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We've all seen some of those other sites; their 'blog' started about six weeks ago and has maybe 12 posts. 

Well, they've to start somewhere...


Here at the CoinMine, we've been analyzing things in quite a bit of detail for the past nine years; and we've been

spot-on more than a random roll of the dice would indicate, since 2000!.  Browse below through a few hundred pages of

observations, picks, calls, diatribes, rants, and raves and mine your own nuggets.


SPOTLIGHT ON:  The mercury Mewl - The Internet's Favorite Demi-god


12.31.11    Government Scientists developing flu virus as weapons.  Government requests clampdown on reporting of such.

"LONDON (Reuters) - The World Health Organization issued a stern warning on Friday to scientists who have engineered a highly pathogenic form of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, saying their work carries significant risks and must be tightly controlled. 

The United Nations health body said it was "deeply concerned about the potential negative consequences" of work by two leading flu research teams who this month said they had found ways to make H5N1 into a easily transmissable form capable of causing lethal human pandemics.

The work by the teams, one in The Netherlands and one in the United States, has already prompted an unprecedented censorship call from U.S. security advisers who fear that publishing details of the research could give potential attackers the know-how to make a bioterror weapon.  The U.S. National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity has asked two journals that want to publish the work to make only redacted versions of studies available, a request to which the journal editors and many leading scientists object."


12.28.11    American Made

From recent experience - products made in the US are of very high quality, though becoming expensive.  IF the product is still made in the states THEN most likely they fill the niche of high quality/high price.

For years, especially the last few, I have made it a high priority to purchase American-made products.

Most everything we buy is produced in the states (though a lot of it is used/rehabbed/refurbished).

For faucets, you can still purchase high quality faucets made in USA from Chicago Faucets.  Like everyone else, they have shifted some production to Asia, but they clearly state so on the box.

As little as 18 months ago one could still buy US made faucets and fixtures from Kohler; though they have been shifting overseas.

You can still by high quality Moen made in US, but is expensive now.

Even European-made faucets (e.g. French THG) has moved production to eastern Europe.

The best solution is to buy an older faucet and replace the cartridge with a new one made with brass/ceramic  (NOT plastic).  Bingo, another 30 years of life.

Unfortunately, finding toilets made in US is becoming much more difficult.

There are only a few brands I will buy.  Regrettably the japs are shifting production of Toto to China.

My old fave, Eljer, was bought out by American Standard.

Bottom line, there is very little one needs to buy new anyway; there are *MANY* reasons to buy used high quality items.


Thankfully, I live in a market where buying used is very easy.


Children's bikes, regrettably, are no longer made in the US.  Schwinn and Huffy both move production to China in the last ten years (in other words, stopped being producers and switched to importers/marketers).  We bought a used Childs bicycle, very high quality.


Received a beard trimmer as a gift. No experience yet, but looks to be of quite high quality (Made in US).


12.27.11    US Gold Circular/Love Letter/Proxy


Their financials haven't changed much. 


- Increase in loss per share

- Outstanding shares have more than tripled in 5 years.

- McEwen ego trip



- Higher bullion (much higher) and securities positions

 - Better cash on hand


On the surface, it sure doesn't look like they are getting a steal on the Minera Andes property.  Do like how they have gone from a net income loss to an income gain in the past year without much of a dilution in shares.  Yet why pay a multiple of 500% the 2011 EPS per US GAAP?  You really need a leap of faith to believe in 2012 projections.  Of course, going from a negative EPS to a positive in the past year does provide a reason for higher expectations.  Doubtlessly the ending of litigation with Hochschild helps out!


Unfortunately, Argentina essentially nationalized their telephone industry in the last couple months; that is not a good sign - and this was NOT disclosed in the circular.


What I did find interesting is the Raymond James survey of 'select industry groups' regarding their predictions of Price of Gold:


2011    2012    2013    2014    2015    2016    2017

$1200  $1520  $1580   $1550 $1300   $1200   $1200


An, if you think the price of copper will plummet 50% in five years, why mine it at all?  In fact, why not forward sale all it NOW?


Now, I am far from a permabull - yet the industry forecast for 2011 was way off.


Regarding their drilling program:


Disappointing that the Lauara, Auas Vivas, Sorpres and Rosario veins testing all shows no economic deposits.

This was offset by drilling off 11 new veins. 


Have a high confidence in their earlier data generated by ALS Chemex, since I actually worked for one of their pre-cursors, Bondar Clegg, in the past.  DO NOT like the fact that their QA/QC for their in house sampling program was the same chemist that did their in house prep and assay.

Do like that they used a $900 POG and under 200 gt/t  equivalent Au o cut off for reserve estimates.


Unfortunately their nearest miner neighbor is Xstrata.  Do like that the earliest drilling at Los Azules was undertaken by one of my old fave miners, Battle Mountain Gold.


Well, that's a first blush read.


A Small Favor,

Vote AGAINST the Proposal to change the name of US Gold to McEwen mining co. Moves based on ego originate from a less than optimal space.


12.27.11    Biblical Foretelling of Inflation

The Bible foretells future days of inflation.   Specifically, the Bible refers to the denarius as a day's wage for a common laborer (Matthew 20:2[1]; John 12:5[20]).  The value of the denarius is referenced at Revelation 6:6: "And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, 'A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius and do not damage the oil and the wine.'"


Moreover, the reference that indicates what was available was either damaged, or suspect of being damaged, foretells the coming scarcity.


The denarius forms the root for diner, dinar, dinero, etc.


12.26.11    Vote for Numismatic Coin of the Year (2011)



12.26.11    Why Don't More Countries use plastic/polymer Banknotes?

Good question.




Frankly, I question the conventional answer - that the central banks/treasuries/Bureau of Engraving are just waiting for everyone else to do such.


Did you realize that starting next week government bonds will no be entirely (?) electronic?




I have a scad of those EE savings bonds in a shoebox somewhere...


12.26.11    Fighting the Good Fight - Against the Stop Online Piracy Act


"Our message — that SOPA would create blacklists for online censorship, harm cybersecurity efforts, set bad international precedent, and lead to a fractured Internet — couldn't be ignored. The markup has been suspended until late January, when SOPA and its companion bill in the Senate, PIPA (Protect IP Act), will be back."


In other words, just another piece of legislation to create a blacklist in the government database.


We support the Electronic Freedom Foundation, and hope you do also.



They have been fighting against internet government control and for electronic freedom for many years. Co founded by one of Americas premier lyricists -  John Barlow.


Godaddy.com had pushed IN FAVOR of the internet strangling.  They have been fighting a PR nightmare and have, deservedly, lost much business.


Today we moved our 11 internet domains to another registrar and will move our hosting packages as they come up for renewal.


Put your money where your values are.


12.26.11    Provident Energy (PVX:NYSE)

Jordan Goodman pick on 1.31.11.  Nice call, had a great run.  pretty chart. Good business model. Still worth watching.


12.26.11    Riverbed (RVBD)

Kicked in the teeth last year.
On 1.8.11 Rob Black called for 50 (when it was at 38).
Thought they still have some problems to work through, books to me like this could be a better year...


12.26.11     A Nice Site for Charting




Like many other places, unfortunately, could not find futures to chart.


12.26.11    On recent Price of Gold

There have been several times in the past few years gold has been under the 200 Day Exponential Moving Average.

Many folks only look at the arbitrary trend lines.

There are still Moving Average, Fibonacci, Volume and Elliot Wave components that need to be considered, in my opinion that need to be considered for a more full analyses.

For example,


This last down move has been on DECLINING volume since the impulse move down (which started in September).  On the monthly’s, there has NOT been one month in the past year where the down volume has exceeded the monthly up volume. Moreover, the down volume has declined since the impulse move down started.  Note how the down volume, even during the large POG price drop in 2008 NEVER exceeded the previous period(s) UP VOLUME?  That divergence btw price and volume flushed a LOT of weak hands out of the market and formed a base for this NICE and LARGE three run bull (continuation) market where the price once again doubled.

We haven’t even looks at Fib, and Elliot wave counts yet (nor seasonal nor cyclical nor secular positions).

Sure, you can base your opinion on ONE factor.  That’s what the folks did in 2008.  They just happened to not look at the wider picture – and therefore got it wrong…

12.24.11    You heard about the 1787 gold Brasher doubloon that sold for $7.4 two weeks ago,

But did you hear about the hood ornament that sold for over $200,000 last month?


(Rare Lalique Fox)


Tangible investments! (why bother when you can yield 0.02% on your debt?)

12.24.11    $TRAN 

Looking over the past 5 years, does not look so hot.  The decline volume on the lows has still NOT been eclipsed by buy volume on the highs. The secular bear here is not over.

12.24.11    Coins - Am still bullish that sector. 

And a bonus yesterday -Cherry Picked Myself

Breen 5139!

Great Coin Variety Reference (but crappy site):


12.24.11    Am finally *finished* with my list of Financial Acronyms


and the Financial Glossary.  

(still a work in progress):


Contains all those terms applicable to the mining and extraction industries typically not provided in the mainstream glossaries. (and conveniently devoid of the dominant paradigm programming).  

Please do bring any errors or suggestions to my attention, grazie.



12.23.11    Ancient Ramla Gold Hoard

Great video regarding the Ramla Gold Hoard found in Israel from the 1100's.  Full of great science - geography, archeology, metallurgy, numismatics, etc.




An average family during the time period could live on two gold dinars (8 grams) for one year.


Is gold now valued the same?


Well, one gram of gold now will cost you about $85 2011 USD, so 8 grams is $680.


Therefore, for the current pawns living in poverty in the outskirts of the west bank, that value is about the same.


This would not be an accurate comparison however, since the average family in the mercantile class today would require about 45K$ 2011 USD.


Gold is now valued much less now than it was 1,000 years ago.


12.20.11    Is Gold over-valued?

Per Warren Buffet All the gold that has been mined, and still exists, will buy:


Six corporations the size of Exxon Valdez, a Trillion Dollars, and all the farmland in the USA!


You know what means to me?


US Farmland is undervalued...


12.19.11    Decentralizing the Means of Production

Open Source Ecology    (http://opensourceecology.org/index.php - build it yourself civilization kit; how to build machinery from scratch


12.4.11    Commodities Washout

Bought a position in SLV, first in a long time...


12.13.11    US Dollar

Does look like it has broken out from a nice head and shoulders formation.  Next stop likely 82-83, retest, then on to 85! Could be quite a move...

12.3.12    The Internet’s Best Complete Listing of Coin, Exonumia, Medal, Numismatic and Token Web Sites

In my opinion, after a few years I have put together the best reference site for numismatic and exonumia web pages available.  (And still a work in progress):


My main criteria was to not simply list websites selling coins, but those that also provided reference or educational information on the hobby and business.

Currently at over 270 sites.  Please feel free to suggest any I may have missed that meet the above criteria.

(Yes, there are a few dead links but we keep them there b.c. the information is still typically accessible via search and is not readily found elsewhere).


12.3.12    Mine Water Tracer Test Training in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, January 25-27


Fom January 24 to 27, 2012, the International Mine Water Association, the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy & the Environment, the Nova
Scotia Community College, and Unama’ki Economic Benefits Office are organizing a Mine Water Tracer Test Symposium (January 24) and a
Tracer Test Course (January 25 – 27) at Cape Breton University (CBU) in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada.

If you want to give a presentation about an artificial tracer test or a natural tracer investigation relating to mine management, please contact us
(tracer@minewater.ca), send us the title of your 25 minute presentation and a short abstract (100 – 400 words).

Potential Subjects for your talk:

- New tracers in the mining environment
- Tracer studies in operating mines
- Tracer studies for mine reclamation
- Tracer test Legislation and Guidelines
- Mine Water Tracer Studies

After the 1 day symposium a 2 days tracer test course and a 1 day field exercise follows.

For More Information


Sponsored by:

IMWA International Mine Water Association
PADRE Partnership for Acid Drainage Remediation in Europe
Prof. Dr. Christian Wolkersdorfer - General Secretary
CBU | PO Box 5300 | Sydney, NS B1P 6L2, Canada
http://www.IMWA.info http://PADRE.IMWA.info


12.2.11    Senate Bill Passed Bill 1867

Senate bill 1867 allows U.S. military to indefinitely detain, with our without trial, and conduct torture up to murder on AMERICAN CITIZENS expressing their RIGHTS to peaceful assembly (anti-government protesters in American cities).


12.2.11    Preferred Stocks of Mining Companies for Dividend as Part of Retirement Plan


Any dividend is a good dividend when annuitants or those retired without an inflation-adjusted pension are searching for yield to live off.


Could the mining sector play a role in meeting that need?


Here is a decent article presenting just on possible solution along those lines, MolyCorps preferred stock.




12.1.11    Couple New Links Showing the Decline of US Economic Freedom

And how that coincides with the increase in the police state, and our commensurate decline in quality of life.


End of the American Dream    (http://endoftheamericandream.com) - news and articles about government's encroachment that is destroying our quality of life


Economic Freedom    (http://www.freetheworld.com) - data that show countries with economic freedom tend to thrive and shows which countries are thriving ,and which are not - and why



11.30.11    Back from the Mall in the Town Next Door


Place was dead, worse than I figured for the commercial season! But the occupancy rate was higher than I figured.


Two stores had out signs "We are buying gold".  One of them was a jewelry store.  I asked the sales associates if they were selling coins that they bought.  They stated only the manager does that and he wasn't around.


The other place was a center kiosk.  Handing out glossy flyers.  It is a national chain, but didn't care enough to remember their name.  I asked them if I could buy their coins.  They replied that their national policy is they can NOT sell any coins.  Every silver coin goes straight to the smelter.  Let them know they could cherry pick the stock.  Their eyes glazed over, so I left them to their mall-life....


11.30.11   Puna Geothermal, supplies 30% of Hawaii's energy




Owned by Ormat (Israeli Firm)


I've owned Ormat off an on for a while.  Has taken a beating last couple years. Worth looking into.


I also own US Geothermal (HTM).


Nevada Geothermal is another interesting provider, but they have had both technical and financial issues - hence their stock has been crushed.




Have never owned it, but probably will someday.  Maybe sooner rather than later.


Geothermal is proven and mature, has been producing reliably for three decades now commercially.


Wind power has been a joke that long, and will continue to be except for a select few projects.


11.30.11    Wind Farm Fails in California for the EXACT same reasons they Failed 30 years ago




Just takes another generation of dupes to learn the same lesson over again...


11.30.11    Gold Exploration Up in Nevada



Equity shares - the reason you don't have to live in Battle Mountain, NV or Williston, ND.


11.29.30    Had Wondered why Etrade just begun charging a new fee

Now I think I know:


Important: New 2011 IRS Changes Affecting Tax Reporting
"As a result of recent legislation passed by Congress, E*TRADE will now be maintaining cost basis information for Covered¹ securities sold in your taxable E*TRADE brokerage accounts."


Government passes new law to 'help the people' (those to stupid to help themselves)


And everyone pays a higher price...


11.29.11    Cowboy Poetry

Go to the Elko Nv Cowboy Festival. Worth the Trek, though it gets cold that time of year.

- Some of the best scenery in the lower 48
- Cleanest airshed in the lowest 48
- Gold Mining capital of the US
- Best Basque food in north america
- Houses of iniquity and ill repute

Pleeenty for a bug to do...



Interesting and tradeable price action on this stock.  Decent underlying fundamentals.  Have not seen it mentioned much...

11.29.11    Criminal Barney Frank Retires

(i.e. continues to steal your money, this time without the artifice of actually doing any work to make it happen)

The first necessary order of business is to indict Frank on multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy.

Consider his oversight of House Financial Services Committee. Under his leadership the House and Senate DIRECTED banks in the 1990s to provide sub prime loans to those who had no ability to repay.  These directions to the banks implicitly stated the banks would have their CHARTERS REVOKED should they not comply with congressional direction.

As late as 2005 Frank reported the health of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, when independent examinations clearly proved otherwise.  Frank appointed his OWN BOYFRIEND to FNM management. Clear conflict of interest – indictable act #2.

Won’t even go into the hundreds of other criminal acts.  Two indictments is a sufficient beginning.

11.23.11    What Band Should Play the $uperbowl

IMO MUST be an American Band for this American Spectacle.

AND – should get the appearances of the old timers with roots before it is too late. 

  1. Buddy Guy and BB King

  2. Merle and Willie

  3. Tony Bennet and Mellencamp (from Indiana, host state to this year's game)

  4. Dolly and Reba

  5. Santana

  6. Would never happen, but re-united beach boys (Wilson, Love, Johnston, Jardine) with Glen Campbell (battling alzheimers) sitting in.

You cannot get more authentic American roots than that, waving that flag with a couple hard luck success anthems…


11.23.11    Queenstake Operation at Jeritt Canyon Fined for Safety Violations

This results from poor management, and is a sign that other areas of their operation are also sub-par = a warning for investors.




11.17.11    UC Davis - had to edit my original post

Originally I scribbled down that UC Davis was the Only university in the US with veterinarian, medical, law and engineering schools.  The veterinarian school was the hardest of the bunch, had like a 14% acceptance rate."

But, as soon as I wrote it down it didn’t look quite right.

What I meant to state was only University with separate Law, Med, Vet, Eng and Ag AND NURSING schools/college.

But even that is wrong, there are six of such distinction (there used to be seven, but Cornell shut down their college of Nursing in 1979).

Thus I now believe, rooting through the sales promo memory banks, is that I *should* have said the only University Campus with Law, Med, Vet, Eng, Ag, nurse AND a nuclear programs

But with curiosity piqued - did find there are actually two campuses in US with all that, the other is Mizzou…

Regarding the sales promo the professors billed me for - Always knew those academics were hiding something.

Well, at least he coeds never told me a fib...


11.17.11    Sad to See that UC Davis pepper-spraying clip

My alma mater. 


That gathering was in the NW section of the quad, the central gathering square.  Not much of a crowd, really.  I went to GulfWarI protests there that were 4-500% larger.

Kids haven’t changed.

Only thing that has changed is the Police. 

Hasn’t been all that long now they are directed to show up to a peaceful protest in riot gear.

Will only get worse amongst ALL police forces with the Gulf and Afghan vets returning, with no jobs or prospects.

Hint of Problem: The acceptance rate at the top schools is 14%, and the bar set to work for internal US police-security forces, and ethical standards therein, is at an all time low...

11.14.11    Someone Asked about Thrive Movement,

Here were my initial thoughts:



Who is behind the movement?

Why now?

This movie cost BIG $$. Who paid – and why?

Why did Gamble give money to both republicans and democrat office seekers in 2007 and 2008. 

He donated $$ to moveon.org.  Really, that’s the solution?

{Gamble reminds a bit of Tony Robins – similar life trajectory]


If this information is SO important, why not give it for free – en masse?

After all, it is already available for free on youtube!

(Where I saw it).

Why could I NOT view the Thrive website on IE? (I was forced to use Mozilla/Chrome/etc.)

Why did Gamble state the US govt was caught 30 times spraying its own citizens?  Hell, the DOD has already released/declassified 30 episodes from just ONE project alone (SHAD/112) and asked the public for information on another 120 operations.  Just the tip of the iceberg… (Verifiable, A very elemental mistake). 

Interview w/ Icke but nothing regarding Cayce or Bucky Fuller, hmmm – does not compute.


Why didn’t Gamble build another machine, or 3,000 machines? Gamble has MILLIONS! He could have distributed 3,000 machines, placed them in safe houses, all ready TO BE TURNED ON, in unison, in an amazing show/exposition on 11.11.11.  Instead, we get some corny video??

Why did Thrive state paper money began in 16th century Europe, when the Chinese traded paper money for at least 6 centuries prior? (Easily verifiable fact, he should not make this elemental a mistake).

Jeez, he could have at least let the little people know about Reiki…


Why 11.11.11? Enough Joseph Cambell/Kabballah symbolism to attract everyone?

Why are the aliens = good but humans = bad?

Why are the aliens transmitting the secret of the universe…through...get-it…crop circles? Crikey, why not simultaneously implanting the same body of knowledge, simultaneously, in all 6Billion souls?

A discussion of the earth’s ills, and NOT ONE MENTION of RELIGION (oh yah – except the push for Zen/nothingneess near the very end ‘the only power more than us is the power of the people’).

So, Shinto has no place in the Thrive? What about atheism? What about Judaism?

Secular humanism truisms/tritisms, pure and simple – mixed with just enough truisms to vye for 15 minutes of fame. Remember EST, The Message, Celestine Prophecy, The Secret, The Venus Project etc/ad nauseum.

What about Zeitgeist Moving Forward, also put out this year?

Lots of old ancient factoids wraped up in the humanistic evolutionary paradigm.

Is this a propaganda piece to the intellectually curious, those just BEGINNING to pull back the curtain and see the wizard to equate those that oppose the FED/WHO/NOW etc = believers in aliens and crop circles?  Hard to write that one off, very hard…

I work in Marin County, have heard these threads FOR YEARS! (Aptos isn’t far in mileage or worldview!)

Fine, we should throw away with Adam Smith and Capitalism, right? Look at all the planets ills. We just need to replace with (enter BRAND X AVATAR ™ NEW PARADIGM HERE), learn all about it here at www.thesolutiontoallyourproblems.com for a small subscription of 5$.


Why is there a motion to upset the dominant paradigm of the sheep?

I’ve been researching these same topics since I was 11 years old. Frankly, much of this information is quite elemental, available for many decades now.

OUR community has been discussing such since 1998.

What has changed?

Why a mass movement to stir up unrest on a major scale, now? To what end and who benefits? RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to attract cult followers, IMO.  Harness all those lost and angry souls trying to make a living, or just a next meal, hopeless and confused at the OWS or angry and confused at the Tea Party.


11.11.11    News Flash - Congress is Corrupt

Members of congress use insider trading to enrich themselves.




Thankfully, the congress has  'exempted' themselves from the same type of insider regulations that govern wall street.


In other words, they are free to bilk you and everyone else based on 'insider knowledge'.  On top of that, THEY know was b.s. regulation their controllers and staffer are currently drafting to further take YOUR money and put it in THEIR pocket.


11.11.11    Went Long UUP

First time position.  Tried to go long yesterday, but did not get filled.

Also tried to go long TRX yesterday and did not get filled either, too bad, since its up 13% today.


11.9.11    The Fight Heats up Over Oak Flat, Arizona

The congress wants to swap acreage to open the area to copper mining (large deposit).  The typical opposition believes bird watching is a better use of the land.




Personally, I think there are a lot more beautiful areas in Arizona than that piece of scrub.  National Forest = Wise Use.


Is locking up the land for bird watching the highest use?


That said, the crony bearcats at US Ag and Interior are aiding and abetting the Chinese.  Much of the interior US mining reserves were pledged against US debt.


Now the Chinese are trying to collect..


And this is amidst a larger drop of land swaps for patentable mining acreage.


One of the highest priorities right now for a couple new Nv House members is to transfer a parcel away from the Bureau of Land Management to the City of Yerington - Rich Copper Deposits.


Well, that is the line of Yerington and the politicians.  A larger reality is that the BLM is actually half owner of the old Anaconda works/pit outside Yerington.  This is the largest, most complex, screwed up, contaminated superfund-site-not-yet-declared-a superfund-site for political reasons (don't want to give NV mining a bad eye w/ the 'superfund' designation stigma).  The US interior department is forcing the bureaus to transfer environmental liability to the private sector at every opportunity.


11.6.11    OWS Protest Crowd Size

I looked through about 500 of those photos from this link: 


Nice protest porn, but one thing stands out -

About 95% of those photos are close in shots, not crowd pans.

The crowd pans are understandably few, because they show very small crowds for the most part.

The OWS Times Square and Wall street are only 12-15k.  20k MAX, and that is NYC w/ 10+ million souls within an easy subway commute.

The rest of those crowds are even less, many in the 4-5K range.

Nothing.  Any one of those cities will draw 20k+ for an average crappy rock concert.

The one exception was Chile, where there was well over 80K, maybe 100k folks.

In general, those crowds haven’t even reached some of the protest crowd sizes of the First Gulf War.

And we see what that amounted to.

Could be different…this time…?

11.6.11    Someone Asked - How do You Reach the Decision Maker in a Company?

1. Find the name of that someone (CEO, CFO, CIO) through their business literature

1. Try Linked In

2. Find how their firm/organization uses email nomenclature.  If you can find the name of a subordinate in the company literature (the gatekeeper) and their name is nancy.Varieties: smith@company.com, than put in the name of the Decision Maker using that format.

3. Buy a minimum amount of shares in the company. That way you will receive their 10Q, 10K and 8Ks.  This often has the name of other gatekeepers/decision makers, often with phone or telephone numbers.

4. This will get you their name and contact info, but it is up to YOU to develop a compelling pitch.


Extra Credit: Sometimes folks are more amenable to a pitch when the proponent combines the extra mile with the personal touch.


For example, is Nancy Smith a big volunteer with Lions Club? Well then, why not donate something nice to her next fundraising auction; develop a free landing page website/FB ad for the event; and drive some traffic their way?


That will make an impression from amongst the crowded field...


11.5.11    Sustainable Agriculture and Betting the Farm


Agricultural Sustainability Institute   


http://asi.ucdavis.edu/front-page - low impact farming techniques


Another interesting new development in animal husbandry and commodity pools is the new concept of a fund that created an index-based livestock insurance pool applied in the third world.


The index predicts livestock mortality in africa using satellite imagery to document drought and weather forecast algorithms to predict severity of drought.  In Kenya, 2000 families bought the insurance in 2010.


Yet, now that they need the insurance payoff (after two short years), think the fund will pay off?


And if it does pay off, is this a case of providing just enough sugar so that the host gets hooked on the stuff - for life?


When N. Kenya and other countries on the african horn start playing the banker derivative game, is there much an audience left to buy the next product?





11.5.11    Someone asked a question: "How long does it take to do a pre-nuptial agreement and estate trust?"

Well – how long it takes to do a pre-nuptial and estate trust is pretty complicated.  The short answer is - it depends.

Luckily, most people have already started with some respect (example.  re-titling all property into their name after a divorce/death of spouse).

It is important to note that establishing a trust is a process, not an event. 

Several steps have to happen AFTER the trust is established.

Most the work is after the trust is set up – in FUNDING the trust.

After trust execution, for instance, there is a vesting change on the deed to the home and county recorders turn around time.

Also, a post-nuptial agreement, though rare, is actually more powerful.  For example, upon death, the decedent's 401k plan will automatically transfer to the new spouse. This is federal law and a trust or pre-nuptial can’t change this.  However a Post-Nuptial agreement CAN change this; they can specify their respective 401ks will go to their children instead of their spouse


11.4.11    Traffic through Port of Oakland down a few percentage points from last year.

And this was even before last weeks traitors acts against public commerce committed by the OWS faction - interfering port activity


Clearly, importers are not stocking up for a big Christmas spend-a-thon


11.4.11    Chevron Has its Way in Jerry Browns Administration Resources Agency

Derek Chernow, Dept of Conservation Director, and Elaina Miller, Div Head Gas and Geothermal Resources were sacked last night. No reason given. They have already been replaced on the government web page.  Derek was replaced in 24 hours with long term Brown crony Cliff Rechtschaffen.  




Apparently Derek and Elaina tried to regulate the industry...or something like that...


11.3.11    Anti-industry Faction Trying to Shut Down Development in North Carolina   

Why have honest work, honest money and hones jobs when you can keep the public on food stamps and at the demonstration?




11.1.11    Bought Back into a SPY Position

Was able to buy back at almost the same price of my last sell.


Looked tired then (volume on the last leg of rise was low), looks oversold now.


That said, I have more in cash now than at any other time of the year. Would rather have it invested, but just not a lot looks appealing right now. And that is amid a general equities markets trading at incredibly low PEs. Yet they can't get out of their way. No doubt a signal, of something.

10.20.11    Top 10 Reasons to Collect Coins

1.Following experience with tech stocks, beanie babies, stamps, comics and baseball cards figure I would go with a ‘sure fire’ investment

2.Grandparents left me two Proof Roosevelt dimes and three cleaned Morgans.  I would’ve preferred 360 acres in Malibu or controlling interest in Ford, but we play the hand were dealt.

3.  The local Star Trek, Majic- The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons clubs wouldn’t accept my application.

4. Sunlight Kills

5. I could never see the logic in maintaining cash in the checking account

6. That one time I spent the entire paycheck on a coin, brought it home, and dropped it down the ventilation shaft – I was hooked!

7. Cannot think of a higher calling than ferreting out Chinese counterfeits from the stash

8. The required wardrobe has a low cost entry barrier

9  The hours aren’t bad

10.  There just aren’t that many things I am willing to pick out of the gutter


10.27.11    Scotland Opens its first Gold Mine in 500 years

Who would've guessed?




10.23.11    China's Largest Export?

Fraud, waste and dishonor.


Example 12,344:


"Chinese art is auctioning for prices three to 30 times presale estimates in both Hong Kong and the United States. But there are problems--fake paintings, bidding by sellers or artists to push up prices, and high bids for mediocre art as a means to legally transfer bribes.   According to an NPR report, the Chinese Association for Auctioneers says that 40 percent of the bids that topped $1.5 million at Chinese auctions were not paid six months later".


Source: Kovels, Oct 19, 2011


10.20.11    For Those Who Argued in March and April that the Solar Sector was a BUY

Dear Pumpers and Dumpers,

 Please come back and explain:

 Why you tried to trick newbies into investing their money into highly manipulated stocks, with no real earning, and cooked books.

 -          The pump SOL has LOST 80% of its value since this scam article!

-          The pumped dogs LDK and JASO were relative outperformers, having lost 2/3rd of its value THIS YEAR ALONE. lol

-          These firms ALL had massive debt loads, and weren’t able to become sustainable without continued government subsidies.

-          These subsidies were insider FRUAD and served as favors to campaign contributors

-          The administration pumped HALF A BILLINON into one scam alone, SOLYNDRA, as political payback.

-          The sector was OBVIOUSLY railing from a double top formation completed in March, and was rolling over by April as anyone with three weeks experience in technical indicators could tell.

-          The books were cooked, the ‘earnings’ and PE are patent fairy tales.

-          Yet the pumpers here DELIBERATELY held out false hope so that the newbies would purchase their stock, so they wouldn’t get stuck holding the bag of these near-worthless stock scams

 This goes beyond simple trading incompetence, displayed by most on this thread, and enters the realm of CRIMINAL FRAUD.

 Where is the SEC? (giggle) Where is the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (double snickers)?

 Ok, enough of the funnies.

 Where is your conscience, pumpers and dumpers?

Have you no shame?

 Tell the truth, were you short these firms during your pump and dump activities?

 Or, were you all simply WRONG (oopsies) on EVERY count, and little ol’ CoinMine NAILED the sector performance, fundamental, and politics - in advance?



10.19.21    This could be a BIG Deal

Paulson has major GLD options at disposal end of THIS month through Advantage Plus Fund. 

When you think of that vis a vis the content in this article:


That sets up a very real scenario for quite a plunge in GLD a fortnight from now.

Just a thought from the fencepost…

10.16.11    The Future of the Coin Business - Today's Children

At the coin shows I notice the average age of coin collectors, and realize it isn't a young persons domain, for many reasons. 


However, that does NOT mean the underlying interest isn't there.


Here is an unsolicited email I received a few weeks ago:



My name is So and So and I am a teacher at XXXYYZZ Charter School. Next week we are starting our afterschool programs and I volunteered to be the numismatic club coordinator. I have over 15 students from K-6 signed up. It gets me so excited that so many young people are interested in learning about money. I think the different state quarters had a lot to do with kids starting their own collection and wanting to learn more. I just happened to come across your page (my web page) while I was looking for some resources and information on numismatics to help with some activities and lessons I have lined up. I just wanted to take a quick second and say how grateful I am for all the information and resources you took the time to post, they were very helpful. I thought I could recommend another link I came across while searching. This page xxxxx has a ton of great resources and some pretty cool sections on valuable coins and I thought you might want to add it as another resource. Thanks again and I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Sincerely, So and So"

(and no, I checked - this was NOT a spam email from someone posing as a teacher while promoting their own site. Just an ordinary yet interested/interesting reader).

Don't see the future through your eyes alone...

10.14.11    Sold some positions

Sold the DIA and SPY I bought on 9.30 for a nice little profit, had been up like 7 of the past 9 trading days!

Sold some CSCO at a small loss.

Sold some CDE just to simplify my position in the firm


Looks to me like this run in the general equities made a nice 5th wave up and will now correct.  This apparent top also happens to coincide with the full Hunter's moon (smallest full moon of the year) and the top of the trading range rail.  Should set up some nice buys in a couple weeks as it corrects back down.


At least, that's how I am playing the general equity markets.


10.13.11    The Glowing Future of the Collectible Coin Market


10.11.11    Is there any gold left in Fort Knox?


The last time there was an independent audit of Fort Knox was 1974.

David Ganz  actually visited Ft. Knox in 1974 and saw the gold vault.  What did he say about it:


Treasury puts out a balance sheet, including the gold holdings. That amount DOES NOT CHANGE even though the gold price has gone up x10 since 1974 and more than quadrupled in just the past decade!

10.11.11    Somebody asked, should I worry about economic collapse?

Here was my answer:

How about you make a deal with yourself: Stage 1

-          spend 70% of your time getting comfortable (out of debt, economically literate and sufficient, building a bank of time and $ to work on:

-          spend 20% of your time getting fabulously wealthy

-          Spend 10% of your time on the SHTF scenario planning

With dedicated effort, you will get to the next stage:

-          spend 70% of your effort getting  fabulously wealthy

-          spend 10% of your time maintaining your assets

-          spend 5% of time on SHTF scenario

-          Send 15% of your time and $ donating/helping others

Eventually hitting critical mass:

-          You are wealthy and spend 0% (up to you) of your effort getting wealthy

-          spend 20% of your time maintaining your assets

-          spend 5% of time on SHTF scenario

-          Send 75% of your time helping others and doing whatever

You need to prepare for tomorrow and next year but not at the cost of DOING today.

Doing rightfully takes the place of worrying, and eliminated unnecessary fear.

(That said, I am well into my SHTF preparations.  When you clear up your bad debt and begin working your plan, let me know and I’ll share some good SHTF scenario planning w. you)

10.8.11    Went to the Concord Coin Show today for a couple hours.


Picked up some nice barber coinage (added to the inventory). The organizers do a good job at this show IMO. There were plenty of signs on the local roads and nearby hotels; they also utilize their coin club membership to get the word out (much better than the club in my town!).  Decent crowd, not sure the sales were all that strong, but maybe not a huge surprise given the coin show reports nationally over the last few months.  Personally, that room is too small for my tastes, but there was quite a lot of coins packed in there and all the dealers were very friendly that I talked with today.  Nice and convenient venue and location make up for the small/crowded room. Spent the rest of the day enjoying some truly impressive weather!


10.6.11    Urban Subsistence


Dinner side dish was ALL from the garden – zucchini, garlic, bell pepper, onion, and two types of tomatoes.
Nothing like a completely home grown meal!
For those that never grew Green Grape tomatoes, give ‘em a try...

Take a  gander at Darvaes family living off their Larvaes (and plants and chickens) in their yard in greater LA. 


One thing I am not so fond of is their lawsuits regarding ‘urban homestead’. They aren’t just a bunch of simple farmers, they are growing their brand and protecting it at all costs.  Frankly, don’t think the term ‘urban homestead’ is all theirs.  We have been successfully increasing our home food production.  The neighbors have chickens, though I am not a big fan of keeping them in a small coop their entire life.  That is why I say more land would be better – free range.

Growing 3Million pounds of food on Three acres using heated Greenhouse


Yes, I’ve been interested in this topic for quite some time, which is why I’ve been looking (as yet, unfruitful, but getting closer) to land with geothermal resources.

Tilapia = 1 Fish per 55 gallon water

You can FEED and HEAT yourself with a geothermal well.  But most of that land is now locked up and the deeper drilling/capping is drying up the surface epithermal artesian resources.

Sure, the economic collapse is coming (or is already here)

But why let it affect your quality of life and emotion state unnecessarily?

If we are lucky the collapse/re-building comes within one or two generations (ala Germany 1918-1939, 1945-1995).

Though, if we aren’t so lucky we go through a 200-300 year collapse like the roman and ottoman empires…

You CAN build a higher quality of life for yourself. Just add Work+ Determination!

10.4.11    Lack of Jobs


Went to the gym before dinner.  Thought people would be talking about Steve Jobs. death But nobody there talks anymore. They were all busy fussing with their i-pod/i-phone/i-solation…

10.1.11    America can't afford to bring home the troops from Iraq/Afghanistan


There are no jobs for uneducated youth in their mid-20's. These jobs were all permanently outsourced to asia during the Bush/Clinton/Bush regime.  Bringing home that number of disaffected youth will only increase the already burgeoning social unrest here in the states.


Instead, Gov. Perry introduced the solution today- US will begin shipping troops from Afghanistan to Mexico in 3 years (coinciding w/ Afghanistan withdrawal) in order 'to establish order' in Mexico and combat the 'out of control drug gangs'.  Of course, this assumes that American never actually begin to take exception with ongoing and documented gun running operations where the ATF ships and sells directly to narco-gangs.


After all, we can see how much peace and prosperity the US has brought to Palestine/Iraq/Egypt/Libya/Afghanistan/Pakistan since our intervention in those countries...  


Mexico will be in a de-facto state of disarray 12-18 months after introduction of US troops, setting up the merger between the two broken down nations.


10.1.11    In 1985 only four vaccinations were required for school age children: Polio, Tetanus, Mumps/Measles/Ruebella (x2)

(In 1985, the US State Department recommended for adults conducting international travel just one additional vaccination: Tetanus)

In 2011, the State of California will PUSH NEWBORNS of three hours old, the Hepatitis B vaccination although there is NO possibility of a newborn contracting this w/o an infected mother:

By the age of 1-2 Months, another dose of Hep B

By 2 Months, injections of Rotavirus, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HIB, Polio, Pneumonia

4 Months, another round of: Rotavirus, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HIB, Polio, Pneumonia

6 Months, ANOTHER round: Rotavirus, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HIB, Polio, Pneumonia, Influenza,

12 Months yet another round of: Rotavirus, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HIB, Polio, Pneumonia, Influenza, Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR), Hepatitis A, Chicken Pox

And REQUIRE another round of these vaccinations by 5 years of age:  Rotavirus, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, HIB, Polio, Pneumonia, Influenza, MMR, Hepatitis A, Chicken Pox

You read that right.  In 1985, children required four shots by school age.

In 2011, the government REQUIRES 46 SHOTS for children by school age.

But hey, we can all see how much more healthy school age children are nowadays, right?

10.1.11    The People ceded power to the Politicians (14th Amendment)


The Politicians ceded power to the Bankers (Federal Reserve Act)

The Bankers control the established authorities


The authorities now control the people.


It may not be illegal, per se, to videotape police brutality, but if you try, they will purposely try to cause you a brain injury through traumatic and willful assault.


Captured here:- your tax dollars at work. Required viewing for all citizenry:




10.1.11    Happy Fourth Quarter - Should be an Interesting One


9.30.11    Tried something a little different


Went long DIA at the close.  Haven't done that in a while.  Normal seasonal patterns not playing out as typical, so time to shake it up a bit.


9.29.11    Someone asked, where should I keep my 'Emergency Fund' money?

Fundamentally, what is the difference between an ‘emergency account’ and ‘liquid savings’.  Not much really, more a matter of perception and your relationship with money.

If you live in the US, and if you qualify (you probably do) may I suggest you consider opening a Roth IRA.

You can put in 5k for yourself and put the other 5k somewhere else.  Or, put in 5k for yourself and 5k for your wife.

That 10k can be withdrawn in full in an emergency (may take 5 biz days).  The 10k within the Roth will generate tax-deferred interest, which greatly increases your compounded return over time.

Within the IRA you can hold almost any asset class.  (Any asset class, actually, but keep it simple for now)

There are academic studies out there that show many folks NEVER tap their ‘emergency funds’.  Moreover, putting money in the Roth will FORCE you to manage your own money, become more financially educated/savvy and build your accountability to yourself.  Always a good time to build your personal financial knowledge.

Right now you may only be comfortable enough investing the Roth money in money market funds.  However, over time you will gain the knowledge to buy better performing assets.  After all, keeping the money in a market fund paying 1.5% means you are LOSING 1-1.5% every year due to inflation.  That is why you will eventually need to yield 4-5%.  That takes more risk, which becomes more palatable with more financial knowledge. 

Hope that helps.

9.29.11 The Seventy Year Mining Index (BGMI) chart

The period between 1962 and 1976 looks EERILY similar to what has just occurred btw 2000 and today.  Which suggests two things:

  1. If the mining stocks don’t find support relatively soon, there is a NASTY shakeout in the cards (Silver down to $16), and

  2. after that, there will be one HELL of a run up!



9.27.11    Is it worth entering the CNBC Stock Picking contest?

No, I don’t enter those contests.  I spend the precious time I have for asset management on my own assets.  As it is, I am not nearly an active a trader as I was a couple years ago.  If I had the time I would spend it on my real accounts and assets (including this web site), not contests.  One of the financial guys on the radio in my (SFBAY market) Rob Black, bragged just yesterday that he was in the top 5% of this contest. I thought, so what – what a weak advertisement. There is no prize for 5%. That was a wasted time sump, a sunk const, never to be recovered.

9.17.11    Someone asked: How much gold was produced in California

Here was my response:

Yah, this is a fun thing to think about.  And not as easy as you think (hope).  There is no one credible number or reference in my opinion and research, more like a funky mélange (matching our ore bodies).

A few ideas:

1. Reference by Assay

Instead of trying to figure out what was PRODUCED, figure out what was MEASURED.

Ask Fred Holabird what the total amount ASSAYED in California was between 1848 and 1950 or 1967.  Then ask what’s his face at the Ca Department of Conservation, Office of Mine Reclamation, how much has been assayed since 1950/1967.

(You can find the figures for Ca gold mined since the first Ca gold ‘strike’ [Imperial Co between 1828 – 1842]. These numbers are quite small compared to AFTER 1848).

There were fewer assayers than mines; and they lied less too!

[And, I have never seen a very good paper published that attempted this feat]

2. Reference by Total Production

The numbers produced since 1950/1967 are pretty good.

Total gold produced, ever, is about 20 cubic meters. 20cubic meters is 20,000,000 cubic centimeters. If gold is 19.3 gram per cubic centimeter, then 386,000,000 grams, or 12,410, 378 troy ounces, or 1,034,198 troy pounds. EVER.


When you start rooting around at World Gold Council, GATA, and Sharefins site, you will see that about 90% of gold mined has been since 1849.


Almost half of that since 1950.  So, then you just need to figure out Ca as a percentage between 1850 and 1950.  (Very Roughly, it’s been about 35%, and less every year.  South Africa’s share has been almost 45% (through circa 2000).  Nevada and China have been closing the gap on these percentages.



You can actually use decent numbers of $750,000,000 produced in California by 1865, in 1865 dollars (per Ca Dept of Cons).


And, using these givens:

A.    US Director Mint reports between 1879 and 1906 are pretty good

B.     Gold production in Ca plummeted after 1906, bottoming in the 1920s (with a brief boom btw 1938 and 1943)

C.    Production data between 1950 and 2007 is fairly easily available,


Then your real research is between 1865 and 1871 and 1906 to 1950.


BIG Unknown

And, since MOST of that production was placer, and most was HYDRAULIC, you can see why there ARE NOT GOOD ESTIMATES for this amount during these time periods.


[Ca Hydraulic mining stopped for the most part with the Anti-debris act of 1883 and entirely after the Caminetti Act of 1893.]

3. Unfortunately, you CANNOT offset placer and lode as equaling out.  TWO THIRDS of Ca gold production has been placer.

4. Unfortunately, you will find that USGS numbers regarding CA gold production [primarily Koschmann and Bergendahl] do not quite match numbers provided by Ca Geological Survey; Ca Dept of Conservation; and GATA/WGC.

5. When you look at Hg, HOW MUCH are you calculating CAME from the soil as background/native/endemic?  Remember, some of the richest Hg lodes in the world are in NorCal.


9.16.11    Why the jobs left the US, why we produce less and less real goods anymore


A full one third of the worst places to mine in the world, due to taxes and regulations, are in the US!


THAT is why the tax base disappeared...


9.15.11    PCGS bought the www.Coinflation web site.

Smart move on their part, but it means eventually PCGS parent company, CU, will begin charging for that content.  Another player moved into he same spot, a decent substitute:




9.9.11    US Mint Inspector Stole Error Coins From Mint


The former federal cop is brought up on tax evasion charges.  This is typical when the government investigation is not competent enough to stop the fraud, or even come up wiht enough evidence that it happened.  The investigation can only charge for phantom damages against the government in retrospect.




9.7.11    More Stimulus for Jobs?


Sure, I listened to the president's speech.  Rather ridiculous, even by his standards.


Mr. President wants YOUR kids and grandchildren to go further in debt to the chinese to the tune of $454,000 for EACH job created for the successful companies (using the president's own standards).  The unsuccessful companies cost even more than that!


And, the successful company's included 'green companies' such as Evergreen (moved to china) and Solyndra.


Solyndra is now under investigation by the FBI for massive fraud.




Too bad nobody investigated the massive fraud perpetrated by the government via the 'stimulus' program.


9.3.11    When a Coin Collection Becomes a Hoard…

Consider this:

Having a collection/’hoard’ of hundreds or thousands of common/low end/blah silver coins has proven one of THE best investment strategies of the past 12 years.

Even if inadvertent.

Sometimes what once was discarded again becomes valued…

9.3.11    The Money Question

Speech by the Hon John P. Jones, Nevada Senator


"Resumption and the double standard or, The impossibility of resuming specie payments in the United States without restoring the double standard of gold and silver. A speech delivered in the Senate of the United States, April 24, 1876"




Another Great Line:


"Gold is a wonderful clearer of the understanding; it dissipates every doubt and scruple in an instant, accommodates itself to the meanest capacities, silences the loud and clamorous and brings over the most obstinate and inflexible.


9.2.11    Capital Controls in the US Tighten


As the government further restricts your previously protected right to travel and conduct commerce freely, the behemoth clamps down further on financial freedom.


The mandatory period to report your foreign bank accounts ended Friday.


(The business day before Labor Day, get it?)


You are now a criminal for not reporting every asset you own to Dear Leader.


That's right, now you must report ALL holdings, not just bank accounts, to Big Brother.


This is required per the Bank Secrecy Act.  You know, don't play dumb.  The law sayeth you must bail out the big international banks for 1Trillion Dollars, who in turn give it away to their friends and foreign countries - without any requirement for an honest reckoning to the citizenry who went further in debt to finance the act.  That is why they call it the Bank *Secrecy* Act. 


Capital controls will lead to capital access. Access to your electronic digits effectively controls means of travel, congress and assembly.

This I discern: It ain’t no hokey pokey with you left foot in and your right foot out.

Eventually you will need to be all in, or all out, of your ‘home bloc’ whether that be EuroZone or NA Bloc is academic. No half-sies. The expats will stay gone for good with no access to what they left behind, and vice-versa.

The date when the ultimate walls go up still seems a little ways off. Pan-africa is now in roll-out stage and SA Bloc moves, albeit slowly, in that direction.  But as of yet, I see no mechanism to combine disparate states such as China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan into the Asia bloc.

Of course, planning is in the works and no doubt simply veiled to my blind eyes for the time being…


8.31.11    Another Green Jobs Experiment Goes Wrong - Americans lost another half billion dollars


"Solyndra was touted by the Obama administration as a prime example of how green technology could deliver jobs. The President visited the facility in May of last year and said  "it is just a testament to American ingenuity and dynamism and the fact that we continue to have the best universities in the world, the best technology in the world, and most importantly the best workers in the world. And you guys all represent that. "

$535 million in low cost loan guarantees, guaranteed by the US taxpayer, goes up in smoke.


In other words, more waste/fraud/abuse by the Department of Energy.

And, California loses another 1,000 phantom jobs.  In fact, more than 1,000 - since all those jobs it took to support another half-billion in fraud are now also in jeopardy.


So, if you divide $535 Million by the jobs, it cost $530,000 for each 14 month job, or $454,000 for each 12-month job.


And this was the Democrat's version of a successful green jobs company.


Can you imagine how much of your children's future (bad debt) was flushed down the toilet for the UNSUCCESSFUL companies?



8.31.11    Public Health Service Mission: Deliberately inject disease into uninformed colored people


"From 1946-48, the U.S. Public Health Service and the Pan American Sanitary Bureau worked with several Guatemalan government agencies to do medical research — paid for by the U.S. government — that involved deliberately exposing people to sexually transmitted diseases."




Other similar 'events' (read: pattern of systematic behavior)

- Smallpox distribution to native tribes (1850's - 1890's)

- Tuskegee Experiment 1930's - 1970s

- 1943 Cutler Study


Can you imagine what evil the bloated 'public health departments' are now conducting?  Given enormous budgets, with little or no accountability, they are no doubt perpetrating massive bioethical fraud throughout the globe. Forced injection of disease (err, 'vaccinations'); engineered pandemics, etc.


Were from the government and were here to help you....



Someone else commented: "And allegedly the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation is a large contributor to Planned Parenthood. Both abortion and birth control pills have been implicated in increased risk of developing breast cancer."

8.30.11    Someone forwarded me a scary gold prediction by Larry Edelson

Larry predicts gold will fall further from here (though he hedges his bets pretty well) and states that gold could fall to $1,359 (but will then go over $5,000).

The party sending me the report was a little afraid and asked "should I sell GLD/SLV"

Well, selling GLD and SLV now could be ok.  Gold is already off 8% from the highs, so another 5% is likely, 5-10% possible. But, he pretty much is late on this call.
How come Larry didn’t point out this recent run UP in gold was on major volume, and this recent pullback was on thin volume.

Moreover, why not mention that the Indian Monsoons are doing well, and that they are buying, strong.

And he never figured out that August is typically weak for gold?

Oh yah, none of that matters b.c. he POSTED A CHART!

And a crappy one at that…

You simply must be vigilant and prepared to by at support later next month and be prepared to buy back at higher prices, if necessary
Sell if you must, but scale out – just like you should scale in.

Personally, I see another possible nice run between late October and next February…

8.30.11    Why is a speculative gamble called a 'punt'?

Isn't a punt the conservative strategy? Why not call it the Hail Mary? Or, if the odds aren't so hot (like whatever the Wall Street sales'people') are pushing, call it a 'Hail Mary's Less than All There Cousin'.


8.30.11    The South Sudan - A Rare Example of Success in Africa

They have begun issuing their own currency.


"Shrugging off recommendations by economists that the new nation have a temporary currency union with Sudan to its north, South Sudan announced it was introducing its own independent currency July 18."




8.30.11    The Story of the 1933 Double Eagle



A great example why the government hates competition infringing on their counterfeiting ring!


Another great tangent -the Langbord Case.  The epitome of the old saw "all pigs are equal, some are more equal than others".


In other words, justice depends on how well connected you are.

Regarding: Liberty Dollar medallions -

The US Treasury considers them counterfeit/contraband since THEY HAVE NOT BEEN MONETIZED by the UST.

8.29.11    Dividend Investing

This articled provided an AWESOME read, up until the end. 


The take home examples, these x divi stocks model portfolio would have provided x return, looks great in 20/20 hindsight, but is a fairy tale.

Should this theoretical company have invested in a diversified portfolio, why no housing builders? The sector is about 10% of the ENTIRE US economy. How would the portfolio have performed with a large homebuilder included?

Another example, auto manufacturing/financing is another large percentage of the US economy.  How would the model portfolio have performed with GM/F included? 

And, as a previous poster already pointed out, the SP is about 20% comprised of banking stocks.  Why no banking stocks in the model portfolio? Seriously, a divi model built 10 years ago would NOT have had GE?

Seriously, a model divi portfolio developed ten years ago without GE/GM/F/BAC/CITI etc?

Doubt that VERY much. (Our divi model had most those companies at one point).

And since this model is only 15 stocks, two or three of the above companies – which have absolutely tanked – would drive this model performance considerably.  Too bad those other models portfolio performances were not provided as (Green , Blue Red) probabilities.

Hence, the article’s data is built on cherry picking, rather than a realistic model performance.

And this IS A SHAME, given how well laid-out and written the article was presented.


8.29.11    CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Determines solar activity primarily responsible for controlling climate




8.25.11 Worth a Read



CBO projections (no slowdown for the next 10 years) are beyond ludicrous, they are criminal.


8.25.11    E*Trade adds more Institution Controls on Money Transfer


Dear Valued Customer (snicker),


Any amount you deposit over $ 5,000 we will hold for FIVE business days to buoy up our sinking capital ship and skim a few pennies on the float.


Not like we, nor you, have much choice in the matter.





8.24.11    Interesting Article on the Current Relationship between Miners and Environmentalists in Idaho

At least the author is trying to pretend fairness.


This gives it away:


"In 2000, heavy rains filled the pond with 500 million gallons of water that came close to spilling down into the Salmon River."


In other words: "Rainwater and pollution controls designed by the mine as environmental and engineering controls have performed as designed without fail despite higher than predicted rainfalls".




8.21.11    The coming materials shortages (tedlar/teflon)

Looks like we may need to turn back an order for the first time, ever. Suppliers are having a difficult time acquiring tedlar and teflon. Government subsidies to solar manufacturers (in China) have created a lack of domestic availability.


8.21.11 Added a bunch of information regarding US Coin Varieties

to the US Coins page

8.17.11    Just a matter of time (and may not be too far off)

When ALL the major world banks will devalue their currency, in concert, at the same time.

'Tis the ONLY way out of the debt, which cannot ever be paid in full.

This will form the kingpin to establishing world monetary policy, in advance of a world currency.

8.16.11     Just returned from backpacking

The hills get steeper and the pack gets heavier every year.

8.6.11    County fairs are worth supporting

We just got back from our county fair.  Always a treat to share in the local customs and fruits of the community's hard work.


Buy Local = True Sustainability


8.4.11    The problem with the thesis: ‘Green Energy will produce Jobs”

Note that Ormat will employ about 100 people to construct the new geothermal plant.  That construction period will last 8-10 months (the plant will be finished in 2012). 

After that (for the next 50 years) 7-9 people will work at the plant permanently according to the company (probably more like 6 or 7).  Doesn’t take that many folks to actually run a power plant.  The largest one in northern Nevada can run with a crew of just four (it used to be 7).


8.4.11    What the markets learned about debt negotiation

'compromise' means 'later, after I am out of office'

8.4.11    Can you imagine heading into the storm

w/ Berlusconi at the helm?
Berlusconi had the best line yesterday about yesterday's panicking market:

"The markets are wrong".

Bank of NY Mellon is way ahead of the curve

charging 'customers' to hold cash. in their own accounts.

Won't be long before time decay is built into parked money. They'll turn to this ruse to stimulate money velocity and punish anyone clinging to savings.

8.1.11 David Hall’s Rare Coin Report from Today

Worth a view:


8.1.11    Vallejo Coin Show Report

There were about 25 dealers there Sunday, a few more on Saturday. Most reported ok-to-good sales
Saturday, but yesterday was slow. Unfortunately this venue is not as good as the previous venue. IMVHO the organizers made a mistake by separating the bourse into two rooms, and would have been better served (and served the dealers and public better) by combining all dealers in the large room.

One topic of conversation I had with a few gents is the large number of shows in Nor Cal. Where I live I could visit 25 shows a year and never spend a night in a hotel room. Not sure that many shows are necessary given today’s coin market (internet) - not that I am complaining.   (I can get pretty much anything one can dream within 50 miles of where I live.  Coin show comes just a few blocks away!).

However, most did mention that practically ALL the northern cal. shows (and western US shows in general - except Anaheim) are in decline when considered over a 20-year period (another fact I surmise is impacted by the availability of buy/sell options over the internet). Some shows have just plain stopped (San Francisco, Marin Co.). A small nor cal show I gather has improved is Visalia.

As it is, a coin show STILL REMAINS an incredibly valuable venue to educate yourself on the hobby, history, market, business and community and will support these local shows as best I can.

Hope you have a show on YOUR calendar this month!

7.29.11    The Bond Market isn't worried about a default

The bond market IS saying the economy is so poor that there is NOWHERE else to put your money.

Only gold is speaking in more certain terms...


7.29.11    Scourge of Counterfeit and Fiat Money

The only difference between a banker and a counterfeiter:


“...evidence of superior skill and superior modesty. It requires more talent to sign another man’s name than one’s own and the counterfeiter does at least his work in the dark, while the suspenders of specie payments [are] brazen in the face of day, and laugh at the victims and dupes, who have put faith in their promises.”


- John Quincy Adams


Great article by PMG:




7.29.11    Look at the oscillation increase on Minefinders


7.29.11    More Data In - the UN Scare Models on Global Warming are wrong, have been wrong, and will be wrong.


And what isn't wrong, has just plain been fabricated


7.29.11    Woman Wrecks a Bently (worth $363,000)
Insurance on the Bently $300 a month,

Calling your insurance agent an letting him know you just hit a Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, and a Mercedes....at the same time...Priceless


7.29.11    Fed EPA Moves to Shut Down US Coal Industry



7.23.11    Highly Restrictive Gun Laws in Norway

Do not allow the mass murder to own the gun he had without police permission.

Their law failed, their police failed, only the criminal succeeded.

That's how all gun laws 'work'


7.23.11    Museum Site Selection Final Approval Renews Significance of 2011 Army Commemorative Coins

Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh’s recent approval of Fort Belvoir’s North Post as the official future site of the National Museum of the United States Army affirms the significance of the 2011 Army Commemorative Coins. The sale of these historic coins will help build a facility appropriate for telling the story of America’s largest and oldest fighting force.

The U.S. Army is the only branch of the military without a central, national museum to preserve its storied history. By purchasing these commemoratives, individuals will help foster appreciation and gratitude for the 30 million men and women who have worn the Army uniform since 1775.

Pricing of the coins includes a surcharge that has been authorized to be paid to the Foundation to help finance construction of the Museum. The Foundation will receive $35 for every gold coin sold, $10 for every silver dollar sold and $5 for every clad half-dollar. All three coins are being produced in both proof and uncirculated versions. For more information on how to purchase the coins, please visit USMint.gov or call 1-(800) USA-MINT.

About The Army Historical Foundation

The Army Historical Foundation establishes, assists, and promotes programs and projects which preserve the history of the American Soldier and promote public understanding of and appreciation for the contributions by all components of the U.S. Army and its members.  The Foundation serves as the Army’s official fundraising entity for the Capital Campaign for the National Museum of the United States Army.  The Museum will be constructed at Fort Belvoir, Va., to honor the service and sacrifice of all American Soldiers who have served since the Army’s inception in 1775.  For more information on the Foundation, the National Museum of the United States Army, and the Army Commemorative Coins, visit www.armyhistory.org.

7.17.11    Haven't Mentioned Samex Mining mentioned in a LOOOoooong time

It may be threatening to breakout...


7.15.11    CDE has a New CEO




7.15.11    For Those that IMAGINE Today's Times aren't as bad as the 1930's

Because there are no bread lines, take a look here"




(Section 8 voucher line in Dallas causes stampede)


And last month it was Atlanta.  Next month ???


(p.s. the amount of folks on food stamp -credit is highest in our nation's history)


7.13.11    For Those Considering Pursuing a Masters in Finance

Here is a good web site to get started:




7.12.11    Romarco tries to create the second Carolina Gold Rush


But the federal government impedes progress at every step:




7.11.11    Is a Million Dollars a Lot of Money?

Some say, no - not anymore.


aaah, but a million united states dollars (a specified unit of silver) is STILL a lot of money, and very difficult to put together.


The mistake our society made was to believe the pipe dream that a million Federal Reserve Notes (debt) is the same as a million silver dollars.



Today it would take about 34 million Federal Reserve Notes (and rising) to acquire just one million silver dollars, at just good condition.

How easy is that to do?  How many people have EVER put together a collection of one-million dollars?  Fact is, I don't think it has ever been done.  

Here is a good list of the worlds tope dozen+ Dollar Hoards:


Three or Four of them started and finished in the Great State of Nevada, and another one or two with strong NV Collections.

Some of the fabulous coin collections were built in Nevada

There have been several very nice collections that I've seen broken up in the last 20 years (including Si Redd, Bill Harrah, Fitzgerald, Liberty Belle, etc). Even when the pieces are given a provenance for future owners (e.g. Redfield, Binion, Fitzgerald etc.) the whole of the collection - the majesty and thematic artistry directed by the original collector, is lost for good.

I’ve been in a couple warehouses myself in Northern Nevada that blew me away.  One of them was owned by Si Redd, the Poker King (he started what was to become the worlds largest manufacture of slot and poker machines, IGT.

I worked for a while Si on the IGT line in the 1980’s.  Occasionally when things got slow, instead of laying us off for a couple weeks, he would send us to his warehouse to rehab his collection.  The man had a warehouse full of awesome stuff!!!  Am told he had ‘some coins’, (the man ran a jukebox circuit before building machines, so no doubt he stashed away some of the hundreds of thousands of coins he pulled from those jukeboxes) but still not sure what happened there…

There is another collection in Northern Nevada that *could* be still intact, at least I have not heard of the sale.  But, the collection isn’t widely known, and I wonder – on the other hand – based on a few items I’ve started to see on ebay, if they are beginning to liquidate.

Also not mentioned on the page is Don Laughlin.  He and Bill Harrah had a rivalry for who could build the worlds best car collection. . Bill won, but Don’s collection wasn’t vultured off yet AFAIK (haven’t seen the collection for a few years now – was in his hotel in Laughlin, NV)and is still largely intact.  My good friend’s father was Bill Harrahs’ personnel chauffeur for thirty years, and I was lucky as a teen to tour the collection when still intact.

Never heard what happened to Harrah’s Silver either…

Can you imagine the poker games (the pots and wagers) that Harrah, Binion, Laughlin and Fitzgerald had!!!  Maybe with Sammy or Frank playing a couple hands for entertainment sake. …

The other two Dollar Hoards worth mentioning :

-          the Silver Dollar Dress at the Silver Queen Casino in Virginia City, Nv and

-          the bar and walls of silver dollars at that bar/truck stop on I-90 in Montana on the state line with Idaho.

Cool Stuff!!!

But none of them put together a million dollars.


Yep, that IS A LOT OF MONEY!


7.6.11    The Washington Nugget - largest one from US Sierra Nevada Mountains
was actually dug up in Australia a generation ago!

Remember those pics of it I posted from the ANA show back in march?



7.6.11    Indicators to Determine if an Antique Silver/gold bar or ingot is Real

A gold or silver bar may be referred to as dore, an un-processed and unstamped poured bar of molten metal.  Once the dore is refined and then stamped, it is referred to as an ingot.

There are clues to determine if a dore bar is a proper period piece. The method how the bar was poured and the patina on the bar are good early indicators.  After that one performs the density test to ensure the proper weight and displacement of the bar matches the fineness stamped on the piece.  However, the only sure way to determine if a dore bar is a real period piece is to conduct analytical metallurgical tests.

Dore bars typically had just the amount (or fineness) of BOTH gold and silver stamped on the bar.  After the dore was refined into an ingot - generally, but not always, this is the orderhow the refined ingot was stamped:

1) serial #
2) assayer house and name.  (This should match other known pieces from that same assayer; compare to other examples in catalogues)
3) assay chip (this was always a uniform cut done by machine)
4) weight (as ounces)
5) assay to three decimal places
6) fineness for BOTH gold and silver
7) dollar value (the dollar symbol was used sometimes, other times not. The symbol should be the double bar, not the $ used today).

One critical piece for me is the provenance of the bar. That is, did it just turn up from someone's closet last week, or is there a paper trail of ownership that goes back many years?

At this point in time, I favor the odds that a counterfeiter produced a newly discovered *very* rare bar rather than trust the probability that someone unknowingly stored the bard in their closet for several decades without ever checking on the value.

There is much more than provided here, but this should provide a decent start...

 7.5.11    Strength in the Coin Market

Personally, I am *almost’ surprised that the prices AND demand for coins have held up so well as they have over the past 2.5 years.

Think of coin performance COMPARED TO the price action in commercial and SFH real estate, non-production raw land, world equities, some world bond markets, many world currency markets, and especially other ‘collectibles’ such as furniture, trading cards, (some) art, toys, ceramic and glass, casino chips, cars, etc.

Coins in general have held up very well against that milieu; as pointed out even the dreck is flat after a moderate correction while nice stuff keeps appreciating, if you can even find it available.

Portends even stronger times ahead, IMHO. Now, that doesn’t mean mass appreciation, but it may mean the value of coins goes down less than many other things in a larger market correction or financial panic (especially when the bond market craters).


7.3.11    Great Article, worth a read (or a re-read)


After the melts, what's left in coin collecting?


The article examines the state of coin collecting given the amount of silver coinage removed from circulation, first from the devaluation of silver coinage to clad coinage in the mid 1960s and then the great silver melt when silver bullion hit 50$/oz in 1980.


The timing of the article is fascinating,  since it was written at the bottom of the silver price AND coin collecting (early 1999)- the time darkest before the dawn.  Both the price of silver and the interest in coin collecting massively ramped up just a few months after the article was written.  Goes to show, an opinion/analysis can the SPOT ON one month, and then wrong for the next decade. 




So, how will the great silver melt of 2011 affect the coin hobby?

Should the author have suspected that silver was near a low?

Could the author have known how many new collectors the State Quarter collection (beginning that year) would bring into the hobby?


7.3.11    CoinMine Defines Inflation

Inflation is called the ‘invisible tax’ because bankers and government will ALWAYS debase the money supply to extract wealth from the merchant and investment classes. 

Years ago – going back to the Roman times, the government would debase money supply by removing gold and silver and replacing with cheap substitutes.

In current times the government and the bankers flood the market with worthless debt to enslave future producers.

The way to KEEP UP with inflation is to hold debt on producing assest (real estate that makes money, farmland, etc) because you can pay back the debt with cheaper dollars down the road.  The other tact to keep up with inflation is to hold silver and gold.

The ONLY way to BEAT inflation is to purge the corrupt bankers/government from the economic system.  This only happens once or twice a century, on average.

(p.s google is government/banker propaganda)


7.2.11    Spent a Week and a Half in Florida Keys

Amazing how poor he drivers are in S. Fl; and not just the old folks.


Place we stayed at - a three story house with the only pool (among SFH) along the waterfront for many miles was valued at 5.2M USD in 2005 (when FL Keys property values peaked).  The landlord was the guy that actually built the house.  Very interesting gent.  Built it as a dream house for his (now deceased) wife.   He is five months behind mortgage and trying to decide if it is worth holding on or finally throwing in the towel.   He spent last 11 years in court over the place, which is schedule to go for auction next month - though it is currently also on the market concurrently for 2.0M USD.  He would take 1.8M right now to pay off the note.  Also, he - in a roundabout way - said if someone brought 800k to the table that he would 'partner', which probably means owner finance the remaining note after paying off arrears. 


For sure the bank would take this property back, since it has the pool (a REALLY NICE ONE) right on the water.


The banks are obviously sitting on a lot of bad property in S Fl right now and are NOT bringing them to market.


Drop a line if you are interested in the place, I'll put you in touch...



7.1.11    Happy Third Quarter

California passed a budget yesterday.  One bright spot is the temporary sales tax increase, proved just that, it actually went away (for at least a few more months most likely).


Among the couple hundred corollary state bills rammed through - one 'authorizes' the state to collect sales tax from 'affiliate' programs.  When this bill passed Amazon immediately pulled their affiliate program (those who have links to Amazon.com on their website get a cut of sales via every sale that passes through their web link) in Ca.  Amazon did the same thing in Texas last year.  The reason Ca went after the affiliate program rather than physical distribution chains is that Ca doe NOT want Amazon to pull their Ca warehouse out and divert everything to the Northern Nevada warehouse.


Upon passing of the same bill, Overstock.com also immediately cut their Ca affiliate program.


Just the starting volley in a long sales tax war.


7.1.11    Canada Post Strike ended 6.27

Now back to full service.


7.1.11    Started buying more physical silver



71.11    Vern Potter's Thoughts on Ephemera and Antique Paper Market, 2nd Quarter 2011

His newsletter highlighted that the major northern and southern California shows (Santa Clara and Long Beach, respectively) continue their decline.  Santa Clara in particular fared poorly from both attendance and dealer set-up.  Offsetting that, regionally, was a stronger performance at the Anaheim show.  Nationally, strong public attendance and buying at the Memphis Money Show showed encouraging.  Nationally, the main problem he faces is finding new material from the public.


Vern noted the number of long time dealers and buyers that have failed to show up at the California shows.  He thought that Sales Tax and then the poor economy kept these folks away from teh big Ca shows, but does not understand the poor attendance now.


My sense is that the cost of travel has increased to the point that Selling is now more profitable online.  If folks are not SELLING new material, why set up at a show?

Furthermore, the HASSLE of air travel (TSA harassment, poor airline performance) and an INCREASE in dealer-targeted robberies certainly are NOT helping matters.

7.1.1    College or Not?

Some young one asked:

“Should I go to college or become an entrepreneur?  My parents want me to go to college, but I don’t want to go into debt”.

Here was my response:

My thought is BOTH you and your parents are right about college.

You are smart to not go into debt, there are ways to finance college:

-          entrepreneurship

-          work a job

-          GRANTS. Wish I had done more research on grants. I got a couple small ones but there are many out there if you do your homework and legwork.

 Your parents are smart about college. There are many reasons to go to a 4-year university.

-          You will be with young people who want to better themselves. Some of these folks will become lawyers and doctors and bankers. Is a good thing to become their friends when young; some day you will appreciate a network of professional folks who you have been friend with for 20 years.

-          Discipline. Incredibly important in business

-          Socializing. Learning public speaking/networking/party small talk very important business skills

-          Meeting girls. Seriously – a major benefit. I met my wife and many other fine young women at college.

 Wish I had your wisdom at your age not to go into debt. That set me back for years…

7.1.1    Someone asked about a 1857-1861 James Bucanan/ Buchanan token.

One the reverse is Old Buck and some of his accomplishments. However, the proper name Buchanan is spelled Bucanan one the token; which is why someone questioned the authenticity.

No pictures were sent, so here was my response:

 “This could be a modern Chinese token, though the typical price of the original token is already low (5-15$) and the collector base is small, so counterfeit pieces wouldn’t have that large a demand or profit. 

Another possibility is that this is a satirical political piece.  About this time, 1830’s the first political satire tokens appeared on scene.  Telling age of a planchet/coin/token from a picture is near impossible, the only way to know for sure is to have a dealer/specialist look at the item in hand”

6.21.11    Is the Antique and Collectible Business Improving?

According to the latest Tias.com poll:


54.4% - said "yes"
29.5% - said "No"
15.9% - said "I have another answer"

6.21.11    Paul Fraser Autograph Index - Price of Autographs up 5.24% last year

and  358% over past decade:




Of course, he IS talking his book, but interesting nonetheless...


6.20.11    When to Tell the Housing Bust has Bottomed


When hundred year housing chart finds a new plateau.  Very generally - the market moves up for about seven years, flat for seven years, down for seven, level for seven and then begins a new wave up.


Here is a graphic showing  the Case-Shiller Index along with some bloggers projection showing reversion to the mean at a new plateau.




The second major signal will be when the mainstream press runs pieces titled "Is this the beginning of the triple-dip down?"


THAT is the point to buy using both barrels.


Currently the mainstream media is promoting the myth that housing prices are putting in a bottom right now.


Here is just one example from today:



That said, I am now myself looking to buy income property, though being VERY picky about it...


6.15.11    June 15th, Lunar Eclipse, June 15, Lunar Eclipse...

wasn't this the day I was supposed to buy something?

Or maybe it was sell???


6.15.11    Nuclear Regulatory Commission Inspector General Upholds Political Chicanery

to de-fund Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository


And of course, the assistant Inspector General came to a different conclusion:



6.14.11    Is the equities Market an Example of Supply and Demand Economics?

Here is my answer: no.   The Money Makers and Specialists CONTROL and SUPPLY the demand AND supply.  Thus, classic supply/demand around the margins does not control the stock price.  Only true NEW impulse waves of massive investor demand (IPO, breakthrough cancer drug, new primary bull market/mania) drive stock prices outside of this demand balance controlled by the MM (and supplied by the common practice of continually issuing new shares).

6.14.11    Why aren’t There More Venues for Financial Education?

Answer One: Most people are financially uneducated, and happy about it; or would rather not know what is really going on.

Answer Two: Those folks that are already financially savvy realize there is a higher profit potential in KEEPING PEOPLE FINANCIALLY illiterate than there is in providing financial education.  The folks that make $$ selling you rent, interest, gizmos etc. would rather keep doing that than teach you how not to purchase their product. The banking sector relies upon your debt patronage; they don’t plan on giving that up by teaching you a better way of life through their own largesse.

Answer Three: Financial education has not proven an easy commodity to package and sell except through books and short term training sessions.

Financial Education Schools

There are already two organizations providing financial education using an affiliate model, more or less.

1. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace follows this model very closely.  However, they target the most illiterate segment of society and provide just enough information that requires they buy the next training session.

2. Junior Achievement (JA) is the other. This non-profit teaches financial and business schools to young people, for free.  Not an affiliate model, just an organized group of dedicated volunteers.

WHY ISN”T THIS NAME UBIQUITOUS with a chapter in every neighborhood?

Have you even heard of JA? MANY people have not.  Had a chapter existed in my area I would volunteer right now.  Unfortunately, I don’t (yet) have the time to set up a new chapter completely – in due time.

After Financial Peace and JA the field thins, perhaps the National Association of Investors Corporation is the next best example.  They grew tremendously at first (1960s) and had thousands of chapters at one point.  However, once they TRIED TO MONETIZE THE FORUM, their membership plummeted and has declined for the past 10 straight years.

Regarding supply/demand:

a.       My research showed me there aren’t that many folks truly searching for financial self-sufficiency.  They would rather rely on the handout (paycheck or welfare) rather than DO THE WORK necessary as an entrepreneur.  Along those lines, most folks would rather remain dumb and happy rather than move beyond their cloud of denial to the actual reasons they are middle aged and broke.

In sum, the demand for financial education remains far below the existing tools available to teach financial education.

Would love for someone to prove me wrong, really….

6.13.11    Regarding the Book - Your Money or Your Life

I read this book years ago.  At the time it was EXACTLY what I needed since I was broke, in debt, and just slowly coming out of financial denial.  (I don’t exactly remember ch 5 or 6 specifically). 

That book was my A-HA moment.  For those folks just now reaching that stage of life/education, they are sick of debt and are looking for other alternatives, YMOYL can still provide that needed eyes-open punch in the face – though the book is indeed dated.

Yes, of course the book provides a model that we don’t adhere to on this forum.  Nevertheless, it still gathers a fair readership, considering you brought up a discussion on a book now over 30 years old whereas many other books in that genre never deserve a first mention, much less a second one.  

I am still thankful that the A-HA moment provided me the fuel needed to find even better ways to wealth and abundance.  Frankly, not everyone will be an entrepreneur or a millionaire.  If folks could just move beyond continual debt and reliance to self sufficiency – that alone would provide a great value to our society.

Remember the lesson was valuable for a particular stage of education, but you always need to seek another teacher with another lesson…

6.13.11    Larry Pesavento filled in on the Tom Obrien show today.

Bearish on general US equities and Euro.  Spoke on moon phases.  During bear markets the low is made during the full moon and the recoveries peak at the new moon.  In cyclical bull markets the opposite is true, new highs are made on the new moon.

Then again, he certainly has his detractors too:


6.10.11    Kitco Denies Tax Fraud Charges

Fascinating stuff!

No wonder Alix seemed to have lost that sparkle in her eyes last few days.

(and I thought it was just b.c. I didn’t accept her facebook ‘friend request’)

Fascinating that the ZeroHedge article and all the comments named Doug Casey and Jon Nadler, but NOT ONE mentioned the big cheese - Bart Kitner.

Poor Bart made a deal with the devil when he agreed to modify his chatboard (nay, corporate philosophy) to appease the ‘thought crime’ enforcers. 

Once you let that virus in, it destroys completely – just a matter of time.

6.9.11    Mining Expo in Elko Nv Today and Tomorrow


Mining industry decides not to figh NV SB493. This will change the net proceeds tax and other provisions. Will have a fairly minimal impact, coughing up $24 million to Carson City coffers


To put that 24M in perspective Nevada produced 5,338,559 ounces of gold last year.

$6.54 billion 2010 USD!

6.9.11    The silver refiner that my fave dealer uses

has been taking THREE MONTHS to send a check for the silver he sends in.

6.7.11    The Search for Knowledge

There are those - perhaps a small minority - but the only demographic that EVER counts, who look for knowledge. We found our own little fonts here and there, others have just started the search.

Indeed there are people that write out of the blue asking me for more information on some obscure item of monetary phenomena, coins etc.

However, one must BUILD the platform for them to approach.

Standing on the street corner with a sandwich sign will attract derision

(or get you robbed!)

6.7.11    Joe Battaglia, of Goldline/American Advisor fame has retired

However, one with a similar name and bent - Joe Battipaglia, a MSNBC commentator, passed away in April.  He died suddenly at the age of 55.


Life is short, you never know about tomorrow.


6.4.11    My deadbolt froze up

Wish I knew how to pick locks.

Had to call the guy out, on overtime.

He is sick of picking locks (fixing broken doors), and will get into another line of work in just sixty more days.

One thing he mentioned REALLY caught my attention. Last week he fixed FIVE broken locks in ONE street in the town next to ours.

Our town is lower middle class and gets picked on by all the press (for having the temerity to note the reality of the state of municipal government today, and riling up the public service unions).

We don’t get that many break-ins concentrated in one neighborhood. I know where they are robbing, and it is the nicer neighborhoods, but not like FIVE BREAK-INS ON ONE STREET IN ONE WEEK? And that was reported by just ONE locksmith.  The town is nice, great schools and the price per sq. ft. housing is triple our. (and it is only one mile away over a small hill).

Desperate folks are Targeting the Rich.  If it ain’t the new taxes for those making $250k – then they are hitting their neighborhoods while the tax payers are away for the day making a living.

The very rich will still, as always, have it made.

But the rich are in for a bit of a rough patch for a while – and they may just decide to make it rougher on those around them in turn.

6.4.1    That said, the anecdotal reports suggest the economy in NorCal and N. Nev are improving.

Trades (construction) are getting more work.  Of course residential is dead, but commercial work has picked up this year (even with the crappy unseasonable weather).

Home prices in my area continue to fall, as elsewhere. But the turnover has been decent of late. Many folks are buying and rehabbing and renting out.

Rent have stayed unbelievable strong; no declines in 6 years, really.

Still, there is a general unease – nobody misses some dark clouds on the horizon.  And it really ain’t new dark clouds; its’ that the old clouds simply haven’t gone away.  Nobody will deny themselves, this recession has yet one more year to tack on next year, at least.  Four poor years in a row have tapped folks out, The belts are tight.  Although most have not gone under, many have spent their buffer – and that proves bewildering; for how will they build it back up? This gas spike has hit harder this time than the one four years ago just for that reason.  Sad to see so many slip into resignation…or despair.

Good thing the hiring has picked up…very good thing…hope it holds/continues.


6.3.11    Woman has Bank Account for 97 Years


Wishes she kept the gold instead!


"The compact, white-haired woman who tends to speak with a chuckle in her voice retired in 1976 after working for the post office for more than a quarter century. Earlier, she operated a general store, using the savings account for the business. Gregg opened the store in 1932, three years after she graduated from high school and received as gifts a $2.50 gold piece and a $5 gold piece, which went into the account."




6.2.11    Collectors Market Making a Comeback

Per Terry Kovel regarding a Memorial Day antique show last weekend: "Dealers told me they were happy with the number of sales they made and that they plan to be back next year. We are hearing that a lot lately--the collector-economy is on the rebound."


6.2.11    If you are underwater in your home, and considering walking away - does it matter where you live?

Yes – the state you live in and the state where the property is ARE CRITICAL FACTORS.

Is your state a recourse/judicial state?  That means, is you default (via short or foreclosure) will the bank come after you PERSONALLY?

This is a major factor.  Even if you come to the table at the close with a check (you are underwater 40k, so you believe you will need 40k to get out of the mortgage) you will need more $ for closing.   AND, depending upon your state law, your 40k forgiveness may be seen as ‘income’ to the State and Fed IRS.  This means you will also need to pay taxes on that 40k.  So, you may need close to 50k to short sale.


By and large the bank looks after their own, not you.

In California, the State Legislature recently passed SB 931.  Section 580(e) OUTLAWED the common practice (especially by Chase) whereby they have in the contract fine print – which you need to sign as part of the ‘short’ agreement – that YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE for the 40k.

That is correct, it is illegal for the Bank to require you sign a contract that says you will pay them back the 40k even after the short sale.  However, Chase still conducts the practice, other banks probably do also.  You have very little leverage over the bank.

Bottom Line – Can you keep the day job (sacrifice) and build your business (sacrifice) SHORT TERM to make up that 700/month? If you go this route, and save the extra $700 you had been paying, after six years you would have saved enough to pay off the deficit.

When you have a big hill to move, find a bigger shovel – don’t wish the hill were smaller.


For most people, moral issues are typically driven by the financial considerations.  When you overcome this, then other windows will open for you.

6.2.11    How to Invest in a Mining Boom Town

BOOM STAGE ONE – Welcome Visitor

1.        Buy (cheaply) a hotel, re-hap, and rent rooms to the newly hired help. 

2.        Open a restaurant next door to feed them.  Make sure the menu has a free brochure in the middle – Welcome to BoomTown PA – your source for area deals and resources.  The brochure will advertise the highlights of your region and you and your friends business venture and civic society’s that may be mutually beneficial. 

 3.        Run a car lot next door so they have transportation. 

 Bottom line – cater to a new residents’ temporary needs.

 BOOM STAGE TWO – Vend the Trend

 1.        Rent apartments and houses. Sell lease options on the houses (some folks know they are only going to ‘roughneck’ for five years, raise a grubstake, and move on).

 2.        Support the sector.  Is there a welding shop nearby? Who provides the drilling fluids (barium), concrete, PVC pipe. 

 You get the picture.

 BOOM STAGE THREE – Maturation

Build the Rotary Club, Lions Club, RE Club etc. Become the ‘go to’ business venue in town to BUILD a COMMUNITY.


 Sell at the top!

 -If you need further resources, contact the BBB at Elko, Battle Mountain and Winnemucca in Nevada and towns in Mountrail County, and adjacent, on the Bakken in North Dakota.

Good Luck.


6.1.11    How to Determine Who Makes the Parts (vendor) for a Company, Example – Apple.

Someone asked this Great Question. How can you determine who makes the parts for a product.

Now, I don’t know too much about the tech sector (compared to mining/materials/commodities), but the due diligence/competitive intelligence process is the same for all sectors.

  1. The best tactic is to go to the tradeshow (MacWorld) and see the vendor displays.

  1. Another tact is to break down the product line by segment.

 For example, The computer:

 Apple makes the case, subs out the components:

-          Motherboards, CPUs, RAM, graphics cards

-          Processors

-          monitors ( LG Philips panels)

-          hard drives,

-          fans

-          power supply


Apple computers are assembled in the US, Ireland Singapore and China.

The components must be top flight, and must be produced by large capable manufacturers. 

So, break down the vendors by the top three tier firms for each component.

Hence, most the chips are made by Intel (the market leader) and their main competitor - AMD.  ARM has license for much of the microprocessors that are branded IBM and Motorola but mostly made in the Taiwanese shops.

One reason Apples computers are expensive is because they maintain a tight monopoly on both their vendors AND their downline. Apple sells replacement parts themselves.

The  Ipod

Apple makes the case (and has had trouble with white)

Vendors supply the components. Inventec and Foxconn are two of vendors that manufacture iPods in China and Taiwan, respectively. Toshiba makes the hard drives and BroadCom and PortalPlayer provide the chips. TI makes the FireWire interface and the battery is from Sony.  Sharp produces the flash memory.

So you can see, most of these are major businesses, not mom and pop suppliers.

  1. You can often find out vendors by default through articles written which are critical of the firm. These are written primarily by NGOs, watchdogs, and disgruntled former vendors/employees.  Remember the stories about apple using child labor in China? That is how Inventec and Foxconn became known.

  1. Learn the DUNS and BizOpps systems. You can find who Markets to the big manufactures.   This is the pool that eventually becomes vendors.

  1. Learn the product inputs. When you figure out the Universal Standard Products and Services Classification (UNSPSC) for one component, you can find the manufacturer pool for that particular part.

  1. Read the company’s 10-K.  You can find out A LOT of information here.  The company will report on risk, and supply disruptions. Often they will mention ‘supply problems for power units in India’ or something similar.  With that info you can often narrow down the vendor with careful research.

 Ask the employees.  Some will talk even when they shouldn’t. You can find these folks interviewed in the industry trades papers and on the blogs.

Great question, competitive intelligence is fun stuff!


5.30.11    California Budget - May Revise - Makes Criminals out of Miners

Budget subcommittees in the California Legislature have adopted state budget language that prohibits the California Department of Fish and
Game (CDFG) from spending any more money on the development of proposed suction dredge mining regulations.

In effect, this upholds the moratorium on suction dredging in California Rivers - a direct attack on the citizens right to produce.


5.30.11    Latest Porter Stansberry Newsletter

Recommending gold numismatics


5.30.11    Listed a bunch of early S-Mint Mark Lincoln Cents

in our inventory


5.26.11    Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar Defends his Position

to reduce gas and oil exploration in the US by 2/3rds under his watch.




Treason known no rationale...


5.22.11    California to Crack Down on Water Users (fees, permits, licenses)

The Cal Department of Conservation was just authorized, in the May Revise (State Budget projection that came out Monday) to hire an additional 70 people for revenue enforcement in their Oil/Gas program.  So yes, the state is ramping up personnel to enforce permits, fees, and fines. 

Also in the May Revise, the DWR Watermaster Program was cut.  That means DWR will no longer administer the watermaster functions (state project allocations) and pass that cost/fee through to the end user.

5.19.11    Listed a Bunch of New Large Cents, Eagle Cents and Indian Head Cents

in our inventory. Take a look, make an offer...


1798 Draped Bust Large Cent (2nd Hair)

1802 Draped Bust Large Cent

1818 Coronet Head Large Cent

1862 Indian Head Cent, Extra Fine+

1863 Indian Head Cent, Extra Fine+

1864-L Indian Head Cent, About Good

1864 Indian Head Cent, Very Fine

1868 Indian Head Cent, Good

1873 Indian Head Cent,  Fine


...and 12 new Large Head Cents and a couple dozen Indian Head Cents here and on Ebay. 


5.15.11 The White House Finally Releases Photographic Proof that Bin Laden was Killed as Described


5.15.11    Good Blog




5.12.11    Silver Trade

As suspected, the previous lower trend rail at $38.xx is now strong resistance; $37.70 was the right sell - hope some of you caught that!


5.12.11    Time for a Rare Earth Metal update.

Sold REMX today for @ 26.88.

This sector has HAD A NICE RUN since I introduced the topic on November 1st.

What has happened since then?

Well, the sector had a major rager run!

OPTION ONE: Speculative Stocks

Denison (DNN)

Nov1:Closed at $, Ran to $, broke down to current $

Cameco: CCJ: TEXTBOOK 5 wave Move

Nov1:Closed at $2.11.  This was the end of the correction (Wave 2) that followed the first leg up (Wave 1 from $1.12 in June).  Starting Nov 1, CCJ began Wave 3 to the upside, topping out at $4.45 – the top of Wave 5 of PRIMARY I.

Since then, CCJ has now made, what looks like a running ABC correction. Important to note, CURRENTLY NOW SITTING ($2.14) at THE breakout point ($2.11).  See how these pivot points set themselves up?  Previous trend supports now serve as a magnet/resistance.

The Uranium stocks have been a completely different animal.

Technically, many of them had the same chart structure, breaking out of the correction which ended Nov 1 and made new highs. 

But THEN – the NEWS DRIVEN FUNDAMENTALS TRUMPED THE CHARTS. That is, the reactor meltdowns in Japan tanked the uranium stocks. Look at the massive breakdown (gap down) in their chart structure.

The NEWS can begin a new primary wave, either along with or against with the previous trend.  Great example!  Short term, today URZ breaking out (against the market) from support on the 200 day moving average; should run higher for another 10% into resistance at the 50 Day EMA.

UCORE has acted in a somewhat similar vein, but has BEEN MUCH STRONGER.  Still way up since the corrective low and had not recently penetrated it’s 200 D EMA like URZ did.


PNPFF has performed MUCH STRONGER than some of the speculative stocks.  The small micro cap stocks are for the hot money/nimble traders. The fund is for the investment houses.  Note how PNPFF also broke out to the upside since November and has not yet broken through the 200 day EMA, though it did break down through the 50:

OPTION THREE – THE Exchange Traded Fund

The ETF has outperformed the underlying companies and the fund.  Since the introduction of ETFs, they have absorbed much of the investment money that previously would find its way into the company stock.  This fundamental change in money allocation MUST NOT BE IGNORED.

NOW: Although previously strong, currently REMX looks like it is making a distribution top, I will sell if/when it breaks the support near $26 


Many stocks in the sector have either started to roll over or show distribution tops.

Hopefully you also caught a nice chunk of this 30% move over the past few months.  Not a bad return, not at all.

Moreover, hopefully you have had a chance to discover what rare earths are, what role they play in society – especially the burgeoning ‘alternative energy’ sector.


5.7.11    More on the Silver Trade

Now that I bought back in Silver at $34.xx, plan to sell at the upcoming resistance levels which previously had been support targets.  Support levels when the trend is up become resistance when the trend is down.  So, plan to sell at 38 and/or $41.20.  

One more very important point.  During major bull epochs, and silver is in one, the up movement is slow and steady over long time periods whereas the down movements are short and very sharp. Note that silver has NOT had a $2 or $3 up day in the last 10 solid years.  But, silver has had both a $2 and $3 DOWN day in just the last 10 days!!!

Don’t trade futures, I trade Bullion; coins; stocks; and ETFs.

If you are wondering due to the prices quoted above, I TYPICALLY (but not always) use spot NYMEX/GLOBEX.  If silver goes into backwardtardation will sometimes use out months chart prices for technical analysis.  Also, in the past have used CCE/Teletype or Intelliquote prices when the physical supply is really tight.  Furthermore, the long term charts must be normalized log anyway; New York/London close averaged.  So, the point is I don’t get to hung up on exact price points; that is why I sometimes round them off to whole dollar amounts or print $34.xx.  The general pivot point is close enough for me; will rarely catch exact top/bottom anyway.   Also prefer longer term trades over these shorter ones, but when the volatility arrives MUST take advantage, eh?

Physical supply is actually pretty tight right now for 1 and 10 ounce bars.  1,000 ounce bars are also tight – Sunshine is WAY over-ordered right now.

Regarding STOPS

I rarely place market stops, just lets the MM run over the positions.  I always have a mental stop based upon my trading plan.  Much of my trading plan depends upon my physical/bullion and stock position.


5.6.11    Royal Gold has put together quite a nice stable of royalty mining properties



Not only are their royalty streams paying out higher due to increasing price of the metals, but their properties are producing more ounces.

Furthermore, many of their properties have nexus to other properties that may have more productive years in front of them rather than behind...

5.6.11    Reminisces of a coin mania – David Hall on the year 1980

“In early 1980, the rare coin market was as crazy as it had ever been...and it hasn't been that crazy since. This was of course during the huge run-up in gold and silver bullion prices and before slabs came on the scene in 1986. All coins were raw and the coin shows were a huge deal. You went to the show early and hustled around trying to buy underpriced coins, or "rips" as we called them. But between summer of 1979 and April of 1980, the rare coin market was beyond hot. Prices were going up almost across the board every week. There was even one week when every listing in the weekly Coin Dealer Newsletter showed a plus sign. When you went to a coin show you often sold 90% of your new purchases at the coin show! In other words, at shows coins often only stayed in your inventory for a day or two...or less. It was hard to buy coins...and harder to buy deals, sets and quantity deals of nice coins. The prices asked by dealers were outrageous. It was like..."Let's see. Shall I pay 60% over bid or 70% over bid at this show." You often bought deals just because you'd probably sell them almost no matter what you paid.”

5.5.11    Per my last post, $34 held as support

– and silver has now started a contra-cyclical bounce off that number.  I expect it will fail, since the fib retracement off the high exceeded the first support and believe after making this move higher, silver will fall to the next level around $31.90.  To finish off the correction silver may decline into the second week of June, around $25.50 or 26$.   All subject to change, but no reason to switch the horse I rode in just yet…

5.4.11    Platinum put in a three white Candle breakout yesterday,

Which Failed today.  They are bringing out the big guns, even OBL's body out of deep cold storage here to defend the dollar at this CRITICAL level.  Double bottom on the dollar here badly needs to hold (last USD low almost exactly two years ago at 71.32 on April 22, 2008) or else real momentum to the downside could ensue.


I never had much success trying to buy right at these large price zig-zags. Even if Ag recovers, the momentum form the non-conformance of silver last Friday - price of silver down when gold and platinum were up strongly - was a shot across the bow.  Ag 41.22 might provide some decent support (first fibonacci retracement number from the breakout point).  After that the trend rails of $34 and $38 provide the next support.  Wouldn't be surprised to see Ag hit those numbers and rise strong back to $50, make the expected double top, and then drop for a few months - playing out the typical seasonal pattern.  But you never know...


5.4.11    The Bin Laden Story Tale


Part I - The Official Story

Right the Official Bin Laden Story as of May 2

Bin Laden was armed, there was a fire fight, Bin Laden put his wife in front of him as a shield, then the seals shot him. 

Ooops, well not exactly.

Official Bin Laden Story as of May 3

Bin Laden was NOT armed.  Hence assassination is now official US foreign policy.  (Why shoot him instead of taking him into custody and interrogating him?  Hmm, maybe because THE FBI has NEVER indicted him for 911 because the FBI stated they do not have enough evidence to do such.)

And his wife did NOT throw herself in front of dear husband.

But, for proper ‘muslim burial’ the government dumped his body in the ocean, so that there can never be any pathology study, coroners report, or any physical evidence whatsoever, EVER.

May 3 The Government will Release the Photos Tomorrow

May 4 OOOpps, no photo’s available due to ‘muslim sensibilities’.

And of course, our ‘great friend and ally’ Pakistan has been hosting Bin Laden in a secure Pakistani security camp - the military garrison Abbottabad - right outside their capital for the past six years, AND NOBODY NOTICED.

May 4 Reuters posts releases the pictures that the US refused to:


Not one of these three bodies even remotely looks like Bin Laden.  Now we see why they refused to release the photos, and refused to show the body.  At least Reueters is willing to report what happened.

And here is the problem believing anything you read in the press:


5.3.11    Bin Laden Murdered in 2007 per Pakistani President, on internationally televised interview.

Remember the True Hero’s, such as Benazir Bhutto

Not that it will change the mind of those who believe the GE/MSNBC/WESTINGHOUSE-CBS/DISNEY-ABC ‘headlines’ (which are changing the story by the hour), but the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto (the first female prime minister of a predominantly Muslim county, elected twice)  already named the individual who murdered Bin Laden in 2007.

On November 2, 2007 Benazir Bhutto stated, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, in an interview with David Frost that Osama bin Laden had already been murdered, and named the individual – Omar Sheikh. 

Nov 2, 2007 – David Frost Over the World


Furthermore she had requested the USA conduct the investigation to find the perpetrators and investigate the financial and operational capacity that remained.   She further requested Musharaff, the USA and Great Britain investigate those entities that funded Pakistani terrorists organizations ‘being used’ to plot her death.

There are actually clips out there that show how the BBC CENSORED the Frost interview to hide this admission/divulgence by Bhutto.

Of course, the investigations she requested never happened.  Indeed, she spoke a little too frankly and Benazir Bhutto WAS ASSASSINATED SIX WEEKS AFTER THIS INTERVIEW.

Benazir Bhutto worked her entire life for peace and stability in the region.  This interview documents that she worked tirelessly to root out the corruption and deceptions in the war on terror up until the very end of her life. She spoke multiple languages, was highly educated and intelligent, was twice elected leader of her country and never backed down from her ideals.

May we do her memory justice by working for the same ideals she held close.

Omar Saeed (Sheikh), the guy who wired funds to the hijacker 911 Mohamed Atta, killed Bin Laden.


There's Something About Omar:
Truth, Lies, and The Legend of 9/11

"But there was another, more explosive side to this tale. Only seventeen months before, a former London schoolboy by the name of Omar Saeed Sheikh was first exposed as the 9/11 paymaster, acting under the authority of a Pakistani general who was in Washington D.C. on September 11, meeting with the very two lawmakers who would subsequently preside over the "official" 9/11 congressional inquiry...

In short, the Times of India revealed that Omar Saeed (Sheikh) was acting under the direct orders of the head of Pakistani intelligence and not Osama bin Laden. That in itself could perhaps have been explained away, as it was widely acknowledged that Islamic elements in the ISI were sympathetic to the Taliban and their al-Qaida guests. Yet tracing the "smoking gun" money trail to General Ahmad created an entirely new smoking gun that led straight back to Washington, D.C. - for General Ahmad had already been reported as having breakfast in the nation's capital with Senator Bob Graham and Representative Porter Goss on the morning of September 11 (Both Graham and Goss would go on to co-chair the joint Senate-House 9/11 inquiry)."

4.29.11    Time to Fight Another Senseless Bill which will Prevent Small American Manufacturers from Competing




Here is exactly what TSCA promulgation via ASTDR does:

   Mattel and Hasbro love the onerous regulations b.c. they can afford to pay some schlep in India 12$/day to do the data entry for the products they manufacture in China.  The small firms here in the state must doe the TSCA Tri-Appendix A and all that other data out of their own workweek.

 Furthermore, the Mattel/Hasbro factory can list all 5,000 chemicals they use into the database, won’t provide any usable information. My friend starting a small toy company will list his 12, and then they know EXACTLY what he is doing.

This type of reverse engineering done by the big boys to the little boys all the time. How is he going to compete against Chinese labor? He won’t. Look at the toys sold at Target/Walmart; how many you think are made in the US, where these laws apply? Practically zero.

We bought some Swedish made wood toys a couple years ago for re-sale. Really high quality. They went bankrupt when the European version of this law went into place. That’s why my friend here is fighting the law. I told him it’s a losing proposition. Americans want Chinese toys coated with poison made by a 14 year old working 65 hour week, as long at its cheap…

4.27.11    Sad to Learn,

Leonard Kaplan of Prospector Asset Management passed away.  He was often contacted by the press when gold made a big price move.  Interacted with him a few times on the old bulletin boards. The guy always seemed bearish on his product. Seemed like he was genuinely a cautious and concerned person. Rest in Peace.

4.27.11    After three years, Obama finally puts up a decent forgery for all to fawn over.

Too bad the White House and AP didn’t synchronize their press releases…because AP and WH released different photoshop versions!



Interesting comments there!

and here:


Just four months ago the State of Hawaii reported they couldn’t find the certificate. Now it pops up.

Wow, was never a ‘birther’; but makes you wonder…

Personally, would rather see him release his college and medical records, like every other recent president has done.

4.24.11    The Three Functions of Money:


  1. Account of settlement

  2. Store of wealth

  3. Medium of exchange (as currency),


Is your fiat dollar doing all that?


4.22.11    Live USD chart:


4.19.11    Was Lincoln Opposed to Slavery?


No, not in his own words:


"I will say here,  while upon this- subject, that I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no
lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.  I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and the black races. There is a physical difference between the two which, in my judgment, will probably forever forbid their living together upon the footing of perfect equality; and inasmuch as it becomes a necessity there must be a difference, I, as well as Judge Douglas, am in favor of the race to which I belong having the superior position."


Source: The fourth Lincoln - Douglass Debate as recorded by the United States Library of Congress


4.18.11    The Infamy is now Celebrated across Three Days

45% of Americans do not pay any income tax.  43% believe that the taxable rate is just about right. This means that 2% of those that pay NO tax believe rates should be higher on those of us that actually DO pay taxes!


4.15.11 A day that continues to live in Infamy

(postponed three days this year)


4.14.11    Bought Golden Predator (GPRXF)

at @ $1.06


4.11.11    Thanks for the dividend, Ormat

ORA, Israeli Geothermal Firm with majority operations in Nevada


4.10.11    Someone asked what lumber was best to use in underwater construction (freshwater)


Redwood is best, cedar would work too.  If old growth redwood is not available, then plastic lumber could work.


Brand name - Trex, among others...

ADD: though I agree redwood is best, too bad not available in your locale.

In the 1980's Japanese ships were bringing consumer electronics to the US and returning empty. Then they came up with a great idea: buy the old growth redwood still lumbered on the western US coast (still legal at the time, but writing on the wall 'spotted owl/endangered species act scam). The japanese then brought back the old growth timber on the previously empty container ships. They coated the lumber with parafin wax, and dropped on the bottom of Tokyo Bay. Should last several hundred years.

Crafty buggers...

Now the old growth stuff is practically impossible to log, except limited salvage sales. The commercially available redwood is second growth. You can tell by the ring density.

I scour the salvage yards and deconstruction warehouses to buy the old growth. Can still find some, but getting more scarce/pricey. I used it to replace fir framing/joists/sills.

Now i watch the chinese container ships sailing in/out of SF bay

About 15-20 feet of additional freeboard on the way back home (mostly empty ships). We are mainly exporting two products: commodities and hazardous waste.

What we call 'hazardous waste' in the US requires expensive handling, shipping, and disposal costs - not too mention the red tape, bureaucracy, fees and expenses on top.

The chinese take the 'hazardous waste' - mostly disposed electronic goods (computers, etc) and deconstruct them using their slave labor. If they can buy an abandoned pile of circuit boards for a nickel, pay 25 cents in labor, and reap a buck in precious/rare earth metals - not a bad trade all in all...


4.8.11    National Summit of Mining Communities


Ended today in Elko. Interesting topic. Every one of the prospectus/10-K etc you read about the Sustainability and Socioeconomic component of modern mining. The role that a mining firm plays in the local region has increasing scrutiny.

Mining eventually leaves an area (though it may take centuries). What is left by accident or design proves a fascinating case history in human community development, after the fact. Quite a great exercise focusing on how pre-selection and conginznt desing will inform the future of today’s mining locales.

4.8.11    George W. Bush forum on growing economy next week

you can't make that farce up if you had tried!

4.7.11    Pilot Gold common shares
To begin trading Monday as ticker PLG.

Per Elko Daily:

"Pilot Gold is starting out with $10 million in funding. Fronteer shareholders now hold 80.1 percent of Pilot Gold and Newmont holds the remaining 19.9 percent."


4.7.11    I rather like how the internet delivers coins to my postal box
Back in the day i had to go down 2nd street and lay my cash on the counter. the hand limbered out behind the thick plate plexiglass, fondled the bills just a little too long, and replaced the paper with a little gold dore bar.

Either that or the babes, bartenders and craps tables stole it from me.

Not much left on second street anymore.  Denis took over ol' Frank Roza's coin shop.  Two other jewelers left. Downtown Reno in tough straits right now.

o' fer golden hues of sunsets past...

4.7.11 Nevada legislature considering resolution to change


the state's constitutional cap on mining tax


I'd be surprised if this doesn't happen...

4.7.11    MIT invents artificial leaf

can't believe this one hasn't received more play and exposure. kinda neat!


4.6.11    On Formation of the Carlin Trend

Interesting read on the epithermal deposits of the Carlin Trend.




Also on the same page, public comments open on re-starting the Hycroft mine.


The BLM created bogus Wilderness Study Areas for the expressed purposes of making access to the publicly held lands more difficult.


Here is but just one example, the district working s that house the Hycroft predate the BLM, but they created their special imaginary lines, which they now say may preclude the mine development.


4.5.11    Thinking of Home Brewing?

Go for it! Home brewing provides a great opportunity to enjoy the fruit of your works.  Haven't done it in years, since I was in school at UCDavis in the very early 90s.  Buddy of mine was studying fermentation science and he taught me and another bloke how to do it.  Made about 10 batches, 9 of them outstanding (the other skunked up).

Great way to learn food science, microbiology, water science, marketing etc.

The handcraft beer market has EXPLODED since then.


When I was a kid I collected beer cans. At the beginning of the 20th century every city had a brewery.  By the time the century closed the industry had combined into about 8 major breweries and a handful of regional family-owned businesses.  But that all changed in the late 1990s – the MICROBREW took the country back!


Startup business at its finest!


Now, every city has a brewery again!


And about my alma mater? Well, UCDavis has a widely respected wine program and they’ve parlayed that into quite a beer program.  IN fact, just a couple weeks from now they will unveil the state of the art fermentation building – a keystone of their premier fermentation science program


Still LOTS of room in this field for fun, growth and profit -  no doubt about it!


Go for it…


4.5.11    Senate Votes to Strike Healthcare Provision requiring 1099 for purchases over $600




The only one's that made money on this small debacle are the small operators (like us) that switched gold holdings into silver.  Here is how the two have compared since August:




IF the chart fails to load for you, use the simple yahoo chart to enter SLV (silver proxy, ETF) vs gold proxy (GLD)


4.2.11    Just Bought an Old Paper Collection

Quite a number of pieces!  Will take a while to mine through it all....


3.25.11    MAJOR opportunity, you hear it here first:


Time is ripe for an actively managed gold Exchange Traded Fund.

(or any actively managed ETF for that matter)


3.25.11    Which Corporation is Legal: Federal Reserve or United States Postal Service?


Postal Authority

Article One of the United States Constitution includes the Postal Clause, provides that Congress shall ‘establish post offices’.

And NO, you can’t ‘undo’ the constitution with a majority vote.  Though lord knows every vote and executive order since 1792 has had the goal of just that.

End the Fed?

Well, sooner or later the Fed will collapse, just a matter of time.  The circumstances, fallout and who gets the blame are still up for grabs.

No doubt the transition will be difficult.

No doubt the little people (vast majority) will suffer financially from the transition jolt 

No doubt the Powers That Be will blame Ron Paul and those that have tried to end the fed, justifiably, for the last few decades. (Will gold and silver hoarders’ fall into that category, maybe.)

How about last week, Homeland Security declares manufacture of silver currency for private trade is a virulent form of ‘domestic terrorism’.

The propaganda campaign/blame game is already well underway!

Will the people believe (the hype and propaganda overdrive) that holders of physical are too blame for the collapse of our fiscal arrangement?

Remains to be seen…

3.25.11     Wheat ETF -WEAT:LN


Or, Wheat (W, CBOT)Llooks good an entry point/issue as anything else out there.

Not sure that REE run is over, after all their ETF just started a few months back; commodities have already had a nice run.

My money says they continue to go up - unless EVERYTHING turns down at the same time. That event will occur someday; my certainty is high - the timing simply isn't possible.

3.25.11    Hidden Archeology - Large skeletons:

Plenty of the world’s oral traditions talk about the larger races, not just biblical.  Most of our history still to be unearthed.  I am pretty certain the percentage of US lands with an archeology survey is less than 4%, and believe it may even be less than 2%.

3.25.11    Is Silver poised for a large correction?

Maybe, here is a ETF that is Short Silver: ZSL


Now, doesn’t that chart look like it’s bout to roll over again?

3.24.11    Nice pop in UNG (Natural Gas ETF) today

If that one gains momentum, could set up a nice run...

3.24.11    Largest Shark Jaws Set Ever Assembled Offered In June

The largest set of prehistoric shark jaws ever assembled, measuring 11 feet across and almost nine feet tall, is estimated to sell for $700,000 or more in Heritage Auctions' Signature Platinum Natural History Auction on June 12.


Pretty impressive blonde. Teeth ain’t bad either…


3.23.11    Environmental groups step up attack on recreational California gold miners



('Friends of the River').  More like friends of the statists.


They won't stop until the state is bankrupt.


ooops, too late...



3.23.11    States Sue: Obama Lacks Authority to shut down Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository



3.23.11    So, is the smart money selling Gold to buy Silver?

Or, selling silver to buy gold?
Or selling DOW to buy PMs?
Or selling PMs to buy Dow?
Or selling bullion to buy numismatics?
Or selling numismatics to buy bullion (what seems to have happened on the coin show circuit in the last several months).

Man, IF you had bought gold and silver in 1973 or 1975, and sold in 1980;

and THEN sold PMs in 1980 at the peak and bought the equities at the Dow/Gold low, and sold the DOW in 2000 and bought gold....


You would have more than a dollar.


What also worked, selling BULLION at the 1980 high, and putting the profits into numismatics - which didn't crash until 1996.  Much of the numismatics still haven't recovered to their 1996 high, fifteen years later.  Could the trade be setting up now - sell the PMs at a high (nominally - all time high for gold today) and buy the numismatics?


Either that or buy means of production (farmland, water, plumbing equipment, seed, medical supplies, etc) - mercury sayeth.


3.23.11   What Price must Silver Achieve - for you to sell Grannies Silver Candlesticks?


From Tias.com

Last Week's Survey Question Was....

"Silver has gone up to $36 an ounce and gold is at $1433 an ounce. Many collectors of vintage silver & gold items are finding that the scrap value of their collectibles is far exceeding their market value as collectibles. When you sell an antique or collectible as scrap it is usually melted down, destroying it as a collectible. Would you ever sell vintage gold or silver items from your collection as scrap?"

37.1% said Never
12.9% said Absolutely
50% said Perhaps

Many people mentioned that there were many different things to consider when making this type of decision, which is why 50% said "Perhaps".


3.23.11    Nice Long Term Silver Chart




The real price of the DOW 30, priced in gold:




3.21.11    Chinese Commit Auction Fraud


Fraud = chinese Specialty (do they have any other's?)




Shill bid on a vase.  Ironic thing, the vase is probably a chinese fake too!



3.20.11    Met Dan with Workingmancoins.com yesterday at the ANA Sacramento show.


I bought some nice Barber coinage from him (Thanks!).  Worth taking a look at his website and inventory:



3.20.11    The ANA money show was good, especially the exhibits

Most dealers reported very good results to the public that asked, though some reported less than stellar results to fellow dealers. Ebay sales over the past couple months have been surprisingly slow, given feb/march are typically really good months for coin sales.

That monster gold nugget was a pleasure to view! Biggest one from the states. The 1804 dollar on display also made me momentarily salivate.

Nice thing about the ANA show is it attracts national dealers, moreso than the other nor cal shows. Was nice to pick over these national dealers inventory, as I've seen much of what the norcal dealers have to offer

The Chinese fake coins are getting scary-good


Sold one coin today. both guys at the table took LONG HARD looks at the coin. And then, they had to call over a third guy, the 'specialist' to look at the coin. The third guy said '95% sure' it wasn't counterfeit.

Hell, I was that sure too! The coin had been cleaned AND artificially colored AND had lite corrosion in the devices.

And yet it still looked pretty good!

But still, three hard looks for a lousy $1,250 coin?


3.19.11    Fukushima – social issues inhibited initial response/technical solutions

In the very early 90s I lived with a group of Japanese in a student co-operative  You can begin to understand people by living with them.  I learned some things (they taught me) about their culture, namely that they are very helpful and supportive of each other and those around them.  The Japanese cooperate on many levels that we typically don’t in the US. 

For example, the Japanese essentially founded the student cooperative movement in the states in the early 1970s.  There have been numerous successful US business and local cooperatives in the US for many decades (Ore-Ida, Ocean Spray, Midwest and California grain and fruit cooperatives, etc); however, there had not been really much of a student cooperative movement yet.

The Japanese funded the early US student co-ops in several states.  Years later, I was asked to be on the Board, as Treasurer, of a much larger student cooperative.  Again, one of our three major lenders was a Japanese Bank. 

Before my time, the co-op overbuilt, using way too much debt.  When things started going south, we had to re-negotiate with our three major creditors.  We actually had to find some local students who spoke Japanese, as the bank actually didn’t have anyone that spoke English!  The Japanese Bank was the only one of the three willing to let us re-negotiate our credit arrangement.  The other bank, US, told us to screw ourselves.  The other creditor, the city, had a wait and see attitude.  Eventually we brokered an equity deal with the National level student cooperatives and things have improved.

Japanese Work Ethic

So, the Japanese like to work amongst themselves to solve their problems. They are a homogenous culture and thus, as a function, rather insular.  They don’t ask for help from outsiders readily. 

In an emergency, THIS WORKS AGAINST YOU.  It is critical to have a few locals/insiders on the team, since they know the plant and the local resources.  However, during an EMERGENCY, an outside team should actually come in and run the show.

The state of California discovered this in the 1960s via firefighting.  Many local agencies were not able coherently fight larger regional fires in partnership.  They spoke different code, their equipment was often incompatible, they had different structures of command, different resource types, etc.  So, the California Department of Forestry (CDF) built a system, quasi military – but with a completely different chain of command system, called Incident Command System (ICS).

It took many examples of response failure by emergency response organizations over the next couple decades; but eventually, every city/county/state/federal and private emergency organization adopted the ICS system (also called NEMS on the national level).

When there is a major fire in the western US, they use ICS.

On Katrina, they used ICS (the first botched part obviously not, the better response part - yes)

On the BP spill, they used ICS

At Exxon Valdez, they used ICS

Local fire/disaster/flood, they use ICS

On these incidents, a group of people come in from varying parts of the country, and they RELIEVE the local commanders of their duties.  The outsiders become the bosses.  The locals still serve in the command structure, but as an advisory nature – not a command nature.

The reason is that the locals are BLINDED by FAMILIARITY. They start to make EMOTIONAL decisions, not logical and event-driven decisions.  They think of their homes nearby, their neighbors, the local allegiances and customs and fall into GROUP THINK.

Study after study and case-incident after case-incident analysis shows the outside team of professionals will run a crisis response better than the local team.

Yet, that is exactly what the Japanese did on this nuclear incident, as is their culture.  The local team, the guys that ALWAYS run the plant during the regular workweek, were forced into making emergency decisions without the benefit of impartiality aiding their decision making.  The same group of folks fell into group think and fatigue, there wasn’t’ a second or third team immediately available to relieve the first team.

Of course, this local scenario was compounded by the national culture of not asking outsiders for help, perhaps in this case – until it was too late.  A team of international specialists, Russian and US led by the French, would have provided immense value in the first 36 hours.  (The US actually has the zoomba/iRobot) which can perform the reconnaissance work in the reactors).

The Chilean mine rescue used personnel and technology from half a dozen countries.

The Japanese tried to solve the problem from within the box, but they had nobody outside the box objectively looking at foreign/alternative solutions.

Offshore fireboats should have been there immediately.  This type resource is routinely called in on shoreline hazmat, fuel and fire (earthquake) incidents.  A no-brainer call, really. There are no technical reasons why the fireboat fleet could not be called in (they can use pumps in parallel and certainly reach the Fukushima reactors with sea water).  Fixed wing (water or retardant) and helicopter water drops are almost ALWAYS second best options by a long shot compared to fixed point fire-fighting apparatus.

The inside team at Fukushima, someone in their regular chain of command, nixed the idea (assuming a worker brought up the idea, or the plan was in their emergency response plan). Maybe they thought the fleet was too far away, too busy with the refinery fires, whatever.  Some honcho made the call the rest of the team fell into group think and did not override the local commander, who erred.

Classic response snafu, feeding right into the Japanese psyche.

Yes, armchair quarterbacks don’t work.

But there is a REASON why a lawyer who defends oneself has a fool for a client and why you get a second medical opinion (and a decent doctor won’t rely on self-diagnosis).

Read it here now, in the textbook in three years….

3.18.11    NGC coin price guide, pretty nice



Especially since PCGS has begun charging for their price guide (not all of it, but much of it


3.18.11    Here's one of the new gold forum sites to open



Currently nine posters online, maximum 40 at one point. Will they ever hit their peak again?

Takes some effort to build critical mass.

Then there's Sharefin's site - Sharelynx.com

He had probably the most quantity, and some very high quality, content amongst the gold sites. He got fed up with Kitco, the largest gold forum at the time (1998-2006), started his own forum. About 10 posted at his site.

Sharefin shut it down after a few months..

3.18.11    Went long the yen a few months ago


had been underwater.

y-day the G7 stated they would 'support' the yen (driving it lower).

BIG up today.

Nice to count on that type of support from your friends, eh?

3.18.11    Nice rebound in REMX


3.15.11    The Panic of 1907, and the rough years that followed

resulted due to LARGE losses of insurance companies, primarily british, that insured building which crumbled and/or burned in s.f. earthquake 1906.

3.11.11    Europe and Africa watching and cheering Ghadafi slaughter his people

Really puts an exclamation point on their support for the crazy dresser. The guy has been propped in power for 40 years, one of the most successful governments in the past three centuries.

By standing aside, the Powers That Be show just how much they love Ghadafi, and how much they hate his people. Wonder if Ghadafi is available to speak at high school commencements coming up???

3.3.11    Wow, i hadn't even yet send my earthquake donation to NZ

Just think how far down the line those poor chumps in Haiti are. Disaster relief fatigue going into overdrive. Good to know my house survived the Loma Prieta 1989 shake. But a good rocking of the Hayward fault could get dicey.

Ca changed building codes after the 1906 earthquake. Part of the downtown was saved because the SF mint had her own fire protection and well (sitting over a spring).

Most folks don't know that the design of the SF mint was changed based on the 1872 earthquake. They completely re-did the foundation design. Changed from support pillars to a base of granite blocks floating on a very large poured sand bed.

Good luck tonight, Nippon. I've always wanted to visit...


3.9.11    Learn Anything, for Free


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has all class content online for free


The information WANTS to be free!

3.9.11    Bill Gross and Pimco Dumps US Bonds

Makes you wonder why he waited so long.  His portfolio had 12% US Treasuries as recently as 8 weeks ago.  Looks like Gross actually bought into the muni bond haircut in December, probably not a bad idea in retrospect.



3.8.11    Homeland Security operation provided "sex tourism" trips
and otherwise promoted pedophilia.  This is the same agency that forcefully assaults and molests young children at the airports.


Happy with your tax dollars?          


Do you feel free and safe yet?




3.7.11    What Happens After the Empire Collapses?

Should divine providence favor the people,

 A republic may indeed follow a failed empire.  For example, the Republic of Turkey victoriously succeeded the Ottoman Empire.

 However, other possibilities include vassal state under a kingdom. See Vandal and Visigoth Kingdoms after fall of the Roman Empire

 Or, also after the RE - just an unaffiliated (or loosely affiliated) tribe ( e.g. Germanic, Ostrogothic.)

 Even worse, a tribe absorbed by another empire.

 “A Republic, if you can keep it”.

 And when ye can’t?

Should diving providence favor the people,

 A republic may indeed follow a failed empire.  For example, the Republic of Turkey victoriously succeeded the Ottoman Empire.

 However, other possibilities include vassal state under a kingdom. See Vandal and Visigoth Kingdoms after fall of the Roman Empire

 Or, also after the RE - just an unaffiliated (or loosely affiliated) tribe ( e.g. Germanic, Ostrogothic.)

 Even worse, a tribe absorbed by another empire.

 “A Republic, if you can keep it”.

 And when ye can’t?

3.6.11    Largest Food Show in Mideast over, folks now back


The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) imports over 60% of their food.

al-Suad finance director spoke to a few folks privately, they are securing food sources in Africa.  Apparently al Saud just closed a deal for 200,000 hectares of very arable land in Tanzania.  Last thing they need is food pressures on top of the social pressures. SA has 60 million people, largest contingent of the GCC.

The GCC is VERY concerned over Bahrain.  Don’t believe that b.s. in the press that Obama wants to get involved in Libya but the Joint Chiefs won’t let him, boo hoo.  Malarkey.  US know is can’t get deep into Libya b.c. they MUST get involved in Bahrain, home of the USN 5th fleet – the biggie.  Read about Iran locking up two new future bases in the gulf and you see how important Bahrain is.

Dubai is secure, folks aren’t too worried about their situation (just the neighbors). Dubai built a second intl, airport and is now THE main transit hub in the ME.

Appointee Deputy Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services. USDA John Brewer was part of US Delegation.  Mostly reasonable guy but tows the party line pretty well.  Unlike Ron Kirk, US Trade Representative, another appointee but a guy that talks the straight talk.  As mayor of Dallas he knows the labor situation quite well and has told Hilda Solis that US labor must make MAJOR concessions to keep our trade open and competitive.  We’ll see how that goes.

One thing is certain, food costs are going higher, much higher…


3.6.11    Herman Melville in Moby Dick, Chapter One

Points out a few seeming incongruous points as a Grand Program of Providence, yet just a brief interlude between greater performances:


- Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United States (Jefferson vs Burr)


- Whaling Expedition


- Contested and Intractable fight in Afghanistan (English, 1842)


Our voyage pales in comparison.


But damn, don't contested presidential elections and intractable fights in Afghanistan ring a bell?


(Melville published in 1851)


3.6.11    Nevada Mining News



Good article on Lithium, actually. The do-up by the eminently terrible Nevada Sun, and the comments that follow, fully illuminate the mental disease that permeates southern nevada. Indeed they have reaped what they have sown.


If you are ever making the trip down 95, worth taking the detour to the Chemtall Foote plant and company town. One of the last of the old school mining company towns left, just barely.

Stop at Alkali hot spring/cold spring about 14 miles outside of Goldfield to wash of the dirt. You can make the trip in a 2-wheel drive car, just don't slow down in the sand. If you get stuck, lower the tire pressure. Keep inflatable pump in the trunk that runs off the battery.

3.6.11    Egypt bans gold export


When a country institutes capital controls, you know it is in a very bad situation.


Setting up capital controls (preventing capital from leaving a county) means the politicians have no faith that anyone will every bring money back into the country!


3.6.11    John Mauldin's Think Tank Putting on Seminar Next Month in San Diego


In his words:

"But first, I want you to mark your calendars for April 28-30, when I will host, along with my partners at Altegris Investments, what I think will be the single best investment conference of the year. It will be the 8th annual Strategic Investment Conference in La Jolla. Let me give you the Killer’s Row line-up of speakers, in alphabetical order. Martin Barnes (Bank Credit Analyst), Marc Faber, Niall Ferguson (author and Harvard Professor), George Friedman of Stratfor, Louis-Vincent Gave (of GaveKal), Neil Howe (the Fourth Turning), Paul McCulley (if he ever surfaces from his fishing vacation), David Rosenberg, Dr. Gary Shilling, Jon Sundt (of Altegris), and of course, your humble analyst. I mean, really. Most conferences have one or two top-tier headliners. We have nothing but the best. These guys are all great speakers, but getting them on panels together? Way cool. Plus some of the best hedge fund managers (personal opinion) show up to give you their thoughts. And maybe a surprise last-minute guest or two. If this conference lineup were a baseball team, they would sweep the World Series. Oh, and the best part? Your fellow conference attendees. The interaction among them is what truly makes this conference the best.

We (well actually, Altegris) will soon start sending out invitations, but you can register today at http://hedge-fund-conference.com/2011/invitation.aspx?ref=mauldin. "

3.6.11    Recent Raw Footage of the Libyan Civil War - Misurata Libya.



Great video - but crappy soundtrack.  Here is a better soundtrack:


Play track 10/Had Enough and then track 8/I'll try again. Goes well.

Interesting about the video, how many single pedestrians are walking around. They are not afraid of their fellow citizens, just the government.

Currently in Detroit and Chicago the inverse is true - the people love their despots, and fear their neighbor.

3.2.11    ANA has some great exhibits coming up at the Sacramento Money Show in Two Weeks


3.2.11    More Alternatives for the Natural Gas Exchange Traded Fund

Those are worth looking into, at least:


Also, I've posted here before about the vast nat gas reserves of Exxon-Mobil (XOM). Though I prefer the growth potential of Chevron, XOM had WAY to many strengths not to buy the stock a few months ago (in wifeys growth/divvy acct).

Furthermore, the oil service sector can only benefit from the political witch-hunt on PGE regarding the age/condition fo their supply lines (one blew up in a voting section of SF Bay a few months back). Couple that demand with the damage no doubt going on in some ME locations, the petro service sector looks somewhat tasty, if a touch late in the playbook.

3.1.11    The solar sector has been dead money for two years now. 

The best performer in an atrocious sector IS NOT A BUY.  Buy the better performers in a strong sector. 

Most of these companies post charts that STILL beg short positions.

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your trading rules.

Look at a company like SunTech (STP).  On the surface looks like good technology with great market funnel.  But, the company is a dog. Plain and simple. Can’t make money, and probably won’t.  However, the chart is setting up a wonderful basing pattern.  A buy here could result in an easy double, and you would still be down over 75% from the price just 24 months ago.

Then there is First Solar, which is NEVER coming back to previous valuations.

Don't forget Evergreen.  This one isn't coming back either, literally.  They too the US subsidies, but a production plan in Mass. with the subsidy at a HUGE loss, and then moved the plan to China.   That is fairly typical of the rigged solar market.

Bottom line, the financial reporting from China is a farce – which is why these PEs for the sector are out of whack.  Yes, there are technical buys for those playing on the emotions of the dead longs. Good luck.

2.25.11    US Policies will soon again result in Gasoline above $5.00/gallon

The Department of Energy was formed to DECREASE the US Dependence upon foreign oil.

What happened – the EXACT OPPOSITE.  The DOE wasted BILLIONS of DOLLARS in fraud, kickbacks and support of Saudi Arabia, Saddam, Khadaffi, etc.

Just a fact.


Think of that the next time you want a government agency making your decisions and managing your economy.

Want another fact?

The US has OVER 300 years of natural gas supply and is discovering more every year.

And the DOE over-regulates production, storage and dissemination of nat gas to the point it is over 500% higher cost than it should be.  And that is with Nat Gas currently at decade low prices!

For all those that believe europe is doing just find with artificially high (taxed) petro:

Exhibit A: Failure of Greece Economy
Exhibit B: Failure of Ireland Economy
Exhibit C: Failure of Belgian Government
Exhibit D: Bailout coming to Spain
Exhibit E: Bailout coming to Portugal

Of course, if the above are your role models, you must LOVE the way the us government is 'leading' us...


2.25.11    DEA to legalize marijuana chemical (but only for Big Pharmaceuticals)

For you and me it still means (selective) criminal prosecution


2.25.11    Revealed: Air Force ordered software to manage army of fake virtual people


Now, why would that be?

"In the continuing saga of data security firm HBGary, a new caveat has come to light: not only did they plot to help destroy secrets outlet WikiLeaks and discredit progressive bloggers, they also crafted detailed proposals for software that manages online "personas," allowing a single human to assume the identities of as many fake people as they'd like".

10 to 1 says the govt spooks use these virtual commentators on all the blogs and newschats to manipulate public opinion...

2.23.11    Remember the Topps Wacky Pack Cards?

Last year a single card sold for over $5,000!


2.23.11     Power Shares (ETF) Water Resources Portfolio

Badger Meters


Aecom Technology

Instituform Technologies

Layne Christensen


Calgon Carbon

Energy Recovery


Nalco Holding

Tetra Tech

Franklin Electric Co.





Roper Industries

Mueller Wter PRoducts

Northwest Pipe

Valmont Industries Danaher




American States Water

American Water Works

Aqua America

Companhia de Saneamento Basico do Estado de Sao Paulo

Consolidated Water Co

Veolia Environmental

2.23.11    5N Plus - Clean Technical Products

The only quasi mining company held in the PowerShares Cleantech Portfolio.  Down sharply today, possible entry point.


2.21.11    Forget Oil, watch the tribes begin to fight over centuries old water wars

How many of you remember when Lyndon La Rouche tried to build peace between Israel and ME neighbors via his Oasis Plan proposal pitched to the Iraq Baath Party in the mid 1970s?

They still had a chance in the late 70s, world press still rather favorable of Saddam back then.  La Rouche org has actually revitalized their North American Water Project Idea, one of their big three planks they have been projecting over the last few months.


Actually, there are many of us working toward another large canal project in the US, as I have mentioned on and again here for the past decade.

Some strange bedfellows becoming to come together on this one...

2.21.11    Swell Exonumia site

format is dated, but content runs deep.


2.21.11 Been listening rather closely, PRACTICALLY ZERO mention in the mainstream media regarding the bright spot of Nation Building in the Middle East:

South Sudan voted to secede from Sudan:


A quick internet search found mention in NYTimes, Reuters, BBC, Al Jazeera, and that was pretty much it.  The mainstream media would rather run the disasters 24/7.

The S. Sudan provincial/exploratory government has already requested Christian US layers to visit Juba and begin offering consultant services on how to set up a legal system on similar pillars as those that support the US legal system.  Not quite an easy task, as S. Sudanese legal precedence shows a complicated scenario.


Nevertheless, interesting contrast between S. Sudan, which is building a new nation state on quasi-cristian precepts and Libya next door, tearing themselves into tribes and city states as we speak.

2.21.11    Details Regarding FBI Expansion of Domestic Surveillance


Electronic Frontier Foundation just happens to be one of those organizations that my be deserving of your support, financial or otherwise.

2.21.11    Ontario's Mining Industry makes major gains in Safety
Now only second in lost time rate behind which industry?


2.21.11    The Largest Food Distributor/Grower Food Show in the Mid East starts at the end of this week


Will be an interesting week, this show sets much of the distribution and delivery prices for value added foodstuffs throughout the Mid East.

2.21.11    Grain seed exports to Middle East not being delivered
Friend of a friend is the main exporter for West Tec, major international grain seed distributor/


For example, Wes Tec supplies almost 70% of the corn seed to Saudi Arabia; since saudi’s won’t plant GMO.

He was interviewed by CNN last week and reported that

Egypt *should* be planting corn NOW.  They don’t have that long a season over there. (Get’s hot quickly and summer lasts a long time in Egypt, eh).  The seed that US exported last month has reached Egyptian port, but HAS NOT BEEN UNLOADED.   Egypt and the other ME countries are looking at one heck of a grain/food problem 6-9 months down the road.

What he didn’t tell the network news, but has been reporting privately is the Saudi’s have supposedly been buying up farmland and water rights in the Central Valley of California, using front corporations.  The logic is that it costs up toUSD$1,000/ton to grow alfalfa in SA, whereas you can grow alfalfa for under $170/ton, and still ship it over for less than the cost to grow it locally – which is up to USD$1,000/ton in SA.

Of course that is a brilliant strategic play.  As I have mentioned over the past 18 months time is NOW to secure your food and water and infrastructure needs (means of production).

Central California farmland now proves relatively cheap. 

Much of the unrest you read about now are food-price riots occurring in the Middle East, India, etc. The price of soft commodities (wheat, corn, rice, etc) has gone up 40-60% in JUST THE PAST YEAR! This is not sustainable in California, either.

However, the price of cattle and dairy products have remained quite low in the US, especially in California and Nevada.

Many factors, one of the most recent – last year – was the

State and federal decision to not fully allocate water to Central California farms.  The state instead decided to keep water in the central valley delta to preserve the delta smelt.

That forced numerous orchards and dairies to make due with less water.  When you drive down the central valley on Interstate 5 or HYW 99 you see signs, planted amongst the barren and dying orchards (some burned) that state  ‘government drought’.

The most ironic site is right now, many of these orchards that died due to lack of water and fire are covered in water!

Some savvy buyers realize that if the smelt won't survive, at least make sure the farms will.  And, no- not all these farms dependent upon project water are mega-corp owned. Many of the diaries are still independently owned, require project water, and in a world of hurt.  

My wife knows several of the state dairy owners.  Look at the dairy default and suicide rate over the past 36 months, not pretty.

You really want food riots in the street, then remove the price supports for milk AND deny the dairies water.

How will 10$ gallon milk (AND 10$ gallon gasoline - suit the public)? Think the food riots can’t come here? 

So, that is the background of falling, or at least stable, agriculture farmland prices in Ca. 

Hell of a good time to buy if you have the reserves and nuts to wait it out and secure your water rights…

2.21.11    This ‘revolution’ in the middle east

Will NOT result in democracy or republics where the countries do not have the social fabric or societal pillars to support such.  Instead, within a few short years I imagine they will be united under a greater despot than the second tier despots now dethroned in the streets via public uprising.  

We saw a unified Europe a few short years after the ‘fall of the soviet union’ and Berlin Wall in 1989.  That unified pan Europe established their own political structures (governance and currency) based upon existing strong social pillars.

In the ME the various tribes and factions will turn against each other (they are already looting their own medical, financial and warehousing infrastructure in Libya).  The people will quickly tire of the anarchy, lack of food and lack of security – and clamor for a strong dictator.

The ME will require absolute autocratic control, perhaps with flourishing appearances otherwise.  The oil money will support the security apparatus, just as it has done amongst the member nations over the past 35 years.

That pan-arabic governance will replace OPEC, and provide a much more cohesive platform to increase the cost of oil.

2.20.11    Sources of Household Toxics

One source of extremely toxic mercury are the Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL) that folks are told are 'green' for the environment - Not.  If one breaks in your home the Fed EPA and the manufacturers state the first thing you should do is evacuate all humans and animals from the room (except the person doing the cleanup, who must wear protective gear). 

NONE of the other chemicals listed above have such onerous provisions.

Too bad the mainstream media is paid off by the Chinese CFL manufacturers to not disseminate this information.


And of course, there is the fluoride and other toxic metals and compounds you allow yourself and children to consume in their food and drinking water...

2.19.11    Dinky Town Updated Many of Their Financial Calculators


2.18.11    Site for Old and Ancient Coins

Nice new site:


2.15.11    The Movie - Atlas Shrugged (Part 1)
To be released on April 15th

The Trailer:

So, will it ignite any national dialogue?

Can't believe the same Ron Paul that I promoted in 88, to curious smirks and disses now commands such a following.

Go figure...

2.10.11    Great Mining Resource Database

Mining Plazza  (http://www.miningplazza.com.au) -  Mining Industry Information Database

2.6.11    American Tobacco, one of the 12 original DOW stocks

Amazing how many folks I know  quit smoking in the last 1-5 years

Been 5 for me. Quit when my daughter was born.

Plan to start smoking again when I turn 80.

Tobacco is more than money – ‘tis a way of life

Well, at least a way of time and a weight of measure.

Weighing in at almost exactly 1g, has serves as a great unit measure for drug dealers on the fly/fly.

Prostitutes know a cigarette left burning on the nightstand is good for 5 minute


2.4.11    Pipeline Discovery


The way this site was found was via condemnation holes at nearby Gold Acres.  They were trying to
bury waste rock from Gold Acres site (they got sick of moving the rock from spot to spot to allow new extraction) and made the pipeline discovery.

The mine should have a 10-15 year life.


Source: Scott Baxter, Sniper Resources


Not bad for a hole in the ground.



2.3.11    John Mauldin, Outside the Box

Shilling for the Stratfor front company is pretty mainstream boxy IMO:


"When protests started in Egypt last week, mainstream news outlets cried "democracy!" and compared the situation in Egypt to the Berlin Wall and Tiananmen Square. Meanwhile, STRATFOR (an intelligence company I've followed for years) spoke of a different possibility.  At the time it may have been counter-intuitive for most institutions to draw parallels to 1979 Iran, but my friend and the company's founder George Friedman produced an internal document that raised that possibility.   Days later, news outlets began asking questions about groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, and realizing there could be other forces behind the unrest than simple calls for Western-style democracy.

While the jury is still out on the Egypt situation, I have always found STRATFOR's analyses to be thought-provoking, unconventional and more often than not, spot on in the end.  Included here is that first Intelligence Guidance on the budding unrest in Egypt. Originally meant as an internal guideline for their analysts to understand and evaluate events, it was made available to STRATFOR subscribers - and now you. It's an excellent example of how folks at this intelligence company begin thinking about a new event. I highly recommend  to keep up on all things relevant in global affairs."

John Mauldin
Editor, Outside the Box 2.3.11

2.2.11    The next time you go through your 1k face bag of mercury dimes

Keep this article handy (along with a 10x lighted loupe)


Great mercury dime variety page

2.2.11    Ess and peas (S&P)  earnings at all time highs

lots of folks asking me to buy gold and silver for them

I ask them why shouldn't I buy Verizon (NYSE:VZ) based on fundamental, earnings, market position, biz cycle, divvy. new contracts and political pull.

...get a lot of blank stares


2.2.11    I was in Northern Illinois for the 1977-78 storm window

Don't plan on doing that again!


well, tomorrow will be fair and about 70 degrees for the high

Light breeze and proximity to water on three sides of our town will prevent a possible overnight freeze- as is likely over the hill.

Few dozen oranges on the two trees, grapefruit just coming in. Best fruit ever. We had butterleaf and red-leaf lettuce and carrots from the garden in our salad. Still coming: onion, rutabegas, swiss chard, spinach, sweet peas, radishes, garlic, etc.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Homelessness and poverty are supposedly up and there was a bit of dew this morning on the porch...

2.2.11    For those that want natural gas exposure

and don't like UNG (rolling contracts affects price), check out XOM's reserves


2.1.11    oh, those civil war copper tokens are pretty little bits

but alas, i do hanker for that southern paper.

this one is actually rather scarce -


notice the hand-written serial number!

2.1.11    aye, the most valuable little piece of copper anywhere




2.1.11    then there is the lowly brass token

deemed unworthy.

for the foul commoner.

tasteless and brash.

here is one of my fave common-exotic examples:


2.1.11    nice copper - I've been spoilt


live not far from Jack Beymer's shop. he sets up at all the local shows. damn that guy has some awesome copper coinage. doesn't put it in tomb/slabs either.

'let them breathe' he says

of course, hard to get much of the old copper to grade anyway considering 'twas standard and customary for collectors of old to brush, or clean, copper coins.


2.1.11    ken edwards list of best $20 gold coins to buy



left column, item #6

2.1.11    what i like most about copper coinage - is not the cents


or the coins at all.

Indeed, the copper 'Good For Tokens' or "Store Cards" or 'Patriotic' or "Civil War' tokens or 'Hard Times Tokens' - those are the best copper around.

Pretty hard to find these in the precious metals, except for the California Territorials. And that isnt the easiest market to crack


Mike Locke is a great guy to talk to for a while, willing to share lots of knowledge.

American Numismatic Association Winner of the Year - Rick Snow

didn't realize he won the ANA numismatist award of the year in 2010. good for him. Last I stopped by his booth I just listened to him for a while as he chatted with an elderly couple who browsed his collection and each bought a cent for each other. lots of knowledge passed through that transaction.

decided to buy his book at that time...


1.27.11    Ruins of Western Civilization


Ruins of the Russian SpaceShuttle Program



Great pictures.


Inner City US Ghetto



Awesome pictures and comment thread.


It ain't just Detroit, either.  Here is Gary, Indiana:





And what the city of Gary, that same street - Broadway - looked like in 1959




Though, we should ignore Detroit either, great case study:

Detroit vs Hiroshima


You can rebuild after a nuclear bomb, but (fake) Liberalism destroys completely…

1.17.11    Never Did believe the whole 'Birther' outrage

Though now the Governor of Hawaii reports the state cannot find any actual birth certificate generated at the hospital, after years of looking.  You think they just would have made one up in photoshop by now...




1.15.11    Doesn't Matter Where you Are on the Economic Ladder

You can still climb one rung at a time.  At the bottom? Easy place to start!


Someone wrote they were kicked out of an apartment they shared with an ex and only had $500 to their name, with NO identification.

If you have $300, you can set up an account at a bank or checking unit AND start up a Visa Card with a $300 limit backed up by your $300 deposit.

Now, wear your best clean clothes and shop around the banks/credit unions to find one that will issue you a Photo-ID check cashing card OR at least a Visa Card with your ID.  Now you have ONE form of ID.

Your provincial department of motor vehicles should issue you an ID even if you don’t have driving privileges.  However, you may need to establish identification.  Your photo check cashing ID probably won’t be sufficient, but a notarized copy of your birth certificate should work.  The drivers ID is pretty key in Canada, since you need that to get a Citizenship Certificate.  You also need a drivers ID to *pick up* a copy of your Birth Certificate (which is starting yoru ID file from scratch).  However, you can order one mailed in some provinces by establishing your identity. Sometimes submittal of notarized health documents suffice, or you may be able to submit affidavits acceptable to the province.

FURTHERMORE, you should be able to get a Court Writ to Enter to retain your stolen property – including your personal effects from the girls apartment.  Use the court system seldom, but wisely.

Hope that helps and good luck.


1.10.11    Required Reading - Jim Rodgers Signs Off



One of those folks that actually did make money trading.

Can you imagine posting your trades, picks and thoughts for forty five years straight?



1.7.11    Bought positions in SLV and GDXJ.

Had estimated (hoped?) that gold would go back down to $1340-$1325. Doesn't look like it in the short term. Amazing relative strength in the gold stocks.


1.7.11    Top 20 categories of antiques and collectibles purchased online antique and collectible related Web sites customers

Per TIAS.com Inc.


The list ranks popular categories based on the volume of items purchased within each category. As an example, a higher quantity of china and dinnerware were sold online than glass antiques & collectibles, in 2010.

Note that this list also compares 2010 rank to 2009

1. China & Dinnerware - No movement since 2009
2. Glass - No movement since 2009
3. Vintage Sewing - Up from #7 in 2009
4. Coins and Currency - No movement since 2009
5. Holiday & Seasonal - No movement since 2009
6. Resources & Supplies - Up from #11 in 2009
7. Jewelry - Down from #3 in 2009
8. Kitchen Collectibles - Down from #6 in 2009
9. Paper & Ephemera - Down from #8 in 2009
10. Miscellaneous - Down from #9 in 2009
11. Vintage Clothing - Up from #13 in 2009
12. Advertising - Down from #10 IN 2009
13. Porcelain & Pottery - Down from #12 in 2009
14. Figurines - up from #15 in 2009
15. Toys - Down from #14 in 2009
16. Photographica - Up from #19 in 2009
17. Memorabilia- Up from #18 in 2009
18. Dolls - Down from #16 in 2009
19. Books - Down from #17 in 2009
20. Music Related - Not listed in 2009




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