Mike Basta, Smelterville NV, Steptoe Valley (S.V) Token (Obverse)
 Mike Basta, Smelterville NV, Steptoe Valley (S.V) Token (Reverse)

Mike Basta Smelterville NV token

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Great Token.
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Good For Token: Mike Basta, Steptoe Valley (S.V), Smelterville Nevada

 Per White Pine Locals

Smelterville. (1907) Located two miles southwest of McGill.  One of McGill's three fringe towns, Ragdump, Steptoe City, and Smelterville, contained saloons, dance halls, gambling dens and cribs.   Smelterville, along with Ragdump,  was shut down in 1914 because of public outcry against the immoral activities of the town.  Tailings now cover the site of Smelterville.

 Per Fred Holabird

White Pine. Smelterville. Mike Basta & Co./S. V./Nev.//GF/5 cents/IT. Round, brass, 23 mm. Very fine. Mike Basta bought a tract of land near McGill and laid out a townsite, hoping to attract the workers of the copper smelters in McGill. He advertised in Ely and Kimberly newspapers to sell his lots, and advertise his store. The venture ultimately failed, but a few tokens remain to remind us of Basta. The token carries Basta's name and the initials S. V. for Smelterville.