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Please report any bad links. You may need to cut and paste some of these.


Also, a couple links here are defunct but I maintain them anyway as source material. One can use the 'Wayback Machine' to view these sites, some of which are still good references.


COINS AND TOKENS and americana and exonumia

Air-Tite Holders  ( - sells holders, frames, cards, and other displays for coins

Alaska Tokens    ( - Alaska tokens and collectibles


Alder Gold Exchange    ( - online coin and gold dealer


American Legacy Coins    ( - early US coins, exonumia and tokens


Americana Rare Coin    ( - specializing in Barber coinage


American Numismatic Association  ( - website for the American Numismatic Association


American Numismatic Society  ( - website for the American Numismatic Society which is dedicated to the study of coins, currency, medals and more


Amos Advantage  (  Coin albums, books, magnifiers, and more.


Ancient Artifacts and Treasures  ( - offers ancient artifacts including ancient coins, fossils, minerals, and more


Anything Anywhere ) - coins, exonumia, ephemera and just about everything else


A. R. Akin Rare Coins (} - coin dealer


Arsave Collectibles, Coin and glass  ( 


Art Medals    ( - history, explanation and presentation of art medals


Aspen Park Rare Coins  ( - website for the Aspen Park Rare Coins in Denver CO, the site sells coins and has information about coins and collecting


Avena Rare Coin    ( - Online coin dealer


Barber Coins Collectors Society  ( - a collectors society for fans of coins created by Charles E. Barber


BellAir Coin    ( - online and brick and mortar coin and bullion store in Tampa, Fl


Bellisario  ( - offers rare coins for sale  (


Bill's Hobby Page  ( - provides information about coins, coin value charts, and links


Bob Reed Coin and Currency    ( - coin and currency online store (but has an annoying footer)


Bret Leifer Numismatics  ( - a full service online coin site


Brian Greer Rare Coins  ( - this site buys and sells coins


Butternut Coins    ( - coins sold via their online catalogs


Byers Numismatic Corp.  ( online coin site specializes in US and world error coins


Cache  ( - resources for collectors of ancient, classic, and modern world coins


Cal Gold Online  (


California Coin & Bullion Merchant Association  (


California Gold  ( - information about gold coins and tokens from a collector/dealer


California Numismatics  ( - large bullion and coin online dealer


Canadian Coin Reference Site  ( - reference site for Canadian coins


Carter Numismatics  ( -  online coin store


Center Coin    (


Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter  ( - bluesheet newsletter for coin dealers


Certified Coin Exchange  ( - acts as a intermediary in US Certified Coin trading between major US coin dealers

CGB    (


Challenge Coins    ( - custom pins and coins


Chicago Coin Club  ( - great article about collection US tokens


Civil War Badges    ( - sale of American Civil War Badges  ( - includes a reference library, books for sale, grading information, information about numismatic events, and directories


Coin collecting guide & Numismatics - 2-Clicks Coins is one of the largest coin guide & numismatic resources for coin collectors. Find in this numismatic website a lot coin currency collecting articles, links, coins ads & exchange, coin collecting terms, dictionary & glossary.


Coin Collecting News  ( - provides news and information about world coins


Coin Community Family  ( - a variety of coin and stamp collectors forums


Coin Help  ( - resources for US coin collectors including information about mintages, values, grading and more  ( - online resource for information about US coins  ( - provides the current melt value of coins around the world, it is updated daily


Coin Forum  ( - site includes several coin related discussion forums


Coin Grading Coins  ( - guide to coin grading, site includes coin grading worksheet  ( - an information site for US coin dealers, includes information about shows, prices, and more


Coin Link  ( - online source for coin collecting news and information


The Coin Page  ( - provides coin images for public use ( - specialized and general numismatic forums


Coin Rarities Online  ( - coin site specializing in rare and historic early American coins


COINSHEET Numismatic Directory  ( - links to coin sites and coin information


Coin Shows  ( - information about upcoming coin shows


CoinSite  ( - information about buying and selling coins, what coins are worth and more


Coin Talk  ( - a coin forum website with several coin related forums


CoinsAreFun    ( - coin site Dedicated to the coin enthusiast.Promoting the sharing of coin knowledge and expertise.


Coins of Panama    ( - specializing in Panamanian coinage


Coin Week    ( - Coin news and information website


Coins-World    ( - World coins (focus on Greece) and currency


Collector's   ( - online coin market place


Colonial Coin  ( - resource for colonial coin collectors


Copper Coins  ( - site for cent coin attributions, pictures and information


Cunningham Exonumia  ( - exonumia and tokens


CVM Early American Coppers  (


Daniel Fearon    ( - English coins and medals


Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC  (


Dave's Coins  ( - coin site with a variety of collectible coins


David Hall Rare Coins  ( - online coin site


David Lawrence Coins  (


Delaware Valley Coin  ( and (


Dick Osburn Coin (


Dick Powell Alaska    ( - Alaska tokens


Don Rinkor Rare Coins  (


DM Rare Coin  (  


Doelger Coin    ( - New Jersey coin and supply store, online too


Douglas Winter Numismatics - offers gold related news, an inventory US gold coins, a gold blog and more


Dr Eugene Bruder Coin Dealer  ( - online coin site buying and selling a variety of US coins


Eagle Eye Rare Coins  ( - online coin site specializing in Eagle and Indian Head Cents  ( - online coin site specializing in US half cents and large cents minted between 1793-1857


El Cerrito Coin Exchange  ( - coin and jewelry site based in El Cerrito CA


Empire Rare Coins  ( - online store of Empire Rare Coins for buying, selling and trading coins, based in Scottsdale AZ


Executive Coin Company  ( - coin site based in Graham Road Stow Ohio


Eye Appealing Coins  ( - online coin site     Now Disabled, interesting page and worth looking up on Wayback Macnine  


Finest Known  ( - a precious metals & investment quality rare coin dealer with information about holding coins and metals as investments


Florida Calls  ( - specializing in Florida material with emphasis on obsolete Florida currency


Florida Coin  (

Franklin Lover's Homepage  (


Fred Weinberg & Co.  ( - online coin site that buys and sells US error coins


Gainesville Coin  ( - online coin site


Gary Adkins Associates, Inc.  ( - this site buys and sells gold and silver coins, collections, and bullion


Gary Groll    ( - 18th Century Coins, Jetons and Tokens


G&R Coins  ( - online coin site


German Gold Coinage  ( - in German, site dedicated to German gold coinage


George F Kolbe  (  

George Manz Coins  ( - online coin book site; Canadian coins, tokens and medals


Golden Eagle  ( - large bullion dealer; 90% mercury bags available


Gold Rush Gallery  ( - specializing in southern gold coins


Greysheet  ( - coin price guide


Griffin Coins   ( - Coin site, one of the good guys


G.R. Tiso Numismatics  (


Hakes Americana    ( - Americana and collectible auctions and sales

Hallenbeck Coin Gallery  (


Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.  ( - this site sells coins and other collectibles (antiquities, autographs, paintings, books)


Harry Laibstain Rare Coins  ( - online coins site that buys and sells coins


HCC Rare Coins  ( - a rare coin management company offering appraisals & coins


Heraldic Art Medals    ( - Modern and ancient art medals


Historical Medals    ( - Historical British medals and medallions


Hauser Coin    ( - online coin store


ilikecoins  ( - online coin auction site


Ingrid O'Neil Olympic    ( - Olympic exonumia, coins and collectibles


Intercept Preservation Products  ( - this company offers holders, albums, and other coin preservation products


Jade Rare Coins  ( - online coin site


Jake's Market Place ( - Coins, supply and books


J.H. Cline's  ( 


Jim's Coin & Stamps  ( - Great example page of various mint error types


John B. Hamrick & Co.  ( - offers appraisals, buying and selling of coins and bullion, auction services, and liquidation of collections


Joel's Coins    ( - US tokens and coins


Julian M. Leidman  ( - rare coin dealer offering a variety of US and World coins as well as tokens and medals


Kagin's Inc.  ( - site offers wide variety of coins, currency, and tokens


Kaminski Coin Company  ( - this site buys and sells rare coins, currency and bullion

Kanawhacoin    ( - online coin store, with a bid list too. - site no longer active


KIAC Numismatics    ( - world exonumia and numismatics


Lanz Munchen Numismatik    ( - Celtic and ancient coinage


L & C Coins  ( - offers certified graded collector coins


Lead tokens of Europe - monthly newsletter specializing in the lead tokens of Great Britain and continental europe.


Liberty Coins  ( - specializes in the U.S. Coin market and offers a variety of services including, collection appraisals, liquidations, bullion sales, and slabbed graded coins.


Liberty Seated Dime  ( - provides references and information about the liberty seated dime and offers dimes for purchase - site no longer active


The Lincoln Cent Resource  ( - provides information about top Lincoln Cent varieties


Long Island Numismatics, Inc  ( - offers US currency, other types of bank notes, US and foreign coins


Long Island Rare Coins & Currency  ( - coin and currency dealer based in Long Island


Larry Shapiro Rare Coins  ( - specializes in Morgan , Peace Dollars , and Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and Type coins


Larry Whitlow, Ltd.  ( - full-service rare coin dealer


Lone Star Mint - - online coin dealer


Mark Feld Rare Coins  ( - specializes in eye-appealing, high grade 19th and early 20th century copper, nickel, silver and gold type coinage


MA Coin Stores  ( - online coin site


Mercury Dime    ( - online site specializing in dimes


McIntosh Coins  ( - online coin site


Michael I Casper Rare Coins and Currency  (


Mid American Rare Coin Gallery  (

Mike Vosper Coins    (  - coin site specializing in Celtic and Roman issues


Miller's Mint, Ltd.  ( - offers a variety of US and world coins, ancient coins, currency and more


Milwaukee Coin    ( - online and brick and mortar coin store in Wisconsin  ( - online coin site specializing in US mint products and coin supplies


Missouri Coin    ( - online and brick and mortar coin store


MJPM    ( - online coin and bullion dealer


Modern Coin Mart  ( - specializes in high grade Modern Coins of all types certified by NGC & PCGS


Mountain View Coins  ( - coin site offering a variety of collectible US coins  (

NGC  ( - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, offers third party coin grading services


Norte Dame University  ( - Notre Dame University (US) coin and currency collection


Northeast Numismatics Inc.  ( - online coin site offering a variety of collectible coins


Northern Nevada Coin  (  


NumisCAT's Purr-fect Page  (  - list of and links to coin sites and coin shows


Numismatic Biblomania Society  ( - non profit organization dedicated to promoting the collection and use of numismatic literature


Numismatic Financial Corporation  (


Numis International    ( - online and brick and mortar coin store


NumisMaster  ( - provides information about coin values, upcoming coin shows, and has coins for purchase


Numismatic News  ( - information and news source for coin collectors


NumisMedia  ( - site offers a fair market price guide for properly graded coins


O'Connor Numismatic Rarities  (


Old Collectors Coins ( - US Coins online site


Paradise Coin & Gift  ( - online site for Paradise Coin & Gift based in Northern California


Park Avenue Numismatics  ( - online site offering to buy/sell/trade collections and individual coins, gold, bullion coins, and more


PCGS message boards  ( - PCGS coin discussion forums


Peter Morris Company    ( - English coinage and medals


Pinnacle Rarities  (


PNG Professional Numismatists Guild  ( - nonprofit organization composed of the world's top rare coin, paper money and precious metals experts


Premium Quality Coin  ( - online buyer, seller, and coin appraiser  ( - specializes in fine rarities specifically rare U.S. coins.


R and I Coins  ( - online coin store with coins for sale as well as information about coins


Rare Coin    ( - online coin dealer in US, Irish and World Coins


Ray Komka    ( - online and brick and mortar coin store in New York


The Reeded Edge, Inc  ( - offers coins, currency, bullion, stamps and other collectibles


RM World Coin Investment  ( - online coins site specializing in world coins


RSR Certified Coin Selections  ( - specializes in buying and selling certified coins


Scott Seaman    ( - not the easiest site to navigate, but full of ethnographic currency and coin and reference information  (


Scarsdale Coin  ( - coins and information for serious and amateur coin collectors


S G Rare Coins, Inc  ( - online coin site specializing in buying and selling certified coins


Silver Coins  ( - this site provides detailed information about how to spot counterfeit silver coins


SilverCoins.Com ( - nice article about different ways to detect counterfeit silver coins


Simmons Gallery    ( - English coins, tokens and meteorology


South Gate Coins  ( - online coin site offering a variety of Carson City coins as well as coins and currency from other mints


Southern Coins    ( - online coin dealer


Stacks  (


The Coin and Stamp Store    ( - online coins and stamp store


Stanford University  ( - list of acronyms used in coin collecting from Stanford University


TB Numismatics    (


The Cheap Slab Store  ( - this coin site specializes in inexpensive certified coins


The Penny Lady  ( - online coin site specializing in flying eagle, Indian head, Lincoln, and early American copper cents


Token Catalog    (    - Great inventory and database of Tokens  ( - the site previously provided detailed information about US Trade Dollars minted between 1873-1885; now a crypto currency blog


Coin Melt Values    ( - This Site has a Good Coin Melt Value Calculator


U.S. Coin Values  (

U.S. Rare Coin Investments  (


Vatican Coin    ( - coins of the Vatican, Italy and San Marino


VCoins  ( - a virtual online coin show where you can buy and sell a variety of coins and coin supplies  ( - online coin store with a variety of collectible coins


Wayne Herndon  ( - online coin store


Whitman Books  ( -  Coin Supply, books and folders

Wondercoins  ( - online coin site specializing in gold, silver, and platinum coins


Working Man Coins    (


3-cent Nickel  ( - a coin site specializing in three cent US nickels minted from 1865-1889


50 State Commemorative Quarters  ( - includes pictures of designs for all of the State Commemorative Quarters


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