Gold Hill Nevada Prospector, 1906.

 Early Goldfield Nevada Real Post Card

Price: $ 125.00
We grade this card  good.


 This Real Photo Card shows a Prospector crew, laden with supplies on their two-mule team,

ready to explore the silver and gold fields outside Goldfield, Nevada. The card is from 1906, early

in the camp history as indicated by the amount of tent cabins in the picture. The photo really speaks

to what it must have been to be a prospector in those days!  The author notes that the RPC

was produced by his papa.  The card has wear all along the corners and moderate dog-ear and

bending on on corner. The front has a small section of damage in the lower right-hand corner. We

grade the card as Good.

The card has a canceled once-cent green stamp is extra fine with light yellowing, postmarked

Denver Dec 30, 1906.

A rare Real Photo Card of Goldfield Nevada. Scarce mining RPC.