COMMERCE EPHEMERA - Reno Water Company Blank Check

This early unused blank check dates from the 1880s.  The check is about 3 1/2" x 8 inches and states: "RENO WATER Company. Reno, Nevada 188X.  The check is blank and underwritten by  First National Bank, of Reno, Nevada.  

This Reno Water Company blank check serves an important link to the water story of the west.  In the western US water means life and the early water purveyors enables the early cities, such as Reno, to be established. Early US water paper history is not easy to find.

The check is scarce for this early issue and in extra fine, near mint condition!  Color vignette is beautiful and bright. The check has no tears or creases and corners are tight and square.

A great example of late 1800's commerce.

Reno Water Company Blank Check

Bill Head, Receipt

Price: $ 6.00

This paper grades almost mint.