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Also, a couple links here are defunct but I maintain them anyway as a reference. One can use the 'Wayback Machine' to view these sites, some of which are still good references.



STOCKS, BONDS, FUTURES and SECURITIES (and trading therein)



AgWeb  ( - this site is provides futures trading, commodities information, ag news, farming tips and more


American Bulls    ( -  stock watch and analysis site


AMG Data Services  ( - provides financial databases and information


Annuity Advantage  ( - provides annuity rates, as well as tools and information to learn about and buy CDs, Fixed Annuities, Equity-Indexed Annuities & Immediate Annuities


Bankers Financial Services, LLC  ( - provides services for community banks  ( - offers charts, market news, and more


Bloomberg  ( - market news, data, and other business and financial information


The Bubble - analysis of market over exuberance and asset bubbles


The Bull and the Bear Financial Report  ( - offers investment insight by leading investment advisory newsletter editors and portfolio managers


Canadian Stock Warrants  ( - Canadian website with information about canadian warrants, brokers, and more. It also includes educational articles.  ( - chart market analysis  (htttp:// - information about chart patterns and how to understand them  ( - provides historical financial charts


Chicago Board Options Exchange  ( - provides options exchange, options trading information, options education, and trading volume 


Clear Station  ( - stock picks, trading information, and charts


Compak Asset Management  ( - investment advisor with a radio broadcast, money management and investment tips

Contrary Investor  ( - offers research, commentary and perspective contrary to the current consensus


Commodity Trading Consumer Research


CXO Advisory Group  ( - Guru Ratings provides objective research and reviews to aid investing decisions  ( - resources to assist self directed investors


Dividend Detective  ( - information about stocks that offer dividends


Dogs of the Dow  ( - information about less than desirable stocks


Downside  ( - "the investors reality check" provides financial reports, recent financials, a blog and more


EDGAR Online  ( - leader in XBLR company financial information


Economagic  ( - economic time series page


Elliot Wave Education  ( - educational courses and information about Elliot Waves


Fiend's Super Bear Page  ( - market data, links, charts and more


Financial Sense  ( - radio show, financial news, analysis, and data  ( - introduction to exotic options


Forbes  ( - financial and business news and information


Globe Investor  ( - Financial news and articles on stocks from the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail


Gold Investor  (


The ICE  ( -  ( - provides market news including information about futures, forex, equities, and more, offers some free tools


Insurance Information Institute  ( - provides information to help improve understanding of insurance  ( - provides bond price information and includes a wide variety of market data, news, commentary and information about bonds  ( - offers investing resources


Investopedia  ( - great list of financial acronymns   ( - provides investing news, commentary, research, personal finance and business news  ( - online investing glossary  ( - radio show, investor information, and investment programs offered by KPP Financial

InvestTech Research  ( - offers the InvesTech Market Analysis and Portfolio Strategy newsletters to provide investors with information for balancing potential reward with risk


Investools  ( - offers financial education and investment tools


Live Charts UK  ( - based in the UK this site provides free commodity trading charts, forex live charts, Futsee 100, Gold price charts,crude oil charts, index and stock charts

Longwave Group  ( -


Marketocracy  ( - offers investment products and independent analysts


MasterData  ( - provides current and historical market data, discussion forums, reports, and more


Moore Research Center  (


NACHA  ( - facilitates global commerce by serving as an electronic payment system


North American Derivatives Exchange  ( - retail-orientated exchange offering simplified derivatives contracts on the world's markets


Optionetics  ( - investment education resources including tools, discussion boards, articles, seminars, and more


Options Industry Council


Option Investor  ( - provides a Newsletter and website to help individual investors develop effective options trading strategies


Options-R-EZ  ( - offers educational resources to help individuals understand options trading


Phil's Gang  ( - website for the Phil's Gang Radio Show designed to provide comprehensive stock market education


Timing Charts  ( - commodity futures and Forex trading charts


Trading Charts  ( - metal futures prices


Richard E Band's Profitable Investing  ( - offers information about investing for low-risk growth  ( - provides basic information about resources and materials to help you become an educated investor

Schaeffer's Investment Research  ( - investment related articles and commentary, free tools and services, quotes, and other educational resources  ( - German website that provides seasonal charts for stocks, gold, euro, silver and more


Sedar  ( - provides access to public securities documents filed by public companies & investment funds with Canadian Securities Administrators

Sedi  ( - Canadian on-line service for filing & viewing of insider reports as required by various provincial securities rules and regulations


ShareNet  ( - South African site showing major moving JSE stocks  ( - news website aimed at exposing securities fraud and corporate chicanery  ( - provides stock short selling data and information, including historical data


SignalWatch Live  ( - offers market news, daily stock picks, live chat, real time stock commentary and more


Smartstox  ( - resource industry news  ( - provides tools, educational information, expert opinions, and other support to improve your investing


Stock Market Crash Index  ( -  ( - provides information about technical indicators


Stock Selector - stock and market news and analysis  ( - provides technical stock analysis, charts, educational information and more


Traders Accounting  ( - provides a variety of day trading services to help your trading business

Value Line  ( - provides quotes, commentary, and a variety of investment research

VectorVest ( - trading software


Wall St. Network  ( - provides financial news and commentary, tools & research, blogs, and discussion boards  ( - provides current exchange rates


Zeal Speculation and Investment  ( - offers a variety of financial essays, newsletters, and reports


24 Hour Gold  ( - 24 hour gold and miner price action and news


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