1917 Battle Mountain Development Company Letter and Envelope.   

 This is a hard to find mining business correspondence regarding a contract to drive 1,000 of drift on the property.  This is from an earlier time - during WWI - when contracts, and times in general, were much simpler. Corporate headquarters does not save old correspondence and much of what had remained was purged from the files. Most folks, including companies, simply did not save this type of material.  The letter has very minor soiling and wrinkles but otherwise is in extremely nice shape. In the picture it looks like a corner is missing, but its just folded over. We grade Good.

The envelope is not in near as good a shape - there is one side missing where it was torn open.  There is a two cent stamp, but that is missing a corner.  The envelope has a 1917 Battle Mountain cancel.  There is numerous writing on the envelope. This in itself is rather interesting. The markings are miles and, presumably, hours to nearby towns. Now, although Battle Mountain still exists most of these other referenced towns, such as FairPlay, Hartzel and Victor were just flash in pans - all gone to time.  Uncommon.

1917 Mining Contract US

Price: $ 15.00

This letter and envelope grade Good/ Good-.