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Funny, first mercury talks about the coming major changes to the 1872 mining law,

Now the kerry/bush axel of weevils starts beating the drum…



Vast majority of Elko poll respondents see devastating

job losses from Kerry’s proposed mining fee

More than two-thirds of respondents to a poll on the Elko Daily Free Press web site

believe a $600 million fee on hard rock mining companies proposed by Democratic

Presidential Nominee John Kerry will cause “devastating job losses.”

As of Thursday, Aug. 26, 67.6 percent of those responding to the poll (www.elkodaily.

com) said the proposed levy would cause devastating harm. Another 12.1 percent said

it would result in some losing their jobs; while 20.1 percent believed there would be no

significant impact.

According to the Kerry campaign, the $600 million would come from an 8 percent

royalty, a doubling of the annual claims maintenance fee and revisions to the Mining

Law governing sale of mineral rights. Monies raised by the proposal would go to

maintenance in the nation’s parks and hoped-for jobs creation in associated service


The proposal was contained in a policy statement from the Kerry/Edwards campaign

that was highlighted in an appearance earlier this month at the Grand Canyon. The

policy paper (available at

html) is vague regarding the terms of the fee, and how it would be applied. It is also

unclear if the fee is in addition to a $1 billion tax on minerals operations on public lands

that Kerry outlined in remarks at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., earlier

this year.

 Source: Mining Week, 4/04.

Well, when Cheney did visit Elko this year, he told lots of lies,

But not one about protecting the 1872


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