High Cost of Living - 1919 Post Card

Between 1913 and 2009 the price of a loaf of bread was up more than 2,000%. No, that is not a typo.


The introduction of fiat to replace sound money allowed for World War on credit, one of the primary missions.  By the end of WWI inflation was running rampant worldwide. The popular press could not even contain the public sentiment, and by 1919 was lashing, mildly, at their masters.  Here is a postcard from 1919 indignant about the 'high cost of living':


The card likely dates 1917-1919, has a postal cancel of 1919 from West Danby, NY, and the remains of a 2cent stamp.

 The corners are rounded, there is a minor spot on the obverse where some paper is missing, standard creases and soiling, etc.  We grade Good+

High Cost of Living  1919 Post Card

Price: $5.00
Condition: Good