somebody sent me an article with this title and asked what I thought. Here is what I thought:


The first thing I look for in any story is the source, and the backers, and who has what to gain by what line is currently promulgated.  In this case, CNN and Turner and his interests.


When my parents lived in Atlanta I visited and on one occasion took the CNN tour. Essentially, they bragged about their blue screens and teleprompters and feeds of the party line across the world via fiber optic in a manner of minutes.  In other words, they stated they were one of the largest massagers in the world of public opinion – purveyors of doublespeak and vanguards against thoughtcrime - via their position to intently and instantly transmit what they wanted you to hear instantaneously across the globe.  The blue screen rooms featured actors benefited by cosmetic surgery reading the ‘news’ fed via the teleprompter while they pointed to a blank screen  –  there was actually nothing on the screen they pointed to, the entire presentation was a mirage married to whatever spewed out over the wire.


Regarding ownership and the interests served: basically, Ted and Jane are fine examples of a modern day abortion parading as a service to our fine fellow citizens. I do not support their views, or glad-handing on behalf of the global socialists or any of their products.  Thankfully, their products and market share have steadily gone down the drain along with their image. As much as I hate to see people suffer, their divorce and obvious schism within Jane’s psyche over the last couple years is simply manifestation of a deeper sickness within; that same sickness presented 24/7 by wolf blitzer and company over the years via our airwaves.  So, the CNN fade into irrelevancy is expected and natural and hence I don’t pay too much attention to their drivel, similar as its always been, but less applicable by the day.


Moving from presentation of the article to substance, I found none.  Any clown that cites Alan Greenspan as a credible director of the current economic situation only admits their undying service to the continuing smoke and mirrors campaign that now serves as the shell of what was once , at minimum , lip-synching service to domestic and international financial policy.


Alan Greenspan was rightly mocked by Ayn Rand decades ago as a social climber and lo and behold he and Andrea did not disappoint in their projected career path. Acting as the figurehead spokesperson of the moneyed kingmakers interest controlling the holdings of the private federal reserve banks, he has generally soiled himself with damnable obfuscation and adorned himself with the pedantic jewelry of a 1k plated shell housing nothing yet an empty space except for the bitter pill of service to the overlords which he will ultimately use as the suicide solution. 


In a manner of speaking, the CNN fairy tale serves Greenspun up as authority whilst the only names with perhaps scraps of authority left via their projected wizard-of-Oz-to-be position as head-fed-head such as McTeer and Bennie “helicopter money” Bernanke are nowhere to be found. Bennie baby has already stated that the fed must inflate or die as they would much rather push hyperinflation along the string as opposed to the deflation bearing down harder than a locomotive wrong way on the tracks into the station.


There is no conundrum on the bond rates. The yield curve is flattening. The fed has absolutely no impact on the long term rates as shown by a record 2.5% increase in the fed funds rate over the previous quarter. The thirty year bond has shown its own independence and has directed only downward over the recent history.  As the yield curve is flattening and the 30 year bond has shown the way into further malaise.


That is - looks like the next worldwide recession is about 8 months out.  The fed knows their enemy is deflation, not inflation.  Since we have already seen that their stated tool to fight inflation – short term interest rates is a completely irrelevant and useless red-herring, we must realize that they are actually battling deflation and only have two arrows in their quiver: 1) They must devalue the USDollar by cranking out greenbacks by the billion; and 2) War.  The fed and bankers worldwide are deathly afraid of deflation since it will remove the only reason for their current existence – loaning a product (US debt) that is rapidly becoming useless.  Nobody actually gives their money to the banks anymore, that trust went out the window 70 years ago and never came back except for a brief period of time in the 80s when Volker drove up the fed funds rate and certificates of deposit shadowed shallowly.


I watch container ships come into this country through the Golden Gate laden down with goods made in china.  These ships, flying under Norwegian and Panamanian flags, leave empty except for the commodities that typically represent the economic output of third world countries such as fruits vegetables and grains and cotton destined to actually become a product in another country where we have previously exported our means of production. Millions of real production jobs are gone from this country, forever. The only growth industry is derivative peddling and government.  These both require current warfare.  In fact, one of the largest exports in this country is hazardous waste.


The leading economic indicators have been bearish for 18 months now.

The Baltic dry goods index (international shipping) has dropped.

Natural gas is up 45% over the last year and you know what has happened with the price of oil.  Where were the ecumenicists warning of the oil price spike a year and a half ago? Oh yeah, calling for new lows…


The US dollar shows complexity. I hope that it has just finished the second wave correction and has just turned down again into wave three which should last about 2-3 years.  The scarier chart shows that the dollar is still in the wave I impulse down.


The US Govt tipped its hand when it raised the hackles over the Chinese state oil company, CNOOC, in its bid to buy Unocal.  Essentially, the US Govt stated its fine for the foreign banks to engorge themselves with US Treasury debts, but that should they actually try to spend the fanciful US Dollar, they would find it actually purchases nothing.  At that point the ChiComs finally, after years of feet-dragging – de-pegged the renminbi from the USD.  Coincidence, eh?  How much time do you think CNN spent on that little tidbit?


The people of our great county are fully willing to go deeper into debt to finance their lifestyle, but most the rest of the world is not. Especially some of those countries (the few left with whom we have a positive trade balance) who we count on to buy are production (what little remains) simply fall apart when their price of energy – in asia mostly imported over 90% of supply – exceeds their ability to borrow US paper.


Meanwhile the common people in our country are absolutely ecstatic that nobody can afford to buy a home anymore b.c. their price of their equity has made them all ‘rich’.  When the rest of the plebiscites realize that and begin to dump their collateralized mortgage obligations – ahem – ‘leverage’ the real fireworks begin as the Fannie and Freddie derivatives unwind.


Has BA begun the 40 and 50 yr mortgages yet?  Remember the ‘generational’ bridge loans on Japanese property in the 80s?


Well, that’s my review on the first 20 or so words of the article. It got much worse from there. Probably a Wharton or yale graduate who has numbed and dumbed so completely that any possible presentation of cogency is simply not an option.  Calling the increase in oil price inflationary tips shows either his rudimentary understanding or his objective and masters; possibly both…


So, what do you think?


8.3.05    Internment Camps

Those who refuse their past are taxed to repeat it.

Just one little executive order, and US citizens became enemy aliens.

And it wasn't just the Japanese but the italians, and germans, and chinese, and cree and sioux and ....

Let's not be coy and confuse the Alien Enemy Act of 1798 ( 50 USC 21-24 ) with the executive orders of the 19th and 20th centuries.


One of my other favorite Internment camps is Ellis Island - under the statue of liberty.

Interned US citizens until August 1946.
how american!


For further reading:

US Department of Justice

Immigration and Naturalization Service

425 I Street, NW

Washington, DC 20536


Look for files per correspondence code:

HQ 150/4.5.3


Direct correspondence to:


INS Historical Reference Library

425 I Street NW, Room 1100

Washington, DC 20536

ATTN: Assistant Director, History Office


When there, request they pull the following:

File: 56125 (various sub number)

Accession File: 85-58A734

Boxes 2410-2435


You have to look it up yourself since the Freedom of Information Act requests have been uniformly and typically vapid.

The congressional reports have been an order of magnitude worse, criminal in some minds.


8.1.05    The big bad bid story today nobody told you about:

Google abandoned effort to build competitor to PayPal


Lets see, the US Postal Service gave up the effort,

Google gave up the effort,

Microsoft gave up the effort,


Looks like nobody wants to control the commercial electronic transfer of cyber-digits after all!


i.e. i wouldn't short either eBay or their muscle at this point...


8.1.05    Tungsten

The US Army had been trying to develop a tungsten bullet as a replacement for lead.  Looks like it won't happen. Not too easy getting a price on this metal, only published every two weeks!


7.29.05    The beauty of a country's coinage is inversely related to the strength, moral and otherwise, of that country


Fascinating relationship. We all understand to some degree the phenomena that the strength and vitality of a county is presented in its coinage.

The interesting note is that the beauty of the coinage is actually inversely related to the relative strength of our country.


There are numerous coins documented throughout numismatics which portend the pervasive zeitgeist of the national consciousness.  The Standing Liberty Quarter shows Liberty guarding the portals of liberty with a shield following the ravages of WWI is but one in a string of examples.  The barber coinage and Lincoln penny reverses show the prominence and strength of American farming and commodity markets at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.


Examining some of the uglier coins our country has produced, let' start at the start - the 1794 Silver Dollar.  An absolute aesthetic dollar comforted only with the caveat that our minters were quite new to the game in 1794. The obverse, featuring perhaps the definitive example of how not to feature woman completely denigrates any possibility this coin had at approaching pleasantness.  With liberty's hair not flowing as much as proving a stringy  exhibition of a tangled medussan mess, wiser heads prevailed and her caricature of a woman lasted no more than 18 months.  The reverse was not better, this strangled rubber chicken replication of our national bird fouled the back side of the coin well into the next decade.



7.29.05    Today for the first time I felt my baby kick in my wife's womb

I will always remember that.  Such a gently little sensation, barely noticeable - was such a powerful moment that will leave an indelible memory on my psyche.


7.28.05    We lost a big one today: CAFTA

Another nail in the coffin of a free society. This will cause indescribable pain over the life, such as it is, of the next generation. I contacted by congressman, again. Some good that did. How 'bout you?


The CODEX provisions alone, not too mention all the crap that doubtlessly was added just before the midnight vote, will wreak health havoc for decades.  Better buy up the international health and drug companies, while fighting them on every other level, and devise the means of production for your current herbs and health supplements.


7.24.05    Western Press beginning to fan the flames

of the drought and increasingly perilous outlook for the water supply vis a vis the million+ new homes in the last few years.


Boom and Bust

Sage and Dust


Got to have a handy excuse should the golf course parch a bit and yield (again) to the tumbleweed and the no interest loan/quintaplex speculation prove a bumpy washboard road in the rearview mirror precariously jangling off the ol jalopy of dreams...


7.23.05    Not an easy one to figure out,

but I learned when somebody doesn't want your help,

don't give it to them.


7.23.05    Almaden Minerals

They put a private placement a couple days ago but did not generate much interest.

Only 8 thousand something shares traded on a daily average of over 35 thousand.

Too thin to win, though I have heard good things about their management team.


7.23.05    Heard the commercial for the 40-year mortgage

First time I heard one for a 40-year term, though I knew it was coming. Why not go into debt for 100 years and pass it on to future generations. Every county that carries a deficit has done that anyway with the public bill...


7.23.05    From the Survey of Middle America

Once in a while I fill out consumer surveys. Since I have asked many people to fill out surveys myself in the past, I don't mind doing it once in a while.  Besides, I can complete the forms really fast because I usually make up most the answers, and they pay a few bucks anyway.


The survey company sends the results at the end. This particular survey reports that:


7% of households have one person actively involved in collecting stamps, and 27% have somebody collecting coins.


 The only higher percentage hobby was gardening.




7.17.05    Took the metal detector out last weekend...

I was prepared: had the tools, equipment, time, and mindset.  I found 37 cents.

Then the other day I was walking to the pool. Looked down in the dirt and picked up an 18K gold ring with two diamonds and a ruby (and at this point I actually believe they are real).

Nobody has yet answered the lost and found notice I put up.


Got to be a message there somewhere...


7.17.05    Only eight more years before Hg pollution credits trade


Why wait? Get yours now!

Idaho and Utah are beginning to exert increasing pressure on the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection to decrease the fugitive airborne mercury emissions that reach their states.  Looks like Nv is beginning to acquiesce and may soon make the voluntary program - only pertaining to the majors - mandatory and also require the smaller miners to comply with mercury measurements. Neither real easy nor cheap.


7.11.05    Top Ten bumper stickers not to put on the baby stroller

1. Bitch on Wheels

2. I don't know who the daddy is, but I know where the titty is.

3. I'm with stupid

4. One Barf at a time

5. I came, I saw, I cried and crapped myself

6. Help, I'm being held hostage

7. Touch me and I'll puke

8. My other stroller is a sherpa

9. Alcohol didn't make me great, alcohol just made me

10. If you ain't a raiders fan, you ain't shit


7.4.05    Palladium Quest

Ebay search: 950 Palladium

Hits: Zero


sum market.


More interest in the 1976 release of the Carpenters' Live at the Palladium CD.

To be fair, that was one hot setlist...


7.4.05   July 4th.

What I once celebrated as Independence Day, is now the most depressing day of the year.  Eleven years ago, under duress and after diligent negotiations that could just not pan out given the timeframe I was operating under, I presented my state drivers license as ID.  First time I ever did that. Previously I had successfully always made the case that as long as 1. I was not operating a motor vehicle and 2. Had not been presented with evidence that the officers has just cause to consider that I had potentially committed a crime, the case law provided that I simply only needed to verbally identify my person.


Though I had the arguments in my favor, and had already swayed one of the three officers - with another neutral, the third had it bad for me and was perfectly willing to put me in custody for 24 hours without charges, such as was the law at the time.  Though I was willing to again spend the weekend in jail, my circumstances dictated that I attended some other business, and I surrendered my ID under verbal protest.  Though I didn't go to jail, I have not been a freeman since that day.


And how quickly things have gained speed on the downside since that hot afternoon...


The circumstances should be irrelevant.


But as a point in fact, I was walking from a building to my car. Someone in the bldg. next door reported me as a suspicious person. The other two cops were sated when I produced a key to the bldg.  The jerko cop focused on the fact I refused to hand over id for the better part of an hour, and was gaining traction in my argument. So he upped the stakes and I folded...


7.4.05    Gallium holders, the worlds smallest chat site


the price goes up but the reported use per year
continues to decline.
kinda like gold.

not sure, but i dont think GCU.V ever got Ga in ( by ) production at either of the two US properties...


update - August 1, 2005

well, wadya know. no longer than a month after my noodling on the lack of gallium gnus does canyon release come out with some ( positive, at that ) results - sort of - in the press.

6.26.05    Palladium: A Quest

Palladium, Palladium everywhere yet nary a gram for thee..


First I sought the elusive metal at the nearest and dearest bastion of value and style: the mall...

(see 8.26.03 post)


Not being one to give up easily, I decided to continue my ever vigilant hunt for the elusive metal.

Though as a point in fact, my  search didn't commence post haste. (Hey, I had some laundry to do)


The formulation for the next step in my path along the virtuous, melodious if mythical path required careful analysis and thought - no drat greywacke stone would be left unturned.  After many moons of careful deliberation, weighing each lustrous alternative to the nearest significant digit microgram, my thoughts continued to coalesce as the dull grease-laden stains on the cooks smock whenst the obvious pierced the very essence of my being - I had to travel to a LARGER MALL!


Now that I realize this realization and cognizance of the depth to my new found wisdom may have thrown the bearings of a lesser engine, my due diligence wavered not from the illuminated palladium path. Though this step would require travel outside the relative safety and comfort zone of my suburb, the powerful mettaline draw pulled true and weighty.


Only through meditation heightened by the presence of powerful relics such as the 1916-D mercury dime could my full clear understanding, nay oneness, with the next necessary steps resonate in sine as with the full will of the gnomes who have previously blazed trails and tunnels deep and righteous afore me - I would have to get off my duff and visit another zip code; so i did...


6.25.05    GBN and HL

Received the GBN special edition fishwrapper today.

GBN an HL - two companies in the same boat.

Both in a solid down trend the better part of a year and both losing money.

Each has one oar.

And rather than oars in the water rowing together,

they are flailing about, trying to beat each other over the head, but mostly just unsteadying the boat.

And what about this Hollister project?

The kids today are all wearing surf shirts that say Hollister on it.

Quite trendy.

The company website shows the central CA coast.

Yet, Hollister isn't anywhere near the coast...

The ball is in the court but the game is happening elsewhere...

6.23.05    New York Federal Reserve Building

Last week i tried to take a picture of it.
The NYPD in the front door well told me he would confiscate my camera.

That didn't happen at any of the other financial bldgs i visited, or any other building in any other city in the usa.

I didn't realize the level of barricades and police presence in the financial district that had become permanent.

rather depressing, what level of occupation the New World Yorkers are willing to accommodate in their streets...


6.19.04    Flew over both the Rockies and Sierra today through clear weather

The Sierra have perhaps well over %500 the snowpack that the Rockies currently hold.  Was not a pretty picture. The Colorado Compact is only as good as the water pressure in the pipes.  The Nv miners have to compete with more and more people at the drinking fountain as negotiating table every year. And the stakes just keep getting higher.


6.5.05    30 seconds ago, the venerable Peter Bernstein

starts to tell the listening audience of moneytalk that precious metal stocks have a place in the investment portfolio of today. bubbly cut him off and ended the show mid sentence.

funny that!

(though, the part on the Erie Canal was fascinating. Perhaps someday you will remember it was mercury who told you about the coming mega project - The New American Canal - that will save the US from complete destruction.


I've enjoyed Bernstein's work; especially the risky stuff).


6.5.05    Nyet, coins KNEW!

The coming choice for all precious metals holders.


A) The increase in numismatic price also carries a premium that the market is foretelling - the risk of holding your wealth in coins, as proxy for metal as further proxy for anything not tracked by the great database of mammon, is increasing with each passing month as:


1. The political hacks carry out their orders as a foot soldier and proffer legislation of the most insipid variety. To wit, note California Assembly Bill  1178.


I still remember when they passed the pawnbroker bill, wasn't all that long ago. Nobody cared cuz they didn't deal with those types. (Curious though, is there a Check 'N Go in your neighborhood)?


Parenthetically, would you provide your fingerprints to a state and/or national database in order to buy or sell physical or numismatic gold or silver?

How far away do you think that is?


The exemptions that prevented the rest of us who buy and sell collectibles are falling like the paper dominoes they are. The original bill set up the database and bureaucracy, now they will simply keep exempting us into the need to supply a fingerprint for the database or risk selective prosecution.  The exemptions were written years ago, they just need to be trotted out one degree at a time. Nothing new there.


How many legislative defeats will the pushers of mandatory fingerprint submission/database entry for all precious metal holders take? Two, maybe three.  In other words, WHAT opposition?


Remember all the outcry about the National ID passed last month? No, me neither. It took over a decade to get that passed in most other english speaking countries.


Remember the national 'Know thy Customer Act'? They tried just a couple times, and failed to pass that one only due to some serious full court press by the few of us paying attention. Of course, all that AND THE KITCHEN SINK was wrapped in one burrito onto patriot I. We Lose. Again and Still. 


Do you actually think they wrote the patriot act in the timeline proffered?  Gee, with all this increased efficiency I hear about maybe they will actually pass patriot II before the next exogenous event.


2. RFID chips in all commodities and things goods and monies EXCEPT  tendered credits of debt, usury and slavery from the salvage of pain that a free man feels in times such as these.  Really think that will take until 2014?


Nowadays a much too sizable percentage of people buying coins simply refuse to learn the skill sets necessary to provide some proficiency in the hobby and cottage industry - grading.  The laze and capitulate and defer any decision making to someone they will pay - the third party grading services (PCGS, NGC etc).  The Third Party Grading services shall greatly accommodate such banality and simply incorporate the RFID into the slab and otherwise beautify the current bar code across the current slabs emanating from their factories of plastic bondage, simply representing the once quite repressible but now ubiquitously reprehensible condition that the once great citizens of our country find ourselves in - the state of denial, implausible or otherwise. After all, they already have the infrastructure and database in place; and they already have the necessary percentage of hobbyists and wannabe speculators in the plastic market.


All that's needed now is another exemption.


No, they won't make holding gold and silver illegal. They won't have to as long as they can use GPS to track its place in your home, business, or safety deposit box - secured by your fingerprint as proxy for subservient approval.


This is what the coin action since 2000 speaks to me: They market will schism. Those who fingerprint/salivate/fornicate/ and generally provide whatever specie of human residue and DNA is required to hold onto their meager possessions, as metals or otherwise - and those who won't.


6.5.05    The USARMY vs. the United States of America Militia of We the People


That's right. The future is here.  The army of one, or 3/4ths given the state of affairs and resultant prospective enlistee interest, is trained to carry out the ultimate order: Elimination of native resistance.


Note, the enemy in the training exercise/slash/propaganda film is not the nazis/russians/serbians/chicoms/osamabenzakarirushdieayatollahjones/terrieiristes/insurgents.  Nope, the enemy of the future is the militia (plainly stated in second sentence), i.e. You and I, all that is necessary and remaining - if only ethereally tethered - the tattered remains of our once free state.


BTW, Mare Island was the Original United States Navy Base on the west coast. The directive has apparently changed.

They even provide the date for said.  How utterly charming...


 2014 is roughly equidistant from today as 1996.


does it really seem that long ago?


If the troops don't start hunting me down in the street for another  9 years - lucky for me!

Another nine years to get ahead of the curve when it REALLY counts...



6.5.05    dARK hUES with Silver highlights


I had originally intended to write that the that the increase in numismatic premium had reflected greater interest by both new hobbyists, investors and speculators as previously suggested before the recent rash of modern coinage redesign beginning in 1999; and furthermore both presented and foreshadowed higher precious metal prices, especially for silver as it caught a glimpse and slightest whiff of monetization.  However, upon further reflection - the inflections shone across the complicated fields of pattern and design splattered with splintered ultra violet waves and other more subtle energies subsequently hidden in the incuse folds and weaves of both time and design presented an alternate, albeit much darker, series of realizations.


Namely - The day is getting shorter. And with it, the length of the light band forcing through obfuscating layers of static zeitgeist gathers a reddish lens within the silver runners...



6.5.05    hope; could they create the Hope diamond? Would any know it a counterfeit?

The continued strong demand for million dollar pieces, several hundred-dollar-dollar pieces, and pennies -all in aggregate across a broad board -  suggest a continuation of the strong bull market. Yet, the wall of worry for those already invested continues to grow.


Moreover, the silver sometimes serves as a liner note for the leading edge of  much darker cloud, and I am quite convinced that this is the case today.  When the men who curse the light, are right - those proverbial clouds portend the winter of humanity...


6.5.05    Coins as Gnus? Homonyms for hope?

Coin Prices: US silver coin price performance- 19th/20th century


These series are where I concentrate most of my silver coin collection.  I spent some *more* time checking into how these type sets have done over the last 18 months by comparing sample sets from published gray sheet, coin magazines, and eBay action.  Generally, the coin collectors have been cautiously anxious for over a year now that the hot coin market is due for a major cooling off. Yet, it has not happened.  Rather like the beleaguered fans of metals, mining, and real estate: the run has been so strong that the time is nigh for regression to the mean, if only for gravitational reasons, no? Thing is, nobody ever presents what more viable holding vessel/spittoon for caching the fetid USD is than hard assets.  


Indian Head Cents

With the exception of the key 1877 which is up just a couple %, and some semi-keys such as 1908-s and the other low mintage 1860's and 1870's; the series is flat, which is better than the minor series slump which ended in 2004.


Lincoln Cents

The key dates and semi key dates in higher grades have done well, especially the earlier dates. The mid range dates and semi-keys which had been down in 2003 have sprung back with a vengeance. eBay bids are up to %50 over retail quotes on the early s-mints. Shows strong marketplace based on very high numbers of entry collectors.


Half Dimes, Liberty cap and on:

After remaining incredibly flat during the bull run beginning in 2000, the early flowing hair and draped bust series have seen some nice appreciation across all grades in the previous 24 months. The appreciations are muted for the series starting with the liberty cap, though nicer grades have fared better.  The 'Arrows' series is flat with little action; some mild appreciation returns to the 'no arrows' series.


Liberty Nickels

Generally the series had performed similar to the half dimes: overall slightly down, with the exception of some MS grades.  The key 12-s had been flat in lower grades and well off prices for the 60 and 65 grades. This date, along with the rest of the keys and semi-keys have preformed outstandingly well in the last two years. As they say, but it when nobody else wants it - you would have done quite well.


Buffalo Nickels

The biggest gainers in this series since 2000 had been the MS65 grades. However, the series has performed much like the liberty nickels of late and have seen very strong price performance.  However, the common dates post 1927 in grades have seriously lagged the performance of mint state pieces.


Jefferson Nickels

This series has continued to under perform the larger market.  Prices are quite flat and interest has been low.  However, in just the last couple months two new nickel designs have been put into circulation.  As such, this might be the time to salt away a few of the lower minted pieces in higher grades, and complete mint state sets as interest in the broader series could gain new action over the next few years - catching up with the broader market.


Draped Bust and Seated Liberty Dimes

These series have performed analogous to their half dime counterparts. However, the seated series beginning in 1873 has shown much higher support and interest than the higher grades of the series, or the other series as a whole.


Barber Dimes

The design has been very strong in all series in the previous 24 months. The fickle praise of Fortuna has graciously sprinkled the garden of my previous recommendation to acquire this design and series and just fruits are now reaped. Nice action and appreciation in all dates and grades though the later more common fare has lagged accordingly. 


Mercury Dimes

One of my favorite series, though the pricing and demand has always been somewhat schizophrenic and the series has underperformed the broader sector in the past half-decade. The exception has been a stronger and recent demand for overdate varieties and very high grade early and middle years to complete registry sets.  What money had been allocated to barber coinage might now could do worse than find its way into accumulating semi-keys and complete sets of this series over the next 12-24 months.


Roosevelt Dimes

An ugly coin of an ugly man has fittingly shown little interest since the beginning of the recent coin bull.  However, the registry mania has slopped over some mild price strength for the Gem Uncirculated early years.  Also, the recent demand for toned coins has garnered quite a bit of speculation for certain choicely hued specimens.  Some room here may remain, though dastardly cheats and shills provide dangerous surf.


20 Cent Pieces, Draped Bust, and Liberty Cap Quarters

Stronger demand and price appreciation for these series across the board.  Many of the nicer specimens are getting harder to find, might be worth some consideration.


Barber Quarters

The Barber Quarters have performed similar to the Barber Dimes: nice appreciation and action for all grades and all dates.  The previously mentioned lack of supply in 2003 portended the recent run-up and I thank the coinage demi-gods.  The only losers have been the naysayers, and those chumping on the newbies by engineering and proffering counterfeit and altered mint marks for the 1913-1915 dates. Though future performance might remain strong, or even continue to increase, the earlier quarter series could prove a better value at this time; consequently suggest consideration of  some rotation there.


Standing Liberty Quarters

Like the other quarter series, the SLQs, especially the early semi-keys have done quite nicely. The earlier dates (sunken) have appreciated rather nicely and pretty well across the board whereas the later dates are somewhat weaker in price. The previously noted lack of supply of nicer specimens in 2003 again predictably helped the most recent strong action.  Nevertheless, I continue to pursue this lady with cautious abandon.


Washington Quarters

Again, - as previously predicted in 1999, the Washington series had a great run beginning with the new state quarters beginning in 1999. One could have made 300% -400% ROI with rolls of the early editions, risking only inflation and opportunity costs. Of course that opportunity is long gone. Yet the appreciation of the 1999 and 2001 silver mint sets continue to do exceptionally well.  Perhaps this experience bears keeping in mind when considering price impacts to other series with impending design changes such as the nickel. (Moreover, I have long believed the penny will either be changed or eliminated altogether as the 100th anniversary of the current design comes up; far and away the longest running design of any US coinage).  However, I believe new and dumb money is chasing performance here, notwithstanding the best intentions of grandmothers, ex-beanie babiers, kiddies and shut-ins scarfing up the trash from coin vault on the telly.  Third party grading services continue to flood the market with recently dipped coins, and the holder of such may turn into slabbagger-holder as these coins, if they were not properly treated after acetone bath, will now start to turn that ugly brown around the rims. Caveat emptor.


Flowing, Draped, Bust, and Seated Half Dollars

Should one spend the time to learn these series, and the myriad die varieties and mutants, one can continue to do very well. However, the task is not for  he newly initiated nor the faint of time and money.


Barber Half Dollars

This series had been flat for a couple years until 2003 when lower grade coins were given a high price boost in pretty much all dates; a great unexpected benefit for those holding any amount of this series as junk silver.  Further, recent interest and demand in the series has only sired greater joy for those invested.


Although the proof prices have been flat, almost every other grade and date has shown very nice appreciation. Some of the MS60 and 65 dates are AGAIN up 20 to 40% in the previous 18 months. Perhaps the best performing type coin of the last 2 years along with the Washington quarter. Supply of nice specimens is still not out there on the shelf in most stores, but has been increasingly proffered through internet auctions. Nevertheless, the easy pickings may likely have been shorn from this tree.  Hence, suggest a look elsewhere, holding the fort, while tending other gardens.


Walking Liberty Half Dollars

The performance of this series marks continuation of the pattern throughout the entire bull run: To writ, although the early key and semi-key dates have done very well, much of the later dates in the set are flat or down just a percentage point or two from the comparative numismatic standpoint, though the inverse in bullion prices have raised the water hosting all boats, hoisting to a higher position in the relative sea of silver.  And the adage as song of praise remains the same, - you can’t fault this beautiful woman who ages more gracefully than most.


Franklin Half Dollar

Why bother...


Trade Dollars

The flood waters of counterfeits from China continue to rise unabated. Better trust BOTH your eye and hand.


Morgan Dollars

Similar to Walking Liberty half, in that the market has been somewhat a continuation of earlier established patterns.  Though, the altered surface and accelerated toning affliction seems to be spreading..  In part, because this is the entry point series for many new collectors.  The Binion collection also spiced things up a bit, as previously written herein.


Peace Dollars

yowza!  This series completely reversed the well established vector and key and semi-key dates, especially in the middle grades, have completely broken out and provided some very strong appreciation for the lucky ones. Alas, missed out to the degree I was only market weighted and could have cut myself a bigger slice of the pie, especially since in hindsight, I should have known better - though for dark reasons as I shall expound upon in the verses yet to come...




Here is my summary from the last similar topical post (5.18.03):


Please note my observations must be somewhat general considering the large number of coins sampled and of course are just my observations based upon the 25 or so coin stores I have visited in the last few years, price guide samples, and a fair smattering of ebay looks...


About four years ago I thought would be a great time to start building type/series sets and salting away some ‘junk’ coins. By and large the strategy has worked quite well and I see no reason to stop the collection. The coin market is generally stable and fluid; has been giving a decent return on investment - especially compared to all other investment arenas over the time period; and has the bullion value built in as an inherent price floor. Perhaps the greatest detriment to the coins is the time it takes to learn what you are doing and what constitutes a good value; second would be the price spread on bid/ask. Building a relationship with a small corps of dealers is time well-spent.


Some key pennies have done well;

The nickels have generally shown little interest and have seen prices deteriorate;

Early barber coinage, especially in lower grades and in the dime and fifty-cent denomination have done very well;

Can’t get a great handle on the mercury, due to her fleeting nature;

The registry sets have done extremely well, to the point of lubricious;

Silver proof state-quarters have done extremely well;


Perhaps the mercury, and morgans deserve the most time dedicated to understanding the series market. Personally, I also like extremely high grade pennies at this point in time, as well as the entire barber series. Perhaps a good time to lighten up on some of the Washington quarters and some of the overvalued ‘registry sets’.


I would very much appreciate other opinions out there based upon what you have seen in the market place. Good luck and have fun,


6.5.05    Coin News

The 1913 nickel (bought for 4.15 Million and displayed at Long Beach for a few days) and the bust of the Ohio pension fund coin scam have been getting heavy national news.  Any press is good press, eh?  Maybe...


6.5.05    The checklist for former mine as a superfund site


Just another chapter from the book with a hundred year event horizon:


6.5.05    Recent call on FRO and CTWS

Not sure your objective, but getting a quick %10 in a fortnight on a couple staid service and utility matrons might be somewhere on the list...

Yet, why fire the maid until made?


5.28.05    Interest only mortgages

Only 23% nationally? The mania has a long way to go still, just to catch up with the San Francisco Bay area average which hit 70% last month. This would be a bad time for a large earthquake. In 89 the price trajectory was absolutely nothing like it is today. The earthquake of 1906 was actually timely, as the silver boom in Tonopah and the Gold Boom in Goldfield were hot n heavy and rebuilt the city immediately.  A large quake today would set so many nouveau land barons into arrears, that I don't estimate the ripples would be ones of gentle solace...


My guess is Clark county, Nv. is way above 23% given all the specs locking in construction and moving along the blvd. of dreams to Maricopa County, Az. I know washoe county is around 40%.


How about 40 and -50year mortgages. France has its 40-year bond and Japan had the 'generational' mortgage.

I don't understand why they aren't pushing these as another "financing option".

( ?yet? )

that should be good for another double...


5.27.05    For the 20-somethings

If you plan on consolidating your school loans this year, do it before the new rates kick in on July 1. You can only consolidate your student loans once, so you want to do it at the lowest interest point possible. THEN the question for you to consider is, will rates go up or down?  Show your work.


5.25.05    Here is the true test on liquidity.


Buy something in one country on Monday.


Get on a plane.


Sell it Tuesday on a different continent.


Could you find a buyer, offering cash, at market spot, without using a broker?


5.22.05    Mining Safety

Chinese government reports 20 dead in another mining mishap.

Another twenty reported dead in an accident last week.

1,100 miners reported killed on the job so far this year.- ABC news


(perhaps their reporting system maintains a maximum reportable number of 20 in the access database).


5.22.05    PLL

The short term thinking WALL streeters oversold a quarterly glitch of the PALL filterers and gave a nice entry point IMO.


5.22.05 The Future NV Governor

Jimboy Gibbons already crowned governor of Nevada.

You might remember my previous descriptions of his efforts to overhaul the Mining Act of 1872,

amongst other misguided monstrosities.

May as well save the $ and not hold the elections...


5.22.05    Brownfields: Centex moves into land rehabilitation

Following on the footsteps of competitor Lennar, who after several years, began building new homes on the Former Mare Island Naval Station.


Roughly 1/3rd of Mare island is now open to the public again, the other 2/3rds are still under investigation and/or remediation.


Brownfields: Military bases

The DOD has closed over 11,000 bases, facilities, or installations in the 20th century. 


Here is a starting point:


Now, take a look at BRAC 2005 to determine how you can benefit from the rejuvenation of the particular community.


5.22.05    Bioprospecting

Get in while the gettings good


Only way to play against ADM/CAG/MON et. al.


5.22.05    Gonna be a nice summer for gold panning.

Unfortunately the competition for nice places to pan has only gotten more dangerous.

Those tending plantations in the seeps and springs had previously rather unfettered access along the dirt roads and ruts. The mexican and white gangs had a commensal, if uneasy relationship dividing up the turf - both gardens and meth production areas in the flats. Regrettably, competition has gotten more fierce as :

1. The foothills have blossomed with housing developments, and

2. The chinese have established a network of opium production plots along with and are also gaining market share on transportation and retail supply channels thanks to the new and large influx of Afghan sources re-established by our govt.


Since the actual drug consumption  rates have not kept up with supply (except for the insidious meth plague) the competition for transportation and vendor routes has established a new level of violence.


About the only thing the occasional panner has going for him is that he too is now usually an outlaw on the forest, and thence the fragile code amongst the thieves guild allows some leeway to land access. Especially since the federates are much more disposed to chase the feeble planner away than take on the organized crime organizations (and their unending supply of funding to state and national political activities). As such, the panner serves as general purpose dupe/scout/lookout/early warning signal for the crime syndicate.


5.22.05    Weather and commodities


The rivers in the Sierra and Great Basins flooded beautifully this year.

Bodes ill for the stonefruits though. Pity the pitted ones. The apricots have been outstanding, too bad the crops are lacking.

The cherries are not the best; even then they will come at a hefty premium. Last months rain followed by the warming in the last three days have split the skins and will ruin a high percentage of what remains.

Looking for increased incidents of Valley Fever this year, along with the first expected case of human west nile virus on the west coast.

Two weeks ago Hong Kong had almost 3inches rain in one day, and this is still the dry season.


5.20.05    Tax minimization: Entertaining and hosting


Many restaurants require a minimum gratuity charge on a party of 15 or more. They do this because they are transferring risk onto the buying party. That is, if one or two tables or two or three stiff the waiters for a tip, they can recover on the other tables they turned in that time. However, when they spend a large portion of the night serving a large party, they cannot afford to shoulder the risk of that party not paying a gratuity. So, in California, and other states that require a sales tax on that gratuity, you are better off to negotiate with the restaurant before hand. State that if they do not automatically charge a gratuity (the sales tax is charged on that gratuity) then you will guarantee a 21% tip. Both legal and ethical.


5.15.05    For the sugar daddy in us all

check the bracelet.
wonder if they got a rental plan...


5.15.05    Quite easy and fashionable to bag on gold and the stox about now

Course, most had the same thoughts right before the %40-900% run-ups on the stuff.


Bottom line, what is the alternative?


I put mine on the line; Today offering some economic underpinning of such.  Ain’t hearing much of that on the squawk box, internet, am or the times.


Want a couple more: FRO and CTWS look kinda tasty here. Then again, there’s a whole sackfull ‘o reasons against the support premise. Many of the gold stocks are looking not too dissimilar from the point BEFORE the %40-900% run…


There’s the sure thing and the next thing,

And they run parallel (ne'er the twain shall meet)


5.15.05    haven't heard another peep about the ABX plan

For entry into NV power generation market.

 I even talked w/somebody I figure might know. So either he and I are just as clueless as usual, or abx is biding their time. There has been QUITE a bit of developments on the northern nv power front in the last 18 months. Perhaps barrick is waiting a few of those out. Or, their release may have been a feint and they are backing one or more of the other horses who already are known entities to the local tracks and oddsmakers.


Also, should I sit on the board I would be taking a look at – buying power for what?, producing more profitable gold in this environment? Why?


A couple juniors playing in the northern part of the state have made a couple large miscues imo, and I might consider stealing their marbles and worrying about how to get the energy/water after the property is sewn up…


5.15.05    Competing interests for Northern Nevada water.

Seasonal water runoff hitting peak stride.


Rain and water everywhere, just not where it needs to be to make everybody happy.

In Nevada the Humboldt river, the main watercourse and watershed in the worlds third largest gold producing area is flooding this week due to rainstorms in the last few days over a large water pack. Although there may appear a large amount of water available when the river is flooding, there actually is not near enough to meet all the water delivery promises made by the politician. Not too dissimilar from the financial situation vis-a-vis social security, medicare, and several other hundred programs and the guaranteed benefit pension plans promised by the management of USX, GM, Delta, Continental, United, Tyco, Enron and additional future hundred of examples.


Witness -


Not that much water is making its way through the various governmental jurisdictions between the mountains and the lake. “They are diverting the water for irrigation and are taking the opportunity to fill the reservoirs.”  - Eric Johnson, manager of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resource’s Fallon Region Headquarters, which covers Walker Lake. (5.12.05 Fallon Star Press)


Not only is there not enough water in Northern Nevada to meet all the current promises, the richer half of the state is now implementing measures to take what little there is so that the fountains may still flow at the Vegas casinos…


So of course the standard casts of clowns crow all over each other promising new promises serving as fixes to the previous promises now serving as problems.


And the two-bit miners have the clout to compete with that?


5.15.05    Re-established cotton tariffs against china

Quite surprised that this topic hasn’t garnered more ink and discussion

So, will re-establishment of the cotton tariffs against the chinese serve the same function as the steel tariffs a couple years ago. Anybody going-long North Carolina?


Smoot-Haley tariffs didn’t help US come out of depression in the 30’s.  WWII, and especially the results thereof, did to some degree; though things didn’t really start picking up until the early 1950’s.



5.15.05    How will the baby boomers support themselves in retirement?

The division of labor crafted over centuries simply cannot support the modern idea that 30% of the current workforce can go on siesta all at once over the next few years allowing everybody to hit the exits at once and escape the retrace through the majical looking glass window between the ages of 59.5 and 65. As such, the economy takes care of itself and the 30yr yield has drawn down taking various and sundry with it such that Various will have to continue working well past her initially planned retirement date and Sundry still has no idea what to do; as the old canards fall flat and new ideas take longer to implement that the proponents had assured.  The boomers have also helped themselves, or have been guided by the invisible hand, by simply overextending themselves in the more selfish and prurient pursuit of immediate self gratification and have just not got the job done - saving enough to support themselves with passive income streams.


The boomers in many cases saw themselves sandwiched between two generations, providing retirement planning/health care for their parents while raising their own brood. The next generation will have the added onus of providing some method of financial support for their aging boomer parents as the golden twinned-promises of medicare and social security to ourselves will be seen in the harsh refractory light of trillion dollar deficits no longer supported by assuaging asian labor.


At that point the boomers will look toward continuing their working years past ages previously targeted, such as the plan Various has. Sundry will keep searching alternate means of funding. Sundry is just now, really, taking a hard look at the financial landscape and is demonstrably drawn to the grotesque and moonish geomorphologic features serving as financial obelisks for all to view in the receding twilight of productivity:

- Social insecurity

- Pension defaults/transfer to Pension Guarantee benefit Plan with lower payouts – if at all

- Decreasing financial yields

- Anemic stock market performance; etc.


Sundry still counts on those twin pillars of economic subsidence:

1. A housing market that will keep appreciating to the moons of Saturn whilst providing a strong rental income during the golden years (despite the demographic trend working AGAINST that hope; which is why the border must be maintained in their current sieve0-like rendition) hopefully appended by collateralized mortgage obligations that haven’t defaulted by deteriorating debt service abilities and/or increasingly volatile interest rates; and

2. The promise of medicare and subsidized medicine for every ailment one can dream up between sitcoms.


When Sundry begins to see these two stalwarts shake and tremor as the towers did, there is no choice save look back to the labor pool. Can new rounds of tariffs save enough manufacturing so that Sundry can go back to the office?  What if Sundry is now competing for those same remaining jobs as Various, who simply has no other means of income. And they are both competing in a shrinking jobs market with younger and hungrier folks (learning from the plight, hopefully, of those who came before them) that are twenty years their junior, make less money, and compete even harder because they are trying to financially support two or three generations? (At a minimum, look at the number of workers supporting one social security/medicare recipient twenty years ago vs. 10 years from now).


Obviously those equations do not balance.  Sundry, the one who has capital but continues to find no financial instrument that can generate a rate of return plentiful enough to support the lifestyle (and medicine) that they have become accustomed to, will have no choice but to pull their capital out of the financial arena (and potentially the mortgates [assuming they did not already sign the reverse mortgage promise]) and put them back into commerce.


That’s right, Sundry will find that rather than compete for a wage job against that eager and increasingly desperate folk 20 years her junior, it is easier to hire that individual to operate a small franchisee or store or other small scale de-centralized market while Sundry provides the capital and business management experience. 


As the Keynesian school is increasingly disparaged via default in social programs and deficits, society may devolve over the well trodden economic path back into class segregation. Generation X will increasingly begrudge the boomers for promising trillions of dollars of unfunded mandates to themselves, whilst the boomers begrudge the slackers for their work ethic – forced by necessity, that requires a 75 hour week over three part time jobs that squeezes any opportunities for the older folks.


 At this juncture we shall all combined make a heavy decision on which path to take. Those that simply cannot afford to provide the necessities of life – especially a decent roof over their heads- will look around at those holding multiple notes and properties and descend into the fallacy promoted by Ricardo as exploited by Marx – that the landowners are the parasites. That path leads into a thick briar with no escape except a hard fought one where all who leave the briar show the open wounds and scars of the struggle.


Alternately, we could take the other path and revisit the ideas of Say and Smith where we find that the fruits of labor and capital together as refined through yet another refinements of creative destruction (and the every blooming rose of technology) forced by that inventive mother of necessity will allow for a robust and decentralized market place.  So much so, that the mercantilist class could reclaim real wealth from the fiat banking system and actually rekindle those supports of the physiocrats and mercantilist schools of the 1700s and 1800s to the degree that honest money may once again flourish. 


Allowing the beauty of this eventuality to unfold, along the way, provides a more immediate investment in the following:


- Commercial REITs. Those stores will need to be local and several.

- Franchisees

- Regional banks and credit union. Someone needs to facilitate this renewed merchant class.


Moreover, there are two sectors who simply cannot lose. No matter how many hour-saving efficiencies are developed and new ideas bourne, there is just no deflationary pressures whatsoever on these sectors, almost as if the invisible had had a little buddy called the meddlesome thumb. Namely, health care and large banking concerns. The price and profits of medicine (though of course not on behalf of the practitioner) and money only goes up; day after day and year after year. So, medical REITS are also attractive here. While the larger financial companies will undoubtedly feel the stress of these increasingly fractal social and economic conditions, and the shock while multiple sundry entities withdraw capital (to the level they are allowed without the oh-so-convenient and coincidentally structured and time tax hits) they may also continue to provide revenue streams over the long term through the undying sponsorship of the meddlesome thumb.


No doubt plenty are prepared for retirement. The majority of this board for starters; though I wouldn’t consider that a representative group. Someone posted a few days ago the median estate of a 55 year old American at roughly $470K. I can accept that figure, with the note underscored by the raised eyebrow that the median figure was promulgated, not the average. How many stats, quotes, and figures are generally provided as a median rather than the more oft quoted average.


At any rate the 470K figure included about 150 in house. So, what will that liquid portion of 320 provide in passive income stream? Enough to say: keep working – it keeps you young. The way I calculate it, that 479 isn’t even half enough.  And this after one of the greatest equity bulls in the previous 300 years…


An the marshmallow on the bull float has been a rapid increase in real estate equity. So, everybody is looking like a genius and only need to add that cherry on top of the retirement float, right. Well delusional movements of the crowd typically don’t allow all the right moves, especially as they move up the pyramid of opportunity  Practically everyone made money in the stock bull, most made housing $ (on paper), yet everybody is going to nail the next big thing too?.


The housing market, and the immigration policy in this country prove two major hints right now: Take the Money and Run (to Chile, Argentina, Panama, Belize and Costa Rica) where the return on that cashed out house and 320k will provide for a little more financial comfort, if not all the creature comforts of home. That gentle nudge, along with the liberal immigration policies will enable enough benefit subscribers to leave just in time for the new immigrant workers to provide the tax base necessary to service all that remain.


Maybe not.




5.8.05    Next Week: Herr Field Marshall Rumsfield announces

the first round of the latest in Military base closings - California Edition


The type of thing that affects regional, state, and national business climate for decades to come.


And some just think it's a clever ploy to get around the 1974 ban on CA coastal shelf oil exploration ban and NIMBY refinery issue.


New bases springing like wildfire in the mideast, figure that...


5.8.05    AGT: POG is 425.7.   AGT 04 Total Production costs/oz.: 440.40

Pretty much sums it up. With one slight note: The pretty page 2 highlights page w/ nice graphic and bullets presents cash costs figure of 393 oz in 16 pt. font whereas the total costs are in smaller font table format on pg. 12.


Too bad the leach pad at Florida Canyon can be used for Standard, but not for Black Fox.


But hey, maybe they heard the rants, as a significant part of the circular speaks to executive compensation and option warrants...



5.8.05    IAG: Random Thought Generator

Mineral reserves are down at three of the four producing projects. Don't lead that, lead the fact from the table that indicates mineral reserves are actually UP over 4,000 ounces in 52 weeks (with a footer to refer to the MII table which shows almost  7 tonne increase between FY 03 and 04).


Don't tell me "The Bambadji project intrigues management..."

Tell me when the drilling project is planned.

Heck, that naked midget site is 'intriguing' but doesn't pay the bills...


About time to write off Brazil?


But egad, that Quimsacocha area in Ecuador looker superlatively splendid, how abouts a .ftp site where I can download some larger shots? If the results don't pan, how about a shareholder timeshare arrangement?


Why does mercury have to come up with all the ideas here...


According to IAG: Au production costs are up 10.2% over 52 weeks.

According to Kitco: Au bullion price is up 6.88% over 52 weeks

Those heady dating months in 2003 have given way to the realities of a relationship with some high-maintenance ladies.



5.8.05    What portion of the Canadian Securities Act or Business Corporations Act

Requires that the company send Notice of Annual General and Special shareholder meeting via hard copy?


Why not provide a .PDF on the web site with optional mailers for those without internet access?  They could provide access codes for shareholders on matters of proxy votes.


Dear  Chairman, Secretary, and Scrutineer: Please reduce costs.


And no sooner do I complain about the thickness of the reams and realms of paperwork than do I open the GSS packet of goodies under unmentionable black plastic (most apropos) - and the first sheet is titled "Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents".  Yep, their share action sucks too, but at least its been weighing on their conscience. 


That said, their annual report was the best of the bunch, one that actually kept my attention due to all the pretty pictures (yes, all 28 pages of nice glossy garb). No doubt upon the third or fourth invoice from the printer (Last Notice Due!) somebody figured out that the mailer upped their cash costs/oz by three percent and they splurged the twenty minutes to write up the electronic document delivery consent notice. Prolly paid the ghanese children an extra quid each too stuff the envelope, thus building the lead story for next year on their sustainability program...


Because they and the rest of 'em sure aint talking about the grand plans for mergers.


Gee, looks like mercury will be kept in columnar suspension

awaiting the next fine comic book installment where all those chief mining honchos talk about how well all that merger activity worked out last year...


5.8.05    Gold: The more you need it, the less there is

The less there is, the more you lose

The rarer the resource, the longer odds the racehorse

The commodity that gets less expensive when production decreases


Other potential slogans that GATA and the WGC should maintain on the list: considered but dismissed


5.8.05    Cambior, thanks for the pretty bookmark.

Would have preferred something like, oh - i dunno - maybe like a dividend or not having the stock price plummet 25% this year...


ah yes, would you like that loss explained in Canadian or US GAAP. One looks a little better...


CBJ: another in a long list of gold producers with expected declines in gold production

between 2005 and 2006


5.5.05    Memphis in May

Just got back from Music Fest at the Memphis in May celebration. Had a great time. Flew from California to Saint Louis and drove from St. Louis to Memphis with a few friends.  We stayed at a casino in Tunica, Northern Mississippi - the Grand Casino (a satellite hotel, actually) run by Caesers/Harrahs. My major complaint with the hotel/casino was the service - absolutely horrible.   Great service in Downtown Memphis however. On Beale street, at the Rum Boogie Bar, ran into some important people - marketing promotion folks from Anheuser Busch.  Just so happened that I was ordering an Anheuser Busch product when the nice young man decided to pick up my tab and hand out a few  The Rendezvous, located down an alley near the Holiday Inn downtown put on a great dry rack of ribs, tasty.


Was amazed at the cheap cost of housing. My buddy has a place - 3bd/2ba with a nice kitchen and attic and decent sized yard; all for $100K last year. told him the same crib in my neighborhood would go for around $410k. But that's nothing; in the county I work (Marin) it would fetch a paltry 850-900K.


5.5.05    How come people love to sleep,

 but aren't usually in a hurry to go to bed?


4.26.05    NYSE goes public, electronic and gets merged

Fascinating really, the death of the bourse salesman.


4.26.05   Have you ever wanted to dig your own opals?


4.24.05    Did GM conspire to dismantle the public transportation system in the US?


Yes and No.'key%20system%20gm%20conspiracy%20conviction'


GM, Standard Oil and Goodyear were convicted and fined $5000 to dismantle the public commuter system such as the Key

System in northern Ca and the red and blue lines in LA along with systems in several other US cities.


People focused on the conspiracy conviction for dismantling of the street car systems, but nobody mentions the targeted destruction of the SF Bay ferry system, at one point one of the nations finest.


Way back when, like ten years ago, when the US unions still thought they could trump NAFTA and save the US manufacturing industry, some of the boyz told me why I needed to only purchase US cars. I would then begin the spiel about GM inventing the suburban commute culture.


Funny, nobody wants to believe in conspiracy – yet so many get convicted on it…


Of course now few want to buy a new US car

And the hybrid Toyota Prius has waiting list for purchase


Sure, GM got convicted for conspiracy

Today we don’t believe in conspiracies and accept that the markets are managed, intervened, positioned, and governed. The FED uses –available tools – to manage what they can, but heaven knows, conspiracy went extinct just about the time the US became the largest prison manufacturer on the planet, with the highest per capita population of any nation.


Convictions for possession, pandering and prostitution house even more of our downtrodden everyday.  Let me tell ya’, I am quaking in my winged slippers knowing the day will come when Martha Stewart will be back on the street corrupting the innocent ones.


And of course last week Gen. Sanchez was absolved for Abu Graib while the Pfc., Spec. and Sgt. get the wrap.


For centuries, sailors used hemp rope. Look at the marijuana prohibition posters in the 30’s to see which petrochemical manufacturers wanted a piece of that action.


Farmers used to use their own seed. Now it is a convictable offense.


Biodiesel can be made on the back porch. How many of you can get it at your local filling station?


My family and neighbors begin to worry about the extra $50-75 a week in gas of disposable income variously going down the stormdrain or into the carbon sink instead of the local merchant’s bottom line necessary to keep that 2003 Klondike/Suburban/Blazer on the road.


But hey, at least we defeated that shadowy conspiracy monster. Extirpated form the human condition just like rubella.


And whatever happens, lets elect our team again – they’ve done such a great job -B4 the other side gets a chance…


4.24.05    feds close access to more nevada land


Lets review, shall we

1. city, county, tribe and citizens all use the land and groundwater for beneficial use (including groundwater)

2. tribe refers case to US EPA. city, county and state initially resist.

3. all entities eventually agree to cede administrative authority to USEPA

4. government closes all access to and use of site under penalty of fine and imprisonment (except - of course - for government employees)

5. government says that it shouldn't matter anyway, b.c. they had previously prevented anybody from using the site and they just now found out where the regulations were.





4.24.05    About zip codes

it wasn't that long ago you didn't need a zip code since you could send practically anything anywhere via general delivery

of course the patriot act and subsequent control-of-all-things killed that service; just another function prescribed in the US constitution that has been rough-trodden into dysfunction


4.24.05    They can drill wherever they want

they can have the colluvial cirque detritus ice

so long as they save the pristine nunatak for my sampling core and analytical pleasure


4.23.05    Rest in Peace Mary Dann

The world loses another spiritual leader


In honor of her spirit.


The Dann sisters led the good fight in Nevada for decades.

Though their efforts to reclaim ancestral lands put them at odds of miners, the fight was an honorable one.  They led through peaceful resistance, refusing to pay usurious tithes to the all demanding bureaucracy and led, as all good leaders do, through example.


The story of the Shoshone IS the story of Nevada.


Bounded by the Washo, Paiute, Owyhee, Mojave, Goshute, Bannock, Nez Perce, and Fremont among others, the Shoshone had been the strongest tribe with the largest territory.  The Ruby Valley Treaty, the refusal of the US Government to honor any part of the law, letter or spirit of that treaty, the refusal of the Shoshone to accept the settlement have formed one of the hallmark US Indian cases.


Their land is some of the most beautiful in the lower US, as I've written here before again and again.


Though the Dann Sisters had been focused on mining issues in the last few years,


their list of activity spans the full suite of Nevada operations - mostly making the mainstream press with their ranching activities and protests.


Of course, the Shoshone have led efforts against activities, both proposed and actual, at the Nevada Test Site and Yucca Mountain


On Shoshone Land - May Music Heal All

You see, when I most recently brought up the topic of Yucca Mountain to just a few weeks ago resulting from some very recent and important developments, somebody piped up about their intimate familiarity with the nuclear waste issue. Of course, I had assumed that meant at least some cursory understanding of politics surrounding Yucca Mountain, so I queried with an oblique reference to this band Clan Dyken.  Now Clan Dyken was a band of hippies who entertained a number of the NTS/Yucca protests in the mid-1980s. The protests would open with a Shoshone Invocation, often lead by a member of the Wells area band of Shoshone, one of the more powerful Shoshone groups. The concert would typically either begin or end with the chants: "Everybody here say Shut the Test Site Down"


I was rather disappointed that the other correspondent found no reason to divulge any knowledge of nevada/Yucca politics over the previous 20 years.


For whatever reason, those old hippy bands loved to play the open Nevada air, Shoshone or otherwise. And without dissent they play most gracious hosts.  Again, the tribal leaders would open concerts with invocations, often noting how celebration through the music would help heal the land.


I remember this particular concert fondly (for those who never had a chance to witness the first generation lineup of the psychedelic band Zero with Steve Kimock and John Cippolina )ex-Quicksilver messenger Service [Fresh Air] etc., my condolences. I last say Mr. Cippolina play with the Dinosaurs at a restaurant in Reno, only about 30 of us there, just a few weeks before he passed away.)


(I may still have that handbill for RanchRock somewhere, maybe time to put it on eBay before anybody who cares is long dead)


The music may heal the land, but it requires some help.  That RanchRock concert mushroomed at the glorious Pyramid Lake, the medicinal and spiritual homeland of the Paiute. They had been trying for many years, without much success, to cleanup the residue left - unexploded ordnance - from the days when the Department of Navy used the site as a bombing range. All good Things in All good Time, because two days from now - this coming Monday, divers from the Navy and the head of the western US Formerly Used Defense Site project will oversee removal of some of these unexploded shells from the deep, murky, muddy and turning of the Lake Pyramid bottom.


Ironically, my first boss at my initial job in the mining industry was a Shoshone woman who taught me much...


Gold is a Spiritual Material


Many great religious artifacts in Hindu, Christian, an Egyptian creeds are golden relics.

Some fellow advocates seem distracted by discussion of the larger, less monetary but more powerful, properties bestowed by our golden friend.


Sacajaewa - The Shoshone Princess

Just as the US Govt. debased our honor by breaking promise, treaty and settlement;

they mock our once honest money by contriving a brass token of ungodly crass ugliness and cheap material yet christen it the 'Golden Dollar'.  Without parallel, the monetization that could have served as a final contrition and effort of disabuse, in fact, only further serves to debase what mores and value remained in our system of money - adding the insult on injury by despoiling the generous leadership of this young Shoshone woman who helped our early guides Lewis and Clark open the American West to trappers, miners, farmers, and posters. 



Yet, the stories are not told to fade away


Little High Rock Canyon is not too far from Pyramid Lake.


Beautiful country!


The story of the holdout Paiute and their struggles of survival against the backdrop of the damning of the Truckee River and creation of the Newlands District serves as the backdrop for discussing the state of Nevada groundwater in a diminishing probability to serve miner, rancher, and city denizen alike in the Great Basin.


And I suppose you didn't realize the Boy Scouts have a merit badge

for coin collecting...


For that matter

Did you realize that national coin week ended today?



Ya' a' te' eh! and RIP Mary


Though Carrie had been the more verbally outspoken,


"It is my opinion, and I think history will show, that only dictators and tyrants have and will take control of land that does not belong to them."


- Carrie Dann


...Mary stood strong against the US DOD, DOE, DOI, etc.


One frail woman against the well-funded tyrants and dictators.


May she outlive them all!


And what have we to show for our representation in the daily struggle against the occupying force?


Rolling Thunder

I would be most remiss would I not point out the teaching of Rolling Thunder.

Born Cherokee, he married a Shoshone Woman and gained quite a following.


the camp rolling thunder started - meta tantay, is now defunct

it shut down after spotted fawn passed away in the mid 80s

rolling thunder passed away several years ago

a couple others similar in design and purpose have sprouted up in the west US

and like anything else associated at least in part with the baby boomer get back to the roots counterculture movement, it has a mixed legacy - if anyone remembers it at all...


'Twas not long ago that many sought his counsel from points quite afar.

Yet today nary 1,000 google hits preserve his sage offerings.

Alas, I am afraid his wisdom may prove as fleeting as his flesh...


4.22.05    Emgold is now conducting public relations campaign to dewatering the Idaho-Maryland Mine


Not an easy sell.

Local neighbors rely on groundwater for their drinking water.

Why should they want a nearby goldmine?

Idaho Maryland was the second largest hardrock goldmine producer in state of California.

Remember which mine was the largest producer in California?


Mactec - Petaluma office - is developing the dewatering plan

That is a good office, but the personnel are only as effective as the Emgold project manager.

Just another example why mining management is so important, more important than anything else.


That's right, the Empire Mine was the largest gold producer in the state of California.

And there is plenty of gold still down there. The shafts are flooded and the mine is now a state park.

So, shall the good people of California support the removal (and dewatering) of these flooded shafts, or shall the property remain politically unproductive?


Over the last year and a half management has been the single largest factor determining the profits and fortunes of the mining companies.

So, may as well pick a manager, like maybe Friedland or Lundeen. 


4.22.05    What shapes this public opinion on mining?

Current news stories.

Mining (past, present or future) = pollution, death, curb on growth, reduction in taxes needed to pay out benefits, and will generally poison your children.

That is the story of the week in the neighborhood of the Empire Mine. The latest vessel of the message is the US and State EPA supported by the local award winning rag. The message pouring forth from the vessel is that the parent rock, nay - the former miners that conducted the mineral excavation activity provided by the parent rock, and now supports the nearby construction boom of building thousands of new houses - will poison the neighborhood.


Yes, serpentinite contains naturally occurring asbestos material.

It, also contains Chromium +6 but I bet you haven't heard about that one yet...



4.22.05    Mining, the Press, and Education

The press in California carries only the stories about how the mines, past and present, are nothing but a drain on the state economy and a threat to the life of your children.


The mining industry in Nevada has been slowly yet surely turning around their image, thanks in no small part to the assistance of the local rags - samples thereof which I not infrequently put forth for your consideration.


How can the local press present education about Nevada mining past?

How about this one on the glories of mining past and how it supports the activities, tourism-based or educational, of today:


Naturally, the tandem bicycle works efficiently when one pedals and one steers. The full court press of previous mining glories past, either presented by the Nevada parks excellent interpretive staff of the commercial gloried of Antiques Road Show will not succeed without the corresponding edification of why mining is required today.


Of course the biographer wants to present the first-hand story of merit. Not simply react to strings of stories witnessed through the lense of an entirely different culture and position.



4.22.05    Recently permitted gold mines in California

now that's a short read


4.22.05    Dang fool politician drowning in two inches of water

Thinks he'll solver all the water issues by passing a law.

Luckily he's the only one who sees the genius inherent in his plan.



4.22.05    NV Water: What is the most beneficial use?


groundwater or surface water
pols or people
cities or counties
miners or ranchers

wild horses or grazing cows



4.19.05 Steady

mercury is the barometer for the heart, for wind and rain

gold is the barometer for civilization


there is no bull market in gold, there is no bear market

both are anathema

gold does not -trend-


way out in the yonder

along the golden road

when the streets peter out; recognizable addresses of 321 roadkill hiway and 1.618 fibonnaci lane give way to the undulating native topography

Hilbert ponders his Problems and d'Ocagne questions his Identity


fewer and fewer houses dot the thinning grey line


and at some distance, the wary traveler comes upon the Andrews pitchfork in the road

the devil may care waits for him there

where the cotton grows deep and the Eminor flat slides low

he offers paper for gold




4.19.05    gloomy goldbugz capitulate


bwp posting the 95 Thesis of Zool on the doorpost of the federal reserve bank, 321 roadkill hiway.

ski's partner in irrelevancy giving up the ghost whilst ski emotionally mutters in amazement that his system broke down.

posters leave, yet again swearing off physical and gold stox forever.

traders wishing on a nevadamorningstar just hoping to get back to even.

miners losing money and heading toward BK.

mercurys semi-dormant gleam-in-the-eye glands begin to salivate once again...



4.19.05 Nevada gold production figures down

The major gold producing nations of the world in a sprint to the bottom - each overachieving in the glorious race of collapsing gold production. Currently, neck and neck, only briefly glimpsing over their shoulder to see fiat catching up...


4.13.05    On a panicked international equity market

My best performer today

Of anything I own, or track (well, except for that ol' stalwart INVT.PK of course) this had the best percentage performance today: KMG

They announced that they simply could find no other option for speculation/capitalism/investment/regeneration/support/philanthropy than to buy back their own fragile paper and go into debt betting that the situation gets worse for everyone else and they can buyout both former visions of grandeur and current pretenders for the throne for pennies on the dollar.


Oh yeah, their credit rating was cut to junk…


4.13.05    The Empire mine

Operated for 100 years

Over 18 million ounces gold produced.

Estimates are that they only recovered around 40% from the ore body.

The mine had more life, the gold was still there, the miners still wanted to work, the company could have still produced and prospered.


They shut down operations in 1957 because the price of gold was artificially capped (at $35./oz) and they couldn’t turn a profit.


The more things change…


4.10.05    From gold miner dreamer to richest landholder on the west coast

Ever hear of the Irvine Ranch?

How about the City of Irvine, Ca?

Irvine Company?

Irvine Foundation

University of Irvine?

John Irvine?


He came for the gold, and stayed to help make the Golden State great.


Remaining land parcel currently one of the most valuable in the world.


History of the property, parcels and subdivision provide a history and education into western (mexican and californian) real estate law over the last couple hundred years.


Quite interesting how some of the early mining parcels were separated out...


Another chapter in the great story of how supplying the early western miner with supplies built the the great Pacific Rim cities of today...


4.10.05    CLUE file

Anybody ever pull their CLUE file, either for your person or your property?


When making an offer on a property, have you used it as a subject-to contingency (must meet minimum score without decrease in price)?

If so, on what ratio did you eventually settle?


4.10.05    New Jefferson/Bison nickel variety

'Speared Bison' variety on the 2005-D is tickling hte fancy, capturing the imagination, and gaining a bid.

A bid of 133 times (and growing) face value, to be exact...


modern coinage varieties and prime samples in stratospheric rarified air.

They ain't making any more of 'em

(err, actually they seem to be increasing the number of die varieties per issue...)


4.10.05    Biodiesel

In northern Ca, Golden State, one of the few commercial suppliers has lowered the price of their product.

Eureka, Ca. now has a small commercial outlet facility, opened fairly recently.


Clark Howard devoted a segment of his show to the subject yesterday.


The cost of gasoline and biodiesel are both approaching $3.00US/gallon. But they're approaching it from different directions.



4.8.05    Once again the smile of Horus

Kisses our spinning orb if but briefly under the assembled gods

how find they our offering today of the leader



4.8.05    On the passing of the pope


The man had essentially unlimited power, access, wealth a billion or so fans and a 2,000 year old support network.


And yet he died without an estate.


Either he truly cared not for the materialistic. Or he only cared for the power and access and wealth.


The respects paid by the millions suggest the former; a man steeped in good stead.


How we struggle mightily for the legal tender and the fragile fiat.


And the struggles, sweat and blood over a few grams of gold.


Those that never gave it much thought before read his farewell address.


Others study the faces of pilgrims and see the message taught in every pained crag and dropped tear – the hour is late.

I honor the teacher…


This poem was written by Karol Wojtyla - Pope John PaulII, under the pen name Andrzej Jawien

Girl Disappointed in Love

With mercury we measure pain
as we measure the heat of bodies and air;
but this is not how to discover our limits--
you think you are the center of things.
If you could only grasp that you are not:
the center is He,
and He, too, finds no love---
why don't you see?
The human heart--what is it for?
Cosmic temperature. Heart. Mercury.



4.6.05 Rearranging the deck chairs on FNM Titanic?
Mr. Greenspan in a tizzy begging congress to enact structural reforms at Government Sponsored Enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as he sees various positions begin to unravel into a building derivative typhoon.

Times nicely with the planted story (though probably just as true) that FNM has been making up numbers for years.

Of course, the big houses know that congress has no choice but to add more juice to the punchbowl (print more treasury debt), rather than enact anything resembling fiduciary responsibility. (Voila! 50-year mortgages). Thy boys bid up FNM from near 52-week lows after watching the share price plummet 30% and shave over 22Billion off the market cap in the past 6 months.

Meanwhile, at the Bureau of Public Debt, for the first time in US history, the President ridicules the value of treasury bills and the ability of the government to pay off its IOUs.

And yet, after reading the boards here for two years, I have yet to see a mention of the largest real estate scheme in the US: the flipping of properties into trusts at FNM, known as ‘securitization’. Thoughts?


4.5.05    nuclear waste:


The pro argument floated is that its better to have 1 target vs 5,000 targets.


Wellll; how about this one:

Design site security for 5,000 stationary targets vs. security for 5,000 moving targets.

(actually, a redesign for the -5,000- sites with currently existing security.)

Oh, yeah, that homework assignment also assumes that you can abate the 5,000 existing sites with one truckload for each site. Granted, Nevada allows triple trailers, so you can use the entire capacity of 3trucks x 18/yds per truck = 54 total yds. Please submit remediation RI/FS/EE/CA/FS study for Hanford showing use of up to three dump trucks.


For extra credit: Show security plan for your triple trailer as it crosses across 2,500 miles of I-64, I-40, I-60, US-50, Grand Army of the republic. Repeat process  for I-84, US 93, 95, I-25, 84, 90, 15 10, 20, 25, etc…Repeat process 5,000 times multiplied number of trips. (hint, DOE estimates 54K


Show all work (but not to the terrists!)


Oh, you say you actually meant that you were going to use the open bed trains, not trucks. (only 3,000 trips needed!) And you’ve already run the finite element analysis/plasticity/transient-dynamic impact/ and displacement runs on the computer for both vessel and casque, and they all check out just dandy. (err, umm, so says the USGS/DOE/DOT/Bechtel)


 And you’ve already got the money lined up by bake sale/injun casino for all the new overpasses, trunk lines, spurs, maintenance yards, security tunnels and 10,000 year monitoring program needed for the largest transportation mega-engineering plan in the history of western civilization.


btw, Nv and the other western states already have a nuke dump. So it ain’t my skin. When the train derails or is blown up in Nye, co. there aint nobody to care.


But look at this map.


Anybody you know live on any of these routes (45million of your closest friends do)


Eight weeks ago the DOE/Bechtel dog and pony tour spoke in caliente. You know what their security plan was? One rider security car per train. (She’ll say this in public, but they haven’t released anything in writing.) Think they’re gonna stop this from happening as the train rolls at maximum speed of 59mph through Houston, or Vegas, or KC, or Nashville…


oops, looks like DOE forgot to include that one in their fact sheet/environmental impact statement.


Don’t believe in terrists capability to derail a train? How about accidents?


c’mon; you’re a smart reader. How about coming up with another reason why it’s a great idea…


(hint: think in term of disposal dollars/kilowatt)


p.s The national academy of science report which was declassified two hours ago recommends storing waste at those 5000 sites in the dry casques shown in the video above. I look forward to their explanation of the explosions.


(oh gee, they won’t actually release their data; only willing to sell it. Guess they learned a trick or two from the 911 commission)’


(4.7.05     Response to a Naysayer:)


bleeve it or not: very clever lead in

of course, an empty tank explosion occurring between the UEL/LEL is not a BLEVE, but you knew that.  Also, gasoline does not BLEVE, but you (I truly hope) also knew that. BLEVES typically occur from catastrophic impact to containers with carbon chains much shorter than gasoline (where the carbon chain exists as a gas in the natural state and the gas is kept in liquid state under pressure). In general, BLEVES are rare, the last major fatality incident in the US was over 25 years ago…


Fortunately 10$ of dry ice prevents problems associated with transport of empty fuel containers that you describe, which is among the reasons why it is so incredibly rare. Especially on tanker trucks, which experience very frequent accidents on the highway.  Fuel transport tanks are designed to burn, which is why the firefighters let ‘em burn.


Regardless of the technical flaws of your parry (may I suggest a couple training courses as a starting point), the supposition as a general mechanism serves as an unsupported contention not addressing any of the issues that I’ve raised in response to initial objections.  Let me know of any $10 fixes for ceramic composite casque jackets you may run across...


The interesting take is that transport of fuel and many other hazmats occur on a daily basis that carry much higher risks than low level nuclear wastes.  Thousands are killed on the roads every year; we have the data and we accept that risk while acting accordingly.  Transport of nuclear waste via the existing highway network is very feasible both technically and from a risk management perspective, but DOE consistently points out that it is not a political sell.


Which brings it back to my original post: that the science isn’t used as support for the proposed solution (because it either does not support the contentions or is simply fabricated) and that the depository is simply a political solution.


Nevada does not have enough veto power.  And like all political solutions:


Expedient, short-sighted, fatally flawed, and doomed to failure.


Waste pays



4.5.05    Funny thing about sewers and mines

Way back yonder gravity separation techniques were developed by mining and then applied to the infantile wastewater business. Then wastewater treatment developed many of the flotation separation techniques now used in modern cyanide leach mining.


‘Aye skimmer,

I almost got the anthracite backwashed


Purple pipe –n- mining tripe


Nuggest sink and floc do not

And ne’er the clemmons shall meet


Hey, it that a coagulant in your clarifier, or are you just pissin’ in the garnet-polished sand filter agin?



4.5.05    Water Plays

WTR and AWR look like buys right here. WTS (33.06)running to far away? Can't understand why PIK has curried recent f(l)avor. Looks like it is in a stagnating pool of water. Volume tricky on some of these.  CDZI, nice people and interesting operation, but maybe not the place for baby's school money ...



BADGER Ticker symbol = BMI




WATER PIK TECH INC. Ticker symbol = PIK



YORK WATER CO. Ticker symbol = YORW

Connecticut Water Service IncCTWS  LAYN

Cadiz, Inc.  CDZI.PK

Danaher Corporation DHR

American Water Works

Middlesex: MSEX

Ionics, Inc. ION

Watts Water Tech WTS

Aqua America WTR

Pall Corp PLL

another suggested PICO and PLL which look good here...


4.4.05    New Mercury Project Report

although some of their directives are misguided (for example, why push for crematoria emission controls when the Hg credits will be tradable by next decade anyway) they have some decent chunks of info. New report released today…


4.4.05    New allegations against Bechtel SAIC Yucca mountain operations

u think their still miffed about not getting that dram o’ H20?

(140 million gallons per year)


4.4.05    Oil and Energy Plays

That are currently (or very recently, or will be) in my holdings:


Vectren: VVC

Nicor: GAS

Kerr McGee KMG

Enerplus resources ERF

Shaw Group: SGR

Chevron: CVX

Idacorp Holding IDA

Ormat Industries: ORA


However, a couple of these are looking overextended imo and I have lightened up.  Something that has shaped my outlook is that here in the western US power production is only half the problem. Power transmission is the other half, thus energy services companies are worth considering.  Something else to keep in mind is the large number of firms that now have an energy division. For example, NEM, ABX, and CAG (Conagra foods) all have power interests in nevada.



They took on a huge amount of debt when they swallowed ICF and their share price took a stutter. I bought in then b.c. I thought it was a good fit and liked the long term outlook for their model. Perhaps now , however, they’re fully valued.


ORA is an interesting one. I don't own it since the IPO just came out late last year. However, I have been following the company for a couple years now and am familiar with some of their property.  I see them making some very shrewd decisions. Any time the Israelis start to aggressively build a market share in the state I get interested. ORA and CAG actually have experimental research plants next door to each other.  Most ironic, many of the geothermal taps were actually developed in the 1970s when wildcats placed wells throughout the hinterlands looking for oil and gas and instead hit hot water.

 IDA    Run of the mill utility and resource holding company


Am rotating out of MON into CAG. Mon has done just fine by me, and am looking for a sector rotation to spice things up a bit.

 Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 00:05
}Only stock I like now, is monsanto ( mon ) at 18.35. absolutely nobody else likes it here...


Canadian trusts

consider taking a look at Canadian energy holding trusts and interest pass-throughs.  The Canadian government has within the last year rescinded some of the previous obstacles to foreigners from investing funds in these trusts and IPTs.  For instance, the funds once required no more than 50% foreign capital -which mandated constant rebalancing and inefficiency. Things look much more orderly now for foreign investors.



(Fun with Canadian Resources law) Law





Too bad chemtalle foote doesn’t trade. I am looking for a decent lithium play.$FILE/home.html


also see CAG

...also on the watch list:

SU, crystalline quartz piezoelectricity


4.3.05    same ol game

it starts out with statements as fact

but when a couple (easy!) questions come out

there are no answers

just silence and empty space


endgame is the same too

it your fault you live in a desert

that is why you deserve water wars

so you might as well take our pollution also


nice ring of logic


nobodys fault in particular

(thing is, it never is)


4.3.05    mining contaminants

 are nothing more than a rash on one cheek of the flea

on the hind rind riding the dog wagging the tail of the real water story


4.3.05    Q: Dugway,  skull valley, Crescent Valley, Yucca,  today's storm hitting the west coast: see any connection

A: great basin groundwater


why do you think they are modeling the hydrology of the entire basin, nuthin better to do?

First the modeling THEN the adjucation

yep, the entire basin...


Az state has one of the better hydrology programs in theUS.  but it can't compensate for some seriously flawed water case law...


4.3.05    The US WMD program

the program actually stared much earlier, and somewhere else other than Dugway

but there is always bedtime stories some other night...


hey, hopefully everybody dies

before anybody talks


4.3.05    Digging deeper at Dugway


Dugway has a Risk Assessment Code of One

and is the highest DOD priority for remediation of 'unknown object's in the western US.


keep digging with Deseret news and you never know what u might unearth


4.3.05    Dugway: the US Biological, Chemical and Nuclear WMD program


The Deseret news originally broke the story via a FOIA request that forced the

US Department of Defense to admit that it had conducted a series in several decades-long programs (112, SHAD etc.)

that designed and modeled the release of numerious biological and chemical agents over US population centers, DOD enlistees and civilians including the release of mustard, VX, sarin and on and on and on.  These more innocuous agents are simply the ones that have been declassified to date. 


Following developments in a 1981 court case the DOD acknowledged spray tests off of crescent city and the Hawaiin islands and considered, but though better of, releasing results of chemical and biological spraying programs in san francisco bay.


look at the date of this news release, gata luv it


are you sure you really want to know whats going on in the world?,1249,405007340,00.html


4.3.05    Faked data on Yucca mountain?

today the vegas rag

picks up on the Yucca mtn email story


when the govt dont like the data, they make it up?

(of course, this never applies to the economic numbers or anything)


4.3.05    more chemtrails

friday they were spraying chemtrails over san francisco bay region

not the first time...


dont believe what the mercury tells you, gotta sweat it out for yourself?


4.3.05    Is Utah out of the running for the nu-ku-lar waste dump?


not accordion to this guy


gee, you dont think this has anything to do with keeping the pressure off Dugway proving grounds, do you?



4.3.05    Nevada Department of Environmental Protection rules on Crescent Valley groundwater


You've heard of the Aden sisters, have you heard of the Dann Sisters?


4.3.05    Mining competition and the dearth of qualified mining graduates


The muckers may get by on shear coaxial strength, but the engineers need some shoolin' ant there aint enough students or schools to go around.


3.31.05    Then there's the EPA

they hold -quite- an intersting findings report they haven't released yet on the former asbestos mines and disposal practices in the foothills. one of the biggest housing booms of all time happening up there. all the senior brass was at the initial public meeting last week rolling out the party line. could get interesting...


3.31.05    Barium interests were held underwater too

Since they used it as a weight in drilling mud.
Then they pulled out the price supports in 1946 and the mines collapsed from another type of weight pressure altogether.


3.31.05    Just for Giggles, if I held any Tungsten interests

 i would be looking for exit strategies about now...


3.29.05    When commodity prices skyrocket out of control

And the energy and water required to go about our daily business becomes prohibitive in both cost and supply

And companies are forced to dishonor previous contracts

And workers are forced to dishonor previous contracts

And lawyers pile on top the injury


Great economic recoveries and advances are made...


3.29.05    More on Wheaton/Goldcorps

got my latest installment of the Wheaton/Goldcorps circular chronicles

in the mail yesterday


amazing one of these merger thingies worked out

err - so far, in the first couple weeks anyway. No sense getting too far ahead of the curve…


property, reserves, POG, technology, infrastructure – a just a game of bunko

the major factor affecting au stox in the last year has been the management team.

Who they get in a kissing contest with, who they take to the mat when the prenuptials agreement didn’t quite present the shield they had hoped when the merger mania didn’t quite go as planned. And that other stuff…


Blame me, flame me, macramé me



3.27.05    Can't we friends get along?

Friends of queen creek aren't very friendly with RIO and BHP.


Don't underestimate the resolve and political astuteness of the climbing community...


3.27.05    Time for mining reclamation awards

don’t be shy. Who get’s your vote? Barrick’s Bullfrog, New Sleeper Mine, other?


an more great stuff by Adella, as usual.


Reclamation costs on Department of Interior (BIA, BLM, BOR, NPS etc.) lands run roughly $2K-10K an acre.

Restoration costs can get up to $100K an acre.

Abatement costs can run between 30k-150K an acre.

Remediation costs run between 15k to over 1M per acre.


Though you should know…


3.20.05    Northern Nevada BLM lands going private

This story is gaining traction.  Previously the lands that have transferred to private ownership had been in the immediate Las Vegas area and often had an accompanying swap.  Now, the focus is on northern Nevada lands. Something to keep in mind when you look at that junior explorer in N. Nv. 


(independent from the fact that the money is being wasted, as usual)


The Smoke Creek Desert is solitary beauty incarnate. I am the better for having shared her company.


3.20.05    New Sleeper Gold


On the one hand, the mine is in final reclamation and monitoring.

On the other hand their going for both notice and plan exploration permit.


good to have a plan that covers all the bases.


(luv that name)


3.19.05    Someone asked "I have 4,000 to invest in paper assets, what should I do?"

And I answered:


Most people learn by doing. So please allow me to suggest a little exercise:

1. Scan the financial forums on the web.  Look through each relevant topic thread of interest:

2. Write down 25 of the Finance/Business authors and 25 Books mentioned in one of the “recommended reading material’ threads.

3. Write down your goals and objective for paper assets.

4. After you’ve done that it will be much easier to match further reading material to your goals.

For instance, ff 4,000 is your total take for the year, please consider NOT putting all of it in one place. You might develop three different plans, one for security, one for comfort and one for wealth. Each plan requires support, hence the 4,000 should support all three and not go in once place. That said, the Roth IRA should be a part of one plan, you must decide which one.

Moreover, not all 4,000 should be saved. Some should be spent, some invested, some saved, and some given away. The larger natural laws of money suggest this strategy.


As is, your question is quite open ended and therefore has not generated much specific advise. The exercise above will fill in many of the asset classes that are currently missing from your list. Once you have filled out the asset list, you can then begin to research each asset class individually. At that point, you will begin to see the risk/reward factors that determine return on investment. Only after you fully understand the various asset classes would it be worth the time to determine the best way to purchase.

5. And most importantly, have fun.



3.18.05    Someone asked me Why I bought AGT


My reply:


Why do you ask?

Are you the market maker routing through the Cincinnati desk?

The majority of my buy logic presented regards the fundamentals, with just a smidgen of technicals and psychology thrown in. Having spoken nothing to allocation or positioning or timing - not to mention placement strategy and routing - why would you pose your question to anything other than fundamentals?

Buy when there is blood in the streets, when nobody else wants it.

Buy the good rumour and the bad news.

Made some money on another sell; some proceeds always go partially toward more speculative ventures.

Most everything else I have posted here has been incredible staid and conservative.

Their recently stated financials were terrible, but I venture rather temporary as the bad news is out (CEO out in January, cessation of hardrock operations at Florida Canyon, restatement of earnings per Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, etc.). Many of the juniors may likely face similar challenges regarding re-statement per the section 404 reporting and my sense is that AGT, though materially affected, will fare better than many others in retrospect.

Their average price per ounce production only rose 5% since last period reported, less than many other miners over the same period.

Their proven and probable reserves look good and the cost model looks extremely conservative.

I visited their Florida Canyon mine the last week of December and -mostly- liked what I saw; betting that the switchback pit highwall can be engineered and production will resume.

Like the fact that the Standard mine can be operated using currently existing infrastructure. Really like how the strip ratio will plummet between the switch from Florida Canyon to Standard Mine operation, especially given the cost model.

Exploration at the Black Fox property appears to be progressing rather well; I like the fact that new reserves of base metals were added - especially those with rising value (like most all commodities as of late - look at performance of the CRB).


Buying shares in any company that is losing money and trades well below the 200MA, especially after a 20% drop in a week is a highly speculative venture.  However, the shares outstanding compare very well to other sector companies that were at a similar point in the growth curve. Management has decided to ride out on thin cash reserves rather than dilute shareholder position - definitely bucking the trend and gaining esteem in my vision.  Either they run out of cash reserves before the Standard Mine is economically producing (or getting Florida Canyon back) or they tender a shelf offering.  Basically, AGT right now looks very similar to other issues that I speculated in (BGO, GSS, DROOY, IVN, CDE etc.) in 2000 and 2003 and did very well in.  All of those issues had serious cash flow problems and looked like bankruptcy was imminent, they all quintupled after the darkest hour.  Perhaps I am simply trying to catch a falling knife and will lose a finger. Then again, a 14% sell off based on a press release noting difficulty with the phone connection is par for the course with junior gold issues, and could be a gift - hopefully not of the Trojan variety.  My pain quotient is quite high for this sector and I can allow much looser stops than many would be able to stomach - mostly because I understand the sector and the risk vs. reward inherent to this particular type of beast.


Thanks for asking. Hope that helps. 



3.17.05    Ere I tip my Hg-brushed hat

to the Molly McGuires
whether green or gold
past miners fabled
all labors sold


molly in green

PTB in o’range

One dig deeper

The other plunder a’strange


Ably molly dug

Seams aloose

Mortis hung

Through the noose


3.17.05    AGT: what a difference a day makes

When it gets TOO ugly, starts to look kinda cute

So I finally got me a little stash this marn’ after staring at her afar for a few years now…

(nice fill o’ swill whilst swimming with the catfishes)


Now that we’re married, hope she don’t get fat too…



3.16.05    Wanted to buy AGT

with the proceeds from STN

Still too ugly


Ugly horses

Aren’t necessarily fast


Wise old man told mercury

never buy an issue for at least three months after you visit the property.

Long enough to tell love vs. lust…


3.16.05    Sold STN - Station Casinos


Selling at a new high

Means you made money


In an earlier discussion on gaming concerns last year;

I stated my money was on this horse.


Sold the larger portion today.


Pretty horse.


Best to ya at the track…



3.1.05    Identity Theft and Information Racketeering


Choicepoint, Westlaw etc.

Just a couple of the buzzards profiting from what they couldn't make a meal out of on their own.  Have you ever tallied how many corporations/agencies are keeping dossiers on your individual self?


How about the bancamerica story of ‘losing’ 1.2 million credit files?


Two step process:

1)      make sure enough of us have our identity/credit hacked or otherwise compromised to the point we beg our kind legislators to pass the “Identity Theft Protection Act of 2007” which promises to guarantee ‘people who are they say they are’ via mandating biometric information in the national ID card.

2)      Let loose the virus that spreads via (currency) paper


 fait accompli



2.28.05    Someone suggested they could earn 8% in an investment without increasing their risk.

Here was my reply:

I do not dispute that one can earn equivalent yield over 8%. There are certainly many out there. However, when looking at your bond fund, compared to the 10 and 30 year yields shown here:
(if problem loading, compare charts of ^TYX and ^TNX)

…by definition that fund is taking more risk than the underlying asset.

Also, you original example was:
“Jean invests the $160,000 in bonds and earns 10% per year.”

However, even the example of the bond fund you provide FAILS that target in 80% of the performance runs. (11.40%, 9.81%, 9.58%, N/A, 7.65%)

Here, plainly, your own metric fails upon examination by burden (and for that matter, the return only beat your performance criteria in the last year – not exactly the yardstick of bond performance).

Disagree that bonds are the safest thing out there, I remember Milken, S&L failures, Orange county etc. Junk corporate and muni bonds are nothing new.

I just acknowledge the alpha and beta where you refuse to.

Hey, why not push a Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) with yield of 14% as a supporting example of the argument?

Safe right? Underlying asset guaranteed by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac right?

If there is no increased risk, than why wouldn’t everyone dump their Ginnie Maes at 5% for the CMO?

That is, my counterpoint is that your argument is weak via error of omission. My other (still unaddressed) example - not mentioning repeal of Glass-Steagall - is another support of the same counterpoint argument.

Hence, your contention that fund X guarantees a (very) short term return independent of risk variable Y does not support your opening gambit since you failed to provide an supporting example for your own originally contention (10% bond yield), much less counter my parry on risk acknowledgment.


The Bank of South Korea announces it will begin to divest itself from the US Dollar. The USD and US equity markets tank while commodities (metals, grains, and oils rise).

Have you taken the time and effort to diversify the unit of denomination underlying your basket of asset goodies?

Is the lack of buying new US Treasury issues the same as turning the money already in Treasuries (bills, notes and bonds) back in to the treasury?

What if Korea isn’t the only nation that begins to divest itself of dollars?
What if other countries already have, but you haven’t been privy to the news release yet?
What if individuals other than Soros, Buffet and Gates begin to publicly announce their strategy to foist the greenbuck on somebody else?

What if ‘What ifs’ are just place-marks along a timeline?



2.18.05    How come nobody is allergic to meat?


Last night leaving a restaurant a man approaches me and says "Excuse me, do I know you?". How in the hell would I know what he knows? I might have an idea what he has never learned, but no way could I grasp the full comprehension of his years on earth.  He then proceeds to immediately tell me his hard luck story and how he and his wife were homeless.  So, I immediately offered him the doggy bag - the majority of a fine meal. At that point he asks what it is, and after informing him it was Chicken Fiorina and Alfredo, he declined the offer and said: "No thanks, my wife and I are vegetarians".


At that point, rather than parry with the trite 'hey buddy, beggars can't be choosers'  I instead smiled and wished him a pleasant evening.


Now here is what I want to know:

I have heard of people allergic to all kinds of things: pollen, dust, mites, dirt, flowers, cats, dogs, work, peanuts, wheat, rice, chocolate, alcohol, beans and on and on.


But I have never heard of anybody allergic to meat.

Why is that?


2.16.05    Oilgarchy


Back in the 1930’s the burgeoning opposition to the petrochemical oligarchy found an open pulpit at Popular Mechanics.


Two possibilities:

1) Biomass never existed and Pop. Mech. was wrong

2) Petrogarchy won and a slight change in the editorial staff at Pop. Mech. (and the Larger board of directors if u get my drift)  occurred.



2.8.05    Fannie Mae hits 52 week low

The 30 year UST bond yield breaks the trendline into new 2-year lows.
Major Treasury auction of 5 and 10 year notes coming up later this week.
(if problem loading, compare charts of ^TYX and ^TNX)

answer this riddle…
If the FED is raising rates, why are the yields falling?


2.6.05    Freedom is wonderful


If you don't mind being alone



2.5.005  Aberdene Mines


Perhaps a new open pit copper mine in Mineral County?


Market liked the drilling results.


Then the president turned in 20% of the stock


stock doubled and then pulled back 50%

and that was just this week


2.5.05    Golden Phoenix sells their share of Borealis stake


Move over old man mr. gold for the new hottie moly b.denum


Plenty of mining left in Mineral County. The Co. is desperate for more of a tax base. Too much reliance currently on the military depot. The transportation network is good and will grow. Maybe Gryphon and Aberdene will share notes…,+2005



2.5.2005    sold big chunk of CSTR


hopefully you got in at this 4 yr-low,e50&a=r14,m26-12-9&c=


 4yrs later: breakdown from 5th wave doubletop confirmed by inability to push through 50EMA resistance on retest?,+2005


 not too happy about the story about their machines providing a short return on the spot survey…


2.5.005    tender tender


why would goldcorps extend its offer to redeem shares

1.        unless the share price of wht changed in the last month (which it hasnt)

2.        or something's gone amiss with the plan?

 Why would an investor submit shares during this extension period if they hadn’t previously?

(see 1.16.05 post)


2.4.05    On Bankruptcy

Spoke to somebody today who was considering bankruptcy, and felt quite depressed.

Here is what I said to her:


Today is a new and fantastic beginning for you, it just hasn’t sunk in yet because right now you are not in the frame of mind to interpret current circumstances as a good thing, rather than a disaster. But, that perspective WILL change.

Right now might not be the best time to make big decisions.

So make small ones.

First things first.

Set some time aside each day for solace from the ones who care about you and for whom you care.
You will not get financially healthy without regaining spiritual and mental health that was affected by your job refusal and other disappointments in your life.; that will take time. Realize that for MOST of your issues, time IS on your side.


Please allow me to point out two items from your message:

“This weekend I bought a real estate investing book…”
“We have tons of credit care debt…”

These two situations are not compatible. You cannot get out of debt by spending. It’s akin to doubling down on a losing hand.

Instead, you could borrow a book, or go to the library, or get your financial education on the internet, or……many other things other than taking money out of your wallet.

Yeah, you already know that, so why not DO that? Positive behavior breeds positive outlook.

Think about today, not tomorrow or next week or next year. Those dates in the future are full of the misery you see coming. Instead, focus on today and today only. Think small and act small but act OFTEN. Lots of little good things add up to one big thing.

Make a to-do list for tomorrow:
1. Hug your family and make a plan to seek spiritual or mental counseling.
2. Make a budget for the rest of the month; or take a hard look at your existing budget.

A. Figure out EXACTLY how much you are spending every month
B. Figure out EXACTLY how much you are making every month.

What is the difference? If negative, you must turn that around immediately before building a business IMO. You always want to build on a solid footing, right?

Think of it this way, if you have credit card with a balance of $1,000 and an interest rate of 13%, paying that balance off is the same thing (better actually) than having a $1,000 face bond paying 13%. Right now, you would be extremely hard pressed to find a bond, or practically any other investment paying 13%. PLENTY of companies would love a 13% cash on cash return. The credit card companies are doing ok, right? Of course, you already KNOW that, but that MBA is getting in the way and you are swinging for the fences of tomorrow (buying the REI book) instead of bunting for first base today (redirecting that dollar toward working for you instead of against you). Work on TODAY'S cashflow, not tomorrows.

So use the MBA today: Plot your expenditures vs income. When those two lines reverse, and you are making more than spending, you have just changed your life. It is then just a function of time before the rising chart representing your assets intersects the declining. Now the end goal is only a matter of the event horizon.

You can start spending less than you make. Go to fatwallet dot com. Search the threads and links for debt reduction. Or, if you got religion, go to Dave Ramsey (just don't buy the mutual fund bs). There are thousands of people serving an example as testimony to the fact that decreasing your expenditures can be done more easily and quicker than increasing your income at the start. Yet, the net difference is the same at the beginning of the curve. Fact is, gutting your household expenses by 10%, -30% is quite doable, even if (no, especially if) you think you’re already cutting into bone.

Get in the habit of having a lot of little wins. The size of the wins will only grow.

Now go back to that to-do list. Repeat steps one and two. (Of course on the family/spiritual side you will be working the plan, not making it and on the budget side you will be working on making the budget more favorable instead of recreating it). Every day you’ll chalk up a win in both those columns, by just doing two things a day. Some days when you’re feeling a little better, more will get accomplished.

Here is how you changed your life today: You realized that you will be leaving the company you’re with. The only uncertainty is when. So, make the best of it while it lasts, because it is only temporary. It is only just a matter of time before the debt is gone, and then so are you...

The above worked for me (pretty well, actually). Can’t see why it wouldn’t work for everybody else…


You have two self-mandates: 1) make the expenses go down and 2) make the income go up

1. Make Expenses go Down
Concentrate on reducing expenses first b.c. it is easier, quicker results, shows immediate results and therefore provides the payback and positive re-enforcement necessary to keep on track
- Make a list of your life’s priorities and goals. Include your wife and family.
- Make a budget and stick to it. Do not spend more than your budget. A purpose for every penny. Track every penny. Eventually you will be rounding off at the dollar, than the tens place, then the hundreds… but start with the penny. Amazing what attention to detail can do for the bottom line and the opening of doors and windows that heretofore appeared as thick brick walls upon which you had beaten your head. A penny saved is between 1.3 and 3.8 earned (or more).
- Show us your budget. Break out the debt service from the living expenses.
- Your budget has two major classes: what you must do to survive (food power shelter transportation to job) and what you must do to get ahead and thrive (pay off bad debt, build saving and business, charity). Fund the first class first, than the second. You have income enough to fully obligate the first class and meet the very minimum on the second class (until your debt ration goes down and/or your income goes up).
- Cutting down on daily living expenses is something you can do TODAY. By knocking out 10% of the fat you should be able to only spend $1,530 next month, allowing the extra money to go toward debt payment/building assets. There IS fat there, just requires some choices. Some might say hard choices, but if you really have made the list of your life’s priorities than by extension you already made the choice. Now it is simply a matter of execution, diligence, tracking, follow-up and continual improvement.
- There are thousands of web pages, and books, really a whole cottage industry on how to reduce expenses. Search ‘frugality’; surf fatwallet; learn the concepts of first fruits and gleaning. Pay yourself first, than your creditors, than your charities. All three are critical.

DO NOT consolidate your loans for the moment. Do not enter into ANY contracts until you fully understand all provisions and both short and long term provisions of the contract. You can not get out of debt by going into debt.

Do not declare bankruptcy. Your income debt ratio as described does not warrant. Your debts look very serviceable.
First: get current with each debt by making the minimum payment.
Second: concentrate on eliminating the worse debt. You already have money to direct toward the debt. Break down the types of debt, holders of debt, current account status, balance, terms etc.
Third: Than rank those according to who you will pay first. Until you understand which one to pay first based upon the order you determine which in turn is based upon the criteria above, continue making minimum payment.
Fourth: Once you fully understand the particulars of each debt class, only then will you be able to make an informed decision regarding consolidation. Some realize that by getting their financial affairs in order, the need to consolidate is replaced by better options, such as segregated and dedicated debt reduction plan. For instance, by cutting expenses and putting the extra income into the debt you may realize it is not worth it to re-schedule the debt load. You might be better off ‘surfing’ credit card balances from one bank to another with increasingly favorable rates. Be very deliberate during this process; debt consolidation –whether through agencies, non-profits, or credit cards, are fraught with peril. You might decide to pay off the smallest debt, than focusing on the next. Or you might focus on paying off the highest percentage debt. Or maybe you want to pay off the most annoying creditor, or that debt that is causing the greatest shame or guilt. Get past the guilt. There is only today; today and eighty-nine-hundred thousands of books and web pages of information out there on how to do this right. Don’t follow any advice until you A) Fully understand it and B) It resonates as the right move. Intuition must match education for fruition to flower.
Fifth: With all that credit card debt, you probably have many gizmos and junk that you do not need, that can be sold to help meet your goals. Learn the benefits of garage sales, ebay, craigs list, swaps etc. De clutter your mine and closet simultaneously. The quick and small have advantages over the large and cumbersome.
Sixth: Find a credit union. You need a better source of credit until you build up your reserves.
Seventh: learn something new and meet somebody new everyday. Good things will happen.

2. Make Income go Up

A) 10K seed money

DO NOT do anything with the 10K for the moment. That is your current safety net/emergency fund source. It provides a very real tangible emergency source AND psychological back stop for the present.

You should only use your capital to start a business when you have WRITTEN a clear business plan with sections on topics such as: goals, objective, financing, markets, advertising, branding, inventories, accts. Payable and receivable, incorporating strategies, tax plans etc. Unless you know what business you want to do right now, and can develop these topics to some degree, you are probably not ready to open your own business just yet; or at least using your only seed capital to do so.

If you are not certain what business you want to do right now, then you need to answer that question. This is a process, amongst other exercises, in gaining financial literacy. What you learn will simultaneously help your immediate situation as well as provide long term guidance and parameters for your personal and business development.

Short and medium term, figure out the best ways to maximize return on that seed capital while decreasing risk. Right now it might be sitting in your checking account. If so, move it to the savings account to gain some interest. Next phases: move from savings to money market; than money market to CDs; than CDs to simple and diversified no-load mutual funds; than; than from simple and diversified mutual funds to simple and diversified stocks/bonds; than from stocks bonds to other forms of paper assets (hundreds of classes); than from paper assets into more leveraged income streams (your business, seed capital for other business). The point in this exercise, which will take years, is that you must FULLY understand the pros/cons of each step in the investment phase. You must become fully literate at the step you are in before moving forward. You must understand the alphas and betas of each holding mechanism. If you do not, make the time to learn about the contents of one room before making the informed choice to moving into the next room, you risk being simultaneously kicked out of the room your are in and being locked out from the other rooms. This situation would result by both the sharks of the world forcing your move under duress and your own lack of knowledge and action plan preventing a move under your own force and motive.

b) Determine how you can make more money in your current line of work. Conversely, in the medium term, do you need to change lines of work.

c) develop the business in those hours you are not working for someone else. Eventually and gradually change the ratio of hours working for someone else/hours working for self. Consider volunteering to get experience and foot in the door; swap expertise/labor; look into labor bartering systems and co-ops; expand your network and join up with other circles.

Bottom verse:
Do not let anybody else determine your personal affairs: You MUST become the captain of your own ship and plot your own course. Otherwise you will remain at mercy of the waves and the seas; we all know the depth and danger of the SEA of the Financial Unknown and The Tide of Sturm and Drang and Restlessness grow more powerful and dreadful with each passing month. Only by taking full command of the helm of your ship, through sheer determination work and education, will you be able to steer yourself out of the storm. If someone else does it for you, you learn and earn nothing. Others can help, but only AFTER your offer and only WITHIN you bounds of understanding.

All above IHMO. Do your own due diligence. You may find there are more important things than money; but few more precious than the examined and directed life. What I outlined above in most cursory fashion has helped me and countless others, but you might find a better path. If so, do tell.


2.1.05    California State Quarter Redux


Unfortunately, because the line was so long, I have no shiny CA state quarters today. 


Turns out:

·          The line was long because governor Arnie was handing out coins to the kids and the USMint director was signing the rolls.

·          The schoolchildren got in early because Arnie threw a party and invited them in before the open house.


Read more about the shindig here:


The Condor was extirpated from Yosemite Valley, like a number of other species. 

The re-introduction program has actually gone better than a number of avian biologists had expected. The release site nearest to Yosemite Valley is actually across the Central Valley at Pinnacles National Monument.


Although the Condor once flew over Half Dome, and the rest of the continent, the likelihood of re-introduction today is not quite as favorable.  Reintroduction programs require the best CURRNET habitat, not the best historic one. For example, one other species no longer in CA native habitat ranges, the Grizzly Bear, could be re-established , However, the likely re-establishment would be within the Sierra Nevada, not the original habitat of the Great Central Valley. Another example is the reintroduction of the Bighorn sheep in the eastern Sierra, which is going very poorly.


Read more about the condor here (large file):


For more than you ever wanted to know about the Ca quarter design issue (and some interesting funnies) start here:


and here


The state quarter design has deep yet subtle environmental politics running throughout, likely lost on most users of pocket change. The condor wasn’t picked for its great beauty.


1.31.05 California State Quarter - first day of issue.   

My better half went down to the California State Historical Museum/Archives today around lunch time. The Museum was selling the 'first day of issue' packaging and availing uncirculated rolls of quarters; they won't be in circulation for a few weeks yet.  Many others had the same purpose, as the line just to get in the building was two and a half blocks long and took well over an hour. Not sure how long the line was once in the Museum.  Apparently the school children had first dibs and were let in early. Some could be heard leaving with their quarry and pronouncing "glad I don't have to wait in that line" (little brats).


Personally, I laugh to myself whenever I see the quarter design. The California Condor flying over Half Dome is a vision only the politicians could love - Yosemite Valley is not habitat for the Condor (though it was habitat for John Muir. If you know where to look you might see traces of the sawmill he established there).


When I first heard about the state quarters program, in early 1999, I thought what a boon it would prove to what appeared a moribund market at the time, and I began buying coins.  Sure enough, millions of new collectors - both new and young - have joined the hobby and coin collecting has only increased my innate interest in metals.


But today, I started to think of selling (that portion that should be sold and keeping that portion that should be kept). 


1.28.05    Some say you cannot save your way to wealth.


Generally they are pushing debt and leverage as means to an early abundance.   The argument is essentially: borrow money at 5% and earn 8% or more in return.  Typically, however they forget to note some of the possible setbacks inherent to that particular path.


For instance, the Glass-Steagall was passed in 1933, but most neglect to mention that it was repealed (quite coincidentally) just before this recent housing mania.

Anybody receiving 8% after taxes in the current market climate is either taking significant risk or has undefined labor capital involved. (also, tax hit is provided but not fiat depreciation).

I have heard many stories of people who saved their way to wealth and then died only to leave a significant bequeath to some charity.


Now I do not dispute that one can earn equivalent yield over 8%. There are certainly many vehicles out there that can supply that type of performance. Here are two of mine previously posted:

However, when looking at performance, they should all be plotted against the cost of borrowing money and the return on lending out that money. That is, the underlying asset yield presented by the 10 and 30 year yields shown here:
(if problem loading, compare charts of ^TYX and ^TNX)

…by definition, any bond fund returning more than the 10year note is taking more risk than the underlying asset.

Much of the time the solution for gaining 8% real return cash-on-cash fails upon a hard examination. 

I just acknowledge the alpha and beta where others  refuse to.

Hey, why not push a Collaterlized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) with yield of 14% as a supporting example of the argument?

Safe right? Underlying asset guaranteed by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac right?

If there is no increased risk, than why wouldn’t everyone dump their Ginnie Maes at 5% for the CMO?


1.27.05   Paper vs. Gold


 I've an opine on Eagle Silver Mining Company


Chart don’t look so hot, but at $2.80 a share doing better than quite a number of other wanna be goldies out there…

Stock looks nice: “The stock has a wonderful vignette of an eagle with smaller vignettes and steamships and railroads. The stock is in crisp excellent condition with only faint folds and a few cancellation holes.”


They charge extra for vignettes I guess...


Why invest now, only to watch ‘em go bankrupt later.


Mercury sayeth: "Buyeth the pretty little paper of the three-score-year-gone bankrupt memory of a company now while the share price is appreciating."



1.27.05    Their Game and Their Ball


Express sentiment or digress sentient?


Height of the just say no campaign -  establishing the framework for private property confiscation and sale through auction.  Course, nobody said nothing at the time cuz just the druggies were losing their cars, homes, and lives.


At the time, just POSSESION of any measurable amount of THC was a felony. Mayor of  a local city served as one of the spokes for Peruvian flake traffic; the federales were bustin up decades old marijuana rings to establish their own people to foment the more lucrative and destructive powder business;  big time narcotraffic from e. mexico piped through NV. just as the state serves as a major transportation hub now.


Just laying the groundwork, establishing protocol, setting case law for private property confiscation formulae under patriot I, II, googlaplex


I made my stand during that campaign against the man and his ideas. Maybe a little ahead of the curve and hence a solitary point along that curve (and the pitiful force of a few likeminds that served as resistance at the time).


Yet, the more totalitarian the stance - the greater the cheers from the crowd!

He won.

Now state sen.

Likely US Sen within 12 years…


Yet, the cult of personality runs amok, but those few of us in the pitiful resistance force have put some decent props out there. NV held vote on Silver as legal tender two years ago. Up to 40% of the state now voting for cannabis decriminalization. (the curse of meth addiction and chicom/meximafia narcotraffic that many states across the union are just now experiencing had been beta tuned and tested in the 24-hour NV playground in the early/mid 80s)


Ps.  Lots o’ battles out there; bigger than ones I’ve already lost.

Pps several of my relatives voted for the natch.


1.27.05    Fun with Words


they don’t call it nationalization

they call it reform


they don’t call it slavery

they call it freedom


1.27.05    mercury Timing Model


scores of 1/64th trills staccatissimo under compression are not as effective a love song as Dsus, G7th, Cmaj slow and sustained, with rests – plenty of time for noodling, dolce doodling and accentuated articulation.


 Strong beat with no slurred phrases...


con guisto,

con passione,




doppio movimento,


e poi



e diminuendo


non mesto




…especially under a soft humboldt rain…




1.27.05        Medical Records:

anybody ever order their dossier from Choicepoint?


Anybody ever tally how many corporations/agencies are keeping dossiers on your individual self?



1.27.05    Curse of the Gold Bug

being right though you wish you were wrong



mercury, son of Cassandra


that said, the tour of the southern Nevada water plant

was a real hoot


1.27.05    Water Wars


This story will affect every mining co. in Nevada


Setting up for the big fight.  Round one started in 1898 when vonZephyr put an earthen damn on the Truckee River spillway from Lake Tahoe.  Guns started blazing, killing mostly Paiute when the next damn on the Truckee – Derby – was built. By 1902, water issues in N. Nevada caused formation of the Bureau of Reclamation, operator of many of the largest dams in the world.


Round two is just starting up.


Common hucksterism dictates conducting water survey used for appropriate rights adjudication during the wet years, of which this is one.


They will dewater the entire northern province; moreso than what has already been done to date.


Watch it unfold.


 Hiring a lawyer to protect your gold is about as effective as hiring one to protect your water.


The woman who wrote this article states she has property in baker.

One property owner in baker has the ranch, probably half of the snake valley.

The other big owner is the feds.

All the homeowners combined got the back forty.

I’ve spoken to SEVERAL residents of Baker about their water supply.

And there ain’t many residents of Baker,

mostly because of the water supply.

Runoff from Mt. Wheeler is federally consumptive and appropriated.

Now the rub,

Even that supply is going to go to vegas.


Maybe that lil’ commissioner from White Pine County population 3,000 and any twenty of those fine layers you see on the peoples court got a fine chance fighting the insatiable demand of the las vegas strip and THEIR money and power?


Yeah, just like it worked in California.


I gotta better chance retiring off Caledonia Mining….


 Stopping the gaming and construction industry in vegas will not flow from the right of White Pine people to their creek.


(the last and most recent and most western branch of the Anasazi indians – the Fremont – irrigated the snake valley near Baker Nv roughly 6,000 years ago. The most western irrigation lands of the indigenous cultures.

Irrigated fields went dry. And the Fremont Indians exist no more…)


That said, the tour of the southern Nevada water plant

Sure was a hoot



1.26.05    Reading List


Last three books purchased:

Good to Great by Jim Collins (paid retail – maybe $US25, gift for somebody)

How to Read A Financial Report, by John A Tracy (3 bux at a used bookstore, for the board of trustees I’m on)

It’s in the Book, by Citizens who care (paid 75cents at goodwill store)


Not sure yet which will be the best value.

Haven’t read any of ‘em yet.

Waiting for the rapture so I’ll finally get some peace and quiet to catch up on the reading list.


Now my buddy has time to read since he works the graveyard shift at the AM/PM

(a quicki mini mart)

his –books to read-  list is over 1,000.


You really want a good glimpse into the current state of affairs?

Spend a few hours at the quickie mart during the graveyard shift.

For example, before that I didn’t realize where people bought their crack pipes.

The three biggest sellers:




Junk Food

Crack Pipes


Pretty much in that order.


Of course, these five major food groups don’t come cheap anymore (not if you follow the VICEX).

So, what’re the peeps going to do?

They gata sell something!

Over the counter pawn shop –voila!!!

Can’t afford a whole pack of cigarettes at once?

Not a problem, we’ll put you on the installment plan.


I asked my friend a couple years back if he got anything interesting in change. (I ask this of clerks whenever I remember to do so)

He had a couple items to show, but was completely stumped upon their value or origin.

That is when I took the time to explain the wikiwide world of numismatics, to the degree her would experience it.

When the peeps get the Jones for one of the five major food groups listed above, they aren’t above cashing in their, or the stolen/borrowed, silver collection.


He just recently had a n 1885 Carson City silver Dollar come over the counter - for a dollar.


From wall street to main street (at 3 am). Only difference is the size of the scam…



1.23.05    Federal Recreation Fees

Remember, whatever it takes, keep the people off their public lands. Much easier to manage the herds corralled in the cities under the watchful eyes of the surveillance network.  Another –temporary- fee becoming inalienable for all generations, how shocking.  My favorite is the part about how institutionalizing the penalty  will ensure the public has a say in how the land is managed. If you have to continually pay for it – it ain’t yours.



1.23.05    Alternative Energy: The difficulty is not the technology

Rather, the application.


In 1973 the United States Postal Service began converting its fleet of service vehicles (at the time, the largest non-military fleet in the world) to compressed natural gas.  However, neither Ford nor its vendors nor any other group could develop a suitable converter package with suitable maintenance and operation requirements. The Postal service completely abandoned CNG technology for the entire fleet by the end of the millennium.  Currently, the entire fleet runs on standard fuels; the focus fro the future lies on two technologies: biodiesel and electric (hybrid) vehicles.


1.23.05    Alternative Energy: Lithium

 Somebody doesn’t want this lithium-based energy developer gaining traction:,+2005


Nevada has very productive lithium mines.

Remember, the di-lithium crystals powered the starship enterprise…


1.23.05 Open Source: WikiCoinMine


Should MY blog become OUR blog? Why or why not?


If I were to host a discussion forum, eventually it would face problems similar to all other like minded pursuits. Flame wars, ego trips, saboteurs, sycophants, spammers, phishers, and subsequent requests to the mod on high would ensu. These requests might included entreaties to add filters, blockers, and removal of certain posters. 

How about EVERYBODY has everyone else’s login and password. That is there are none because everybody can change the text at will.

Read the below primer if you have not heard of the concept before.
Why wouldn’t this option work for this forum?

( try it yourself )



01.17.05    Rich Dad on Gold; Pop Culture Financial Gurus


I mentioned a few months ago that the Rich Dad forums, populated by the followers of mass-pop financial author Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad series were all aflutter about gold.  Essentially, the Rich Dad series pushes the concepts of buying assets, not debts.  At the time of publishing a few years ago, much of the focus was on how one could use leverage to purchase rental properties and consider the cashflow an asset.  However, in the recent 12-18 months or so Mr. Kiyosaki had published his Armageddon piece de resistance about the coming financial equities collapse, mainly resulting from demographic drivers.  He had recently been talking about the wonders of gold.  His followers have picked up on the sentiments and are basically wondering how, exactly, does one purchase gold and what does gold do for them. (Too, they seem confused as a group since the original series of books did not cover precious metals to any degree at all).


I find it most interesting that Mr. Kiyosaki had changed his messaging strategy from using leverage to produce asset wealth to using gold to conserve wealth.  Without a doubt, a considerable portion of his readership are still coming to terms with basic economic considerations and their own meager understanding of the global financial milieu and demonstrate puzzlement that the take home message is now tailored to that slim minority with the problem of wealth preservation, not the daily struggle to acquire it.


Especially delightful is the comparison of another financial guru gaining considerable following in the US – Dave Ramsey. He has been preaching feverishly that the path to financial stability is to swear off debt completely; to the point where use of a credit card is absolutely verboten.  The kicker here, this gentleman is an absolute gold hater and rails against the evils of precious metals in a portfolio every time a listener brings up the subject.


Personally, I find the words of each author rather pedantic. Yet I find the trials, tribulations, and search for knowledge within the maze called the struggle for the legal tender of their readership– as compared to my own - absolutely fascinating.  Without a doubt, their (reader/listenership) iterations and declarations on a daily basis are the most accurate glimpse one can view into the true current pictures of the work economy. I find the financial gurus more and more taken aback and, or simply over emoting aghast and surprised, with the desperation and barely simmering contempt for the official party line, that callers and listeners as citizens on the street proffer as their vision each and every day on the afternoon drive.


Funny stuff.


As you know, more so than anyone by virtue of hosting your own quality gold forum, the places dedicated to such verbal fare on the precious metals topics are numbered as the digits on one’s hands.


Would be interesting to see the individual forum hit numbers plotted on a curve for each forum over the last five years.


1.16.05    Advice to someone facing homelessness

Instead of the mindset you are two weeks until being homeless, how about pondering on the fact you are two weeks away from ending the most serious negative cashflow factor in your life: rent. Admittedly, I never enjoyed any of the times I had to stay in my car, thankfully those times were brief. What I do see in my area is a number of people living in vans parked around the neighborhood. If you realize that you may be headed toward living in your vehicle for a short time, you will not be devastated when the time comes; instead you will be prepared.

Are you getting your deposit/security check back from the place you're are currently renting from?
I never had to sleep with tools of the trade before, but would imagine that you need to keep a very close eye on them so the shelters are not an option. A solid used Ford Econoline van is cheap and dependable and might fit the bill as a place you could both live and work out of for a short term. That is what the working poor in my neighborhood live in. Just think of the hundreds of dollars you will build up by not paying just two months rent.

The things you have going for you: ability to work, friends, and clients are a very good network. Instead of staying on a friends couch, and stressing the relationship, you might consider only staying with them those nights when you really need a warm rest. The absolute worst stories that have been told to me included the burning of the support network. Keeping the support network is invaluable and not replaceable for many months. Yet, protect your health and use that warm bed when you really have to. You health allows you the only income you currently have and must be salvaged at all costs.

Think small ball: short term health; short term pain in the van at night over just a few months will set you in position for a decent work truck and first/lst/security deposit down the road.

Lots of people have to stay out of doors for a while, and I guess you might have had to do the same previously. The think that jumped out to me was that your post title - almost homeless - seems about the end of the month bearing down on you as judgment day. Small ball is looking to get that hit, and the bunt, and the steal which you can string together for a single score. Concentrate on getting the score, not the strikeout. Each swing and miss only brings you closer to the line drive.


1.16.05    Sunday reading: Gold stox merger/acquisition weeklys


Had subscription to the latter from the following publishers: cde, wht, gss, gg, iag, hmy gfi

Here is the bottom line pay back for the effort:



1.16.05    Tis the season: IRS reporting, College Loan applications, and Social Security Statements

The US tax revenue agent sends a statement showing how much one will receive via this exquisite DRIP plan at various ages. IN the early daze, the age projections were 55-62.  Now they are 62-70. I read this as 72-80 AFTER the MEANS TEST.


Thos who are now developing their children’s financial aid requests for college funding know what I mean. Perhaps we should all become biblically familiar with this process.  The day is soon when we will have the means test for social security.


By the way, on which line of the student aid financial means test, parent holdings section, do you report your physical gold holdings?


 1.16.05    Us equity market 05 performance and historical trends: pro and con


Pro: every year ending in the digit 5 has seen positive performance since the Garfield administration

Con: 05 performance of first hour, day and week of trading (month remains open, though halfway over)


Wheaton Goldcorps. IF it DOES work out…

“The combined company would enable Goldcorp to meet its goal of becoming a one million ounce producer of gold, with low cash costs (less than $100 per ounce of gold), with no debt, and no hedging by the year 2005.”


From Goldcorps offer, pg, 41


1.16.05    How to acquire a mining company on the cheap…


1. Acquire warrants in company you plan to acquire

2. Offer tender at price level where the expected acceptance of shareholders will net between 50 and 66.6% of outstanding common shares.

3. Agree to purchase non-tendered shares during a second offering – known as subsequent acquisition transaction, subject to various clauses.

4. Exercise warrants (see step one)

5. Not offer subsequent acquisition transaction, due to clause regarding potential exercising of warrants as percentage of float as a ration to common shares tendered during the initial purchase.



From: December 29, 2004 Directors Circular recommending acceptance of the offer by Goldcorp Inc. …to Acquire All Outstanding Common Shares o Wheaton River Minerals LTD:


Page 23: “The Special Committee considered this possibility, but concluded that there is a minima rush of a Subsequent Acquisition Transaction not being completed if the Minimum Tender Condition is satisfied.”


And, in the Goldcorp Offer to Purchase Wheaton River Mineral LTD dated 12/29/04 on

Page 4:  “If for some reason no second-step transaction takes lace, the number of Wheaton’s shareholder and of Common Share that are still in the hands of the public may be so small that there will no lonnger be an active public trading market for the common shares. Also, as described above, Wheaton may cease being required to comply with Canadian and SEC rules relating to publicly held companies.”



Or, better yet, can any of you point out a previous example of this occurrence?


1.5.05    Gold Investing

Re: Gold
In 2004 Bullion went up 5.6% in US Dollars. It went up less or even declined in other currencies.
In 2004 gold mining shares declined an average of 9%.
In 2004 Coins appreciated greatly. Though extremely difficult to determine an average, many saw appreciation of 20-70%.

All three classes saw great gains between 1999 and 2004, and also saw large losses between 1996-1999 (generally).

Bullion - Any prudent financial advisor should show you how to purchase an approximate 3-6% of your net wealth in precious metals. Should be purchased with low risk/low velocity money.

Mining Shares - Only for the experienced. Should be purchased with high risk/high velocity money.

Coins - My favorite. Suggest DO NOT purchase coins before spending at least several months learning the market. Even then, suggest finding an advisor. Thought the rewards are great, the risk is high.



12.21.04    ho ho ho, 'tis the season

note the extreme generosity of the successful miners. cash gifts, not the donation in kind kind teetering on the edge of a matching grant to some social engineering program. Too bad they still are stuck in cash mode. Turn that $22M into donations of gold ingots at the food banks and reap the whirlind press profit.


12.21.04    To talk about precious metals debasement within a currency

u gata get in the way back machine.

i like this guys analysis of biblical standards.
always enjoy coming across one based upon other great religiosophic reference works of mankind...

there have been some archaeological works broadly brushing the subject. what i've discerned is typically the weight of an early currency is rather proportional to the distance from the bourse. that is, obsidian holds a high value for those without access, and carries a premium for the miles a trader had to haul the rock. seashells also had value to those without access, but were more readily transportable - hence a lower premium.


12.20.04    Real purpose of social security 'debate'

The way they powers that be have approached the social security 'reform' debate

Was simply organized and packaged for one destination: failure to gain any traction whatsoever.

Of course, the real issue that should be on the table is the real and imminent deficit of Medicare ( a much larger problem) and the obscene medicine hand away passed last year. Naturally, these problems are so large nobody provides any ink for discourse; allowing the red herring social security issue front run the distraction. When it goes nowhere, the naysayer can say 'i told you so' and the ostensible backers can say 'oh, but we tried our hardest'.


obviously i am calculating my bets on the expectation ( yes, literally - as in payoff table ) that the, ahem, privatization does occur.

just a matter of stripes...

Of course, for all who fret about the trillions$ in unfundated mandates

Remember the future: the coming intergenerational warfare


12.20.04   Finance Talk Shows: Investtalk and social security reform smoke screen

These guys are on now in my area. I like 'em. Jerry Klein knows what he's talking about; old CBOT commodity hand.
Been talking short term POO 35-40 and his timing has been right on.
I called the show last week and asked the following question:

If you guys were at the economic summit in Wash. DC last week as members of congress, and were discussing the privatization of social security to allow ? at least in part- private investing, what parameters, restrictions and sideboards would you require. i.e. would I be able to trade on margin, buy penny stocks, etc.

I asked the question b.c. I sense that their answers will broadly reflect the type of sentiment currently being whispered into the ears of our congressmen regarding the issue.

They got fired up on the question and started arguing with each other, which I enjoy ( and why I call in ) .

The answered, generally, that they would require only investment in mutual funds because otherwise Johnny Q Public would put his money in Google with a current market cap valuation at twice of General Motors.

Ok, I expected that; and fully see the financial services firms to be the prime beneficiaries of the privatization movement ( and at least to some degree the movement in expectation behind repeal of the Glass Steagal act ) .

The other main part of the answer, which I did see coming, was this:
They would not handle the average Private Investment Account ( for lack of a better name at the moment ) . At my supposition, that is because the average account will not meet their minimum requirements of $250k.

So, WHO will be the prime offeror of investment services advice to the general public holding perhaps 25-200k in their accounts? I know our broker also only wants to deal w/ accts. Over $250 K.

My thoughts on the matter, is that this privatization effort will create a niche for those financial advisors who can pull together a series of smaller investor nest eggs into a pool for investment. Again, the major financial services houses will be the beneficiaries, seating these advisors at junior grades and taking a cut off the top of each pooled fund. I simply see no avenue for any of this money flowing into physical gold, or any miners not listed in the XAU/HUI.


12.20.04    Thanks to those who hit silver at 10% last week

Helped with my Christmas gift buying


12.20.04    another reason not to buy slabbed coins

they don't fit in the salvation army bucket slot


they don't fit in the salvation army bucket slot

though, funny enough, that infernal bell WILL fit if you jump up and down and stomp on it enough to break it down into 20 or 25 pieces...


12.20.04    US vs. Foreign market performance

Should SS privatization occur, the common wisdom is that this will drive the DOW/S&P etc. up
This would only be the case should the dollar stabilize.

Look at the top performing mutual funds for the week according to the shills at Forbes.

Here's one:


now look at:


almost %75 in cash, trading the FOREX no doubt.
What incentive do they have to put into equities, much less S&P based...


12.20.04    pharmaceuticals hit.

news now hyping warning on Alleve pain med

Perhaps time to look at Merck or Pfizer here?


thoughts on the regulatory sabotage of the major pharmaceuticals?


12.20.04    Talk shows:


these guys are on now. I like ‘em. Jerry Klein knows what he’s talking about; old CBOT commodity hand.

Been talking short term POO 35-40 and has been right on.

I called the show last week and asked the following question:

If you guys were at the economic summit in Wash. DC last week as members of congress, and were discussing the privatization of social security to allow – at least in part- private investing, what parameters, restrictions and sideboards would you require. I.E would I be able to trade on margin, buy penny stocks, etc.


I ask the question b.c. I sense that their answers will broadly reflect the type of sentiment currently being whispered into the ears of our congressmen regarding the issue.


They got fired up on the question and started arguing with each other, which I enjoy (and why I call in).


The answered, generally, that they would require only investment in mutual funds because otherwise Johnny Q Public would put his money in Google with a current market cap valuation at twice of General Motors.


Ok, I expected that; and fully see the financial services firms to be the prime beneficiaries of the privatization movement (and at least to some degree the movement in expectation behind repeal of the Glass Steagal act).


The other main part of the answer, which I did see coming, was this:

They would not handle the average Private Investment Account (for lack of a better name at the moment).  At my supposition, that is because the average account will not meet their minimum requirements of $250k.


So, WHO will be the prime offeror of investment services advice to the general public holding perhaps 25-200k in their accounts? I know our broker also only wants to deal w/ accts. Over $250 K.


My thoughts on the matter, is that this privatization effort will create a niche for those financial advisors who can pull together a series of smaller investor nest eggs into a pool for investment.  Again, the major financial services houses will be the beneficiaries, seating these advisors at junior grades and taking a cut off the top of each pooled fund.


12.17.04    US vs. foreign markets

Should SS privatization occur, the common wisdom is that this will drive the DOW/S&P etc. up

This would only be the case should the dollar stabilize.


12.11.04    Wave III - The Paper Heart


Jim Gibbons attacks the industry standard at Spokane Mining Expo:

Plans to overturn 1872 Mining Act within 24 months!

quote: "We're incorporating everybody"


that’s; right jimmy. That you are.

Looks like he formulated his next big thought:

Psssstt, hey NV miners. Why not help me re-write the 1872 mining act? I promise, it will be GOLD for YOU. Shorten the paperwork and everything.

I,ve been watchin' those ideas of yours, and others of same ilk.

Nationalize the mines,

Socialize the cost,

Forfeited Prophets to the Pols.

(hey, how come nobody mentions the Spokane Mining Exchange anymore?)

12.11.04    USEPA VS NDEP

The chess game turns: en-passant…


USEPA Strikes Hard in Northern Nevada


Today: The Heavy Foot lands in the Clay ( the news broke just a few hours ago 12.10.04 )

Reversal: State wants EPA to lead cleanup of polluted Nev. Mine'
(See 3.25.04 post for setup of the story)


USEPA fines Kinder Morgan for Sparks, Nv violations


House Minority Leader ( Reid; D-Nv ) plays Sagebrush billiards

Multi-Prong attack: Wave II

'great basin mine watch petitions against Cortez'


and the dark forces continue their moves...


12.11.04    US Dollar Histrionic this week

happened under cover fire of major National Public Radio ( rockefeller channel ) piece on falling dollar.


12.11.04    Patriot Two was railroaded thru this week

under covering fire of the silver panic



12.11.04    The Aden sisters nailed the April spot gold low at 377

within pennies. might suggest legitimacy for their current count. no more no less.

]Anybody catch mary anne aden on moe ansari?s
] show Friday? Take up the offer for the free 12
] page newsletter? Offer anything besides au
]must hold 377? Maybe like the benefits for
]expats btw. Costa rica vs. panama?

12.8.04    about that homeless Iraqi vet story

seen a couple on the street already (san Francisco; and in a big cold spell)

with 30k+ wounded already and more everyday,

I suspect the stop loss gap policy is as much to keep bodies over there as it is to keep bodies from lining up the street over here. Keep the job numbers up.


Suppose the veteran placement service people working overtime, helps productivity numbers…


12.8.04    Practicing scales

Bought ICPHX today.

First time position. Personally, I think it might prove a terrible buy at this location. But, the broker was quite excitable this morning over USD histrionics and convinced the SO. Besides, its just emergency cash. Given that the amount the USD has lost, may as well call it an emergency at some point, and suppose this point is as good as any…


scaled back in CDE

starting to think 3.23 could be more visible in the rear view mirror than the windshield …


scaled back (25%) into kgc

looks like my date for the top was off a day or so.


maybe they held off until sure that the intelligence czar legislation show was a go.



12.5.04    US Internment Camps

There have been two major phases in this country, we are just now entering the third.

The first phase began out of combined xenophobic and protectionist roots. Basically, the western laborers were in a hard pinch because the labor boom associated with the gold rush was on the decline and there was a perception that the Chinese laborers were the beneficiary of this reduced labor prices; nay, they must have caused the labor priced deflations. One of the first legislative pieces supporting this dogma was the Miners' Tax License Law of 1850, supported by Californian and Washington state laws passed later.


The end result of this period is the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.


Gold Island

The major internment camp documenting this era that has been semi-preserved is Angel Island, in the San Francisco Bay of California. The California State Parks and Recreation Departments conducts tours and displays educational exhibits of the period. A tour of the dilapidated upstairs of one of the internment buildings is a must see - 150 year old Chinese poems etched into the tack walls still provide a haunting visage of the storied period.

Students of western US mining history must realize and acknowledge this dark chapter.



The second major period of US internment camps began during the buildup to WWI and culminated with policy formulation and logistical execution during WWII. Based upon nationalistic and xenophobic political protection measures which later morphed into both the more predictable economic espionage tactics and a further sinister anthem; this period birthed the current political correctness ideology.

A series of presidential Executive Orders provided for the detainment of enemy aliens, sympathizers and subversives. The FBI was given promulgation of these orders. Eventfully, one of the primary determinants was that an individual was classified no longer as a US citizen, but as a Japanese-American or an Italian-American. This use of the hyphen to distinguish a less equal personage served as a root of the current political correct use of the hyphen terminology today and introduced the concept of 'otherness' as a basis for state action against an ethnic class of naturalized US citizens.

Look up the December 6, 1939 directive to Chicago Bureau Special Agent in Charge from J. Edgar Hoover. Look up subsequent directives dated between June 15 and October 18th 1941.

Read: The Internment of German Americans, German Americans in the World Wars; K. G. Saure, 1995.
Read: The Alien Registration Act of 1940

The architecture and infrastructure had been already developed for internment of US citizens by mid-1940, all that was left was a reason. This reason was gifted by the black flag attack at Honolulu. Thankfully, the Japanese high command had been successfully influenced to attack HI instead of the San Francisco bay, despite repeated and successful penetration of SF Bay coastal defenses ( submarine nets etc. ) by Japanese reconnaissance submarines and a very well established and productive surveillance network.

Two of my favorite places to learn more about this history are visits to Manzanar, CA and Bainbridge Island, WA.
Manzanar is located in beautiful Owens Valleys with a backdrop of the photogenic Sierra Nevada scarp. Currently operated by the National Park Service, tours are conducted during spring to fall and a self-guided car tour is also worth the time.

Bainbridge Island is the setting for the wonderful book Snow Falling on Cedars. The local population developed a very good interpretive museum built out of their own accord, with their own labor and dollars, using artifacts from their own barns and back brooms of memories. One of the best period exhibits in the country, period. Worth a visit.

The US internment story is typically spun as the US vs. the Japs.

Unfortunately, though the original cause of internment was economic displacement finding an easy home in the uneducated and out of work Joe-one-bottle laborer vitriol directed against the ethnicity of recent immigrants, the concept mutated into economic arbitrage and political correctness divisions.

Ultimately, the internment camps are designed not for those with a colour of skin disfavored by those in power, but for those with colour of thoughts disfavored by those in power. Look around you today.

2001- ???

You figure this one out...


12.2.04    Ca Real Estate

yesterday I got a call from a banker who has been trying to give me $450k.

usually he just emails.

Yesterday he told me a bout their special red-hot %1 reduction offer, good for a limited time only. Also asked for any referrals I could send his way.

Fair enough.

But he usually just emails...

Mr. Disney: very good call
On drooy to 1.5


12.2.04    Egyptian Gold Relics

King Tut collection to return to USA next may in Los Angeles. First time in states since NY exhibit in late 70?s. y?all know what happened shortly after that w/ au interest.
Gata be a sign from the gods...


11.30.04    How to Buy a Big Bag of Silver

not being cute here:
1. go to your local telephone book;
2. proceed to the yellow pages and and call up every listed dealer under 'coins';
3. ask them what current ask for bags are ( $1,000 face or 1000 dollars ) ;
4. Dollars are often sold in half bags - since note every one can realistically carry 1000 ounces around without back injury risk [or hopefully repetitive motion disorder].

there are several positive benefits to buying locally, even if there is a cheaper price elsewhere.

1. building rapport with a dealer to get future decent quotes and advice
2. help keep local dealers in business. some day you may want to sell that bag.
3. when that day comes, you may well get the best quote from the guy who sold it to you. ( for example, sometimes large amounts of 100oz bars require assay tests before someone will offer cash. if you try to sell from the person you bought from, not likely to be an issue. )
4. save postage and handling
5. save insurance costs ( and hassle )
6. most importantly, but also most sublimely, there is a hard-to-quantify cost for being discreet. buying a bag at a local store, then slipping the bag into a duffle bag or bowling bag, then discreetly transferring to your car, then from your car to your home safe has a certain comfort of mind that you do not receive when big national dealer delivers via courier. that is, why let ANYBODY else know what you are keeping at home?

fight globally, buy locally.


11.30.04    KGC trade

so far so good.  Looking for a major pivot/turn day for Dec 6 or 7...


11.30.04    NEM pushing for new power plant near Elko

many do not want new power plants in this corner of the state - the cleanest air shed in the lower 48.


11.28.04    Seattle Slim Scripophily Skimming

Visited 5 antique shops in Seattle over the weekend, even the paper purveyor at the fish place. Not one of them had any scripophily. Two of them had no idea what i was talking about.

I have a hard time believing all the klondike paper rests in dawson...

11.28.04    Terri Savidge(sp?) filling in for bob brinker

last hour she stated how she was recommending gold and gold stocks 'a couple years ago when gold was at $230 an ounce'.

Wow, she's pretty good, eh?

We thought is a steal deal during the back-and-fill days a couple years ago between 260 and 291.
(Gold has not been below 250 in decades).

As antithically anti au-bug as bubby brinker is, his alternate shills take hyperbolic obfuscation to new definitions...


11.28.04    The costs of gold

What is more important,

how much gold is in the ground

or how much it costs to get it out?

neither sayeth i.

mining micronomics: power, water rights, labor issues, environmental issues, permitting, neighborly relations, political chits, infrasructure, indemnification...

only what counts is how much EVERYBODY with perceived skin in the game decides it should cost you to get it out, and then how much you should keep ( let alone how much it is worth )


11.28.04    Biodiesel Feasibility Study

Good read...


11.28.04    What is all this I hear about selling dollar?

Only a fool would do that! I been looking to buy dollars at every opportunity.

uncirculated peace dollars,
variety morgans,
junk morgans,
green pcgs holders,
ikes in the bank drawers...

( unc peace dollars: if it was good enough for benny binion, good enough for mercury )



11.29.04    Binions Silver Dollars

Quite the stash. Heck, I was impressed with his nickel collection...


11.28.04    IAM Gold

Spent some time with the IAM gold Nov. 4 circular.

looks good to me.

...except for the name change
...except hmy screwing it all up

how come this always happens to ME?

IAM upset!


AMEX will give me $25 to talk with one of their ‘financial advisors’.


Since I will be in their neighborhood tomorrow, I plan on stopping buy.

What are the TOP THREE questions you would ask?  Here are mine:

1. How would you comport a 72(t) ruling with stretch IRA provisions to provide for a portfolio that outlasts both me and you before getting taxed?


2. Hedges: Straddles vs Strangle and flying creatures

What calculus equation would you use to determine which strategy, the butterfly or the condor, has the maximum probability of return at two fixed call prices.


3. Can you recommend an alternative to ICPHX? (franklin templeton hard currency fund)


11.26.04    Nationalizing Nevada mines


Was mr. gibbons first run for public office I do believe, 1986.

During the height of the ‘just say no to drugs' campaign cover for the guns/drugs carry trade

Still remember a gibbons quote from this height of the anti-drug campaign ( which set the stage in so many ways, built so many apparatus and mechanisms for private wealth revocation by the govt., that will be perfected during the next round of "war on the people and their ability to conduct commerce unfettered" - war on terrorism ) where the then-candidate  proudly proposed to all assemble his favor of conducting mandatory government drug tests on public school children, including kindergartners.

So mr. gibbons, what is your next glorious idea for the benefit of humanity…


oh, i see:


 yet, not to fear. mr. jimmy has been on the mercury radar

big thoughts! very large thoughts. encompassing- all-of-mankind type of thoughts!



looks like he formulated his next big thought:
psssstt, hey NV miners. Why not help me re-write the 1872 minig act? I promise, it will be GOLD for YOU. Shorten the paperwork and everything.

I've been watchin those ideas of yours, and others of same ilk:
Nationalize the mines,
Socialize the cost,
Forfeited Prophets to the Pols


11.26.04    Roll the Dice

Those who PLAY craps (gold stocks)

know that the come line odds offer the best bet in the house, the only free odds


Those who WATCH craps

are enticed by the excitement, the whooping and hollering, the money

but can’t figure it out – given their average attention span

and shortly return to the slots (mutual funds) with mostly the worse odds in the house

 11.26.04    California passes Stem Cell financing bond

Far as I can tell:

A) There is no oversight board;

B) The committee in charge of distributing the funds ins comprised of those member organizations that will receive the funds


So even though some patents may go to the State via UCDavis, berkely, san diego; other patents will likely go to private sector via Stanford and the bio-companies


11.22.04    Sold my KGC this morning

very happy with the ( long term ) trade and today’s fill.

Bought in late 01/early 02 before the merger; stock price went up; management improved; personal position increased over time; recent price and brand strength; capital gains tax decreased.

Life as a bug is good.

Although I still expect very good things for this company, I wanted to sell:
A ) into recent strength
B ) and sit out the reverse split accounting adjustments

( etrade has screwed this type of thing up before )

will take a look again later.

(KGC to close out 3:1 reverse split from 1/31/03 week of Nov. 28)


11.21.04    Nevada Gold Mining

- production down 3rd year in a row
- jobs down

- claims 13%
- production costs 4.4%
- miners salary 7.2%
- fuel, water, permits, etc.
- attacks on 1872


11.21.04    Blood Diamonds vs. Dirty Metals

Tiffany gets in a tiff over precious metals.  Maybe because their product, diamonds, has lost so much luster (and market share).  Here is what the dirty gold campaign has to say:


11.21.04    Diamond in the dumps

1. 75 years of production on hand
2. mr. moissonite


11.21.04    If you ask Santa for Anything This Year

Please make it precipitation on the Colorado plateau.


11.21.04    Difference a letter makes

People will get sore when they realize when they thought they was buyin' the Glamis/barrick Millenium project up in humboldt by typing in GLG, they accidentally got shaboozled by getting more paper when they mistakenly keyed in GLD.

footer: having bought the ticker GOLD twice before, only because of these four letters in a row- and making decent $ each time; i now am at a point of consternation determining if the same road to profit projects itself even with the vowel missing... )


11.7.04    Lots of gold mini-miners have,

sometimes right b4 getting gobbled by the major coyote miners of the world


11.7.04    Kitten Drowning

volunteered at the SPCA a few years back. Almost as depressing as the VA hospital.  More recently, one of my roommates had her kitten eaten by a coyote. She couldn't understand why I failed to recognize the event as a tragedy...


11.7.04    anti-miner, anti-logic

"Great Basin Mine Watch wanted a $60 million trust fund, which was a figure that came up in studies of what it would cost to monitor and control groundwater quality for up to 20,000 years."

*most superfund sites, when they cant be clean-closed, have 30-year monitoring periods

* yucca mountain nuclear depository only has a 10,000 year event horizon

"They're assuming a 7 percent growth on a fund, but I don't know anyone who has gotten a return like that lately," Rosen said.

Umm, NEM itself has been returning better than that...

good stuff

11.5.04    Trading PM Stox

Venezuela fans: So, those who bought HL ayer, was it because:

A)     still/again losing money

B)      expenses keep going up

C)      you like how mr. chavez shares the love




My buy was cyclical timing moreso than fundamental/technical.


REgarding potential buyou of CBJ by pdg as I somewhat concur and actually sold some PDG (upon new 52-week high) to buy cbj.  I had lambasted pdg management here several times since 2000 b4 just turning a favored eye toward her a few months ago as she began breakout. They have been making very good decisions lately, spurred on only b.c. they knew I was watching ‘em.


I don’t think abx will go for cbj. Seems they be looking elsewhere within the state.




dated her last year, had a great fling with that little tart Ivanhoe (6.30 to 11 in 4 weeks)

Well, I am starting to have wistful reminisces about the affair. Not sure what it means. Probably nothing a good 3 day binge won’t solve. Maybe I should just go see a movie or sumthin..


although, she might be more your style: IDA

(along the lines of BHP,RIO, LUK)



52 week high. Helped by upgrade by some chump. U gata Luv it; most the other analysts are negative, as the stock reaches 52 week highs.

sure, it don’t compare to gss, cde and the like, but 25% in 4 months will help the cause.

And the yield and divvy aint nuthin to sneeze at.

Besides, I nailed the breakout.

And my shining victory over the oppressive foes of decapitilization - which deserves many moons of glory and exultation from the 52dimensions of the internet- is to bring a resource stock to the table that nobody else has tasted b4.


10.22.04    The California Retort

Moving just a tad left, California ballot guide is only 165 pages

an full of more lies than all the cde/gss/wht/iag/hmy/gfi  reams of merger mailer garbage mailed in the last five months combined


my favorite, sponsored by ‘arnie for the peeeeples’ is the DNA database.

Big fun!


Change the constitution, so arnie can get elected, so he can change the constitution…


10.22.04    enjoy your day. coming daylight theft rollback

ain't the only dark shadow on the horizon.

still a little time to shed some light into the nooks and crannies...


10.22.04  What do we get tomorrow on WABC

bobbie brinker 'splaining what a terrible investment au is ( again/still with a lil more vigor covering up a lot less ammunition and self-belief ) , or

sub-kudlow crowing about his DOW buy 750 points ago?


10.22.04    Hannover Mining and Milling

wow, look at that basing action. 100 year support...


10.22.04  If You're Going to Invest in Nevada Mining

( and for your sake hope u already have )

u need to know some of the players and issues discussed here:


For Instance

KerrMcGee ( look up KMG chart. nice divvy 2! )

figure 8 it out yet?

how bout this one:

don't get 2 boolean on me here...

10.11.04    coinwire gives notice they plan to stop carrying

inventory of US silver coinage, and instead focus on moving more schlock.

indicative of supply, softening market?



10.11.04    Times are tough

How tough?


1. I passed over some comic books at the yard sale to buy an old book on paper currency...

2. The last three 'estate sales' i attended were primarily three year old chinese plastic wares...


3. Went to a storage unit abandoned property sale:

Earthlink abandoned a closet full of servers. Nobody would bid the 2$ minimum for the whole lot. Too much time and effort cleaning out the rental pad and taking the stuff to the dump.  Sad thing is, there was more than 2$ in copper wire therein - destined for the dumpster.

gotta feeling that type of thing won't go on forever...


10.11.04    Our government spend the day in quality time discussion over the coming National ID.

NOTE: The esteemed leaders buried this along with pork under an emergency 81B dollar on the future 20 generation installment plan during the week of May 9th 05.


Could be worse I suppose...

they USED to spend quality time spraying biological agents, such as Serratia marcescens, over civilian populations to test dispersion and fate models.

at least they outsourced these jobs too.
now we can moan the lack of a quality flu shot.

Bacillus globigii,
Coxiella burnetii ( OU ) ,
Staphylococcal enterotoxin
Tularamia, anthrax, parrot fever, Q fever, botulism, Rocky Mountain
spotted fever, and
Escherichia coli.

of course, that's just they've admitted to date.


10.11.04    Did Australia use electronic vote counters this time?


10.11.04    bad news, SO broker reco'd au last week

first time ever. apparently got REALLY excited when she inquired into some currency funds.

i had told myself that this day would serve as a sell signal. Perhaps portending a ST double top in POG?

the modifiers are:
1. he had telecasted some au bullishness when suggesting 'no more than 15% exposure to metals' three years ago; and
2. based on his reported giddiness and rant, apparently no other of his clients are sniffing the gold tree yet...



10.11.04    Ruth Copper Pit opens again

some thought the day would not be seen again.

this pit has already gobbled two towns, Ruth and Rieptown.

Hopefully the new work either fills some of the many empty buildings in Ely, or eats them too.


10.11.04    Methinks

Vectorvest *might* sell email lists


10.02.04    Suze Orman

Is the relation causal or independent,

That the Suze Orman show runs so many commercials for lawyers peddling to those with losses in the stock markets?


10.2.04    Location is immaterial

why is war stuff materiEl, and other stuff materiAl?


10.2.04    Gold Island

One other key place to visit in order to understand California history is what the Chinese called GOLD ISLAND. We now call it Angel Island. Though looking only and absolutely beautiful in the heart of San Francisco Bay, this island served as quarantine/internment camp supporting the Chinese Exclusion Act and holds secrets dark and deep. This period of history, though brief, is Essential to the story of western gold mining camps. Do yourself a favor, and visit the upstairs floor of the old -hospital- that held some of the more despondent 'guests' ( some of whom waited two years for the paperwork to clear, if they were so lucky ) . They etched their poems of sorrow into the walls.

Thought the plaster peels and the building is falling down, some of these poems are still there...


10.2.04    The Presidio of San Francisco

Served as home to both the Buffalo Soldiers and Pershing. Founded by the Spanish in 1776, this longest continually occupied fort in North America has operated under three Armies. Parts of the original Spanish adobe wall comprise the Officers Club at the top of the parade ground. Just yards away are cannons that served in the Philippines, currently marking the spot where Perhing's house burned down - killing his wife and son ( s? ) . Her ghost is said to be one haunting the Officers;s Club. The Buffalo Soldiers served as Roosevelt's personal guard upon his visits to the Presidio, and patrolled much of the federales land around the turn of the century throughout the state of Ca, including Yosemite and other prized possessions. Some amazing stories ring throughout this post, one of the most expensive real estate parcels in the world...


The Presidio served as embarkation/disembarkation for all pacific theatre wars/actions America conducted, including the Philippines. Many of those Phillipinos served the US Navy and used that route to gain entry and citizenship into the US, helping to build the city I live in.

LOTS of gold moved through that parcel!

Because the post is served by a combined sanitary/storm sewer, all metals ( including coins, military artifacts such as buttons etc. ) collect in the sewers. I have seen some VERY NICE stuff that had been hunted out of those sewers. Likely some still left...


Basically, any story on California's history and her role supporting American adventures in the Pacific Theatre require a study on the Presidio.

Well worth the trip...


Sacramento, Ca. 10.2.2004    Anatomy of a Coin Show

Mercury proffered his 4 dollar scrip as admission, yet admittance denied. "?Oh, you have to get a ticket at the box office" ( coin show was at the convention center downtown ) .

Apparently, the USD has depreciated so much now that a little orange piece of rectangular paper bearing the 'Admit One' stamp has more value then the greenback version. ( Or, just another way this booming economy creates jobs. You see, somebody ELSE had to convert my scrip into the ticket, thus adding value to the economy. )

Although there was no line to get into the coin show, there was - naturally  a line to get the ticket, 30 people worth of line. Thankfully, I was only in line two people's worth b4 a kind soul pointed out: "This is the line for the art show, the coin show line ( empty ) is over there".

Once in, the admittance doyenne kindly offered a souvenir new Jefferson Nickel and a state quarter. A rebate, if you will. ( Probably cost more to print the 'Admit One' ticket than the modern 'nickel' )

About 45 dealers or so, and D-E-A-D as can be.

Now the only reason I ventured in this show ( unannounced and without typical and proper entourage ) was b.c. mrs. mercury just happened to have occasion to run an errand in downtown Sac. not more than a few blocks away and thus getting there took no effort on my part. Hence, my time on the floor was rather limited, not enough time to really search inventory in the proper fashion. The luxury of time lacking, I could not enjoy at length the afternoon nor their inventory, stopping and selecting at my leisure for those coins appealing to my particularly jaundiced eye as am wont to do. My tack, therefore, defaulted to looking for a couple of the key coins that I knew I needed for my paltry and laughable collection of American Ag.

So as a shopper armed with a well honed list begging off the end-cap hawkers, my circles as a vulture around the floor folded in concentrically as I narrowed the list of tables from 45 to just a scarce few.

This meant leaving out, for instance:
1. those whose shop I already frequent, and thus knew the inventory, stopping just long enough to exchange pleasantries;
2. A couple foreign and paper dealers ( though I snagged a token scripophily sample on the way out ) ;
3. A few who obviously specialized where I did not.

At this point one might note I did not list "the tables with throngs and throngs of people crowding out the hapless mercuious one without a spot at the craps table?") .

No, the dealers had PLENTY of attention to spread around, as they were almost about as numerous as the lookers.

Of course, this meant that the time honored coin show social intercourse could play out along these lines:

looker: "how much do you want for this coin"?
dealer: oh, I don't know, let me remember how much I paid for it, and then [stage left] to his buddy three tables over "hey sam, what did I pay for this three shows ago".

Or how about this one: I was just browsing, this time actually taking the time to look at a few of the more probable inventories, when the dealer asked for what I was looking for. Very specifically ( such as 'raw' [ not slabbed] ) mercury divulged said information comprising the date and mint of said auspicious coin. At that point, the dealer immediately called over to another table: "hey -Fred-, have you a such and such". Upon which -Fred- immediately ( and opportunistically ) replied "sure, I've got it" although naturally could not produce allegedly held coin now in abeyance. At which point I inquired into just THREE other coins, of which he could offer ONE. And it was SLABBED! And it was slabbed by ANACS!!! And OF COURSE, the coin did not make grade.

And after handing it back to him without so much as a sigh on my part as a courteous and brief glance, he pronounced to himself and the one other gent present at his table: "Oh, you must be one of THOSE TYPES who ask for all kinds of hard to find coins, and when finally presented one, REFUSES to buy it."

Not missing a sixty-fourth triplet off the top of the scale circle, I replied: "Well, if you are going to provide the color, allow me to add the play-by-play edgewise and note for the scorecard that you had ONE of the FOUR coins I asked about, after stopping here upon referral by another, to whom I mentioned I was not looking for slabs, and yet your ONE coin WAS slabbed, by ANACS. And gee, here it was sitting in your case collecting dust just like the one ANACS coin I had the mispleasure of buying and have not been to unload either b.c. it is so obviously overgraded". ( my other anacs came from that haven of honesty - EBAY ) . This interplay got the attention in the form of a muffled giggle from the other gent present who, in a wonderfully meditative and mediative type of way quipped immediately "well, you could always crack it out [of the slab] and resubmit it and take your loss later instead of now" to a couple rejoined well-deserved laughs.

I purchased at another table, getting two coins I wanted in exchange for one I no longer wanted. The one I offed was one of those one-ounce 'Grant Wood/American Gothic' artsy-fartsy type of coins that serve as fine fare when bought as POG mines the bottom of the trend line and serve as even better course when offed as gold bumps against the upper trend line ( such as where $419 might be just about now after a decent little pop last week ) . The art coin is always the cheapest that one can buy at spot when nobody else is buying, but doesn't sell as well as something obviously marked with fineness, weight, or ( guffaw ) $50.

After just a little back and forth ( at this point my sickly wife was awaiting our exit ) we swapped at bid; he got some liquidity and I received what takes time to find, one of the more rare fare. Fair enuff.

Speculating on the ride home as to why the coin show was not well attended ( as one dealer put it: 'wholesale is moving, retail is dead' ) I came up with the following potentialities:

a. nobody in Sacto has cash. Everybody there has gotten into a house they can't afford b.c. they could trade up on the easy credit and low teaser APRs/interest only jumbos and therefore haven't hundred dollar bills to lay on the coin table but can go to the art show and put a painting on lay-away financed for 48 months to fill the cavernous and empty-as-new house.
b. Those of use who have been buying in earnest the last 4 or 5 years have done well. But lets face it, this market is toppy. Many coins are double or triple what they had been in the not distant pass, fewer seem anxious to hold a four or five-bagger at the top.
c. Especially if the top coincides with a rising bullion feeding on uncertainty about the direction the nation or world may be taking, or continuing.
d. The weather was nice, will change for the worse in a few weeks.
e. Local market conditions
f. See letter 'a' again.

So, what was it like in YOUR neighborhood today?

( Names, facts and most everything else rooted to reality changed herein to protect the innocence and otherwise entertain myself. )


9.26.05    Limits of visible gold

me and a geologist friend had a discussion on the lower limits of visible gold in the ground.

My contention was that the naked ( but good ) human eye could discern gold at around 20-30 ppm. He independently speculated the level around 35-50ppm. So, perhaps somewhere in the middle.

caveat: my eyes are better than his
caveat2: dependent upon geology. you mileage may vary.

any other ideas, speculations, or studies out there?


9.25.04    Sunflower oil is beautiful

The economy of the next hundred years will be powered by plant oils ( bio-diesel ) . The economy of the next hundred years will again be denominated in metals. ( After this brief period of aberration ) .


9.25.04    Yes, paper is more valuable than gold

- a complete mind feck!

The counter thought is: well, some single pieces of silver or gold ( as coins ) sell for hundreds or thousands ( even millions ) of dollars. Yes, this is true. But, the vast majority of them ( by number ) can be had for 50 cents or less.

So, these coins are only valuable because they are rare, right? And lack of supply causes demand and value. After all, WHT has millions of shares outstanding. The Hanover Mining Company may only have several thousand.

But if the paper was valuable only because it was rare, then any pretty drawing I make on an 8x11 sheet should be worth big bux, after all, it is unique-one-of-a-kind. Factually, it is worthless; becoming only valuable if I personally become either famous or infamous ( and that is a longshot ) .

If the paper was valuable only because it was old, then every handwritten letter which is 100 years old would sell for 5$ a page. Heck, both unique AND old. But no, unless of some historical importance, or of the hand of a known name, they too are practically worthless.

And so, the great irony of the bankrupt mining company scrip. Only valuable b.c. it speaks to the former gold mining glories of days gone bye. Value by proxy; sprinkled with stardust long worn off. The paper shell is a newly prized commodity. Meanwhile, the ores are played, the minerals are gone, and the former mine and mill, nay ? the whole town and every one who lived and toiled therein ? lays as dust.


9.25.04    The beautiful irony of scripophily

These stock parchments representing dot.coms were highly valued; at least the underlying shares were. then the company loses 80-90% of share and/or book value. so now there are worthless paper holders. but, under Gresham's law, inconvertible money drives out good. so, the scrip paper once again gains value. this second generation worth is not a representation of value - as stock, but rather a more direct relation - the paper itself is the underlying ( only ) asset.



Shares (defunct paper stock certificates) of the Hanover Mining and Milling Company are selling on eBay for 3$ a share. This company has been bankrupt for decades! how many gold mining companies listed every day on the internet boards are selling for pennies! there must only be, what, 30-40 or so mining companies today selling for 3$ a share. and as recently as 2000 there were only a handful!


Let's now examine what these 25 shares of Hanover Mining represent


Real Property: Maybe they had, for instance, a jaw-crusher. Perhaps they depreciated it over a 27.5 year life. Enough years have passed such that this crusher could have been depreciated four cycles ( well, not legally ) . The crusher, should it have been put to any worthwhile use whatsoever, was scrapped and turned into another implement. More likely, the crusher has rusted and rotted in the surrounding sand.

Intellectual Interest: from a turn-of-the century miner?

Possessory Interest: HaH! Successor companies have been absolutely destroyed by possessory succession of previous mining interests. Mainly, the successor company has absorbed joint and several liability for a contaminated site that may cost thousands to clean up.

( Nobody here ever talks about TechComico problems with the federales re: metal pollution in lower watershed. A major story, all but silent. )

What about the gold?: How many companies that issued stock in 1902 actually became producers? The example of a jaw crusher is likely a hopeless dream in this case. More likely is Hanover went belly-up by the time the post office was constructed.


Now - The 2004 series $100 Federal Reserve Note (FRN) is worth more than the '02 mining scrip. And I seen ( and spent ) a whole lot more of the former than the latter.

Though, not near as much as my druthers would dictate.

And in the US today, a new scrip joins the prey: the new $50 FRN


This 'lil soul-sucker will set u back 13 shares of wht, bgo, or Hanover. Wonder what it will fetch in 2104?

9.24.04    The iron works/sheet metal place in town shut down today

Was the only one left. there used to be several. but hey, at least the recycling center next door is doing great business. nice to know that the aluminum cans will not lie fallow in the gutter too long...


9.24.04    There are two types of silver miner investors

a. those who bought sunshine many years ago and are hoping to windfall from the class action lawsuit

b. those who wish they would have bought two years ago


9.23.04    FOMC interpretation of 'free market'

Permanent Open Market Operations:

"Monetary policy can be implemented through outright purchases or sales of securities, which permanently changes the size of the Federal Reserve's System Open Market Account ( SOMA ) portfolio."

I would imagine that the fed's mr. Greengenes interpretation of securities is at least twice as cogent as his definition of money demonstrated at the Banking Subcommittee upon request from the good Mr. Paul.

In other words: For them it's a free market. For you, quite costly?


9.2.04    "The world will still support the US Dollar because

the medium through which international trade is conducted"

yep, just like gold and silver used to be, and horses before that, and seashells before that.

Let me offer another translation:
The world will support the USD, and fiat in general, at the point of a gun.

That is until that pre-set rollout date when the world will NOW support the chip and e-money...


9.23.04    Why buy stocks or bonds?

A company can raise needed capital by generally one of three ways:
( financial misstatements and other outright theft notwithstanding )
1. sell stocks
2. sell bonds
3. borrow

The interest rate is at 40 year lows. Bonds pay diddly in interest. Banks do NOT want your money, they have literally tons of new paper they need to shovel out the door as it is.

Once upon a time a small company, just like an individual, had to meet certain criteria to conform. Those days are as gone honest money. ANYBODY can get a loan ( or 'credit' ) . The farther in debt you already are, the bigger the loan they will give you.

So, if a company can borrow cheap money, why issue stock or bonds?

9.23.04    Nevada' s Miners cannot find qualified laborers

From Nevada Mining Association Convention last week:

"During committee reports at last weekend's convention, Human Relations Committee Chairwoman Jan Munda of Cortez Gold Mines said the association did its own survey on wages and benefits and agreed that worker recruitment is a major challenge."

Per the Elko Daily Press the average pay in the metal mining sector last year was $67,795, up from $63,238 in 2002.

Nevada's mining industry directly employed 8,780 people in 2003, down from 8,860 in 2002 and 10,100 in 2001, according to the report



9.23.04    Nevada's miners costs keep going up


and finally, labor many other sectors experiencing wage increases? should say something or another...


9.23.04    What the price of oil is saying

the days of centralized power production and delivery are getting long in the tooth and short in the horizon


9.23.04    The largest supplier to US Miners realizes the days of

mass centralized power production and transport are numbered:

"A central goal, said Sierra Pacific President Jeff Ceccarelli, is additional in-house generation of electricity designed to reduce reliance on volatile outside energy markets that played a key role in the utility?s financial woes in recent years."

why import when you can make your own ?

( see: BIODIESEL )


9.23.04    For all who fret about the trillions$ in unfundated mandates

Remember the future: the coming intergenerational warfare


9.30.04    Anybody else having a problem

getting quotes from the Spokane Mining Exchange?


9.23.04    Problems with gold production


even if they could afford to mine ( and many clearly can't ) , who is left to do the work?

What's the average age of yer basic subterranean explorer?

Ain't no minor miners in the stripping business either.

Where is the labor pool coming from?

Look at the status of the world's great mining schools in the last 10 years...


U think ABX sniffed it out?

Got out of gold production to get into derivative production.
Now getting out of derivatives to get into power production.

Poor general motors ( holders ) , they're getting out of car production to get into derivative production ( GMACfin. ) just as derivatives about to get whacked...

9.23.04    The war on Iraq is a success

The goals were:

Destabilize the region; promote ethnic and sectarian warfare - essentially promote the most base tribalism instincts of man.

Start and support Iraqi civil war, serving as a model for the coming US civil war II - amongst others

Accelerate the bankruptcy of the US

Undermine acceptance of US dollar

Provide rationale for US draft; H.R. 163

Destabilize the current system of petro development, transport, and delivery; support the need and construction of the nabucco pipeline

Force the fools to accept depletion of the SPR


Force the US populace to accept detention without charge or due process, and torture as valid police methods

Promote hostility toward American citizens

Turn American state citizens against US military ( the organization that had most opposed NOW/bilderberg factions currently exercising primary political influence )

Set up permanent military base in mideast for future operations in Iran, Syria, and possible Georgia and Turkey

Provide access and opportunity to conduct experiments on next generation psyops, black bag, re-education camps; industrial and military technology; biological weapons program.

Practice exercise for civilian detention roundup, detention, interrogation and torture.

The practice exercises will prove useful for rounding up US citizens during the next martial law following the financial panic.

Enrich the soils furrowed by 9/11 that were planted with seeds of Patriot I which will yield endemic crops that will be sold as genetically and politically modified gruel known as Patriot II.

9.22.04 - Start of Fall = Start of New Fall in Bonds?


1. US govt. review board charges Fannie Mae, the largest U.S. mortgage co. with ‘cookie jar’ accounting to smooth reporting. Stock share price plummets. How many cookies have been pilfered from that jar?

2. Federal Reserve announces purchase of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities!!!

3. 10-year USTreasuries drop below 4.0 yield, a 5-month low.

If Fed busy TIPS expecting inflation, then why does the UST yield drop?

(hint: How about large drop in value of US dollar yesterday.)

Perhaps the bond market fears that yesterday’s ¼ point raise in the fed-funds rate will be the last for a while. Is the fed rate exactly where it should be, or is the fed painted into a corner vis a vis rate policy?

Or, more likely, another head-fake by the fed; trying to con money movement into TIPS (obviously, based on previous sales, nobody else wants it).

In other words, how in the world did the 30-year get replaced by the 10-yr? Why don’t we just get is over and ASSume the %1.08 intraday rate…
(“Yes sir, that rate is GUARANTEED for the next three hours!”)



9.19.04    Fanmail

Look what I got in my internetmail; a slightly different version than george received:

FROM: Morethancanbe Said.
Baghdad, Iraqisatan

DEAR:Fellow Patriot,

My Name is Morethancanbe Saiud, an Iraqis National and Chief Accountant in the Iraqi Government Oil Refinery Reconstruction Porkject in Dubya, Iraq. I am presently in Baghdad since the latest U.S. precision airstrike leveled my home, neighborhood, and Soccer Field in Fallujah.

Since nobody in particular was keeping tabs, I moved $50M US dollars to an Oil Depository Trust Company in Tehran, Iran for safe-keeping. In my capacity as the Chief accountant to the Iraqi Oil Refinery Reconstruction Porkject, I was the only person aware of this financial transaction to the Oil Depository Trust within the Tehran Uranium Security Company in Iran.

This trust shall be released to whom I designate via official email as beneficiary of the trust full deposit of $50M USD. Because of the latest reconstruction projects which have caused complete lack of electricity, water, fuel, and passable roads and recent Iraqi Government Democratic Achievement Reforms including a complete blackout of travel dates and curfew after dusk, I am not able to go to Iran and access the trust.

Now that the situation is not conducive for me to go to Iran, but supports the opportunity for your money to do so, I am appealing to ask if I can present you as the beneficiary of the Uranium Depository Trust, fully insured by the International Atomic Energy Commission, for the release of the deposit to your Forex Paypal Medical Savings Account for safekeeping. This money represents the restitution payment for US overpayments, since Oil is now held comfortably above the 45$/barrel level, to the reconstruction fund and is owed by Dubya Oil Refinery Reconstruction Company Iraq.

As soon as this deposit is released to your Paypal Account via securely encrypted deficit transmission from the Uranium Security Company in Iran, I will come over to arrange disbursement of full payment of transaction costs. In order to facilitate this transaction, please wire via Western Union between 13 and 28.5% of your declared federal income as required to initiate this transfer. Otherwise, please send your daughter between ages of 18-26 as an economic attach頰er the Universal National Service Act of 2003.

Since time is of the essence, please act before expected air arrival of Special Delivery from Israeli Air Force disrupts operations of the Uranium Oil Trust and delays your restitution rebate.


Morethancanbe Sauid.



9.19.04    San Francisco Mint: City takes possession from the feds

The old lady will again begin producing little pieces of stamped bits. In this case, unfortunately, the daft and specious pos pot metal shows the heights from which she has fallen and plumbs the nadir of depths to which she will sink by producing small fiat trinkets compared to her precious stature of previous renown associated with tall and grand transfer of ingots into currency. Yes, what was once one of the major storehouses in the world of precious metals and a cornerstone of the US economy will now be in, ahem, production once again. Not sure which fate is more representative of the current economic picture, that the mint remains no longer silent as she has been the last couple decades save as an external public urinal, or that she will open again in the shadow of her former glory as a titan of fountain in her youth and now proffer nothing more than a quizzical glimpse through the window of her stamps into the quaint and historical period of the past whence real money flowed through American commerce.


9.19.04    Mining Geologist Opening

Turquoise Ridge Joint Venture, located near Winnemucca, NV, has an entry level Geological opening. Duties include maintenance of maps and sections, production of required reports, underground mapping, and grade control.

Requires B.S. in Geology, and a willingness to work rotating, 11-hour shifts. Knowledge of AutoCad, Vulcan, and Access database software is preferred. Must be a team player and possess good oral and written communication skills.

TQR pays a competitive salary and has excellent benefits. Transportation is available.

For consideration fax resume to 775-529-0753; or mail to: Human Resources, HC 66 Box 220 Golconda, NV 89414.



9.13.04    Written to someone hopelessly in debt, and just plain hopeless:


You have two self-mandates: 1) make the expenses go down and 2) make the income go up

1. Make Expenses go Down
Concentrate on reducing expenses first b.c. it is easier, quicker results, shows immediate results and therefore provides the payback and positive re-enforcement necessary to keep on track
- Make a list of your life’s priorities and goals. Include your wife and family.
- Make a budget and stick to it. Do not spend more than your budget. A purpose for every penny. Track every penny. Eventually you will be rounding off at the dollar, than the tens place, then the hundreds… but start with the penny. Amazing what attention to detail can do for the bottom line and the opening of doors and windows that heretofore appeared as thick brick walls upon which you had beaten your head. A penny saved is between 1.3 and 3.8 earned (or more).
- Show us your budget. Break out the debt service from the living expenses.
- Your budget has two major classes: what you must do to survive (food power shelter transportation to job) and what you must do to get ahead and thrive (pay off bad debt, build saving and business, charity). Fund the first class first, than the second. You have income enough to fully obligate the first class and meet the very minimum on the second class (until your debt ration goes down and/or your income goes up).
- Cutting down on daily living expenses is something you can do TODAY. By knocking out 10% of the fat you should be able to only spend $1,530 next month, allowing the extra money to go toward debt payment/building assets. There IS fat there, just requires some choices. Some might say hard choices, but if you really have made the list of your life’s priorities than by extension you already made the choice. Now it is simply a matter of execution, diligence, tracking, follow-up and continual improvement.
- There are thousands of web pages, and books, really a whole cottage industry on how to reduce expenses. Search ‘frugality’; surf fatwallet; learn the concepts of first fruits and gleaning. Pay yourself first, than your creditors, than your charities. All three are critical.

DO NOT consolidate your loans for the moment. Do not enter into ANY contracts until you fully understand all provisions and both short and long term provisions of the contract. You can not get out of debt by going into debt.

Do not declare bankruptcy. Your income debt ratio as described does not warrant. Your debts look very serviceable.
First –get current with each debt by making the minimum payment.
Second: concentrate on eliminating the worse debt. You already have money to direct toward the debt. Break down the types of debt, holders of debt, current account status, balance, terms etc.
Third: Than rank those according to who you will pay first. Until you understand which one to pay first based upon the order you determine which in turn is based upon the criteria above, continue making minimum payment.
Fourth: Once you fully understand the particulars of each debt class, only then will you be able to make an informed decision regarding consolidation. Some realize that by getting their financial affairs in order, the need to consolidate is replaced by better options, such as segregated and dedicated debt reduction plan. For instance, by cutting expenses and putting the extra income into the debt you may realize it is not worth it to re-schedule the debt load. You might be better off ‘surfing’ credit card balances from one bank to another with increasingly favorable rates. Be very deliberate during this process; debt consolidation –whether through agencies, non-profits, or credit cards, are fraught with peril. You might decide to pay off the smallest debt, than focusing on the next. Or you might focus on paying off the highest percentage debt. Or maybe you want to pay off the most annoying creditor, or that debt that is causing the greatest shame or guilt. Get past the guilt. There is only today; today and eighty-nine-hundred thousands of books and web pages of information out there on how to do this right. Don’t follow any advice until you A) Fully understand it and B) It resonates as the right move. Intuition must match education for fruition to flower.
Fifth: With all that credit card debt, you probably have many gizmos and junk that you do not need, that can be sold to help meet your goals. Learn the benefits of garage sales, ebay, craigs list, swaps etc. De clutter your mine and closet simultaneously. The quick and small have advantages over the large and cumbersome.
Sixth: Find a credit union. You need a better source of credit until you build up your reserves.
Seventh: learn something new and meet somebody new everyday. Good things will happen.

2. Make Income go Up

A) 10K seed money

DO NOT do anything with the 10K for the moment. That is your current safety net/emergency fund source. It provides a very real tangible emergency source AND psychological back stop for the present.

You should only use your capital to start a business when you have WRITTEN a clear business plan with sections on topics such as: goals, objective, financing, markets, advertising, branding, inventories, accts. Payable and receivable, incorporating strategies, tax plans etc. Unless you know what business you want to do right now, and can develop these topics to some degree, you are probably not ready to open your own business just yet; or at least using your only seed capital to do so.

If you are not certain what business you want to do right now, then you need to answer that question. This is a process, amongst other exercises, in gaining financial literacy. What you learn will simultaneously help your immediate situation as well as provide long term guidance and parameters for your personal and business development.

Short and medium term, figure out the best ways to maximize return on that seed capital while decreasing risk. Right now it might be sitting in your checking account. If so, move it to the savings account to gain some interest. Next phases: move from savings to money market; than money market to CDs; than CDs to simple and diversified no-load mutual funds; than; than from simple and diversified mutual funds to simple and diversified stocks/bonds; than from stocks bonds to other forms of paper assets (hundreds of classes); than from paper assets into more leveraged income streams (your business, seed capital for other business). The point in this exercise, which will take years, is that you must FULLY understand the pros/cons of each step in the investment phase. You must become fully literate at the step you are in before moving forward. You must understand the alphas and betas of each holding mechanism. If you do not, make the time to learn about the contents of one room before making the informed choice to moving into the next room, you risk being simultaneously kicked out of the room your are in and being locked out from the other rooms. This situation would result by both the sharks of the world forcing your move under duress and your own lack of knowledge and action plan preventing a move under your own force and motive.

b) Determine how you can make more money in your current line of work. Conversely, in the medium term, do you need to change lines of work.

c) develop the business in those hours you are not working for someone else. Eventually and gradually change the ratio of hours working for someone else/hours working for self. Consider volunteering to get experience and foot in the door; swap expertise/labor; look into labor bartering systems and co-ops; expand your network and join up with other circles.

Bottom verse:
Do not let anybody else determine your personal affairs: You MUST become the captain of your own ship and plot your own course. Otherwise you will remain at mercy of the waves and the seas; we all know the depth and danger of the SEA of the Financial Unknown and The Tide of Sturm and Drang and Restlessness grow more powerful and dreadful with each passing month. Only by taking full command of the helm of your ship, through sheer determination work and education, will you be able to steer yourself out of the storm. If someone else does it for you, you learn and earn nothing. Others can help, but only AFTER your offer and only WITHIN you bounds of understanding.

All above IHMO. Do your own due diligence. You may find there are more important things than money; but few more precious than the examined and directed life. What I outlined above in most cursory fashion has helped me and countless others, but you might find a better path. If so, do tell.


9.10.04    Navy emergency oil reserves

The Navy had another very large reserve in Hawaii. Red ( Hawk? ) Hill, I believe. Never was on the books.

How else would they power the Pacific fleet come crunch time?



9.10.04    The majority of US Mercury pollution

is via aeolian deposition from coal power plants

could this possibly be related to pushing back the mercury air quality credit requirements until 2018?


9.10.04    Coal vs. renewable in the west US

Coal vs. renewable Ca energy?

The fact is, Nevada will lead the way in determining what the energy sources used in Ca. are. Ca. is not building many new power plants, but Nv. is.

For an example of the fight between coal vs. renewable, look at the struggle in the Gerlach desert. Right now, there is a Major Fight over what the black rock/smoke creek will look like and how it will be used for the next 50 years, based upon the power generation picture ( amongst other land use issues ) .

There are two competing projects: One will produce via wind and thermal and supply Nv. The other is a coal project that will supply S. Ca. will be interesting to see which one prevails.

There are seven decent articles about the subject at this link ( look under -home page- ) :


Then, compare growth rates of population, business, and gdp in Nv. vs. Ca. to see why the current leader in these categories, and the infrastructure components that serve as support ( water power ) , and the leading-edge discussions around these issues, are centered in the Great Basin.


9.10.04    Clean coal technology

is a misnomer.

really, it's 20% technology and 80% operation and maintenance.

guess where the failures appear.

then watch how they try to legislate efficiency; commensurate with past attempts to legislate morality...


9.10.04    Nv Power

Let me bottom line it for all y'all.


Saving 250 million in power use is better than building 250 million worth of power plants.

Naturally, the Ca. energy, ahem, crisis provided great visibility for the Nv power issues.

( Ca "deregulation" {ya [Scottish] rite}- removed market balance between suppliers and transmitters )

Additionally, in 2001 the legislature mandated Sierra Pacific to obtain 5% of its power through renewable resources by 2004, with bi-annual increases from this baseline ending in 2013 with a 13% share. Solar, wind, and geothermal were the primary areas of emphasis.

Personally, I think many have not given proper weighting to the possible use of micro ( water ) turbines that have greatly benefited from better technology in just the last 5-7 years. Microturbines are perfect as small batch plants and match Nv. geography of isolated water sources within parameters of steep gradient relief and seasonal supply.

Ormat has some interesting projects going on related to geothermal; not quite sure yet how the Israelis decided to buy a stake in the Nv. power game?

Geothermal is a major spec. at this point, as I have hinted here b4. course, it is just another switch-and-bait technique. Nothing about geothermal is ?renewable?. The real deal is the mineral, access, and water rights ? but I?ll right/write that up another day.

Desert Research Institute is, of course, an intellectual powerhouse vis a vis solar.
Nevada has more sunshine than any other state: )

I would be most remiss had I left out the choice the US Air Force made to screw Nv ONCE AGAIN via reneging on the MNS wind project ( 85 meg ) at the test site.

Bottom line: nobody wants to provide up-front financing for 'green' energy. Too much risk, too many examples of major fed land managers screwing the public for the umpteemph time; too much uncertainty in the major supplier/transmitter financial picture.

Hence, the focus must remain on conserving, not producing, power. Again, better to save 250 million in power than building 250 million in power plants. Maybe it isn't too late to get the homebuilders on board?



9.10.04    Nv. Power and Miners

chairman, president and CEO of Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp just recently served on the board of directors of the largest power generator in Nv.


9.10.04    Wind power isn't happening in Nv.

too many false starts

calif. pulled out price supports ( major reduction ) this last ( past ) fiscal year in the form of rebates for solar purchases.


9.10.04    Is Barrick building a power plant in Nv

b.c. they think it will lower their price/oz au production, or because they think they can build AND supply under 9cents/kwh?

Where they bought the land should be your first clue...

Other miners have sought to build power plants adjacent to their mines and mills. Usually cheaper to build their own power plant than to build new transmission lines to import power only to lose a fair percentage of the energy from transmission.

For example, GRZ operations in Nv.

My question is will the government of Venezuela allow GRZ to retail the power?

When researching the power numbers, remember to differentiate between the retail gross and wholesale cost. In other words, we should look for the  GRZ cash on cash net for the power stream?

Two big issues: 1 ) How each derive the wholesale costs and 2 ) What the margin on re-sale is.

My hunch is that GRZ will have a whole lot less demand in their neighborhood than what ABx is drooling over...

OR, could ABX only be in it for the gold? (he he he)


9.10.04    Gold miners are the single largest user of power in Northern Nevada

Another fact. Where will they get their power from?

Look to Barrick plans for development of a power company in the Rainbow area for a clue...


9.08.04    Olympics


Those were some great games.  I commend Greece.  Now that the hype is over and a greater infrastructure has been built, should provide a nice place to visit for the next few years. 


Went to the Games in Atlanta in 96, had a great time.  Enjoyed the finals baseball game (Cuba won).  The Track and Field finals at Olympic Stadium were incredible.  100,000 happy souls from all over the planet rooting on new personal and world best record performances. (only a couple were later stripped).  A wonderful world stage that once again past pallor over the naysayers.


Next up, I would like to attend the winter games outside of my country, preferably in South America.


8.15.04    Focus on sectors

Once you determine what type of investor you are, pick an objective.

Then specialize in a sector. You can't become an expert in everything.

The valuation in the REITs is completely different from valuation in biotech or chips or trasnportation.

The technicals won't help much if you don't know which indicators best apply to that sector.



8.15.04    What to Buy in a Market Downturn


The markets will tell you what people want to buy during a downturn.

The downturns are predicated by fundamentals and predicted by the precious metals sector. Look at the charts of precious metals and the underlying mining companies starting in 1999 and 2000. Gold leads all secular market changes.

Vice market follows.
One can note confirmation of secular trend change through the vice industry (gambling, booze, cigarettes). You will see greater earnings followed by both simultaneous expansion AND consolidation. Look at performance of Vicex. Look at performance of BUD after 9/11. Stocks like MO, STN, IGT etc. Look at consolidation: the largest consolidation in the casino world two months ago between MGG and bellagio. This was followed AND overshadowed last month between Harrahs and Caesers consolidation. Consolidations can be difficult for both companies and sectors. Now look at consolidation in mining industry.

These two sectors are for macro fundamentals. If you just now are thinking about downturn, you have missed the primary (secular) signal and are reacting to the patterns within the secular market, known as cyclical shifts. Right now, the finance, transportation, commodity and materials sectors are the greatest indicators. What are they telling you?

Follow up all fundamentals with technicals…




8.9.04    On Warren Buffet

Reportedly from the 2004 annual Berkehsire Hathaway shareholder meeting (no, I wasn’t there; were any of you?).

The link is at:

“the only way really smart people can get clobbered is through the use of leverage . . . [because leverage] can keep you from playing out your hand.” Buffett added that, unlike some hedge funds, “we just don’t believe in lots of [financial] leverage.”

Once again, I suppose it is better to be lucky than it is to be smart.
(How come Warren Buffet is famous, but Charlie Munger is not?)

Mr. Buffet has opined some very fascinating nuggets in the last 18 months. Warnings on the stock market, derivatives, USdollar and so forth.

The use of leverage, such as debt, becomes incalculable as you extend the derivative for just a few operations. Hence, you better have full understanding - and Faith - in that instrument. For instance, how does one calculate the load on an equity valuation where there are more shares short than existing?

I suppose being lucky is better than being smart b.c. it helps you build wealth better. In that paper Mr. Buffet rails against the vagaries of those who thought themselves smarter than they actually were. Yet, not once does he smite the lucky!

In a nutshell, we all have two main classes for asset protection:
1) diversification; and
2) the hedge.

I find it interesting that while Mr. Buffet has always shown a penchant for great portfolio diversification he has most recently focused efforts while addressing the public on both the benefits and risks inherent to the asset hedge strategies. Even within the hedge arena, he focuses on diversification as a primary hedge technique (e.g. sell USdollars) and warns against over reliance of leverage (options) within a hedge technique.

Not only does Berkshire own financing instruments, they own insurance underwriters. The difference between these two types of companies becomes less pronounced when analyzed simply as a derivative function. Likely my remarks on derivative chains are not fully explanatory, nor could they ever be expansive enough to match the rate of the expanding derivative bubble.

Warren Buffet uses a massive amount of financial leverage. The difference is he does not use debt as the vehicle but insurance float. He invests the premiums into purchasing companies, both private and public, until the company must payout its losses to policyholders.

The difference between the average investor using debt and Buffet's use of insurance float is that in many years, the cost of this float is zero and in some years even negative! Now this doesn't happen all the time, but on average, the cost of capital is far less than the interest rates your bank would charge, but more importantly is the terms of the use of the funds are very different than a lending contract.

Derivatives of single and multivariate functions are a cornerstone of risk modeling that underlie the insurance industry. The reason the cashflow exists in the first place results from proper risk modeling and application. Insurance has very much to do with derivatives.

See ‘Derivatives of Annuity’ and ‘Derivative of Expectation of Life’ for starters.
See J.H. Pollards work on the Gompertz model for his work on the derivative formulation underlying the insurance industry.

Valuation of exchange-traded options is an exercise in actuarial engineering.

I do not find it coincidental that Mr. Buffet has often warned simultaneously about US Dollar valuation and derivatives in the same public talks within the last several months.

Not only is risk-modeling about derivatives, so is cashflow. The only reason cashflow is possible is because the fiat is derivative-based. The banks loan out more than they actually have as deposits.

Your ‘cash’ in itself is a derivative. The ‘cash’ is a function of the Federal Reserve Note representing a lien and option against the Special Drawing Right created out of thin air by the International Monetary Fund. The cash is pure debt.

The epitome of a derivative.

In a recent article Mr. Buffet simply referred to his distaste for 'leverage'. The reporter editorialized their own opinion that Mr. B must have been referring to margin (buying stocks on borrowed money) as the type of leverage in mind. Another individual can read the same statement and believe that options and calls, or insurance, or debt, or derivatives or practically any manner of financial hedging may be the type of leverage Mr. B was speaking to.

Yet, the more I read, and the more I read into it, the more I believe that Mr. B's actions speak to the true type of leverage that he is currently referring to: The Dollar.

Even though his holding company's bet on other currencies has not panned out well this year, they are increasing their position. Most telling.

p.s. Would the very recent passing of M. Buffet's long time wife influence his view on the world at large and his place amongst it?


8.5.04    Mining

Buyers and sellers.

Fear and greed.

Grams of Goods and Tonnes of Spoils.

Water and power and culture and labor.


Nothing more than that, really.


7.15.04    Swiss Import of Nv. Gold

yep. mo money laundering.

funny how the BOE never took out the full page add:

- gold wanted. will buy watches, dental, jewelry etc. need to replenish pulic coffers sold at liftime lows to fund new NWO war exploits and re-establish british/us credibility throughout the world.-

h*ch, i would've made a contribution.

err, second thought - looks like i already made a couple involuntary ones.

don't get me wrong, i be a big fan of pdg/nem/abx, but didn't think they were all that...


7.15.04    How many millions$ in Au did Switzerland buy from Nevada last year?

And where did it go from there?


A1: 65 Tons

A2: Remember the Washington Accord Agreemetn?


7.15.04.    Coins: everybody wants to buy

Nobody wants to sell.


Used to be I walked into a shop and they tried to sell me a coin.

Now I walk in and they want to know if I am willing to sell my collection.


Look at the action in Nickels of late. Due to design change?

Remember the state quarter!


Look at greysheet. If you use advance/decline line as an gauge of the bourse/equity, why not the same in the coins.

Look at greysheet. Count the number of plusses and divide by minuses. Whooeee!

How about new highs vs. new lows.


What new lows?


7.15.04    Are mergers good for business?

Harrahs/Caesers merger

This will be the largest gaming concern around. Follows last months merger of MGMMirageMandalay

Vice stocks have been on a tear last few years, especially gaming.
See my previous shameless touts of IGT and STN etc...

Not sure how many serious mergers are left in the tank. A few majors and lotsa little piggies.

Kind of like the mining scene seen, no?


On the mining issue mergers


Read my e*trade statement from last quarter.

Looks like about the worst quarter since I started buying goldiestocks in 00.

cde/wht/iag/wht had a little sumtin to do with it.

thanks for all the the mailers, guys.

All that propa-proxy mail replaced the telephone book i had been using in this chair to see the computer screen.


7.15.04    nee *trade account numbers

just what i need.

another layer of account numbers on top of the old account numbers on top of the eBayIDVerify on top of the new double-dog-secret password, username, idscreen, login, prompt, refresher log, SSN tattoo.

really then, the new IDCHip on the forward would just be so much EASIER! Please send two with my next order.

did i ever tell you about the one where the Mexican Govt. Prosecutors office is requiring chip implants for the govt. lawyers? Or, the one about the RFID for the Phillipino schoolchildren? Or the one about the RFID for the California medical prisoners.

Or the one about the chip-n-exchange for the loaf of bread?

That one is a real laffer!

20% off for everybody who signs up for the retina/optical scan id verification toolkit today!!


7.15.04    Mining safety gold medal

Have you ever seen the 1/4 oz ingots that the companies provide for safety awards?

U think the premium is worth it from the numismatic standpoint?


7.15.04    Rigged Games at the Venetian in Las Vegas


Of course, you have to watch what floor you play on. Not the first of this type of story from this type 'bourse'-. He he he.


Oh yeah, anybody ever hear the one about the California Gaming Commission?

He he he har HAR HAR HAR ROTFL..


7.15.04    Wanna get merged

yep, gonna be just one mother company left...

maybe come up with some catchy name like Double Dutch West Indies Trading Co. Investment House.

A partnership, at that.

After just one company left standing, like that dodgeball movie, then they can have the spinoff company games galore!!

You know, one IPO for the silver company, one for copper, one for the RFID line etc.

Dont wait - call your broker now!


7.15.04    Received another eBay spoof


eerily similar to all that stuff cdewhtiaggss keeps sending me.

or the etrade new account numbers/new fee/new scam mailers.

when they start sending the scam mail along with your statement/receipt of how many digits you lost in your account last quarter, you know the scams are getting good.

- new software upgrades- blah blah blah

oh please


07.15.04    Howard Ruff: REdux return of The coming hard times

know a couple who had a subscription to this guy in the early 80’s. I used to read it.

I do not believe, quite frankly, that they would buy his current appraisal that his call of the 1980’s was within 2 weeks of the top.

Anybody wanna buy some 24 year old freeze-dried eggs?


newsletter revivals on a 25-yr cycle.

Target: next generation? Outside of functional memory operation?


07.15.04    clark howard show


His rant on the full page add in Parade magazine Sunday insert for gold garbage.

He equated holding gold with a view that the world was going to end. And then followed up that effinimate surmisal with the coda that one should have between 5-10% metals in their portfolio as a hedge!


p.s.  he buys bond funds

pps: I still like the guy



7.7.04    Au up 990

obvious telegraph movement by mini-me gelber trader 990n


await direction...



7.7.04    picking up pennies

found a 1919 penny outside the McDonalds drive through once.


obv. was nice xf but the reverse got scraped along the pavement ( tire protected obverse i guess ) .

obviously came out from a protected place.

ask owners of the 7/11, gas station, liquor store what interesting change they have received.

-type of places where the desperate and uneducated spend their parent's or fenced coin collection.


7.3.04    Anybody send in comments

about regulating mercury in air quality?

this would have a material impact upon power generation in Nv, and elsewhere. raising power rates for Nv miners. N. Nv power plants rely on coal. Although, Nv. is just one of a handful of US states that require the power plants produce a set percentage on solar power.

also, if Hg credits float, this would be the first time that a metal in air quality is permitted - as in regulated.

set a precedent.

that toxic Ag next!


7.3.04    Read that New Jersey has a

70% rebate for solar expenditures.

on the other hand, CA has seriously gutted their solar rebate. think it is now about 25% down from 40 or 50 or so.


7.2.04    Reno housing market: insane

Not only, but, about 50% of all new mortgages are interest only.

Don't ask about jumbo ARMs. Guess everybody is gonna triple their money via appreciation b4 five years are up and soak the next sucker...

7.2.04    On one of the local radio guru shows

Somebody brought up the cde/wht/iag/gss thingy

In a clusternutshell, the caller ( which of you was it? ) thought Tues sell off in wht was bad news based on cde offer. Jerry and Steve surmised that wht mgmnt. did not want to leave and agreed with called that it was bad news for wht ( but they didn't know the cde offer wasn't cash ) . And they stated it was bad for cde too, shows market loss of confidence.

Sounds good on the surface. But I think on second reflection it actually bodes very well for cde.

Of the four, I have the least cde ( almost six shares! )
Rather than rely on your memory, I had been wildly bullish on the sector all last year ? and even moreso on cde, not so much this year. Sold most after the nice run up ( and some too soon and some after the quite decent pull back - as a point in fact ) and had generally held neutral/slight bearish view on cde so far this year, but am starting to warm up to the idea of cozying with her again.

Based on recent action, I see three possibilities:

Cde is either, 1 ) ( like many ) overleveraging, 2 ) betting big on silver, or 3 ) they have an ace up their sleeve that nobody else knows about yet.

maybe all three...


7.2.04    And the June unemployment numbers

are a non starter anyway.
College kids entering the market.

Maybe Apple has the right idea.

Push back your product until AFTER the big buying season is over so that you don?t have to publish disappointing sales.


7.2.04    So, any of you want to help me out

and cherry pick that 1-million penny collection the dude is trying to offload?

Mr. Binion ( owner of Las Vegas Horsehoe ) had a million dollars in nickels.

The penny guy must be his lesser-abled and motivated cousin...


6.24.04    Bent Sieve Methods

H*eck, I bent sieving up me coin fer years now. Fixin' to git me some Calvf.ob or GBN shares. Gots enuff now to buy at least 8 or 9!

1. Bent sieve screen saver from microscoff?

2. bench sleeve scree scraper?

3. I haeard them Archeologists talk about 'bent sieve' when they would dead weight the sieve ( hang weights with wires in the center ) to let gravity do some of the work for them; saves some shake n' bake effort.

4. In separation/grinding/milling/and sizing stage, miners ( mostly coal? ) use heavy duty vibrating sieves.

6.24.04    End of an era: Comex leaves Vegas


Carlos used to serve the cioppino at the Com ( D ) ex. had his own booth. daylighted as a craps dealer at the 'Shoe.
rough year, Carlos had.


your move brucie babee




Well, sort of. At this point I don't think they would actually leave the paid NYC penthouse.
Maybe next year make it as far as the mustang exit B4 figuring it out...


Cyanide monitoring efforts from San Ramon


i don't get the angle. One of them biosci companies worried their competitor gonna beat them to THE biotag marker or biozyme?

Who has last tag on the Thiobacillus bug?

If you really need some help managing cyanide use:


6.24.04    Mercury credits to trade

Should the USadmin. have their way, 'they' will be able to trade mercury pollution credits.

First proposal for a metal.
( on the slippery path to silver? )

Though mainly a coal-fired power plant contaminant, also in play within our favorite sector.
Of course, as more mining companies begin to construct their own power generation plants ( see recent ABX ) these companies will actually need to balance their own Hg debit/credit account first. Intramural B4 Interface.

Beat me, whip me, option chain me...


6.24.05    ruby hill scoping

say Edie, would not the National Environmental Policy Act committee and the Bureau of Land Management be one in the same?


6.24.05    Tech Cominco

This ( first link ) doesn't do the agreement justice imo.  The Citizen's Advisory Council set up is crowed by Murkowski b.c. it is the FIRST ONE in the US set up along the standards developed under his Oil Pollution Act of 1990 he pushed through as response to Exxon Valdez ( according to what I read - paper source only ) .

6.24.04    Aden sisters nailed last POG support at 377

As good as or better than anyone. Good call.

6.24.04    Major Cultural Resource Find!

Remember when I told ya' about the Fremont Indians outside Baker, Nv?

Last and most recent native agricultural society in the western US. Died out when extended drought made irrigation canals untenable. Remnant Anasazi.

Glad to see a major find has been protected by this Rancher. Bring it up next time ?they? talk to you about how the ranchers and miners are destroying the land out west.

The sites 'protected' by the government are being looted at an absolutely ridiculous rate. Much of what I saw as recent as 10-20 years ago has been carted off by now. Whole ghost towns disappearing. Beyond a little bedrock mortar souvenir; complete sites carted away whole.


Forget the NAGPRA/NHPA; just please don?t support the trade. Gives ammunition only to those who further want to restrict land access and enjoyment. TIA.


6.12.04    Barrick enters NV power generation business

Perhaps u remember my earlier mewlings over the last couple years where I suggested that decentralized power generation was just along the horizon. In mining, in Nv., and in general.

This is the way things must evolve.


06.10.04    Are mergers good for business? - Harrahs/Caesers merger


This will be the largest gaming concern around. Follows last months merger of MGMMirageMandalay


Vice stocks have been on a tear last few years, especially gaming.

See my previous shameless touts of IGT and STN etc.…


Not sure how many serious mergers are left in the tank. A few majors and lotsa little piggies.


Kind of like the mining scene seen, no?


06.10.04    nee e*trade account numbers

just what i need.


another layer of account numbers on top of the IDVerify on top of the new double-dog-secret password, username, idscreen, login, prompt, refresher log, SSN tattoo.


really then, the new IDCHip on the forward would just be so much EASIER! Please send two with my next order.


did i ever tell you about the one where the Mexican Govt. Prosecutors office is requiring chip implants for the govt. lawyers? Or, the one about the RFID for the Phillipino schoolchildren? Or the one about the RFID for the California medical prisoners.


Or the one about the chip-n-exhange for the loaf of bread?


That one is a real laffer!


20% off for everybody who signs up for the retina/optical scan id verification toolkit today!!


06.10.04    mining safety gold medal

u ever see the ½ oz ingots that the companies provide for safety awards?

 U think the premium is worth it from the numismatic standpoint?


 06.10.04     wanna get merged (more)?

Rigged Games at the Venetian casino

Of course, you have to watch what floor you play on. Not the first of this type of story from this –bourse-. He he he.

 Oh yeah, anybody ever hear the one about the California Gaming Commission?

 He he he har HAR HAR HAR ROTFL…


06.10.04    wanna get merged

yep, gonna be just one mother company left –maybe come up with something catchy like dutch west indies trading co investment house.

 After just one company left standing, like that dodgeball movie, then they can have the spinoff company games galore!!

 You know, one IPO for silver, one for copper, one for the RFID line etc.

 Don't wait – call your broker now!



6.8.04    Canadians, please interpret

Golden Star is proceeding with the offer following the positive ruling from Justice Alexandra Hoy of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice earlier today that confirms Golden Star's position that the terms of a September 2003 confidentiality agreement entered into between Golden Star and IAMGold do not prohibit Golden Star from making the offer. - per yahoo

Did justice Hoy issue injunction based upon Canadian contract law? What legal point is he considering?



6.8.04    Illicit Tobacco supporting terroritsts


The commora/mafia have long supported their activities from their base in Naples with illegal cigarette sales. Goes back many many decades. Starting with Boubon taxation during the occupation of Calabria in the 1740s.

Tactic through the times.

November 27, 1967, Gotti and co. signed for and received $30,000 worth of merchandise within a truck. The FBI swooped and arrested three men. Whilst on bail Gotti was arrested a third time for stealing $500,000 worth of cigarettes.

Still happens.

As cigarettes are increasingly made illegal worldwide, and currently illegal/out of fashion drugs are legalized, look for more of the same. US opium/alcohol/marijuana triple trade in early 1900s perfect example.

Has been rather interesting, actually, too see both sides ( the same side ) in the war on poverty/drugs/terror use strategies long proven over the centuries perfected by the garduna/commora/mafia/?Ndrangheta/ Sacra Corona Unita/ Stidda/, and now the NWO/UN.

'Natural government of the disorder' - Paschal Villari ( 1826-1917 )

Silence is an order
A just and wise law
Nothing that I hear
And nothing that I saw

Omerta Onuri e Sangu

Happens Again

Compare the history of southern Italy and the rise of mafia to the NOW maverick tax men supporting a parallel shadow government. Are the parallels to today's economies completely hidden to you?

Politics abhors a vacuum. When the people allow corruption, the corruption will fill all niches, all industries and eventually all facets of life. The corruption will allow contractors to carry out excessively legal taxation on the people. The legal taxation will soon be too little to support the insatiable demands of corruption. Those who control the fruits of corruption will farm out tax collection and other usury. A segment of politically sanction contractors will turn on their masters along with a rise in free-associate mavericks. These mavericks will collude.

Interesting how the first banning of tobacco by the Pope in ( what is now ) Italy ( is that why Italians smoke so much ) was shortly followed by the first instances of a cartel running a bootlegging operation in said commodity. How shocking.

Of course, the cartel had already been set up ( started with vegetable oil, then chocolate, etc. ) . They simply had another ware to add to the product line.

The garduna are the new Glazis (global socialists) - UN

You see, but are mute by choice, yet act in stealth - the uncommon wise

You see, speak prematurely untoward, and are silenced - the uncommon fool

You see, but deny - the common fool

You do not see - the blissfull fool


6.6.04    IRA withdrawl via 72(t)

since many in the states have few options to hold gold stock in 401 ( k ) plans and therefore often use Individual Retirement Accounts to hold gold stox, the following could prove informational:

anybody use this?



6.4.04    Derivatives and the Insurance Industry


Derivatives of single and multivariate functions are a cornerstone of risk modeling that underlie the insurance industry. The reason the cashflow exists in the first place results from proper risk modeling and application. Insurance has very much to do with derivatives.

See ‘Derivatives of Annuity’ and ‘Derivative of Expectation of Life’ for starters.
See J.H. Pollards work on the Gompertz model for his work on the derivative formulation underlying the insurance industry.

Valuation of exchange-traded options is an exercise in actuarial engineering.

I do not find it coincidental that Mr. Buffet has often warned simultaneously about US Dollar valuation and derivatives in the same public talks within the last several months.

Not only is risk-modeling about derivatives, so is cashflow. The only reason cashflow is possible is because the fiat is derivative-based. The banks loan out more than they actually have as deposits.

Your ‘cash’ in itself is a derivative. The ‘cash’ is a function of the Federal Reserve Note representing a lien and option against the Special Drawing Right created out of thin air by the International Monetary Fund. The cash is pure debt.

The epitome of a derivative.



6.1.04    Sparks, Nv. is a big warehouse

most every one of the mining and casino magnates had their own warehouse. i had the good fortune to peer in a couple. some have become tours in their own right ( harrah, laughlin )

the mines themselves at one point served as storage bunkers but multiple access points, gas and other problems with atmospheric control built the warehouses.

was invited into one in tonopah a few months back. imagine there are a few gems waylaid in the tonopah storage bunkerz...


6.1.04    Fun with international resource contract law

Say, how come nobody ever talks about the material differences between South African Code of Reporting of Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves vs. Austrailasian Code for Reporting of Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves vs. Canadian Institute of Mining standards when evaluated post-feasibility study and how those material differences are evaluated under US GAAP net worth valuations lacking a US reserve and resource code matriculation?

06.01.04    Fun with Canadian Resources Law


Part One: Intra/extra bourse transfer; Canadian contract law

Having some problem in understanding various principal promulgation of Canadian contract law.


my understanding is that Canadian Contract Law is principled upon English Common Law, often interpreted by Canadian Contract Law Centre (unlike for example Contract Law in the US which is civil law governed by Uniform Commercial Code per commerce provision in constitution and further developed when each state adopts the UCC, or portions thereof, and makes up new provisions [non-code]; such as civil code in California).


What authorizes the option of a good (as option or warrant) and exercise or transfer of option under the Canadian legal system?


Fundamentally, where Canadian contract law is a matter of ‘private law’ wherein the good of the state is not in play (civil law), and therefore valid and binding only because two parties agree so, how can an option be valid (pass Ontario Order; or for that matter be subject to Ontario judge) when one of the parties with material standing (option holder) challenges an arrangement?  So, your statement that I am confusing warrant trade vs. option exercise and/or transfer is probably most apt whereby the warrant holder actually has only a share issued by, and tradable only within, a bourse vs. that holder of a lien against the company (whether share holder or bondholder). Would a US holder (in an adopting state) of those warrants ultimately be governed by United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods? Is a Canadian warrant holder? Does Canadian provincial law have contract supremacy in Canada?


The circular sure seemed to take up a lot of space with the CBCA/OBCA provisions.  And yet upon first glance, is not one of the facts in this alleged IAG shareholder leased certificate case one that a material mistake was made where both parties did not agree in advance on the governing law (re: leased common shares) between CBCA and OBCA?


Part Two:    Transfer of warrants

What happens to those WHT warrants (either A or B series) scheduled to expire post-merger (IAG) date ‘pursuant to the terms of those warrants’?;  The combination circular refers to terms and conditions of the options and warrants (pg. 37, 38) yet formulates the  exchange ratio and dates for those said warrants.  So, why is that ‘pursuant to terms’ clause in there? Either the circular supercedes all previous arrangements, or it don’t, right?  Do those warrant terms have language speaking to acts of god, political unrest, or nationalization of interest?


My concern is not with dates and ratios as that is spelt out well on pg. 38 of circular. Rather, my inquiry is one on the authorization of shares and transfer thereof. 


warrants survive mergers, but under primacy of which provisions/authorization? that i have the problem with. seems the primacy changes with the organic nature of share issuance vs. ownership vessel, at least how i read the alleged beef in that mineweb article vis a vis circular language...


As a scenario, if the shareholders approve arrangement and then an Ontario judge stays transfer, is CIBC held to ratios specified in circular (assuming shareholder approval) if judgment does not specifically address this issue?  If not?


Could the Ontario Final Order decree (and for that matter, the anti-trust units of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico) another ratio independent of proxy vote and/or CIBC approval?


Part Three:    Disposition of warrants post-merger

Trying to find out, using only the circulars provided by the companies in contention, what happens to those WHT warrants ( either A or B series ) scheduled to expire post-merger ( IAG ) date 'pursuant to the terms of those warrants'.  The combination circular refers to terms and conditions of the options and warrants ( pg. 37, 38 ) yet formulates the exchange ratio and dates for those said warrants. So, why is that 'pursuant to terms' clause in there? Either the circular supersedes all previous arrangements, or it doesn't, right? Do those warrant terms have language speaking to acts of god, political unrest, or nationalization of interest?

Part Four:    Canadian Water Law

Just a taste of the stuff...


6.1.04    ABX to expand Ruby Hill mine in Eureka Nv.


5.27.04  Gold miner merger mania news getting too complicated...

spent the allotted 6 minutes per month allotted to junior merger play DD this Saturday with the 220 page IAG/WHT coffee book. All this 3-way/4-way action too complicated, would take AT LEAST six minutes to find the name of the new company ( ies ) .

Luckily, since I own all 4 stox anyway ( and how tasty-sweet they have been ) just ask me in a year and I'll tell you which ones you should have sold today.

Whicheverway you split this .999 silver round, is it good news for the industry - at least under the "all press is good press" category? ( And just after I had begun to have doubts about the sector for the year 2004. )


5.27.04  How come nobody ever talks about the Panic of 1857 anymore?


I read an article by Don Stott where the author proposes, as one of two guarantees, on how counterfeit would immediately blossom as false flower seed under a run on bank/currency panic.

But Don, how do you know this counterfeit trade hasn't already spiked as late, or is increasingly building a prescient head of steam? What metric do you use ( when 37 of 40 polled today couldn't begin to tell you what made a bill counterfeit after holding one in their hands; much less provide some cogent explanation of sound money ) ?


5.23.04    How come nobody ever talks

about the Spokane Mining Exchange anymore?


Held on through a Fibonacci retracement,

& all i got was a lousy corporate name change


5.18.04    Now we see if mr. greenjeanie

re-nominates captain busharoo


05.10.04    Pre-planned boxcar arrangements

A very wise choice indeed.


What is the protocol here?

Does one assume that the family will be shipped individually, and make arrangements accordingly, or is the group plan a viable strategy?  Should I shop around for the ‘two for one’ specials and avoid the rush? Rather shy on the timeshare option, but might I forward lease the unit under the (24/7) payment plan?


Not quite sure what paperwork I need or if the chip will cover all the incidentals…


I suppose there is still time to arrange a tour of the processing facility before the final internment camp destination?


My catalogue is rather limited and only offers the following choices: 

- Pre-sleeper car (available in chemtrails-blue only)

- The Bilderberger Box (sold out)

- Meals n’ Wheels

- Skulls n’ Bones Limited, ltd. (on [new world] order)

- Forty square feet and a gruel

 “Two sixes die make boxcars but three sixes fill the void”TM


(Remember, it is ok to pre-plan, but pre-paid is estate planning of the folly varietal.)


5.6.04    On this date in history, the world's first postage stamp was issues in Britain

Previously the mail had been paid by the receiver.  Perhaps an attempt to eliminate SPAM?


04.26.04    Bit by counterfeit! ($100 bill)

True story.

A few weeks ago I was playing craps at a casino in S. Nevada.  Did pretty well on the table, doubled my money.  Had been a long day and I was starting to fade so decided to cash out.  Had just over $200 in chips and received two $100 dollar bills after cashing in at the main cashier cage.  One of the bills was new and crisp.  The other, a representative of the previous version of the FRN (2001 series) looked a little tired and washed out – like it had been through the washing machine in the pocket of somebody’s jeans (chlorine, perfume, oils, etc.), but I didn’t pay too much notice and put them in my wallet.  Spent one that weekend on a hotel room, and held the second for a couple weeks.


Went to spend it a couple weeks later on, get this, a couple coins. At a shop not too far from my residence; I had done some business there before, maybe 9 or 10 times.  So, went to exchange the fiat for coin. (What a great irony, passing a bogus note –unknown- in place of known bogus FRNs for some REAL money).


The proprietor took the bill and also remarked it looked a little washed out like it had been through the laundry. Now we both looked a bit more closely.  The texture was fine.  The quick scan showed no problems: The security strip was there and in the right place (we knew that was key because the old one dollar bill did not have a strip; one dollar bills are often bleached and reprinted as $100s) and the watermark/offset portrait looked fine at first glance through the muted light. There was no fluorescent black light available.  He ran the security marker over the bill, and it turned the right tannish hue, almost. Actually, it looked a little dark, so he pulled out a couple other $100 bills. Indeed it was darker than the rest, but not incredibly so, yet just enough to raise both of our interest.


Now, I have learned a few things about19th and 20th century US silver, gold, and clad coinage, but really don’t have a knowledge of current bill technology.  At least in part, because I consider all FRNs to be counterfeit, really, on par with the 1 Million dollar bill and the ‘golden dollar’ sacajawea coins passed off at/through walmart.  Just different variations on the theme; none of them are truly a dollar as I recognize one (set amount of silver).  I’ve seen numerous type of counterfeit and altered-surface coins and a small number of counterfeit paper, obviously so.  But, have never seen a really good version of counterfeit bill, probably because those pass through as exchange.


*Also, I suspect many times people don’t really want to know!* 


There was a third, older, gentleman in the store selling all fashions of silver. Between the three of us we had a pretty decent list of diagnostics to test.


So, we rubbed the bill on a piece of paper. FRN note ink (Bureau of Engraving) never completely dries out, that is, it will always rub off on another piece of paper with just a little effort.  Sure enough, the ink rubbed off.  We both looked closer under a loupe. The ink changed color slightly as it should upon changing the aspect. A further 10 minutes of inquest (more time than I had every spent looking at a paper note before)  showed that the rest of the markings, lettering, and numbers looked fine (sure looked like fine line/micro printing); the offset and margins were fine (I have seen a fair amount of variability here, anyway, as the paper is cut); the smaller image of the face was exactly where it should be, faded and in the background; and, again, the ink changed color slightly as it should.  The thing that most convinced us, really, was that the paper was definitely genuine, correct feel and weight, obvious security strip, right embedded  blue and red fibers and all.


The paper counterfeits I have seen in the past (at a rock concert in the mid-80’s a couple guys offered to sell me $20 bills for $5 apiece), generally have been quite poor quality and easily noticed by the quality of the printing, ink color and ESPECIALLY the paper.  But in this case the paper checked out, the note was all one weave, the corners had not been replaced.  


So, he accepted the bill as payment and I left.  As I was walking down the street, he came out of the store a few minutes later and yelled for me down the street.  So I walked back...


He had looked at the secondary portrait backlit by the bright sunshine this time, for a longer period, and the face was not Benjamin Franklin (and no, it wasn’t George Bush either). In fact, it was Abraham Lincoln; faint but obvious enough.


I had been had, and he too actually, since he did in fact accept the bill as payment, but caught the error after some further deliberation. And this is a gentleman that regularly makes determinations every day as to the authenticity of the ware offered for sale or tender. (In fact, while I was there selecting my coins, he was testing the silver content on a variety of wares offered for sale by the third gentleman as ‘silver’. Some were, some weren’t, and even those that were silver had about 6 or 7 varying contents).


So, I learned another lesson the hard way.  Good thing it was the casino’s gambling winnings and not my sweat; though in fact that is a rather small pyrrhic victory (I am now in the process of trying to exchange bills and have learned a few interesting things in this process alone).  Nevertheless, I felt bad at having attempted to pass a forged bill (and at a local coin shop!), even in innocence; and later felt anger at the casino. Felt rather like when you buy a coin off ebay and find it was cleaned; or perhaps as I suspect one might feel when sending a coin off the grading services only to have it come back in a body bag with the ‘altered surface’ box tagged. Or maybe how one felt by accepting the 1883 nickel with gold plating as a five dollar gold coin. (Now I feel an altogether greater concern.)


So, spent a few hours trying to educate myself about counterfeit paper.  Amazingly enough, there is actually quite little decent information out there on how to detect pre 1993 forgeries.  Since this bill had Treasury ink and paper, it was more difficult.  You have probably head of check washing, and maybe even the printing of a higher denomination on a one dollar bleached bill (no security thread). 


  None of us in that room had ever seen one in person.  But, this was different – a five dollar note [remember Lincolns off-center/watermark face (and upon further inspection the security thread did say ‘five’)].  Lincolns watermark face does look a fair amount like Franklin, actually, upon a cursory glance under less than stellar natural light conditions. To summarize, what they had done with this bill is take a Five dollar FRN, bleach the bill, decant the ink into a laser jet printer cartridge, and print out a $100 through a laser jet over the bleached paper.


Took three of us 25 minutes to determine the forgery. Sure, easy to find the flaw once you know it is there or someone brings it to your attention (at least, that is what I initially thought….)  Perhaps you think it can’t happen to you.  They got mercury this time; and though perhaps not exceedingly long in years I have caught on to most the attempted scams out there.  But, I’m guessing we have all unknowing passed on a counterfeit at some point. 


How often do you spend 25 minutes running diagnostics on each bill in your wallet? Moreover, how long will the 19-year old high-school dropout at the quickie mart spend looking at the bill when there is a crowd of 8 people out the door waiting to pay/get change for gasoline?  The detection security pen don’t cut it anymore; it can be thrown off by various chemical sprays.  How many stores will install a UV light or bill detector. Few. Why, cuz nobody want’s to get stuck holding the bag: “Don’t let the buck stop here”.  Moreover, does anybody much care which counterfeit is out there. As long as we all have the full collective faith and credit…


There are a known set of high quality 100$ plates in Hong Kong.  Thailand pumps out billions of bleached $1 bills. This one too may originate in Asia.  Canada and Peru have experienced major problems with their currency also, and we all know how serious the US counterfeit problem is in S. America, Europe and Asia.


The figures that the Secret Service (in charge on interstate counterfeit cases) puts out about forgery detection are laughable.  Govt. figures are that 70% are caught before entering circulation.  Anybody with a slightest inkling of criminal system knows full well there is NO crime that is detected and solved 70% of the time, much less prevented.


I have spent the last few weeks trying to give this note back to who passed it to me.  Still working up the corporate ladder. I have, as one who has always enjoyed show and tell from a most early age, showed this bill to approximately 40 people now.  I typically hand them the bill (now in a plastic flip) and say to them: “would you take this for a day’s labor (or 20 minutes for the shysters).”  Only 3 of the 40 have been to identify that it was counterfeit, AFTER I BASICALLY TOLD THEM IT WAS.  This is disconcerting in its own right, but further confirms my suspicion voiced earlier that we all may have passed off bogus notes before without knowing it.


All in all, just another factor further cheapening an already fake, forged, counterfeit ‘US dollar’ assuming an alias of FRN and generally debasing – in many senses of the word,  - our economic foundation.  A wise old man once told me that the only crimes which never become epidemic are ones that do not benefit the government in some way, with counterfeit the chief amongst these. No longer true.  Somebody stole the government and left a counterfeit in its place.


The days of paper money are coming to an end…


4.23.04    IAG/WHT merger

Biggest reason to vote no:

Name change to Axiom Gold. Gag.

Sure, wheaton is barely boring as barley, but IAMGold – now that is a great name. why dump a great name (board envy?). Does not the corporation strive endlessly to build corporate brand recognition? And here IAMGold will drop their armor at the first *ahem* suitor?


Of course, IAM usually the ‘Dissenting Shareholder’…


Really though, the new company will be quite a dandy. I alreadyhold stake in both entities, and have followed the story with some amazement and interest. Not sure whether the iag/wht share price plunge was symbiotic, symptomatic or even causal of the general sector malaise.



Pre ’97 wht holders

Maybe have a ‘no’ reason for PFIC provisions on page 51? Looks messy…


Page 56

love the discussion on cash costs!


RBC ‘Fairness Opinion’

Ooh, u gata luv that one, quite the dandy.

What is the US equivalent to Business Corporations Act sec. 182? The South African equivalent?  TIA


All Security Act definitions btw Us and Canada versions looks kinda similar, but devil in the details….


Proven/probable disclosure standards?

Anybody know of a resource that compares CIM, JORC etc. for significant differences?


And the most germane and important question,

Any graphologists take a look at Ian Telfers signature?


So iam/wht EACH sent me the big coloring book, 220 pages+

U woulda thunk that since I in fact only own 12 shares of wht and 2/567th shares of iag, they coulda just sent one copy. Maybe positively contribute to cash cost discussion on pg. 56?


04.22.04    Iamgold annual comic book

Now that is a nice, classy cover. Nothing like that bland dreck hmy sent out. Trying to match shareholder expectation?  Some coloring books lull u to sleep with the content. HMY does it with the cover page.


CAT, a tractor company! Had a cover page to the nth degree more interesting. Course, I never get past the cover. Still waiting for the book on tape…


04.22.04    Speaking of handwriting.

An optimists signature will slope up. A pessimists will tail off low. Just a coincindence more of those sigs tail low than slope up?


04.22.04  Speaking of tractors?

Anybody yet chair a paper describing differences between settlement of pillars on a mainline in unstable regolith vs. use of a terrain leveler (such as that trencher by Vermeer)?


If not, I will donate to the collection. I have a silver teacup bought at a garage sale yesterday. Cleaned up nice. Barbour quad. Plate 6. tia.


04.22.04    Speaking of silver: silver news!

Just keeping you informed on the important things in life:


The first neutral, molecular silver(I) alkoxide carbene complex!


I suspect this is what they did to my teacup…


 04.22.04    Silverplate

Silver plate is not solid silver. It is a service ware made of a base metal, typically copper or nickel,  that is then covered with a thin coating of silver.


What is on your teacup?


Maker date vs. guild mark

Makers mark

Patent date or number

Establishment name

The numbers, .900, .925, 4, 6? or some combination thereof.


Big topic; there are many whole books devoted to silver marks.


nice site for difference on silver marks in various countries:


(click the flag)


In the historic archeology context, a silverplate mark is known as a diagnostic. Diagnostic identification is essential to the collectibles market; china glassware, furniture coins etc.  E.g, what is the diagnostic to verify that your 1941/2 overdate mercury dime is the real thing?













answer: small die crack on reverse.


04.22.04    The Troubles

oops, spilled my beer over the proxy vote

there goes 6 minutes in research/DD


luckily my probation officer extended the range of the electronic collar and I was able to go back to the neighbors trash bin and retrieve another proxy scantron. He has a new privacy/security software package that keeps all the thermal paper/Scantrons/credit card receipts in one nice package…



04.22.04    Mining: Strip Ratio

Great question on the strip ratio, never thought of tracking/keeping that high number. Usually btw around 1.3 to 2.8 or so anyway so why not focus on recoverable% times ratio?


Cuz you believe the recoverable % as an even greater fairy tale?


Good point…


Howabout this one:

Energy Cost/yard vs. cost per ton driven by torque?


Y track unit costs by space when energy costs dwarf materials management?!?

(Not to mention labor demands.)


Maybe cuz they never wanna settle on a ton/cubic yard ratio at the getgo. And that spread is much tighter than strip ratio anyway, no?


Bank volume estimation too much a hassle or what…


Shows why I just go by the cover of the comic book anymore…


Part Two

 more on strip ratio and fun with numbers:


looks like some old NEM Carlin Feasibilty studies called anything over 3 high, in line with the figures I spouted earlier; probably what I was rememberin. Fair variability though. Sao Bento mine has 0.8 over life. Some Australian projects looked steeper, with highs over 5.  IAM reports 4-6 on their Africa property.


But found a 14.3 for an Apollo property.  Let’s see, are they making any money?

Err, nope.


What about a variable: change in SR/mine life year vs. life estimate?


Coal feasible up to about 60:1! (w. low ash)


Not too much variability here for a great number, but enough.

All comes down to confidence and elasticity in your variables.


How much play, exactly, is in that SR# or recovery rate? What country was the anlysis done in drives the standards used. When we settle on factors and multipliers we don’t want too much elasticity.  For instance, with density I like the ton/cy cuz it never moves much from btw 1.1 to 1.4 (did I get the units transposed?).


Sure gets important in the design phase. For example, landfill daily cover.  Some important factors on static-cell planning: (Remember: do not exceed your Factor of Safety!)


Part Three

As in mining or any other aggregate business, energy dynamics are trumping materials management costs. In California, for example, the cost of daily (class II and III) cover has come down dramatically, almost 50% in last few years. (and u remember all the stories about the landfills running out of space). Yet the costs of getting the cover there is skyrocketing!!


(U really wanna make some money in aggregates, sell clean ocean sand!)


So elasticity in cost modifiers change per country, per year, per site etc. That final number depends on all these variable changing day by day. And that is JUST ONE multiplier comprising JUST ONE factor in a cursory analysis. Figure in the other 200 FS factors and multiply that by the 300 financial ratios and now we can get a value for our company. Or, another reason the mining analysts say PE is not the proper tool to determine value!!! He he he.


Oh, and the fundamental analysis  depends on those numbers passing through the GAAP vs. Pro-forma forward looking statement lens of Arther Anderson.


Try to invest after looking a fundamental analysis of enron, aldephia, fannnie mae, on and on.  Just about as valuable as relying on entrance points developed via conducting TA within a system dominated by black box trading platforms.


So I go by the cover of the annual report. Or as IAM finding more accurate, the sound of the ticker symbol when repeated trance like at the oracle of athena…


Engineering: strip and spread footings


This study done in sand. I find it a fascinating and integral part of the design model. What will you use: levelers, trenchers, loaders, spyders, moe larry and curly w. a shovel?


Look at the elasticity and variability these guys talk about in their study:


(lets hope they aren’t using the arther Anderson numbers in the model)


amazing anybody makes $ in this biz…


or any other biz

Problems with bidding on construction of new Bay Bridge (Oakland-S.F, Ca.)

Massively fluctuating commodity and energy prices sure to add a billion on top of the standard 1B graft surcharge.


But, gata hand it to steelworkers union on the Zampa span. You guys got the job done. 


4/20/04 – Bond Action
The 30 year bond approaches the top trendline that has marked its channel down for the past 4 years. FED’s ‘Easy Al’ Greenspan aims to lose his moniker by noting that the banking community is sound enough to accept the footing of rising interest rates – as his fear of deflation is removed - and the markets react. Of course, just a short while ago he recommended ARMs!

The FED is late again as their recent 5-yr history has shown, and their hand at this recent spate has been pushed by the short terms rates, which are not of their making. Moreover, the massive commodity inflationary pressures are now so large that even the biggest stories to the contrary (“CPI shows no inflation”) pale in side-by-side comparison.

Will the bond cowboys who are arbitraging these rates in the carry trade summon the emotive fear that tore at them so mercilessly in the February, 1994 fracas? Or is the current action of the US dollar still reminiscent of the 1987 scenario?

In the main, how do you recognize a flight to safety versus a flight to liquidity…


4.16.04    Blood Money

ECO paying protection money to terrorists got play on the paul harvey radio show this am also. Just another pachinko pin on the playfield to keep the golden ball bouncing around with so much kinetic energy that nobody can fix its price.

Not even Rothschild.

So, they're working on multifaceted efforts to make the price fix easy - at $50.

Gold = terrorism
War = peace

In case you forget it the story will run every 14 days, in some variant.
Real African diamonds = Blood diamonds
So of course the manufactured ( mossanite ) is the real deal then, no?

Gold = terrorism
So the FRN blips on the screen are the real deal. Any thoughts otherwise will be persecuted and then prosecuted.

Gold Holders = Terrorists

With us or against us. In the credit grid or on the rocks, no safe place in the middle.

Others' premonition that the congress will change tax laws to penalize/devalue 401 and IRA holders is an absolute given IMO. So what next?

The USTs will likely become longer duration Emergency War Bonds, perhaps with a direct name related to the 'exogenous emergency event' that spawns ( or is planned to happen amidst ) the crash. That is: 1 ) Nasty 'terrorist event' happens 2 ) Market plunges ( or accelerates declination ) 3 ) USgovt as agents of planners issue Bonds as replacement for FRNs. All commensurate with the need to re-instate the draft in US.

Why might Templeton or others think that the gold bull is half over? How about time duration, three more years?

At some point gold will be 'officially' worthless ( as in 50$ ) or illegal to own, but probably both - officially at least. Leave it up to you to figure out what the black market POG will be; I already figured my odds.

Could happen in as little as 3-4 years. However, many of the pieces are not still in place. For instance, cash has got to go; procedures already being implemented there ( look for my post to come on receiving counterfeit $100 bill as payment ) . The planned system needs everyone with a FICO score ( i.e. in debt ) , and cash/metal prevents that.

You can see the contingency roll out happening every day, if you tilt your head just right - similar to the coyote hunting for a mouse in the snow. The coyote cannot see the mouse, nor can the mouse see the coyote, because there is a layer of snow between the two. But the mouse can Smell the Coytoe and the Coyote can Hear the mouse. It takes a little while for the coyote to adjust his ears to just the right angle in order to triangulate exactly where the mouse is. But eventually he does, and he pounces through the snow - formerly an insulating barrier but now just another thin-shelled former firewall - and gets his prey.

Of course the POG will eventually again be fixed at $50. It says so on the one ounce gold coin.

Those who think gold will only be worth more FRNs will someday be greatly mistaken.


Gold is much more valuable than that.

4.14.04 Someone asked about my current investment thoughts the other day


Most of our money is in the market and it has been a pretty decent three years. Jenny’s broker has her currently in dividend paying issues, which have been doing well, and REITs which had been doing great until the recent haircut.  I have done well by hedging against both her positions and the cnn/money/forbes shills by holding gold/silver miners and trading tech.


Stocks look rather iffy right now though. Some of it is seasonal, some structural and some seasonal.


Market internals don’t look great. From my seat, the dollar has been going up as a technical rebound and flight toward liquidity in face of poor market internals.


Richard Russell predict top in CRB. Would be outrageous call if true since Doctor Copper and oil are at 13 month highs.  Yet steel prices have risen too far too fast so looks like only thing China will be producing more of in the short term is inflation. Beans and corn both look to explode.


So the pundits now jump on the inflation bandwagon, but where were they for the past 3 years as gold, silver, and copper stocks quintupled and both precious and industrial metals are up 40-300%?  I will fade ‘em as usual. Silver hit multiyear highs just before the hatchet job the day before the last job figures were announced. Anyone just now recommending buying inflation hedges such as oil stocks is good only for a laugh; watch ‘em scramble for a seat on the ponzi train.


Mostly, cannot see how Fed raises rates before Bank Of Japan does. What would spur the Fed to raise rates, unless it is similar payback to when the raised in August just before regime change of Bush the first? The job numbers were terrible, again. Over 80% of new jobs were either temporary or strike re-hires (with lesser benefits). With massive inflationary commodity pressures and massive deflationary wage trends, the middle class is truly between the rock and the mountain.  Very hard to obfuscate the price rises in fuel, milk, medical, housing, and education within the fairytale government CPI numbers. And with the consumer more maxed out on credit than anytime in modern historical perspective, the already record-high bankruptcy and foreclosure rates will only continue to rise. That provides a great opportunity for those with high credit capacity (high fico/no debt/high cash) to make their moves. This year for the first time ever Mr. Buffet publicly stated (amongst his calls that the stock market internals look terrible) that he is getting out of the USdollar business.


Personally, I am keeping a close watch on where the ball really is – with bank of Japan, and looking to move toward keeping liquidity in a forex account to benefit from increasing liquidity problems that cause more severe currency imbalances…


4.12.04    Anti-miners and the Rural Nv. depopulation movement


The issue is not so much that they are trying to just shut down mining in NV ( which they are, of course ) but moreso they are trying to depopulate the interior of the state.

Part of it is regional ( less people around the nuke dump and desert military theatre games - the better for the planners ) and part of it is national ? a mirror image of Pol Pot Cambodia wherein the US is trying like mad to get everyone in the cities, preferably on just two coasts. Makes it easier to manage the unwashed masses.

Too, look at Molycorps seesaw in the mojave.

During the height of the kitty litter fracas I posted that 1872 was under attack for reals, but nobody believed me then either...


4.5.04    The Big Company may have built Mercury Nv., mk III

but miners built Mercury I and II.

Unfortunately, I think they knocked down the last remnants of Mercury I. I tried to get a good look down the side road linking the Mercury off ramp to Mercury II ( between Mercury ridge and the front scarp ) where I believe the old shacks were, but got kicked off the site before getting a bead.

Mercury II is booming right now. Looks like they were pulling 2.5 shifts ( aggregate mine ) .


4.4.04    Mercury's Nevada Primer - Continued

They mine gold, and silver, and other stuff in Nevada. Perhaps you've heard.

What makes a mine last and become a legend, or peter out as nothing more than another scratch on the hill side?

What are these mining fundamentals?
Physical: Ore body, water resources

Material: Utility Grid; Structure of water, power and transportation network. Price of water and power inputs, transportation, and waste stream.

Environmental Regulations, demand for product and other market drivers, social support structure, labor contracts.

All of these inputs are more fluid than you suspect.
A proper reading on the direction of each, ultimately, determines whether that patent becomes a famous example of the Nv mining lexicon, or just another small and unnamed hole in the ground.


5.0 US 50: Stateline to Carson City


The last time I drove NV West border to East border was US 50/US 6.

US 50 enters Nevada at the boundary between South Lake Tahoe, California and Stateline, NV. Life along the western part of US50 through NV is booming as inverse to the decline along US50 in the eastern part of the state. Witness in the west, the absolute crunch of people trying to buy housing along the stupendous south and east shore of Lake Tahoe and, once down Kingsbury Grade on the eastern ( and steeper ) escarpment of the Sierra Nevada into Douglas county, the Highway 395 corridor between Gardnerville/Minden ? Carson City ?Reno.

US50 diverges from 395 in downtown Carson City, just a couple blocks past the Golden Nugget Casino - home of the Million Dollar Nugget Collection; a collection of specimens well worth the stop ( and a craps table I have done better than average at; usually only a dollar table too! ) . Walk across the street and purchase a few coins, or a thousand, at the coin store. Great proprietor, I recommend. Buy enough and maybe he?ll give you a recent home brew.

Or, look to your left for the edifice of famous Carson City Mint, now a State Museum ? holder of curiosities of old and producer of curiosities of new:


Don't worry you won't miss it, though the building is rather small, the traffic always drags through downtown CC ( recognize the mint mark? ) , just like the Peoples? business drags across the street at the Nevada State Capitol building.

Now we come to the intersection of Highway 50/395 just north of downtown. Ready to continue north along Washoe and Little Washoe Lakes, in the shadow of Lake Tahoe and Slide Mountain, over and through the Virginia foothills to Steamboat and then Reno.  Aw heck, Reno, like Heaven can wait. Almost like heaven, though as they old line goes, "Reno is so close to Hell you can see Sparks" ( Sparks is the city bordering Reno ) .



5.1    Into the Golden Heart

Lets take a hard left on Highway 50 and head straight to the Heart of Nevada.

Muddle through the outskirts of Cartoon City a few miles and pass the burg of Mound House ( not to far from Historic Gold Hill ) , home to some of the county's finest women-for-hire. The highway 50 corridor between Mound House ( not to be confused with Round House, home of the KGC mine ) and Fallon, and the corresponding stretch of Interstate 80 about 35 miles to the north between Sparks and Fernley, are a-Booming Big Time!!! Get your piece now!

Driving into Fallon, home of the famous Heart of Gold Melons ( courtesy of the Bureau of Reclamation Newlands District, originator of some of the state's most vicious current water battles ) . Fallon has another water problem as of late, the Federal EPA has essentially shut down the towns reliance on the indigenous water supply b.c. of the arsenic levels. Major financial problem for the county ( and a political shot over the bow ) . Leaving Fallon and passing along Navy property ( lots of military lands in the state; 89% of the state is under federales control ) at Dixie Valley. This is a major story in NV right now: contaminated groundwater concerns.

For the 'roid who figgered to have a copyright on the 'centroid' bastardization, way to late.  The 'Naval Centroid Facility' is located in Dixie Valley along US50.  All kinds of strange attraction in the rural NV hinterlands, take my word on it. Some built by the US government, some by geology, some by the rural man, and some by hands unknown. There are a series of hotsprings in the northern part of Dixie Valley. Seems to my rememory, they were running a little low on volume and the pools were not to conducive to getting much of the body in at any one time. Many NV springs dried up in the 1977 and 87/88 droughts, never to have recovered. Of course, all springs are highly variable depending upon time of year among other factors.

Unfortunately, many of the scenic wonders of the state are increasingly off limit to visitors/tourists/locals alike. ( Another shot over the bow ) .

Why all these shots over the bow? Well, if you can't mine b.c. of the environmental regulations shaped by the elite and forced by the NGOs; and you cant farm or ranch b.c. of the environmental regulations AND the fact that the water has all been appropriated by the federales; and you can?t build anymore industry b.c. of the environmental regulations AND the fact that the water has all been appropriated by the federales AND the fact that you only had 11% of the state to develop from the get-go, WHAT ELSE CAN THE STATE DO? Tourism, basically. So, go figure, all these road-blocks and restrictions and regulations on tourism have begun popping up in the last couple years - what does it all mean? Default economy: Dumping ground!



5.2    East past the sink

On the stretch btw Fallon and Eureka the major tourism is Sand Mountain, a four wheel drive/sandrailer destination area. One of the secondary destinations is the Big Smokey Valley and Diana's Punchbowl. Now, Diana's punchbowl, was once one of the premier destinations for those dedicated seekers of hot springs throughout the western US. The soaker seekers travel miles untold to visit this natural beauty and geologic wonder. You see, Diana's punch bowl is the largest travertine pit in the state, in one of the states? major calderas. Visible for several miles upon approach, the curious beyond reproach, ascend the hill to peer down at a seething cauldron of geothermal angst. No, you can't swim in it ( b.c. you would croak {140-190 degrees F., and recovering the body would also be extremely difficult ) . This guy did a nice write up on the scene, saves me some time:


The site pictures that I have found on the net simply do not do the punchbowl justice ( and I am quite a poor photographer so no counting on me here )

Well, guess what has just been FENCED OFF in the very recent? You got it, access to Diana's Punchbowl! Well, at least the monitor springs are still open, nice place for a soak. WRONG. The soaking springs are now off limits. Fact is, according to a local 'there are no public access springs left in the valley anymore'. ( )

Oh yeah, almost forgot too mention, Access to Sand Mountain is also under increasing danger due to some ?threatened? biota.

Sad fact is, like many other places I suppose, some of the best spots are becoming more frequently restricted or outright access-denied. Environmental regulations, land management agency restrictions, and too many private land owners getting burned by visitors without a simple modicum of respect for the land have forced the heavy mortmain hand of restrictions at more and more locations. There is always the fine line between required promotion and marketing saturation leading to product burnout.

The Faustian trade off. From tipster of the cup and hat to deservedly reserved desert rat.

Well, at least there are a couple of other secondary tourist destinations not YET in access danger. Not to far from Diana's, are the wonderful ghost mining town of Belmont and nearby the current working gold mine of Round Mountain ( Kinross/ Barrick [courtesy of Homestake] ) . Do you really want to know what type of production is happening at Round Mountain, or many other Nv. Gold mines? Well then check this site out - a place to pay and play for gold production cost figures:


5.3    Middle of Everywhere

Belmont, established circa 1874 and the former Nye county seat: KINGDOM of NYE anyone - the real EYE of the NYE. The NYE county seat has shifted around a bit, starting in Ione, then Belmont and since has shifted to Tonopah. Today some are pushing for a new move to Pahrump. Yes, in Pahrump Art Bell liked to fantasize that he resides in the Kingdom of Nye; yet the reality is Pahrump is today serving as a bedroom community of Las Vegas. Well, so be it. Pretty area in the Pahrump Valley for sure with its view of Mt. Charleston and the Spring Mountains. Easy access to Vegas and nearby Ca line, Death Valley have driven land/home prices up almost obscenely ( I got a buddy up 100 x on a large lot in town! Yes, it had been in the family for a while )

But the real heart of this county, the largest in the lower 48, home of Area 51 and SO MUCH ELSE, is found in places other than Pahrump IMVHO

Belmont is easily accessible from the fine gravel road that is Nv 376. the Cameron/Highbridge mill ( established by the Combination Mining Company ini 1866 ) and the cemetery are not-to-miss, the cemetery is home of some of the orb/ectoplasm pictures one stumbles across on the ghost pages of the web; also home to the wonderful Belmont Courthouse that has seen quite a bit of restoration over the years. The run at Belmont was supplanted by the strikes and subsequent flood of miners into Goldfield/Tonopah region.

As we move on down the road through Eureka and Austin, two perfect ambassadors of rural NV towns and both serve as county seats; I won't speak to much about those towns now, except to say keep an eye on these areas as the both have some very good re-development potential!!

5.4 White Pine County/Ely)

Into White Pine County: Poor ( yes, quite poor ) Ely
- and then we have the eastern portion of US 50?
US50 "The Loneliest Highway in America"
And some parts in the far east are getting lonelier.

Ely is the anchor in this part of the state, 180 miles south of Elko ( the largest town in the basin btw Salt Lake/Boise/Vegas/Reno 2400 mile square quadrangle ) ; yet the anchor is drying up and fixing to blow away.

The Ruth copper pit ate the town for which it was named. Thence came New Ruth, Kimbely, Riepetown and her little brother Ely. A site on Riepetown, now covered by the BHP mill.


Ely, the county seat of White Pine County, has been down and out since the copper bust in the mid 1970s. With the exception of a small restart attempt in the late 1980s, it has been downhill for quite a while; Nevada Northern Railroad closed in 1983, etc..

While in Ely, take a gander within the Hotel Nevada Hotel and Casino; go upstairs and find a great collection of historic era photographs of mining and railroading. At the time of construction ( 1929 ) , the Hotel Nevada was the tallest building in the state of Nv ( beating the Goldfield Hotel by a floor ) . Here is some interesting historical information on the Hotel Nevada:


The hotel/casino across the street also has a very nice collection of photographs on the first floor near the back of the building. As you walk out of this casino ( forgot the name ) at the western end of the building, you are looking at an iron-bar door. This iron-bar door and iron doorframe is standing by itself, as it is the only remnant of the original Ely jail. Pretty cool.

Today, Ely is just struggling to get by. The latest bad news is that the last department store in town, J.C. Penny's will be closing up shop. The locals are trying their best to keep the store alive:
Ely about to lose the town last department store:


But Alas! Is it True?
Annaconda will re-open Ely pits?

Goldfield Hotel Sells!
Mizpah Hotel ( Tonopah ) Sells!

( Look for future Post: Nevada Spring ? Another Bloom in the Desert )


5.5 White Pine county/country side

Time to get off your arrastre!

Never hear of an arrastre? Just another type of mining. An arrastre was typically utilized by a poor miner or two at a camp where energy and labor were at a premium. Essentially, this method for reducing ore, relied on a burro that would pull around in a circle a rock on a rope over the ore. The grinding of the stone on the ore would break the ore rocks into smaller ore rocks. Not rocket science, but then again, these miners weren?t rocket scientists.


5.6 Ward Mining District - ghost town of Ward


The ghost town of Ward, in the foothills of the scenic Egan Range, boomed between 1878 and 1882. With a peak population of 1500, Ward was the prototypical lawless mining camp with justice meted out by the vigilante committee w/ a hanging rope. A single chamber of the Ward mine produced 1M oz Ag. The mining assay house became the first school. Several bars in town provided the entertainment; no church was ever deemed necessary. The town petered out in the late 1880's but better technology allowed new activities in 1906 and even the 1960?s.

Ward Mining District - ghost town of Taylor
Silver and gold discovered at Taylor in 1873. The town of Taylor was supported chiefly by the Argus and Monitor Mines. By 1880 the town had 1500 people w/three salons, 3 general stores and an opera, and a Wells Fargo office and became the center of White Pine County administrative and social life.

Mining activities ebbed but then spiked again, to compete with the Goldfield boom, in 1919 with construction of a new 100 ton cyanide mine at the Argus. However, the POS plummeted and the mining activity waned again w/ brief resurgence during WWII. More than 1M of Ag, Cu, and Pb produced in Taylor. On the south side town thrived the china-town and red light camps ( known appropriately as Reform Gulch ) .


5.7 Ward Mining District - Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park


Willow Creek was a major freighter stopover on the Taono to Pioche route. The horse and oxen freighters, known as 'Bullwackers', named after their sleeping cars ( not sure how one would get much quality sleep eye on these things ) would turn out their horse and oxen along the good grazing riparian area along willow creek. John Henry and William Ballinger discovered Ag in Ward gulch in 1872 and by 1876 Ward had two roasting furnaces to process ore.

The six charcoal ovens were built in the mid 1870s to make charcoal to feed these roasting furnaces. Hewed by Italian masons, they measure and impressive 30 ft. by 27ft consumed 35 cords! Of wood to produce 30 bushels of charcoal at $600 per ton! Per batch, or 24c a bushel. Of course, charcoal was replaced by coke made from coal.

This NV State Park is funded by volunteer/honor donations, you deposit your fee ( think it was 2 or 3$ ) into a metal canister by the park entrance. Usually, I visit the park and then pay what I think it is worth on the way out. In this case I was impressed that they were actually making trail and sign improvements at the site. The recent work of late was solid craftsmanship ( at least by today's standards ) and there were construction materials staged locally promising a taste of upgrades and grand designs yet unfinished, so I slipped a few bucks in the slot. The charcoal ovens are quite interesting, fascinating to see the smoke still stains still on the inside of the bee-hive-looking ovens.

For a photograph and more information on the ovens:

While there, an older guy and girl pulled up in a motor home ( up to that point I was the only one there ) . So we get to talking and turns out he is a retired miner - used to work on the Bullfrog District outside Beatty ( perhaps you remember the previous subject posts ) . Barrick closed the mine in 2001, though it was originally supposed to last only until 98, so it was a good run. Currently the Bullfrog in undergoing reclamation; supposedly it will take MUCH higher prices to open this baby back up. Well, this ol time miner used to work for Barrick's predecessor, LAC Minerals ( a Canadian outfit taken over by Barrick in 1984 ) . So I of course mention the wonderfullywhimsical art gracing currently gracing the ghost town of Rhyolite on the Bullfrog District and he mentions that he is buddies with the artist and they both take care of another Rhyolite attraction - the bottle house. More than one miner's shack in the desert was created out of bottles, or practically any other material at hand. Many abodes were nothing more than a hole dug in the side of the hill that the miner happened to be working with pick and shovel. Saved on commute time..

5.8 Pushing Utah

Snake Valley Daze

Things get pretty desolate East of Ely. Pretty county again/still. Only an hours aimless drive and you are pushing hard on the Utah border and have arrived in Snake Valley.

Again, the local hot water spring is off limits to the public; but for a good reason ? it is on private land and is in aquaculture production. Water issues are very touchy around here. Many many moons ago the land was wetter; irrigated in fact.

Baker Archeology Site
The Fremont Indians are the most recent, and most northwest remnant of the Annasazi. As typical of their culture, they practiced engineered irrigation whereas the rest of the tribes throughout the region were seasonally nomadic. The archeology site is a lonely outpost in the middle of the valley. Rewarding with the cultural information evoking the lifestyle of centuries long gone, further rewarding with a spectacular view of Mt. Wheeler, the second highest peak in Nv.

The wheeler range is splendid on both viewshed sides, more spectacular than the eastern viewshed of Nv's highest peak, Boundary peak ( though that one is absolutely worth viewing as well ) .

Mt. Wheeler is in Great Basin National Park and was the first stop for the mercury family on their move to Nv. long ago. The mountain contains the oldest trees in the world, the wickedly beautiful Bristlecone Pine. Also, the Lehman caves are spectacular. Worth the visit, though only 80K visit each year. Great camping in the cleanest airshed in the lower 48.

Maybe help out this site with traffic?

Alas, Baker Nv is the end of our lovely loneliest road in the united states. Pushing Utah, you may cross the border. The better bet, or course, is to double back and head out on Highway 6: Grand Army of the Republic.

Let's save that trail tale for another day...


4.3.04    The Coming Implantable Chip


First it was for dogs and cats, now the homeless, next the 'underpriveleged', and then:



4.1.04    On that Chernobyl bike tour site
Great stuff, that.
Had marked it for a write up I planned to do on a couple NV ghost towns; discuss both the spectre and the promise that the Nv test site and Yucca mountain have over the rural Nv denizen; and then discuss a few of the larger and more famous ghost towns in the US. And thence, roll out that web page as the shocker ? just how far the extremities are.

One of the best pages of the year, a webbie shoe-in for sure ( they still do that? ) .

4.1.01    Looks like Nevada PUC is gonna allow

raises in both gas and electric next month. so yeah, our darlin' GBN gets the green flag to mine, but its gonna cost more than it would have last month...


3.31.04    I don't like mining mergers/buyouts
Was perfectly happy to hold IAG and WHT SEPARATELY. Now, however, had considering selling the combined ( ? ) mess. But as usual, will hold simply for entertainment value now and to keep my subscription to the Sunday funnies; as I'm ( iam ) deep in the far, green and heavy alfalfa anyway. At least someone pays a dividend...

I hear the arguments pro. Here are mine con:

a. messes w/ my accounting/trade tracking
b. bad for the companies
c. bad for the industry

a. so, how many of you were happy when your Crown Butte disappeared and turned into Battle Mountain Gold and subsequently as BMG turned into NEM? Ok, NEM hasn't done too shabby, but:

b. how many of you are thrilled with the performance of KGC since the ECO/TVX thingy? Been a dog, though on paper the new company had lots going for it.

I bet u love not having the golden chart of Homestake Mining around anymore, trading that dog for the full newness and glory that is ABX/Homestake/LAC/ etc. gag. Heck, r u even able to keep track of all the ticker changes and everyone squatting the same symbols at different periods in the gestation cycle ( ABX is Abelle or Barrick, GOLD is Goldfields or ??? ) .

You able to keep track of all this? Well perhaps then you already know everything kept track on this page ( and that's less than a third of our sector ) :

c. so, you really want a gold industry where three-to-seven companies control all the worlds mines?

If so, you must have loved the state of American automobile mfr. In the late 70's early 80's. Three mfrs controlled the market and the product was such crap a govt bail out was necessary for one third of industry, but the move only proved profitable for stock holders of that ( even then, barely ) company. But what happened? Foreign mfr. Saw the market mess and delivered a better product. These 3 cos. That thought their monopoly proved for all time well being now find one of the three gone, and one on the ropes.

You must have loved the taste of American piss-beer in the early 90's. 5 companies with 90% of market. In the early part of the century over 200 beer producers. What happened to 5 co. beer monopoly? Dastardly product resulted in explosion of niche microbrewerys; now again around 200 producers, and still gaining market share. At least this market is expanding.

You think you'll be content to own three miners in 5 years? What will that do for your market mechanics? Kill it more than likely, and 200 more will take its place. Think you'll have better luck throwing the darts at the previous and future 200 than you have had with the recent/current stable of 40 or so ( junior+ scale ) currently available?

Just the cycle. Personally, I would rather hold on to my 20 current miners as THEY ALL GROW and PROFIT. Better to hold an improving basket of 20 than roll the dice on the politics played by Francisco D'Anconia with his lone world remaining metal supplier as his copper shares kick your ass while he fiddles about with the money speech on WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE.

Rant over.


3.31.04    The 2009 Penny

5 pays 7 they kill lincolN and resurrect kinG


3.31.04    Work available for $200K USD/yr as a Contractor in Iraq


Frankly, I think the odds and risk/reward are better with 500K term life insurance...


3.31.04    PDG

had been negative on this co. for a long time, and rightly so.
But am now starting to view her as a delicate flower in a new light.
Dawn or sunset?


03.28.04    Bob Brinker: “Gold has been a disaster. Stay away from the numismatics”

Thanks Bob. Look forward to your next appraisal as we go from %40-400% (bullion/coins/stocks in 3 years) to the next gold train stop: Ten Bagger Station…


I gata co-worker that crows to other co-workers about his stock market finess cuz he listens to brinker (out of DOW in march 00, back in march 03) and thinks 40% (ahem) in three years is fabulous. Of course, he won’t say this when I am around, cuz in 3/00 I dropped dow/nasdaq and began w/ goldies; (and at the time suggested he do the same). When he peeps, I show the HUI chart. Quiets him right quick unlike Brinker who bristles (brinkles?) and gets defensive on the topic. People been nailing him lately though, every show - every hour, gold pops up.  Again and again the tired response how the CPI/PPI shows no inflation…


03.28.04    Bill gates in Reno today for bridge tournament

Bet u didn’t know that the last major MS office in US built outside Reno…


3.25.04    EPA cleanup of defunct Arco Copper mine

This story bears watching, especially the part about the uranium and drinking water wells.


Original story *was* here. Funny, they don't keep that stuff up long...
click here ...

Getting 1,500 people to show up in the town of Yerington is a big deal. Small town to begin with.

This story is huge b.c. it is the culmination of several very live and very big stories and thread going on in NV right now:

1. Fed vs. state rights ( private and public land access w/ water quality and quantity as proxy )
- Groundwater contamination ( Fallon, Yerington )
- Water Rights ( Ruby, Walker, Carson )
- Nevada Revised Statutes/Administrative Code vs CERCLA vs. 1782 Mining Law vs. Clean Water Act

- Price of Metals reinvigorating long abandoned claims ( Everywhere )

- Yucca Mountain Radioactive Waste Dump ( Nye, Esmeralda, Mineral, Lincoln )
- Recent activity at Nevada Test Site ( Nye, Esmeralda, Mineral, Lincoln )
( These latter two are resulting in the largest planning of NV transportation network in last 100 years )

All these factors lead to the potential rejuvenation of rural NV communities and the redress of long-grieved issues in the NV hinterland.

Of course, these factors also impact metals mining in the state to quite a fashion.

LOTS of interest over copper properties in last couple months. go figger.

Will ( continue to ) flesh out thesis over time...


03.07.04    Nominal value on 1/10th oz American eagle gold coin

Is five bucks.


Fractional coinage at a premium?

1.     what the little people can afford.

2.     when the stuff starts trading again as part of a normal day’s activity service-for-goods-for-service (and it will), there is a larger need for smaller gold coins than large ones. That is, there are more transactions on a daily basis at the 1/10th oz. level than the 1oz level. For that matter, how many times a week do you really make a 100oz-size transaction?




03.07.04    Between two Countries

 Never been to Toronto. I did see Toronto, once. From across the lake. Looked pretty, so I tried to get to Canada for another visit. Made the mistake, this time, of trying to cross at a little Podunk border (Montana) station where the guards had WAY too much time on their hands.


Would make a good short story, one of these years…


In  nutshell, on account of my, er, ‘chequered past’ the head guard said I was considered a felon in Canada or some bs.  At any rate, it couldn’t have been that serious b.c. he offered to let me in to the country if I just ponied up $US 300 (or something). I laughed and left; the office that is.  Since, really, I wasn’t in any country at that point; out of one and not-quite-yet-in another.



03.07.04    downtown vegas

They are really shuffling the deck down there. Major turnover of ownership in just a few short weeks: plaza and horseshoe – a couple of the stalwart anchors.  Makes you wonder what is going on behind the scene.


Big changes happening in the industry, as you know.


Downtown Vegas has three major problems imo:

1.        no more room.

2.        access


even if they moved the rail yard, access onto the interstate would provide a major problem, and likely bottleneck at the interchange. Big pretzel.


3.        seedy neighborhood


two bad neighborhoods, one just south and N. LV Blvd/white city.

Not like you can just cleanup one neighborhood and not both. Vegas revitalization different than other cities regarding the urban corps. Not like on the strip where you can just blow it up and build over b.c. the property is so valuable. Who want’s to build in downtown, in light of these major problems?  Downtown bets have all been putting more lipstick on the same pig and re-shuffling the same deck. Anything else is just too expensive.


They can get away with it b.c. of the space on the southern strip.


3.10.04    platty and polly

IF 'twas a mere substitution play, THEN y not Pt to new highs @1K ( start selling at 940? )

3.10.04    1Mbill at walmart

y not, payback for the 'golden dollar'.

walmat has incredible security holes, but the 'goods', ahem, are too cheap to enable profitable theft.


3.7.04    How to pick a coin shop.

Now THAT is a good topic to mewl on about. I like to go to as many different places as possible, but concentrate my buying at just a couple.

For the time being:
Canvass all in your area. Ask the exact same question at each store, and compare answers.
What were the conditions of the store, compared to each other?
What are the respective neighborhoods like, any security concerns as you walk to/from with coin or cash? Security guards/cameras watching your every move ( and capturing your every purchase ) ?
Helpful and KNOWLEDGABLE service? T hat is, can you learn something from the person at the counter; and more importantly, are they WILLING to teach?
Will the counter person let you look at the coin, taking your time, in detail?
Does the inventory, and other factors, suggest that they would love to make you a sale, but DON'T NEED TO? For that matter, would they be ABLE to make a big purchase, on the spot ? cash ? if that is what you needed at any given moment.
Are all sales through the cash register?

Next step.
Buy a coin from each shop you consider doing business with.
Now, try to sell it back. What are the differences?


3.7.04    Tried to get to Canada

Never been to Toronto. I did see Toronto, once. From across the lake. Looked pretty, so I tried to get to Canada for another visit. Made the mistake, this time, of trying to cross at a little Podunk border ( Montana ) station where the guards had WAY too much time on their hands.

Would make a good short story, one of these years?

In nutshell, on account of my, er, 'chequered past' the head guard said I was considered a felon in Canada or some bs. Anyrate, it couldn't have been that serious b.c. he offered to let me in to the country if I just ponied up $US 300 ( or something ) . I laughed and left; the office that is. Since, really, I wasn't in any country at that point - out of one and not-quite-yet-in another.

3.7.04    Canada finally sells biodiesel

Largest Canola producer in the world just now opens a pump. Canada could supply the world with fuel ( not to mention metal, water ) for decades, if it actually wanted to.

Maybe holding back a little for the rainy days?


Anybody in Unionville, Ontario that feels like reporting the commercial price of gas, diesel, and biodiesel wins the bozo button for the day.

Anybody own, variously, Topia Energy of Ottawa?

Neil Young's tour bus fleet runs on biodiesel.
People are catching on.


3.7.04    Antiques Roadshow greenlighted for Reno

Hope to see some nice mining memorabilia come out of the woodwork ( Jeffery pine ) and gain some national exposure...

sacramento show dissapointed on that note. par?


3.7.04    Larry Kudlow fills in for Bob Brinker

Was this a first? U gata admit, Larry had one of the more interesting Money Talk shows I have heard, and I only caught about an hour's worth.

Loved it as Larry spun all the usual tricks about how glorious our economy is doing supported by the typical bevy of half facts and hedonic statistics as the shillometer approaches 10. After the spiel of ?how great things are for you, don't let daily experiences get in the way? the callers come on and shot him down.

Caller with 100K to spend "Frankly, I am thinking about buying gold".

ok, which one of you was that?

Good stuff, for a change.


3.7.04    GBN: so, far so good

back to $2.31?


3.7.04    nominal value on 1/10th oz gold american eagle

Is five bucks.

Fractional coinage at a premium?
1. what the little people can afford.
2. when the stuff starts trading again as part of a normal day?s activity service-for-goods-for-service ( and it will ) , there is a larger need for smaller gold coins than large ones. That is, there are more transactions on a daily basis at the 1/10th oz. level than the 1oz level. For that matter, how many times a week do you really make a 100oz-size transaction?


Gold is worth 398 an ounce, right?


so a tenth ounce is worth 39.80?

much to my dismay around new years when I visated a few new coin shops and
wanted to buy a 1/10 oz. american eagle - the price was 49-52 ea.

today on ebay, 1/10th oz. closed over $62

( of course, it was 'gem like...for the discriminating collector... )

those that surmized that fractional coinage would carry a premium are those that
were right.



3.7.04    Bet on a Casino Stock

Jackie Gaughans Plaza

Home to some of the better radio fare, if not the eating fare, for years.

Craps table there treated me well, too. And a cheap room looking straight down the belly of the beast: Fremont...

Someone told me that Sam's was the casino stock to place a bet on, but I disagree.
As far as Sam's in Reno goes. They put up, about 5 years back, a quizzically little sign along hwy 395 just s. of Reno, along steamboat that said: Coming Soon:  Sam's Town.

And so it was, just the little sign - all beaten and weather worn form the wind, rains, snow, and steamboat sulfur for many moons. Then, the BIG CHANGE came: Now the sign says: Visit Sam's Club - Las Vegas.

Little sign, no casino. Not too impressive a record so far.

I got my $$ on STN, as previously hawked hereabouts.

Think it time to change horses?


3.7.04    Downtown Vegas

Yep, they are really shuffling the deck down there. Major turnover of ownership in just a few short weeks: Plaza and Horsehoe - a couple of the stalwart anchors. Makes you wonder what is going on behind the scene.

Big changes happening in the industry, as you know.

Downtown Vegas has three major problems imo:
1. no more room.
2. access

even if they moved the railyard, access onto the interstate would provide a major problem, and likely bottleneck at the interchange. Big pretzel.

3. seedy neighborhood

two bad neighborhoods, one just south and N. LV Blvd/white city.
Not like you can just cleanup one neighborhood and not both. Vegas revitalization different than other cities regarding the urban corps. Not like on the strip where you can just blow it up and build over b.c. the property is so valuable. Who want's to build in downtown, in light of these major problems? Downtown bets have all been putting more lipstick on the same pig and re-shuffling the same deck. Anything else is just too expensive.

They can get away with it b.c. of the space on the southern strip.

03.07.04  Reno
Reno has a completely, and more serious problem.
The southern strip is already built up to the point that new joints will be spread out to far to provide a core destination. Also, the city - in a continuation from their font of inestimable insight - completely screwed up with the legal agreements made with the peppermill and atlantis regarding new casinos.

As far as downtown, Reno realizes it HAS to live with it, and mistakes of the past. Tearing down the Mapes and closing off lower Mill St. for the Sienna, while a nice place, were just another couple miscues imo.

But, after many years of neglect, reno now showers much needed and well deserved affection on the river corridor.

At first just the cosmetics, new brick work- trail ,gazebos, shops etc. Rousted the homeless too since there are nearby areas with capacity.

And right now, the heavy lifting - THE TRENCH
Reno is burying the rail lines through town at considerable expense, effort, and current chaos. But, they must make this wager, as the city cannot sacrifice the downtown corps area, as Vegas has.

The trench through downtown should settle some longstanding problems. Reno has been fairly proactive in settling its transportation woes.

But, the verdict is out on how viable the casinos will remain. Lots of competition out there. Previous receipts have been nothing short of disastrous. The Flaming sold for a song, and the new place has been dead. Also, with the circus and silver legacy, remains to see how long the boys at the eldorado will hold out. For now, everybody is going along to get along because they realize the stakes are high. But if the shooting starts, lookout - because the property maps downtown are an incredible mess.

Thing is, Reno is booming in all other sectors. So a viable and vibrant downtown must be part of the equation. Remains to be seen what the surface will look like.

Of course, the great underbelly, with which I had been so familiar, gyrates with life unending. Providing enough juice and fire from the belly, hopefully, to keep the skin from becoming to sanguine...

3.7.04    Barrick Gaming bets big in downtown Las Vegas

Mining and Gaming in Nevada.

Not so dissimilar upon the seasoned reflection. Boom and bust and boom and bust.
Kinross turns a profit.
Reno gaming receipts down.
Silver Legacy and Circus profits down significantly.

Whither leads?


3.7.04    Ingersoll Rand drilling sells

Is it just me, or is drilling supply getting tight? Your recent experience?

Thanks again, Adella


03.02.04    California’s Big Primary

Just finished reviewing my sample primary ballot.



I cannot imagine any other reaction following anything resembling a somewhat comprehensive review of this ballot other than pure vile, dread and disgust.


As much as I abhor many discussions on the state of the state, on this forum or elsewhere, there are a few points suggestive of the financial picture in California, and otherwise, that might be of interest to the kasual kitcoite.



The first page consists of the preliminary indoctrination phase, of course.  The most esteemed Registrar-of-Voting-Manipulation presents an overview of the new electronic ballot eating machine.  And I quote: “Voting is getting easier and better! …in response to federal court order…more accessible, secure, and reliable technology…make our democracy even better….”


In a different age, the ‘man’ who wrote this would have been strung up on a rope.  Then again, the current president was appointed – so why break the new precedent?


Yes, the duly appointed Vote Manipulator sells the democracy fallacy and an assortment of other sickenly sweet additive fairly tales on page one.  And the story only deteriorates from there…



So, who should lead the largest military in the recently recorded history of our fair species for the next installment of the short history documentary entitled: “America, the Empire Strikes Out”?


And to think, heretofore, the choices presented had seldom evoked the suicide solution.


Yet, going along to get along, I settle upon:

Libertarian vs. Peace and Freedom

Gary Nolan (lib.) or Aaron Russo (lib.). A couple decent choices here.  However, I think that Peace and Freedom offers a most interesting choice in Leonard Peltier.


Financial Future of California


For those who desire the synopsis in one sentence: “Guidelines on how to raise taxes and increase the debt burden.”


There are five measures on the ballot

Two of them, along the lines of the preamble, simply exist to further bamboozle what still passes for political astuteness on the prototypical Californian.  Namely, these two measures A) Further destroy the former concept of republican democracy by adding yet another mandated spending regime upon the budget process, and B) Make it easier for the house to raise taxes by lowering threshold from 66% to 55%. 


Proposition  55

Would set a 12.3Billion education bond.  Amazing the press that the 15B bond gets, and nary a word on another bond on the same ballot comprising 80%. California’s budget already has, depending on which erroneous source you are least jaundiced toward, a full 50-55% of the annual budget.  Yet, the voters consider adding another generation of debt and servitude to the largest propaganda instrument machine in our nation’s history, the public school system.  As it is, education accounts for a mandate 55% of the annual budget; other ‘mandated’ programs account for an additional 25%. Hence, the legislators can only argue on how to steal, misappropriate, and misspend the remaining 20%, a mere pittance.  You would think their efforts would focus on how to line their pockets with the other 80%. Perhaps that is what they do in their home districts during normal working hours.


Proposition 58

From what I can tell, this 69 word work of art is designed to prevent any future tax rebates or reduction by setting up another permanent fund in the whole unlikely circumstance that a project surplus occurs during the next internet-tea-and-tulip-mania during the years 2109-2112. 


Proposition 57 – The Economic Recovery Bond Act

Gata love that title!  Apparently, the reason they foisted Arnie on us was because nobody else could sell the hell which now proposes, prods, and pushes us over the threshold, forever crossed, above the 50% tax and fee bracket on every man woman and other who shall ever live in the great state of California.


Measure 2

The piece de resistance. The other three propositions foisting slavery for all your breathing years only wasted our time to the extent of a combined 300 words (almost $100 million per word[of course, that is in 2003 ‘dollars – unquote-, your mileage may vary]).  However, this measure uses 21 pages of the whole 35 page sample ballot to expound upon its glory.  From what I discern, as if anybody actually knows, the measure will further bureaucratize one of the top 5 transportation nightmares on the N. American continent, raise an initial 1.5B USD bond and raise taxes on bridges by 50% in one fell swoop. The most interesting thing here IMO is the baseline numbers are presented in 1998 and 2002 numbers.  So, add in the rationalization of the dollar and you can increase the cost of this bad boy by another 50% by the time they are through. 


All in all, one of the scariest things I have read in my life, ever.  Sure, a pleasure read on the topic: survival-after-nuclear-winter rates up there, but that probably won’t happen this Tuesday, March 2nd.


Coming soon to your chain, gang.


(p.s. anybody know the tax structure in Haiti?)


change link to California's Big Recall Vote (10.08.03)

add text


2.28.04    Nickel Gnus


Last of the Jefferson Nickels? 

2004 will witness a design change in the US 5cent piece.  Latest craze to change the coinage began in 1999 with the quarter.  Rate of change should increase as the country searches for new ways to debase its currency (altogether removal of the 1cent coin in 2008?). 


Could the removal of Jefferson from the coin be in line with attempts to remove Jeffersonian/Constitutional thoughts from circulation?


Or, perhaps I again over state the logic and thought underlying the process.


Could the price of nickel be a primary driver? Will be interesting to see the Ni % n the new coin.


nickel coin composition

Cupro-Nickel Harvest


Consider the fact that recent US mint issuance (state quarters, proof silver sets, etc.)  have provided a wonderful return on fiat in just a couple years.




Increase in Ni costs, along with the sometimes associated numismatic phenomenon which attaches a premium to first and last years of circulating coinage *could* cause holding uncalculated rolls of 2003 Jefferson Nickels, as a component of your currently existing hard-cash-on-hand-reserves to methodically prove wise upon measure by beating opportunity costs.


2.23.04    GBN; bought today - first time position;

was waiting for a break below $2


4.20.04    A short essay: "Why I like it when the price of Gold goes down on Friday"

Text: I like it when the price of gold goes down on Friday because I buy my gold on Saturday.


4.9.04    The best defense against theft

Was in my local coin store the other day.
Couple in front of me was describing the heirloom jewelry that was stolen from their home, and hoped to beat the fence. Coin store owner basically said in polite form: 'Best of Luck'.

So, couple left, and mercury and coin store owner swapped methods for protecting yourself.

NOW: Look at the increase rate in foreclosures and bankruptcies ( especially among the young ) . Property crimes are set to SKYROCKET, especially against an aging ( boomer ) population.

Wanna let the thieves know you hold ( via the precedent of having held ) physical?
Then go ahead, fill out the form. 1099, insurance roster, or otherwise so that THEY can protect YOU. he he he Ha HA.

Best of luck...

( p.s. tax avoidance is illegal. Tax minimization is not and, in fact, supports an increasing [sub-continent Indian population] corporate niche. )


4.0.04    Guess we figured out what type of gaps those were

gaps in evidence,
gaps in sunshine,
gaps in trading trust,
gaps in the patchwork quilt crptp-numeric system, AND
confidence gaps
stability gaps
integrity gaps

u got the picture, do i gata fill in the gap 4u?


4.404    World's first fuel cell-operated mining equipment

nice combination, fuel cells and mining.

good read.


2.4.04    Tech Cominco

Are you not concerned about the US federales trying to go after tech cominco for water pollution?

Someone asked, how can the feds talk about enforcing US law ( superfund ) in Canada?

Good question.

Look at the link on the fuel cell mining. Paid in part by US DOE grant.

The border only exists when those living on BOTH sides agree there is a border.


2.4.04    in Ghana, mining is done in 'productive forest reserves'

Practical language, that. Must be a practical people.


2.2.04    Happy Birthday Ayn Rand

The value of the Rand is never far from our thoughts...


2.2.04    Crap Shoot

for those who figure gold stocks are a crap shoot, remember this:

the free odds line in craps has the highest payback percentage in the casino.

With some creativity, the true odds can be helped higher than the probability table suggests...



2.2.04    Water Talk

sierra snowpack @120% and snowing heavy today with more sierra concrete.

this would be a perfect time for CO, AZ and NM to re-open compacts re: Colorado river apportionment. CA is so deep in its own troubles it won't even show up at the table, witness the forfeiture of CO water rights last year simply due to inaction. incredible really, when you think of all the deaths out here related directly to water.

the NV gov. and lt. gov. have also been thigh high in alligators ( this weeks wrangling over Yucca $$ from feds; Las Vegas terror threats and death threats on gov.' lt. gov. personal problems; budget mess et. al. ) and don't have the presence right now to protect the allotment.

perfect time for CO, NM and AZ to strike. lets see if their 'leaders' are any better w/t the charge.


2.2.04    Poltergeists

any serious worries may be alleviated by a threefold physical investigation:

1. electromagnetic survey
2. temperature variation survey ( both electronic and physical sensors )
3. web cam still-frame analysis

lack of hits via these media suggest other sources of phenomenom.


2.2.04    From staid food producer to sexy canadian junior gold miner

The antithesis of vengold?

These stories are rare. first foam on a gathering wave, still yet a mild cross current amongst the tide of fiat infamy.
How many companies changed focused to internet platforms, or started for such, btw 1998 and 2000?
Think if just 1% of that number are mainline companies that add a mining exploration angle to their biz.
And remember this:

very few prospectors got rich, or even had a comfortable existence. however, the newspapers, markets, millers, ferriers, prostitutes, smiths, bankers, assayers etc. serving those miners built cities...



2.1.04    Underworld

Don Delillo broaches the borders on some of the underground/underworld/underneath/underbelly/
under-the-radar territory I have spent countless hours of study and operation within.


Not the easiest read, but well worth it.


 01.24.04    Coins at Estate Sale

Anybody ever buy a coin collection from a county tax sale?


I generally am suspicious of auctions. However, the county tax official stated that she had never auctioned off a coin lot before, so I figure there is plenty of room for error with perhaps a moderate chance the error would benefit the purchaser.


Although I would rarely purchase a coin that I could not inspect myself, my thought – perhaps mistaken – is that true estate sales, not just those advertised as such on ebay, – might have the added benefit of including a group of bagged junk that has not been cherry picked.  Presumably because the group had been held by one owner for an extended period of time; the logic being that an increased trading in and out of many hands and many eyes increases the odds that a variety or error would be noticed eventually.


Couple donates coin collection to county


Apparently they hoped that the sell of their coin collection would go toward supporting senior services in Douglas Co.  Too bad I won’t be able to make the auction, could be some deals. 



01.24.04  US Mint Gold Eagle production figures


An issue I pondered a couple years ago. Here is my take:


Note the 1999 figures were high, but then drastically lower the next year.  Also note that 1999 was the first year for the new US state quarters series.  As predicted, this series has been extremely popular and as such increased the demand for proof/mint/silver proof sets.


The physical market for gold varies, but the costs to make the state quarter trinkets is fixed.  Also, the market for physical gold has always supported a thin margin whereas the seignorage for base clad trinkets is quite nice.


So, if you are head bean counter at the USM, which product would you push. (Think of the mass market media campaign – using wal mart etc. – to push the garbage sacajewea ‘golden’ dollar).


Furthermore, the secondary market for the proof/mint/silver proof sets has also been tremendously strong and profitable. Note the 500-600% increases for the 1999 silver proof set as an example.  So, where would the collectors/dealers/speculators flock: the tried and true thin market of the gold coins, or the hot mania with a greater fools market of the ‘numismatic’ trinkets.


 Prime example of two theorems where:

1. bad money drives out good

2. supply creates demand

01.24.04    CEO of CDE leaves Sierra Pacific board of directors.


You may have previously (or not) noted that I have been pushing the point along the string that POWER costs are a very big criterion affecting NV mining costs (among the rising biggies of power, water, regulations, and labor). Or, you thought I was just pulling your string.


One good thing for the Nv mining market I have noticed is an increase in job advertisements for mining engineers.


1.24.04     holder cracking for fun and profit

The objective is to buy a coin in a third party grading service holder that may upgrade upon breaking out of the holder and resubmission to the same or different grading service.


Here are some general criteria:

Supposing a coin had been graded a 58 ( though a nick on the cheek looked a little 'gougy' and was the detracting mark of significance within the obverse pick up point ) .

Where an upgrade brings the grade to Mint State 60 w/ a $ 22K tag, for a profit of %200 compared to loss in downgrade risk of %50.


I had been told you want at least a 7x multiplier, however; in this case your spread is only 4x ( 50-200% )

Also, in this example the we would be hoping for a slab upgrade to ms61, but PCGS already has a Population report # = 0. Therefore any upgrade there would face Significant challenge. Hence, leaving this coin in the slab would be the more prudent action.


and of course, I never buy anything sight unseen.



1.24.04    Couple donates coin collection to county

Apparently they hoped that the sell of their coin collection would go toward supporting senior services in Douglas Co. Too bad I won?t be able to make the auction, could be some deals.


I generally am suspicious of auctions. However, the county tax official stated ( on a different web page then the link I supplied ) she had never auctioned off a coin lot before, so I figure there is plenty of room for error with perhaps a moderate chance the error would benefit the purchaser.

Although I would rarely purchase a coin that I could not inspect myself, my thought - perhaps mistaken - is that true estate sales, not just those advertised as such on ebay, *might* have the added benefit of including a group of bagged junk that has not been cherry picked. ( I knew of one guy specializing in cherry picking roosevelt dimes -this lot contained many - because the cost reward ratio was supposedly higher than many other series. )

Presumably the coin group in an estate has been held by one owner for an extended period of time. The logic follows that those coins not salted away by one individual with an increased trading in and out of many hands and many eyes increases the odds that a variety or error would be noticed eventually.


1.22.04    Don't blame the mining industry

for recent mercury health panic. ( some bozo loosed a whole batch in a public school. school was shut down for weeks for the cleanup. )


1.22.04    US Civil War II

Iraq war II and the associated social engineering, including the coming Iraq civil war, is a trial run - as Mr. Blair stated it - for so much else.

Including US Civil War II


1.22.04    CDE mine reaches milestone

The mine sets in a nice region, too. The approach from the Black Rock desert to Lovelock from the west takes one through the ghost towns of the seven troughs area. Star mountain with her beautiful views ( and typically late snowpack supplies a usual year-round riparian water source ) and Rye Patch reservoir with the fine Walleye fishing serve as your arrival reward.


1.22.04    WHT to privatize north american metals


New mine for Queenstake?

They certainly appear to have been doing everything right of late; the golden touch.


Elsewhere, I like ABX and NEM coming together to chair a MBA program.


1.22.04    Gung Hoy Fat Choy

Year of the green wooden monkey.

Not the best year for gold, not the worst either. Do not expect the juniors to fare as well as those more senior.

I am an earth monkey myself...

Or, just Hoy Hoy for the Cab Calloway cult and Feat Fans

Less than 2cents, a half-penny if u will.


1.22.04    Coin Botox

50 g/l of thiourea in about 1-2% sulphuric acid

when that nasty scar across her cheek just WON'T go away...

course, natural beauties do not need the knife!


and remember, not all coin holders are created equal.


1.20.04 - The US Treasury gives notice that 1979 bonds are called. Yes, pre-1985 US bonds are callable. That is, the UST can recall the notes which means that interest payments stop. In this case the five years from 2004 to 2009 do not receive interest payments on the 30 year 1979 bonds (terms less than 30 years are known as Bills and Notes).

Did your friendly UST representative apprise you of the situation? No? Well I bet the well dressed currency traders got the hint.

Calling bonds allows the Treasury some room, against the current backdrop of a rock and a hard place, to forecast higher interest rates.

1.21.04    Perhaps a fall in FNM and FRE stock value (outstanding typical and natural e-wave and fibonacci ebbs and flows in the technical side of the house) would be simply a product (fundamental house) of their derivative book failure. However, this in itself may simply prove a symptom of systematic and systemic illness amongst the disease which is the inherent instability in and of the derivative markets.

Should we allow the premise that one has two main methods of asset protection – the hedge and the diversified portfolio, then why an initial focus on the hedge? Would not the diversified portfolio precede the hedge? Should the diversified portfolio already exist, should each slice of that pie have an independent hedge, or should the whole pie have an insurance policy first?

That is, does the current desire to hedge derive from an observation of the symptoms; or does the desire emanate from a proper diagnosis of the disease?

IOW, before your place hedge bets against every asset class you currently own, why not hedge the whole basket first? This can be done by hedging against the currency in which the assets are denominated. So, if your RE holdings – amongst the other assets, are held in USdollars, the first hedge should be established against the UDdollar. For example, this could be done by USD short positions, long positions in foreign debt instruments or currencies (such as the first ever foray by Warren Buffet in the previous few months), and of course – the shining shield of precious metals.

After the basket is hedged, then the goodies within the basket are hedged, no?

Hence, FNM and FRE shorts might be placed sooner on a technical basis, than would naturally be developed via a fundamental basis.

Long term, the RE hedge should be considered a play against holding commodities in suspense that a reflation in equities is nigh. The current situation suggests to me the rise in global equity values (all time highs in Argentina for example compared to currency panic just 2 years ago) results from direct fiscal policy intervention vs. a natural and structural money flow. Thoughts?




Interest rates that the banks pay are affected by supply and demand, less Keynsian intervention.

Supply and demand for money.
Money supply is measured, in the US, as M1, M2, and M3. (Actions of the M3 has been very interesting as of late; perhaps forecasting fall of yield rates below 5%?).
On the supply side, there has been too much supply of the USDollar (USD). The only entity publicly voicing a demand is the Band of Japan (BOJ). Recent comments by the European Central Bank (ECB) head – see recent stories at Forex for example, suggest that the ECB may start buying USD to support the Euro. That is, the ECB does not want the euro to strengthen anymore, for mostly the same reasons that neither the BOJ nor the US, nor practically anybody else, want their currencies to strengthen. Currently, it is a race to the bottom for fiat devaluation.

Some countries can be characterized as having taken an intriguingly shrewd move by tying their currency to the USD (see Renminbi etc.). So, they do not need to set a central bank fiscal policy (for that matter, why should a government have a fiscal policy?) to buy the USD (via the offering of US Treasuries).

On the demand side, what little demand there is for short-term and low-interest paying securities (Certificate of Deposits, Money Markets) is offset somewhat by a public reluctant to put more monies into equity markets that have 1) Entered a secular bear [although the US equity markets made 2003 gains of approximately 25%, this amount was entirely offset by depreciation of the USD, for a net negative loss (less CPI and opportunity costs) for the fourth year running] and 2) been shaken by increasing string of mis-management stories in corporations and mutual funds.

Furthermore, on the supply side – short term interest rates in the US are affected by both the Federal Funds rate set every quarter by the Federal Open Market Committee (US Federal Reserve) and the long term bond rates. The long term bond rates are a more accurate indicator of market forces, since the Fed Funds rate has less impact on long rates vs. short rates.

Long term rates and short term rates can move independently. Long term and short term interest rates should be different; after all – you want more interest paid for a longer commitment, right? The flattening of the yield curve is a sign of troubled bond markets, with approaches toward backwardation especially troubling (where short term rates are larger than long term rates).

Bond yields fall when bond price rises. Price rises when buyers believe that future issues will have lower coupon rates, thus making previous issues with higher rates a more attractive offering. Rising prices lower yields. Falling yields suggest that longer term rates will continue to remain steady or even fall as bond buyers grab at shorter term securities, perhaps with the belief that the Fed is not able to raise fund rates – politically - until after the US elections in Nov. nor fiscally – because of a weak US economic picture, despite some glamorous predictions to the contrary and humorous suggestions of current ‘re-inflation’, supposedly evidenced by ‘increasing’ equity and housing prices (values) against the telling performance of the M3. Yes, Fed fund rates can maintain at 45 year lows for a long time, or drag even lower. See the story of Japan


Last week's new issue coverage again below 2. The Bank of Japan bought over another 20Billion Yen worth. Wtih all yields currently under 5%, how long can BOJ keep buying US Treasuries, while the dollar still plummets? Should the BOJ throw in the towel, would European Central Banks step up to the plate to stem a bloated euro value? If not the European CBs, than who? Should a technical bounce in the USD at 80 stem the tide? How do Bonds affect YOUR life? They most assuredly do.


1.11.04    The Brothel

Pretty hard to go out of business in that business, unless you make the mistake of telling the IRS you want to pay the legal percentage. though i think the one outside salt wells went out of business b.c.; shut down by the health department, for - get this - because they could not get high enough quality of water to the trailer. well went bad.


The KitKat ranch on hwy 50 about an hour south is still in operation far as i know.

sooner or later, the government shuts down every profitable nevada operation for 'tax evasion' reasons or some other bs. has to do with a double cross decades ago -between the time when lucky luciano delivered sicily and when RICO was passed.

need some more examples?


Mustang Ranch

the government took it over again. last time the IRS ran it for 11 days. this time the government autioned off the real property ( triple wide trailers, logo, and such ) but kept the land. valuable land too, of course.

mustang is still worth the trip for the junkyard. they had some nice cars for part-pulling. since the location is in a rain shadow, not too much rust.


1.11.04    Example One: IGT

three days ago charges levied against nevada's largest manufacturing concern, International Gaming Technology of Reno. ( think i first mentioned it here when trading at 17, now at 140 [pre-split] )

used to work there in the 80's. RIP mr. Redd.


1.11.04    Example two: Binions Horseshoe

the ax just fell - YESTERDAY. IRS says it is owed money ( same ol story ) . so what happens, us marshalls come in and confiscate all the cash. binions is famous in NV lore. once had a stash of a million dollars in morgan silver dollars, many of them carson city mints. once had a display of a million dollars in nickels. believe it was the first casino in the state to offer mulitple times free odds on the craps table ( the best bet in the casino. ) binions is/was the craps capital of the planet. a mainstay on fremont street for 5 decades, helping downtown revitalization as a stalwart of the fremont street experience.

murder trial and irs hassles took their toll. some of the modern thieves also want them out. thing is, was looking like 'The Shoe' was about to make a turnaround by licensing the famous and profitable 'world series of poker' tournament. of course, when the feds saw this possibility, they cam in and confiscated the place.


long NV story, place makes a profit, and the feds come in and confiscated. i got a hundred more examples too. mines, casinos, ranches, farms, water 'rights', mineral 'rights' blah blah blah. heck, look at the land. feds own over 87% of the place. figure it out yet?

there was an old racket and now there's a new racket. the two didn't much see eye to eye.

better keep my mouth shut...


1.11.04    Life of a Nv miner was tough

but they built the state


1.11.04    Life of a Nv woman was even harsher.

was in S. Reno ( growing like a rabbitbrush ) borders books couple weeks back and saw a book on Woman Nevada Miners. was headed in that direction for a paw through the pages b4 i got headed off at the pass line by the lil lady who finally tracked my delinquent burro down.

had an acquaintance friend working her way through UNR by spending 3 days a week at the mustang, 12 hour shifts believe it was. at the time a half and half was $100 usd and the madame put half that coin in her bustierre. understand, but don't know, that the rates have gone up quite mightily in the last several years.

which i don't get considering the spread of internet prostitution...

1.11.04    The Crib

Back in the day, a Nv prostitute lived in what was colloquially known - for her biblical knowing - as a crib. Nothing more than a 8x10 plywood shack with a mattress and springs, a chamber pot, and a few personal effects. More than one story of a woman being chained to a crib.

In Goldfied, Nv, just around the corner and down the way from the hotel remains a row of cribs - the red-light district of the day. A row of six or seven little skeletal shacklets leaning heavy against the elements and time: testament to the story of the pain and the pleasure and the loneliness and the solace and the stories telling the human condition.

Back at the Goldfield Hotel, the 3rd story ghost is reportedly of a young lady of the evening chained to the radiator after the birth of her baby.

You step into that place and a piece leaves with you...


1.11.04    Milieu Stew

Would self-directed abstention qualify as censorship? Would one call a spade a spade, could the one turn his back on the black and admire the beauty of the meadow without the fear that the spade would enter his spine for the opine and given a twist or two as they bid adieu and prepare the knave's grave?

Personal hardships pale in comparison to the labors, loves, and losses of those preceding as antecedents. And barely qualify when compared to those who struggled without benefit of passing on their domain to tell the cautionary tale.

The third ghost
Are the pains of the previous two less worthy of knowing? Sometimes the attention they crave via the antics they create is just so someone from the realm of the living showers some rare affection and perhaps illuminate a name all but lost to the vicissitudes and failed gambits of the anonymous. Do not our fallen women and fallen heroes - those with no dignity of the proper burial and benefit of progeny - deserve, no demand, their requiem penned in flesh and sung alone even when designed for choir?

Sure, they still come on by. In droves and ill prepared - completely ignorant of the tales and the winds and the quicksand natural as the rock. If they stick around after the second time I drain their antifreeze from the radiator on a 110 degree day, I walk up and introduce myself.

Tell the obese ordering another whopper at the drive-in they might go without for a noon and what then?

Tell the tale of gold and old and the fools in multitudes curse and laugh and point and shout out names 'heretic', 'radical', 'liar', 'terrorists'. The gathering mob wails and flails and damns those that held out the hubris to prepare. And the knowing elder off just apace puts his finger to his lips before the innocent either inquire of the storyteller or direct to the location of the gold mine.

To still tell the tale in hopes the harvest has not yet ended or lie-in laden with fruits in the cave for winter...

The quandary timed by the length of the shadows.

Falling or rising?

The time for telling the cautionary tale was 3-5 years ago.

Now is it not the time for sealing the lips and the mine as the gaze falls far, askew and cold?


1.11.04    at least when the US confiscated gold from the citizens


and screwed us all


we got a receipt from the transaction - a piece of paper with $20 in each corner.


it ain't about how much it is worth to them, it is about how much it will be worth to us. and not just financially.


1.9.04    IAG

Thanks for the dividend


1.9.04    why not mine your own?


1.9.04    Martha Stewart paraphrased

"shoulda never made any dam* political contributions"


1.9.04    IDA - my nice move

52 week high. Helped on upgrade by some chump. U gata Luv it; most the other analysts are negative, as the stock reaches 52 week highs.
sure, it don't compare to gss, cde and the like, but 25% in 4 months will help the cause.
And the yield and divvy aint nuthin to sneeze at.
Besides, I nailed the breakout.
And my shining victory over the oppressive foes of decapitilization - which deserves many moons of glory and exultation from the 52dimensions of the internet- is to bring a resource stock to the table that nobody else had mentioned b4

Ok then, from the 'what have u done 4 me lately category'
Remember my brief fling with that little tart Ivanhoe ( 6.30 to 11 in 4 weeks )
Well, I am starting to have wistful reminisces about the affair. Not sure what it means. Probably nothing a good 3 day binge won't solve. Maybe I should just go see a movie or sumthin.

Cold mountain is a good movie, the book is fantastic!


1.9.05    NEM - my screwup

Shoulda woulda coulda had my finger on the pulse and the buy button for NEM in a big way at 24 just before this wonderful-helen-of-troy-type-of-beauty breakout double.
And I froze.
Like the saying goes:
Sometimes one can rise to the occasion.
But typically you sink to your level of experience and training...

The current issue of businessweek, you know the one; the version with twice the volume and 10 times the BS, has NEM featured on a few 2004 picks.
Though overall, considering this 3-yr run we've had; the au visibility has barely registered on the radar yet; much less made it to center stage.



1.9.04    Once upon the future: Crystalline quartz technology


Just in the infant stage with our watches and quartz transducers


This technology is going to make my bio-diesel predilection appear as a prepubescent power fetish

Yet the current intelligentsia prefer to entertain themselves with discussions on the price of gasoline (though funny that, these extreme OPEC conditions and crude prices currently generate nary a peep of our watchdogs in the press at current)


Someday, some body, somewhere, is finally gonna have a breakthrough on quartz piezoelectricity - and more importantly - survive the inevitable assassination attempt and live to tell about it

u heard it here first

edward cayce teaches us that atlantis ran on quartz piezoelectricity


just in the infant stage with our watches and quartz transducers

someday, some body, somewhere, is finally gonna have a breakthrough on quartz piezoelectricity

u heard it here first

crystalline quartz - the real gem

we as a civilization have barely scratched the surface on its potential applications


1.9.04    city of Richmond, California pondering bankruptcy

location of the san francisco bay area oil refineries.

u can't find more empty air and misplaced holes from the chaps that consider themselves city planners at richmond than you would find from a wildcat well on top of quartz mountain

some of CA city finances are simply beyond belief.

what a choice for california, pass a 15$Billion emergency bond, or default on all the previous bogus bonds. as if there really is any choice.

heck, what happened to the good ol bagger girl asking 'paper or plastic'?

now we get: paper, paper or more paper OR ELSE?
i think the or else is threat level red.
ahh, the soothing joys of threat level yellow...


1.9.04    ooohh boy, think of the rock hounding opportunity on Mars

does the 1872 mining law apply there too?


1.9.04    remember those reports from the Russian intelligence agents 18mos ago


about the impending US$ collapse?

What do u think they did at the G8 meeting, draw straws to see who gets to implode first? Sure would be worried if there was actually some structure to the plan...


1.9.04     The Occupation of Haiti

finally, a grand plan that americans can afford...



1.9.04    From Bank of America Business Conditions Weekly (1/5)

"We continue to believe that real GDP growth in Q4 is significantly below expectations."

At least they have the good sense to start out with a little truth.

"There is around a 40% probability that the Fed will not hike rates at all in 2004."

Um, how about 90% until 4th quarter, with the probability then inversing over one for following quarters.

"However, we continue to anticipate that the core PCE deflator will remain significantly below 1% in 2004. We are not calling for an apocalyptic scenario; we are looking for growth to be close to its post World War II trend - slightly above 3%, with a further deceleration of inflation. Disinflation can be healthy for an economy, as long as the prices of assets that store wealth are rising."

Interesting, but BA economists has been so incredibly wrong on the trajectory of the dollar, that the opening line of the above paragraph may reflect their true sentiment as they reconfigure their models internally.

" January's nonfarm payroll gains should exceed last January's nonfarm payroll gains of 158,000."

Enough said.


Go ahead, call them yourself:

Bank of America Economists

Timothy Martin (704) 386 4160         Matthew Moore (704) 388 1839        Jeffrey Roach   (704) 388 3252         

Dong Li (704) 387 8524            Joseph Ofei (704) 388 7054    Senior Economist



1.7.04    Ask a Reno gold dealer

And he'll tellya that he ain't makin a living selling to the tourist

ask the guys ( nice guys ) with the coin store at the Hilton.

they will tell you that no matter whether the gambler has crapped out or is flush with winnings, they will not stroll down the escalator to buy coins. if they come to gamble, then gamble they do. they make their living off the regular customer.

now, if you have had the chance to stroll the market at the Aladdin in Las Vegas, you will note there is a store ( one of a chain of two in town )
selling coins. ancient coins only. and only as a form of jewelry.

apparently business is good.

ahhh, the power of marketing and the battle for positioning within the mind.


1.7.04    Why the Chinese are really buying base metals such as Ni, Cu

I read just a few others now waving the flag w/ me. We now got ourselves an army of , what 6, 7?

Yeah right. Hear no evil see no evil.

And then the sniper rifle is of no use because the boogeyman is now in your bedroom within striking range. And while you're still lacing up the boxing gloves...

I luvved the tough talk about the trade sanctions a coupla months back.

Morning funnies.

Almost as good as Governor Arnie wondering out loud in the state-of-the state speech how a bankrupt California is going to keep giving out $200 CASH each month to the dedicated homeless in san Francisco.


1.7.04    Golden Awareness

Think of the past 10-100 people you have started initial conversations with about gold. initial conversations, as in first time talk - not the buddies down at the smelter, the guys at the coin shop nor your broker. now, think. what percentage of those 10-100 people could tell you the price of spot gold to within, say 25%?

Of the last 50 people I have had a first time conversation with about gold, I would estimate that only 4 or 5 of them could provide a POG guess within 25% of spot. Perhaps half were off by 50-100% or MORE.

Now, what percentage of those could tell you the close of the DOW ( or your endemic exchange of choice ) , or the 30-yr fixed mortgage rate, within 25%?

you know how you know someone as an acquaintance. maybe around the neighborhood, or at work or down at the bar or the church or the looney bin or the SPCA or the Y. and then you have that first conversation - be it about life or money or relationships or something personal or another slice of the human reality - that first conversation that brings you both to and then over the precipice that divides acquaintance from friend.

Well I had one of those today. Really smart, educated, intelligent and worldly guy. We talked about many things, including finance/economics. He could not tell me the price of gold within 33%. And his father used to own a small gold mine...

So when you get to worrying about the increasing commercials hawking gold coins or options or the talk on the radio or the telly.

Ask yourself this.

How many of your co-workers could tell you the POG?

1.7.04    Au bug nightmare Phyrric victory

We finally get a gold-backed currency – the only and ubiquitous currency of the new one world government.


1.7.04    Sierra Nevada snowpack @ 130% w/ water content running @110%.


Available water impacts the Nv miners in hundreds of ways. Will start snowing again in a couple hours. 

rains collapsed a building in sacramento last week.


Not many realize that old sacramento and parts of downtown are raised (elevated, not razed) up to 10 feet from the ground surface of 100 years ago, a method of flood control. original shopkeepers got sick of getting flooded every year, so they built an extra story and set up shop and home on the second and third floors. the streets then were built up and the first floors are now below surface level. mostly the home for rats and the homeless.


You wanna find gold?


Take a metal detector into the sewers and crawlspaces of sacramento and san francisco.


modern flood control is much more expensive and dangerous.


but, now we can build subdivisions in the flood plain.


let me tell you about a couple subdivisions between lake tahoe and carson city, Nv.


one of them used to be the location of meadows, another word for floodplain.  meadows went dry b.c. of increased water use and drought lowered the water table.


developers built massive new homes.

foundations developed 1/8 inch cracks.

true story.


Or, take the double d. big nice house on big nice lot with view. water well down to second aquifer at 130'. (first aquitard at 30 is not potable). problem is, well is screened for only 10-20 feet, what happens when water table drops by 20 feet?


lots of rich people get upset in a major way.


what then?


next aquifer is at 400 ft...


get it?


bonus story:


the comstock built san francisco.

san francisco built sacramento.

now sacramento is rebuilding the comstock.


(conditions in california, caused by legislature in CA state capital are causing 10K californians a month to move to Nv.)


the golden boomerang:

gold plated on one side and barren on the other. difference in friction/value co-efficient between the sides causes movement.


golden awareness 

think of the past 10-100 people you have started initial conversations with about gold. initial conversations, as in first time talk - not the buddies down at the smelter, the guys at the coin shop nor your broker. now, think. what percentage of those 10-100 people could tell you the price of spot gold to within, say 25%?


Of the last 50 people I have had a first time conversation with about gold, I would estimate that only 4 or 5 of them could provide a POG guess within 25% of spot.  Perhaps half were off by 50-100% or MORE.


Now, what percentage of those could tell you the close of the DOW, or the 30-yr fixed mortgage rate, within 25%?


you know how you know someone as an acquaintance. maybe around the neighborhood, or at work or down at the bar or the church or the looney bin or the SPCA or the Y. and then you have that first conversation - be it about life or money or relationships or something personal or another slice of the human reality - that first conversation that brings you both to and then over the precipice that divides acquaintance from friend.


Well I had one of those today.  Really smart, educated, intelligent and worldly guy. We talked about many things, including finance/economics.  He could not tell me the price of gold within 33%.  And his father used to own a small gold mine in N. Ca…


So when you get to worrying about the increasing commercials hawking gold coins or options or the talk on the radio or the telly.


Ask yourself this.


How many of your co-workers could tell you the POG?


12.30.03    House Party

Every party I have been to this season whether it be workmates, family, friends or the local homeless encampment always comes to, and lingers upon, on subject – the housing boom. Everybody is getting rich with the rise in home equity, the reduction in interest they have to pay on their mortgage, the reduction in time until the house is paid off, and of course – the ubiquitous HELOC which is funding everything from Jane’s college to kitchen remodeling to European vacation to paying off the credit card


Now this is all fine and dandy by mercury the merciful, but can’t seem to shake the deja-remote-viewing of Christmas 1999 party schedule (with more expensive hors’ dourves btw) when all the talk was of the internet stox valuations that were going to fund everything from Jane’s college to kitchen remodeling to European vacation to paying off the credit card.


The find I found most interesting was those few that actually looked ahead. Rather than fund the college/credit card/kitchen route, a few had bought rental properties that they are now counting on as their source of retirement income. (Note: pay off the house/home mortgage first, THEN the rental).


So, I guess the plan is for those boomers that can’t afford to retire because grand vision number one (retiring on the internet stocks) failed, are now putting all eggs and faith and hope into Grand Vision II: the unfaultable/unassailable/unbelievably infallible rental market. And these are the smart ones.


America 2020: All workers in the service industry selling veggie hamburgers to each other while the retirees are all retiring via renting to each other.


Methinks this plot will have a few twists in it yet…


12.31.03    How to eliminate 308,600 acres from NV gold production

US Department of Energy wants to 'reserve' over 482 sq. miles to build a rail line that will carry nuclear waste to Yucca Mtn, Nv.

from the reno gazette journal ( no link available ) on Dec 30:

"The Bureau of Land Management issued a public notice Monday on the Energy Department request to withdraw 308,600 acres of public land from surface entry and mining for the next 20 years"

well, quite re-assuring to know that the nuke dump and supply rail line will only be off limits for 20 years. he he heh. hope them alquyiddies with almanacs don't get to see the rail line on the map.

just one more ploy amongs the many to pull gold prospecting, and the public land in general - especially in NV. - away from public access


12.31.03    KGC sells Pacific Rim interest

kinross sold equity ownership stake in Pacific Rim mining Corp, consisting of 17M shares for netCDN 21.8$.


12.30.03    Nv miners need water

sierra NV mountain snowpack at 120% and rising. this is a good thing.


12.30.03    Colloidal Ag potshot

For those putting $ into Clifton and other commercial ventures that aim to capitalize on the colloidal silver applications:

I read an article in the LA Times on either Dec. 23 rd/24th
About some shyster who had made it his pet cause to warn everbody far and wide about the dangers of using colloidal silver. The article then went on to explain how silver was poison and how well it was of the good shyster to send threatening letters to those suppliers of the colloidal silver medicine and therefore shut down retail avenues of availability.



12.30.03    GPXM

reports on drill program in Esmeralda County


12.19.03    Cupro-Nickel Harvest Glean and Military Sheen

"Up rose each warrior bold and brave, Glistening in filed steel and armor sheen". --Fairfax.

I had an epiphany once many harvest moons ago. Namely, should you value that which others do not, you may arrive at the valuables backed by those values-not-in-favor with much less effort than would take to acquire those trendy items du jour that the masses desire.

Ever see somebody drop a penny and refuse to pick it up?

The United States mint produces a one-cent coin, variously ( and erroneously ) called a penny ( in nomenclature previous a penny referred to any coin of copper construction regardless of denomination ) .

The same USMint via their Certificate of Authenticity ( heh heh ) provided with 'retail' proof and mint specimens states that the one-cent coin has a composition of %2.5 copper ( Cu ) and the balance in Zinc ( Zn ) However, there are various accounts on the web that state simple chemistry experiments have determined that the penny actually in circulation only holds approximately 0.8% Cu. The discrepancy has variously been reported as the difference in the jacket used on Mint proofs vs. circulation coins, wear in the penny specimen, and simply another fraud on the merry-go-round.

Nevertheless, should the copper concentration be close to either one or two percent, the remainder is still zinc and therefore the modern circulating coin is not by rights a penny, merely a one-cent coin.

In the days of yore - previous to 1982 in the US ( 1997 in Canada, 1996[?] in Australia ) the penny had a different construct; actually of @ 95% copper (98% in Canada).

The price of copper varies like all other metals. As the price of copper rises, the coins become more expensive for the mint to produce. This is the reason often given why copper was removed from the US one-cent coin in 1982 and the American Penny ceased to exist. Right? Shouldn't this reason be accepted on ( ahem ) face value?

mercury happens to value metals more so than the average Joe, who may just as likely not pick up a penny fallen from his hand.

Q1: Practicing hardcore gleaning, how many pre-1982 pennies would mercury have to find with his metal detector to make up one pound of pennies?

[Lets do some 'dementional massnalysis': ( translation: analysis for the masses where numbers are rounded off arbitrarily for mostly my amusement although also for those demented enough to care about the unmentionable state of the state; or reality in another dimension ) ]

A. Penny
( All units avoirdupois )
1 pound = 454 grams
1 ounce = 28.35 grams
Pre 1982= 3.11 gram @ 95% Cu = 2.95 gram Cu/penny
1 pound = 454 grams
454 grams x penny/3.11g =146 pennies per av. pound.

So, mercury would have to find 146 pennies to have one av. pound.

Q2: How high must the price of copper go until those pre-1982 pennies found in the ground but now stored in a jar are worth more than their one-cent denomination?

A2: 146 pennies x 1/.949 = 153.8 pennies per pound of copper.
Or, one penny = 2.95g x 1lb/454 = 0.00649 lb Cu per penny x $1.0/lb Cu = $0.0065/penny
So, a penny is 'worth' 0.65 cents fiat per coin. The intrinsic value is 2/3 or the fiat value ( and rising ) .

Hence, price of copper/ must exceed $1.54 per pound for intrinsic value of copper in penny to exceed nominal value. However, should you desire to convert copper value into fiat you would need to calculate at 'melt' value that a smelter would provide you for your pennies minus opportunity costs, storage fees, and transport fees; all of which vary on an individual case.

Therefore, the price of copper must rise about 50% before the pre-1982 penny has a higher intrinsic than nominal value.

Now, looking at the one cent coin minted after 1982; it has a weight of 2.50 gram @ 0.8 % Cu.
Lesson: Spend these as fast as you can.


The USMint reports the Nickel as constructed of 25% nickel with the balance in copper.

12/18/03 PONi at 3.90/lb.

Jefferson Nickel = five-cent coin
Five-cent coin = 5.00gram
5.0 g. x .25 = 1.25 g. Ni per 5-cent coin
5.0g x .75 = 3.75 g. Cu per 5-cent coin

1.25 g. Ni x 1lb/454 g = 0.00275 lb Ni per 5-cent coin x $3.90/lb = 0.01073 $ Ni per 5 cent coin
0.75g Cu x 1lb/454g = 0.00165 lb Cu per %-cent coin x $1.0/lb = 0.00165$ Cu per 5-cent coin

Therefore, one 5-cent coin = $0.0123 or 1.23 cents

Now, let us compare the 5-cent coin vs. the pre-1982 one-cent coin ( the 'penny' )
One penny = 0.65 cent
One nickel = 1.23 cent

Hence, the pre-1982 penny is now worth, on both an intrinsic and relative value, more than half the 1982 ( and 2004 ) 5-cent piece; yet, the penny has only one-fifth the nominal ( marked ) value. Gata luv it!

Is it worth storing pre-1982 pennies or 2004 'nickels'?
It is if:
A ) you expect price of Cu to rise by %50 in your days ( less opportunity/smelt costs which are different by individual )
B ) you expect price of Ni to rise by %400 in your days.

The conundrum is that I DO expect both to happen, yet only consider storing the pennies to be 'worth it'.

Why would nickel go up? Well lets examine uses:

Nickel uses



Why would copper go up? Skip the uses provided by your government; look at the consumption rates to really find the uses: war materiel!

Fabulous graph:


Notice the slump with depressions and jump commensurate with war material build ups in 1910's ( WWI ) 1930's ( Military buildup in Germany and Japan ) and 1940 ( Military buildup in US )
Focusing on the 1980's and 1990's, the USMint removed the copper from the penny during a slump in BOTH copper use AND price during the nadir of the 1982 recession! So, the removal of copper was not due to either lack of supply nor escalating price.

Here are the price of 1982 copper in the currencies of the major producers and users:


So, the USM removed copper just before a bottom ( of the channel ) in the price/usage ration in 1982. In other words, the metal wasn't removed because the Price/use ratio of Cu was rising, just the opposite, it had bottomed. Very interesting.

The normative ( all currency producer vs. user ) copper price bottom was a broad and general double bottom in 1986/1988 and 1999. As late 1989 the price of copper ranged between 1.30 and 1.50 per pound. Falling as low as @.70-60/lb in the 97 and 99- 01 bottom, the price of Copper has now reached in late December 2004 @ 1US$/lb once more on a six-year high:


If we look back at consumption, we see another channel bottom in 1991 and a consumption spike following that including a breakout of the 40-yr channel. Was the 90's telecom boom and deflationary bottom of POC the reason for the channel breakout? If so, would not consumption and price again turn off this new top/test of the 100-year channel? Or, is the breakout not due to industrial increase, but rather and more ominously ( and more in tune with 100-yr consumption graph ) , military increase? If so, who is responsible for this increase? Who, if fact, is stashing AND using the pennies of the world?

That is, seen any booming factories in YOUR neighborhood?


12.12.03     Butterfly vs. Condor


Which is the best current hedge spread?


Take a look at the figure on this page.  If one were to believe that gold might trade in a well defined sideways channel for three months, might be worthwhile to wager a hedge right about now.


My take using a calculus approach is that the optimal spread -the Condor, not the butterfly, would  provide the best coverage currently.   Because 410 and 425 provide such obvious targets right now, the time decay value would likely be the heaviest weighted modifier in the equation, and therefore favor the Condor over the butterfly.




12.8.03    Biggest drop in 22 months for the 10-year Treasury Note Index

This means that although at Tuesday’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting the Fed will likely maneuver for a more immediate opportunity for raising the Funds Rate, the reality is that the market does not see an opportunity for raising rates until at least Dec. 04 (post election).
10-yr Yield Note Yield Friday Dec 5th: 4.215; Opened the week at 4.34.
Declining dollar, drop in 10yr yield, and election cycle paints Fed into corner by reducing tool use options. Furthermore, a miraculous productivity increase of 8% eats a fair chunk of excess capacity restraining the Fed from raising rates.


12.8.03    The month just ended, complete with a Total Annular Eclipse of The Sun

Capping off quite the solar storm.

Do not underestimate the importance of this celestial event. Has changed the course of history and laid for many an archetype and philosophy still influencing the world today. Imprinted on our money and indelibly marked on the rods and cones and deeper; within and beyond the ROYGBIV spectral analyses.

Imagine the shadowbands over the arctic ice shelf. Must have been incredible! And maybe 200-300 people out of 6.2 billion witnessed it. About right, roughly the percentage of people in charge of what is going on in the world today.

The Solar Falcon/Eye of God glanced upon our planet for a few minutes of totality. What works-of-man were witnessed last month? Suitable offerings?

The blush of annular totality will not hit the earth again until March 2006.



12.8.03    What to do when officials don't like the economic numbers? Change them!

Change 'em all the way back to grandpappy's day for that matter.

"Beware that the Bureau of Economic Analysis will release major revisions to the national income accounts in its twelfth comprehensive review, the last of which was issued in 1999. Revisions in some cases will go back to 1929."?

- Economic Update, December 8, 2003; Lynn Reaser, Chief Economist, Banc of America Capital Management.

Appears Ms. Reaser is predicting an 04Quarter3 10-Year Note yield of 5.3 and calling for a 24 month bottom for the dollar against the Euro right here. I doubt that very much.

When you figure in the Federal Reserve's inability to raise the Funds Rate until the Federal Open Market Committee meeting AFTER the Nov. 04 election, based the most recent market actions lowering the 10-year Note yield ( amongst a larger backdrop of factors ) what would strengthen the dollar?

why borrow a depreciating asset - the US dollar?



12.7.03    December 7th

Read somewhere else that all ships damaged in the Pearl Harbor attack later saw service. This is not correct as the USS Utah took a watery grave that day.

Heard some early 1940's swing music today. The tune was exhorting the people to buy war bonds. Had a better beat than the tripe emitting shortly after 9.11 urging the people to buy cars.

12.7.03    USA, Inc. overturns California Financial Privacy Law

From 12/5/03 San Francisco Chronicle, paper edition only, Staff Writer

"President Bush singed legislation Thursday that broadens consumer's access to credit and offers new protections against identity theft but blocks pars of a new California law that would have curbed financial institutions? ability to share customer data with related firms.

The legislations reauthorizing the Fair Credit Reporting Act permanently pre-empts California's tougher provisions, in pursuit of a single national standard that banks...said was necessary to keep credit markets operating smoothly.

...the bill blocks California's new law, ...that would have barred financial institutions from sharing customer data". The federal law limits such data sharing when it's for the purpose of marketing to consumers but allows for other purposes.

Most interesting how the piece fails to mention what ?other purposes? in the last sentence means; though I imagine we can all figure that one out.

This particular piece California legislation was introduced I believe four different years and was a big political story both immediately followed and pre-empted by the gubernatorial recall. The general consensus was that this would incur extra costs by the financial industry, but was most technically feasible.

No doubt part of the Commerce Clause upon challenge in court, but certainly another blow to self determination attempted by our state, amongst the constant barrage and pummeling.


12.7.03    Kissed by the Sun 

 The month just ended, complete with a Total Annular Eclipse of The Sun


Capping off quite the solar storm.


Do not underestimate the importance of this celestial event. Has changed the course of history and laid for many an archetype and philosophy still influencing the world today. Imprinted on our money and indelibly marked on the rods and cones and deeper; within and beyond the ROYGBIV spectral analyses.


Imagine the shadowbands over the arctic ice shelf. Must have been incredible! And maybe 200-300 people out of 6.2 billion witnessed it.  About right, roughly the percentage of people in charge of what is going on in the world today.


The Solar Falcon/Eye of God glanced upon our planet for a few minutes of totality. What works-of-man were witnessed last month? Suitable offerings?


The blush of annular totality will not hit the earth again until March 2006.


 12.7.03    Early American coin symbology


Look through these pages and you will find many archetypal motifs used on the reverse of US coins.


(Let the page load so the GIFs work)


Some great motifs in these pages

(you do see I like to prattle on now and again about seeing a total solar eclipse?)


I like the moundbuilders designs. Would serve as great tribal tattoos.


Now, think of all the US coins with birds and bars/rays on the reverse, all plays on the phoenix/sun god/eclipse and corona motifs:


Early penny flowing hair/chain

Flying eagle penny

Half dime

Draped bust/heraldic eagle

                Small eagle

                Liberty cap



                Five cent with rays


                Draped bust/heraldic eagle

                Liberty cap


Seated liberty

                Rays around eagle


                Standing liberty/three star eagle

                Kennedy half dollar is a fine archtype


Look at the reverse of the 20$ Double Eagle Gold


Adoption of the eagle, laws requiring eagle motif, and coinage styles showing bird through rays motifs are neither coincidental flukes nor new inceptions, far from it.


12.7.03     Lack of Barber Coins 

Went to a coin store in San Rafael, the city where even the homeless have cell phones.  Tried to buy some barber dimes in VF-AU condition, but the proprietor told me that would be impossible. Only thing in stock was lower grade coins.  This was explained on account that the large national dealer, Mr. Jack Beymer, was purchasing better- condition Barbers above and beyond what I would be able to pay.  In other words, the across-the-series elevation in price of all Barber denominations and grades have not sated demand for this long denigrated and ignored series, only recently become hot. 

 Nice guy (Clark), nice store; I recommend.


 For those too lazy or technically incompetent to list their own auctions on Ebay, or for those who simply would rather pay a fee to avoid unpleasant cyberforms, there exists a firm called  Now, there are a plethora of cottage commercial concerns, those home businesses currently serving as the backbone of America Industry, chiefly if not solely comprised of a single-stay-at-home-mother that place ads in the local paper advertising for your business. You supply the goods, and they sell it for you,

Auctionbid takes the process to the masses. Apparently funded via a $3M USD private placement, the company has opened up four stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. I went into one of these stores yesterday.

12.7.03    Longing for a burial

Guess the Roosevelt dimes won’t be going away any time soon, much to my disappointment:

12.2.03    Mutual funds are dinosaurs

Exchange-traded funds are the birds


12.2.03    Sold a good chunk of MON on yesterday's rise

apparently someone besides mercury likes it now

will buy some more barber coinage, that stuff getting tight

when u buy on the SECOND dip,
a ) the pattern has higher probability confirmation
b ) the capital gains holding time is shorter than the following spike down re-test


12.2.03    Idaho State and Silver

Most curiously I see one refers to Idaho's nick name as "The Silver State".

Curiosity piqued, I found that none of the first 10 hits for a search of 'Idaho State nick name' on google, XAO, and Dogpile searches, nor the State of Idaho Home Page, have 'The Silver State' as either an official or unofficial state nick name ( or state motto ) .


Here are the official and unofficial state nicknames from my search:

The "Gem State"
Light on the Mountain
Gem of the Mountains
The Potato State
Little Ida

State Gem Stone: Idaho Star Garnet

Doesn't look like Idaho has a state mineral.

There is no disputing that Idaho is a great Silver mining state. Idaho leads the US in silver production, and will probably always lead the US in Silver Production. However, through the increasing production of silver as a by-product to Nevada Gold production is always a wild card.

Had no idea that the Sunshine produced over 300 million ounces. Incredible. Curious, why did the Treasury not open a mint in Boise?


From one of the web sites: "Idaho was first presented to Congress, by mining lobbyist George M. Willing, as a name for a new territory around Pike's Peak."


Of course, my interests are in preserving the 'Silver State' domain for Nevada in all her glory!



12.2.03    The Gold End Game

The most moves in the chess game are in the end game.
Why? Because the fewest pieces remain.
You will know you are in the end game when
1 ) Gold is illegal to own/trade ( = supporting terrorism financing )
2 ) You still own gold.

Know the standard moves, set-ups, and counterattacks before the end game arrives. Otherwise, you will be one of those pieces already removed from the board.


12.2.03    Jury Nullification


I got served for appearance at jury duty, once.

Told them I would love to fulfill my duties as a citizen and explain to my fellow jurors all about jury nullification and the Fully Informed Jury Act.
They thanked me for my time and sent me home.
They have never called back since.
That was 17 years ago...


The concept that the jury of your peers is the highest law in the land shines bright and blinds the legal minions serving mammon. As such, the jury is endowed with the power to overturn any law provided for their deliberation. ( or for that matter, convene a grand jury - but lets not go there ) .

VERY few judges and solicitors ( hey, no soliciting. Why do they call a barrister a solicitor anyway - "First oldest profession" ) want anybody with an inkling of knowledge of jury nullification in their court. You will be dismissed.

The trick is to very carefully present the issue within context. For many cases, this is fairly easy, do to the likely ridiculousness of the charges. However, in some instances ( non death-penalty murder, etc. ) the gambit is off-path.

Other point. I was dismissed, and never called back. Why? Oversight, incompetence, or was I put on the list, adjunct of and tangent to THE LIST?

(how many individuals, corporations, schools, agencies, etc. have your SSN? Perchance, is that the ONLY thing they track? ) [or, tempting Gods greater then this fare demi-glod truly, do I get the call tomorrow?]

In a nutshell, a very tactical and current measure is to steer the case at hand toward nullification, rather than introducing nullification first, and then cutting and pasting until it fits in context. In other words, if you have any doubt about the validity of the law - or any doubts at all [any seed of doubt, especially so early in the process, is potential trouble for all parties. Show any doubt and they will drop you as fast as the mutual funds in last week's headlines], start talking about that, then move the discussion towards the case at hand. Of course nowadays, discretion and careful deliberation is so key.  No doubt buried somewhere deep in Patriot I ( not too mention the garbage introduced last month ) there are provisions for contempt within every word you speak, and every work you act.

There are many ways of getting out of serving on a jury. However, I feel it is a citizenly obligation. I, of course, also hold numerous other citizen obligations seriously in addition. And, when so produced for the courts consideration, was causation for dismissal. So, I won't present any other examples except this generality: If you have ever had a bad experience with the police, courts, etc., relate that story within context to the case at hand. I know of one individual who used this tactic to be removed from the criminal jury pool, remaining only in the administrative pool.

If you are a Libertarian, sooner or later you will find yourself in court.
That is when it really gets interesting.
Though, still not endgame. Not even close.
Just an opening defense really.

Gold is just one source of defense.
What protects the gold?


11.20.03    KGC and Crown?

Not sure KGC has yet fully digested tvx/eco...


11.20.03    1872 mining law; judicial decision on BLM promulgation

interesting development. I had been yammering on this suit a number of months ago and thought it could be a really important decision. IMO that is exactly the result here; more doors were opened than windows shut - just from today's blurbs. Will be most interesting to read the opinion.

Read both reports here and notice the differences; hues of distinction; orbits in spin; shades of meaning; degrees of interpretations. More will come of this, no doubt about it. Could very well affect the goodies in your basket...



11.20.03    Miner dies at Barrick plant yesterday

You've heard me rant about mining safety management before!

Rest in Peace, Ernie.


11.20.03    Asian Hi-Rollers and the Vegas Niche

This niche has become very competitive; both in Vegas and internationally. Losses in the far east markets have tempered the excess losses of asian hi-rollers at Vegas casinos somewhat in the last 2-3 years. The Nv gaming receipts, in general, are back from post-911 slump, but not spectacular. Reno has been weak, though opening of STN casino outside Sacramento has not been an absolute death blow like some feared. Still, the Sundowner closed her doors last week. First table in town to offer 3x free odds on the craps table. One of my better tables, too. Nv tourism has been courting the chinese heavily; visitation on the ropes post-SARS debacle.



11.18.03    American Brewery and Mining Industries

Around the turn of last century, there was a brewer or two or three or more in every community. Over 2000 producers at one point; pouring their ale and bitter and pilsner into bottles.
Then came the cans. And the brewer industry, like so many others ( cars, radios, hi-tech ) began to consolidate. At one point during the late 1980?s, there were only nine or 10 large brewers left in the US.

And then the microbrew thang happened.
And by the mid 1990?s, the brewery count in America was again in the thousands.

Around the turn of last century, there was a mining concern, or two, or twenty, in every community within the State of Nevada...

Billy Beer cans

Beer cans are one of the few collectible markets ( along w/ beanie babies, bears ) that sank and have not recovered, long term. As with many other collectible markets, only the best examples of a particular variety/make/model have kept their value. ( FYI, like beanie babies, Billy Beer was an overhyped 'instant rarity'. In other words, a worthless piece of junk, valuable only to the greater fool.

Quality pays.

11.18.03    Which exists at the higher ratio: organic incompetence or directed malfeasance?
Does the ratio vary according to application, or does it derive from a more base underlying asset: human nature?

11.18.03    Metals to China

Sure, we talk openly about Their automobile, manufacturing and construction sectors? material need for metals.

Howzacome we never talk about their aerospace/weapons materiel needs?

Like the guy says, silver is a war materiel. Just not on this continent...


11.18.03    Military History - I'm Gamey!


Estimated that 10 million rounds fired during the American Civil War.

Source: Civil War Explosive Ordnance, 1861-1865; US Naval School Explosive Ordnance Disposal ( June, 1972 )

So, looks like you metal detectorists back east still got some work to do...

it all comes back to metals in the ground.
it all goes to metal, back in the ground.
and the use in between the mining and the waste,
is what defines our race.


11.16.03    More Great Basin Travels


Lee Vining to Bridgeport: Epitome of the extreme beauty along 395.


Sitting on top of the world, second that - Conway Summit. Let the radiator and brakes cool no matter if you are heading up or down the grade. Chill out and have a smoke or a pick-nic at the overlook. Mono Lake in the foreground, Volcanic landscape surrounding the lake, all wrapped tight by the Sierra's steep decline from range into basin, and again range into basin, and again?

The Aspens and color of spring or fall jump from the hills heading up to Virginia Lakes. Take out your binoculars and scan the slope for foraging deer or elk herds. Go and shoot a couple if you got yer gun ( and mayhaps permit ) . As long as I would care to lolly-gag/loaf/delay./muddle about up here with the view, the road ahead and below offer some wonderments serving as reason enough to move on, such as Bodie, Buckeye, and Travertine.

At the bottom of the grade collects water in a small pond seeping out of the hills. The site of a Nevada Historical Marker indicating the long-forgotten dot on a map known as Dogpile. At this site, hang a hard right, heading east, toward the Infamous Bodie.

Bodie serves dually as the Prototypical ghost town on display and a California State Historical Park.


Uh huh, ghost towns. U thought I forgot about the ghost towns, eh? Posted a few links in posts past myself, we'll get to a few more later on. Here is a great site with a number of photographs from ghost towns off the 395 corridor:


Truth be told, more of my favorite ghost towns and mining camps exist in Nv over those in Ca. Nevertheless, there are a few absolutely outstanding ghost towns in Ca. One of them, Bodie, serves as a prime example of arrested decay and functions as a living time period museum without equal, really. Be careful getting there, steep hill going up that can get nasty washboards on it iff'n the CALDOT didn't send out their major grader as of late. The turns can be sharp and blind; the steep grade challenging your car on the way up provides a race course for the massive Winnebago on ITS WAY BACK DOWN.

And another thing, be careful if you bring out any easterners. Yep, as in those not from the western arid states.

Was taking my buddies on a tour. All of us smokers. No matter how many warnings I give about using an ashtray ( usually the empty beer can/bottle in the passenger's hand ) they would invariably revert to habits of old and toss the still-burning butt out the window. Well, witness the wildfires in California last week. That is how they usually start. Now mercury already got kicked out of Bodie once for a transgression against us all which shall remain nameless for the time being. However, my better part of valor precluded the possibility that my guests would burn down this bit of cultural heritage, which just so happens to be made of aged wood, structures without fire sprinklers as it were, and surrounded by the most flashy chamise-chamois-felt-of-fuels-short-of-minutes ( 'flashy fuels' read: burn very quickly! ) in the region. So, stop the car and spend an inordinate amount of time looking for the possible carcinogen stick doubling as ignition source. One road I would like to take, but have not yet carved out the time, goes from Bodie over the pass to Hawthorne, Nv.

( Though a bit off the trail, another prime ghost town that should be on your absolutely-must see list is Fort McDowell. Located on Angel Island, a California State Park in the middle of San Francisco Bay, Fort McDowell was one of the major embarkation points during WWI for troops leaving the western US. After WWI, the army base was abandoned and stands today a rotting shell, echoing only the quiet sounds of the birds using her edifices as aeries and rookeries; a quite quiet remnant of the once bustling final stop for the lads? great oversea adventure. The pictures at this link do not do the place justice; hard to get a great photograph actually. Because space was at such a premium, this army base is more compact, hidden by the environment it was built into and has since grown up around. This Fort McDowell is not real well known and overshadowed by the fort/town/casino of the same name in Arizona. Angel Island, once known entirely as Fort McDowell (and Goat Island), is well worth the effort. )


Buckeye and Bridgeport

Buckeye is a road, creek, campground, type of tree, and hot spring. All are in the Sierra foothills east of the Town of Bridgeport occupying the valley below nestled snugly against the shallow Bridgeport Lake. Bridgeport valley is well watered and quite verdant, one of the lushest meadows we pass through for over 500 miles. Maybe the July 4th weekend is your summer's chance to inhabit the area. Bridgeport hosts a rodeo and fireworks over the weekend. Expect crowds. Should there be too many crowds for your taste, jump off 395 onto state route 182 which skirts the east fork of the Walker River and the Sweetwater Range; rejoining highway 395 via Smith Valley and Wellington on SR 208. Not a bad ride.

Had a friend who worked for the forest service on the district near Bridgeport. The United States Forest Service manages quite a fair chunk of land in these parts. Generally, I find they are doing quite a fine job; my dissatisfactions and objections, though many, typically relate to the policy set and administered by the federal idiots; not the good folk on the ground. The current administration would like to supplant many of the Freddies with their own folk.


Those of us who spend a fair amount of time out in the boonies debate the management endlessly. And naturally the good libertarian in me would love to see government shed some jobs. Most curious, this report states that in 93% of cases, the feds are actually doing the job for a price that the private sector cannot compete for. Perhaps an economy of scale? On the other hand, the USFS, like her sister agencies in the area, the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, often hire that ilk well suited to the jobs. Many times the hands are local hires working within their own communities of birth. How would a private contractor take over the route, without wholesale taking over the operation and putting their brand name on the box? Should a private contractor make a determination on how many board feet of timber another private contractor removes from a stand of public land? Will be interesting to see how this plays out. And of course, they don't start eliminating jobs in the belly of the beast - Washington DC. Oh, no  it's the GS5 cleaning your campground that will be 'outsized'. Example number 1,349 of the great race to depopulate the interior western US. Get them folks into the cities where we can monitor them with cameras.

Buckeye campground fills VERY quickly in the summer. The creek is generally fished-out. The hot spring ( s ) are in most all the books and are rarely empty. But they sure are nice. One of those springs arising adjacent to the creek. Actually has a small travertine grotto pinning the spring to the creek. The grotto shelf holds a line of candles throwing a nice glow over the shimmering water velvet black. If you arrive too early in spring when the creek is high, the hot spring is inundated and therefore quite chilled. Be careful on your approach to the spring from atop the hillside, where the dirt road is, because the approach is very steep and slippery. I have witnessed more than one naked person fall, roll, and generally bemuse all those overlooking the spectacle. There is another smaller spring, big enough for one guy ( or a guy and unlimited amount of women ) nearby.

Across the valley and Back through Bridgeport and across the valley are some of my favorite springs to stop by for a quick soak, Travertine.

Travertine is pictured on the second to bottom picture. This picture does not do the place justice by any stretch. The last picture is of Fales, a former hot springs resort, just up the road a-piece:


Refreshes my rememory about a visit once by a couple nubile young female Travellers. Once of them held no compunction about shedding her garb, yet held reservations both deep and wide about entering the hot pool. Now, usually the reservations emanate like the sulfur and typically evolve to be resolved about such sulfidic odor, or perhaps the mud-bottom-upon-yer-bottom. Yet, in this particular case, the objections were over the frog that jumped out of the pool ( displaced by yours truly and Traveller extraordinaire/new friend/exhibit IA fine ) . Well, I had to assure her, and thought to bring the point into the fore, that a frog ( sign of healing ) in your pond is a most blessed happening. For a little wildlife ( usually precedes major wild-life, but again I stray ) in your hot spring is indeed a good omen. Means the water temperature hasn?t boiled all living creatures; probably means the hydrogen sulfide isn't deadly yet; prolly means the arsenic and mercury in the bottom sediments are tolerable; etc. Indeed a frog in your tub is a good omen. Much better than a dog floating bloated belly up; or broken up bottles; or Chlamydia. Ah yes, hot spring etiquette.
? Is it ok to get nekkid?
? Is it ok to bring in my pet dog/rat/llama/boa constrictor.?
? Is it ok to fire up this stogie/blunt/joint/fireworks display?
? Is it ok to camp here?
? What do we do with our trash; children; emotional baggage?
? And round the really dipper new agers, is it ok to speak?
? Mind if I spread Naegleria fowleri?
? Can I get in the spring if I have a heart condition, pregnancy, incurable case of ennui?
? And the heart of the matter, is it ok to post directions to hot springs on the internet?.

Hot Springs Etiquette

Nevada is full of hot springs. The largest compendium I have seen in any one place is 371 marked springs. Based on extrapolation, first hand knowledge, and reliable second hand knowledge, the true list is probably well over 550+.

1. Hot springs can and do kill, every single year. Do not get into a tub, seep, vent, fumarole, pot, trough, trench, geyser etc. without knowing the approximate temperature and depth of the water via first hand knowledge procure per testing or quantified inference. Walk on ground with a trail. In many areas, the trails are on the only places that can support the weight of your body. People lose limb and life by breaking through a thin crust into a boiling cauldron.

2. Unless the source is well known to you, bathing alone is discouraged. The chances of saving yourself, alone, from lapsing from heat exhaustion into heat stroke are not favorable.

3. DO NOT bring into a natural body of water soaps; shampoos; glass; other sharp items; poisonous or toxic items or materials including biologic agents, and culture. Do not introduce species to natural bodies of water.

4. Be aware: 'red mites'; and 'spider mites'; Naegleria fowleri; and other potentially harmful biologicy are known to inhabit hot springs.

5. Endangered species are known to inhabit hot springs. Tampering of endangered species can lead to severe fines. Many of these springs are unique environs with resources that cannot be replaced once lost. Respect wildlife and birds, NV oases serves as a major north American flyway. I love shooting stuff myself, but don't discharge firearms next to a hot spring. Odds are, you WONT find all the shells; and frankly Ima sick of cleaning up casings and glass shards; some of us like barefootin' it. And, methylated Lead, barium salts, and cadmium are NOT the minerals everybody desires in the hot bath.

A sites may be the only example of that type of mineralization known. Some of these hydrothermal resources are one of a kind.

Do not disturb those individuals in a tub if they arrived before you and make it known that they would like some privacy before exiting the tub and allowing your entrance. Suggest hanging outside of the area for 20 minutes or so to let the guests already at the site enjoy their privacy. Perhaps your gesture of kindness may result in an invitation. They may choose to stay for as long as they want. If they choose to leave to allow your access, suggest hanging back until they dry and clothe themselves; then thank them.

Advise, upon coming up to a tub with guests already enjoying the facilities, to proffer a short salutation such as: 'Hello, the water looks great. Mind if I join in?' They may offer a warm, or cool welcome, or ask for a few moments more of privacy. Even on public lands, the above protocol will not cause you undue harm and should greatly facilitate the enjoyment of the party previously, currently, and potentially enjoying the tub. On private lands, this protocol is absolutely essential. You may be speaking to the owner of the property who is seriously considering shutting down public access due to past problems, property damage, liability etc.. You may be the one who tips the balance in either direction. Offer something in return such as cleaning up the place, some labor, some monetary consideration, or at least simple goodwill.

In other and fewer words, the nickel speech is "don't screw it up for the next guy and gal".
If only folks heeded this easy little advice. Sadly, many haven't, and the consequence ( no, not Truth or Consequences, NM., another great hot spring town ) is that hot springs, many on public land - YOUR PUBLIC LAND, as well as those on private parcels are being shut down in distressing numbers. Much of Nv and eastern Ca. is already off limits, or with severely restricted access, to the public. Abuse of our lands should be spoken out against upon the witness of transgression, do not be afraid to educate another human being.


Big Hot


Potts Tub/Diana's Punch Bowl

Pyramid Lake Needles

Black Rock/Double Hot

Example of fenced off spring - Elko Hot


The springs I have posted are mostly well known; already in books ( Big hot isn't as well known and is already off-access ) ; easy access etc. One manifestation of current hot spring etiquette is to not mention a spring unless asked about it. Trust me, my favorites aren't catalogued here. Though if you want to spend the time you might find some of them here:



Yet, it is important to offer a resource to serve as an example of a tangible asset that deserves respect and protection. When the opportunities for enjoyment are gone, there is no user group left to serve as advocate.

Enjoying hydrothermal resources is a prime aesthetic and recreational opportunity in Nv enjoyed by countless generations of Nevadans and the Shoshone and Paiute before us. TPTB take every chance possible to restrict and eliminate access to the hinterlands, do not provide ammunition for the opposing army.


When ever possible, always combine business and pleasure at every convenience

ghost towns, hot springs, mining camps, geo-exploring, 4 wheeling-motocross-sandrails, backpacking, fishing, whorin n' gambling n' drinking, photography, rock hounding,

no shortage of recreational opportunities on your drives via rural ca/nv state routes.

business environment is fine as well ( err, this part only applies to Nv. ) , jump on in.
no state income tax, reasonable regulations, excellent business infrastructure etc.

Over the hill and through the woods: Bridgeport to the state line

This is one of the nicest stretches. The road out of Bridgeport affords a spectacular glimpse of the Sawtooths. Head that direction and you will reach the fishing resort of Twin Lakes. Pretty area. Hike just a couple miles up from Twin Lakes and you are on the saddle/crest looking into Matterhorn Canyon, Yosemite. Another of those vistas that both you in your tracks to have a 360 degree lookabout, and draws your glaze into the draw, the Matterhorn Canyon. One of the premier hikes in the Sierra; gateway to the fabled Benson Lake. Just north of here into Emigrant Wilderness is some more mighty fine backpacking; some of the most remote and rugged territory in California happens to be along the boundary between the northern parts of Yosemite and Emigrant wilderness. Fact is, Tilden lake is the farthest spot you can be from a paved road within California. As long as you are there, might as well push up the canyon to Mary Lake; sandwiched between Tower Peak and the Saurian Ridge, it feels just about the most isolated place in the Sierra Nevada, probably because it is. If only you made time for this adventure ( minimum 6 days ) .

Back in the car and heading past Buckeye Road, to your right is the property owned by John Ascuaga. His ranch provides the beef for the Steakhouse in the Nuggett, Sparks largest casino. The Steakhouse is one of the finest in Reno/Sparks. Maybe John will come up to your table and tell a story or donate a bottle of wine to your evening. Those Basque are friendly folk. Yep, Basque shepherds and Ranchers were major settlers of this area.

Over Devil's Gate summit. Had you gone, instead, on 182 out of Bridgeport, you would still have had to go through Devil's gate. The devil always collects his due. So does the highway and the deer. This is one of the more dangerous stretched of road. Be especially wary of the turn just past the Wheeler Flat USFS cabin. I have seen more than one vehicle not negotiate this turn.

The deer are plentiful and stupid; much brush cover along the road covers their mistakes until the very last second. The highway skits within just a few feet of the Walker River at points, hemmed in by the sheer canyon walls, which of course shade the pavement and keep the ice longer than you might expect. I totaled one car along this stretch. Well, I was in the passenger side - buddy was driving my car. Other times I have come within only two or three feet of hitting other deer, bear, and cougar along the road/river. Should this type of thing stress you out, be sure to soak in the hot creek emanating from Fales. But don't dip at the source, or you'll die; over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Private property too, so be very respectful; no trespassing signs have gone up at this location again.

Look carefully at the north end of the canyon, see if you can tell where the southern end of the town of Walker was washed away during the 1997 flood. Out of the Walker canyon, we cross the state line at Topaz Lake. Pretty little spot with a nice resort overlooking the lake. First craps table we come across ( though I never had much luck on this table ) . Great spot to stop and fuel yourself or the vehicle, no matter which direction you are traveling. If you came via SR 108, the distance is only 11 miles longer and the time is actually about the same. Just north of Topaz is Leviathan Mine Road; goes up along the creek to Leviathan Mine. This mine is an EPA superfund site; one of the more infamous in the group for a variety of reasons. Notice the traffic getting thicker?


Gardnerville/Minden Corridor

Located along US Highway 395 about 10 miles south of the junction w/ US 50 in Carson City -just 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, 18 miles north of the state line, and home to the original white settlers in little Genoa/Genoa Station (  in what was then Utah Territory, the corridor is quickly becoming home to the millionaires displaced from the Lake Tahoe Basin who have been crowded out by the Billionaire Emigrants. And attendant are the Tahoe-related ills of very limited pool of housing start permits. The land and housing prices have just doubled in the last 5 years.

Douglas County is absolutely beautiful territory; in the shadow of The Three Sisters. And business is BOOMING ( story of Nv: boom and bust and boom and bust and.. ) - currently the 3rd fastest growing business area of the state compliment of low tax base, simple and supportive regulatory environment, very favorable transportation network, and complement to the beautiful weather.

A little nugget with some general NV business, government, administrative, and law research links:


Should you desire to sample hot springs in Douglas County, be sure to stop at Wally's Hot Springs Resort. This ain't no smelly dip in a mudpot; Wally's is most refined and has 7 stone pools, each at a different temperature ( all between about 95 and 103 ) so that every bather may find one within his or her comfort level. Be sure to enjoy a nice meal there as the food is outstanding ( they catered my wedding ) .

11.16.03    NV: boom and bust, boom and bust

Clark co. ( las vegas ) had been fastest growing county in teh nation for about last 8 years running. Just last year, a northern Nv. county, Lyon,  overtook Clark for the fastest growth rate ( per cap. ) in the nation.

most my family in nv. centered in sparks; slowly moving eastward...

the biggest planned development in the state is in sparks fwiw

boom and bust, boom and bust

i like to post the major development in Nv., the boom, alongside with the ghost town posts.

i love the dichotomy, the contrast, the inevitable end of a city in Nv.

the tenth largest city in Nv. only exists for one week a year. the rest of the year you cannot physically find any traces of the development, as there are none : Black Rock City, Nv.


11.16.03    Nv miners get no relief on power costs

nor will anybody else

big 2 power providers in Nv cannot get out of previous contracts:


11.12.03    Oh yeah? Well maybe my ticker symbols don’t WANT to change

Speak to the proxy ( holding up hand, palm side out )


11.12.03    Nevada retirement system

drops Putnam


11.12.03    For you mining reclamation types

Check out Bart Campbell of Campbell Grading in Healdsburg, Ca. Great work!


11.5.05    For those complaining that silver is underperforming


We have witnessed a 4% rise on the metal and 400-500% on the paper ( stock ) .
When they pay quadruple odds behind your paper place bet, take the profit proffered as paper, and convert into coins as capital.
And then put 'em in your pocket.
A winning strategy for every payoff table/table.



11.5.03    Manhattan Gold in Galveston Texas - The Message

Got slammed on the Tom Martino ?Troubleshooter? show ( US radio ) on Monday.
Some guy complained his $1,800 check was supposed to purchase some coins. As the story goes, Manhattan sent back a letter stating they reserve the right, if they cannot purchase gold on the market, to pay the gentlemen with company stock, which he then cannot cash out for 6 months.

Just relaying the story, have no idea who is what here.
What I do know is that the radio host went completely off on this 'scam' and put up a great rant 'n rave.
The co-host thought this was a prime example of why you should, in his valued estimation, only purchase gold coins from a bank, or someone else you can, umm, er, 'trust'.

Another radio show host responded to a question about gold coins. Now, this guy's whole schtick is to get out of debt and build wealth. Caller asked what they should do with gold coins. Host said the guy was better off selling coins, which weren't going to appreciate or return on asset or do anything else constructive, and money should be put into mutual funds. Absolutely hilarious, for me. Not sure how many others in audience-land got the joke, or the host for that matter. The joke as recent mass mutual fund fraud, or the best performing mutual funds in last 3 years being au funds, etc. and on and on.

golds to show, even with the mass marketing in the last 3 years based on Y2K, 911, equity bear, etc. on the fear/hysteria-based radio shows; within the mainstream press, of which the above are just examples, ( and even they are a little more on the message-fringe ) still don't have any bias toward the shiny. Based on this indicator, our bull has barely yet sprouted horns.


11.2.03    Happy Nevada Day!

That glorious holiday everybody can enjoy.

(Celebrated all weekend



Q: Why should the goings-on in Nevada matter to your basic goldbug?

A: Because Nevada produces glod, lots of it. The only geo-political entities that produce more than the STATE of Nevada are the COUNTRY of South Africa and the CONTINENT of Australia.

Nevada Ways and Meanings
( including a Rural Nevada Update?- cuz its ?bout that thyme )

A small primer ( with an attitude! ) on the rural Nevada way of life:


Oh, btw, our favorite state also produces lodes of silver and quite a few other minerals. Want to know more about her mineral bounty?


Lets take another trip through rural California and Nevada, some storied selected roads and nodes, the scenery and geology, culture and wilderness, and the mining stories and glories past and present -shall we?

Of course, as with many trips, most the fun is getting there:

Interested in exploring the Grand Portals into the Great Basin and the Fair State of Nevada Nestles within Her Bosom?


You have to Start Somewhere:

Maybe your plane gets into the beautiful city of San Francisco, and you need to build up some speed for a run up the long slope of the Sierra Nevada on either Interstate 80 or US 50.  The full route on US 50 brings one from Sacramento Ca, home of Sutter's Mill, and deposits the same prototypical one at Ocean City Maryland. The part I like best is within the Nevada State borders ( though Colorado sure is nice ). Interstate 80, which bisects the northern third of Nevada, is perhaps the most traveled road in United States. 'The Maze' - that stretch of 80 on the eastern span of the Bay Bridge into San Francisco is often rated one of the three or four worst choke points in the states. Once you get past the maze, it is smooth sailing all the way to New York City!

On the other hand, highway 50 epitomizes the opposite of I-80's popularity - Dubbed "America's Loneliest Highway". Ah, but many of those stuck on 80 doing the dreaded commute are increasingly wishing and wiling away for the splendorous majestic and open beauty of highway 50 through the heart of Nevada. The main vein of the basin and range, with untold opportunities branching off as colorful capillaries into the sagebrush patchwork quilt?

Or, maybe you are landing in Reno, or driving from Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Doesn't matter, like so many other pursuits of the pleasure and quests for knowledge, the journey is more enjoyable than either the departure or destination. From the southland?


"I've been from Tuscon to Tucamcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah"

- Lowell George and Little Feat

Does anybody ever actually drive from Techachapi to Tonopah? If so, what would you find along the way?

Of course, Noone would actually begin a drive in Tehachapi save those lonely few thousand souls of humanity living there. ( One of my cousins used to own a place up there. Said Tehachapi was lonely only when the wind blew cold. The cold wind blows constantly. Why do you think one of the first major wind-mill farms in California Must admit, I am quite smitten with the railroad that turns under itself. A railroading looping engineering marvel of the day gone past - The Tehachapi Loop:


Right, since nobody really starts the journey from Tehachapi, more than likely you are in your little Pontiac rental car that you picked up at LAX. Just over the grapevine, you take a hard right in more ways than one and are on the drive from Bakersfield to Mojave.

Quite an interesting little jaunt actually. From the verdant and fertile Central Valley of California, and the Bakersfield of the oilers and Buck Owens

Someone has to say it, so I will. The short ( about 62 miles ) drive from Bakersfield to Mojave is really quite nice. The variety in geology and hence vegetation and scenery in that short stretch is amazing. From your exit of the productive bathtub of agriculture known as the San Joaquin Valley by jumping on highway 58, one transverses over the geologically complex and fascinating transverse ranges of the Greenhorn and Tehachapi mountains. These ranges get around, too. Both rising in altitude while declining in latitude as the Pacific tectonic plate both collides into and friction sides along the North American plate; some of the geology in this area looks out of place because it actually is out of place, originating just north of San Francisco bay.

( And about Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, if you ever are on another lovely drive, Highway 49 " The Golden Chain" between Oakhurst and Plumas County, stop in the lovely little burgh of Mariposa and buy some gold or coins from Jay, the former steel-guitar-playing buckaroo. But don't forget to drop some coin buying some older ones from Bud in Oakhurst, and the good guy in Angels Camp and on and on and on [sure, at this point you just might be thinking to yourself: why mercury, seems to me that if I am going to drive highway 49 starting in Oakhurst {which used to known as Fresno Flats} that I am just a short skip from Fresno, and from there a quick blast down 99 into Bakersfield, and into the east side we go-no; to make a complete trip around the Sierra Nevada? And about that right you would be! Bakersfield-Mojave-Reno-Auburn and back down the Golden Chain to Placerville-Sutter?s Creek-Angels Camp-Mariposa-Oakhurst make one of the finest driving loops in this fair nation of ours. But I digress with recess and should really get back to the EAST SIDE [as those in the Sierra refer to the lands of Inyo/Mono] with the smile a mile wide.] )


The Sojourner's Primer: Highway 395 Between Reno and Mojave


The stretch of highway 395 between Mojave, Ca. and Day County Oregon is one of the premier scenic drives in the US. The cultural stories are also more valuable than a distraction to a drive. Much of 395 passes through California counties with an affinity much more toward her Nevada cousins than the ca. mass-populated counties of great renown; would be most remiss if I did not provide some context.

Mojave, as with many Ca. and Nv. small towns, was constructed on only one side of the street; the other side is occupied by the railroad. All you need to know about the town of Mojave is to turn north on higway 14 to meet up with highway 395. Now, the Mojave desert is another matter well worth a moment of reflection. The desert comes on strong along the steep downgrade of Highway 58. The size of the plants and grass shorten tremendously while increasing their distance from each other in just a few precious miles and a few hundred vertical feet.

Some geologists make the case that the Mojave desert is not a desert at all, but simply a transition zone between deserts. Most classifiers of American deserts acknowledge with concurrence three distinct deserts: the Sonoran, the Chihuahuan, and the Great Basin. The Colorado Plateau and Mojave also rank full desert status in many eyes, including mine. Here is a link for more on desert classification:


As is usually the case, the biologists screw up the classifications and otherwise generally make everything hopelessly complicated. The hydrologists basically draw divisions using watershed analysis. Perhaps it is useful to note that many of the sub-desert classifications are based upon cultural divisions more than physical or biological ones.

My favorite American desert is the Great Basin. I limit the great basin only to those areas that do not drain their watershed into the ocean. As such, the Great Basin is bounded by the Sierra Nevada and the watersheds of the Columbia, Colorado, and Sacramento Rivers. So, that precious little water which falls as rain ( if it falls at all; much precipitation in the Great Basin falls from the sky but does not hit the ground, known as Virgis, due to the convection-heat-driven winds and the very low relative humidity. What precipitation that does fall usually seeps into the endless sand ( excessively well drained) and rarely channels into surface watercourses. The few year-round waterways that do not reach the ocean, as per definition of the Great Basin, simply reach a low point in the land and pool/evaporate. These pools where the rivers end are ancient lakebeds. Most of Nevada was covered by ancient Lake Lahonton thousands of years ago. As lake Lahontan receded, numerous smaller lakes, though large in size, formed. The smaller of these lakes dried out completely, leaving basins. The few remnants of ancient Lake Lahontan remaining are Pyramid and Walker Lakes and the Lahontan/Stillwater basin. Tahoe is a different animal altogether. So, Nevada was not always dry. In fact, when one looks at the fossil record, the time was not so long ago when these ancient lake systems supported quite a rich biological diversity. The more humid clime supported such organisms as vegetarian dinosaurs and redwood trees. The relics of such organisms are preserved today for your viewing pleasure.

Nevada is known as basin and range territory. Now you know how the basins are derived. The many ranges of Nevada are still growing by about an inch a year, pushed up as the Pacific Tectonic Plate moves into the North American plate.

Inner Empire

Traveling north on Highway 14 from Mojave one skirts on the west the last of the transverse ranges, the Greenhorn Mountains, as the Sierra Nevada begin to majestically assert themselves. Should you prefer a slightly alternate route, travel through California City into Red Mountain/Randsburg, one of the last mining camps in the state of California, and venture into the El Paso mountains for some gold prospecting. One can still detect gold nuggets in placer should one still be willing to pull out quite a bit of iron scatter trash.


A few prospector sites for your perusal:


Hwy 14 runs into 395 just as the scenery begins to really pick up around Little Lake. The Los Angeles Aqueduct to the left reminds the casual observer what all this land is still empty: the water is being diverted to areas south ( Los Angeles ) . Water diversion as a subject provides so many tomes for your perusal. However, one in particular deserves your attention, as it describes the dewatering of the Owens River Valley which you are just now entering into: Cadillac Desert by Mark Reisner. Another reason you see no development out here, other than the facts that there are no jobs and water, is that precious little of the land you see is for sale. LA Department of Water and Power have it locked up tighter than a goldbug?s stack of eagles. Still nice to look at though.

Twenty minutes after passing Little Lake you need to make the decision on whether or not to visit Death Valley. I try to make the trip whenever time allows. Incredibly fascinating place. This entrance into Death Valley via highway 190 is a great way to go. After about an hour you have the choice to turn north into the saline valley and the great hot springs up there. Keeping along the path, you enter Death Valley National Park near the middle of the attractions. Should you visit the park, two must-see attractions from this entrance are the Racetrack and Scotty's Castle. The racetrack is a geologic mystery that truly boggles the mind. Nobody to date has really nailed down the mechanics of what goes on at this place.


Be aware that the road to the racetrack is quite rough and requires a sturdy 4-wheel drive vehicle. A number of old relics from visitors past, tea pots, are strung on stakes along the side of the road While in the area, Ubehebe Crater should not be missed. But alas, a true tour of this amazing corner in the desert takes quite a bit of time, and we digress?


Back on Highway US 95 - Along the Scarp

Any of this starting to look familiar? Well it should. The Alabama hills are a very popular place to film major Hollywood productions. The lay of the land and the variety of available light produce a myriad of scenes and shots. Anything from the Sahara Desert to the mountains of Tibet can be re-created along 395 between Lone Pine and Bishop. Mt. Whitney, the highest ar괥 in the continental u. states serves as a beacon and a lookout, following you in her shadow like the eyes, creepily, in the portrait of your great aunt hanging on the stairwell. If you do not get altitude sickness, the hike to the top of Mt. Whitney can be done in a very long day. Alas, I have not yet had the opportunity, as the highest peak I have scaled in the Sierras is only 13,050.

People, you may have driven past it but never stopped. Time to change this and take a respite from the road for 30 minutes at Manzanar. Truly one of the more poignant stops on this leg of our little tour. Manzanar was a relocation camp for those of Japanese decent during WWII. The National Park Service has been rehabilitating the place and telling the story, a story that is worth hearing. There is a small car tour that can be undertaken in a relatively short period of time yet chock full of visages and images that evoke stories usually kept way deep in the collective memory banks.

More on Manzanar:


( Fun Fact: did you know that the US Govt. imprisoned germans and Italians during WWZII ) also? Guess those victimization groups don?t quite have the PR that the Japanese did?

Ansel Adams shot some of his most famous photographs in this area of the country.

From the sleepy hamlet of Big Pine, we could veer east on Hwy 168 over westgard pass. This was one of my favorite quick routes from the 395 corridor over to Nv hwy 95. Be forewarned though, if you travel this route at night be prepared to run over 5-10 jack rabbits. 168 splits at Oasis into 266 north and south. Head south worming and squirming through the Sylvanias for access onto hwy 95 and areas in Nevada's hindermost areas.


Though, if you have the time to spare, heading north on 168 into Dyer and Fish Lake Valley is quite a pleasant diversion; especially if you make the time to head out to Fish Lake Valley hot spring. The springs are a product of previous energy/mineral exploration, which happened to hit a nice hot water seam; we do begin to enter the geothermal areas in northern Inyo and Esmeralda counties. The hot well is capped but provides quite a nice overflow into a concrete basin suitable for several bathers. There are a series of temperate pools about the place hosting some imported Koi populations and a marvelous view over the valley and surrounding ranges. This is an Esmeralda County park, with no services to speak of. For that matter, make like mercury and remove some of the trash yourself on your way out. The county has posted warnings that access to this hot spring is endangered by previous reckless behavior ( restricted access to geothermal features is becoming all too familiar amongst my favorite haunts throughout Neva-dada. Time to make a stand right now! ) . Carefully not you mileage on the way out here, as the hot spring book has some numbers and markings ( shows the ranch house on the wrong side of the street ) in error. Don't get lost, the dirt road gets somewhat spooky on a moonless night past the cemetery, increasingly rutted and eventually petering out onto playa or heading into the Silver Peak Range.

Maybe the miners just up the road would be willing to talk shop...


Bishop is cowboy country and is host to the Millpond Bluegrass festival. The BlueGrass festival circuit in Ca. has really heated up in the last few years. Millpond, though small, has been carving out a name for itself along such illuminating hoe-downs as the Grass Valley Music Festival and the Strawberry Music Festival. With the craggy high Sierra scarp serving as a background, the music would have to be rather awful for the weekend to be a complete waste of time.


I forget the name of the coin/antique store, but it is located right on the main drag. Quite a nice place operated by a friendly proprietor with quality wares and willing to deal properly with an honest-intentioned goldbug.

And almost goes without saying ( yet requires typing ) the beautiful and desolate highway 6, Grand Highway of the Army, has he western terminus in Bishop. Highway six straddles the awesome splendor of the White Mountains, forming the natural boundary between this part of Nevada and California. Even if your interest in railroads is only as narrow as the gauge, you still might want to hustle into the Laws Railroad museum just outside of town for an hour or so.


This gentleman put up a nice page on the museum and local area:


Some more on railroading in the Bishop area:



Further up the scarp: Hiway 395 thorough the Inyo into the Mono Forest


Now we move into the heart of this scenic wonderland. Winding along the Owens river past Cowley lake we enter into the Long Valley Caldera, bristling with geothermal activity. Can't say enough about the scenic superlatives and recreational activities in this area. Mountains, skiing, mountain biking, hot springs, hunting, fishing, photography, geoexploring, camping, mining, and just plain ol' R&R.

This site covers some of the stops along our route:


I attended a beautiful wedding at Convict lake one March a few years back. The bride and groom gambled mightily that the weather would hold at this high elevation site. Their gambit paid off all the way as the day was one of shimmering unparalleled beauty. The ceremony had the backdrop of fresh powder snow sloping down the steep mountain into the lake. Afterward, we all hit the hotsprings; many of us going to Hot and Cold Creek. Geothermal spring up into the river, providing many upswells of 100 degree water within the cold mountain stream. Quite the place to spend an afternoon on a starkly cold beautiful early spring day. Of course, this area is packed in the summer time, you have to know you timing just right to hit the many hot springs in the area without meeting a crowd. Yes, Mammoth Lakes draws the hordes from far and wide, especially accessible from Los Angeles County, and providing the southland with both a summer and winter playground. Nothing like hitting the slopes of powder during the day only to soak the bones in the hot water at night with a clear view of the stars and the Sierra from the tub.

For those of you who visit Mammoth Mountain, and took the time to reach the crest at Mammoth Overlook, but somehow never made it over the hill down into Devils Postpile, you are missing out. The Postpile, a National Monument, serves as the headwaters of the mighty San Jauqin River, though just a gently trickle through a lush green meadow in a steep mountain hollow. The Postpile itself is a fascinating geological formation ? extreme example of columnar basaltic expression from the granidiorite monotlith. I did my little dance on the Devil?s Dance Floor on top of the formation.

May as well snake your way another five miles to Strawberry hotspring. At the far end of the campground, access to the site is hit or miss. The hot spring is developed with an approximate 4x6 cement tub. There is a grate over the top that can be locked, so hopefully this doesn?t happen to you when the local Freddies ( colloquial for US Forest Service Employee ) doesn?t want to share her Strawberry with you. The tub has a wonderful sand bottom and is right next to the cold-water creek. This is always one of my favorite hot spring set-ups, a nice sand bottom tub along a cold-water creek/river.


Long Valley Caldera

All these exceptional hot spring activities are brought to you courtesy of the Long Valley Caldera.
How about them kitcoites frothing about the imminent disaster on the Yellowstone Caldera a couple month back ( where did they go anyway? ) . Well, kiddies, the PTB never evacuated greater West Yellowstone, but they did evacuate the town of Mammoth Mountain back in 1980. Big black eye on the USGS, they don?t get to proselytize from the pulpit much anymore. But assuredly the action hasn?t stopped, just the headlines. So what is the latest tectonic action in the area? Look here:


Then and again some other clueless visitor gets scalded to death in an upswell. The forest knows, and shows, the activity ? major dieoff of the Pinus ( Ponderosa and Lodgpole ) continues due to off-gassing. Mercury felt quite the number of tremors in the active summer of 1996. Just a matter of time, geologic or otherwise.

The most prominent feature of the Long Valley Caldera is the Mono Craters - cinder cones serving as sentinels watching over their ancient Mono Lake. Some great obsidian flows. Source of the obsidian used by the Shoshone and Paiute in trade with their native brethren elsewhere in California and Nevada. Hydration analysis of the shards, points, and flakes can pinpoint the date fairly accurately and therefore determine which geologic event produced the source obsidian, thus showing the source of the obsidian and providing archeologists great insight into the early native hunting and trading practices and other concern of interest to anthropologists.

Information on obsidian hydration analysis as a dating technique:


( leads into the discussion of geologic dating--, the carbon 14 issues--, fossil dendrochronolgy--, all that tricky stuff that becomes so essential to so many creation/evolution arguments. Worth a quick glance into the subject should you hold an interest in the Sunday school topic ) .

Might as well take the June Lake Loop around once or twice, especially on bike!


Want to work up an even greater sweat? Some unparalleled backpacking in the nearby Ansel Adams, Yosemite, and Hoover wilderness area. ( the type of thang that does not easily translate to an URL ) .


Decision Time at Lee Vining

The intersection of Highway 120 and 395 at Lee Vining is one of those grandiose geographies where you can dedicate an entire season, easily. Hard to prioritize your day when you reach this crossroad. Should you head east on Highway 120 up the too-spectacular-for-words eastern approach into Yosemite up into Lee Vining Canyon along Big Blue Slide. Quite simply THE WAY to enter the superlative that is Yosemite, over the Sierra Crest and the Dana Plateau descending into Tuolumne Meadows. If you've never been, best put it on your list of places to visit before you die. Conversely, heading from Tuolumne east on 120 is a breathtaking departure from the granite of the sierra and entrance into the igneous basalt and metamorphic rock of the Great Basin. For an even better slow motion version, park you car at the Dana Meadows trailhead and go over the crest via Dana Meadows and down Bloody Canyon, ending up at Lee Vining and Mono Lake. Great ( long ) day trip; can be done if you stay the night in Lee Vining and hitch up to the trailhead. Warning: you better be in great shape. Even then, altitude sickness can strike those who are in great shape.

Lets instead of heading east into Yosemite form Lee Vining we go east on 120. Not a bad choice by a long shot! Little traveled road, outstanding scenery. ( Be careful trying this in the winter. You are on your own out here ) . Starting from 395, Hwy 120 East skirts between the Mono cinder cones and Mono Lake herself. Just past the old gravel pit is a great access point to Mono Lake Tufa and the back ( east ) side of Mono Lake. In the car through the Jeffrey pine of the Inyo forest we take a hard right south into Adobe valley along the black lake. Now, if you are short on time and need to head back to civilization, you can make this short diversion worthwhile alone for the view between a sheer wall break in the Benton Range. This view is just past black lake, over looking the Black Springs feeding this lake. The view is through a needle and overlooks Benton Springs and Benton Valley with a prime-though-glimmer panoramic glimpse of the White Mountains and Boundary Peak, Nevada's highest mountain. This is one of those vista points serving as the classic great basin tease. You are already an hour off of Highway 395 and the splendor of the recreational wildland of the Inyo/Mono Intersection of Yosemite/Mammoth/Mono Lake/Lee Vining. You'de civilized timetable forces you to make the choice, up north to Reno and civilization, or east into the Great Basin; she teases and beckons. Few make the tip to this view, even fewer have the time to fully enter the splendor of the Nevada Great Basin via majestic 120 into Benton Valley and meet up with Highway 6. Great wilds await. So, whats the hurry. Stop in the most sleepy wide spot in the road that is Benton Hot Springs. Maybe you're timing is just right and you pass through during those rarified hours when the antique store is open. If not, stop at the inn, pay your fee, and head through eh rushes to another nice hot spring soak. IF you choose this mission into Nevada via 6, you enter Pioneer Territory. The central/south heartland of Nevada and some strangeness galore.

Ooooh, but time runs short, and were are forced to fill up the gas tank in Lee Vining, or spend the night ( not really worth the stop to fill the stomach at the eateries here IMO, standard tourist fare ) .

But the reward that is the eastern side of Mono Lake rewards your decision to forge north!

Mono Lake


One of the finest inland places in the country to witness a sunrise or sunset. The colors are splayed and layers from a palette ancient and varied as the eons of geology present within the vista.

The government land management agencies ( Bureau of Land Management, LA Department of Water and Power, National Park Service, US Forest Service ) managed to get something right with the new Mono Lake visitor center. A place to water up and take a view off the grand porch overlooking the lake. Wonderful information kiosks and displays and all you need to know about the area playground. But don't stop there!

Upon approaching the lake, the first critters to scatter are the brine flies. Like a big brown carpet furled and unfolding in front of your path, shaking off the dust of the day by the side of the desertifying lake. The brown matte roils and coils anticipating your step into their habitat and out of yours. The much photographed tufa, travertines of old now out of their water environment, rise up as other worldly witnesses to the shades of hues you share with the native element of sky and water, color and light, salt and sand. No web links, no pictures, you need to see this place with your own eyes.

You cannot somehow seem to manage long in the water, the salt and mineral contents do not comfort for long. There used to be a more-fresh water hot spring that served as a place to wash the brine off. Alas, just another hot spring now off-limits to the human bi-ped. Fowl habitat. The whole biome really, one of the major flyways and birding rookeries of North America. 'Tis ok w/ mercury though, let the birds have this spring. We have claimed so much of the water already. Took many years for the bumper stickers to change from ?Save Mono Lake? to ?Restore Mono Lake? to ?Enjoy Mono Lake?. Political wrangling and murderous water wars of the west wrapped up in bumper sticker chronological history of intermittent feuding, negotiating and eventually settlement. There is now a limit on how low the lake can be drained, the recover plan covers all five feeder streams. Now if only mother nature will cooperate and end this drought in year five.

The brackish water does provide amazing buoyancy for those who venture out in canoe or kayak. Great way to explore the coast. Be careful, the zephyr brook off the sierra quick and squirrelly, capsizing those that do not know the way nor their own limitations. Mono Lake and the rest of The Great Basin makes her own weather, tames the Jet Stream like a mistress to her hydraulic slave.

I love this place. One of my ?dream properties? lies between the extreme verticality of the Sierra Nevada pinching the Highway between her edifice and Mono Lake. The waterpack of the Sierra Nevada snowfall squeezes out of the mountain, the proclivity of this declivity, and feeds the quaking aspens, now fall golden. Against this back drop is the Mono Lake Inn. The small lodge and cabins had been abandoned for years. All that time, passing the little huts in my eye of desire for land between the extremes and amongst the aspens. Just four years ago, someone bought the place and began fixing it up, renting out the cabins. I wish you the best. Also worth a stop, across the street, is the Mono Lake Ansel Adams Gallery, still owned by the Adams Family descendent. After this stop, time to hit the steep grade up and over Conway Summit

10.10.03    I knew the bride (IVN.TO) when she used to rock and roll

Shouldn't have waited past the post week to buy, and maybe selling 2day won't prove to b the best course of action upon unfolding of the full course of time. But her tendered dowry went up 40% in 5 weeks. Sometimes those matches made by the parents work out best!

10.10.03    Copper

So why those companies with Cu deposits ( especially those in the far east ) doing so well as of late?

Is China gonna make a Cu penny? Or a lot of armaments? Hmmm...

10.10.03    All Quiet on the Western Front

Now listening 2 the book on CD. great stuff! for those times when u really wanted to know what sitting in a bunker waiting for hte mustard gas to fall must have felt like.

hey, why wait for someone to write the ultimate novel on WWWIII? Just pick the right theatre ( china and co. /us and co. ) and u got half the battle won already! Mr. long yuan and ms. renminbi and mr. euro love triangle; the plot will certainly rely on many of the standard elemental fare, with a few new twists we can only dream ( in a cold sweat ) about...



10.8.03    Check out the Mineral Museum in Mariopsa County

If you ever get the chance. My old neighbor designed the exhibits- great job.


10.8.03    Gold in Sea Water

methinks gold would need a sustained price well over $4000 oz in todays dollars to be economical, based on my cursory look into the subject. real numbers are real hard to find, and there has to be a reason.

think power bills.

also think all the mines that could start back up at POG over $1,OOO


10.8.03    Mustang Ranch on eBay

Notice how only the property, not the land, is being auctioned? property is garbage ( except maybe the tradmark rights ) . rank old mobile homes is what the buyer receives.

the govt took the good stuff - primo land; right on the Truckee River. Not much of that left for the cheap buying, believe me. which is why the govt. took it and you ain't gata chance to buy it.

govt taking all the good land; just like in the rest of the state!

i remember when the IRS ran the mustang in 86 ( 85? ) . people thought it hilarious that the govt. was making $ on us both getting screwed AND screwing. IRS ran it for 11 or 12 days if i remember right. sad point of the story was, nobody ever pointed out in the press that the IRS isn't the govt...


10.8.03    New American Canal Project

The first plants removing gold from seawater will be along the Texas Gulf shore.

Series of hydro plants pumping seawater up gradient into the American prairie. Part of the New American Canal Project. One of the next most needed mega-engineering projects. pump the water up gradient with the cheapest energy available. let it drain via gravity, using head differential to power both de-salinization plants and hydro- power plants. de-sal plants will use series of evaporation ponds, skimmers, clarifiers, and then reverse osmosis. This water will then used to water the 'american desert', bring population away from the overcrowded ( and potentially inundated ) eastern and western seasboards; re-populate the ghost towns in the us prairie; mine minerals from the brine; and use the potable to irrigate fields - revitalizing the breadbasket to the world.

crazy, right?

10.7.03    California Election - just about time to go vote now

Though I feel more hopeless than ever about making a decision. Note really even a decision upon a hard view. Does not a decision require real choice? In this case, it's dammed if u do and dammed if u don't.

The early exit polls are in anyway, and pretty much echo what the polls have said all week.

A 'no' on referendum lends support to those who thought it a waste of time and money. Certainly it is NOT a waste of money, nor a carnival/circus/sideshow as the PTB would like you to believe.

I firmly aver the recall/referendum is a good thing, and that there should be a public vote halfway between each term as a referendum on how the incumbent is performing his/her job. Waiting four or six years allows too much damage to be done. But if I vote no, I do not get my message across that I believe the recall vote is a good thing, and I just happen to not want the recall at this time.

This is the argument against those that say: ?If one votes no on the recall they should not have the opportunity to vote for a replacement. i.e. if one thinks the current wretch is still suitable for office, than that choice should stay. Even though I can vote for another individual to serve as governor, the choices are spread so thinly as to make the entire chain weak, not just a link. There is not a faint chance that a voter has had the time ( assuming the stretch of imagination to ascribe an actual drive or determination ) to research every member of his/her party ? let alone the entire field of independents.

Of course, the reason I don't want the recall to happen at this time is because the front runner is a stooge for those that have an agenda every bit as dangerous as those currently in charge. Why Arnold, and not the previous opponent of the current governor? This previous opponent, Bill Simon, actually scored very well against Davis; 'twas a very close election. Essentially, the recall was not structured right to begin with, the recall should be against the standing governor, and if successful, the next-highest vote getter in the previous election should become governor. If that person is unwilling or unable to get the job, the next highest vote getter should get the nod, etc.

As it is currently structure the recall will allow some individual to just ride a tide of populism into office. The very mob-rules mentality that our founding fathers warned us about years ago. Why, really, did Simon and Issa bow out? They each had a decent chance, no? What threats or promises were made so that they stepped aside to allow the terminator to step out from the shadows as representing the oligarchy? The new boss has very dark masters indeed.

Not only is the vote a catch-22, it is likely moot anyway. News reports have stated a multitude of interests staging lawsuits both imminent and inane on procedure and outcome. So the judges make the choice, not the people, and we see what a poor job they do. There have already been many stories propagated by the ass media about ?how confusing? the ballot is ( read: unfair ) .

Reportedly the early returns from the counties are that there is already a ?much higher than normal? overcount total among the returned ballots. And why not, the average american reads at an eighth grade level. The eighth grade level in american schools in 2003 is what a third grade level was in 1803 and 1903. ( My granddad only got to 3rd grade before he had to start making a living, and by third grade he had the tools to do so successfully ) . The founders had voting restrictions ( landowners, etc. ) put into the charter documents for a reason. Look how the majority of the Constitutional amendments past the Bill of Rights address voting requirements. So, we have finally reached the desired endgoal: votes made by the illiterate upon a slate crafted by the incapable and judged upon by the unanswerable.

Coming soon to a poll near you...

( so why go vote at all? Well, there are two other measures on the ballot. The only reason to vote at all as my political party usually

captures only 3%. )

10.7.03    Recall the Governator

My personal vote experience... 

The parking lot was packed, the road was blocked with cars trying to make the parking lot even moreso.  Mercury sees the backup and hits a hard left into the parking lot down the street.  Walk up to the American Legion Hall and there is a line about 12 deep. The crowd is patient and dutiful.  The stale smoke of 100,000 cigarettes from the past emanates from the interior.   An older lady checks for sample ballots. I had not received one, nor did many others in the state. I ask her how turnout has been and she says “Incredible! More than any presidential election she has seen (starting with Reagan in 80). The line moves fast, and after reaching the door the next vote mistress asks for my ID.  However, my name is not on the list (doubtlessly related to the fact I did not get my sample ballot {and the DMV screwed up my files, etc. etc. ad nasuem. Obviously I am on the ‘troublemaker – still thinks independently’ list}).

After determining to both her and my satisfaction that, no I am not on the list, I proceed to the “my karma is messed up line” line.  I had planned on filling out the short form for the ‘provisional vote’.  However, the lady in the bad karma line brings me to the MASTER MISTRESS OF THE INDELIBLE VOTING LIST OF THE STATE OFFICE THAT DETERMINES ALL INCLUDING YOUR FATE., and in fact, I am on that list. So then I get my ballot, passing up perhaps 20 other denizens of my fair boruough who are in some other bad-karma-of-indeterminate-variety line.

I check the ballot for aesthetic values and proceed to line up the punch card on the firing pins.  Actually, I am impressed with the format of the ballot within the voting booth, the location of the stylus, the directions on the ballot, the absolute simplicity of the whole system. Truly the setup is practically idiot proof. Any claims to the contrary are motivated from unrest within the polis, not objectivity.  So I make my stylus markings. Again, the only reason I showed up was to vote down another asinine bond (refer to my post last week where I suggested to another-run-of-the-mill politician, in this case the Treasurer of the State of California, Phil Angelides, that he issue the next General State Obligation {bond} backed by 10% gold).

I finish my citizenly duty/devotion to the absurd, and check the back of my ballots for the hanging chad. Seeing none, I retreat to the corresponding line and deposit my ballot in the box under supervision of the seeing eye of the Volunteer-Guarding-That-Particular-Line. I thank her for her dedication and take my leave.

Sure, same drill we all know and have repeated numerous times . Although, as a point in fact, my last vote (other county) was inserted into the electronic vote eating machine. This in itself was patently ridiculous as my previous county was one of the poorest in the state and should under no circumstances be using the fancy electronic ballot eater when the plain cardboard box would suffice.

My current burrough is not rich either, a mixture of the working class.  Perhaps 30% white, %30 black, and smaller amounts of Phillipino, Mexican, and other far-east Asian. A good place really, even though the perception is of a much rougher burg.  The perception is actually a judgment of a blue-collar navy town that is no more.  This county is only one of nine in the state (58 counties) that still use the punch card voting ballot.

The press of press and standard disinformation leading up to the event was incredibly bad.  I sense some real outrage against the shenanigans perpetrated by the LA Times in the previous few days.  The radio is not much better. Just last week, I heard a so-called ‘news headline’ about Rush Limbaugh.  Now, the way I listen to radio is often the same as many guys watch cable tv – flipping from channel to channel and stopping long enough at each to realize the channels all have the relatively same level of garbage on.  With radio it is a little easier as I just hit the “scan” button. Literally within a period of perhaps two seconds, I hear the exact same ‘news’ headline, perhaps differing by a word or two, even the inflections and punctuations were the same, on FOUR DIFFERENT ‘NEWS’ OUTLETS. Well this campaign was essentially the same type of programming.  They REALLY pumped up the “the ballot going to be too confusing “ theme under the subtext of “your vote won’t count unless you demand a recount by whatever hook and crook legal challenge that we can get to gain traction against the steely cold and frictionless surface of voter discontent providing a thin veneer over popular sentiment which is best not given true label just yet”..  

The voters latched on to the closest image they could find representing at least a taste of non-mainstream politician ideal that they have in their mind, and this summer hopelessly projected that ideal upon Arnold, the candidate who had just enough time to outrun his past into office. Once he takes that oath, everything is bridge under the water (read: Clinton).  Ross Perot started the recent non-politician-getting-votes phenomenon, taking an almost unpredictable share.  This time, the body filling in the  Ross Perot role didn’t have quite the message, but had the image. The career, the wife, the money, the body, and most importantly THE SOUND BITE READY-MADE IN HOLLYWOOD!

What was different at the polling place this time is the atmosphere.  It was not a ‘my team vs. your team’ vote. It was not about voting for an individual. It wasn’t about lodging a protest either.  The vote, though determined in a fully functional sort of dogged resolution, was mostly about desperation.  The people realize, demopublican and fringe alike, that things are nearing, with disconcerting speed, a point where voting is not only irrelevant, it is a passé form of registering discontent.  The next forms of registering displeasure are not as civil, and are not as palpable, at least to this working class crowd on this Seventh of October , 2003.  Many want to head off this potentiality under the refrain “this time it is different” because, well, it is. Maybe?

10.7.03    Food as a percentage of household budget


"If you're like average households, chances are you spent a sizable chunk of your food budget eating out in 2002."

I remember posting a few month back on how I had tracked food costs, and noted that food costs were typically one of the top three costs in household budgets and rising in both nominal costs and percentage costs of the whole budget, but generally not rising faster than debt payments and housing costs.

A few doth protested that food was no where near the top three in terms of their monthly expenditures.
That may well be, and I also bet consumer debt is neither. Very different for most others out there. In many ( most? ) second and third world countries, food is the primary household cost often exceeding 60%.

just last week had an acquaintance tell me how their food bill is roughly $1000 a month. that figure floored me, as i estimate their monthly net at 3500 - and they have a $1,700 rent. this acquaintance started out telling me how they were struggling to move into this new apartment, and he was thinking of tapping into his retirement account [such as it is] to borrow security deposit and last month payment. he never asked for advice, but since she brought the whole topic up, i slipped in my 2cents that they might consider starting a budget.

that is the kernal of salt i take with these studies/survey's, they never address just how high the percentage is of households who don't have the slightest clue of what their budget is, much less their balance sheet.



10.7.03    snafu

the gss sale order never even went through. that glorious figure eight where luck and ineptitude meet.

did actually lighten up on the cde and drooy, however.

my buys continue to be overwhelmingly better than my sells. one might think things would balance out over the long run with the multitude of factors in the equation...


10.6.03    sold more

didn't like 2days action thru the 50,
sold more cde and drooy, down to 20% each
sold a little gss; not the stuff from the under-a dollar-days, just some stuff from the 1.35 stash...

9.03.03    Gold war?

All wars are gold wars.

9.30.03    What would you say in a chance brief meeting with someone who affects your life?

Flight between Sacramento and Burbank.
( enroute to Vegas/Laughlin )
Treasurer of California, Phil Angelides, sitting in row behind me.
Nobody else recognizes him.
I listen to his cphone conversation b4 takeoff.
Something about meeting w/ Michael Bustamante
Try to look at his notes, looks like a meeting agenda.
Flight ends.

Girl next to him asks "so, what part of the government do you work for?"
mercury almost herniates a disc holding the laughter inside.
Phil answers typical envoy of her generation with:
"I'm the state Treasurer"

Mercury, cold and calculated, sees his chance,
** What Would You Say?**
( continue )

mercury sayeth:
( enter stage left )
"and a darn fine one at that, under the circumstances"
[- u catch more flies w/ honey...]
( begin crowd chatter as they collect baggage )
and If I might make one suggestion...
The next issuance of State of California General Obligations ( bonds ) should be backed with 10% gold"
( continue: stage noise of disembarking passengers )

Phil: "Pardon me?" ( he didn't quite hear me, and the fact that he asked me to repeat myself, rather than smile blandly as he nodded and blew me off almost threw me off-balance. Phil, although a career politician of the usual stripes, has more respect than the current clowns on center stage )

Mercury (repeats): - "The next issuance of State of California General Obligations ( bonds ) should be backed with 10% gold. Return the credit rating and more importantly, 'Return the Golden to the Golden State'"

Phil has a good chuckle, and then, as if sobering up immediately ( such as when the cops' red and blue lights ring from the darkness of the highway behind you; indicating dangers unfamiliar yet depths unknown ) retorts:

"That would certainly help."

{another thought sponsored from the - bottom-hand right drawer file - a collection of projects awaiting daylight when the time is right. Some authors and writers keep 5x7 cards in an index. On the cards are nice turns of phrases, allegories, alliterations etc. that do not fit any pages currently in the works, but are waiting for their chance.}

( on the flight back, Ernest Borgnine was in the front row, entertaining those seated around him.

though I had no opportunity to talk w/ the gentlemen {nor by any stretch is mercury on of the paparazzi autograph chasers} Mr. Borgnine is another of those well respected by mercury, and many others, as a gifted gentleman within his craft. I admittedly had no right-hand drawer quip or request of him. Back to the papers... )

9.29.03    Correction but no over-correction

There was no 'seasonal weakness' this summer; does that bode synergistic or antagonistic to this correction?  I say antagonistic as a fundamental underlying technical, though am most interested in other thoughts. Therefore, the correction will be milder than one may have expected after this INCREDIBLE run up. MANY have missed all or parts of it. Enjoy seeing even more fear here. Synergistic could become quite scary!

My favorites are the type who sold five and six times into the rise without, curious enough, ever buying in. selling the core stash in 20% increments?
Really entertaining was the defensiveness of the tarnished brass who meekly held out NOT missing the th/fri correction as validation for missing THIS ENTIRE RUN UP! Great stuff.

That said, I did get stopped on CDE at previously posted location, and am ready to sell again. There are very good reasons, some as sentimental as gold itself, for not letting this one run. As CDE caught fire quite a bit later after most other PM issues I track, only to fall much quicker and in greater percentage, is hallmark of a set-up imho. Especially since none of my other stops, some protecting much larger gains, have been triggered. Most of these are mental. Nevertheless, I had my 'hold' on cde since ( in date ) the price of the stop @3.23 as I thought those going long at that point, and some even later, should look both ways b4 crossing the street. probably going lower, but time to tighten up the belt and will keep a VERY close eye on things and walk with a gingerly step for the next 8 weeks or so as we seek further mid-term direction - lest ye step on a crack.

Ain't particularly eager to see what the 'news' will be, especially in light of the running grist mill this season.

Only certainty on my perch: The fat gains of this summer have turned to the peeled eye of fall seeking what dimension storm the turn in weather will bring...

9.25.03  Casinos

Check out STN. they perfected their game with 5 properties in vegas. very good advertising, marketing, service, dealmaking = management. they are behind the big push here in napa county. IF they get that casino built right along hiway 101, THEN they might make last years nice run ( now just a few percent off recent 52-week highs ) appear but a base. some heavy opposition, with the local bumper sticker being "cows not casinos".

like many of the other vices that do well during hard times, the casino sector has outperformed. HLT made new highs today ( yesterday? ) .

another angle is the suppliers of casino services. compare the security in california casinos of 8 years ago with the security in those casinos today, and especially those of new mexico, where i was quite surprised with the level of detection systems and anti-cheating mechanisms they had in place upon my first visit into their parlors. and then, perhaps one or two remember my mention of IGT ( one of my former employers ) a year or so back. take a look at their chart; not so shabby! i had the chance to work for their options at the age of 19; oh well, the beer and broads i chose instead were kinda fun in retrospect i guess!

though perhaps it makes for a quaint visual: the okies on the rez and rancheria stealing the whities money back for the land thefts - we all know who the heavy backers are...

9.25.03    Next short term gold top at $412-ish?

if long term holders ( or those that really bought right ) are going to dump at 400, who provides energy for the blowoff top?

maybe a spike on bad news? ok, then would not a unexpected spike on bad news play from an au stock downtrend, considering the paper will lead physical on tops?

if so, and we only got @$20 US bucks left in yardage; then methinks next week, closing out 3rd quarter AND US government fiscal year, will be of some import moreso than these glorious 12 weeks preceding...

9.25.03    Reminisces of Lauglin

Remember the biker fight vandals et. al. vs. angels et. al. in laughlin last year?

when there is in-fighting at the local thieves guild, it is not because business prospects are poor, just that a bigger non-union thief has arrived to stay.

angels, nomads, vandals, etc. used to have enough routes when supplying meth produced in s. and central calif. to casino workers. however, in the late 80's ( esp. beginning in summer of 86 with the phony manufactured and yet so real marijuana shortage on the west coast and the corresponding unreal massive amounts available of cheap powder ) mexican mafia stepped up big time, and the bikers fight over what's left.


Start of Fall; Fall in bonds?

Bond response to currency woes

Sept. 19 the US Dollar drops significantly, forecasting actions and decisions that would be made by the G8 conference. Early am Sept. 22 the dollar drops significantly again, as the Yen jumps like it has been goosed, with a correlating and significant sell-off of the Nikkei and a spike in the price of gold. The G8 meeting was prefaced by the hollow US threat of trade tariffs or other barriers against China should she not promise to float the Renminbi at some future date.

Would love to have been a fly on the wall at that G8 meeting. Despite official pronouncements about the 'strong dollar policy', the reality is that US politicos desperately need a further substantial drop in the value of the US dollar above and beyond the @22% drop experienced so far in the previous year.

Will the Bank of Japan, and other central banks comply, and not buy US Treasuries? Or will more friction foment? Was the very recent bond rally another fake-out? How can US insistence that its major trading partners NOT buy US Treasuries be supportive of bonds at this juncture? What is the argument for a strong bond market at this point?

9.18.03    about mercury

(answering a couple questions posed)

}Lots of news lately about mercury in the water.
} don't know the form of the mercury....ionic or
} free, dissolved metal.

Two important things you gata keep in mind 1 ) Hg is transition metal. 2 ) Of all transitional metals, Hg is superlative imo. In transition, how else do you think my 'mercurial' qualities could trasnpose from demi-god to mere mortal? Why is one who is mercurial ever shape-changing, ephemeral, shrewdness, eloquent, quick and dark/moody? Absolutely fascinating element, perhaps my favorite after C, and Au.

Mercury is a b!tch to speciate. U gata have great control when conducting lab speciation. Methodology is cold vapor atomic fluorescence. If u want more technical lab info, google EPA 1631. Basically, u can measure it as total, dissolved, total and dissolved methyl mercury, and if ure really good, as II.

In water:

you have to remember that mercury isn't usually found in water because it usually isn't LOOKED for in water. most scientists looking for mercury are looking for it in fatty tissue, as mono-methylmercury. Water will sequester Hg so it isn't bioavailable. Nobody really looks for it in water. Some look for it in soil and sediment where it is much easier to both qualify and quantify.

U can methlate in toluene,
U can demethylate using gas strip/sparge; and dry alkali soils will demethylate to CH4

For whatever reason, I have happened to live in two of the biomes in N. america with the worst mercury issues, SF Bay and Carson River Sink.

However, Ima going to look into my crystal ball and guess that you are actually referring to mercury in water in s. america. Maybe brazil and current micro mining techniques? Am I right?

Something ( among the many things ) that amuses me, is how many of the anti-mining environazis don't realize how mining actually developed most of the metal remediation methods currently used today!

}Mercury amalgamates with gold, but I don't know
}what amalgamates means ( yeah, I know, I'm a
}chemist, but I don't know the answer to this
}particular question ) .

Yeah, amalgamation is absolutely fascinating! Think of it this way, you are trying to marry two metals, and you have to use any way to get them to stick together except temperature. So, does pressure count?!?!
Amalgamation is both chemical ( allodial ) and physical ( partition, adherence, adsorption, absorption ) . Ah yes, mercury and gold - battle of the two grandest metals.

} If the contamination is the free metal, could
}you remove the mercury contamination by passing
}the water over an ultrathin layer of gold, like
}a gold plated radiator? If you drop a
}thermometer in your house, and the mercury
}vaporizes, can you remove it by putting gold
} coins throughout the rooms?????

R u for reals here?

Think of alloidal composition; where the base is over %50. More like dropping a gold coin into a vat of mercury rather than getting particles to cleave to the coin. Are u talking molecular-thin?

Gold-plated as in steel or aluminum with gold on top for prettiness? You wouldn't even have the Hg in contact w/ au. moreover, the radiator implies heat, and therefore you don't have true amalgamation.

As far as the thermometer in the house, and removing using gold coins - that is hilariously funny. A great image, but won't work.

Now, you tell me why. Some clues:

Boiling point: 674.F
Vapor Pressure: 0.002
Vapor Density: 7.0
Specific gravity: 13.5939

Boiling point: 1950F
Vapor Pressure: ??
Vapor Density: ??
Specific gravity: 19.3

Why is vapor pressure measured in millimeters mercury?

Also, I don't care how pure you think your Phillharmonics are, it ain't pure gold.

For a public safety message: do not try this at home.
Mercury can be present in old electrical equipment and thermostats.
Proper ventilation is essential!!!
Mercury can enter you body by all routes of exposure.

There are specifically designed spill kits for mercury ( basically a vacuum separation method )

really, don't even get near it if you don't have to.

In other words, don't feck with me...

Gold, on the other hand, is very friendly. Go buy some tomorrow!!!

( discussion on Gold/ammonia fulminates for a different day, he he he )

9.9.03    200 day moving averages and cycles

Look what happened to BGO when it last kissed its 200mda at @1.14. probability calls a sell – fifth attempt ( previous four failed {notwithstanding arguments over wave counts/and ability for certain waves to pierce moving averages for the sake of this discussion point} ) at the 200mda while above the 100dma - which I did ( 40% ) and paid dearly for the mistake in last 2 months. ( dontcha cry for me though, this old $ {bgo @.66} went to more cde/drooy, along with new $ into iag/wht; more buys than sells in last 3months makes for a happy goldbug today ) yet stock slices through 200mda and more than doubles from there = Bull Market Action.

So the working thesis is – those indicators that portend a switch from cyclical au stox bull to cyclical bear ( in a larger secular move ) within next 6 months should be subtended by larger cycle indicators. For example, umpteenth approach of 200mda from below fails to fail because the larger cycle ( therefore; a secular au stox bull ) over-rides lesser cycle indicators.

Following this point, argument reason dictates that seeming turn from cyclical au stox bull into cyclical bear at 5down/3up year cycle will only succeed if secular au trend is a bear. Others postulate a 3/5 ratio is more apropos if we are, in fact, within secular au bull. Moreover, would not the 8 year cycle be subtended ( or, at a minimum, function as a harmonic node ) by any larger cycle in play = k wave?

So we all gata ask ourselves two questions:
1. are we in secular au stocks bear or bull? This answer drives medium term trades.
2. Do larger cycles subtend smaller ones? If so, what does the K-winter mean for your medium cycle indicators?

If we ARE NOT in beginning of K-wave winter, nobody can blame you from taking your ( now ) more numerous marbles and leaving to play in a bigger circle.

If we ARE in beginning of K-wave winter, what other circles will have an increasing supply of both marbles ( as Price of Au ) AND players; and more players than marbles at that?

Appreciate any thoughts...

( wave multiple vs. overtone harmonic discussion excepted[e.g. shade of hues] )


9.9.03    so, u don't believe hope and dreams come with a premium, eh?

look at a wedding planner magazine ( or the whole rack-full of them )

Nobody ever went broke selling hopes, dreams, and fantasies...

9.9.03    International opinion of Mali

Mali music festival is doing much to improve outside opinion IMHO.


9.9.03    What is in a name?

People make fun of me cuz I bought GOLD ( and previously GOLD nee GFI ) for the simple reason of its ticker symbol. Hey, wanna argue performance?

( well for sake of some semblance of accuracy and fairness, amongst perhaps a couple other reasons )

Why do CC mint dollars sell at higher premium than their S-mint brethren?

What is in a name?

Well, for one thing – HISTORY
( and the romance of golden nostalgia for the ways of the olden days, especially in the fading light of 2003 playing upon the broken dreams unfolding anew )

You are who came before you

Is it not a joke to compare a newfangled african holding company to the now-lowly-non-PE CDE?

Well, what history does the new paper have?

And compare that to what is now behind ( and what some may speculate shall arise again ) behind CDE.

How do you put a multiple on hope
( and who cares as long as you sell INTO it )

Ah, those beautiful sunshiners...

What is in a name
Look back real far
Why does it matter
What is in a sound


9.9.03    yesterday's CDE intraday low

so what was cde intraday low yesterday, 3.22 or 3.23?

9.6.03    IRS vs KUGLIN

A watershed case. Bring up this one when some clown tries to tell you the federal income tax is mandatory.  Then note what Hammurabi determined about law (much less garbage regulation and arbitrary decision rules): the people must respect the law for it to be valid.

In this case, plainly, the people agreed the IRS cannot present a case for mandatory income tax payments.

First you heard about this one? Gee, wonder why...

9.6.03    How many places have you actually set foot to think “I am the only man who has ever stood here”. 

 About 3 years ago I was on a @12,000 summit in the sierra Nevada, off the established trail,  when I got to the top of the hill, I wasn’t exactly sure which of the two peaky looking outcrops was the true apex. I picked one of the outcroppings and meandered over to it. Sure enough, there was a small glass jar. These jars hold a small notepad and pencil and serve as registers. People who make it to the peak sign in their names or thoughts on the scenery/ascent. This particular register cracked me up as the first sentence read “yep, this is the true peak”. Per memory the register was placed in 1987 and only four other people had signed the register. So, someone treads this spot only once every 3 years or so. Pretty good for a very scenic location in the lower 48. {and for those who haven’t been able to hack my identity through this amazing computer security system I have in place

(right) all you gotta do to crack me is climb mt. schoefield.  Worth the trip for a pretty sight!) 

9.6.03   US Highway 395 between Reno and Mojave area

one of the most spectacular 300 mile stretches in the lower 48.

you could easily spend a summer exploring the area within 50 miles of this corridor: tahoe, comstock lode, sierras, bodie and other ghost towns galore, hot springs, amazing hunting and fishing, fascinating geology, and on and on and on.

just a summer barely scratches the surface. 20 years for me and i am still plotting my next getaway.

guess it's about time for another NV story telling session. better start hitting the keyboard...


9.6.03    One more car-tour (Ca highway 49) book published about the California gold Country

there are many similar tomes out there on the shelf about the ca gold country

especially compared to the amount available in the genre for the nevada or alaska stories/travel circuits.

many people don't realize that ( imo ) highway 395 presents just as enthralling a story of the mining history in teh west, and even better scenery and territory, than hiway 49. of course,the path is not quite as accessible from the bay area, and therefore doesn't have the same market.

what caught my attention was the name of the publisher - Malakoff.

that was the name of the largest CA hyrdraulic mining system in the Sierra Nevada. now one of the larger state parks devoted to the mining story. was just up that ways a couple weeks ago.

great to see some of those ol timer miners progeny keeping the stories alive.

SO MANY stories buried like the ghost towns. hard, brutish, and short life for many of those men and women. even when they had a story to tell, and the time to tell it, they had to be careful who they told it to...


9.6.03    CDE sellers/shorters: is THAT all you got!


Under 2% decline, after the recent DOUBLE and 10% dilution!

What more do you need for a demonstration of strength?

I was waiting for a rout at 3.22 ( and a few others ) that never came.
( nothing like shouting out my stops to the listening world, eh? Course, in this market they b climbing so fast, don't much amount to a hill of beans )

Here's mercury frothing at the mouth, more uppity than ever B4, expecting the hit that never comes, each week a little better than the last!.

Anybody price local physical au today? NASTY spread in my neck of the woods.
You best have a source locked in. not everyone is going to be able to jump in those seats at the same time when the music stops.

And a coda is only recognizable as different from the theme when the music actually DOES stop...


9.6.03    More groovy action in the precious metal stocks, though for those complaining

Maybe time to look around the company u keep
New 52weekers for AU, ABX, ASL, GLDR, KRY, etc.

Not to mention consecutive 52 highs for the ever lovely iag and wht.-10%!!!

Hey, even Rangy and HL were up a penny; showing who b who and what be what
( and trying not to notice that calvf, rysmf, and itro matched the penny performance while making a multiple of btw 1000-10,000% in performance )

any system that has you out of this pm action at any point in the last couple month
deserves some serious scrutiny from a jaundiced eye

averaging up in a bull is better than averaging down in a bear!
Don?t miss the gravy b.c. you are tied to dogmatic bumper sticker tradings pithiness like ?won?t go chasing performance?

i, too, keep expecting the hammer to hit; but after the last couple months, even a nasty and quick three day/15% loss is a currently manageable risk considering this run...


9.6.03    If you're doing shots, make it goldshlager

how bout this for an imbibing idea:

colloidal silver with pieces of the metal floating around the bottle, just like goldschlager.

while ag is still cheap, you could use a silver thread/bead around the bottle mouth - like those champagne glasses/china u never get a say in when picking out the wedding registry...

call it: the silver gullet
or agcolloid
or the silver suspender


9.6.03    And how 'bout them US unemployment numbers!

Hedonics, eh?

After all the talk on improving employment picture mr bush prattled on about while in the factory states last week, u can bet those number were packaged with the best wrapping paper availabl. such as enron option certificates or maybe bechtel ?not to exceed contracts?...



9.6.2003    Thrift Nation


Now it is becoming hip to be thrifty in the US.   The leading fringe are starting to swim against the tide of Madison avenue pressure-sales that has come to dominate the spending habits for the last 80 years.  Although on a federal level the debt bubble is reaching up the parabolic curve, and at the domestic level the debt crises has/is culminating with the nasdaq/housing bubbles - at the individual household level the new trend is to tighten the belt, realize savings, be thrifty and generally save money by all means available.


On the national level, the trend is realized as the first upturn in US household saving rates in quite some time.


Some interesting elements of this back-to-value paradigm to notice and examine:


  One up and coming shows on cable TV challenges participants to go to a flea market or garage sale and find the best deal as a contest. The best deal is determined by comparing the difference between what the widget was purchased for at the flea market vs. what the gadget sells for on Ebay.  


Viewer ship for Antique Roadshow is very high, with the dreams of turning your junk of the family fireplace mantle into a tidy wad of cash.


Flea markets are competing with brick and mortar stores.  No longer content to simply parcel out used wares, flea market vendors are selling new commercial goods at discounted rates in ever increasing volumes and niches.


Whereas many of the younger generation are still falling susceptible to the debt-pushers, especially via credit cards collected during their first week at college, a rising number of people are realizing the debt mistakes that they, their siblings and parents have made.  Think of one of their sign offs, “keep it real” and the meaning to live as yourself and not a parody - don’t get trapped in the illusions. 


The whole instant text messaging with repeated and extended use of abbreviations and acronyms is yet another expression of economy-of-scale.


The 1999 millennium bug scare started a whole new generation thinking about, even if only subconsciously, what they would do when the system broke down and the lights went out.  911, CA and east coast blackouts were more echoes of the same condition, or perhaps warning/message. Get the wheels turning: how can I help get out of the hole I am in – total dependency.


Listen to the increasing market share and following of the financial advisors on the radio dial.  Most noteworthy, is the burgeoning switch in niche from the get-rich-quick via the internet stocks (and later options) to the newer genre of financial talk show hosts talking about how to save money and get and stay out of debt, represented by people such as Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard.


People are catching on, better to spend an hour at Fatwallet looking for and posting about freebies than spending the hour window shopping at the mall.   Of course, anybody looking for some ways to cut back on expenses, simplify, and gain some financial understanding, or just get a glimpse into the mindset of those doing just that, would be most well served by spending some time at Sharefin’s excellent site.


As ‘they’ say, consumer spending accounts for 2/3 or so of US economic numbers; what type of ramifications will this new era of budget tightening produce? Or is the number of those preparing now still likely dwarfed by those spending as if there is no tomorrow; that group who will cut back on excess only when there simply is no other choice?


The credit dragon is groping and clutching for all those still on the ground and not yet riding on her back.  Around my ‘burgh, these signs just went up two weeks ago: “Own a Home – No down payment needed.”  I saw the female half of one prospective young couple furiously scribbling down the phone number presented on the sign onto the palm of her hand, with that unmistakable gleam in her eye speaking to “what COULD be and WE DESEVE IT.”  Perhaps though, better to dance with that partner when not sitting; sitting down in a 2002 truck probably also obtained on credit.  Those signs are the exact inverse of the “We buy homes” signs that the bird-doggers and the hard money loaners have used to entice those on the edge to sell their equity before the foreclosure beast stole what was left. Now we see just the opposite – the enticement is to trade the scraps of equity and liquidity remaining for a full supply of never-ending smack. Sure, the supply won’t dry up, but neither will the amount available on credit increase. And the diminishing effectiveness of the fix will wear out over time, leaving…despair?


Unmistakable though, there is a chill in the air.  Though most do not realize yet that the chill is the early front of the coming financial winter, they still have the decent common sense to get back in their homes and turn the heat up, or put on that extra layer of clothes (as they already have the extra layer of fat).


The balance has not yet settled in one position over the fulcrum...


9.4.03    US Infrastructure

Let's rebuild france, germany, japan, skorea, haiti, afghanistan, iraq; and let our own rot.

Yep, that's ( t ) reason for ya!


9.4.03    SGR

Anybody been looking at SGR w/ me? Interesting action!

Combining energy AND infrastructure...

8.29.03  Nice energy/resource/holding company

i offer this one for the classical entertainment purposes only: IDA might not be the worse timing...



8.28.03    On eBay

here are just four examples of ways to buy cheap on ebay:

1. the gamble
on the gamble angle, you are making a wager on on of several possibilities such as:
- a coin is in better shape than indicated by the picture or description;
- you come in second on an auction. the high bidder doesn't pay, the seller emails and asks if you are interested. note: this never happens b.c. it is against ebay rulez ; )
- something advertised as unsearched actually is unsearched
- an example of something i saw recently: a 1916-d mercury dime was being offered as a FAKE. the seller said the mintmark was in the wrong place and looked funny. then teh seller added a blurb the day of auction closing which said that he took the coin to a dealer who thought it looked ok. the seller posted he wasn't sure if he would close the auction. so, either a ) the seller reneges on teh sell b ) the seller was honest, and the closing bid of $75 bought a $1000 coin c ) it is a fake and you are out your WAGER of $75 ( and the later post about taking the coin to the dealer was a bit of fine marketing technique by the seller to run up the bid on a fake coin! )

2 ) buy wholesale and sell retail

3 ) you save money, even when paying postage and handling, by not having to travel to a store to buy coins b.c. you live way in the boonies, don't have a car, etc.

4 ) make a profit on other peoples ignorance or mistakes. this can be done either inadvertently or intentionally. personally, i don't think it is ethical to do this intentionally. here is an example:

a coin is advertised as a 1925 mercury dime; the auction is a little boring and hasn't received many hits. however, you hit b.c. you are screening for mis-advertised auctions b.c. you KNOW that if the coin has a mintmark it is worth MUCH more than the plain dime. and lo and behold, the photograph shows a mintmark, either b.c. the seller missed it or doesn't know the difference, and you profit on the mistake. software can aid this method.

sometimes you go into a coin store and see the proprietor has mislabeled a coin and is selling it for less than it is worth. i point this out to the seller. but, that is face to face and pretty easy to do. i feel much fewer people would take the effort to email an ebay seller to point out their mistakes. as you see with the foodfights on the internet, people will stoop to behaviors on a keyboard they wouldn't do in person...

of course, there is also fraud. mail fraud of the pasts with a few updated tricks.

the reason i like ebay is b.c. it is basically a free price-quoting service. shows what is hot and what is not. forget what the book value is, the ebay market determines the real price!


8.28.03    Nasdaffy 5th wave?

well, i'm betting the cycle is closer to top then bottom' as i posted last night, i am now beggining to close out tech positions i established around this time last year ( holding some profits as new core ) .

expect some strong action around/after us labor day, and then???



8.28.03    The Golden Spike, Rivet, and Nail

a golden spike sealed the coming together of two railroads started from both the east and western us coasts to form the first n. american intercontinental railroad.

a golden rivet was the last rivet used on the decking of the golden gate bridge spanning the golden gate of california ( though the rivet was actually too soft to hold at 22k ) ( another tidbit, for all the bitchin' we do on teh global bankers, it was a global banker - the founder of bank of america, that got the bridge built )

for the trifecta:

it will be golden nail that seals the coffin of the international fiat. ( just don't hold your breath )



8.28.03    Australian Miners

Last time i looked at Aus. miners must have been almost 3 years ago and i thought they all looked pretty terrible as a group.

now they all are starting to look pretty good as a group.

definitely time for the merkans to start putting some stock in african/oceania/asian if they haven't done so already imvho...


8.28.03    two girls on each arm; my dates of late IAG and WHT

we been all high together

but out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention, and our eyes met.

you know how when your eyes meet and there is that oh-so-minimial-nanosecond yet undeniably real spark/click when two sets of eyes meet for the first time...?...

well there she was, ivn

nobody really talks about her much, i guess she don't get around much and that's ok too.

but i have been whispering her name wistfully at those times when no other undue pressures of the world lay on me...

ivanhoe, ivanhoe,

and then i think,

if i am so smitten with this new one, even if we are just ships passing in the night ( as my dance card is pretty full right now )

why am i calling her a hoe?

like some cheap wanna be rap artiste?!?


8.28.03    US Consumer spending/retail numbers

yoe, the $400 child tax rebate check blown for pencils, notebooks, CDs, videogames, designer chinese clothing and laptops from walmart ON TOP OF the bleeding orgy of spending at IKEDA for deluxe noveau home furnishings for the domestic 4 walls that supplied the retail wad of cash for the spending in the first place in the form of maxing out that re-fi pot under the rainbow and endless summer of home equity credit line.

full circle - oros boros

thats gonna support sustained recovery, yep.


8.28.03    CDE: Volume precedes price

and this level of volume wasn't from a handful of goldbugs.

some mgrs been watching this baby for quite a while, liked what they saw ( some serious chop licking on the LT chart ) , and finally got over institutional inertia to pull the trigger.

the bigger the boat the greater the turning radius.

so which direction is the boat turning; and is it carrying payload now, or looking for freight?


8.28.03    Investing in the Philippines or American Colonialism


some feel that america is just starting our colonialism period with the current 'most excellent adventure in iraqistan.'

not so, spanish american war was our first colonial effort off the n. american plate.

fact is, we administered phillipines as american colony for about 30 years.

the coin of that realm was a 'colonial dollar'; silver, minted in san francisco, designed for circulation in our colony of the phillipines; .800 fine 20 grams.


would you buy other non-au investments in the PI bourses?

Any currency or political concerns?

How do you feel about Phillipino direction and room for growth vis a vis their asian neighbors?


8.28.03    Outstanding: Today's HUI action

considering yesterdays amazing performance. thought today would be step back for sure. increasing resilience of these au stox, during what has been a seasonally weak period is quite intriguing.

- the board is dead;
- the bugs are cautious;
- mercury keeps expecting to get creamed in the Great Spike Down; wants to sell and book some profits, yet barely restrains from hitting sell buttion; only to see new 52 week highs and incredible buy volumes in a couple stocks w/in the portfolio; not too mention new 52 week highs in several other formerly lagging stox such as abx, asa, pdg. when the long term sector dogs are reaching new highs, rotation cannot fulfill the full role of culprit, nor can a milestone be denied.

the silence is deafening...




8.27.03    a nice day, A REALLY NICE DAY

guess i get creamed tomorrow.

mebbe then i'll get blustered enuff to call out those who made fun of me expressing my amorous advances toward cde at 1.28 - and this wasn't 3 years ago either! not many fellow cde friend back then...

oh those glorious days of a few months back...

crowing like a red headed rooster - bad idea; bad precedent, road not to travel, could get me naming names re: those who made fun of me buying gfi ( as GOLD ) at 4.15 and doubling at 2.75.

could get me creamed tomorrow

yep, calling out names a REALLY BAD IDEA.

since, we all know who's out and short anyway! ( and those long since given up at POG 276

otoh drooy now got me worried again
otooh kgc and iag showing some nice vol patterns


8.27.03    Confiscation

i'm betting on it! long and strong

where the real money is made

guess it's time to put together the primer again on the proper ways to , uh, 'store' physical.


whatever you do, if you keep it in flashlights

make sure to leave some room for the bulb


8.27.03    Treasure

"Way back in 1980 I attended an auction which included a number of box lots.
Nothing to get excited about. One of the boxes contained approx 20 old flashlights
which were of no interest to those attending .When it came up only one
person bid and he left immediately upon winning them. In talking to him outside I asked
what in the world he would do with them. He opened one of them an it contained
approx 50 walking liberty half dollars. Silver was then at approx $20.00 per ounce
and he had approx 1000 of these coins. He was the only one to open them prior
to bidding as we thought the weight was the batteries. Who thought a box lot of
flashlights would be the buy of the auction?"..Al in New York


The Collectors Newsletter #164 Aug., 2003


8.27.03    When they finally come to ask...

When someone finally breaks out of their shell to ask about au stox, i been sending them to nem and hmy.

and then ask THEM to tell me the difference btw nem and hmy, and the difference btw xau and hui b4 we talk much further.

gata start somewhere.

and don't see 2 much reason to change course now.

or, when i'm really feeling generous -

i take out a zinc penny that has been in the soil for a couple months, rotted, pitted, holed, i.e. garbage.

and then show a MS65 circa 1905 indian head penny;
or a 2.5 dollar indian head gold; or a 2002 AE gold eagle DPML; or a 36 mercury dime that had been in the soil a few decades and still smiles pretty showing her rugged profile through thick and thin...


8.26.03    on E*Trade

- fills can take longer than one might like
- they booked by 2002 ROTH payment in 2003 despite the memo line of the check
- they STILL don?t have GSS quotes showing right following the merger
- my biggest gripe is that the page times out WAY to quickly, and I can?t seem to get it adjusted
- their surcharge added this year of 2.99 per trade really grilled my tofu burger, especially after the buy out package given to Costanzas

- on the plus side, they have a reasonably decent track record getting both my GTC and limit orders filled and sells at the right price
- their customer service phone line is usually available very quickly to solve problems ( though I usually call late night PST )
- their paper trade receipts have not had any errors that I have been able to catch. ( I have caught SOOO many Bank of America errors {all in their favor} that I no longer consider them ?errors?. Outright slamming in a couple of instances ) .

we also use Ameritrade and AG Edwards. Personally, I am beginning to favor AG Edwards for the larger trades and portfolio. I just found out the whereabouts of two old acquaintances of mine in the midwest who happen to work for AG Edwards. Both of them are VERY solid individuals.


8.26.03    starting to sell off techs that i bought last aug/sept)

as previously posted. i ( mistakenly ) lightened up a tad in January. overall, had a very good run, but the then-easy looking pickings don't look so easy right now. time to rotate the stox stock - 52 week tax holds. will keep small positions of profit as new cores for the long haul.

last Wednesday, had planned to sell some of the PM stox as of this ( Monday 25th ) afternoon. however, this afternoon came and i changed my mind. in my mind, the broader PM market, and especially some of these issues i hold such as gss, cde, bgo should have sold off more than they actually have; exhibiting surprising strength. no new news and inactive markets are supports here, no distractions.

last two stox i bot, 'bout 3 weeks back, were iag and wht.

basically, i am now where i was around 18months ago, nothing looks very enticing.

pharmaceuticals have been bloodied a bit as of late, could be some bargain bins thereabouts.

hope you took advantage of the 2003 US mint silver proof sets; this whole business about the error in the certification paper could already add a quick premium. not that these sets have done poorly in the last 4 years of issue, not by a long shot.


8.26.03    Spent some time on the Feather River last weekend

saw @7 dredgers in the water just within a couple miles of Quincy. one of the higher concentrations of river dredgers one will find on a river in the western Sierra Nevada. many of the other rivers have practically seen the dredgers run off by the do-gooders ( merced, tuolumne, consumnes ) . kern, yuba, and feather are the more gold-friendly river communities from what i have seen. american river has seen so much arguing in the last couple decades that it is hard to separate flumners/panners/dredgers from all the other issues on the water imo.

( kern and feather also have hot springs right on the water's edge. always a plus in this panner's book! )


8.26.03    palladium

u know how when you're, like, um, all cruzing the mall...

like totally scoping out the betties and everything...

and the dudez in those skanky jewelry shops are like a vulture all over the road when after my celica leaves some gnarly road kill on the pavement as they push their way past some guy who is picking up a carat ringer for his betty on 4 different credit cards and lay some massively heavy fire down "dude! u totoallly gata check out my warez"

and you're all like "whatever dude. can you show me anything in palladium"?

and then the jewelry hawks/vultures sulk, turn and walk away...

so u can go back scoping on the hotties in the mall... ( who are buying the junk 'charm bracelets' for their nieces ) .

8.15.03    What you should know about digging for gold in NV 

If you are digging for gold and happen to dig up some significant archeological artifacts over 100 years old they will bust you with ARPA and loose the booty; perish the thought you dig up a native ceremonial or funerial site as you’ll get hit on the side of the head w/ NAGPRA too.

On the other hand, should you be digging for arch sites with a State permit, and happen to find gold, you can keep half the arch treasure and the state gets the other half; and keep all the gold (though I still wouldn’t go flashing the nuggets to and fro)

Funny how that works, eh?

gata love nem nevada revised statutes!


8.15.03    A blessing in disguise - the blackout

Think how many children in NYC have never even seen mars before! Tonight is their chance.
If you can’t bring the children to the pitch black of the countryside, then Mars ( my rising sign ) will bring the pitch black to them.

Of all the beauties of California/Nevada – the night sky of the Great Basin is one of the finest! Darkest night sky in the lower 48.

The flip side – when people start to realize what they’ve been missing. Nah, that ain’t gonna happen.



8.14.03    Bonds

Auction on 8/7 for the 10 year Treasury Note was subscribed at 2.0, which is almost exactly at the usual and average coverage rate.

(repost to proper thread location)

After the dismal 3yr, auction on 8/5, I found the subsequent two auctions a little too perfect for my taste; i.e. someone made 'the call' Monday evening.

Who buys these notes?

The largest buyers are the central banks. The Bank of Japan has historically been one of the largest purchasers. As of late the reason has been to keep the dollar propped up, against the current reversion to the mean trajectory - which is down.

The Fed, of course, buys up oodles and oodles, as this is how they make money on top of money.

As notes mature, the Fed buys new notes on open market conditions, such as this weeks auction, profiting from the interest bearing notes. Hence, the long term holders are much more concerned with coupon versus yield since the asset price fluctuation is not nearly as important for the long-term holder as the return on the asset.

Last year, the Fed sold over $24Billion in T-Notes.
Who does the fed sell to? Why, the US Treasury of course!

8/13/03: very poor day for US Bonds
starting to look like 1987 rather than 1998 as I earlier postulated, even a more bearish scenario.

everything plays out in its own way with the fullness of time.
metals spook paper as derivatives unwind.



8.14.03    IRS vs. KUGLIN

why pay income tax? Kuglin didn't, and a jury of her peers failed to convict her on the count of tax evasion. August 11, 2003.

the best thing - a google search on "IRS vs KUGLIN" returns a whopping 516 results. wonder if the number of hits will be lower or higher next week...

who owns your news source? got clear channel?

(NOTE: In April 2005 I performed another google search on IRS vs KUGLIN and got another dizzying total of 682 hits; and this for a LANDMARK tax law case. The following searches all received greater hit totals:


IRS vs. Popeye

IRS vs. Mercury

IRS vs. Casper the Friendly Ghost

IRS vs. Santa Claus

IRS vs. Mars

IRS vs. Pluto

IRS vs. Spiderman


Obviously the fact that every major news outlet in the country seemed to have missed this story in the past two years is just a convenient

set of circumstances, to be sure.  Moreover, I was just lucky - one in a million odds - guessing this would happen...)


8.14.03    The coming shortage of Gold and Platinum

could happen if this microbe gets out of control

read here:


pretty rich, eh?
i actually do believe there must be a microbe that eats gold. every niche is filled whether we are aware or not.
yet, not sure if this guy has found the actual bug with the claim to fame, as i am somewhat suspicious of the news source. then again, when it comes to news sources:
who to believe,
who to believe...



8.11.03    Socioeconomic pressure on Nevada gold mining

NV is the largest US ag/au producer.
NV has been the fastest growing us stat ( % ) for eleven or so years running.

people need space, water and power
mining needs space, water and power

NV has lots of space, very little precious water and a so-so yet dynamic power base.

how long will the two major NV growth industries, mining and growth, co=exist?


8.11.03    Northern Nevada biggest event of the year concluded today: Hot August Nights

Estimated 450,000+ tourists to this years event! Reno hotel rooms only 220,000. Hotels booked for a 100-mile radius.

Some of those people will return and build new subdivisions. I remember the first hot august nights event in 86? at the A&W Root Beer - maybe a hundred or so of us. The town has doubled since then.

Where is all the water for the mines and the new subdivisions going to come from?

Did I ever tell you about the petrified redwood near the smoke creek desert?



8.11.03    South African labor problems; is it that time of year again?

( NEM negotiations ) . Labor situation in North America ain't so hot either or so eye hear.

"ELKO ? Union workers have overwhelmingly rejected a labor contract with Newmont Mining Corp. offering raises totaling 8 percent over the next three years.

Some 98 percent of the voting members of
Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 opposed the offer aimed at ending more than 10 months of negotiation, said local representative Frank Herrera.

?It went down bad, real bad,? he told the Elko Daily Free Press"

From 7.25 Elko Daily Free Press


8.11.03    NEM won't have a problem finding laborers

the water and permitting is becoming a different matter!

remember the story of the bentonite mine outside reno i told last year? the saga of Chem-dry and the proposed kitty litter mine that was not approved, ostensibly on 'zoning' issues?

great basin mine watch was one of the agitators on that deal. they now have a new target: NEM



8.11.03    Stove Up

Think sick e.g. with flu

'he was stove up with flu'
stove up - flu

and the homonym flue:

flue-up the stove

last person i heard describe himself as 'stove up' never left his sick bed and died from influenza shortly thereafter. only time i ever heard that phrase spoken. he spoke and lived the trade of mining/forestry/railroading. rip jim.



8.7.03    WHT: Bought in today on selloff

new/first time position in co. lots of shares out there, so i put up a wee grubstake.


8/6/03 3yr T-Note auction: weak action.

Creation of Treasury Notes-

Like all fiat, creation starts with designation; in this case an auction or subscription.

On August 5, 03 the US Treasury held an auction for 3-year Treasury Notes to the tune of $24 USBillion. The bid/ratio was reported at 1.32. The previous T-bill action just 3 short months ago was 1.96. Would have to check, but I believe yesterdays bid/ratio, also known as 'coverage', was the worst since 1973.

Today's auction for 5-yr notes was a much more respectable 2.48 coverage. Obviously, some calls were made last night.

The one to watch is tomorrows 10-yr note auction.

The subscription rate , or coverage, is a demand indicator; in this case the demand is for USDebt, and the demand is weakening.



8.4.03    Interesting how I rarely see posts on the topic of the US Bond Market in the forums!

Is the Bond market not an arena that affects us all?

- Have YOU ever seen bond yields increase so dramatically in so short a time span?

-Will the yields continue up, or is the bond scheduled for another strong showing before turning lower?

- The interest rate on the 30-yr-bond has increased @20% in a month and a half; how will that affect your real estate works?

- Is the lowering of California's credit rating to blame?

- What does the exposure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac derivatives mean to you?

- Did Fannie Mae actually see Its Business Book (mortgages both retained and guaranteed ) increase by a record 26% annualized in the second quarter fiscal year 03? Did their reported (ahem) business volume (Book) for the month of June ALMOST DOUBLE the month of May, the previous record?

-If so, why are these Stocks (FNM and FRE) both (recently) within 10% of their 52-week lows?

- Did Mr. Alan Greenspan's deflation bluff about 6 weeks ago spook the paper holders? Why would he do this?
Did Mr. Bernanke's comments in the last 6 weeks ameliorate or exacerbate the situation?

- Will Mr. Greenspan and his friends at the federal reserve be forced to buy the 30-year?

- Will the fed be forced to offer life support to others who bet the dark side and lost similar to Long-Term Capital Management fiasco of 1998?

- Why were the Treasury Inflation Protected Series and Series-I made so attractive two years ago? Was a bond market bubble designed by intention?

- Did the 10-year (measure weekly) Treasury Note not hit a decades new low last month, with one of the worst consecutive-day actions in US Bond history?

- Why is The United States Treasury department scheduled to offer almost 100 Billion US Dollars worth of Notes for sale within the week?

- Are these T-note sales designed for foreign or domestic consumption?

- Is not the rate of foreign consumption of US bond paper at an all time high? Is this rate sustainable?

- Are the ?bond cowboys? intentionally driving up the long term rates? If so, why?

- Will real estate prices remain a local phenomenon (location, location, location) if the bond bear emerges?
If the 30-yr yields rise, as the interest rates spike, driving up the mortgage rates, drying up the re-finance market (and drying up the commensurate equity money that had been flowing through the economy), and the resultant staving off potential buyers of increasingly expensive properties (higher interest paid); does this impact you?

- What does recent bond action portend for your currency?

How come a topic of this importance to all of our lives is receiving no comment; is it the proverbial pink elephant in the living room that has keeled over and died and now stinks to high Heaven; everyone sees, hears, and smells - but nobody feels empowered to say, much less do, anything?

Most importantly, what do YOU think about the situation?



8.1.03    Thanks to those who ran up CDE intraday

Been right long for a while, traded a bit. was able to book; quit the ga ga stare /window shopping; trade for me new girlfriend IAG.


8.1.03    Silver Thread and Golden Needles

old standard gospel tune.

anybody see that antique roadshow, 2 or 3 weeks back? chinese royalty underwear, made to wear once, sewn with gold fabric. beautiful ( and expensive ) .

in due time
the quality practices of old
will again be in vogue


8.1.03    The environmental planning ruse


Remember the other day how I told ya about how environmental/planning permitting such as superfund designation ( libby mt the example du jour ) was a mechanism for folks to get cheap land? The old ?scare and snare? ruse/noose.

Basically works like this.
1. the rights & resources-takers ( r&rts ) dream up the new scare ( govt has the problem/govt has the solution )
2. the r&rts convince the meanie greenies the new scare is the greatest problem to strike earth since the previous malthusian fantasy
3. the greenies form NGOs to pressure the lawmakers/breakers/takers in power ( working for the r&rts ) and their henchmen, the unsuspecting dupes in the bureaucratic crass
4. the bureaucratic crass force you off the land only by promulgating the lawtakers wishes at the behest of the r&rts.

here is but one of untold number of examples:

no permits: we take u house

we c contamination: we take u house

the all new new merkan way

the pleasantry class are irked at the bureaucratic crass, never get down to seeing the r&rts behind the screen of smoke and mirrors.

Few see the ways of the sell side. Even !fewer! spend the time to learn the ways of the buy side.

The buy side:

Once the owners are out b.c. of toxic waste/mold/lead/ghosts/bad karma/nearby business causing pollution/no permits, the house is now ready for purchase following the pre-requisite 30-40% off the top.

Well, love canal and libby are old news. Here is the all new new real deal: brownfields. An example play:

think redevelopment money. Think flippers. Think tilte insurance. Think rehab and remediation. Think consulting and legal fees. Think environmental bonding. Think environmental insurance.

Look at one of the sponsors of this environment: AIG environmental. Bingo!

AIG ring a bell?

look at insurance rates over the last 24 months, and the brand spanking new definitions of force majeure!

the large mega-international glazi corporations love new environmental regulations. They have the whereithall to hire a couple bureaucratic crass to do the paperwork and pay off the inspectors. The little guy mom and pop business soon go out of said business. Leaving more share for the mega-corps.

Sure, mercury have no mercy with no points ( made; at least coherently ) and no fees, this might affect land values, insurance values, tax rates, and business climate; but how does it affect ME?

Hmmm. Let me thinkalilbit on that one...

Ok. How does it affect reclamation bonds on your favorite nevada miners? Remember the news bitties I was linking/talking maybe 6/8 weeks back about the meanie greenies going after NEM/PDG/ABX promissory reclamation bonds???

( while in battle mountain, remember the hatchet job "armpit of america" jib? Gotta get that land cheap cheap cheap ) . chirp/mewl.


8.1.03    How do they find NV? Usually in a 68 ford F-150.


But different this week: HOT AUGUST NIGHTS

Yes, the biggest party Reno throws. Largest recreational event in the state. Look for @200K people to make the trek to Reno for a celebration of the american automobile/music/culture from the 1950?s.

I-80/5 and hwy 395/50/99 ( well, maybe not 50 ) is solid right now with classic american cars making the sojourn.

Some of those pilgrims end up staying, or coming back, permanently.

Aw shucks, I remember the first year in 85 ( or 86? ) ; there was about 100 or so of us hanging out at the A&W on Kietzke lane. Things change. Some don't - like the prices of some of those rare and beautiful cars.

Making the sojurn. Saw a young couple in a 36 ford cupla weeks ago, they just crossed the golden gate bridge going north. Had Argentina plates on the car and were heading to Alaska. Wonder how many have done that trip in one shot?

Have fun, I will...


7.30.03    Libby/asbestosis/vermiculite


a soil scientist considers vermiculite a type of clay.

the EPA considers vermiculite a carcinogen.

the CAL EPA designated another type of clay, bentonite ( used often in drilling operations, as barium before ) as a carcinogen about three weeks ago.

why start designating clays as carcinogens?

part of the increasingly dire and recent efforts by the regulators, at the behest of the NGOs, to meddle in US agriculture, the last hold-out of superior US production.

if you look into the topic, you will find MANY other examples that just don't quite seem to make it into mainstream reporting...

also, if you really want cheap property, get it designated as a superfund/brownfield site. or, as shown in more recent examples ( Fallon, NV ) , target the 'legality' ( as in compliance with drinking water standards vs. previous tactics of supply ) of the drinking water.

7.24.03    copper

FCX been doing right as of late; as long as you don't let the book value distract.

how bout this baby that tripled last week:

course, they didn't do it on earnings news. more like re-coup of earnings that woulda shoulda coulda happened ifn it weren't for a particular problem in Tonopah:

"I been from Tuscon to Tucamcari, Tehachapi to Tonopah"

how come you never hear a discussion of Kvaerner on this board?

maybe you been thinking this little stock that had the right things being said and done:

they gonna hit it big on the plain in spain, mainly?

well, anytime u mention copper ( one of my old elemental nemeses ) i think of the pre 83 pennies i been putting in a jar. but mostly i think about the big hole - Ruth Copper Pit -outside of Ely, Nv.

you know the hole is big when the town named after the hole get eaten by the hole...


7.24.03    wow, somebody claimed the Ruth copper pit in Utah,

which means it has crossed the state line!?!

that's the problem w/ these copper miners. oh sure, it starts innocently enough with a shovel and a pick. before you know how many shares you won in the finance sweepstakes, the pit has crossed three state lines and swallowed eight towns and four indian reservations...

so when it comes to copper, stick to pennies ( of the 1877 Indian Head variety if possible )


7.24.03    el sordo on the hilltop

listened to the book on tape last month

i obscenity in the milk of your gold shorts;

the derivatives toll for thee...


7.18.03    biosynmethgas targets

As we move ever closer to target looks like thermal over catalytic offgas destruction is the way things are going...


Interesting to read about the high levels of ketone destruction, quite promising.

On the $10 natural gas quote for viability of biometh plant; 
I wonder:

-Is the $10 ng quote independent or dependent on the alfalfa price? Assume dependence only for the non-co-gen plant you described assume independence in a modern co-gen plant:
- Is $10ng in 1980?s USD or 2003USD
- Is $10 quote for return on investment a:

    or simply breakeven point?

$10 return ( even breakeven, much less something approaching cash on cash ) would be amazing considering the quotes NG reached just a few short weeks ago!!! I thought standalone biomethgen was much further out.

My predilection is against standalone biomethgen right now for these two reasons:
- press hyperbole over vectors ( ?mad cow? ?west nile? etc. ) and residual backlash against sludge application on cover crops.
- Increasing regulatory stance against ag feedlots in california.
IMEHO, maybe the 'lost 30 mil' had something to do with the word 'pipeline' in the previous sentence? I was quite serious about the decentralization arguments. A supposition not easily scrubbed.

At the expense of biomethgen/syn; I am QUITE fascinated with biodiesel applications/potential. When those with obvious intellect and knowledge

do not even yet believe the technology is possible, think how early in the production curve we are!!!
Biofuel commercially available today at $3-5 usd/gal and this is from what are essentially mom and pop hippie bathtup operations. Dream of the mass quantity numbers. ( almost every day I drive by either carquinez or richmond, ca refineries! )

Goldbugs are always early and always right ( well, long term that is )

7.18.03   For the Alternative Fuel Skeptic


For those that declare using vegetable oils for lubrication is a far cry from using them for fuel.

Not a far cry at all. The difference between motor oil ( the lubricant ) and motor fuel is the length of the hydrocarbon; about C12-20 for the fuel and C20+ for the lubricant.


whether diesel as a gallon, or

bean as a pound

a calorie is a calorie

all year 'round

For the diehard skeptics:

Thats ok.  Not everybody can believe in organic chemistry.

I am curios, however, how your skepticism might translate into a technical rebuttal of ASTM D6751.

but alas,
i think your skepticism might actually come down to a cynicism; ( not on the alternative fuel - this is a scientific fact, but on the alternative distribution system ) that we can't take on TPTB and the fuel distribution system they have designed for us, and our willingness to send the boys to kill and be killed rather than trying something a little different under the bonnet.

For the doubting contingency that equates hydrocarbon chain capture with fart collection:

actually, its easier to run a town on captured farts than a car.


biomethanogenesis plant. someday your town may have one, mine did.




as previously stated

1. i have seen the production of these fuels first hand.
2. i have ridden in both busses and cars powered by bio-diesel.
3. bio-diesel is currently available commercially near my place of residence at a rate approximately 2-3 times that of standard diesel fuel.

i have provided more than just one link that includes quite an impressive volume on the subject.

as far as the conspiracy goes,

i hold the belief that there are some very powerful people in a large government on this planet that are tied very closely to the oil industry.

and yes, i do find it odd that the majority of individuals in the world have no concept on the capabilities of bio-diesel.

you may characterize it as a conspiracy...

7.18.03    gas chromatography on fuel fingerprints

here's another exercise for the bio-diesel doubters:

take a sample of diesel from your local petro station. take a sample of pine needles from your local forest.

take the sample to your nearby gas chromatography machine at the university or commercial laboratory.

(if u don't want to go to the machine, the machine can come to you. 12KUSD/day, plus fuel.)

look at the fuel signature, called a fingerprint.

what do you think you'll find?

For the doubters from the peanut gallery

peanut oil is not the best fuel. take a look at the viscosity of the oil that separates out from your standard jar of peanut butter.


peanut oil won't work. but most assuredly, a chain of mono-alkyl esters ( fatty acids ) derived via transesterification from vegetable oils or animal fats works absolutely splendidly.

bio-diesel is not peanut oil. it is oil with the esters and glycerines separated out.

and like i sayeth, peanut oil is not the most efficient source. but almost any organic fat can work.

pinenes and turpenes, from the pine trees, are better.

soy is even better than pine.

on and on.
folks, we are just at the beginning of this revolution...

mock now if you must,
we are changing your lives while you sleep...

the bugs wonder why the 'sheeple' can't see the economic forest through the trees. and then they wring their hands about the oil well running dry.


7.18.03    fuel shortage?

there is no shortage of fuel. There isn't even any shortage of oil. The problem lies completely with the chain and lines of distribution (and partially with the chicken littles ).

the Powers That Be don't want different lines of distribution, and they will preserve the status quo.

nobody is freaking out about the lights going out b.c. there is no heating fuel available, except those that are already in the dark, so to speak.

remember all those north/rifkin/ruff and other malthusians predicting the breakdown of the fuel distribution system due to the coming great depression of the 1980s/1990s/Y2K, the big comet, or whatever your flavor?

even that will just be a temporary roadblock.
fact is, there doesn't even need to be a centralized fuel distribution system, though it does provide economy of scale efficiency.

this year is the 100-year anniversary of the guy ( spacing on his name ) who drove a 1903 winston from San Francisco to New York. There were no gas stations then, how did he ever make it?

The reality of the matter is, fuel is actually quite simple to make. I have posted here examples of busses, trains, and cars running on vegetable oil. Marine engines run on vegetable oil between the s. cal coast and the channel islands.

Fact: you can run practically any diesel engine on vegetables and plants grown in your own backyard.

As the first cars were run on a de-centralized fuel system, so shall the last.


There is plenty of time to understand hydrocarbon formation, fuel production, the cycle of oil throughout your city, what happens to the tons of vegetable oils produced as waste by the fat fryers in your city every year, the cost of a gallon of bio-diesel, how to brew it, how the diesel engine works, what transesterification is, and why we go to war over a fuel that can be made out of the beans growing in our own country.

Yes, YOU TOO can learn ALL of this B4 any semblance of a true C12-24 shortage even begins?


7.18.03    Nv miners wages

new survey out in today's RGJ)

"In the mining industry, a major employer in rural Nevada, 83 percent of employers said they pay new machinery mechanics with no experience between $25,000 and $34,000; 50 percent pay the same for machine operators."

rural nv wage pressures are steady...

We need more in our choir singing the praises of the silver state

( mecury gets a little lonely caterwauling in the wilderness, off-key, sequeing a to and a fro )

7.18.03    Fire: A miners concern

always has been, still is ( for any rural NV denizen, really )

fire season ( dry lightning ) basically begins this week...

7.18.03    More CA budget mess

Cal Trans ( state road builders ) say they will start curtailing road/bridge projects on Wednesday if a new budget is not passed ( with a chance in Hades that'll happen ) . CA has really ramped up ( and very much needed ) road/bridge infrastructure in the last few years; could grind the whole operation to a halt and add delays of years into the system; further exacerbating the economic picture. Only construction designed to continue is toll plazas ( go figure! ) .

Unlike the erstwhiley forgiving state employees, contract employees do not accept CA IOUs. Over 200K contract employees may be impacted. And these are good rural california jobs!

then again, the sky has been pretty. hardly ever see clouds come from the SE...

7.17.03    no time 4 gurus, barely time 2 wait


economist Matine Quinzii

anybody follow? she calls for secular equity bear until 2018 based on demographics.


caught him on sacramento 1550. hadn't heard him in number of months. must be b.c. he has no advertisers. listened to him through 4 commercial breaks, all the advertisers were himself. anyway, last time i was listening ( last sept? ) believe he was major bullish on dow, calling for 10k or so. what came, was late. now he is calling for nasdaq 1400; was vague on calling an island top.

think he'll have better luck on this call...


moe ansari

caught him on Sacramento 1550. hadn't heard him in number of months. must be b.c. he has no advertisers, though i certainly enjoy his show. listened to him through 4 commercial breaks, all the advertisers were himself. anyway, last time i was listening ( last sept? ) believe he was major bullish on dow, calling for 10k or so. what came, was late. now he is calling for nasdaq 1400; was vague on calling an island top.

think he'll have better luck on this call...


7.17.03    On the new XAU

fiddle diddle - why i don't like indices. OTOH, y i DO like KGC & DROOY. b.c. they have been very very good 2 me...


7.17.03    Re: NV/CA budget mess

Usually NV likes to copy the screwball ideas incubated in CA. However, the latest transfer of criminality is as reverse osmosis.

Nv legislature (gang of 53?) did pass a budget. Naturally, it didn't balance. It did balance if you considered the increase in taxes proposed. However, an increase in taxes requires a 2/3 legislature majority as required by NV proposition only a few years old. The governor referred the mess to the NV Supreme Court ( mistake # 6,578 ) . Court decided that budget was more important than proposition requiring 2/3 majority for new taxes. Practically everyone involved in NV govt. made an @$$ of themselves...

Of course, CA needs to go one better. Citing NV action, CA legislator states that the NV Court 'recognized that funding for education is more important than tax increases needed for a balanced budget' or some similar such malarkey.

Fun and Games.
( anybody read Crime and Punishment? )


7.17.03    Silver in Advertising

Recent cover of Fortune Magazine. 2003 American Silver Eagle shining as a beacon to all who search financial freedom. The shiny as the shining light guiding our collective way through this maze of mirror and smoke choking out the newest greenery of growth that can only survive and better thrive through the benefit of open sunshine and benevolence by beauty.

7.13.03    Hope I Die B4 I get Old

Take a look at Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers ( CPI-E )
rising faster than CPI-W and the other garbage.

Sux to b old, specially if you're counting on the SSI...

7.13.03    Newspaper Reporting on Nevada Mining

Interesting, the change between the two papers over the last twenty/ten/two years.

The Sacramento Bee used to win Pulitzers whereas the Reno GJ was apparently trying to emulate both the look and substance of USA Today.

However, just in the last 2-3 years, the tables have turned completely. The Sac Bee is a sick joke and the RGJ has been doing some impressive story work as of late. You read the two articles on the same story and be the judge.

Funny how the Sac Bee has just added a 'casino' tab on its news page, considering the first major local casino just opened for business last month. On the other hand, that obscure industry which FOUNDED both the city and the state, namely - gold mining, has never had its own news tab, and gets scant mention.

Well, at least the Bee has the story. And well they should considering the geographic proximity. However, the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Review and Journal are completely asleep at the wheel on reporting this mining story, as with most other mining issues.

Of course, the next local/major paper, the San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner, is completely silent on the issue. They will not run the story until the environmentalists feed it to them. And at that time it will be either a hatchet job or some bizarre example of sensationalism-purporting-as-reporting. Not out of character will it be.

The last story the Sun ran on mining wasn't really even about mining at all, it was about the latest NV tax debacle. Read here:

click here ...

Now, you would think that the Sun, who likes to bill themselves as Nevada's business paper, would do a little more on one of the four industries that the state leads the nation in ( gold mining ) . However, the paper is always late, or usually silent, about mining stories. When they do run something, it is usually from a RGJ or Elko Daily news staff writer, or the press wire service.

The Elko Daily Free Press ( ) has mostly been breaking most the NV gold mining stories. As s subtle irony, they have very recently changed the design of their web page and added a 'mining news' tab - a topic to which they have actually added nothing new since they added the germane subject header.
frankly, I have serious doubts that this project will get off the ground, mostly due to that sector of environmentalists who are trying to shut down all resource-based jobs, and their compliant dupes the rural 魩gr鳠who got theirs and now spend their time shutting down any type of development that means more traffic.

7.13.03     Status of Modern California Gold Mining

Story on recent developments of the Idaho/Maryland mine.

Two links for your reading pleasure. Taken in combination, they provide quite a nice picture of the current state of mining in NV and CA. ( Moreso when taken in context with the other tidbits I provide you, which seem to not make the newspapers b.c. I don't send them in like I once did ) .

How about this quote:

"According to Susan Kohler, a senior geologist for the state's Office of Mine Reclamation, the state will lose 95 percent of its gold production by 2005 as its top five gold-producing mines cease digging."

Or this one:

"For the fourth year in a row, fewer miners were employed in Nevada in 2002 than the prior year, according to the Nevada Division of Minerals."

Or this:

"Earning the highest average annual wages of any Nevada labor sector - $61,578 - the ( mining ) industry employed 8,998 people last year, and supported another 44,000 jobs in related industries."

( Incidentally, the cal. Dept of mines and geology has been absolutely gutted in the last couple months. Same with the former 9, now down to 3, bureaus open in ca. devoted to garnering international business development ) .

Here is the story as the Sacramento Bee sees it:

click here ...

And here is how the Reno Gazette Journal reports the story:

click here ...

7.13.03    Political Viability of Modern Mining

Allow me to explanificate for a moment if you will, using examples other than the mine at hand...

The government-derisive crowd often crows about the vicissitudes of working with the government, especially on those issues where environmental regulations come into play. This crowd sees the effort to shut down resource-based economies in the western US and rightly see it as an effort, apparently by the government, to shut down any ability for a man to make a living off the land; an effort to gather up the crowds in the cities where behavior modification and control is more efficient.

Here is a typical example of a NV story that one who makes this argument might use:

click here ...

[Poor Midas; I passed through about six weeks ago and remember seeing the signs that the story speaks about. Not much left in Midas, except a whorehouse along the highway. Anyway I hardly pass through there since I much prefer 395 as a N/S route over 95. highways 6, 120 and 136 provide ample and BEAUTIFUL access E/W to where I need to go along the 95 corridor.]

Now, the effort to condemn efforts by a man to make a living in the country is certainly well documented. However, What no-one seems to mention is that in many states, ESPECIALLY California and Nevada, the governmental agencies responsible for overseeing the environmental are many times actually pro resources, not so much mining or forestry anymore, but definitely ranching. A case in fact: Just last week the EPA, Regional Water Quality Control Board, was having a public meeting on a waiver to agriculture from Clean Water Act requirements. The board was obviously partial to the ranching interests. The environmentalists in attendance were sophistry shrill shills.

Well, the board wanted to rule in favor of the ranchers, extending a waiver from permitting requirements. However, the environmentalists trumped by showing the board how they passed the extension without public input and therefore violated the bagley-keane and brown acts ( sunshine law ) . Hence, the permit waiver extension was nullified.

That is - the environmentalists triumphed, not by public demand, or sympathy from the government, or from most valid scientific arguments, but from a technical procedure. ( the opposing argument would of course be that the board meant for the waiver extension to fail; but that argument lags based upon my experience ) .

As is the case over and over, the environmentalists ( actually that NARROW but HIGHLY FINANCED and WELL FED WITH PERTINENT AND TIMELY INFORMATION - and hence quite effective ) block that is vigilantly shutting down all resource-based employment in the western US wins not because of their right, based on public support or scientific validity, but b.c. of their well-financed might.

And you won't read this in the newspaper, but you will read it on the internet, only b.c. I told it to you...

7.13.03    US Mines and Miners

There are a few other companies, in addition to what I posted earlier, that operate gold mines in the US: BHP ( Billiton ) RIO ( RIO TINTO ), etc.

I believe Briggs Mine; Canyon Resources is still viable and a few others.

Queenstake now owns Jerritt Canyon
click here ...

Heritage used to have (defunct in 2003) pretty good stuff on the web:

click here ...

Here is a good source, AME, for just the information that you post; though this link is a little dated ( 2001 )

click here ...

For instance, I know the Bullfrog Mine; ABX,  was mothballed ( 2001? ) .


7.10.03    CoinStar (CSTR) off 25% overnight
I say it's overdone. they still have a good business model, namely: put 1$ in our machine and we will give you 93c back. don't think their market is saturated. where else r the peoples going to redeem large amounts of change? bank won't take it. i bring mine to the casino - their hoppers can sort all denominations of change at once. as a matter of fact, the coinstar machines and slot machines have about the same ratio payout. at least in the casino they give you a couple drinks...


(note: This call marked a 4 year low for CSTR)

7.4.03    Pining for Freedom

Bounty on Saddam Hussein and sons

Also known as letters of marque and reprisal.

Looks like Ron Paul guy tried screaming in the wilderness about this one too:

click here ...

Why do u think they didn't try this one BEFORE the mobilization of 250K troops ( some of those sons and daughter ain't coming back. some who do come back will wish they didn't ) , equipment, and destruction of a country's infrastructure? Heck, they could have offered $B dollars for saddam, his sons, his chauffers, doubles, tennis coach, feng shui consultant and every second cousin of each member in the deck of cards and still saved enough to buy a new chevy or two. maybe it wasn't about saddam after all...

7.4.03       Mali

Have a small interest in two gold mines in that country.

Would like to visit there and see the two-day Tarkwa music festival in Mali.

Two years ago my neighbor did a 5-week bicycle trip across Mali. he had nothing but good to say about the people and country.

7.3.03    More Stock Analysis

Looking iffy

Looking kinda funny
RANGY ( at least the sell volume has been dried up; preceding a directional change? )
CDE ( incredible volume increase; preceding directional change up? Due for some action )

To Hard to tell
CBJ, WHT, BGO ( my last call was terrible. Sold @1.14. The 50 ma ( and 13ma ) had kissed twice and then ran away from the 200 ma and at the third approach I thought it would break hard, but guessed down - along with the 200 ma trend. Oh well. )

Looking real good
DROOY ( I nailed the last two turns to the gnats ass. Will probably get hung up around 2.90 ) GSS ( my old girlfriend ) , HL

The one I been staring at most lately...
IAG ( might be having some feelings )


7.3.03    BHP and RIO and LUK

Last week looked over about 10 firms who produce metals as a side gig; BHP and RIO those were the exact two I pulled out for further review. BHP doesn't look so good at the moment. One that should have been on the larger list was Luecadia National ( LUK ) . Looks like they are betting on copper. So am I, picking up pennies out of the gutter...

6.30.03    A small disagreement -  I do not accept that 0=1.

OR - If You Prefer

"What's your point"

You suppose I have a point ( finite ) ? Kant I simply snipe from the bushes, and pounce from a pet peeve of ( non-inductive ) definition when a numbers guy creates new postulations on the nature of zero?

 Hegelian Dialectics?

( Oooohhh, logic! )

my fear is that your acceptance of a good explanification falls into the trap of a false definition via 'the cult of common usage' that Bertrand Russell presents in 'Portraits from Memory'. If it is good enough for you, then it must be good enough for everyone else, eh? Convention be damned. Hey, if you can define it than you own it ? right? Btw, your 'it sounds good, therefore it is logical' is an enthymeme for the books.

]"Crystal clear logic is more important than
]trite math dogma--any day of the week."

rue the day when the good people ( personified in the prototypical aubug as man ) lower their standards such that mathematical principals are nothing more than trite dogma. In this case, what right would we ever have to quibble over the validity of the quoted numbers such as consumer price index as presented from those on high? If we cannot converse without agreement upon definitions, why not just use those that have generally worked well to date. Is the concept of zero that much in need of repair?

However, the deflation/reflation/dis-inflation/stagflation thread does consists of voluminous amounts of definition -clarification-rebuttal-revision-agreement cycles. Perhaps this is inherently necessary given the current conditions and the nature of discourse emanating from the events of the day truly require such finagling over definitions to begin the point of discussion.

Mayhaps you subscribe to Carnap wherein his "Logical Syntax of Language,"
allows the treatment wholly as linguistics and provides two logical languages, one admitting the axiom of infinity, and the other, not.

Or, instead you are a disciple of Gottlob Frege hence logic is normative and not only descriptive? Such that: This is gold. Gold is an element. Gold is element 59 on the periodic chart.

Nevertheless, I do accept ( leaning away from my Baeysian crutch for the present ) this very fine approximation and philosophical proposition of
zero a priori; not to mention a worthwhile attempt at a new wheel. Alternately, should you shy away from any support of the godless
axioms as presented in Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy and prefer to begin ( per your dogmatic characterization ) from logic as logos,

are you therefore not restricted to finite bounds?

If the former, then I suppose my existence approaches zero. If the latter ( as I am inclined ) then my existence
approaches infinity. Of course, the zero definition is only important for those holding onto Boolean rather than fuzzy logic.

I do appreciate my muddy math water as opposed to your crystal cult of clarity! Good stuff.

( and yes, I occasionally make a general ass of myself and correct those who refer to america as a democracy and script kiddies as hackers. Luckily the current cynicism as veneer is metamorphosing my igneous and find the
need increasingly fading ) .

6.30.03    On Mercury

found in the soil at average background level in california of 0.9 mg/kg ( Bradshaw et. al., SCS, 1996 )

potentially lower average in your location. cal. has good mercury veins in the northern coastal ranges.

6.22.03    Sutters Mill State Historic Park

May I reco that u go to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, not the mill site.


Mid-town sacramento, ca. bounded by K/L streets and 26/28th streets. Easy to find (2701 L Street) easy to park (free on sundays).  Outstanding place to visit. The fort has the history and story of the Ca. gold rush and has living history exhibits. That is, park volunteers and employees dress in period garb and work at the loom, blacksmithing, etc. Last time I was there was when the Olympic torch passed through town. The park volunteers were outside, one of them was playing period tunes on a hurdy-gurdy. Don’t see to many people jamming on those anymore.


i had been meaning to do a write up on this place, but never got around to it…


Sutters mill vs. Sutter’s fort


Not to take anything away from visiting the mill site (actually Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park), but I thought the fort offered more to a visitor than the mill site did. Of course, the last time I visited inside the fort, they were celebrating some type of anniversary, so they may have pulled out all the stops that day…

6.22.03    Along CA Highway 49 North

One might be doing the drive of highway 49 from Oakhurst to Graeagle in the Sierra Nevada foothills and California Gold Country. No shortage of historic sites and places related to the gold mining boom to visit along this drive.

Oakhurst ( originally name Fresno Flats ) has a decent museum. A good source tells me there is a platinum vain around Awahnee.
Mariposa also has a living history museum, with gold panning exhibitions for the kiddies. Though really, the Geology museum is a MUST SEE. One might want to take a diversion on hwy 140 from mariposa to Yosemite valley ( 45 minutes unless the busy summer traffic confronts you ) . Along the way one might want to take a hike to Hite?s Cove and see the rusting-away mining machinery from this once bonanza boomtown.

Back on hwy 49, one winds precipitously along the ridges and gorges from Mt Bullion ( where one can take a diversion to visit to Hornitos and see the remains of the original Ghirardelli chocolate factory ) and Bagby ( flooded now under the reservoir ) . Traveling up to Coulterville one may choose to stay in the haunted hotel. At the town of Moccasin is where power is regenerated from the damming of the Tuolumne river, which supplies both drinking water and power to the city of San Francisco. One might drop some coin at the coin store in Angels Camp ( nice guy ) or at the Indian gaming casino in Jackson along the way to visit sutters fort...

6.19.03    MSHA slaps Barrick

what a bunch of fools. like i said about PDG a while back, will not give my hard earned $$ to a company run so poorly that they can't keep themselves from fines and judgements from a governmental agency. shows a complete lack of negotiation skills if nothing else; especially in light of the fact that the supposed safety violations seem farily low-key...

click here ...

bring back Lack!
heh eh hee

6.11.03    sold a chunk of bgo 2day aquired at .65
although i feel the au stox have been holding quite well - considering other market conditions, have not been excited with bgo action as late so sold some into strengh.

perhaps the seasonal doldrums for au and au stox will be tempered this year ( at least compared to the year last ) based upon these factors:

1. the expected drop in pog at start of iraq 'war' was not to the degree experienced in 91
2. the pog rebound has been stronger this time than in 91 following major military action
3. poo is not backing off ( and see nat gas action ) as in last gulf goof
(post script: one of my worse ever trades. BGO took off after this...)

6.06.03    What you should know about buying slabbed coins.

IMO the primary reason one should be buying a slabbed coin is for the purposes of upgrading.  That is, some slabs may have been under graded - especially some of the older ones. The buyer would purchase the slab with the intent of breaking out the coin and re-submitting for a hopefully higher grade. However, one cannot make a qualified determination of true grade by looking at a coin, in a slab, on a computer screen, from an electronic photograph near as well as determining the grade from looking at a coin in your hand.  Hence, one is better off buying slabs in person. 

(Notwithstanding the desire to have some slabs for purposes of documenting heritage or varieties, etc.)

6.04.03    Make spam illegal?

Looooooong time ago Uncle Sam's United States Postal Service used to lose $ whilst having a strong union stuck in his craw' railing against US contract workers.  Then, 'they' developed a neat little trick called optical character reader technology.  Uncle Sam could now process the job using a bar code reader (sprayed on by the OCR) instead of the nasty US unionite or his arch-enemy: the US contract worker.  And for those pesky letters that wouldn't run on the OCR machine?  Uncle Sam thought up a neat little trick.  Why use those notoriously pesky US workers when a foreign labor in a foreign country would do just fine.  Yes, the 14 year-old girl in Philippines or India would look at an image on her CRT of the letter you sent from Anytown, USA.  She would then type in the zip code dictating where that letter would go to, and voila, the letter would arrive.  5 pays 4.  The chinese replaced the indians.  So whady'a know, one of those VERY few things the govt. is supposed to do according to that musty ol' constitution is hired out to the 3rd world. The days of home delivery of mail are numbered.

Why the problems?  US post office fears of increasing postage rates coupled with "junk mail" outrage would grossly cut into the junk mail trade. the post office has the absolute highest profit margins on junk mail...


5.22.03    RE: GSS

and how bout all the pumping lately! egad it paints my buns with a butter so creamy and fine using the surest of stokes.


one of me all time faves, long time longs, old cheapy on the sly filling out the britches - getting bandwagoned a plenty. row, row, row, row.

next thing u know they will start pumping my ex-beloved battle mountain gold...


an whadya u think of that latest pretty installment of the shareholder comix? beauty incarnate. the superhero miner/reclaimer planting those cute 'lil plants all yonder about the nasty scarp. and the superhero partner with the amazing water quality components as x-ray vision testing the still-water-runs-deep with the locals gazing/cheering on in exalted support.


not a bad story.  push the ecolution.


tvx shoulda learned that story b4 getting 86d in greece. lay the type afore someone else gets there first with the ol "mercury in the water - cyanide in your drinking glass story".


(course, that reclamation superhero looks like he tied in a little too low from the carabineer. his fall rope should also not be twisted. 2 hard 2 tell if his neckshade is properly snapped-in as to not impede the impact value of the safety helmet. guess there are a few too many reclaimers to have everyone bottom-belayed {see the portion of another climbing rope in the upper right corner}. but wonder what dead man weight they have on top. are those steel toed, or vibarim soles? why cant i see his seedling planter evenly weighted on each side? or, for those of you anti-plant, wouldn't it be lovely seeing that hill side shotcreted entirely from acast? maybe with a soil nail straw/coconut fiber base taking the full brunt of the portland cement splattering with a vengence for the jungle from the desert {ol christy whitman resigns US fed epa the same day the story breaks on EPA considering clay {vermiculite} a carcinogen in the asbestos vein. oh laydy, the day my 2/1 and 1/1 sheets get grouped with the serpentinituous one and here i am stuck with the day job.)


whadya say Goldie star, should i pencil (with charcoal sketch) the next installment about the "dedication to safety" collectors edition? i work cheap (options).


learn a tale from PDG and don't go paying them safety fines, lest u lose a long-time subscriber...


that is all.



5.19.03    Them NEM problem?


lets not forget the milieu of poor press from last month; here is but an example:
click here ...
additionally, there is the issue of Nevada potentially requiring full reclamation bonds instead of promissory ? this could impact NEM.
So too, the much ballyhoo talk of a NV gross sales receipt tax.
Yeah, verily mercury sayeth, sometimes it's the little things!

5.18.03    US silver coin price performance- 19th/20th century


These series are where I concentrate most of my silver coin collection.  I spent some time checking into how these type sets have done over the last 18 months by comparing sample s