COMMERCE EPHEMERA - First National Bank Ely Nevada Cashiers Check

Bank Check: Early 1900s Nevada Mining Ephemera

 This endorsed and cancelled (machine and punch cancels) bank cashier check from the First National Bank of Ely Nevada is dated November 24, 1928 just before the great market crash.

This check provides a fascinating glimpse into the financial operations and economic history of early 20th Nevada mining towns; back when your word and your dollar were as Good As Gold. The check is signed by cashier and endorsed with routing stamps showing the three clearing house or clearing Banks where and how the checks were routed. This provides the definitive financial trial of how money flowed during those times a great and tangible piece of western US financial history.

We grade this checks in very good condition with no major issues and just showing minor wear and folds.  A great example of late 1800's commerce.

First National Bank - Ely, Nevada Cashiers Check

Price: $ 2.50

This paper grades very good.